Topographic / Ordnance Survey Map

GA 9233

GA 9233 - Dungog

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This Topographic Map is produced by Geoscience Australia; Australia's national geospatial organisation.
GA topographic maps (many of which are produced in partnership with the Army) are generally older than those maps produced by the State Governments over the same area. This makes GA maps particularly useful for identifying historic features, such as old mines and diggings.
Geoscience Australia maps generally considered to be more pleasing in design and compilation then the more modern State Government productions.

At this scale, 1cm on this map represents 1km on the ground. A standard map (which is square) covers an area of approximately 54km by 54km, with a contour interval of 20m. This map contains natural and constructed features including road and rail infrastructure, vegetation, hydrography, contours, localities and some administrative boundaries.

Please note the date of the map, as this will impact the currency of information, particularly regarding infrastructure, roads, etc.

Locations within this Map

Matcham Park Bella Vista Glen Ayr Mansfield Raelands Bindera Never Never Siesta Bellevue Fairview Glen Donald Wilford Riverview Cut Hill Boawilla Willandra Jo-Doth Marengo Glenrowan Rochelle Cedar Rocks Idyllwyle Avonview Wooralook Glenavon Cloverdale Glenview Leoma Rombo Barrington House Big Valley Ellis Kimberley Lemon Grove Winter Hill Golden Top Nebo Marilla Park Royston Park Meroo Mariposa Saradon Johnstons Creek Brae Eldersfield Gralyn Park Moana Be-Lulie Lochiel Karuah Valley Bellgrave Braeside Brooklyn Summer Hill Elengor Karuah Run Rosehill Wallowara Orange Grove Coppermine Mulconda Durham Grove Kellington Grove Anns Grove Chumbra Durham Vale Wild Wood Myall Valley View Dingadee Ramstation Whitfield Glenthorne Thornleigh Bingleburra Brinkburn Cawarra The Falls Bingleburra Park Hanley Pentreath Coolalie Talaba Hillview Kelburn Waimarama Raglan Eden Vale Blenhim Park Misty Ridge Booralea Bo-Villa Dungog Gloucester Gresford Stroud Anleys Creek Allynbrook Babilla Creek Babitta Gully Back Creek Avon River State Forest Avon Avenal Alison Mount Ararat Ararat Gully Ant Creek Andersons Creek Alfred Alderley Creek Akuna Gully Back or Gravelly Creek Bacons Creek Bald Knob Bandon Grove Bandon Grove Park Bandon Grove Public School Bangalow Creek Barnes Creek Barratta Creek Barrington Tops National Park Basin Creek Basin Gully Bedding Down Creek Bee Farm Creek Belgrave Cemetery Bend Creek Bendolba Berrico Berrico Creek Berrico East Berrico Junction Berrico Range Berrico Ridge Big Avon Creek Big Ben Big Creek Big Jacks Creek Billeroy Gully Blands Hill Black Soil Creek Black Knob Black Jacks Creek Black Jacks Gully Blowfly Creek Blowfly Gully Black Camp Creek Black Camp Black Bulga Creek Black Bulga Black Bulga Range Blackboy Creek Binnawie Gully Bindera Island Bollygum Gully Bonnington Creek Bonnington Park Booral Booral Creek Booral Public School Boorers Knob Borham Creek Bottle Corner Bottle Corner Gully Branch Gully Brandy Creek Brecon Broad Creek Broad Gully Brogdens Creek Brogdens Pinnacles Brookfield Brownmore Mount Bruigate Brushbox Gully Brush Creek Brush Gully Brushy Creek Buckets Gap Buckets Lookout Bucketts Lookout Buckleys Range Bucknells Creek Buddigower Creek Buggs Creek Cabbage Tree Creek Caloola Gully Cambra Camp Gully Captain Cook Park Carcoar Creek Carlton Gully Carowiry Creek Caseys Creek Cangon Creek C.B. Alexander Agriculture College Cedar Creek Cedar Tree Creek Chads Creek Chainy Flat Creek Cherry Tree Creek Chichester Chichester Dam Chichester Gap Lake Chichester Chichester Range Chichester River Clareval Clear Hill Creek Coachwood Gully Coal Creek Coal Shaft Creek Cobbora Gully Cockadilly Mountain Cockadilly Ridge Colonna Common Creek Conkardinia Creek Connection Creek Connors Cooks Pinnacle Cool Gully Coorei Corkwood Gully Corner Creek Coulston Cows Head Creek Coxs Gully Crabapple Gully Cranky George Creek Craven Craven Public School Craven Railway Station Craven State Forest Craven Village Crayfish Creek Creightons Creek Crooked Creek Cross Creek Currawang Creek Dannys Creek Dave Sands Reserve Deans Gully Deans Hill De Beuzeville Spur Dungog Lookout Dungog Post Office Dungog Public School Dungog State Forest Dusodie East Gresford East Gresford Graveyard Ebsworth Mount Ebsworth Edwards Hill Elwari Elwari Mountain Etouera Gully Evans Ewingar Gully Farleys Creek Farm Gully Faulkland Fern Tree Creek Fingal Fingerboard Fishers Hill Flaggy Creek Flat Tops Forbesdale Fosterton Fosterton Hill Fosterton State Forest Frasers Creek Frying Pan Creek Fulton Park Gallows Hill Creek Gap Creek Gauri Gully Gloucester Cemetery Gloucester Falls Gloucester Gap Gloucester High School Gloucester Post Office Gloucester Public School Gloucester Tops Gloucester Tops Flora Reserve Gold Creek Golddiggers Gully Goodsons Creek Gravelly Creek Green Wattle Gully Gresford Park Gresford Public School Groom Creek Gurumbi Gully Haggartys Creek Hallidays Creek Halton Hauler Gully Heatherdale Henning Hewong Holywell Hookes Hill Horton Hotel Creek Hughes Creek Invergordon Irralong Jackwood Gully Jerrewawa Gully Jerusalem Creek Jerusalem Creek Falls Jerusalem Creek Forest Park Jilliby Gully Johnsons Creek Junction Creek Kameruka Gully Kangaroo Creek Karuah River Keerd Gully Camp Creek Carlton Creek Cangon Gully Chainy Creek Chichester Storage Reservoir Chichester Creek Chichester Public School Cockadilly Range Colstoun Cookardinia Creek Coxs Creek Cut-Hill Creek Dave Sands Memorial Deep Creek Farm Creek Forest Cottage Forestry Cottage Fosters Mountain Gloucester Secondary School Golddiggers Creek Green Wattle Creek Hanleys Creek Head of Duggans Gully Heatherdale Public School The Horse Ridge Jacks Creek Jerriwawe Creek Karuah River Left Hand Branch Kirrakurra Creek The Knob Kokata Creek Kokatu Creek Kudjeri Gully Kunbira Creek Kywong Gully Lagoon Creek Lagoon Ridge Lagoon Range Creek Lamans Creek Lame Horse Creek Landers Hill Landers Mountain Laurie Lookout Lawlers Creek Lawlers Range Left Branch of Camp Creek Left Branch Quart Pot Creek Lewinsbrook Lewinsbrook Creek Lillipilli Creek Lillipilli Gully Limestone Creek Linger and Die Linger and Die Hill Linger and Die Ridge Lions Rock Little Black Camp Creek Little Creek Little Quart Pot Creek Little Quart Pot Gully Little River Longbush Creek Longbush Gully Lords Creek Lords Pillar Lowreys Creek Lynrose Mackays Creek Mcintyre Creek Mount Mckenzie Main Creek Majors Creek Manns Hill Mares Creek Marshdale Marshs Creek Martins Creek Maudville Maxwells Creek Mechanics Mountain Melonhole Creek Mens Mill Brook Mill Creek Mine Creek Mine Gully Minore Gully Mirari Creek Monkerai Monkerai Hill Monkerai Mountain Monkerai Public School Moolee Creek Moppey Lookout The Mountaineer Mulconda Creek Mundruk Creek Mundhuk Creek Munni Munni Cemetery Munni Gully Murrogun Gully Muttama Gully Myall Creek Myrtle Creek Myrtle Gully Native Dog Creek Neerea Gully Neeworra Creek Mount Nelson Nelsons Creek Nelsons Gully Nioka Gully Nogra Nogra Hill Nolans Creek Nooroo North Breckin Nugents Creek No. 2 Creek Oaky Creek Oaky Gully Old Mans Creek Mount Olivet Mount Olivett Orana Park Paterson River Peach Tree Creek Peach Tree Gully Peach Tree Hill Peach Tree Mountain The Peach Trees Peppers Hill Peppers Mountain Phillip Creek Phillips Creek Pilchers Cave Pilchers Hill Pilchers Mountain The Pillar The Pimple Pine Spur The Pinnacles The Pinnacle Pipeclay Gully Polo Pool of Reflections Powells Hill Prickly Peak Prince Charlie Mountain Problem Creek Pumpkin Creek Purrupa Gully Quart Pot Creek Mount Queensbury Quidong Gully Ramstation Creek Red Cedar Creek Richardson Right Hand Branch Karuah River Rocky Creek Rocky Crossing Rosebrook Range Roseville Running Creek Rushy Gully Rushy Gully Creek Saggers Creek St Andrew Laurie Lookout St Clements Historic Park Salisbury Salisbury Cemetery Salisbury Gap Salisbury Public School Sandy Creek Sandy Gully Sassafras Gully Sawpit Creek Scattered Top Scattered Top Mountain Scotters Creek Selection Creek Sharpes Creek Shearman Shearman Hill Shed Creek Shed Gully Sheep Station Creek Sheepstation Creek Sheoak Silo Hill Skimmings Slaughteryard Creek Snaky Creek Socketwood Gully Spotted Gum Spring Creek Spring Gully State Forest No. 46 Stickers Hill Stockyard Creek Stoney Creek Stony Brush Creek Stony Creek Stratford Stratford Public School Stroud Post Office Stroud Public School Stroud Road Stroud Road Public School Stroud Road Railway Station Sugarloaf Creek Sugar Loaf Creek Swamp Creek Tabbil Creek Tabbil Hill Tabbil Mountain Tallowwood Gully Taylors Creek Telegherry Telegherry River Telegherry Forest Park Terrible Billy Thalaba Thalaba Creek The Gap The Junction Three Brothers Three Trees Tillegra Tindag Creek Tinkers Creek Titcumes Creek Tomah Gully Tomingley Gully Toonumbue Mount Toonumbue Torryburn Trapyard Creek Trevallyn Trevor State Forest Trevor Tops Turkey Scratch Creek Tyraman Uardry Gully Underbank Union Creek Upper Avon Upper Chichester Upper Monkerai Uri Creek Vacy Public School Valley Creek Verges Creek Verulam Vindaola Creek Wabbarenta Range Waberantar Range Wagonga Creek Wagonga Gully Wallaringa Wallarobba Wallarobba Creek Wallarobba Railway Station Wallarobba Range Wangat Wangat Creek Wangat River Wangi Creek Wards River Wards River Public School Wards River Railway Station Waribeloc Creek Warrah Gully Warring Gully Washpool Washpool Creek Waterfall Creek Water Hole Creek Waterhole Creek Waterhole Gully Watsons Wawgan Weismantels Westleys Knob Whispering Gully Whitehouse Creek Wthurghully Mountain Wild Horse Ridge Williams Range Williams River Wilsons Creek Wilsons Spur Mount Windeyer Windeyers Creek Windeyers Gully Wirragulla Creek Wirragulla Hill Wirragulla Platform Wirragulla Station Wirrala Creek Wiry Gully Creek Wurabinda Creek Wymah Gully Die Happy Creek Dingo Brook Dingo Creek Yimmang River Bull Creek Bullee Coggee Creek Dixie Creek Dixies Top Dixies Top Ridge Dog Trap Creek Double Creek Dry Gully Duggan Creek Dingo Gully Dooribang River Dry Creek Duggan Gully Duggans Gully Burkes Hump Burrawang Creek Bushy Creek Mount Butterwicki Jerusalem Creek Flora Reserve Kerripit Beech Flora Reserve Carsonville Stratford Railway Station Berrico Railway Station Duncan Park Gallows Hill Forest Cottage Knob Ecclestone Kokat Creek Trevor Limestone Blackcamp Wattle Gully Die Happy Jack Creek Newell Creek Neilson Creek Wade Gully Forster Gully Bora Ridge Upper Karuah River Stroud Hill Sugarloaf Wirragulla Weabonga Glade Marked Apple Craven Reserve Rocky Crossing Reserve Copeland Heritage Reserve Stratford Recreation Reserve Dundungra Falls Copeland Avon River Oakey Creek Rocky Hill Etheridges Creek Eccleston Chichester Reservoir Mammy Johnsons Creek Platters Creet Weismantels Siding Banden Grove Dewrang Coppermine Creek Brogdens River Margery Creek Mount Richardson Cresford Wiragulla Conger Hill Creek Bunnabunoo Cader Idris Hilldale