Topographic / Ordnance Survey Map

GA 9437

GA 9437 - Dorrigo

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This Topographic Map is produced by Geoscience Australia; Australia's national geospatial organisation.
GA topographic maps (many of which are produced in partnership with the Army) are generally older than those maps produced by the State Governments over the same area. This makes GA maps particularly useful for identifying historic features, such as old mines and diggings.
Geoscience Australia maps generally considered to be more pleasing in design and compilation then the more modern State Government productions.

At this scale, 1cm on this map represents 1km on the ground. A standard map (which is square) covers an area of approximately 54km by 54km, with a contour interval of 20m. This map contains natural and constructed features including road and rail infrastructure, vegetation, hydrography, contours, localities and some administrative boundaries.

Please note the date of the map, as this will impact the currency of information, particularly regarding infrastructure, roads, etc.

Locations within this Map

Roseleigh Braeside Kelvin Park Benanbar Toora Anloudan Hillview Shady Acres Glenorara Molly Dale Avonleigh Erskine Moonmerri Tallow Wood Woodstock Rosewood Berowna Stud Charlestead Daisy Hill Venessa Nymba Riverview Orange Grove Harness Cask Brooklana Echo Ridge Murray Braes Lillydale Pine Ridge Muldiva Downs Nooramunga L-L Ranch Roath Park Nareena Sally Park Montrose Tongarra Deer Vale Fern Grange Meldrum Winvari Beechwood Park Logie Bank Jerome Park Dandarbong Idleway Sea View Maydale Belleview Park Glen The Delwood Goldbrae Glenell Midway Minto Rosecliff Hillandale Norbank Abbey Farm Bonnie Doon Bellingen Dorrigo Glenreagh Ulong North Dorrigo Lowanna Angys Creek Back Creek Allans Water Allan Averys Creek Aurania Ashton Armaton Anscombes Hill Adams Creek Back Gully Bagawa Bagawa State Forest Bald Hill Bald Knob Bangalore Creek Bangalow Creek Bean Creek Bellingen High School Bellingen Lookout Bellingen Park Bellingen Post Office Bellingen Public School Bellingen River State Forest Bellinger River Bellinger River State Forest Belmore Bens Hut Bests Creek Bests Gully Betts Creek Bielsdown Creek Bielsdown State Forest Billy Mcgraths Hump Billys Creek Billys Hill Bobo Bobo River Blicks Blicks River Bielsdown River Blakes Gully Blue Flat Black Swamp Creek Black Snake Creek Black Snake Corner Black Mountain Range Black Mountain Ridge Black Mountain Creek Black Mountain Black Hill Creek Bligh Blacks Flat Black Bull Creek Bishops Creek Boggy Creek Boggy Gully Bonville Peak Boot Hill Bopan Creek Borra Creek Bostobrick Bostobrick Public School Boundary Creek Boys Creek Boys Gully Breakfast Creek Breakfast Gully Brierfield Briggsvale Briggsvale Siding Brimbin Creek Brinerville Brooklana Siding Brooklana State Forest Brush Creek Buffer Creek Buffers Creek Caines Hill Caledonian Knob Callicoma Falls Camp Creek Camp Falls Camp Gully Campion Mount Campion Cascade Cascade Creek Cascade Public School Casuarina Falls Cedar Falls Cedar Log Creek Chandlers Creek Chapmans Creek Chapmans Plain Charlie Moodys Gully Charlies Camp Creek Charlies Plain Charlmont Charon Creek Chinamans Creek Christopherson Christophersons Mountain Clear Creek Cleavers Creek Clouds Clouds Creek Clouds Creek Falls Clouds Creek State Forest Cluckers Bend Coachwood Falls Cockatoo Creek Coldwater Creek Collins Gully Connell Creek Connell Park Connels Creek Cool Creek Coopernook Creek Cope Coronation Park Cradle Creek Crescent Ridge Crossmaglen Crossmaglen Public School Crystal Shower Falls Cunninghams Gully Currens Creek Cutbank Creek Dairyville Dales Gully Dangar Falls Dardanelles Creek Darkwood Day Dawn Gully Deadmans Corner Deadmans Ridge Deep Creek Deer Park Creek Deer Vale Nature Reserve Devils Face Dundurrabin Dundurrabin Public School Dundurrabin State Forest Ellis State Forest Endiandra Creek Eunices Creek Euroka Creek Eve Creek Fachneys Ridge Fahey Park Fenton Fernbrook Fernmount Fernmount Cemetery Ferntree Creek Fishers Creek Flaggy Flaggy Creek Flaggy Falls Four Mile Creek Francis Lookout Frenchmans Creek Frontage Creek Frying Pan Gally Gully Gangara Garvins Gully Gladstone Gladstone State Forest Glen Fernaigh River Gleniffer Gleniffer Falls Glenreagh Creek Glenreagh Public School Glenreagh Railway Station Gold Diggers Creek Mount Goobergooberyam Gordon Creek Gordonville Grasstree Grassy Creek Green Gully Creek Greers Flat Gribbins Flat Griffiths Lookout Gundar Gundar State Forest Hacks Creek Hampton Court Hardwood Lookout Hauler Gully Hortons Creek Hubbards Peak Hydes Creek Irishman Ridge Jackass Creek Jardine Jarrett Park Jesse Smith Jubilee Park Kalang River Kalumbundah Creek Kangaroo River Kangaroo River State Forest Karore Creek Katerum Gully Keanes Hill Kellys Creek Kellys Plain Keough Reserve Charlie Moodys Creek Collins Creek Connells Creek Coutts Water The Crescent Cunninghams Creek Day Dawn Creek Deadmans Range Deep Park River E.J. Fahey Park Fern Creek Fernmount Range Gally Creek Glen Fernaigh Creek Gleniffer Public School Gordon Gully Griffins Flat Griffith Lookout Halls Creek Irishman Range Kangaroo Creek Kangaroo Creek State Forest Katerum Creek Keanes Mountain Kennackle Creek Killungoondie Plain Killungoondie State Forest Kingianum Falls Kip Creek Kirtons Creek Kooralbyn Creek Kooroowi Korata Creek Kremnos Creek Kurrajong Spur Lady Mary Creek Lanes Lookout Langtons Lookout Last Effort Falls Leans Creek Leigh Leigh Public School Leigh Railway Station Lenahans Creek Lenehens Creek Little Boggy Creek Little Falls Creek Little Murray Little Murray Lookout Little Murray River Little North Arm Bellingen River Little Nymboida River Long Point Little Pine Creek Little Plain Creek Little Promised Land Creek Little Sandy Creek Little Scrub Flat Log Creek Log Swamp Long Island Long Island Spur Lookout Lookout Hill Mount Lookout The Lookout Lovells Hill Lowanna Public School Lowanna Railway Station Lower Spring Creek Lurcock Creek Mackays Creek Mcalisters Peak Mcgraths Hump Mckenzies Creek Mahers Creek Maiden Scrub Main Water Creek Maiva Falls Manns Creek Marx Hill Mathews Creek Matthews Creek Maynards Plains Meeting Creek Megan Megan Falls Megan Public School Megan Railway Station Meldrum Creek Meldrum Downs Merricks Creek Middle Camp Creek Mirrong Falls Mirum Creek Mispah Falls Mitchells Hill Mobong Creek Mobong Falls Mole Creek Moleton Moodys Creek Moodys Gully Moodys Hill Moombil Mount Moombil Moonmerri Plain Moonmerri Creek Moonpar Basin Moonpar Moonpar National Forest Moonpar State Forest Morning Star Creek Morora Creek Mountain Top Muck Creek Muddy Road Hill Muldiva Muldiva Creek Murphys Creek Myers Bluff Nana Creek Never Never Never Never River Never Never Creek Never Never Picnic Area Never Never State Fotest Newell Falls Newells Creek New England National Park North Arm Bellinger River North Bellingen North Creek North Dorrigo Public School Nymboida River Oakes Oakes State Forest Oakey Creek Oaky Creek Obeloe Creek Old Farm Creek Opossum Creek Orama Orama Public School Orange Tree Flat Oreocallis Creek Oreocallis Gully Paddys Plain Paddys Plains Pee One P 1 Pee Two P 2 Perkins Plain Piccaninny Flat Pilots Knob Pinch Creek Pine Creek Pine Gully Pipinpingah Creek Plain Creek St Johns Creek Powers Creek Promised Land Promised Land Creek Raymond Creek Raymonds Creek Raymonds Gully Red Cedar Flora Reserve Red Hill Red Hill Creek Red White and Blue Creek Reids Creek Richardsons Creek Rob Roy Falls Rocky Creek Rocky Crossing Rocky Gully Rocky Peak Mount Roogatargah Roses Creek Rosewood Creek Rosewood River Rotary Lookout Sackmans Gully Saddle Creek The Saddle St Clouds Creek St George Creek St George Gully St Marys Creek St Patricks Creek St Peters Creek St Peters Gully Sandstone Creek Sandstone Gully Sandy Creek Sandys Creek Sassafras Creek Sawpit Creek Sawpit Gully Scotchman Scotchman Range Scotchman Peak Scotchman State Forest Scraggy Creek Seaview Seaview Hill Shea Sheas Nob Sheep Station Creek Sherrard Falls Shingle Bed Creek The Silent Pool Skinners Gully Skookum Gully Smiths Hill Snakes Creek Snakes Gully Solitary Creek South Arm Bellingen River South Bellingen Spion Kop Stanley Star Creek Stewart Stony Creek Stony Gully Sturt Suicide Summervilles Creek Sunday Creek Sunny Corner Sunny Corner Creek Surveyors Creek Sweet Water Creek Syndicate Ridge Tallawudjah Tallawudjah Creek Tallongal Creek Tallowwood Mountain Tallowwood Point Tallowwood Ridge Tank Creek Tarkeeth Public School Taylors Gully The Basin The Black Scrub The Eight Mile The Eleven Mile The Glade The Harness Cask Thora Tibs Tree Reserve Timber Top Timboon Timmsvale Timmsvale Public School Tin Hut Tin Pot Creek Tombstone Flat Tommys Plain Towallum Towallum Creek Towallum River Tree Fern Vale Tristania Falls Try Again Falls Tucker S Knob Tucker S Knob State Forest Tuckers Nob Tucker's Nob Tuckers Nob State Forest Tucker's Nob State Forest Tulipwood Flora Reserve Turnback Creek Tuting Tyringham Ucombe Ulong Creek Ulong Public School Undumbarra Creek Upper Bobo Upper Spring Creek Upper Thora Uralba Creek Uralba Gully Urumbilum River Valery Vautin Village of Bowra Walmsleys Lookout Walters Creek Wash House Creek Watercress Creek Water Gum Creek Winch Flat Wattle Hill Wayper Creek Weekes Weekes Cemetery Welcome Creek Welcome Gully Wells Creek Whisky Creek Whites Creek Wild Cattle Creek Wild Cattle Creek State Forest Wills Creek Wind Wind Creek Wiriri Wiriri Creek Wiriri East Mount Wondurrigah Wongawanga Wonga Wanga Flora Reserve Woods Camp Woods Creek Woutis Bluff Yapo Creek Yarrum Creek Dibbs Head Diehappy Creek Diehappy State Forest Dillons Creek Dingle Dingle Gully Dingo Creek Yellowbank Creek Youngers Creek Dobbs Creek Dog Leg Creek Dome Mountain Dorrigo Cemetery Dorrigo Escarpment Dorrigo High School Dorrigo Mountain Dorrigo National Park Dorrigo Plateau Dorrigo Post Office Dorrigo Public School Dorrigo Railway Station Dorrigo Showground Double Creek Downfall Creek Dudley Dingle Creek Dorrigo North Public School Dorrigo State Park Burdett Park Creek Burgess Creek Burns Creek Burns Gully Burrell Creek Bushmans Range Annie Sawtell Cascades Black Bull Flora Reserve Chapmans Plain Flora Reserve Dorrigo White Gum Flora Reserve Edwards Plain Flora Reserve Fig Tree Reserve Mobong Creek Flora Reserve Moses Rock Flora Reserve Muldiva Nature Reserve Norman Jolly Flora Reserve Tarkeeth State Forest Teak Tree Flora Reserve Twelve Sixty Flora Reserve Samuel Joyce Reserve Upper Orara Raleigh Bielsdown Hills Wedgetail Creek Abercorn Creek Lovell Gully Bellinger River National Park George Edmunds Reserve Guubuny Mountain Tallonagal Creek Timbertop Bobo Creek Tringham Big Island Brooklana Station Dorrigo North Leigh Station Tuckers Nobs Sparebrook North Coast Statistical Division Darwood