Topographic / Ordnance Survey Map


Roper River
GA SD53 - Roper River

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This Topographic Map is produced by Geoscience Australia; Australia's national geospatial organisation.
GA topographic maps (many of which are produced in partnership with the Army) are generally older than those maps produced by the State Governments over the same area. This makes GA maps particularly useful for identifying historic features, such as old mines and diggings.
Geoscience Australia maps generally considered to be more pleasing in design and compilation then the more modern State Government productions.

At this scale, 1cm on this map represents 10km on the ground, covering an area of approximately 670km from east to west and 440km nort to south. The contour interval is 500m, with an additional contour at 200m. This map contains natural and constructed features including road and rail infrastructure, vegetation, hydrography, contours, localities and some administrative boundaries.

Please note the date of the map, as this will impact the currency of information, particularly regarding infrastructure, roads, etc.

Locations within this Map

Barunga Bamyili Alyangula Angurugu Galiwinku Gapuwiyak Jabiru Katherine Maningrida Mataranka Milingimbi Ngukurr Nhulunbuy Numbulwar Oenpelli Ramingining Umbakumba Yirrkala Tindal Bulman Milyakburra Larrimah Bulman Aerodrome Bulman Landing Ground Delara Landing Ground Elcho Island Aerodrome Eva Valley Aerodrome Golongdjuri Cooinda Bringung Mamukala 1 Mamukala 2 Gupulul Djilpin Nourlangie Deaf Adder Goomadeer Katherine Gorge Woodah Island Gurundu Mainouru Yanungbi Palpul Waterhole Marok Creek Mount Solitary Abalawidji Inlet Abarala Waterhole Abarungkwa Beach Abbott Island Abraham Billabong Accident Creek Ada Springs Adabarrinjamanja Pool Adamaji Beach Adamenimburru Beach Addison Channel Adthumaninbura Point Adumeninburra Point Ah Cup Waterhole Ajubukwajumanja Flat Akwalirrumanja Alagna Shoal Albunji Alcan Sports and Social Club Alexander Hill Alharrgan Alirrma Bay Alligator Billabong Alligator Bluff Alligator Creek Alligator Pass Alligator Waterhole Almarlangij Creek Alola Islet Alubuwa Point Alungalugi Hill Alura Hill Alyalyirra Island Alyangula Area School Alyangula Golf Club Alyangula Health Centre Alyangula Police Station Alyangula Pre School Alyangula Ridge Alyangula School and Community Library Alyilyakba Point Alyinga Island Alyingberrma Amagbirra Island Amagiladjura Point Amagula River Amakurrkwarra Beach Amalilpil Amalyikba River Amamarrity Island Amanburnunga Amariya Creek Amarrta Billabong Ambarrawarrku Amirraba Amiyelkuwa Creek Amos Point Amulka Hill Amungkarma Islands Amungkwalya Beach Amunngale Swamp Amuriyerra Point Amurranga Beach Analurru Beach Anamayirra Creek Anbali Creek Anbangbang Shelter Andalamandala Island Andanangki Andanangki Landing Ground Anderson Bore Anderson Creek Anderson Point Andungwa Creek Angakiya Creek Angamanja Island Anganja Beach Angarmbulumardja Island Angarumurada Island Anggardabal Billabong Anginjebina Point Angurrkburna Lake Angurrkwurrikba Lake Angurrngwa Creek Angurugu Creek Angurugu Health Centre Angurugu Pre School Angurugu School Angurugubira Lake Anguruki Creek Angurukurikba Beach Angus Spring Angwarikba Point Angwura Anindilyakwa Ankabadbirri Ankarrkarrkarrmi Annie Creek Applecore Creek Arafura Swamp Arawura Bay Arbul Spring Ardurrurru Creek Arida Island Ariyuwa Creek Arkdip Lagoon Arnarrama Creek Arnarrma Point Arndalk Arndani Swamp Arnengwurra Island Arnhem Bay Arnhem Land Arnhem Rock Arnhem Shoal Arnjiya Beach Arnold River Arrguluk Hill Arrumanja Creek Arruwa Island Aryillarlarg Billabong Aston Hill Ataluma Point Awedirrumanja Point Awumbunyji Awurriyarra Waterhole Ayangmarnda Island Ayarina Bay Ayendadumanja Beach Ayungkwiyungkwa Beach Baboalba Spring Ba-Bulamarra Creek Babungi Baby Hill Bacchus Hill Bacon Swamp Badalngarrmirri Creek Badawarrka Badjakkuwayi Creek Bagbiringula Point Baghetti Baiguridji River Baird Cliff Ba-Kurnungu-Djoernuyi Billabong Bald Hill Bald Point Baldarrngar Creek Balingeru Creek Balingura Landing Ground Balkanini Hill Balma Balma Airfield Ba-Marnah-Djarng Creek Bamdalmulk Bamyili Airstrip Banana Creek Banatjarl Banda Island Baniyala Baniyala Landing Ground Banjo Bore Banjo Waterhole Banunda Ridge Banyan Island Banyan Road Park Baralil Waterhole Baralminar River Barbara Cove Barclay Point Bardalumba Ba-Rdumrdun Waterhole Bargu Hill Baringura Inlet Barmguerikba Creek Barnamarrakkakanora Barney Springs Baroalba Airfield Baroalba Creek Barote Spring Barramundie Barramundie Creek Barramundie Gorge Barramundie Lagoon Barranyi National Park Barrapunta Barraratjpi Barraratjpi Landing Ground Barridjowkeng Barrkira Barrkira Landing Ground Barron Island Bartalumba Bay Barunga Barunga Health Centre Barunga School Baruwei Loop Walk Basalt Trap Base Bay Bat Island Bath Range Batten Creek Batten Creek Bore Batten Point Bawaka Bayagida Baygurrtji Baygurrtji Airfield Bayward Lagoon Beasley Pillar Beatrice Island Beattie Shoal Beavan Point Bella Glen Creek Bella Glen Yard Bells Mine Bellyungardy Spring Benda Bluff Bennet Bay Bennett Creek Berraja Berraja Creek Beswick Beswick Creek Beswick Health Centre Bickerton Island Bickerton Island Barge Landing Bickerton Island Health Centre Bickerton Island Landing Ground Biddlecombe Cascade Big Sunday Big Swamp Biku Billabong Dam Billabong Yard Billiatt Springs Binanangoi Point Binbalda Waterhole Bing Bong Bing Bong Airfield Bing Bong Channel Bing Bong Creek Bing Bong Landing Ground Bing Bong Loadout Facility Binjari Binjari Health Centre Binjdjil-Binjdjil Birany Birany Birany Birany Airfield Birdie Creek Birdum Birdum Creek Birdum Landing Ground Birdum Siding Birraduk Creek Birriba Birrimba Old Birrimba Waterhole Birritjimi Beach Biruk Bishops Bore Bitjpunhami Point Bitter Springs Black Angel Black Cap Black Islet Black Jack Black Jungle Range Black Jungle Spring Black Mountain Black Rock Landing Blackfellow Creek Blackwater Creek Bloodwood Downs Bloodwood Yard Bloomfield Springs Blue Lagoon Yard Blue Mud Bay Blue Water Blue Waterhole Bluff Hill Blyth River Bob Jump Dam Bobby Magee Bore Bodia Boggy Plain Bogoyangayung Waterhole Bokalla Creek Bold Range Bolkdjam Bombard Shoal Bonanza Creek Bone Creek Bonner Rocks Boojiragi Island Boomerah Lagoon Boomerang Hill Boomerang Lagoon Boomerang Waterhole Booramoola Lagoon Border Store Bore No 7 Borogomarra Bortunyu Bluff Boucaut Bay Boundary Bore Bowerbird Creek Boyces Creek Brady Rock Bremer Island Bremer Island Landing Ground Bremer Islets Bremer Rock Bridgland Island Bright Creek Brolga Waterhole Broomfield Creek Brown Islet Bruce Channel Bruru Waterhole Buchanan Bay Buckingham Bay Buckingham River Buffalo Creek Buffalo Farm Buffalo Hole Buffalo Hole Yard Bugarradji Waterhole Bukalorkmi Creek Bukardi Bukpukpoy Point Bukudal Bukudal Landing Ground Bularring Bulbul Waterhole Bull Creek Bull Paddock Yard Bull Yard Bullock Creek Bullock Waterhole Bullumba Waterhole Bulman Gorge Bulman Health Centre Bulman Police Station Bulman School Bulman Waterhole Bulman Weemol Buluhkaduru Bulwaddy Bore Bumbalngani Hill Bunburra Creek Bunburra Waterhole Bundatharri Bundatharri Landing Ground Bunhanura Buramudja District Burdulba Camping Area Burinbu Spring Burketown Crossing Burley Shoal Burlkinj Burney Island Burns Shoal Burriyangumurrumanja Creek Burrum Burrum Landing Ground Burrum-Naddam Lagoon Burungbirinung River Bustard Island Bustard Isles Butchers Hill Butjumurru Butterfly Gorge Walk Butterfly Springs Buymarr Buymarr Landing Ground Buyubuyula Waterhole Bye Hills Cabbage Tree Cove Cadell River Cadell Strait Cahills Crossing Cahills Landing Cairncurry Plain Caledon Bay Caledon Point Callanan Claypan Callistemon Park Cambana Waterhole Camp Beach Camp Beach Fishing Camp Campbells Ld Waterhole Campbells Waterhole Cannon Hill Cannyes Hill Canopy Rock Cape Arnhem Cape Barrow Cape Beatrice Cape Grey Cape Maria Cape Newbald Cape Pellew Cape Shield Cape Shield Landing Ground Cape Vanderlin Cape Wirawawoi Captian Cook Community Centre Carbeen Park Carmor Plain Carpentaria Mining Area Carrew Spring Carrington Channel Castle Hill Castle Rock Castlereagh Bay Casuarina Bay Casuarina Park Casuarina Street Pre School Casuarina Street Primary School Cato River Cattle Creek Cattle Creek Bore Cattle Creek Dam Cattle Creek South Bore Cave Creek Central Hill Centre Bore Centre Channel Centre Island Chambers Range Chambers River Chara Chara Hill Charalook Waterhole Charles Point Charley Bore Charley Creek Charlie Toms Yards Charlotte Range Chasm Island Chasm Shoal Cheon Creek Chesters Creek Childer Creek Chinaman Creek Chirracarwoo Lagoon Chowyung Waterhole Christies Corner Christmas Yard Creek Clarence Clarke Bay Clarke Bay Weather Station Clarkson Point Clarkson Point Fishing Camp Cliffy Point Clover Shoal Clyde Fenton Pre School Clyde Fenton Primary School Coast Mill Coast Range Cobabby Waterhole Cody Bank Coirwong Creek Coirwong Gorge Cole Spring Collara Gorge Collara Mountains Collins Creek Combes Point Comoye Yards Conder Point Condilli Creek Connexion Channel Connexion Island Constantine Reefs Conway Creek Conways Conways Landing Ground Coobanrbora Spring Cool Yal You Ma Island Coolabborie Brook Coolaboo Waterhole Coonjimba Billabong Cooper Creek Cooper Lagoon Copberie Brook Coppermine Creek Cora Point Cork Hole Yard Corndorl Waterhole Coronation Creek Coronation Hill Coronation Hill Mine Coronet Hill Cossack Costello Costello Creek Costello Range Cottee Creek County of Gladstone Couramoul Waterhole Cow Creek Cow Lagoon Bore Cox River Cox River Landing Ground Crab Hole Bore Crab Rocks Craggy Islands Craufurd Islet Crawford Creek Crawford Spring Crescent Lagoon Crest Of The Wave Mine Crocodile Creek Crocodile Island Crocodile Point Crocodile Yard Crown Hill Crown Rock Crystal Rapids CSIRO Experimental Farm CSIRO Farm CSIRO Kapalga Field Research Station CSIRO Research Station Cubbarnby Spring Culaly Plain Cumberlege Reef Cunningham Channel Cuthbertson Falls Cutta Cutta Cave Cutta Cutta Caves Nature Park Dadbidadbi Waterhole Daisy Islet Daken Harts Lagoon Dakota Park Dalara Airfield Dalcunda Plain Dalglese Creek Daliwuy Bay Dalumbu Bay Dalywoi Bay Damdam Danby Shoal Darbada Island Darbilla Creek Darby Creek Darinji Waterhole Darrangmurmanja Darwarunga River David Islet Davies Channel De Belle Point De Julia Park Deadmans Creek Deaf Adder Creek Deaf Adder Gorge Deception Bay Denten Point Derim Derim Creek Derrorroe Devil Devil Pass Dhalinybuy Dhalinybuy Landing Ground Dhambala Dhamiyaka Dhaniya Dharrni Dhipirrinjura Dhipirrnjura Landing Ground Dhudupu Dhulmulmiya Dhunganda Dhupuwamirri Dhupuwamirri Landing Ground Dhurputjpi Landing Ground Dhuruputjpi Diamond Creek Didygeegee Swamp Die Jumb Dam Die Jumb Peak Dil Jin Hill Dillinya Dillinya Waterhole Dingala Point Dingeri Creek Dinner Creek Dip Dirrangmurumanja Bay Disaster Reef Divide Creek Djabura Creek Djaburluku Camping Area Djakalabona Djalambawi Djalkurumburr Djanbirrkpuy Beach Djang.Ga-Djang Ga Djarbukundji Waterhole Djarrakpi Djarrinya Island Djawumbu Djendjjedmi Djigagila Creek Djimbi Creek Djinkarr Djirrbiyak Djowunda Spring Djunytjunur Point Djuwarr Dollar Yard Dolphin Rocks Don Browns Spring Donkey Camp Pool Donkey Camp Weir Donna Bore Donydji Donydji Landing Ground Dook Creek Dorothy Creek Double Hill Douglas Springs Downers Range Doyle Rock Doyles Ridge Landing Ground Driffield Creek Driffield Gold Field Drimmie Head Drimmie Head Landing Ground Drimmie Hill Drimmie Peninsula Drome Hill Drong Waterhole Drum Bore Dry River Dry River Stock Route Du Pre Bay Du Pre Point Dubuwamirri Creek Duck Ponds Dudley Island Dudley Shoal Dulcaruk Billabong Dulurru Waterhole Dundas Point Dunlop Swamp Durabudboi River Durra Island Durrinyan Creek Eagle Bay Eagle Bluff Eagle Rocks Earley Hill East Alligator River East Arnhem East Bay East Bremer Islet East Neck East Twin Tower East Woody Beach East Woody Creek East Woody Island Eastern Creek Easther Billabong Easther Wells Eberrumilya Island Edith Falls / Leliyn Edward Island Edwards Island Eight Mile Beach Eight Mile Yard Eighth Gorge Walk El Sharana Tin Mine Elcho Island Barge Landing Elsey Elsey Cemetery Elsey Creek Elsey National Park Elsherana Mining Camp Elsie Cliffs Emerald Creek Mine Emerald River Emerald River Landing Ground Emma Bore Emu Creek Emungalan Emungalun Endungwa Beach Enikarrnga Swamp Eningkirra Beach Eninyena Beach Enumerrmanja Point Enungkwamanja Point Enungwadena Crossing Eugene Betti Bridge Eureka Creek Eva Creek Eva Spring Eva Valley Evelyn Evelyn Creek Evelyn Ponds Everett Island Fairy Glen Fanny Creek Fantome Point Farrars Bore Farrers Crossing Fat Fellows Creek Fern Tree Park Festing Creek Fiddian Range Field Island Finch Island Finke Bay Fisher Airstrip Fisher Creek Fisher Head Fishers Ridge Fishless Billabong Five Ways Fizzer Creek Flagon Hole Fletcher Island Flicks Hole Flicks Waterhole Flinders Peninsula Flinders Point Flying Fox Flying Fox Creek Flying Fox Island Forlsche Rock Forrest Creek Forrest Hill Four Mile Hole Four Mile Hole Camping Area Fowler Island Frances Creek Frederick Hills Freezing Gorge Gabarlgu Gacrux Rock Gadabara District Gaden Springs Gadji Creek Gadjuduba Camping Area Galah Creek Galaru Galawarra Galawdjapin Galiligu Galingar Galiwinku Health Centre Galiwinku Police Station Galloping Jacks Galupa Gamardi Gamargawan Gamargawan Landing Ground Gambana Waterhole Gan Gan Gan Gan Landing Ground Ganami Gananggarngur Island Ganbalgawin Point Gangaru Lagoon Gangurimurru Beach Ganiyarrang Ganumbali Island Gapuru Gapuwiyak Health Centre Gapuwiyak Landing Ground Gapuwiyak Police Station Gapuwiyak Pre School Gapuwiyak School Garadandanboi Bay Garalja Island Garanhan Beach Garanydjirr Garrabu Garrata Landing Ground Garrirri Beach Garrirri Creek Garriyak Garrthalala Garrthalala Landing Ground Gatji Georges Channel Geranium Bay Gerowie Creek Gertrude Springs Gibb Bluff Giddy River Gikal Gilbert Island Giles Bore Giles Waterhole Gilirri Gimbat Gimbat Creek Glyde Inlet Glyde River Gnarl-Ah-Rogie Goat Point Gobalpa River Gochan Jiny-Jirra Gochin Jiny Jirra School Godijboi Point Golguk Hill Golkuk Waterhole Gonguruwuy Goodparla Goodparla Creek Goomadeer Landing Ground Goondi Landing Gooninnah Island Goose Lagoon Gorabi Cliffs Gorgon Creek Gorlogn-Djerrang Billabong Goromuru River Gorpulyul Gorrie Gorrong-Gorrong Gould Point Gove Airport Gove Country Golf Club Gove District Hospital Gove Harbour Gove Hockey Club Gove Peninsula Gove Squash Club Goyder River Grace Creek Granite Islands Grasshopper Creek Grasshopper Yard Grassmere Billabong Graveside Gorge Grays Bay Green Island Gregory Heights Grindall Bay Grindall Point Groote Eylandt Groote Eylandt Airport Groote Reef Guborlomborlom Landing Ground Gubumi Gudjekbin Gudjekbin Landing Ground Gudjerama Creek Gulabarnji Swamp Gulbuwangay River Gulch Reef Gulf of Carpentaria Guluddy Creek Gulung Mardrulk Gum Creek Gumardir River Gumarrirnbang Gumarrirnbang Landing Ground Gumuruguru Gumuruguru Landing Ground Gunbalanya Gunbalanya Health Centre Gunbalanya Lagoon Gunbalanya Pre School Gunbalanya School Gunbatgari District Gunberdel Gundi Creek Gu-Ngalarr-Ngalarr-Rokidj Gungurrul Gunlom Gunyana Bay Gunyangara Gunyipinya Creek Gupanga Guridja District Gurkawuy Gurkawuy Landing Ground Gurramadda Hill Gurrgurr Gurrgurr Landing Ground Gurrukpuy Beach Gurrumuru Gurrumuru Landing Ground Gurrwirluk Guruwukpuy Point Gutjangan Guwatjurumurru Crossing Guyuwiri Point Guyuyu Creek Gwakura Island Gwapilina Point Habgood River Hadar Rock Haddon Head Hagney Park Haig And Haig Half Tide Point Half Tide Rock Hamilton Lagoon Hand Islet Harbour Islet Hardy Gorge Hardy Island Harney Island Harriet Creek Harris Creek Hart River Harts Range Havelock Falls Hawk Dreaming Hawk Island Hawknest Island Hellier Point Helling Hill Helling Siding Hells Gate Hempel Bay Herbert Bluff Heriot Reef Hervey Rocks Higginson Islet High Black Range Hillier Creek Hobler Island Hodgson Downs Hodgson Downs Health Centre Hodgson River Hodgson River Landing Ground Hodgson River Station Holly Inlet Homestead Bore Horn Islet Hornet Hill Horse Creek Horse Creek Bore Horseshoe Creek Horseshoe Creek Siding Horseshoe Mine Horseshoe Tin Field Hospital Bore Howard Island Hundred of Douglas Hundred of Fasque Hundred of Flint Hundred of Glynne Hundred of Hawarden Hundred of Reynolds Hunters Camp Hutchinson Hill Hutchison Strait Hyde Channel Ilyaugwamaja Island Imimbar Creek Inamalamandja Point Inbarin Hills Inglis Island Ingram Valley Inner Bank Inverell Bay Investigator Bay Investigator Point Ironbark Creek Ironstone Billabong Ironstone Creek Ironstone Waterhole Irrigation Bore Irrikinmalal Island Billabong Isle Woodah J Bore Ja Ja Ja Ja Billabong Jaberu Hill Jabiluka Mine Jabiru Aerodrome Jabiru Area School Jabiru Court House Jabiru Fire Station Jabiru Golf Club Jabiru Health Centre Jabiru Police Station Jabiru Post Office Jabiru Pre School Jagged Head Jalboi River Jalma Bay Jamberline Waterhole Jamison Range Jandapa Hill Jarrahwingkoombarngy Swamp Jarramagorndarra Jasmine Park Jasper Creek Jasper Park Jatbula Trail Jawoyn Valley Walk Jean Point Jeayes Reef Jelak Jelang Waterhole Jensen Point Ji-Balbal Ji-Bena Jigaimara Point Jilkminggan Jilkminggan Community Health Centre Jilkminggan School Jim Jim Creek Jim Jim Falls Jim Jim Falls Camping Ground Jim Jim Waterhole Jim Muirs Creek Ji-Malawa Ji-Marda Ji-Marda Landing Ground Jimbu Creek Jimilaya Jimmy Islet Joan Spring Jodetluk Johnston Islet Jolly Islet Jomet Urpalarwn Jones Creek Jowar Jowmbu Hill Juanita Brook Jukes Park Jumpup Creek Junction Bore K Bore Kabulibilli Waterhole Kabulwarnamyo Kaduke Waterhole Kakadu Kakadu National Park Kakadu National Park Headquarters Kakadu Northern Entrance Station Kakodbabuldi Kalalanjunma Waterhole Kalarwoi River Kalayan Kalwangarra Reef Kambolgie Creek Kangaroo Island Kangaroo Valley Kaniyarrang Creek Kapalga Kapui Point Karr-Alada Brook Katherine Airfield Katherine Ambulance Station Katherine Cemetery Katherine Country Club Katherine Court House Katherine East Katherine Fire Station Katherine Gorge Nitmiluk National Park Katherine Gorge Ranger Station Katherine Government Centre Katherine High School Katherine Historical Museum Katherine Hospital Katherine Low Level Nature Park Katherine Police Station Katherine Post Office Katherine Railway Station Katherine School Of The Air Katherine South Katherine South Pre School Katherine South Primary School Keckwick Spring Kedge Point Kelly Channel Kempsey Creek Kempsey Spring Kewulyi Kikiyown Landing Ground Killuppa Spring King Ash Bay King Creek Kingkirrakalkuma Waterhole Kintore Cave Kintore Caves Conservation Reserve Kintore Caves Nature Park Kintore Street Pre School Kintore Street School Kirkby Shoal Knight Lagoons Knotts Crossing Knuckey Bluff Knuckey Creek Kolorbidahdah Komborrngo Swamp Kondula Springs Kookaburra Creek Koolatong River Koolpin Creek Koolpin Gorge Koongarra Mine Korara Point Kowai Lagoon Krabakuk Creek Kub-O-Wer Hill Kudarquin Waterholes Kulampirri Creek Kularruty Creek Kumdidgee Kumurrulu Kunburra Bluff Kungarrewarl Kunkamoula Billabong Kurala River Kurriyalatatkawulu Waterhole Kurrundie Creek Kurrurldul Kurunga Waterhole Kuwarlicarlk Kyalla Waterholes L D Creek L D Yard Labu Islet Labyrinthian Shoals Lagoon Creek Lake Allen Lake Armada Lake Duggon Lake Eames Lake Ellen Lake Evella Lake Evella Aerodrome Lake Evella Barge Landing Lake Hickey Lake Katherine Lake Malkyullumbo Lake Mary Lake Peterjohn Laladula Point Lamparrinya Reef Landers Billabong Lane Island Laneway Bore Langarra Langkalangka Swamp Lansdowne Large Larrican Waterhole Larrembijanga Island Larrimah Museum Larrizona Larrpayanji Latram River Laurie Creek Law Island Laycock Hill Leach Lagoon Leguldu Waterholes Leichhardt Billabong Leichhardts Roper Bar Leight Creek Lela Creek Lewrrumbumanja Cliff Libarandala Lignum Swamp Likuwa Inlet Lily Ponds Walk Lily Waterhole Limestone Creek Limiyimiyila Beach Limmen Limmen Bight Limmen Bight Fishing Camp Limmen Bight Landing Ground Limmen Bight River Limmen Gate Linangkarr Rocks Lindsay Bay Lindsay Creek Lindsay Spring Linmanji Spring Lions Park Little Fletcher Creek Little Island Little Lagoon Little Mary River Little Red Lily Lagoon Little Rosie Creek Little Vanderlin Island Littles Bluff Liverpool River Liwayidbulungu Point Liwirriyila Sandbank Lomarieum Lagoon Lombuy Creek Lone Rock Lonesome Dove Long Billabong Long Point Long Reef Longbottom Creek Longreach Yards Loosli Shoal Love Creek Low Hill Low Island Low Rock Lower Roper Lowrie Channel Lubra Springs Lucky Bore Ludtanba River Lugadamanja Point Lukmorem Lunarracomp Waterhole Lungumira Lurella Spring Lurrupukurru Beach Lyangbudumanja Point Lyu Knob Macassar Bay Macdrill Bluff MacFarlane Primary School Mackinnon Point Magaranyi River Magela Magela Creek Magela Plain Maggies Bluff Mahogany Bore Mahogany Creek Mai Mik Mik Waterhole Maidjunga River Mailman Waterhole Mainatalla Waterhole Mainoru Mainoru Homestead Mainoru River Maiormongwi Waterhole Mais Bluff Mais Creek Maiwok Creek Maiwok Waterhole Maiyayigur Point Makbumanja Point Makmuntja Makuk Malabanbandju Camping Area Malagayangu District Malga Point Malgala Creek Malgaryungu Lagoon Malgawa Malgawa Landing Ground Malinymirri Beach Malkala Malkayubirra Beach Malkiyangwa Beach Mallison Island Malnjangarnak Landing Ground Maluka Park Mamadawerre Mamalingmanja Point Mamarmbawiya Point Mamarringarrimanja Swamp Mamawurumanja Bay Mampumampu Waterhole Mamungwajingumanja Beach Mamungwajingumanja Jungle Mamurdi Manaburdurma Manangoora Fishing Camp Manbulloo Manbulloo Airfield Mandedjkadjang Mandilbarreng Mandjawuril Mangardiyah Swamp Mangardubu Manggabor Creek Manggarna Island Mangkardanyiranga Creek Mangkurdurrungku Creek Mangrove Bluff Maningrida Aerodrome Maningrida Barge Landing Maningrida Community Health Centre Maningrida Police Station Maningrida Pre School Maningrida School Mankorlod Mankorlod Landing Ground Mankranyana Waterhole Mankurtoity Creek Manmoyi Manmoyi Landing Ground Mann River Mantungula Creek Manukalungku Creek Manyallaluk School Maolimudja Creek Maori Creek Mapurru Maragulidban District Marajella Bay Maranboy Maranboy Creek Maranboy Gold Field Maranboy Hill Maranboy Police Station Maranboy Siding Maranboy Springs Maranboy Tin Field Marangala Bay Marangala Point Mardanaingura Island Margaret Basin Margaret Downs Maria Island Maria Lagoon Marjirrumanja Beach Mark Dam Marlurruba District Marlurruba Hills Marlwon Marlwon Landing Ground Marngarr Health Centre Marngkala Beach Marngkala Creek Marraya Marrinan Island Marrkalawa Marrkolidjban Marrkolidjban Landing Ground Marrkul Creek Marsden Shoal Marura River Mary River Mary River Junction Mine Maryfield Maryfield Creek Mason Bluff Mason Gorge Creek Mata Mata Mata Mata Landing Ground Mataranka Community Library Mataranka Health Centre Mataranka Homestead Mataranka Hot Springs Mataranka Hot Springs Nature Reserve Mataranka Police Station Mataranka School Mataranka Town Camp Matjaganur Point Matta Murta River Maud Creek Maud Creek Mining Area Maude Creek Mawulyumanja Maxwell Point Mayamarleprard Waterhole Mayhew Creek Mayoa Waterhole Mc Addens Creek Mc Carthy Hill Mc Carthys Mc Donald Lagoon Mc Donald Yard Mc Dougall Bluff Mcarthur River McCaw Creek Mccomb Point Mcculloch Range Mckay Hills McMannis No 2 Bore McMinn's Bar McNamara Island Mcpherson Creek Meikleham Reef Mekubarrkumanja Point Melville Bay Menimberrkwe Cliff Mering Mering Waterhole Meringa Island Merl Camping Area Merrin Merrin Bore Merrin Merrin Waterhole Merruwumanja Point Mesley Point Mewirnbi Miali Brumby Mickey Creek Mickey Creek Bore Middle Bay Middle Creek Middle Point Middle Shoal Middle Waterhole Midnight Point Midway Bore Mikginj Valley Miles Island Milibundurra Island Milibunthurra Milingimbi Airfield Milingimbi Barge Landing Milingimbi Community Education Centre Milingimbi Community Library Milingimbi Health Centre Milingimbi Inlet Milingimbi Island Milingimbi Pre School Millarong Milmilngkan Milner Bay Milyakburra Health Centre Milyakburra School Milyangkwudakba Point Milyema Island Milyubilyumanja Cliffs Mimosa Park Mindi Brook Minglo Minidji Creek Minimere Lagoon Minintirri Island Minngarra Waterhole Minnie Creek Minyabadenumanja Creek Minyara Creek Minyerri Minyerri Aerodrome Minyerri Health Centre Minyerri Police Station Minyerri School Minyindumanja Creek Mirarrimina Creek Mirgabangwa Cliffs Miriam Springs Mirrburrumanja Point Mirrnatja Mission Gorge Mitchell Ranges Mithiwuy Point Miwal Billabong Miwul Miyangkala Creek Miyindumanja Creek Mobarn Moemoedoerroe Swamp Mole Hill Molehill Dam Moles Hill Moline Moline Dam Moline Golf Course Momob Momob Landing Ground Mooloowa Moorak Waterhole Morang Bore Moray Hill Moresby Rock Morgan Island Moroak Moroak Landing Ground Morok Creek Morris Mine Motor Car Creek Motts Creek Mount Alexander Mount Alice Mount Ann Mount Bagster Mount Basedow Mount Beckwith Mount Birch Mount Blackwater Mount Bonner Mount Borradaile Mount Boxall Mount Bray Mount Bridges Mount Brockman Mount Cahill Mount Caledon Mount Callanan Mount Caroline Mount Catt Mount Catt Landing Ground Mount Chapman Mount Charles Mount Chrisp Mount Colton Mount Cook Mount Cooper Mount Dalgleish Mount Daniel Mount Daniels Mount David Mount Davidson Mount Davis Mount Day Mount Delight Mount Diamond Mine Mount Dundas Mount Ebsworth Mount Eclipse Mount Eleanor Mount Eliza Mount Elsie Mount Emily Mount Evelyn Mount Favenc Mount Fawcett Mount Felix Mount Fisher Mount Fleming Mount Forrest Mount Furner Mount Gardiner Mount Gilruth Mount Gordon Mount Grindall Mount Harold Mount Harriet Mount Harvey Mount Helpman Mount Hill Mount Hooper Mount Howship Mount Hughes Mount Ingram Mount Irvine Mount James Mount Jean Mount John Mount Joynt Mount Karmain Mount Kelly Mount Kharrk Mount Lambell Mount Landon Mount Langdon Mount Leane Mount Lindsay Mount Marumba Mount Mcminn Mount Moore Mount Mott Mount Mueller Mount Page Mount Parson Mount Partridge Mount Patterson Mount Phillp Mount Poiziers Mount Price Mount Ramsay Mount Rankine Mount Read Mount Rigg Mount Roper Mount Ross Mount Saunders Mount Scott Mount Shepherd Mount Sir James Mount St George Mount St Vidgeon Mount Stow Mount Stow Mine Mount Stretton Mount Suntu Mount Thomas Mount Throsby Mount Todd Mount Todd Battery Mount Valentine Mount Vizard Mount Warren Mount Warrington Mount Waters Mount Weir Mount Young Mountain Creek Mountain Valley Mountain Valley Landing Ground Mountain View Mine Mt Ann Creek Muckaninnie Plain Mud Bay Mud Cod Bay Muddy Gully Mudginberri Mudhamul Muggs Island Muggs Mistake Mu-Gurta Mugwana Island Mule Creek Mulggan Mulgurram Mulpinji Creek Mululu District Mumbo Mumbo Creek Mumeka Mumeka Landing Ground Mumpumampu Mumukala Mundamurok Waterhole Mundarringumanja Beach Mundarrungmundja Mundogie Mundogie Hill Mungajirri Yaalput Waterhole Mungalu Billabongs Mungarnnillada Brook Mungena Waterhole Mungurjirra Beach Mungwarndumanja Island Muningburra Point Muninjirr Creek Munmarlary Munorwaringa Hill Muntak Creek Munumbalwuy Swamp Munyi Bluff Muraleum Creek Muralidbar Creek Muriella Park Murrabibbi Springs Murrukwalya Island Murrukwulya Creek Murunda Islet Murwangi Landing Ground Murwangi Plains Myaoola Bay Myaranjie Spring Myra Falls Nabarlek Nabbarla Kunindabba Nagi Hill Naliyindi Nalwarung Strait Namaidpa District Namaluri Waterhole Namanuwal Waterhole Namarrgon Creek Namarrgon Gorge Namarrkon Namoona Namugardabu Namugardabu Landing Ground Namul Namul Nanambu Creek Nandarranwawulu Junction Nandirrani Rock Nangak Nangak Landing Ground Nangaloar Gallery Nangkumanja Reef Nangkuya Lagoon Nanjiwoi Creek Napier Peninsula Naramu Camp Nardaba Hill Nathan River Nathan River Landing Ground Nawamalayu Creek Nawamalayu Swamp Nawaparr Gorge Nawarlbur Swamp Nawarlbur Waterhole Nayarnpi Creek Needle Point Nei-Igmut Creek Nellie Creek Nellie Lagoon Nembargoo Waterhole Nenen Ngadumiyerrka Ngalankuluru Waterhole Ngaldja Swamp Ngaldja Waterhole Ngambingambi Sinkhole Ngangalala Ngangalala Landing Ground Ngarantu Spring Ngarawila Swamp Ngartluk Billabongs Ngartluk Hill Ngathibarburumarji Swamp Ngdrrababa Ngilipitji Ngilipitji Landing Ground Ngukurr Aerodrome Ngukurr Community Education Centre Ngukurr Community Health Centre Ngukurr Police Station Ngukurr Pre School Nguluwunyara Spring Ngumuy Beach Ngurrgwarda Island Ngurrkwurrumanja Beach Ngurubudanamirri Bay Nguwa Creek Nguwangkila Reach Nhalanalwuy Rock Nhulunbuy BMX Club Nhulunbuy Cemetery Nhulunbuy Christian School Nhulunbuy Community Child Care Centre Nhulunbuy Community Library Nhulunbuy Community Neighourhood Centre Nhulunbuy Fire Station Nhulunbuy High School Nhulunbuy Police Station Nhulunbuy Pre School Nhulunbuy Primary School Nhulunbuy Scout Hall Nhulunbuy Senior Citizens Association Nhulunbuy South Oval Nhulunbuy Town Hall Nhulunbuy Town Oval 1 Nhulunbuy Town Oval 2 Nicol Island Nidenbam Nikantyarra Waterhole Nikawu Nimaguwa Island Nimbabirr Hill Nimburra Hill Nimbuwah Ningalaye Brook Ninguwa Nitmiluk Niwawunala Reef Njininjirr No 1 Bore No 11 S R Bore No 2 Bore No 3 Bore No 4 Bore No 5 Bore No 54 Bore No 8 Bore Noel Dam Normandy Bore North Bay North Dam North East Bremer Islet North East Isles North East Islet North Field Mine North Head North Hill North Island North Point North Point Island North Rock North West Bay North West Bluff Nourlangie Creek Nourlangie Landing Ground Nourlangie Rock Nulawan Nullawun Lagoon Nulukwa Bay Numbarrila Beach Number 1 Bore Number 1 Landing Number 2 Landing Number 3 Bore Number 4 Bore Number 5 Bore Number 6 Bore Number 7 Bore Numbulwar Aerodrome Numbulwar Barge Landing Numbulwar Health Centre Numbulwar Police Station Numbulwar Pre School Numbulwar School Numburindi Nummerloori Nungkanangka Island Nutwood Downs Nutwood Downs Aerodrome Nyalinti Waterhole Nyamayigal Island Nyamiyukanji Bay Nyamulumulu Swamp Nyanantu Creek Nyinpinti Creek Nyinpinti Point Nyinyiwoi Island Nymbilli Waterhole Obindune Waterhole Obiworbby Brook Observation Island O'Connor Pocket Oenpelli Aerodrome Oenpelli Hill Oenpelli Police Station O'Keefe Valley Old Arafura Old Eldo / Dhupuma College Site Old Goodparla Old Katherine Railway Station Old Station Yard One Horse Creek Swamp One Tree Islet O'Neil Creek O'Otherloo Hills Opossum Creek Orange Creek Orunyah Island Oshea Hill O'Sullivans House Outer Bank Oyster Rocks Packsaddle Creek Packsaddle Yard Paddies Lagoon Paddy Lagoon Padnaya Waterhole Painnyilatya Creek Paisley Yard Pallete Mine Palm Swamp Panipanin Waterhole Papas Bore Paradice Bay Paradise Farm Parfitt Point Parsons Range Patonga Patonga Airstrip Patonga Homestead Pats Lookout Payne Island Pear Tree Yard Pearce Islet Peckham Hill Pelican Spit Pellew Islands Pera Channel Peter John River Peter Yard Pheasant Brook Phelp River Phil Point Phillips Creek Picaninny Yard Picnic Beach Pigeon Waterhole Piker Creek Pine Bluff Pine Creek Pinnacle Rock Pipe Creek Pipe Creek Bore Plum Tree Creek Poalmiddy Waterhole Pocket Creek Pococks Beach Poinjar Lagoon Point Alexander Point Arrowsmith Point Blane Point Bristow Point Farewell Point Guy Poison Creek Policeman Crossing Port Bradshaw Port Langdon Port Mcarthur Port Roper Potter Deep Probable Island Providence Knoll Pul Pul Purdies Bore Purdies Ponds Purple Waterhole Queensland Crossing Quewarren Bore Quewarren Spring Quibobikwi Creek Quince Islet Quirindi Gorge RAAF Tindal Radon Springs Rainbow Cliff Rainbow Springs Raintree Park Ramil Waterhole Ramingining Airfield Ramingining Barge Landing Ramingining Health Centre Ramingining Police Station Ramingining Pre School Ramingining School Ramungir Bay Ranford Billabong Ranford Creek Ranford Hill Ranger Uranium Mine Rangura Beach Rantyirrity Point Rarigaburu Creek Rawali Inlet Raymangirr Raymangirr Landing Ground Red Bluff Red Hill Red Islet Red Kangaroo River Red Lily Red Lily Billabong Red Lily Lagoon Red Lily Swamp Red Ochre Creek Red Ochre Yard Red Point Red Rock Redbank Creek Regan Shoal Rekala Island Rendezvous Hill Resources Bore Revolver Bore Rhodes Point Richard River Rigel Kent Rocks Rika Park Rikbijangumanja Creek Rippling Shoal Rittarangu Riyinbirr Island Road Bore Road Dam Robin Range Rockhole Rocky Bar Crossing Rocky Bay Rocky Hole Rocky Hole Yard Rocky Island Rocky Islet Rocky Point Rodgers Knoll Rogers Hill Roney Park Roper Bar Roper Bar Landing Ground Roper Bar Store Roper Creek Roper River Roper River Police Station Roper Valley Rorruwuy Rorruwuy Landing Ground Rose River Rosewood Bore Rosie Creek Rosie Spring Rosina Creek Ross Point Ross Waterhole Round Billabong Round Hill Island Rramiyimiyi Rock Rrarrurarra Point Rruwangkala Rockbar Ruined City Range Rundle Park Rurrangala Rutland Shoal Ruwuyanda Ryan Park Saddle Ridge Mine Saddlers Creek Saint Davids Bay Saint Nicholas Inlet Salt Creek Sand Bore Sand Islet Sandridge Lagoon Sandy Beach Sandy Billabong Sandy Camp Pool Sandy Creek Sandy Creek Bore Sandy Creek Camping Area Sandy Head Sandy Hill Sandy Island Sandy Lagoon Yard Sandy Ridge Yard Sayle Creek Schofield Channel Scinto 5 Mine Scinto 6 Tin Mine Scott Point Scuthorpe Pound Second Creek Sentinel Hill Seven Mile Creek Seventeen Mile Creek Shadforth Creek Shadforth Hills Shamrock Mine Sharker Point Sharp Stones Point Shepherd Bluff Shepherdson College Shepherdson Pre School Sheridan Creek Sherwin Creek Shovel Billabong Showell Creek Silver Spray Sir Edward Pellew Group Sir Rodericks Rocks Six Mile Creek Six Mile Yard Skeleton Bore Skull Island Skull Point Slate Creek Sleisbeck Sleisbeck Mine Sleizbeck Landing Ground Slippery Creek Sly Creek Small Islet Small Larrican Waterhole Smitt Rock Smitt Rock Walk Snake Creek Snake Hole Snapper Shoal Snowdrop Creek Snub Lagoon Soda Waterhole South Alligator Mine South Alligator River South Bay South East Islet South Point South West Island South West Point Southern Cross Rocks Southern Rockhole Sowden Peak Spencer Range Spillen Creek Spit End Split Rock Spring Peak Springvale Cemetery Springvale Homestead St Josephs Primary School St Vidgeon Stag Creek Stan Martin Park Starkvale Bore Station Creek Steepcut Rock Stevens Lagoon Stevens Rocks Stirling Creek Stirling Waterhole Stokes Bay Stony Point Stott Hill Stove Creek Stow Creek Stow Hill Strangman Range Strangmans Range Strangways Bore Strangways River Strath Island Strawbridge Creek Stuart Heights Stuart Point Sturt Plateau Styles Hill Sugarbag Waterhole Sunday Creek Sunday Creek Bore Sundown Plain Paddock Sundown Plain Yard Surprise Creek Survey Bay Sweetwater Pool Sykes Shoal Symonds Bluff Table Hill Table Land Table Top Tabletop Hill Talawan Waterhole Talleri Delea Peak Tallowamidjim Hill Tandangle Hill Tandarlinup Hill Tarbrush Hill Tarlee Tasman Point Tasman Rock Tate Bluff Tawallah Creek Tawallah Pocket Tawallah Range Tawarrila Creek Tawarrila Waterhole Tea Tree Bore Telegraph Hill Tennysons Prospect Tent Hill Terence Creek The Fletcher The Four Archers The Gutter The Jump Up The Narrows The Patterson The Twins Thompson Bay Thompson Creek Thragin Waterhole Three Graces Three Hummock Point Three Hummocks Three Island Bend Three Tops Tin Camp Creek Tinberni Hill Tindal Airfield Tindal RAAF Golf Club Tirraullungalla Waterhole Tobacco Yard Toby Point Todd Bluff Tolowan Waterhole Tomkinson River Tony Green Crossing Top Bore Town Beach Town of Jabiru Town of Lower Roper Town of Mataranka Town of Pellew Town of Upper Roper Town of Urapunga Towns River Train Point Trial Bay Triangle Bore Tucker Bay Tuckeroo Park Tuperu Waterhole Turkey Dreaming Turkey Lagoon Turkey Lagoon Creek Turnoff Creek Turtle Islet Turtle Reef Turton Rock Twin Falls Twinhole Dam Two Mile Creek Two Mile Hole Two Mile Hole Camping Area Two Sisters Tyangkultu Creek Tyurrarrani Spring U 573 U 662 U 663 Ubirr Uguie Ulbara Point Ulugulu Junction Ulundurwi Bay Umbakumba Barge Landing Umbakumba Landing Ground Umbakumba School Umbimian Creek Unawahlurk Billabong Uralla Urapunga Urapunga Health Centre Urapunga Landing Ground Urapunga School Urquhart Islet Urralugoorwa Waterhole Valley of Springs Vampire Creek Vanderlin Island Vanderlin Rocks Vaughton Creek Velkerri Creek Venn Venn Airfield Vermelha Veronica Island Victoria Bay Vulcan Mine Wabarra Lake Wabramanda Bore Wada Wadalla Wada Warra Wadaliya District Wadamunga Lagoon Wadere Point Wadjeli Lagoon Waggon Wheel Lagoon Wagon Bore Waimate Waterhole Walaminingka Creek Walantyuwurru Creek Walaranya Waterhole Walawapi Lagoon Waldnarr Walibinji Waterhole Walker Point Walker River Walker River Landing Ground Walkpuy Bay Wallaby Beach Wallanjie Billabongs Wallet Bore Walmudga Creek Walmudga Lagoon Walmudga Plain Walmudga Range Walter Spring Walunkura Inlet Wambarra Islet Wanadjurara Rocks Wanaka Bay Wandawuy Wandie Creek Wandie Mine Wandikalarubun Islet Wanmarri Wanyanmera Point Wapuruwa Point Waradanguru Rock Warangala Waterhole Wardarlea Bay Wardawardala Creek Wardawarra Headland Wargarpunda Point Wariejal Waterhole Warloch Ponds Warlpiri Transient Camp Warlubarlula Beach Warrakunta Point Warramana Creek Warramarnda Waterhole Warranyin Warrapirrmantila Spring Warrawuruwoi River Warugi Point Warwick Channel Washaway Creek Watch Creek Watch-A-Bull Bore Water Beach Waterfall Creek Waterfall Creek Falls Waterhouse River Waterhouse River West Branch Wathawuy Creek Watson Inlet Watson Island Wawinda Islet Wayirimila Lagoon Waywantha Island Wearyan River Wearyan River Boat Ramp Wearyan River Landing Ground Webe Point Webinger Point Wedge Rock Weemol Wells Springs Werenbun Werenbun Health Centre West Alligator Head West Alligator River West Arnhem West Branch West Island West Islet West Neck West Woody Island Western Creek Westside Bore Whamelk Bluff Wheatley Islet Whirlpool Creek White Islet White Lily Waterhole White Rock White Star Landing Whittet Point Wilarra Twin Springs Wildman River Wildman River East Branch Wildman River West Branch Wildman West Wilipili Island Wilirrwuy Point Willakupa Waterhole Willy Islet Wilton Wilton Crossing Wilton River Wilton River West Branch Winagooranin Waterhole Winanda Channel Winchelsea Island Winchelsea Passage Winchelsea Rock Windolf Walk Wire Hill Wirrinymanthanguwa Lagoon Wirriwumal Rockbar Wirriyamurrya Waterhole Wiyakipa Beach Wolfram Wolfram Creek Wolfram Hill Wonga Bay Wonga Creek Wongalara Landing Ground Wongalara Station Wongalara Station Cemetery Wongalara Waterhole Wongalla Lagoon Wonmurri Waterhole Wooden Duck Creek Woodhouse Rocks Woody Island Woolen River Woolwonga Billabong Worrmi Point Wubukabukala Islet Wugularr Health Centre Wugularr Lagoon Wugularr School Wujulakinda Islet Wukayiwanyu Creek Wukointyarra Plains Wukointyarra Range Wulkabimirri Wulkawakawa Point Wulkulyi Swamp Wuluburru Wulunurrayi Creek Wumaitparr Waterhole Wumajbarr Wumanalalamba Lagoon Wumila Point Wumunga Bend Wunakakalijulakinda Point Wungguliyanga Creek Wungumana Creek Wuniari Well Wununmantyala Spring Wunuwardirr Waterhole Wuraliwuntya Creek Wuranthantha Point Wurawu Waterhole Wurdeja Wurdurla Islet Wurindi Swamp Wurlungkuri Rockhole Wurrawidgemo Hill Wurrindjiwundja Channel Wurrumala Lagoon Wurrumenbumanja Wurrwebuweba Point Wurundi Swamp Wurunluh Creek Wuthangka Islet Wuwarrwarra Creek Wuwayinda Islet Wuyagiba Wye Hill Wyonga River Wyworrie Yabangwamanja Beach Yabooma Island Yadagba District Yalayalakamirra Creek Yalco Creek Yalliquin Yalliquin Landing Ground Yalwarra Lagoon Yambaranguyi Spring Yaminyi Yanbakwa Yanbakwa Creek Yanburaburil Lagoon Yangkanji Billabong Yangunbi Pool Yannapaira Waterhole Yannaparra Waterhole Yanungbi Landing Ground Yarawoi District Yarnarndu Inlet Yarranya Island Yarrapay Point Yarrawirrie Plains Yarrngalarra Waterhole Yarunga Creek Yathalamarra Yathangka Beach Yathulwa Islets Yawuriyarra Falls Yedikba Yee To Wappah Island Yellow Patch Yellow Water Dam Yellow Waterhole Yellow Waters Yelyukwumanja Beach Yelyuwarrakba Beach Yemelba Mine Yendenor Creek Yeuralba Creek Yeuralba King Mine Yeuralba Mineral Fields Yijijumanja Creek Yikarrakkal Yilakala Hill Yilan Yilbindjila Creek Yilikukunyiyanga Islet Yilila Yilirrirndumanja Island Yilyangumadja Point Yimidarra Yimirrmaja Rockshelf Yinangankarrh Yinberrie Creek Yinberrie Hill Yinberrie Wolfram Field Yinbiya Beach Yingakumanja Creek Yingangkarrajilangwa Creek Yingilirrba Island Yinidirra Beach Yinkarri Yinumarra Health Centre Yinyikay Yinyikay Landing Ground Yirangalangala Waterhole Yirrga Yirrijirra Bay Yirrijirra Point Yirrinyindi Island Yirrirri Yirriwarridji Billabong Yirrkala Community Education Centre Yirrkala Health Centre Yirrkala Pre School Yirrumanja Point Yiwapa Creek Yiyintyi Range Ymca Number 1 Shaft Ymca Number 2 Shaft Yourmill Waterhole Yudu Yudu Yulbara Yumanji Creek Yurujurrunku Reach Zamia Creek Zamu Creek Zamu Creek Mine Zed Hill Victoria Shoal Crocodile Islands Rabuma Island Crocodile Island Group Veronica Islet Nalwarung Straights Farewell Point Gurjangan Birriduk Creek Millingimbi Mission Urokona Benemanka Millingimbi Island Milimgimbi Millimgimbi Island East River Godjiboi Point Garrata Woody Islet Gove Nhulunby Nullumbuy Nhulunbuy Town Oval One Nhulunbuy Town Oval Two West River Markolidjban South River Yirkala Yirrkala Methodist Mission Yirrkala Mission Garmardi Yanilongar Creek Gaiawdjapin Longoidya Wolbunjar River Oenpelli Mission Oenpelli Mission Station Low Islet Paperbark Swamp Mulgarram Kakodbebuldi Balingura Kularni Kurruridul Yirrakka Milmingkan Marmoyi Holly Bay Corndori Waterhole Chester Creek Malnjangarnak Bridglands Grays Camp Camburinga Village McNamara Islet Dudley Islet Dudly Island Dudly Islet Dudly Shoal Shadford Creek Mitchell Range Saddler Creek Gurkawur Greys Camp Maidjunga Ridge Kunkamoula Mundooie Hill Durabudhboi River Kadauke Barrapunja Arnhem Arnhems Land Round Hill Islet Mount Parsons Mamob Gorpulyol Marinnan Island Ada Spring Nicols Island Nicols Islet Morgan Islet Wappah Island Little Mary Creek Scinto Six Tin Mine Scinto Five Mine ONiel Creek Burney Islet Mount Ranken Mount Rankin Andarangki North Point Islets Wiamuna Waterhole Gertrude Spring Chasm Islet North-east Islet Lane Islet Walters Spring Hawk Islet Cody Shoal Marble Point Finch Islet Wells Spring Hemple Bay Winchilsea Island Amakalyuwakba Mount Diamond Bloomfield Spring Marjirrumanja Beach McComb Point McCarthy Hill Bruni Waterhole Dharmi Anarrama Creek Connexion Islet Douglas Spring Keckwick Springs Mamalimandja Point Mount Ellie Mount Esworth Nimburra Timberni Hill Black Mount Kondulla Spring Ritland Shoal Ilyungmadja Point Tallowamidim Hill Krabubuk Creek Krababuk Creek Mount Poizieres Mount Poziers South West Bluff Horseshoe Siding Diljin Hill Hindrance Creek Ungwariba Point Adilyagba Point Junarrakomp Waterhole Lunarrakomp Waterhole Edith River Siding Edith Falls Emv Creek Ymca Number Two Shaft Snowden Peak Minintirri Islet Armada Lake Ungurubuna Lake Ymca Number One Shaft Barmguerikb Creek Derim Creek Numbulwah Mission Rosa River Nungkanangka Islet Inamalamandija Point Duleoruk Billabong Dulearuk Billabongs Katherine Gorge National Park Main Talla Waterhole OSullivans House Palpui Waterhole Amunakarma Island Umbimiam Creek Golguk Waterhole Tumbardkuk Springs Cumberledge Reef Malamlanbuboi Waterhole Woorunyan Woorie Waterhole Sandy Islet Bogayangayung Waterhole Bogayangayun Waterhole West Branch Waterhouse River Bukalorkum Creek Radnayu Waterhole Edward Islet Mount Faveng Bamyili Mount Kirk Mungajirri Yaaiput Waterhole Wilipili Islet Beswick Native Compound Old Beswick Turkey Creek Largers Billabong Banunda Waterhole Allura Spring Wayagiba Collara Springs Veldt Phelps River Badawarka Jower Roper River Mission Station Warunlak Creek Wurunak Creek Mount Saint George Bul Bul Waterhole Kawoi Lagoon McDougalls Bluff Hunguny Bitter Spring Mount Glynn Mataranka Station Mataranka Siding Mount Falkiner Elsey Reach Elsey Reach Arm Mount Giles Jabiru Hill Mount Saint Vidgeon Dagenhardt Lagoon Campbell Spring Beatrice Islet Yumunguni Parsons Creek Hamiltons Lagoon All Saints Well Baywards Lagoon L.D. Waterhole Wuniari Well Paisley Creek Labyinthian Shoals L.D. Creek Masons Bluff Flowing Bore Wickam River Wickham River Teenyung Waterhole Makem Lagoon Pearce Island Duck Waterhole Urquhart Island Pardice Bay Stag Lagoon Bob Spring Turtle Island Black Island Craggy Islets White Island Observation Islet Juniciug Creek Flick Waterhole David Island Karnum Waterhole Alola Islet Red Island Sir Edward Pellew Islands W. W. Waterhole Brown Island Campbell Waterhole LD Waterhole OKeefe Valley Labu Island Bantam Hole Jolly Island King Waterhole Port McArthur Small Island Tyangkula Creek Nutwood Downs Station Big Hole Little Vanderin Island Birrimbah Birrimba Birrimbah Out Station Spring Waterhole Sculthorpe Pound Minamba Omanganung Waterhole Battens Creek McArthur River OConnor Pocket Black Rocks Landing Fletcher Creek Birrimbah Waterhole Brumby Creek Four Mile Creek