Topographic / Ordnance Survey Map

GA 9236

GA 9236 - Armidale

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This Topographic Map is produced by Geoscience Australia; Australia's national geospatial organisation.
GA topographic maps (many of which are produced in partnership with the Army) are generally older than those maps produced by the State Governments over the same area. This makes GA maps particularly useful for identifying historic features, such as old mines and diggings.
Geoscience Australia maps generally considered to be more pleasing in design and compilation then the more modern State Government productions.

At this scale, 1cm on this map represents 1km on the ground. A standard map (which is square) covers an area of approximately 54km by 54km, with a contour interval of 20m. This map contains natural and constructed features including road and rail infrastructure, vegetation, hydrography, contours, localities and some administrative boundaries.

Please note the date of the map, as this will impact the currency of information, particularly regarding infrastructure, roads, etc.

Locations within this Map

Birkenau Karu Marble Hill Box Grove Fairlight Kirkside Stonefield Mays Hill Mullunna Spring Farm Sunnyside Bayley Park Suncrest Pinegrove Rosebank Rosewood Newby Park Gonmare Harewood Middle Farm Wongalea Woodlands Berryhilloch Junction View Mining Vale Argyle Stockton Waioma St Helena Wattledale Hillview Morven Saumarez Wyambah Seaton Ballandine Cooney Kiama Hillgrove Station Fortrose Rosebud Cresslea Everton Vale Carawatha Tangara The Rest West Lyttleton Burley Park Lockleigh Cragielea Palmerston Braeside Eathorpe Strathaven Morunda Taabinga Rowena Mount Bora Sandy Creek Roydon Thorn Hill Voncoola Bedford Farm Artleigh Rose Hill Invervanie Woorarra Box Hill Haylands Spyway The Knobs Cobben Malvern Hill Prospect Shingle Creek Glenross Greenvale Mount Brisbane Spring Creek Hopetown Lillyfield Metbren Park Sandon Forest Valview Woodfield Booyong Minmai Cooklyn Stoneleigh Dalmeny Haroldston Lansdowne Chevy Chase Lochbrae Grange The Green Willow Glentryst Gara Glengrove Oaklands Eastview Palaroo Chesterfield Nilbrook Sun Valley Greenway Thunder Ridge Meroo Nairn Derry Downs Iolanthe Kenwood Park Silverton Mayview Rock End Barley Fields Ennismore Kayara Mount Lydia Stanley Vale Mawarra Winfell Broombee Bronte Kelvin Rosedale Cottage View Illoura Lorelmo Red Ridge Bonne Chance Pinehill The Park Applegrove New Park Carrington Pomona Red Hill Summer Hill Glendale Berranee Kelvin Grove Sun-Up Cressbrook Hazeldiene Karthona Wattleton Acton Mandalay Ottobourne Cressbrook South Carnsworth Eidsvold Tiverton Mount Mc Donald Oakvale Harlow Park Bakoville Dog Trap Fairfield Kaidmoot The Gap Buckamall Delveen Springville North Mihi Sunglow Glenmore Adgin Green Caramaria Gostwyck Deeagee Herleen West Mihi Sylvania Spring Camp Springview Taliesker Tarana Balmoral Lochiel Mihi Linfield The Range Abermala Mountain View Slate Ridge Talgai Bonnie Doon Blue Nobby Avondale Edgecliff Bareena Salisbury Court Fairview Castlebrook Frankfield Groses Creek Bellevue Moreen Mothal Beverton Winton Dunvegan Tabarea East Mihi Mount Pleasant Table Top Hazeldean Melrose Queenlee Goomallee Enmore Hazelgreen Woodside Fernside Sherwood Benevis Keswick Rose Valley Kooma Wyanga The Hill Pallis Hill Ballydine Tahmoor Kings Martins Flat Uruga Cheyenne Eastlake Weenganimbee Petali Woodburn Tarwonga Oorawilly Auburn Vale Winterbourne Dinga Oller Miramoona Linwood Mirani Blue Mountain Millbank Yalgoo Earsdon Myamba Hole Creek Paradale Karori Bywell Kambala Trefusis Days Mountain Allandale Kahtan Tallwood Oakburn Ellandonan Bergen Op Zoom Ohio North Wyobe Abbottsley Brookmount Emu Creek Taranaki Glendower Mayfield Boree Lyndon Waroo Coolibah Glenville Ohio Brookvale Auchen Dhu Bangalla Cairnie Rowleys Creek Moonmoof Linden Hill Guruwa Tuncurry Avon The Cottage Europambela Warren Park View Mount Argyll Bukeiro Kanagra Vale Wilgar Langford Claremont Malford Elswick Nangoo Coomooloo Dendron Mount View Ferndell Moona Plains Armidale Uralla Walcha Arthurs Seat Appletree Flat Appletree Creek Armidale Airport Armidale Cemetery Armidale City Public School Armidale College of Advanced Education Armidale District Handicapped Childrens Centre Armidale Golf Links Armidale High School Armidale Post Office Armidale Public School Armidale Racecourse Armidale Railway Station Armidale Showground Armidale Sportsground Appletree Gully Atchesons Gully Armidale Teachers College Armidale Technical College Arding Alma Park Bakers Creek Bakers Creek Falls Bakers Creek Gorge Bald Knob Bald Knobs Bald Knobs Hill Barley Field Lagoon Battery Gully Baynes Baynes Mountain Becks Creek Becks Point Mount Beef Bergen-Op-Zoom Big Appletree Creek Big Ridge Billys Gully Blue Nobby Mountain Blue Mountain Creek Blue Mountain Creek Falls Blue Hole Blacknote Black Knob Blackfellows Gully Bora Borah Creek Borah Mountain Bora Mountain Bora Range Bora Ridge Bottom Gully Bough Yard Creek Bough Yard Falls Boundary Creek Boundary Gully Brackins Spur Breretons Falls Brickfields Brookmount Creek Budds Mare Creek Mount Caroline Cashs Waterhole Castle Doyle Cattle Station Creek Central Park Cheadle Mountain Chinamans Creek Chinamans Gully Chummys Knob Clarks Gully The Cocks Comb Coglan Gully Commissioners Waters Cook Station Creek Cooney Creek Coppermine Creek Mount Crow Curtis Park Dangars Falls Dangars Lagoon Dangarsleigh Deep Creek Deep Gully Devils Elbow Dwyers Range Dyers Range Eagle Gully Eastwood State Forest Ella Ellas Creek Mount Ellen Enmore Gully Enmore Long Ridge Mount Enmore Enmore State Forest Ferryman Five Mile Creek Forster Four Mile Creek Fredroy Falls Frenchmans Creek Frizzly Creek Gara Dam Gara Falls Gara Falls Reserve Gara River Garibaldi Spur Gill Golden Gate Gully Granite Hill Granville Spur Green Range Grose Creek Gulf Creek Hampden Park Hand In Hand Gully Hand In Hand Spur Hannah Mount Hannah Hargrave Hariet Gully Harris Park Herders Gully Hillgrove Hillgrove Creek State Forest Hillview Creek Hole Creek Nature Reserve Horse Creek Jacks Creek Janetsville Gully Mount John Julia Gully Kangaroo Flat Creek Kellys Plains Kellys Plains Public School Kerosene Creek Dangars Creek East End Park Enmore Long Point Fredroy Creek Frenchmans Gully Frizzly Gully Frizzly Swamp Gill Creek Gostwick Gostwick Creek Gostwick Falls Green Mountain Gyra Gyra River Gyra Dam Gyra Falls Hargraves Point Hillgrove State Forest The Hole Gulf Creek Horse Gully Kitty Gully The Knob Kunderang Yard Creek Lagoon Gully Lambing Flat Creek Lambing Gully Lawrence Limerick Creek Little Appletree Creek Little Hell Creek Long Point Long Point Ridge Long Swamp Long Swamp Creek Little Postmans Creek Lodges Creek Long Flat Mount Lonsdale Macdonald Park Macleay Mccanns Flat Mcfeys Spur Mchattan Park Mclennans Hill Mount Marion Martins Gully Martins Gully Demonstration School Martins Gully Public School Martins Waterholes Melrose Public School Merrigalah Metz Metz Gorge Midas Gully Middle Creek Mihi Creek Branch of Mihi Creek Mihi Falls Mill Creek Millers Gully Mill Hill Mines Gully Mirries Creek Mirries Gully Mount Mitchell Mitchells Gully Moona Creek Moona Falls Mooneys Gully Mount Mutton Gully Mount Mutton My Ladys Creek Narrow Neck Narrow Neck Gully Narrow Neck Ridge Neck Gully Newling Public School Nichols Gully Nine Mile Hut Creek Noisy Creek Oaky Creek Ohio Creek Ohio Peak Ohio Swamp Old Brookmount Creek Oven Camp Oven Camp Creek Oven Camp Ridge Oven Camp Spur Owens Creek Owens Hill Creek Painters Creek Pearsons Creek Pint Pot Creek Polands Creek Polands Creek Gulf Polands Gorge Ponds Creek Port Macquarie Creek Postmans Creek Postmans Gully Power Creek Powers Creek Puppy Hill Racecourse Gully Racecourse Lagoon Razorback Spur Redmans Creek Reedy Creek Reedy Hole Reedy Spur Richleigh Hill Rocky Camp Creek Rocky Creek Rowleys Creek Gulf Rowleys Gorge Salisbury Salisbury Waters Sandon Saumarez Creek Saw Mill Creek Sawpit Gully School Hill Scrubby Creek Sempill Park Shallow Lagoon Shasta Smiths Gully Snake Creek Southern New England Pastoral and Agricultural Assoc Spring Camp Creek Spring Gully Squires Gully Steep Drop Falls Steep Drop Flat Steep Drop Gorge The Steep Drop Gulf Stephens Bend Strahle Lagoon Sugarloaf Hill Sunnyside Creek Swamp Creek Tabletop Creek Tabletop Mountain Table Top Mountain Tabletop Spur Table Top Spur Terrible Vale Creek The Great Falls Reserve Thomas Lagoon Mount Thomas Tipperary Gully Trequean Lake Trevor Park Uralla Creek Uralla Post Office Uralla Public School Uralla Railway Station Uralla Showground Urney Creek Vinegar Gully Vinegar Spur Walcha Central School Walcha Post Office Water Gully Watson Park West Armidale Park West Armidale School West End Park Whites Hill Whites Mountain Winterbourne Creek Winterbourne Gorge Winterbourne Mountain Winterbourne State Forest Winterburn Gulf Wolluns Hill Wolluns Sugarloaf Yellow Gully Zinnia Creek Zinnia Gully Bull Gully Bullock Hole Bullpoint Creek Bullpoint Spur Dog Trap Creek Doravale Creek Draytons Creek Drummond Memorial School Drummond Park Burnt Hut Creek Burying Ground Creek Mount Butler Armidale Demonstration School Lions Park Bona Vista Reserve Parrydale Park Knobs Gully Washpool Creek Boggy Creek Bergen-Op-Zoom Creek Market Square Invergowrie Salisbury Plains Lambert Park Wicklow Oval Rologas Sporting Fields New England District Armidale Municipality Commissioners Water Rocky River Saumerez Creek Guyra River Cara River Terrible Kate Creek The Blue Mountain The Bald Knob