Topographic / Ordnance Survey Map

GA 9336

GA 9336 - Carrai

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This Topographic Map is produced by Geoscience Australia; Australia's national geospatial organisation.
GA topographic maps (many of which are produced in partnership with the Army) are generally older than those maps produced by the State Governments over the same area. This makes GA maps particularly useful for identifying historic features, such as old mines and diggings.
Geoscience Australia maps generally considered to be more pleasing in design and compilation then the more modern State Government productions.

At this scale, 1cm on this map represents 1km on the ground. A standard map (which is square) covers an area of approximately 54km by 54km, with a contour interval of 20m. This map contains natural and constructed features including road and rail infrastructure, vegetation, hydrography, contours, localities and some administrative boundaries.

Please note the date of the map, as this will impact the currency of information, particularly regarding infrastructure, roads, etc.

Locations within this Map

Courallie Drumadoon Ingledene Wakefield Rosewood Wattle Grove Glen View Wanderriby Mount Pleasant Moleen Akuna Rocky Cottage Overdene Jeogla Roxborough Biston Park Hilton Wyatts Creek Avaion Eastwood Mount View Copper Rock Barjo Spike Island Mountain Home Carcolla Murrungi Viralley Oak Vale Clarens River View Lagoon Creek Carrolls Creek Greenoak Orana Peedee Kunderang East Towal Creek Half Moon Dans Point Stockyard Creek Elsinore Kunderang West Yugiliban Rutherglen Willi Willi Fitzroy Antimony Creek Antimony Gully Back Creek Apple Tree Gully Alberts Gully Appletree Flat Alum Mountain The Backwater Backwater Creek Baking Powder Creek Bald Hill Bald Knob Barbers Creek Barren Creek Barren Gully Bees Nest Gully Bellbird Gully Big Gap The Big Hill Big Hill Big Raspberry Billycan Hill Bobs Gully Bluff Creek Block and Tackle Spur Black Camp Creek Black Bush Creek Black Bullock Creek Blackbird Cutting Blackbird Flat Blackbird Flat Creek Blackbird Creek Bitter Vine Mountain Bingi Mount Boggy Creek Boggy Gully Boneys Gully Bottom Bald Knob Creek Botumburra Range Botumburra Spur Botumbulla Range Botumburra Ridge Boulder Flat Bowlers Spur Boyties Gully Branch Creek Branch of Towel Creek Break Creek The Break Gully Mount Brengi Briggs Creek Broad Crossing Brocks Creek Brocks Flat Bruens Gully Brumbie Creek Brumby Creek Budgaree Gully Buggeroo Creek Callans Rock Campbells Creek Camp Gully Carrai Creek Carrai Flora Reserve Carrai State Forest Carrai Tableland Caterpillar Creek Cave Gully Cedar Creek Cedar Tree Flat Chandler Falls Chandler Public School Chandler River Cherry Tree Gully Chinamans Flat Chinamans Gully Church Rock Clarke Clarkes Gully Clear Gully Cliffs Clifton Cochrane Cochrane State Forest Columbi Gully Comara Comara General Cemetery Comara Public School Mount Comara Comara Range Coopers Flat Coughlans Creek Cow Bail Gully Creamys Gully Crooked Creek Crystal Hill Crystal Ridge Cundys Spring Cundys Spur Cunnawarra Cunnawarra Creek Cunnawarra Range Daisy Plains Daleys Creek Dalmorton State Forest Dyke Dyke River Eaglehawk Gully Eely Creek Eely Creek Fire Lookout Egans Gully Fallen Cedar Gully Falls Station Creek Felters Creek Felters Peak Felton Feltons Knob Ferny Gully Fife Fifes Creek Fifes Gap Fifes Knob Fig Tree Flat Fingerboard Crossing Finger Gully First Gap Fitzroy Creek Fitzroy Gully Fitzroy Tableland Five Day Creek Flaggy Rock Crossing Fletchers Gap Flying Fox Cutting Flying Fox Mountain Foot Gully Fosters Gully Freds Creek Front Front Tableland Gads Creek Gap Creek Garneys Creek George Georges Creek Georges Junction Georges River Gilmores Spur Glenview Goffeys Creek Gold Gully Gomera Creek Gomera Spur Gordons Gap Granite Creek Grasses Gully Grasstree Ridge Grays Spur Green Gulf Green Gully Green Gully Spur Green Point Halls Peak Harrys Gully Hawes Gully Hawes Knob Hayes Flat Hogmans Gap Hogsback Mountain Honey Gully Honeysuckle Creek Honeysuckle Flat Hut Gully Hyatts Flat Ironbark Camp Ironbark Creek Ivy Gully Jacks Flat Jacks Gully Jacobs Ladder Jacobs Mount Jacobs Spur Jeogla Creek Jeogla Warm Crossing Jessons Gully Jimmys Gully Jimmys Point Jimmy Taylors Creek Job Jobs Cutting Jobs Mountain Johnson Gully Junction Creek Junction Knob Kangaroo Flat Kangaroo Hollow Kerr Kerrs Creek Kerrs Hill Carrai Plateau Cells Creek Church Rocks Comara Creek Fellers Creek Feltons Creek Feltors Creek Ferney Gully Fifes Hill Five Day Spur Five Knobs Freds Gully The Gap Goffeys Gully Green Gully Creek Happyland Helena Creek The Hogsback Home Creek Ivy Creek Jobs Range Josses Gully Kemps Range Kinnanes Creek Kinnanes Gully Kirkwoods Creek Kirkwoods Gully Kunderang Kunderang Brook Kunderang Station Creek Kyle Flat Kyles Gully Lads Creek Lagoon Cutting Landers Ridge Landers Spur Lapstone Left Branch Top Creek Left Hand Branch of Kunderang Creek Lemon Tree Creek Lemon Tree Knob Lickhole Gully Lightning Knob Little Gap Little Georges Creek Long Point Little Smiths Creek Long Creek Long Flat Cutting Long Gully Lovelocks Flat Lower Creek Lower Creek State Forest Lower Georges Creek Lower Gully Lukes Creek Lunn Gully Lurlenes Gully Macarthys Yard Creek Mackenzies Creek Macleay Macleay River Macphersons Gully Mcateers Creek Mccarthys Creek Mccrae Gully Mcgees Flat Mcintyres Creek Mcintyres Gully Mckenzies Knob Mcleods Point Mcmaughs Gully Maddens Creek Magpie Gully Main Camp Flat Major Oakes Gully Marys Gully Marys Lookout Marys View Mathews Creek Micks Gully Middle Creek Middle Creek Knob Middle Flat Mill Block Gully Mill Gully Mirribooka Range Moles Creek Monday Creek Monday Gap Moses Gully Moses Knob Mount Mystery Mowle Mullens Crossing Munro Gully Myhill Flat Mystery Needle Creek New England Gully New England Ridge New England Spur Nine Mile Hut Creek Nugget Gully Nulla-Five Day State Forest Nulla Nulla Oaky Falls Oaky Gap Oaky Gully Oaky Pinnacle Oaky River Oaky River Dam Old Station Creek Old Washpool Creek Old Yard Flat Old Yard Gully Orange Tree Flat Oreen Brook O'Sullivans Gap Oven Oven Mountain Paddys Mountain Panton Pantons Point Paradise Rocks Parrys Flat Pass Creek Peach Tree Creek Peach Tree Crossing Pee Dee Pee Dee Creek Pee Dee Range Pee Dee State Forest Picnic Point Pig Paddock Gully Pikes Creek Pine Knob The Pinnacle Pipeclay Hill Poganbilla Policemans Gully Ponds Creek Porcupine Spur St Helena Creek St Helena Gulf Postmans Creek Pretty Creek Pretty Gully Quakers Gully Racecourse Creek Raffertys Creek Raffertys Crossing Raspberry Raspberry Creek Raspberry Fire Lookout Raspberry Mountain Rathbones Point Razorback Hill Rigneys Gully Rileys Lookout Riverside Creek Robinson Gully Robinsons Knob Rocky Creek Rocky Fall Creek Rocky Gully Round Camp Running Creek Ruthbergs Spur Ryans Creek Sandy Creek Sawdust Creek Sawdust Gully Sawpit Gully School Gully Schoolhouse Gully Scotchys Creek Scott Gully Scotts Knob Scotts Point Scrubby Creek Mount Sebastopol Second Flat Second Gap Second Gully Seven Mile Cutting Sheep Station Gully Shells Gully Shepherds Flat Shephards Flat Creek Shingley Creek Shingley Mountain Single Teatree Gully Sleeper Creek Smiths Bluff Smiths Creek Smiths Flat Snake Gully The Snowy Mountain Range Snowy Range Solomons Hill Spankers Gully Spear Creek Spring Creek Springs Creek Station Yard Creek Stony Creek Stringybark Creek Stringybark Spur Stuart Stubbs Spur Styx Styx Creek Styx Gap Styx River Styx River State Forest Sullivans Gully Sunday Creek Sunderlands Tallowood Creek Tavel Creek Teatree Flat Telegraph Spur Tellygram Range The Junction The Junction Crossing The Warm Corner Three Rock Plain Creek Tiara Tibbs Gully Tin Hut Gully Tin Mine Spur Tom Henrys Creek Tom Rossiters Tooses Top Top Bald Knob Creek Top Creek Towel Creek Tractor Spur Trappo Flat Trappo Gap Trap Creek Trap Yard Creek Turners Creek Two Acre Gully Two Bull Creek Tynes Gap Tynes Hill Upper Georges Creek Vernon Volunteer Order Gully Walkers Gully Wallaby Gully Wallaroo Gully Wards Gully Warm Corner Spur Warne Water Gully Waterhole Flat Wattle Flat Watts Creek Weaning Paddock Gully Mount Wednesday White Bluff White Rock Spur Willi Willi Caves Willi Willi Caves Nature Reserve Wilsons Creek Wilsons Road Wilsons Spur Windy Gap Wollomombi Wollomombi Falls Wolseley Wonga Gully Woolomombi Falls Woorong Woorong Mount Woorong Woorong Wooser Wooser Wright Creek Wrights Lookout Yard Creek Yard Flat Yard Gully Diamond Creek Diamond Flat Dicks Flat Diggers Creek Dingo Creek Dingo Gully Dingo Spur Yellow Knob Dinner Flat Yooroonah Bullecourt Gully Bullock Creek Dew Gully Divers Puzzle Dolfs Gully Dourallie Creek Dripstone Spring Drummers Flat Drummers Gully Dry Creek Dry Felters Creek Duftys Knob Doyles Gully The Dripstone Drummers Creek Dry Gully Duffys Knob Burnt Hut Flat Algomera Creek Asens Creek The Bathtub Beech Lookout Big Anne Booth Creek Boundary Gully Burrega Flat Checks Lookout Cochrane Flora Reserve The Double Gullies Eastern Castle Edgars Lookout Farewell Flat Falls Lookout Freddies Gully Georges Creek Flora Reserve Jacobs Gap Jocks Creek Jocks Gully Little Sunday Creek Little Three Rock Plain Creek Lower Wattle Flat The Low Gap The Natural Arch Oaky Creek Peters Creek Peters Gully Rossiter Creek Silver Creek Silver Gully Spross Creek Branch of Sunday Creek The Natural Bridge Tiger Cat Ridge Tiger Cat Spur Turkey Creek Waterloo Creek Western Castle Feltons Flora Reserve The Castles Flora Reserve Georges Creek Nature Reserve Northern Brittle Gum Flora Reserve Robertsons Knob Upper Stockyard Caves Skeleton Cave Shelobs Lair Saddle Cave Rolys Cave Mount Pleasant Caves Lower Stockyard Caves Judds Hole Figtree Cave Deep Cave Carrai Bat Cave Bottle Cave Bone Cave Carrai Georges River Flora Reserve Cunnawarra Flora Reserve Cunnawarra National Park Station Creek Serpentine River Rockvale Creek Five Day Creek Upper Upper Five Day Middle Knob Muddy River Salisbury Waters Kunderung Brook Apsley River Reedy Creek Left Hand Branch Sebastopol Rusdens Creek