Topographic / Ordnance Survey Map

GA 9540

GA 9540 - Lismore

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This Topographic Map is produced by Geoscience Australia; Australia's national geospatial organisation.
GA topographic maps (many of which are produced in partnership with the Army) are generally older than those maps produced by the State Governments over the same area. This makes GA maps particularly useful for identifying historic features, such as old mines and diggings.
Geoscience Australia maps generally considered to be more pleasing in design and compilation then the more modern State Government productions.

At this scale, 1cm on this map represents 1km on the ground. A standard map (which is square) covers an area of approximately 54km by 54km, with a contour interval of 20m. This map contains natural and constructed features including road and rail infrastructure, vegetation, hydrography, contours, localities and some administrative boundaries.

Please note the date of the map, as this will impact the currency of information, particularly regarding infrastructure, roads, etc.

Locations within this Map

Horses Head Rinadeena Centurion Park Wybalena Waverley Park Coral Grove Outlook Park Terra Werra Granney Estate Hillview Carobil Stud Warrzambar Hidden Valley Huonbrook Park Overlook Billaroy Fairview Twin Pines Gungaroo Mill Hill North The Mill Caroora Park The Cedars The Range Dhl-Cin Nimbin Ranch Glenbrook Nemarotu Longfield Wallaroo Maryland Oakleigh Hilcreston Water Park Arcadia Montecollum Pulpit Hill Headingley Addervale Oldtoby Brookside Laurelvale Glenanaar Pindari Kiah Ixtlan Avondale Hy Golden Rose Mia Ruo Brooklands Daydawn Heather Brae Reeveer Park Jarra Dale Dungannon Bonnie Brae Clearview Diamond Springs Emerson Fairbrooke Reyesborough Braeside Mundalong Henriada Boorabee Narellan Lavenaro Figtree Orana Ransome Silver Lining Mt St Lenard Plain Oaks Shreydon The Haven Brook Park Clarendon Hillcrest Apsley Glenava Podargus Edenvale Boveedy The Rocks Glencoe Bonagilyes Willowdale Greenslopes Loveldale Linga Longa Zalmonah Holmlacy Jacklom Brindabella Sanjose Aroyle Bronte Pindari Accountability Hillbank Riverview Belvue Park Sunnyside Wongarra Tallawarra Coonong Sunlight Hilltop Fairbrae Oakside Jindabyne Hillside Milla-Milla Tennessee Oakdale The Pines The Harbourage Kainack Kelso Spurfield Yian The Ponderosa Brairfield Springfield Springvalley Dunraven The Ranch Disputed Plain Bungabee Boorie Lone Pine Tyrone Park Annandale Weeroona Tarkinji Elim Brae Ulladulla One Tree Farm Alma Park Lorelei Orange Glen Valley End Maidavale Green Loaning Norwood Summerdowns San Remo Palm Park Arvak Dunster Park Cloverdale Spring Grove Compton Dunbar Fermanangh Sunny Valley City View Rosemark Buncrana Sharrow Hilltop Nursery Rishworth The Roaring Forties Bundilla Lisbali Norm-Ko The Big Valley Summerland Valley Waratah Riverslea Clovass Bon Vista Rosemount Ellerdale Hillandale Roseneath Tomki Station Belvedere Seaview Fairlea Ballamona Emile Place Hainault Lilacbank Robleigh Auburn Vale Maxwell Hill Meadowhead Leydenville Estaville Rangelea Caseys Flat Tucki Valley Willow Park Eulabil Gateside Inverness Avonleigh Riverleigh River Kountry Allambee Bella Vista Songspur Bellvue Allanby Allambi Seven Oaks Broadmeadows Eaglehawk Munumi Casino Clunes Alstonville Coraki Dunoon Kyogle Lismore Modanville Mullumbimby Nimbin Wardell Wollongbar Wooroowoolgan Richmond Hill Bexhill Alstonville Cemetery Alstonville Post Office Alstonville Public School Alstonville Showground Alphadale Cemetery Andersons Creek Andersons Gully Alcorn Memorial Park Albert Park Public School Apex Park Amphletts Lagoon Albert Park Back Creek Backmede Back Pearces Creek Bagotville Bagotville Barrage The Bagotville Barrage Bald Hill Baraimal Railway Station Barkers Vale Barkers Vale Public School Barlings Creek The Barrage Bat Cave Creek Bats Cave Beatties Creek Beech Creek Bennys Creek Bentley Bentley Railway Station Berrima Swamp Bewers Hill Bexhill Park Bexhill Public School Bexhill Railway Station Big Beech Creek Big Creek Big Scrub Flora Reserve Mount Billen Billen Billen Creek Mount Billet The Billet Billet Billet Creek Billygoat Mountain Billygoat Point Billys Creek Billys Gully Blue Nob Blue Knob Range Blue Knob Blakes Creek Blakebrook Public School Blakebrook Blakebrook Creek Blair Park Blackwall Range Black Pearces Creek Black Gully Bishops Creek Binna Burra Railway Station Bingal Bingal Creek Boggy Creek Booeria Creek Booerie Booerie Creek Booerie Hill Boogarem Falls Boomera Falls Boomerang Creek Boomerang Falls Boorabee Creek Mount Boorabee Boorabee Park Boorabee Park Public School Booyong Booyong Cemetery Booyong Railway Station Booyong Recreation Reserve Boundary Creek Boundary Gully Bowen Gully Branch Creek Branch of Booerie Creek Branch of Deep Creek Broadwater Public School The Broadwater Browns Creek Bruggys Hill Brunswick Valley Heritage Park Buckombil Mountain Cabbage Tree Creek Cabbage Tree Island Cabbage Tree Island Public School Calico Creek Casino Airport Casino Cemetery Casino High School Casino Lawn Cemetery Casino Public School Casino Railway Station Casino Rifle Range Caniaba Caniaba Public School Cannon Point Cathedral Rock Cawongla Public School Cedar Island Cedar Point Chelmsford Chilcotts Creek Chilcotts Grass Chinamans Wharf Chinbible Creek Mount Chincogan Chincogan Mountains Clovass Public School Clunes Cemetery Clunes Public School Coal Gully Codrington Codrington Public School Coffee Camp Coffee Camp Public School College Street Public School Colley Park Condong Falls Coolaness Coopers Creek Coorabell Creek Coorabell Public School Coraki Cemetery Coraki Glebe Coraki Junction Coraki Post Office Coraki Public School Corndale Corndale Public School Coronation Park Cowlong Crawford Square Cudgerie Gully Dans Creek Davis Scrub Nature Reserve Dungarubba Dungarubba Creek Dunoon Cemetery Dunoon Public School Durhams Lookout Durrumbul Durrumbul Public School East Casino East Gundurimba East Wardell Edwards Park Eleven Mile Creek Ellangowan Eltham Eltham Public School Eltham Railway Station Eureka Fairy Hill Railway Station Fairy Mount Fairy Mount Creek Fawcetts Creek Federal Fernside Fernside Railway Station Frenchs Creek Georgica Georgica Creek Gibbergunyah Creek Goat Island Goolmangar Goolmangar Creek Goolmangar Public School Goonellabah Goonellabah Public School Goonengerry Goonengerry Public School Goonengerry State Forest Gracies Creek Green Forest Green Forest Drain Greenridge Greenridge Public School Griers Creek Gulley Weir Gum Creek Hanging Rock Hendersons Drain Hollingsworths Creek Homeleigh Homeleigh Mountain Horse Ridges Horseshoe Creek Horseshoe Lagoon Houghlahans Creek Howards Crossing Humbley Oval Huonbrook Irvington Jabour Weir Jacksons Swamp Jasper Jeffries Creek Jerrys Creek Jerusalem Mountain Jiggi Jiggi Creek Jiggi Public School Jones Park Jubilee Park Kadina High School Kangaroo Hill Keerrong Keerrong Public School Kellys Lookout Kennedys Swamp Cabbagetree Creek Casino Aerodrome Cedar Creek Cedar Point Railway Station Cemetery Creek The Chinamans Wharf Glunes General Cemetery Coal Creek Cudgerie Creek Deep Creek Devils Lookout Dunoon General Cemetery Durrabee Grass East Coraki Fairy Mountain The Flood Reserve The Glebe Goolmagar Goonellebah Goonellebah Public School Goonimbar State Forest Hallingsworth Creek Hanging Rock Creek High Peak Kelleys Lookout Kennedys Lagoon Kerrong Kerrong Public School Konorigan Konorigan Creek Konorigan Public School Konorigan Range Koonorigan Koonorigan Creek Koonorigan Range Koonyum Range Kyogle Apex Park Kyogle High School Kyogle Post Office Kyogle Public School Kyogle Railway Station Kyogle View Lagoon Creek Larnook Larnook Public School Laureldale Laureldale Railway Station Lavertys Gap Leechy Scrub Leeville Leeville Public School Leeville Railway Station Leycester Leycester Creek Leycester Public School Leycester Railway Station Lillian Rock Lillian Rock Public School Lindendale Lismore Airport Lismore Cemetery Lismore East Public School Lismore Heights Lismore Heights Public School Lismore High School Lismore Park Lismore Post Office Lismore Public School Lismore Railway Station Lismore Showground Lismore South Public School Lismore Technical College Little Back Creek Little Bennys Creek Little Dans Creek Little Pimlico Island Little Rock Creek Little Rocky Creek Loftville Creek Longanarra Lookout Long Lagoon Lumley Park Lynwood Mackellar Range Mcauliffe Park Mccrackan Park Mckees Hill Mckees Hill Public School Mckenzie Park Mcleans Ridge Mcleans Ridges Mcleans Ridges Public School Maguires Creek Manifold Manifold Public School Manyweathers Weir Maori Creek Marom Creek Marom Creek Falls Marom Creek Public School Marshalls Falls Matheson Mount Matheson Meerschaum Meerschaum Vale Meerschaum Vale Public School Melaleuca Park Meldrums Creek Memorial Park Micks Creek Minyon Minyon Falls Flora Reserve Miroma Missingham Modanville Public School Montecolumn Grass Mooibal Spur Mountain Top Muckleewee Mountain Mulgum Creek Mulgum Creek Falls Mullumbimby Cemetery Mullumbimby Creek Mullumbimby General Cemetery Mullumbimby Showground Nammoona Nammoona Railway Station Mount Nardi Nashua Nashua Public School Nashua Railway Station Naughtons Gap Naughtons Gap Railway Station Needle Rock Nesbitt Park Mount Neville Nightcap Bluff Nightcap National Park Nightcap Range Nimbin Central School Nimbin General Cemetery Nimbin Post Office Nimbin Rock Nimbin Rocks Nimbin Showground Norris Creek North Arm Richmond River North Casino North Casino Railway Station North Codrington Northern Rivers College of Advanced Education North Lismore North Lismore Railway Station Numulgi Numulgi Creek Numulgi Public School Oakey Creek Oaky Creek Old Bills Grass Old Casino Railway Station Paffs Hill Palmwood Palmwoods Parrots Nest Peach Mountain Pearces Corner Pearces Creek Pearces Creek Public School Peates Mountain Pelican Creek Pelican Flood Reserve Perrys Hill Petersons Quarry Pholis Gap Lookout Pimlico Pine Creek Pioneer Lookout Piora Creek Post Office Creek Protest Falls Protesters Falls Pyers Park Quarry Queen Elizabeth Park Rainbow Creek Rainbow Gully Randles Creek Ray Smith Memorial Lookout Razorback Lookout The Red Hill Red Mountain Red Ridge Red Ridge Public School Repentance Creek Repentance Creek Public School Richmond Richmond Park Richmond River High School Richmond River Park Riverview Park Robinsons Lookout Rocks Water Gully The Rocks Water Gully Rock Valley Rock Valley Public School Rocky Creek Rocky Creek Dam Rocky Gully Rocky Lake Rollies Grass Rosebank Public School Rose Hill Rosehill Creek Round Hill Rous Rous Cemetery Rous Mill Rous Public School Runnymede Ruthven Ruthven Public School Saltwater Creek Sams Creek Sams Gully Sandy Creek Savins Park Scrubby Creek Seelems Creek Shannon Brook Platform Shannon Brook Railway Station Sheens Falls Show Ground Singh Creek Singh Gully Skull Creek Snows Creek Snows Gully South Casino South Casino Railway Station South Casino Rifle Range South Codrington South Gundurimba South Lismore Sphinx Rock Spinaze Park Spinks Park Spring Creek Spring Gully Spring Hill Springvale Hill Steve Kings Plains Steve King Plains Stibbarbs Creek Stibbards Creek Stitz Park Stones Creek Stony Chute Stony Chute Public School Stony Creek Stony Island Summerland Reserve Sunnyside Park Swampy Creek Mount Tarrawyra Tatham Terania Bluff Terania Creek Terania Teven Creek Teven Public School The Big Fig Tree The Channon The Channon Public School Thimble Rock Three Mile Crossing Tombi Creek Tomki Tomki Creek Tomki Lagoons Tom Rummery Forest Tonki Lagoon Toolond Topsy Creek Towalbyn Towel Towel The Tower Tower Mountain Tower The Town of Gundurimba Tregeagle Tregeagle Public School Tuckean Broadwater Tuckean Island Tuckean Swamp Tucki Nature Reserve Tucki Tucki Cemetery Tucki Tucki Creek Tucki Tucki General Cemetery Tucki Tucki Nature Reserve Tucki Tucki Public School Tuckombil Tuckombil Hill Tuckurimba Tuckurimba Nature Reserve Tuckurimba Public School Tucki Tucki Bora Ground Tucki Tucki Bora Ring Tullera Tuncester Tuncester Public School Tuncester Railway Station Tunstall Tunstall Gap Tuntalble Creek Tuntalble Falls Tuntable Creek Tuntable Creek Public School Tuntable Falls Turkey Creek Upper Coopers Creek Upper Coopers Creek Public School Upper Horseshoe Creek Upper Horseshoe Creek Public School Uralba Victoria Park Victoria Park Nature Reserve Wadeville Walshs Creek Wanganui Wardell Cemetery Wardell Post Office Wardell Public School Wardell Public Wharf Wardell Wharf War Memorial Sportsground Waterfall Creek Webb Park Websters Creek Weigall Creek Weston Park Whian Creek Whian Whian Whian Whian East State Forest Whian Whian Public School Whian Whian State Forest Whites Lagoon Wiangaree Willunga Public School Wilson Park Wilson Park Public School Wilsons Creek Wilsons Creek Public School Wilsons Ridges Wilsons Ridges Cemetery Wilsons River Windsor Park Wollongbar Public School Wongavale Woodlawn Woodlawn College Railway Station Woodlawn Railway Station Woram Wyrallah Wyrallah Public School Wyrallah Road Public School Yak Yak Creek Yalgan Creek Yalgan Gully Yankee Creek Yankey Creek Yeagerton Yellow Creek Yeurabar Creek Yoga-Bera Creek Yoga-Bera Gully Yongurra Yorklea Yorklea Public School Youngman Creek Youngmans Creek Bullfrog Creek Bullfrog Gully Dirangah Rocks Dorroughby Dorroughby Field Studies Centre Dorroughby Grass Dreadnought Gully Duck Creek Dorroughby Public School Dreadnought Creek Dudgeon Mountain Bungabbee Bungabbee Railway Station Bungabbee State Forest Burgoo Creek Burnett Park Mount Burrell Byrangery Creek Alstonville High School Boogarem Falls Flora Reserve Boomerang Falls Flora Reserve Phelan Reserve Boorabee State Forest Little Pimlico Island Nature Reserve Andrew Johnston Big Scrub Nature Reserve Monaltrie Snows Gully Nature Reserve Boatharbour Nature Reserve Teales Lookout Balzer Park Scarrabelottis Lookout Wilson Nature Reserve Upper Wilsons Creek Minyon Falls Mount Boogarem Rosebank Cawongla Coolgardie Gundurimba Teven Tucki Tucki Boomoodeerie Gibbergunyah Range Binna Burra Doughboy Mountain Mckinnon Park East Lismore Lagoon Grass Boat Harbour Girards Hill Howards Grass Loftville Nightcap Alstonvale Dalwood Pimlico Island Shannon Brook Mount Jerusalem National Park Johnston Creek Rossmore Park Thomas Creek Lismore Lake Fawcetts Plain Possum Creek Summers Park Dodd Emerald Creek Namoona Jerusalem Bungabbee Nature Reserve Muckleewee Mountain Nature Reserve Hollingworth Creek The Stops The Ramp The Riviera Heritage Park Pritchard Park Mullumbimby War Memorial Park Elsmer Jones Park Clavan Park Gundurimba Creek Gibson Creek The Crossing Place Lofts Pinnacle Commissioners Creek Marshalls Creek Doon Doon Durrumbull The Pocket Mooyabil Ascot Minynon Falls Big Rocky Creek Minynon Tuntubble Creek Kiaora Keerong Carawatha Burradale Baraimal Skinners Creek The Corals Modonville Backnede Goolmagar Creek Fairy Hill Fernleigh Leicester Creek Woodlawn Quarry Tyumba Disputed Plains Lismore Municipality McLeans Ridges Macleans Ridges McLeans Ridge Houlaghans Creek Upper Springrove Springrove Old Casino Casino Municipality Emigrant Creek Horse Shoe Lagoon McKees Hill Green Ridge Boomooderie Maron Creek Black Wall Range Tucki Tucki Creek South Riordan Shoal