Topographic / Ordnance Survey Map

GA SE55-01

GA SE55-01 - Mossman

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This Topographic Map is produced by Geoscience Australia; Australia's national geospatial organisation.
GA topographic maps (many of which are produced in partnership with the Army) are generally older than those maps produced by the State Governments over the same area. This makes GA maps particularly useful for identifying historic features, such as old mines and diggings.
Geoscience Australia maps generally considered to be more pleasing in design and compilation then the more modern State Government productions.

At this scale, 1cm on this map represents 2.5km on the ground (4cm = 10km). A standard map will cover 150km from east to west and 110km from north to south, with a contour interval of 50m. This map contains natural and constructed features including road and rail infrastructure, vegetation, hydrography, contours, localities and some administrative boundaries.

Please note the date of the map, as this will impact the currency of information, particularly regarding infrastructure, roads, etc.

Locations within this Map

Brooklyn Weatherby Font Hills Southedge Thornborough Mud Springs Craiglie Mareeba Mossman Newell Port Douglas Daintree Adastra Creek Adeline Creek Adeline Falls Alexandra Alexandra Bay Alexandra Creek Alexandra Reefs Mount Alexandra Allanton Allanton Hill Allen Creek Almac Mount Alto Amy Mount Amy Aplin Creek Mount Armit Ashton Creek Atherton Creek Mount Atlas Bailey Creek Bailey Hill Bailey Point Baird Creek Bakers Blue Mountain Bald Hills Ball Creek Ballyhooly Bamboo Creek Bargoo Creek Barratt Creek Basalt Creek Bateup Creek Battle Creek Beaconsfield Mount Beaufort Bellevue Mount Bennett Bessie Creek Bettong Creek Biboohra Big Mitchell Creek Big Mowbray Falls Big Watson Creek Bilwon Black Gin Creek Black Mountain Black Rapid Black Rock Black Soil Creek Blackburn Creek Blackfellow Creek Blackwater Creek Bloomfield Boggy Creek Boolbun Creek Boomer Creek Boomerang Creek Boonda Boulder Creek Boundary Creek Bowler Creek Boyle Creek Branch Creek Brandy And Water Creek Brenda Creek Broads Lagoon Brown Creek Buchanan Creek Buffalo Creek Bulls Pinnacles Buringan Burke Creek Burton Ridge Bushy Creek Butcher Creek Byerstown Caledonia Creek Callaghan Creek Camel Waterhole Camp Creek Campbell Creek Cannibal Creek Canton Lagoon Carbine Hill Carr Creek Carson Creek Cartwright Creek Cassowary Creek Cassowary Range Caterina Creek Cattle Creek Cedar Creek Charcoal Creek Chelmsford Chinaman Creek Christie Creek Christys Pocket Chulbil Creek Churchill Creek Clarkes Lagoon Cobra Creek Cockatoo Creek Collard Creek Columbia Creek Combar Mount Consider Cookers Creek Cooktown Crossing Coop Creek Cooper Creek Cooya Beach Corduroy Creek Cornish Jimmie Creek Cow Bay Cow Creek Coyles Creek Cradle Creek Cradle Point Crees Creek Crocodile Creek Crowley Creek Cudgee Cyclone Creek Dagmar Dagmar Range Daintree National Park Daintree Range Daintree River Dairy Creek Dalkum Mount Danbulan Dayman Point Dead Calf Creek Dead Horse Gully Dedin Deep Creek Mount Demi Desailly Creek Mount Desailly Devil Devil Creek Devils Thumb Dickson Inlet Diggers Creek Dinner Creek Dip Creek Dirty Dick Creek Dog Leg Creek Donovan Creek Donovan Point Mount Donovan Dora Creek Doughboy Creek Douglas Creek Doyle Creek Dry River Duffer Creek Duiner Gully Duncan Creek East Hodgkinson River Mount Elephant Ellis Creek Emerald Creek Emmagen Creek Mount Emmett Escape Creek Euluma Euluma Creek Explorer Creek Fairy Creek Falls Creek Fernhill Fighting Lagoon Fine Gold Creek Fish Creek Fish Hole Waterhole Fish Waterhole Flaggy Creek Flat Creek Flat Peak Flin Creek Floreat Forest Creek Formartine Fossil Creek Four Mile Beach Four Mile Creek Four Mile Ridge Fox Creek Francis Creek Frank Creek Mount Fraser Gap Creek Garden Gully Garioch Mount Garioch Glendon Gully Glider Possum Creek Gold Creek Gold Hill Goose Swamp Waterhole Gordon Creek Gorge Creek Gorilbee Granite Creek Grass Island Grays Creek Greasy Bill Creek Green Mantle Creek Green Swamp Groganville Gum Creek Mount Halcyon Half Ton Creek Halls Point Hamilton Peak Hamilton Pocket Mount Hann Hanns Tableland Harbord Harris Creek Harris Peak Heights of Alexandra Heights of Victory Mount Hemmant Heron Creek Hickory Creek High Falls Creek Hilda Creek Hockley Hodgkinson Hodgkinson River Holmes Creek Mount Holmes Horse Creek Horseshoe Lagoon Humbug Reach Hunter Creek Hurford Mount Hurford Hurricane Hurricane Creek Hutchinson Creek Mount Hutchinson Inch Rocks Inspection Creek Intake Creek Ironstone Creek Island Creek Island Point Jacksons Lagoon John Creek Johnston Creek Jubilee Creek Julatten Kambul Kanawarra Kangkirr Falls Kates Sugarloaf Kauri Creek Keating Creek Kennedy Creek Kiely Creek Kilkeary Point Cape Kimberley Kingsborough Kobi Creek Koobaba Kum Kum Range Landers Creek Lang Creek Layland Leichhardt Creek Lerra Creek Level Creek Levison Creek Lewin Creek Mount Lewis Lighthouse Mountain Lily Creek Lily Lagoon Limestone Creek Little Alto Little Falls Creek Little Landers Creek Little Mitchell River Little Mossman River Little River Little Sandy Creek Little Secergi Creek Little Watson Creek Lizzie Creek Lock Creek Lode Hill Looking Glass Bluff Looking Glass Creek Lucas Creek Luster Creek Luttra Creek Lyons Lookout Mackenzie Creek Mount Madden Madman Creek Magazine Island Maiden Peak Main Coast Range Main Creek Maitland Downs Maneater Creek Manganese Creek Mango Creek Maple Mappe Mar Marble Creek Marianne Creek Marr Creek Martins Creek Mary Creek Mason Creek Maytown McDowall Range Mount McDowall McGann Creek Mount McGann McLean Creek McLeod Creek McLeod Gully McLeod River Middle Creek Mount Misery Moase Creek Molloy Lagoon Mona Creek Mona Mona Morey Reef Mossman Falls Mossman River Mount Carbine Mount Carbine Tableland Mount Molloy Mount Mulligan Creek Mount Windsor Tableland Mountain Creek Mowbray Mowbray River Moxham Creek Mud Spring Muldiva Creek Mount Mulgrave Mulligan Munker Myall Creek Nangee Mount Neville New Northcote Niau Creek Nissen Creek Noah Noah Creek Noah Head Nobbys Water Facility Noon Creek Northedge Nundah Creek Nychum Nychum Creek O K Gully Oaky Creek One Mile Creek One Tree Hill Ords Hill Orsova Creek Osborne Creek Mount Owen Owl Creek Packers Creek Packhorse Creek Page Lagoon Palm Beach Palmerston Creek Palmerville Pandanus Creek Parker Creek Paterson Creek Pekin Lagoon Pelican Creek Pennyweight Creek Perseverance Mountain Piccaninny Creek Mount Pieter Botte Pig Creek Pig Sty Creek Mount Pike Pine Creek Pinnacle Pinnacle Creek Pinnacle Hill Platypus Creek Plum Tree Creek Pocket Creek Podargus Creek Prospect Creek Pukanja Quill Creek Racecourse Creek Racecourse Mountain Raleigh Creek Recreation Creek Red Hill Redcap Creek Reed Creek Reedy Creek Rex Creek Richards Creek Rifle Creek Riflemead Roaring Meg Creek Robbins Creek Mount Roberts Rocky Creek Rocky St George Creek Rodgers Creek Rodoni Creek Roman Creek Ronald Creek Rookwood Creek Roots Creek Rosser Creek Rossiter Creek Round Mountain Rumula Running Creek Ryan Creek Salisbury Saltbag Creek Saltwater Creek Sandy Creek Scrubby Creek Secergi Creek Shanty Creek Sheas Gap Skeleton Creek Skull Lagoons Slaty Range Smith Creek Snapper Island Snellman Creek Solander Mount Somerset Sorensen Creek Mount Sorrow South Mossman River South Palmer River Spear Creek Spencer Creek Spring Creek Spring Gully Springhill Spurgeon Spurgeon Creek Spurgeon Falls Mount Spurgeon St George River St Kilda Creek Station Creek Stewart Creek Stockyard Creek Stony Creek Struck Island Subkin Table Mountain Tachalbadga Creek Talgijah Taylor Creek Ten Mile Creek The Lookout The Pinnacle The Pinnacles Thirsty Creek Thirty Six Mile Creek Thirty Three Mile Creek Thomson Gully Thooleer Thornton Beach Thornton Peak Thornton Range Three Mile Creek Timber Camp Creek Timbi Creek Tin Creek Tomato Creek Tregoora Tribulation Cape Tribulation Troughton Pocket Tullah Two Mile Creek Tyrconnel Creek Uhrstown Vandyke Vandyke Creek Victory Virgil Island Wallaroo Creek Warren Creek Warrior Waterhole Watangay Watershed Creek West Spencer Creek Whisky Creek Whitby White Creek White Horse Creek Whumbal Whyanbeel Whyanbeel Creek Whypalla Windmill Creek Wollenden Wolstencroft Creek Wonga Woods Peak Woolburra Worcester Creek Wotan Wotan Water Facility Wrotham Wrotham Crossing Wrotham Park Wrotham Water Facility Yard Waterhole Yokas North Palmer River Maryfarms Collins Creek Lake Mitchell Hann Tableland National Park Kangkirr Creek Mount Mulligan Jabiru Lagoon China Camp Ok Mount Windsor National Park Mount Windsor National Park Recovery Mowbray National Park Mowbray National Park Recovery Mount Spurgeon Forest Reserve Riflemead Forest Reserve 1 Riflemead Forest Reserve 2 Kuranda National Park Recovery Bonnie Doon Cassowary Finlay Vale Killaloe Miallo Mossman Gorge Rocky Point Cairns Regional Council Shannonvale Syndicate Bamboo Bloomfield Cairns Regional Council Diwan Kimberley Lower Daintree Stewart Creek Valley Upper Daintree Glen Russell Paddys Green Desailly Jessop Hill Mitre Peak Don Hill Maddens Flat Mine Mount Herman Three Peaks Zillman Peak South Peak North Peak Pilgrim Sands Enterprise Mine Mount Peter Botte Pieter Botte Dianne Mine Mountaineer Mine Palmer River Goldfield Gum Tree Creek Mount Emmet Cannibal Creek Mine Adams Mine Thornton Mountains Granite Creek Mine The Granite Bailay Creek Bailay Point Bailay Hill Sylvania Hill Kilkeary Hill Penguin Channel Schnapper Island Heights of Dagmar Observation Rock Observation Point Anglo Saxon Mine Newell Beach Roots Mount Mosman River Cooya South Mossman Dicksons Inlet Saint George Outstation Saint George River Curraghmore Mount Perserverance Mount Perseverance Height of Victory Mowbray Creek Hurricane Station OK Mine Mount Black Mount Harris Kuranda National Park Kondapringa McConachies Siding Eastern Hodgkinson River Broad Lagoon Jenny Louise Shoal Yalkula Saint Kilda Creek Southedge Siding Kambul Siding Goose Swamp Tartara Outstation Progress Siding Welcome Creek Atherton Plateau Tinaroo Creek