Topographic / Ordnance Survey Map

GA SE51-03

GA SE51-03 - Yampi

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This Topographic Map is produced by Geoscience Australia; Australia's national geospatial organisation.
GA topographic maps (many of which are produced in partnership with the Army) are generally older than those maps produced by the State Governments over the same area. This makes GA maps particularly useful for identifying historic features, such as old mines and diggings.
Geoscience Australia maps generally considered to be more pleasing in design and compilation then the more modern State Government productions.

At this scale, 1cm on this map represents 2.5km on the ground (4cm = 10km). A standard map will cover 150km from east to west and 110km from north to south, with a contour interval of 50m. This map contains natural and constructed features including road and rail infrastructure, vegetation, hydrography, contours, localities and some administrative boundaries.

Please note the date of the map, as this will impact the currency of information, particularly regarding infrastructure, roads, etc.

Locations within this Map

Bardi One Arm Point Cockatoo Admiral Island Advance Island Alert Rock Allora Island Amalad Point Amatangoora Point Amur Reef Anchor Shoal Anemometer Hill Apex Island Arbidej Island Arbitration Cove Ardyaloon Community Asshlyn Islands Aveling Island Awong Rock Back Bay Back Beach Barnicoat Island Barramundi Bay Barrett Rock Barringbarr Community Bathurst Island Bayliss Islands Bedford Islands Beers Ridge Bennet Reef Billilli Spring Bird Rocks Black Knob Cliff Black Rock Boonook Bay Boulder Hill Bowles Rock Breeding Patch Brolga Shoal Brown Reef Bruen Island Bubb Point Buccaneer Archipelago Buckle Spring Buckle Spring Yard Bulwalunga Pool Byron Island Caesar Channel Caesar Island Caesar Rock Caffarelli Island Carlisle Head Cascade Bay Catspaw Point Chattur Bay Cheriton Island Cecilia Islands Chambers Island Channel Rock Clara Hill Clarke Islands Cleave Creek Cleft Island Cockatoo Creek Cockatoo Island Collier Bay Collins Cove Comber Rock Compass Hill Cone Bay Cone Hill Cone Rock Conilurus Island Conspicuous Hill Copper Bay Coppermine Creek Cornambie Point Crawford Bay Cunningham Point Curlew Bay Cussen Island Cygnet Hill Dampiers Monument Daniels Rocks Datum Bay Dean Island Deep Water Point Dempsey Island Dickenson Ridge Dickie Rock Dimond Head Dingo Creek Dingo Rock Direction Island Disaster Bay Doris Island Dorney Island Dorothy Island Dove Island Duckhole Pool Dugong Bay Dunvert Island Eagle Point East Bay East Roe Island East Sunday Island Easton Point Edeline Islands Ellis Fiord Escape Passage Evans Rocks Faint Point Fairthlough Ridge Fairway Islands Fantome Passage Farr Islands Ferrett Reef Finch Islands Finger Point Fitzgerald Patch Fleetwood Rock Fletcher Islands Flora Island Foal Rock Foam Passage Folly Island Foul Point Fraser Island Fraser Rock Front Beach Gadayim Pyramid Gagg Islands Galah Channel Gammon Bank Gerald Peninsula Gibbings Island Gibson Island Gilbert Rock Goat Island Godsmark Island Goodenough Bay Goonjarlan Community Goose Channel Grants Find Mine Greenhalgh Island Gregory Island Gudumul Community Gumbarnun Community Hadley Passage Hadley Rock Hamilton Bore Hancock Island Hancock Reef Hardstaff Point Hazel Island Helipad Island Hells Gate Helpman Islands Heney Island Henrietta Islands Herald Rock Herbert Islands Hidden Island High Bluff High Island High Range Holmans Crossing Holtham Island Home Patch Hope Creek Howard Island Humbert Creek Hunt Island Imp Island Irgulba River Iron Islands Irvine Island Jackson Island Jap Bay Jayedi Community Jinunga River Jonas Point Jugarnma Spring Jurumma Kammargoorh River Karrakatta Bay Karrakatta Rock Kathleen Island Kean Cove Keightly River Kessel Island Kimbolton Kimbolton Range King Hall Island King Sound Kingfisher Island Kingfisher Islands Kolganu Island Koolan Koolan Island Koolinda Rock Koolloo Koomi Point Koorollum Spring Kyulgam River Lachlan Island Ladjardarr Community Lake Flora Lalowan Island Lamaragorick Spring Larinyuwar Community Laxton Point Leering Bay Leila Island Leonie Island Liberba Creek Lillybooroora River Limestone Spring Little Tarraji River Livingstone Island Lone Hill Lone Rock Long Island Longboat Passage Longitude Island Lord Island Lugger Cove Lydarrba River Macdonald Rock Macmahon Island Maddarr Community Malumbo Anchorage Malungurry Spring Mangrove Creek Mangrove Inlet Marboo Pool Mardibudda Spring Margaret Island Marnebulorgne Community Mary Islands Mckellar Bay Mclarty Range Meda Meda Passage Meda River Meda Shoal Melomys Island Menmuir Rock Mermaid Island Mermaid Passage Mid Rock Middle Island Mission Bay Molema Island Monarch Mine Mondooma Creek Moresby Rock Morgan Bore Morrisey Island Mount Dawson Mount Disaster Mount Heytesbury Mount Mandeville Mount Nellie Mount Olivia Mud Bay Muddle Islands Muir Island Mulagudwa Passage Mulgudna Island Mullet Bay Mummla Spring Mundurrul Bay Mundurrul River Murdeh Point Myridi Bay Myridi Flat Nabaru Spring Nares Point Nellie Point Newman Ledge Ngungayarra Beach Nilargoon Community No. 1 North Bay No. 2 North Bay No. 3 North Bay Norris Reefs North West Twin Island Nurumma Rockhole Nyarrva Creek Old Kimbolton Onad Island One Arm Point One Arm Point Rem Com School Oobagooma Oobagooma Creek Otway Shoal Pack Island Packer Islands Padawodi Creek Palm Springs Pancake Passage Parakeet Channel Parderoo Pool Parderoora River Park Hill Pasco Island Pearl Passage Pecked Island Pelican Rock Phillips Cove Pillar Rock Pincombe Reef Point Usborne Poolngin Island Pope Island Port Usborne Porter Hill Poulton Creek Poultons Copper Lode Powerful Island Quiana Pool Raft Point Ram Point Rankin Island Rat Island Razor Islands Reddell Point Rees Island Repulse Point Rip Reef Rip Rock Roberts Island Robinson Landing Robinson River Round Hill Round Island Saddle Hill Salier Islands Salural Island Sanders Point Sanderson Point Scaddan Island Scott Island Secure Bay Shale Island Shell Bank Shenton Bluff Shirley Island Silver Gull Creek Sir Frederick Island Sir Richard Island Skeleton Point Slug Island South East Point South East Twin Island South Meda Shoal Split Rock Station Reef Steep Head Steep Island Stewart River Storry Hill Strickland Bay Sunday Island Sunday Island Mission Abd Sunday Strait Survey Island Swan Island Swan Island Nature Reserve Swan Point Swirl Shoal Table Range Talbot Bay Talboys Island Talboys Point Tallon Island Tanner Island Tarraji River Tarrant Island The Albert Waters The Canal The Channel The Drain The Funnel The Graveyard The Gutter The Piccaninnies The Pool The Sisters Thornbury Reef Tide Rip Islands Tiffy Reef Towndrow Rock Townshend River Traverse Island Tree Island Trent River Tucker Reef Tyra Island Tyrer Islands Umburi Beach Umida Island Usborne Island Verco Island Vickery Island Vickery Reef Viney Island Viney Passage Wadjulum Pool Wall Island Wangania Island Warada River Warrium Spring Waterfly Creek Waterlow Islands Way Rock West Bay West Point West Roe Island Whimbrel Point Whipp Island Whirl Island Whirlpool Pass Willie Point Wilsons Reward Mine Witcomb Reefs Woninjaba Islands Wood Islands Woodhouse Point Wulalam Island Wybron Islands Wyndham Range Yampi Sound Yoonguru Creek Yuijalba Passage Yule Entrance Yumurryumuh Beach Yuraddagi River Cleft Islet Caffarell Island Foam Pass The Pyramid Island Frazer Island Steep Islet Caesar Islet Barret Rock Breading Patch Moore Island Tanner Islet Asshlyn Island Asshlyn Islets Scaddan Islet Scaddon Island Finch Island Yampi Canal Yampi Passage The Sisters Islands Norris Reef Gibbins Island Koorallum Spring Gagg Island Mulungurry Spring Bennett Reef Balili Spring Gifford River Bayliss Island Jurumma Mission Mundurral River Ferret Rock North-west Twin Islet Witcomb Reef Juraddag River Tyrer Island Packer Islets South-east Twin Islet Tide Rip Islets Salier Islets Ferret Reef Pincombe Shoal Cecilia Island Karrakatta Reef Fletcher Island Mary Island Edeline Island Story Hill Meda Pass Muddle Island Wood Islets Toolngin Island Clarke Island Sunday Islands Henrietta Island Karrakalta Bay Escape Pass Excape Pass Jagarnma Spring Waterlow Island Pearl Pass Whirl Point Channel Rocks Mummlal Spring Shoal Bay Bardi Razor Island Farr Island Herbert Island Barnicoat Islet Wybron Island Riddell Point Cone Bay Community Henry Island McLarty Range MacDonald Rock Fairway Islets Fairways Islands Cygnet Bay Mada Shoal Splendid Springs Helpman Islets Sandy Creek Taragee River Pardaboora River Yara Spring Moondooma Creek Parderoo Spring Lamargorick Spring Disaster Bay Mission