Topographic / Ordnance Survey Map

GA 9434

Camden Haven
GA 9434 - Camden Haven

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This Topographic Map is produced by Geoscience Australia; Australia's national geospatial organisation.
GA topographic maps (many of which are produced in partnership with the Army) are generally older than those maps produced by the State Governments over the same area. This makes GA maps particularly useful for identifying historic features, such as old mines and diggings.
Geoscience Australia maps generally considered to be more pleasing in design and compilation then the more modern State Government productions.

At this scale, 1cm on this map represents 1km on the ground. A standard map (which is square) covers an area of approximately 54km by 54km, with a contour interval of 20m. This map contains natural and constructed features including road and rail infrastructure, vegetation, hydrography, contours, localities and some administrative boundaries.

Please note the date of the map, as this will impact the currency of information, particularly regarding infrastructure, roads, etc.

Locations within this Map

Hillview Maryellen Honeysuckle Alcheringa Kerewong North Glenrowan Cungeboie Glen Echo Arndale Roseneath Glen-Nokee River View Namguya Tipperary Branchvue Peachvale Byambee Strathmar Mount Stuart Ivers Mill Blue Hills Glenrose Heatherbell Airaloo Petken Bimbedeen Lamana Redoaks Rosewood Pinecliffs Cliffdale Everston Laura Sherwood Lone Pine Glen Lea Lawling Farm Mountview Farm Brooklyn Hill Ericifolia Nindathana Oakey Vale Orange Grove Meadowbank Willow Grove Dernley Paringa Broadoaks Camden Haven Bonny Hills Coopernook Harrington Kendall Lake Cathie Lansdowne Manning Point Old Bar Wallabi Point Abbey Creek Bago Bluff Barneys Creek Bartletts Beach Batar Batar Creek Batars Creek Bensons Creek Bensons Inlet Berady Creek Big Nellie Big Rocky Creek Bobs Creek Blairs Creek Blue Creek Black Lagoon The Black Lagoon Blackfellows Bog Black Creek Flora Reserve Black Creek Black Camp Creek Black Camp Gully Bohnock Bridal Veil Falls Brighton Brimbin Creek Brimbin Hill Mount Brimbin Broken Bagho Range Broken Bago Broken Bago Range Bukkan Bukkan Creek Cabbage Tree Island Camden Haven Inlet Camden Haven River Camden Haven State Forest Camden Head Camden Point Cataract Creek Cattai Creek Cedar Creek Cedar Scrub Creek Charleys Island Charlies Hill Christmas Bell Plain Cockatoo Island Cold Nob Comboyne Comboyne Cemetery Mount Comboyne Comboyne State Forest Coopernook Creek Coopernook Public School Coopernook Railway Station Coopernook State Forest Coralville Cowarra Creek Cowarra State Forest Croakers Creek Croki Cross Creek Crowdy Crowdy Bay Crowdy Gap Crowdy Head Crowdy Lagoon Cundle Cundletown Cutty Creek Dawson River Deauville Deep Creek Dunbogan Dunbogan Beach Durhambah East Comboyne Farquhar Inlet Farquhar Park Ferny Gully First Rock Gully Flat Rock Lookout Fork Creek Freshwater Creek Ghinni Ghinni Ghinni Ghinni Creek Gills Creek Goat Island Gogleys Creek Gogleys Lagoon Grants Beach Grants Head Great Swamp Greenhills Gully Gylers Creek Hamey Lookout Hanleys Point Hannam Vale Hannam Vale Public School Hardie Harrington Inlet Harrington Lagoon Harrington Public School Hartys Creek Haywards Gully Herons Creek Herons Creek Post Office Herons Creek Public School Herons Creek Railway Station Holey Flat Creek Ivers Creek Jerrys Creek John Johns River Johns River Public School Johns River State Forest Jolly Nose Hill Jolly Jones Island Juhle Mountain Kattang Nature Reserve Kendall District Rural School Kendall National Forest Kendall Public School Kendall State Forest Kerewong Siding Kerewong State Forest Kew Kew State Forest Camden Haven River Southern Branch Carbeba Cathie Lake Cathie Plain Charles Henry Lookout Charlies Island Chinny Chinny Creek Comboyne East Public School Comboyne New Dawsons River Ferny Creek First Rock Creek Five Mile Creek The Gap Gilmore Creek Gogleys Bay Googleys Lake Greenhills Creek Haywards Creek Lake Hope Indian Head John New John's River State Forest Jolly Nose Rocks Kendall District Public School Kerewong Range Khappinghat Creek Kingston Branch Kiwarrak State Forest Koolah Creek Koolumbut Gully Koorainghat Creek Kundle Kundle Kylies Beach Lakewood Langley Vale Langley Vale Public School Lansdowne Public School Lansdowne River Lansdowne State Forest Laurieton Laurieton Public School Lighthouse Beach Limeburners Creek Limeburners Flat Little Nellie Long Point Little Pipeclay Creek Little Stony Creek Little Stony Gully Logans Crossing Lone Island Lorne Lorne Public School Lorne State Forest Luthrie Bay Luthrie Inlet Luthrie Island Mckies Creek Mcleods Creek Main Canal Mamboo Island Mangrove Creek Mangrove Island Manning River District National Forest Manning River South Channel Market Square Melinga Melinga Railway Station Mermaid Reef Middle Brother Middle Brother National Forest Middle Brother State Forest Middle Rock Middle Rock Point Midgy Gharrat Island Midgy Creek Millers Creek Millers Swamp Mitchells Island Mitchells Island Cemetery Moores Island Moorland Moorland Public School Moorland Railway Station Moto Mud Bay Mudbishops Point Reserve Muddy Creek Newbys Creek New Yard Creek New Yard Gully North Arm North Beach North Branch State Forest North Brother North Haven North Passage Oaky Flat Old Bar Park The Old Bar Ostler Park Oxley Oxley Island Oxley Island Cemetery Oyster Arm Oyster Creek Oyster Reach Paddys Creek Pampoolah Pampoolah Reserve Passionfruit Creek Passionfruit Gully Pelican Bay Pelican Island Pelican Point Perpendicular Point Pilot Beach Pipeclay Canal Pipeclay Creek Pontobark Creek Prairie Grass Island Queens Lake Queens Lake Entrance Queens Lake River Queens Lake State Forest Rainbow Beach Ralfe Rawson Rawson River Red Hill The Red Hill Rock Creek Rock Nob Rollover Rossglen Rossglen Railway Station Rotary Park Saddles Creek Saltwater Creek Sapling Creek Savilles Creek Scotts Creek Shingle Creek Shingle Gully Signal Hill Smiths Creek South Arm South Beach South Brother South Passage Spring Creek Spring Gully Stewart Stewarts River Stewarts River Public School Stingray Creek Stingray Inlet Stoney Creek Stony Creek Sundial Creek Sun Dial Creek Sundial Gully Tappin Creek Taree Taree Airport Telegraph Rock Ten Mile Gully Thelcuback Creek The Moor The Oaks The Rollover The Roll Over Mount Tirrandubundeba Tirrandubundeba Tomcat Creek Tungheraba Two Mile Creek Upsalls Creek Upsalls Creek State Forest Upsel State Forest Victoria Square Vincents Lookout Vincents Outlook Waitui Waitui Waterfall Walibree Walkers Creek Wall Reserve Wards Creek Wards Gully Warkawerook Warrens Crossing Varwiba Creek Warwiba River Washtub Inlet Washtub Bay Waterfall Creek Waterloo Creek Watson Taylors Lake West Brother West Haven Wrights Creek Wytooee Diamond Head Dickensons Creek Dicks Hill Yellow Creek Yellow Gully Bulli Creek Bulls Ground State Forest Diamond Dirty Corner Swamp Duchess Gully Duckhole Gully Duck Holes Ducks Knob Dumaresq Island Duchess Creek Duckhole Creek The Duck Holes Burrawan Burrawan State Forest Bushland Park Byabarra Byabarra Public School Albert Square Blue Creek Dam Camden Haven Apex Park Camden Haven Rotary Park Cathie Creek Chippys Mountain Club Reserve Crowdy Head Public School Crowdy Bay National Park Cundletown Public School Curphey Shoal Dellward Dellward Public School Dennis Shoal Devils Hole Lookout Diggers Hill Flora Reserve Dunbogan Reserve Flat Nellie Ghinni Ghinni Public School Giles Shoal Goats Island Henry Kendall Reserve Kangaroo Island Kangaroo Point Kendall Reserve Lorne Flora Reserve Lorne Mountain Mitchells Falls Mount Cross Newbys Lookout Old Bar Beach Racecourse Creek Race Course Gully Salters Creek Saltwater Point Saltwater Starrs Creek Stewarts River Southern Branch Swans Crossing Urana Bombora Big Nellie Flora Reserve Laurie Park Wallace Reserve Johns River Flora Reserve Birpai Reserve Bruce Porter Reserve Aqua Reserve Jabiru Reserve Laurieton Sporting Complex Foreshore Reserve Bunnys Corner Big Gum Reserve Karikeree Creek Sheather Creek Bago Kerewong Jolly Nose Stace Reserve Jonathan Dickson Reserve Nana Klumpp Reserve Camden Haven High School Camden Haven Distance Education Centre Middle Brother National Park Crowdy Head Lighthouse Old Bar Pine South Brother Rock Everinghams Crossing Lansdowne Forest Lansdowne Nature Reserve Quintoc Hills The Lake Swamp Broken Bargo Range Kerewang Siding The Rock South Branch Camden Haven River Southern Branch North Branch Camden Haven River Northern Branch Pritchards Creek McLeods Creek Lowes Hill Wash Tub Bay Dirty Corner Hannan Vale Pipe Clay Creek Saville Creek Salt Water Creek Coral Ville The Great Swamp Mottram Manning River Nirrim Midgy Gnarrat Island South Passage Manning River North Passage Manning River South Channel Manning River Luthrie Creek Warwiba Creek