Topographic / Ordnance Survey Map

GA 9333

GA 9333 - Bulahdelah

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This Topographic Map is produced by Geoscience Australia; Australia's national geospatial organisation.
GA topographic maps (many of which are produced in partnership with the Army) are generally older than those maps produced by the State Governments over the same area. This makes GA maps particularly useful for identifying historic features, such as old mines and diggings.
Geoscience Australia maps generally considered to be more pleasing in design and compilation then the more modern State Government productions.

At this scale, 1cm on this map represents 1km on the ground. A standard map (which is square) covers an area of approximately 54km by 54km, with a contour interval of 20m. This map contains natural and constructed features including road and rail infrastructure, vegetation, hydrography, contours, localities and some administrative boundaries.

Please note the date of the map, as this will impact the currency of information, particularly regarding infrastructure, roads, etc.

Locations within this Map

Ridgeview Bendorr Newholme Coominya Kundiwarric Argowrie Utah Palamah Belbora Mi Mi Inverness Kalimna Long Range The Forest Mountain View Mountain Home Wya-Lee Glenelg Cherryvale Clareen Jindarra Liberton Abrundah The Oaks Tanundale Clarendon Kyeema Mayvale Taravale Chubarri Sunny Corner Greenacres Skye-High Sunnyside Timaru Camelot St Martins Lonesome Valley Wombaland Avalon Park Champion Flat Kalawonda Glen Oak Bettemaree Crows Valley Barcalona Boganvale Apple Glen Crosslands Heston Sunny Hill Woodlynne Hills Grahwhey Ballintottie Double D Barkeldine Wallamba Valley Iona Belmont Hangimarie Homeleigh Park House Terragong Hill End Lone Pine Yoorooga Park Glen Athol Parlour Downs Bulby Truro Park Golden Pines Tintagel Myall View Bonnie View Ulyendyke Jo-Rene Lingernot Shara Tallawalla Bundacree Craig Maree Riverview Killarney Lawley Park Maranoa Mount Garry Mornington Maureen Terreel Rozelle Wallingat Hill Harmony Hill Hazel Downs Whyworry Mount Edith Markwell Heights Bundaleer Gunga Chianina Paradise Xanadu Barbies Rosenthal Topi Topi Watjahra Burraduc Buttaba The Glen Fekala Farm Dun-Roamin Glenelco Mia Mia Eurobin Park Pendarrin Bulahdelah Coomba Park Diamond Beach Forster Green Point Hallidays Point Nabiac Pacific Palms Smiths Lake Tuncurry Apple Tree Creek Apple Tree Nob Allard Creek Back Creek Bachelor Creek Bachelor State Forest Bachelor Mount Alexander Apple Tree Alum Mount Alum Back Gully Bakers Hill Bald Head Baldy Island Baldy Island Nature Reserve Bales Creek Ball Ridge Swamp Ball Swamp Bandicoot Island Bandicoot Island Nature Reserve Bangalow Creek Banks Creek Banks Rocks Bare Hill Barretts Gully Barretts Creek Baulby Creek The Bay Beaky Bay Beechams Creek Beechams Knob Belbourie Gully Bellbird Hill Bells Island Belton Reserve Bennetts Head Benns Creek Beryan Bibby Harbour The Big Gibber Big Gibber Headland The Big Hill Big Island Big Point Big Swamp Billywonga Creek Billywonga Gully Bobs Creek Bo Bo Creek Boat Beach Blueys Beach Blueys Head Blue Top Mountain Blue Hole Blue Gum Creek Black Rocks The Blow Hole Blossom Point Black Head Black Head Bay Black Head Beach Blackfellow Black Camp Creek Black Bullock Creek Bird Island Binghams Creek Bimi Creek Boggy Creek Boolambayte Boolambayte Creek Boolambayte Hill Boolambayte Lake Boolambayte Public School Boolby Creek Booloombayt Booloombayt Creek Booloombayt Lake The or Myall Lake Booloombayt Boomerang Beach Boomerang Creek Boomerang Point Booti Booti Booti Booti Mountain Booti Booti National Park Booti Hill Booti Island Boulders Point Boulders Rock Bourkes Creek Bow Bow Creek Left Hand Branch Bow Bow Creek Right Hand Branch Bradleys Creek Branch Creek The Branch Creek Branch of Kiiloombakh Creek Breakneck Lookout Brearick Breckenridge Channel Breckenridge Creek Breckenridges Creek Bridge Hill Broadwater Browns Creek or Wollomba River Brush Creek Brush Gully Brushy Brushy Creek Brushy Gully Brushy Point Brushy Hill T.S. Brushy Mountains Buccabeappleby Creek Bucca Wauka Bucka Wauka Bulahdelah Cemetery Bulahdelah Central School Bulahdelah Post Office Bulahdelah Mountain Bulahdelah Mountain Park Bulahdelah Plain Bulahdelah Public School Bulahdelah State Forest Bulby Brush Bulby Creek Bullah Delah Bullah Delah Mount Bullah Delah State Forest Cabbage Tree Mountain Calvary Hill Candoormakh Creek Cape Hawke Cape Hawke Harbour Cape Hawke Lookout Carrington Creek Carrs Creek Caves Hill Cedar Creek Cedar Tree Creek Cedar Wharp Cellito Champion Creek Chapman Mount Chapman Charlotte Bay Charlotte Head Clarks Bay Clarksons Crossing Climbboys Hill Club Island Coachwood Creek Cockatoo Island Cocumbark Coffin Island Collendina Reserve Colliton Garden Conger Hill Conger Hill Creek Conical Mountain Coolongolook Coolongolook Cemetery Coolongolook Nature Reserve Coolongolook Public School Coolongolook South State Forest Coolongolook State Forest Coolongolook River Coomba Coomba Bay Coomba Creek Coomba Island Copper Mine Creek Copper Mine Ridge Corrigan Corrigans Bay Corrigans Head Corrigans Island Corstorphine Island Crabby Creek Craven Crawfish Gully Crawford River Crescent Reserve Crockers Creek Crockery Gully Curreeki Curreeki Creek Cut Island The Cut Daaple Hill Dago Island Dairy Point Danger Point Dans Hill Darawakh Creek Darawank Dargavilles Crossing Darts Creek Debert Reserve Deep Creek Deepwater Point Devils Hills Dunns Creek Durands Island Dyers Crossing Earps Island Edith Breaker Elbow Gully Elizabeth Bay Elizabeth Beach Elizabeth Creek Elouera Reserve Emu Creek Etheridges Creek Eurunderee Euther Failford Failford Cemetery Fennings Island Ferny Creek Fiddlers Green Creek Fig Tree Point Fiona Beach Firefly Firefly Creek Five Islands Flanagans Creek Flat Island Flat Rock Forster Beach Forster Cemetery Forster High School Forster Post Office Forster Public School Forster Sports Centre Forster Towers Freshwater Creek Friendship Reserve Frogalla Swamp Frys Creek Gallagher Hill Gangat Gereeba Channel Gereeba Island Girvan Gloucester Gnahpeang Goat Island Godwin Island Gorong Gowack Island Grant Greenhams Creek Grey Gum Creek Hadleys Island Harriots Creek Hawke Hells Gate Herks Creek Hickeys Creek Horse Point Hotel Creek Howes Creek Hurps Gap Indogo Hill Jacks Creek Johnsons Beach Johnsons Hill Johnsons Island Junction Point Karkatt Kataway Kataway Bay Kataway Hill Kearns Creek Kennedys Gap Campbells Island Camp Wharf Charlotte Bay Public School Chatham Creek Clarkins Crossing Conical Hill Coolongolook General Cemetery Coomba Estate Coppermine Range Corstophine Island Crawfish Creek Curlew Island Dans Mountain Darawank Creek Darlings Creek Devil Rock Durant Island Elbow Creek Fern Island Left Hand Branch Ferny Creek Right Branch of Ferny Creek Left Branch of Part Of Ferny Creek Flagstaff Lookout Flannagans Creek Forster Central School The Gap Garden Island Girvan Public School Gogerly Island Golden Island Gooloongolok Gooloongolok River Gooloongolok South State Forest Gooloongolok State Forest Grassy Island Green Hill Point Grey Gum Gully Hardys Island Hayes Island Horse Creek Kangaroo Island Khoribakh Creek Killmoke Ridge Kings Creek Kings Flat Creek Kings Mountain Kiwarric Koolonock Koolonock Range Kooloombakh Creek Kooloombakh Gully Koorainghat Koribar Creek Krambach Krambach Cemetery Krambach Hill East Krambach Hill West Krambach Mountain Krambach Public School Kundibakh Kundle Creek Kyle Kyle Creek Kyle No. 3 Blue Top Kyle Range Kyle Range North Kyle Range South Kyle Rock Kyles Creek Lakes Lookout Lakes Outlook Lamins Point Latitude Rock Latitude Rocks L Creek Lees Creek Lemon Tree Point Lennans Creek Leon Island Lewis Creek Lighthouse Beach Limestone Hill Lindemans Cove Little Bandicoot Island Little Flat Creek Little Flat Gully Little Flat Point Little Island Little Krambach Little Krambach Hill Little Myall River Long Point Long Point Bay Little Seal Rocks Little Snake Island Lobster Pot Beach Locketts Crossing Long Island Lower Boolambayte Lake Lower Bulby Maclean River Macleans Creek Mcbrides Beach Mcclymonts Creek Mcclymonts or Oyster Bank Creek Mcgraths Mcgraths Bay Mcgraths Hill McGraths Island Mcintosh Creek Mcintoshs Point Mclemonts Islands Magpie Creek Mammy Johnsons River Mammy Johnsons Creek Manning Hill The Manning Hill Marcella Bay Margerys Creek Markwell Martins Creek Martins Mount Martins Point Masons Bend Matheison Island Mather Island Mathieson Island Mayers Bay Mayers Flat Mayers Point Meyers Range Middle Camp Middle Gully Midge Island Miles Island Mill Bay Millers Mistake Creek Mills Island Mills Island Nature Reserve Mimi Mimi Creek Minimbah Creek Minimbah Mount Mistake Mograni Creek Mograni Hill Mount Mograni Moor Creek Mosquito Island Mosquito Point Mount Carey Mount Kerry Mount Mistake North Mount Mistake South Muirs Creek The Mut Cut Myall Myall Lake Myall Lakes National Park Myall River Myall River State Forest Myrtle Creek Myrtle Gully Nabiac Creek Nabiac Hill Nabiac Public School Village of Nabiag Native Dog Island Neranie Bay Neranie Head Neranie Neranie Sands Nerong Nerong State Forest Newells Creek Newtons Creek Nine Mile Beach Number One Beach Oakey Creek Oakey Island Oaky Creek Oaky Island Ohmas Bay Old School House Creek One Horse Sands One Mile Beach One Mile Creek One Tree Hill O'Sullivans Gap O'Sullivans Gap Flora Reserve Oxley Park Paddys Creek Paling Fence Bay Palmers Bay Palm Grove Park Parlour Creek Pats Head Peach Tree Point Pebbley Beach Pebbly Beach Pelican Island Phillips Creek Pigeon Creek Pigeon Point Pig Point Pimply Rock Pine Hill Pipeclay Creek Pipers Bay Pipers Creek Pitchford Island Pit Creek Pit Gully The Plain Platters Creek Platts Crossing Possum Brush Potato Creek Pretty Flat Bay Prices Creek Priestlys Creek Progress Reserve Purgatory Mountain Quirk Island Rabbit Point Raikes River Rainbow Creek Rainbow Flat Rainbow Gully Razorback Razorback Rock Red Head Red Head Beach Red Hill Reedy Creek Reedy Point Regatta Island Regatta Island Nature Reserve Renwicks Sugarloaf Richards River Riverview Estate Rocks Crossing The Rocks Crossing Rocky Creek Rocky Gap Rocky Hill Roebuck Reserve Rooty Creek Rose Hill Rosenthall Rose Point Round Hill Rudders Box Flora Reserve Rushs Island Russells Bay Russells Island Russells Wharf Salters Bay Saltwater Beach Saltwater Creek Saltwater Gully Sandbar Sandy Island Sawpit Creek Sawyers Creek School House Creek Seagull Island Seagull Point Seal Rocks Seal Rocks Bay Seal Rocks Blow Hole Seal Rocks Lighthouse Seal Rocks Nature Reserve Seal Rocks Point Second Head Seven Mile Beach Shallow Bay Sheedy Creek Sheep Island Shelley Beach Shelley Point Shelly Beach Shelly Point Shepherd Island Shinglers Creek Mount Simm Simons Point Simsville Sirius Reserve Skeleton Rocks Skid Hill Slide Hill Smedley Creek Smedley Gully Smith Lake Smiths Hill Snake Creek Snake Island Soft Rocks Springboard Island Star Creek Star Gully Statis Rock Stick Bay Stinging Tree Bay Stinging Tree Point Stokes Hill Stoney Knob Stony Brush Creek Stony Brush Gully Stony Creek Stony Gully Stony Knob Strangers Corner Stroud Mountain Stroud Mountain East Submarine Beach Sugar Creek Sugar Creek Flora Reserve Sugarloaf Bay Sugarloaf Point Sugarloaf Point Lighthouse Swampy Creek Swan Point Symes Bay Tahiti Island Tahpit Talagaree Creek Talambar Point Talara Hill Talawahl Talawahl Creek Mount Talawahl Tallowwood Forest Park Tank Creek The Tanks Tarbuck Bay Tarbuck Creek Taree Lookout Teatree Creek Tea Tree Creek Telagaree Brook Teleraree Teleraree Creek Tern Island Terreel Creek Terreel Ridge Terrible Billy The Blue Lookout The Round Hill The Stone Cut Tickerabil Tickerabil Point Tickerabit Tiona Tiparary Tipperary Titaatee Creek Toms Hill Tonys Creek Tonys Gully Tonys Point Tonys Point Island Topi Topi Public School Tracy Palmer Memorial Lookout Tracys Lookout Trapyard Creek Trapyard Gully Traynor Creek Traynors Creek Treachery Beach Treachery Head Tuncurry Beach Tuncurry Creek Tuncurry Public School Tuncurry Sports Centre Tuncurry State Forest Tuncurry Village Of Turpentine Creek Twenty By Twelve Beach Twin Island 2 Islands Twin Islands Upper Boolambayte Lake Upper Bunyah Upper Myall Upper Myall River Victor Reserve Village of Bullah Delah Vineyard Creek Violet Violet Hill Violet Hill Passage Wakivory Wallabi Bay Wallabi Point Wallaby Bay Wallaby Joes Bay Wallamba Broadwater Wallamba Cemetery Wallamba Island Wallamba River Wallamba State Forest Wallingat Wallingat Creek Wallingat River Wallingat State Forest Wallis Creek Wallis Crossing Point Wallis Gardens Wallis Island Wallis Island Nature Reserve Wallis Lake Wallis Point Wallis Point Island Wamwarra Bay Wamwarra Creek Wang Wauk Wang Wauk Gap Wang Wauk Public School Wang Wauk River Wang Wauk State Forest Wards Creek Wards Glen Wards River Wares Bay Warranulla Waterloo Creek Wattley Creek Wattley Hill Wattley Hill Public School Waukivory Waukivory Creek Waukivory Public School Wears Bay West Channel White Horse Gap Whoota Whoota Whoota Hill Wild Cattle Creek Willabah Willina Winns Winns Creek Winns Hill Winns Mountain Wollom Wollomba Cemetery Wollomba Island Wollomba State Forest Wootton Worths Creek Wyuma Reserve Yagon Yagon Beach Yagon Gibber Yagon Gibber Headland Yahoo Island Yahoo Island Nature Reserve Yaric Yarric Diamond Reef Dingo Gully Yellow Crossing Yes I Know Rock Bullen Bullen Creek Bull Hill Bull Island Bullock Flat Bullock Pinnacle Bulls Bay Bundacree Creek Dog Trap Creek Dolphin Reserve Double Islands Dry Gully Duck Creek Duck Creek Hill Duck Gully Duck Swamp Dredge Island Dry Creek Duck Creek Mountain Bungarie Bay Bunghery Bungwahl Bungwahl Cemetery Bungwahl Creek Village of Bungwahl or Neranie Bungwahl Public School Bungwahl Swamp Bunts Creek Bunyah Bunyah Creek Bunyah Hill Bunyah Public School Burdekins Gap Burgess Beach Burraduc Public School Burrah Burrah Peak Burrah Burrah Point Burra Peak Creek Burri Burri Hill Anglers Paradise Coates Reserve Forster Heights Park Gogerley Hill Jonnel Park Ohma Reserve Saltwater Wallabi Beach Myall River Park Mograni Wallanbah Wallamba Cove Pacific Palms Public School Wyllie Breckenridge Park John Wright Park John Holland Park Kenrose Reserve Casuarina Reserve Khappinghat Nature Reserve Dolph Ohma Park Woosters Creek Gorton Tallwoods Village Avalon Ehlefeldt Reserve Green Point Reserve Two Mile Lake The Narrows Henrys Point Lanis Island Minimbah Nature Reserve Belbora Creek Brushy Hill Kiwarric State Forest Breakneck Hill Koorainghat Creek Khappinghat Creek Duckpond Creek Emoh Rao Belle Villa Linga Longa Orange Hill Tiparary Mountain Pipe Clay Creek Frogalla Big Swamp Halliday Point Kyala Bucca-Wauka Waterloo Fire Fly Creek Browns Creek Glenora Balmoral Binda Creek Cedarfields Boulby Creek Boulby Wollamba River Wollomba River Wollamba Island Horses Creek The Mud Cat Waukivory River Warra Tuncurry Channel Oyster Bank Creek Forster Channel McIntoshs Point Shepard Island Platters Creet Right Branch Ferny Creek Left Branch Ferny Creek Booti-Booti OSullivans Gap Flora Reserve Margery Creek OSullivans Gap Deep Water Point McIntosh Creek Purgatory Homebush Wamwarrah Alum Mountain Beulah Double Island Mill Creek McGraths Hill Griven Sandy Creek