Topographic / Ordnance Survey Map

GA 9436

GA 9436 - Macksville

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This Topographic Map is produced by Geoscience Australia; Australia's national geospatial organisation.
GA topographic maps (many of which are produced in partnership with the Army) are generally older than those maps produced by the State Governments over the same area. This makes GA maps particularly useful for identifying historic features, such as old mines and diggings.
Geoscience Australia maps generally considered to be more pleasing in design and compilation then the more modern State Government productions.

At this scale, 1cm on this map represents 1km on the ground. A standard map (which is square) covers an area of approximately 54km by 54km, with a contour interval of 20m. This map contains natural and constructed features including road and rail infrastructure, vegetation, hydrography, contours, localities and some administrative boundaries.

Please note the date of the map, as this will impact the currency of information, particularly regarding infrastructure, roads, etc.

Locations within this Map

Ponderosa Pickett Hill Benbowra Kianinni Possum Gully Calabash Carcolla Cooinda Hill Ben Bullen Hillcrest Broadwater Yarrawonga Yackerboon Gunnar Doo Pindan Arcadia Elsinore Kanimbla Maple Terrafirma Rosemont Vans Valley Warbro Maryvale Barraganyatta Hut Springfield Milea-Park Burraglen Bowraville Macksville Scotts Head Stuarts Point Willawarrin Bellbrook Apple Tree Creek South Arm Andersons Inlet Argents Creek Argents Hill Apple Tree Knob Apple Tree Creek Andersons State Forest Andersons Sugarloaf Allgomera Allgomera Creek Bakers Creek Bald Hill Barraganyatti Barraganyatti Creek Baschs Gully Bassall Creek Bees Nest Creek Bellbrook Cemetery Bellbrook Public School Bellimbopinni Bellimbopinni Public School Bellwood Bellwood Aboriginal Reserve Bellwood Creek Bellwood Swamp Big Ben Hill Big Ben Mountain Big Creek Big Sidling Big Sidling Mountain Big Valley Creek Big Valley Gully Billybyang Creek Billy Goat Knob Bococka Creek Blue Knob Black Butt Creek Blackbutt Creek Boggy Creek Bollanolla Mountain Boringalla Creek Bottle Gully Bowra Creek Bowra Mountain Bowra Old Bowra River Bowra Sugarloaf Bowra Bowraville Cemetery Bowraville Central School Bowraville Post Office Bradleys Creek Branch Creek Brassils Creek Brians Creek Briggs Lookout Broads Lookout Broads Mountain Broad Water The Broadwater Inlet Broken Top The Brothers Brothers Browns Crossing Bryce Island Bryces Knob Buchanans Creek Buckra Bendinni Buckra Bendinni Creek Buckra Bendinni State Forest Buds Crossing Bulingary Cabbage Tree Creek Cedar Creek Cedar Crossing Cedar Park Channels Creek Charlotte Gully Christmas Creek Clancys Drain Clybucca Clybucca Creek Clybucca Historic Site Cockatoo Collins Drain Collombatti Collombatti Creek Collombatti Lookout Collombatti Mountain Collombatti Rail Collombatti Rail Public School Collombatti Railway Station Collombatti State Forest Congarinni Cooks Creek Cooks Knob Coopers Creek Cooroobongatti Cooroobongatti Swamp Cow Creek Cow Gully Cowshed Creek Crooked Top Mountain Crosswinds Davis Creek Deep Creek Denison Dennis Creek Desmonds Creek Devils Nook Creek Dyers Hill Edwards Knob Mount England Eungai Creek Eungai National Forest Eungai Public School Eungai Rail Eungai Railway Station Fig Tree Gully Fishermans Reach Fishers Creek Forster Beach Fortescue Creek Frying Pan Creek Fullers Ridge Gads Gads Sugarloaf Girralong Gladstone Mount Gladstone Goat Island Good Friday Mountain Gordon Gordons Knob Gordons Knob Lookout Graces Creek Grassy Head Gravelly Creek Gravel Ridge Green Gully Green Point Gresham Gumma Gumma Gumma Creek Hades Creek Hanging Rock Hell Creek Herborn Hickey Hickeys Creek Hogans Creek Home Creek Huttmans Creek Ingalba Ingala State Forest Irishman State Forest Jasper Creek Jocks Crossing Johnsons Creek Jolly Creek Kalang Keayes Gully Kennaicle Creek Kerrs Hill Kesbys Creek Ketelghay Cockatoo Pinnacle Deep Creek North Beach Eungai Eungai Railway Public School Fig Tree Creek Fosters Beach Good Friday Grays Crossing Public School Gumma Creek Gurravembi Creek Home Gully Jaspers Creek Keayes Creek Kennacle Creek Killiekrankie Mount Killiekrankie Killiekrankie Lookout Killiekrankie Mountain Kilmores Creek Kinchela Kinchela Public School Kings Creek Kings Lookout Kings Tower Kinki Cemetery Kinki Ridge Kinki Spur Lawrences Creek League Creek Left Hand Branch Munga Creek Lemon Tree Creek Lemon Tree Gully Lewis Creek Little Thumb Creek Little Wonder Creek Loftus Long Toms Gully The Lookout Lower Taylors Arm Lowes Creek Lumby Hill Macksville General Cemetery Macksville High School Macksville Park Macksville Post Office Macksville Public School Macksville Railway Station Macksville Showground Macleay Hills Mcandrews Drain Mccabes Drain Mchughs Creek Mckays Creek Maloneys Creek Mamie Johnson Creek Marble Gap Mount Martha Ann Martins Park Medlow Medlow Public School Merrylegai Middle Beach Middle Creek Middle Head Creek Middle Head Range Middle Head Ridge Middle Island Middle Kalang Midnight Creek Millbank Millbank Public School Missabotti Missabotti Creek Mistake Creek Mistake State Forest Moparrabah Moran Brothers Morgans Creek Morgans Gully Mount Skillion State Forest Munga Creek Mungay Creek Mungay Flat Mungay Mountain My Island Nambucca Nambucca Aboriginal Area Nambucca Heads Railway Station Nambucca Railway Station Nambucca River Nambucca Valley Public School Naylors Creek Newee Creek Newee Creek Railway Station Newee Creek Siding Newry National Forest Newry State Forest Newtons Creek Nook Creek North Branch North Creek North Kinki Spur Notleys Hill Nulla Nulla Nulla Nulla Creek Old Station State Forest Old Station National Forest Oreen Parkins Gully Parrabel Mount Parrabel Peach Tree Creek Peach Tree Gully Peterkins School Platform Peterkins Siding Picket Picket Hill Picket Hill Creek Purgatory Creek Raleigh Rhones Creek Right Branch of Hickeys Creek Right Hand Branch Munga Creek Ringwood Flora Reserve Rocky Gully Rodneys Creek Roses Creek Roses Knob Rosewood Creek Schoolhouse Creek Schoolhouse Gully Scotchman The Scotsman Mountain Scotts Mountain Scrubby Creek Scrubby Gully Seven Oaks Drain Sharmans Creek Sheas Nob State Forest Sheet O'Bark Creek Sledgeline Gully Smithtown Smoky Creek Snakey Creek South Beach South Creek South Macksville Spicketts Creek Starlight Creek Stinging Tree Creek Stockyard Creek Stockyard Mountain The Stockyard Stoney Creek Stony Creek Stuarts Island Stuarts Point Public School Sullivans Creek Summer Island Summer Island Drain Sundown Creek Swampy Creek Taits Creek Talarm Tamban Tamban Railway Station Tmaban Stat Forest Tanban Tanban State Forest Tarkeeth Taylors Arm Taylors Arm Lookout Taylors Arm Public School Taylors Creek Teagues Creek Teagues Knob Temagog Temagog Creek Tewinga Tewinga Public School The Springs Thumb Creek Thumb Creek State Forest Tilly Willy Creek Tom Maras Creek Toorooka Travellers Creek Trial Bay Creek Unkya Unkya Reserve Upper Missabotti Upper Nambucca Upper Newee Creek Upper Taylors Arm Uralgurra Utungun Utungun Reserve Valla Valla Beach Public School Valley Valley Viewmont Viewmont Creek Viewmont Public School Viewmont Mountain Warbro Brook Warbro Public School Warrell Warrell Creek Public School Warrell Creek Warrell Creek Railway Station Warrell Creek Station Watt Creek Way Way Creek Way Way State Forest Welshs Creek Whip Whip Mountain Willawarrin Public School Williams Hill Williamsons Creek Willi Willi CreekPart Wirrimbi Wirrimbi Railway Station Wirrimbi Island Woolshed Gully Yarrabandini Yarrahapinni Yarrahapinni General Cemetery Yarrahapinni Lookout Mount Yarrahapinni Yarrahapinni Public School Yarrahapinni State Forest Yarrahappinni Mountain Lookout Yarranbella Yarranbella Public School Dicks Point Dingers Creek Bull Creek Bulls Knob Donnellyville Double Island Doughboy Swamp Dudley Dowlings Falls Bunghole Creek Burragong Burrapine Burrapine Public School Butchers Creek Butts Creek Donnelly Welsh Sporting Complex Gay Ray Special School Viewmont State Forest Killie Krankie Flora Reserve Willawarrin Memorial Park League Scrub Flora Reserve Nambucca Heads High School Macks Village Central Nambucca Seven Oaks Dyers Mountain Temagog Riverside Park Oreen Gully Nunguu Mirral Aboriginal Area Congarinni North Nambucca Heads North Macksville South Arm Way Way Jacks Crossing Yarriabini National Park Brierfield Valla Siding Nambucca Shire Grays Crossing Warrel Creek Warbro Creek Parrabel Creek Majors Creek Yarrabandinni Tamban Station Longreach Island Innes Creek Kinchela Creek Timagog Creek Mount Skillion Collombutti Creek