Topographic / Ordnance Survey Map

GA SD52-14

Cambridge Gulf
GA SD52-14 - Cambridge Gulf

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This Topographic Map is produced by Geoscience Australia; Australia's national geospatial organisation.
GA topographic maps (many of which are produced in partnership with the Army) are generally older than those maps produced by the State Governments over the same area. This makes GA maps particularly useful for identifying historic features, such as old mines and diggings.
Geoscience Australia maps generally considered to be more pleasing in design and compilation then the more modern State Government productions.

At this scale, 1cm on this map represents 2.5km on the ground (4cm = 10km). A standard map will cover 150km from east to west and 110km from north to south, with a contour interval of 50m. This map contains natural and constructed features including road and rail infrastructure, vegetation, hydrography, contours, localities and some administrative boundaries.

Please note the date of the map, as this will impact the currency of information, particularly regarding infrastructure, roads, etc.

Locations within this Map

Kununurra Wyndham Oombulgurri 16 Mile Billabong 20 Mile Pool 3 Mile Creek 3 Mile Valley 3 Ways Bore 4 Mile Creek 5 Mile Creek 6 Mile Creek 7 Mile Creek 8 Mile Billabong 8 Mile Bore 8 Mile Creek 8 Mile Mill 8 Mile Well 8 Mile Yard 9 Mile 9 Mile Creek Abercorne Creek Abney Hill Adolphus Island Afghan Cemetery Agnew Point Alice Hill Alligator Hole Alligator Rock Alligator Spring Almarar Pool Andys Chasm Angillula Springs Anthon Landing Argnal Creek Arungana Creek Australind Bank Bald Hill Bambra Creek Bandicoot Bar Bandicoot Beach Bandicoot Point Bandicoot Range Barnes Island Battery Creek Battye Spring Beck Rocks Bedford Stock Route Bell Spring Bell Springs Community Bend of the Ord Bore Bessie Wiley Memorial Reserve Betta Creek Big Hole Bigungbull Waterhole Bindoola Creek Biyoogoong Plain Black Cliff Point Black Flag Bore Black Rock Creek Blackrock Bluebush Dam Bluey O'Malleys Crossing Bluff Head Bore Spring Brackish Lagoon Bremla Creek Browns Bore Buffalo Tank Bull Hole Bore Bull Spring Bulla Nulla Creek Bundaberg Downs Bundanuma Springs Bungledoon Park Burgoyne Spring Burt Range Burvill Point Butchers Camp Buttons Crossing Buttons Gap Calf Spring Calf Spring Bore Cambridge Gulf Camel Rock Camera Pool Canal Creek Card Creek Carlton Hill Carlton Hill Station Aerodrome Carlton Plain Carlton Reach Bore Cave Spring Cave Spring Gap Cave Spring Range Cheese Tin Creek Cawston Bay Cedar Hill Celebrity Tree Park Chamberlain River Channel Rock Chimooli Dam Cleanskin Bore Cleanskin Creek Cockatoo Creek Cockatoo Pool Cockatoo Spring Cockburn Creek Cockburn Range Coghlan Hill Coghlans Landing Collins Creek Tank Coolibah Beach Cranswick Falls Crater Valley Cumbarumba Community Cumbungi Inlet Daymeri Creek Dead Horse Creek Deception Range Diggers Rest Dillon Spring Dillong Springs Community Dilyan Spring Djadjamerri Pool Djanda Creek Djawari Pool Djila Crossing Djila Pool Djinina Pool Djoni Creek Dowala Pool Drayson Peak Drovers Rest Duckhole Dam Dulmulingur Spring Dumas Lookout Dundas Point Dunham River Durack Bank Durack Bore Durack Crossing Durack River Duracks Folly East Arm East Bastion East Patch Echo Point Eclipse Yard Eddy Point Egan Spring Elephant Hill Elephant Rock Emma Gorge Emu Creek Emu Hill Emu Spring Emu Springs Ernest River Erskine Junior Hill Erskine Range Everglades Excelsior Reach Fairfax Island Fall Hill False House Roof Hill False Mount Cockburn Five Rivers Lookout Flappers Hill Flat Top Hill Fly Spring Flying Fox Waterhole Fork Creek Forrest River Fossil Island Four Mile Community Freeman Reach Galileo Precipice Gandalberi Springs Gap Creek Gap Hill Gap Point Gardner Falls Gary Ridge Microwave Repeater Station Gilameri Pool Gladys Spring Golden Gate Checkpoint Goodingull Spring Goolime Goolul Creek Goose Hill Goose Hill Creek Gooseneck Billabong Grant Creek Grant Creek Bore Grant Creek North Green Island Grotto Creek Guda Guda Community Gudgudmeri Pool Guerinoni Bank Gulgagalganey Community Gum Creek Gumbula Creek Hamilton Inlet Hardman Point Hare Channel Hargreaves Hills Hay Point Helby Island Hidden Valley Hog Back Hill Home Valley Homestead Creek House Roof Crossing House Roof Hill Ina Island Ingana Creek Ivanhoe Ivanhoe Crossing Ivanhoe Plain Jabiru Passage Jane Hill Jeremiah Hills Jogalong Billabong Jogalong Flat John File Park Joorook Ngarni Community Keep River Keep River Plain Kellys Knob Kent Island King King River King River Crossing Kingston Rest Kona Inlet Kona Point Koolawerii Creek Kununurra Aerodrome Kununurra Baptist Fellowship Kununurra Checkpoint Kununurra District High School Kununurra District Hospital Kununurra Diversion Dam Kununurra Microwave Repeater Station Kununurra Pre-School Laffan Point Lake Kununurra Lake Kununurra Golf Club Landslip Point Langfield Point Laramun Creek Leading Hills Leake Hills Leichardt Spring Lena Hill Lillilnariga Lily Creek Lily Creek Lagoon Limestone Mill Limpet Hill Little Lily Creek Long Michael Plain Lookout Spring Outstation Loombanariga Creek Lump Hill Lyne Point Maggie Creek Main Channel Malcolm Creek Mangrove Bay Mangrove Point Mantinea Bore Mantinea Creek Mantinea Flat Mantinea Yard Marlgu Billabong Marndoc Martin Bluff Martin Springs Martins Beach Martins Marsh Matheson Ridge Maudoobar Spring Maxwell Creek Maxwell Plains Maxwell Plains Yard Mazzarol Creek Mcquie Park Mcquie Point Melon Creek Melon Spring Mendena Creek Mermaid Point Mickey Hole Milligan Lagoon Milligan Ranges Minjano Pool Minjarrah Pool Mirima Spring Mirima Village Community Mistake Creek Molly Spring Molly Spring Creek Molly Spring Creek Yard Monkeytown Moochalabra Creek Moochalabra Dam Moongoong Darwung Community Moongun Spring Mound Hill Mount Albany Mount Archdeacon Mount Cecil Mount Cockburn North Mount Cockburn South Mount Connection Mount Cyril Mount Dixon Mount Edith Mount Fraser Mount Harrison Mount Jane Mount Mongona Mount Rob Mount Septimus Mount Tooker Mount Wilshere Mount Zimmermann Mud Spring Muliarkar Community Mulindjara Creek Mullet Point Mundianna Crossing Mungalu Pool Munganji Myrmidon Bank Naasra Creek Neil Butcher Gardens Nellie Bay Nemundul Pool Nendjean Ngildu Ngunda Creek Ngunulum Community Nicholls Point Nieldu Community Nimberline Creek Nimberline Valley Niminmungurr Spring Ningbing Ningbing Bore Ningbing Range Ningbingi Ningguwung Community No. 7 Bore Noble Memorial Cairn Nulbunmeri Creek Nulla Nulla Community Nyia Creek Nyia Spring Oakes Spring Old Dip Yard Old Station Billabong Old Station Creek Olivers Beach Onslow Hills Oologameri Pool Oombulgurri Community Oombulgurri Rem Com School Opik Hill Optic Hill Ord River Ord River Nature Reserve Orri Crossing Otway Island Packsaddle Creek Packsaddle Lagoon Packsaddle Plain Packsaddle Spring Palm Spring Palm Spring Microwave Repeater Station Palmer Creek Pandanus Beach Panjaneriga Panton Island Paperbark Point Parry Creek Parry Creek Farm Parry Lagoons Parry Lagoons Nature Reserve Patch Point Patrick River Patsy Creek Pender Point Pentecost Ford Pentecost Range Pentecost River Pile Point Pincombe Range Pioneer Cemetery Pivot Hill Point Spring Point Spring Nature Reserve Point Spring Yard Police Hole Pretlove Promontory Prince Island Prison Tree Pump Station Point Pumpkin Billabong Yard Pumpkin Lookout Creek Quoin Hill Radar Peaks Red Head Red Hill Red Rock Creek Redbank Creek Reedy Creek Rees Point Rigby Beach Rigby Point Ringers Marsh Roe Bank Rowena Downs Community Ruby Spring Rumundana Creek Russell Island Salmond River Sandy Beach Yard Sandy Creek Saville Island Scott Point Sellers Creek Sheba Hill Siggins Spring Six Mile Skull No. 1 Bore Slatey Creek Slaty Hole Soda Creek Sorby Hills Sphinx Rock Spit Point Spring Creek St Josephs School Station Creek Steep Head Steeple Peak Steere Hills Stevens Channel Stevenson Pool Still Bay Stockman Creek Stockmans Grave Stonewall Creek Stoney Creek Stony Point Sunday Middle Creek Surprise Creek Table Top Tanmurra Bore Tanmurra Creek Tanmurra Pool Telegraph Hole Terrace Hill Tessie Creek The Bastion Range The Diggers Rest The Gorge The Grotto The Gut The Knoll The Paps The Swimming Pool Three Mile Tier Range Tumulus Hill Turkey Island Ullala Creek Ullalbull Springs Umbali Undi Pool Ungaldji Ungoorari Creek Urinarr Creek Valentine Creek Valentine Creek Repeater Station Valentine Rock Hole Vans Rock View Hill View Hill Range Waddy Reach Waggon Bottle Tree Bore Waggon Creek Walimbulimba Creek Walmar Creek Warambur Creek Waringarri Community Warraya Community Warringali Creek Warringillber Creek Warrworrum Community Weaber Plain Weaber Range/Jemandi Winingim Weaner Creek Webster Bluff Wedge Hills West Arm West Bastion Wijilawarrim Community Wild Goose Creek Wild Goose Lagoon Wilson Creek Wongalong Gra Woothoo-Woothoong Spring Wuggubun Community Wyndham Aerodrome Wyndham District High School Wyndham District Hospital Wyndham Golf Club Wyndham Microwave Repeater Station Yankee Spring Yard Creek Yarna Creek Yarrabar Creek Yarrar Creek Yearling Creek Yellow Waterhole Yellow Waterhole Creek Yiralallem Community Yorea Falls Yoygin Creek Snake Spring Ina Islet Islet Point Cherrie Cove Calf Springs Clean Skin Creek Egans Springs Gladys Springs Mongona Leichhardt Springs Forrest River Mission Ngilde Ninbing Mosquito Hills Nipple Wild Fig Spring Four Mile Creek Border Springs Minjarrah Waterhole Minjarrah Native Well Milligan Range Weaber Range Andrews Hill Bastion Range Carlton Nulla Nulla The Cut Parry Lagoon Mount Erskine Eight Mile Creek Mirra Mulla Palm Springs Lake Argyle Mount Cockburn Calilea Precipice Muggs Lagoon Ord River Dam McQuie Point Denham River Erskine Hills Crossing Falls Eight Mile Waterhole Eight Mile Well Mount Robb Nigger Hill Mount Hensman New York Jump Ups Grimwood Creek Dillon Springs Cockatoo Springs Patsey Creek Micky Hole Cara Creek