Topographic / Ordnance Survey Map

GA SE55-05

GA SE55-05 - Atherton

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This Topographic Map is produced by Geoscience Australia; Australia's national geospatial organisation.
GA topographic maps (many of which are produced in partnership with the Army) are generally older than those maps produced by the State Governments over the same area. This makes GA maps particularly useful for identifying historic features, such as old mines and diggings.
Geoscience Australia maps generally considered to be more pleasing in design and compilation then the more modern State Government productions.

At this scale, 1cm on this map represents 2.5km on the ground (4cm = 10km). A standard map will cover 150km from east to west and 110km from north to south, with a contour interval of 50m. This map contains natural and constructed features including road and rail infrastructure, vegetation, hydrography, contours, localities and some administrative boundaries.

Please note the date of the map, as this will impact the currency of information, particularly regarding infrastructure, roads, etc.

Locations within this Map

Northcote Chillagoe Springmount Wheatley Springvale Dixonville Green Springs Mountain View Boxwood Fischerton Jensonville Orange Grove Evelyn Merrymead Woodleigh Strathvale Mount Ronald Uramo Mandalee Wooroora Glen Gordon Blunder Creek Blunder Park Sundown Burlington Fossilbrook Morecambe Tirrabella Gunnawarra Springfield Atherton Dimbulah Herberton Mount Garnet Ravenshoe Walkamin Tableland Tin Mount Abbot Abercorn Ada Creek Adder Creek Adventure Creek Akama Mount Alexander Allsorts Creek Almaden Amber Amber Creek Amber Pinnacle Ambrose Gully Mount Angus Anyon Creek Apple Gully Arbinjoe Creek Arbouin Archer Creek Arden Ardrossan Arringunna Creek Arringunna Mountain Mount Arthur Arthurs Seat Atherton Creek Atherton Tableland Mount Aunt Mount Babinda Back Creek Bains Knob Baker Creek Balancing Rock Bald Knob Mount Baldick Baldike Mount Baldy Ballast Creek Bally Knob Ballyhooly Gully Bamford Creek Bamford Hill Bar Creek Barkers Creek Barron Barwidgi Basalt Creek Batter Creek Battle Creek Beapeo Mount Bear Beatties Creek Mount Beauty Beckleys Creek Bedlog Creek Belfast Creek Belgravia Creek Bell Creek Big Black Gin Creek Big Creek Big Dinner Creek Big Silent Waterhole Big Western Creek Billing Knob Bills Creek Billycan Creek Bird Spring Bismarck Creek Bismark Creek Bismuth Creek Black Creek Black Dog Creek Black Mountain Black Prince Creek Mount Black Blackbull Creek Blackfellow Creek Blackman Gap Blacks Pinnacle Blacksoil Creek Blackwells Waterhole Blair Gully Bloodwood Creek Blue Mountain Blue Rock Creek Bluebell Creek Bluebush Creek Bluewater Creek Blueys Creek Blueys Knob Bob Creek Bobs Creek Bock Creek Bocoonbeta Mountain Bogaduck Creek Boggy Creek Bolwarra Bonataba Bones Knob Bonnor Boonmoo Boot Creek Boot Hill Borneo Boughshed Creek Bowden Gully Box Creek Bradlaugh Creek Bradley Creek Branch Creek Brandy Creek Break-O-Day Creek Mount Bridge Broken Gully Brookers Waterhole Brooklands Bruce Weir Brumby Creek Bulldog Creek Bulldog Gully Bulleringa Bullock Creek Bullock Head Creek Bulluburrah Creek Bungabilly Creek Bunjine Creek Burdett Creek Bussy Creek Bustard Creek Butcher Gully Butler Gully Butterfly Spring Caesar Spring Creek Calcifer Calcifer Creek California California Creek Calligans Gap Cameron Creek Campbell Creek Campsbourne Lagoon Canty Creek Cape Horn Carbeen Carbonate Creek Cardross Creek Cardwell Creek Mount Cardwell Carrington Creek Carrington Falls Carrs Creek Carthew Creek Cassowary Creek Cathedral Cave Catherine Creek Cattle Camp Creek Cattle Creek Cave Creek Cave Hill Cedar Park Charcoal Creek Charlies Knob Charmillin Creek Cherry Tree Creek Chewko Chillagoe Creek Chinaman Creek Chunum Creek Claim Creek Claret Creek Clarkes Swamp Clotten Creek Mount Clotten Cobb Cockle Creek Colac Creek Colledge Creek Collins Weir Combella Creek Condon Gully Convict Creek Coolabbi Creek Coolgarra Copper Creek Copper Gully Corduroy Creek Corella Creek Corner Creek Mount Cottell Craig Creek Crane Gully Crocodile Waterhole Crooked Creek Cross Creek Crystalbrook Culgar Cummings Creek Cutting Creek Dam Creek Dans Creek Daradge Creek Dargo Range Darkies Creek Darkies Knob Daylight Creek Dead Calf Creek Dead Finish Creek Deadman Creek Deadman Gully Deception Creek Deep Creek Deep Gully Mount Delaney Dempseys Peak Deo Hill Derwent Creek Desert Creek Devils Waterhole Dicky Hill Diddleluma Creek Diggers Creek Dingo Creek Dingo Hill Dinner Creek Dinner Falls Diplock Creek Doolan Creek Double Barrel Creek Douglas Creek Dreadnought Gully Driscolls Hill Drummers Creek Drummers Waterhole Dry Creek Dry River Duck Creek Duffers Creek Dulbil Weir Dynes Mount Eagle East Creek Eastine Creek Eccles Creek Eclipse Cave Eclipse Creek Eight Mile Creek Eight Mile Mountain Eight Mile Waterhole Elasticside Creek Election Mountain Elganbar Creek Elizabeth Bluffs Elsie Creek Emerald Hill Mount Emerald Emerson Emma Creek Emmerson Gap Emu Creek Mount Emu Erin Creek Eureka Creek Evelyn Creek Excelsior Pinnacle Expedition Creek Explorer Creek Extended Range Falls Creek Featherbed Range Fifteen Mile Creek Fifteen Mile Range Fifteen Mile Waterhole Fig Tree Creek Fig Tree Hill Fireclay Creek Fisherman Waterhole Five Mile Creek Flaggy Creek Flat Rock Waterhole Fluorspar Flying Fox Crossing Fogarty Creek Formation Creek Fortunata Creek Fossil Brook Fossilbrook Creek Four Mile Creek Frenchy Creek Frewhurst Friday Creek Frog Hollow Creek Fulford Creek Fullerton Creek Fumar Fungus Creek Fuzzy Hill Fynns Creek Galala Range Gap Creek Garden Creek Mount Garling Gavin Geaneys Creek Geaneys Knob Geebung Creek Geebung Hill Gelaro Generals Plain George Creek Gibbs Creek Giblets Peak Gibraltar Creek Gibson Gully Mount Gibson Gilbey Creek Gingerla Girofla Creek Gladstone Creek Glen Creek Glenlinedale Glutton Creek Golden Grove Goldfield Creek Good Gully Gorge Creek Gowrie Creek Graham Gully Granite Creek Grant Creek Graves Creek Graves Pinnacle Green Creek Gregory Creek Griffith Creek Growler Creek Gum Tree Hill Gunnawarra Creek Gyp Swamp Creek Halpin Halpin Creek Hammond Creek Harveys Creek Hayes Creek Herbert Creek Herberton Range Hermans Creek Hermans Hill Hermit Hill Hobble Creek Hoot Hill Hopscotch Creek Horse Creek Horse Swamp Horse Swamp Creek Hot Springs Creek Hugh Nelson Range Humbug Creek Mount Hypipamee Ibis Creek Mount Ida Indicator Hill Innot Hot Springs Iron Mountain Ironside Creek Ironstone Creek Ironstone Gully Mount Ironstone Irvinebank Ismailia Ixe Creek Ixe Mountain Jacksons Creek James Creek Jamie Creek Jamtin Creek John Dhu Creek Jubilee Cave Jubilee Creek Jubilee Mountain Jumna Creek Junction Creek Junevale Mount Kallon Kangaroo Creek Kara Kara Creek Kauri Creek Kiama Creek Kitchen Creek Mount Klaatsch Koogangoona Creek Koorboora Koorboora Creek Kulugna Lags Creek Laheys Creek Lappa Lappa Creek Lassies Creek Lawyer Creek Lead Creek Lead Hill Leadingham Leadingham Creek Leafgold Leafgold Weir Lemonside Lily Creek Lily Lagoon Lime Creek Limestone Creek Lion Mountain Little Black Gin Creek Little Dinner Creek Little Emu Creek Little Muldiva Creek Little Oaky Creek Little Rocky Creek Little Silent Waterhole Little Tommy Creek Little Warby Creek Little Western Creek Little Woolaman Creek Lode Creek Log Gully Long Gully Long Swamp Creek Longland Gap Mount Lucy Mount Luxton Lynd Lyndbrook Macdonald Creek Macks Range Males Creek Malones Gap Marble Creek Marcius Markham Cave Marshall Creek Martin Creek Masterton Mount Masterton Maud Creek Mount May McAlloon Creek Mount McCord McCords Creek Mount McDevitt McDevitts Creek McLeod Hills Mount McLeod Melon Creek Mero Creek Metal Creek Mickery Creek Micky Oaks Gully Middle Creek Mill Creek Millstream Millstream Falls National Park Minnemore Creek Mount Misery Mount Missler Mount Mist Moonmyata Creek Moran Creek Morgan Creek Mount Hypipamee National Park Mountain Camp Hills Mowbray Creek Muddy Creek Muirson Creek Muirson Pinnacle Muldiva Muldiva Creek Muldiva Crossing Mullaburra Mullaburra Creek Mulligan Creek Munderra Mungana Munro Creek Murphys Creek Mutchilba Myosotis Mystery Creek Mystery Hill Nanyeta Creek Narcotic Creek Nardello Lagoon Ned Gully Nettle Creek Nevill New Northcote Nicotine Creek Nightshade Creek Nobbs Creek Nogo Creek Mount Nolan Nolans Creek North Cedar Creek Northan Downs Nuggety Creek Nursery Creek O'Brien Creek Oak Gully Oakey Creek Oaks Oaky Creek Oildrum Creek One Mile Creek One Tree Hill Creek Ootann Opera Creek Ord Orient Creek Oruba Creek Otto Creek P Creek Packers Creek Packsaddle Creek Paddy Spring Creek Paget Palmtree Creek Pandanus Creek Mount Pandanus Pat And Peter Creek Peaks Gully Pearson Creek Peggy Creek Petford Mount Petty Mount Phillips Piano Cave Pinchgut Creek Pinchgut Pinnacle Pine Creek Pine Log Creek Pinnacle Creek Pinnacle Hill Mount Pinnacle Poison Creek Pool Creek Poona Creek Mount Port Arthur Prairie Creek Pratt Pretty Swamp Price Creek Priors Creek Provan Creek Mount Pudding Basin Quaker Creek Quaker Hill Quandong Creek Quarry Creek Quartz Blow Quimber Creek Racecourse Creek Ragged Creek Rakaia Creek Ramona Creek Range Gully Rankin Creek Rattler Creek Reamba Red Bend Red Hill Redbank Creek Redcap Creek Mount Redcap Reedy Creek Reedy Creek Bluff Reid Creek Revolver Creek Rices Creek Ricket Creek Ringrose Creek Roberts Creek Robinson Creek Robs Range Rock Hole Rocky Creek Rocky Tate River Rocky Whistler Creek Rookwood Rookwood Creek Root Creek Rose Creek Round Mountain Royal Archway Cave Ruby Hill Rudd Rudd Creek Ruddy Gore Creek Rumbottle Creek Running Creek Russian Gully Russian Joe Creek Sailor Gully Salt Creek Saltcoats Saltwater Creek Sandridge Creek Sandy Creek Sandy Tate River Sandy Whistler Creek Sandy Yard Creek Saucebottle Creek Saucebottle Swamp Sawpit Creek Scardon Waterhole Scardons Hill Scrubby Creek Scrubby Hill Sentinal Range Seven Mile Creek Seven Mile Hill Seward Creek Shady Creek Shebas Breasts Sheepyard Creek Sids Hill Silver Creek Silver Valley Simmond Gully Single Barrel Creek Six Mile Creek Six Mile Knob Slaughteryard Creek Sloper Creek Smith Creek Snake Creek Soda Creek Soda Spring Solanum South Cedar Creek Spear Creek Specimen Hill Spider Spider Creek Spinifex Creek Spring Creek Square Rock St Helena Creek St Patrick Hill St Patricks Creek Station Creek Stevens Creek Stewart Creek Stewart Head Stewart Spring Stockyard Creek Stony Creek Story Creek Sugarbag Creek Sugarbag Spring Sunday Creek Sundown Creek Surprise Creek Surveyors Creek Swagmans Camp Creek Swamp Creek Swampy Creek Sylvia Creek Tabacum Table Creek Talbot Creek Tate Spring Creek Taylors Hill Ted Creek Teddy Creek Telegraph Creek Telegraph Gap Tepon The Bluff The Gorge The Lagoons The Millstream The Millstream Falls The Pinnacles Thoa Thompson Creek Three Mile Creek Three Mile Hill Three Sisters Timbered Hill Timora Timsah Tinaroo Tinaroo Creek Tolga Tommy Creek Top Spring Top Spring Creek Toy Creek Trolley Creek Tucker Gully Tumoulin Tunmirendah Creek Turkey Creek Turkinje Turnoff Creek Twelve Mile Creek Twelve Mile Range Twelve Mile Waterhole Two Mile Creek Ubidam Creek Mount Uncle Uramo Waterhole Mount Valentine Verdure Mount Veteran Vine Creek Wade Creek Mount Wade Walkunder Caves Walsh Bluff Walsh Falls Wandoo Creek Wandoo Hill Warby Creek Washaway Creek Watery Gully Watsons Bend Webster Peak Weir Creek Welcome Creek Western Western Creek Western Hill Wet Creek Wet Gully Wheat Creek Wheat Waterhole Whelan Creek Whistler Creek White Creek White Gully Mount White Whitelaw Creek Wilcox Gully Wild Cow Creek Wild River Williamstown Creek Mount Wilson Windy Waterhole Wireyard Creek Wog Hill Wolfram Creek Woolaman Creek Woomunda Wurruma Swamp Wyndham Creek Yadjin Yard Creek Yongala Waterhole Yourka Evelyn Tableland Mapee Batcha Chircan Nyleta Nymbool Opah Parada Piemonte Sunnymount Tumbare Winrpoo Woepen Chillagoe-Mungana Caves National Park Hallorans Hill Conservation Park Hasties Swamp National Park Millstream Conservation Park Millstream Falls Evelyn Conservation Park Kirchner Range Arriga Mill Wondecla Creek North Wondecla Creek Mount Lewis Forest Reserve Herberton Forest Reserve The Bluff State Forest Herberton Range State Forest Arriga Carrington Forty Mile Kaban Kalunga Moomin Watsonville Wondecla Wongabel Crystalbrook Mareeba Shire Springfield Tablelands Regional Council Atherton Plateau Mount Abbott Kays Mountain Wolfram Lady Jane Siding Girofla Siding Griffiths Siding Bontaba Sentinel Range Zillmanton Zilimanton Morganbury Murphy Creek Tumbaree Rocky Bluff Wirpoo Dover Castle Mines Banford Hill Mine Little Gin Creek Bamford Stannary Hills Big Gin Creek Black Gin Creek Silver Dollar Mine Spring Valley Lappa Junction Hales Siding Pioneer Mount Weerimba Upper Barron Weinerts Siding Saint Patrick Hill Montalbion Albion Hill Middle Ridge Lig Siding Lancelot Black Gate Gurrumbah Gurrumba Old Bolwarra Gilmore Gilmore Mine Turulka Tumoulin State Forest Mount William Rumbottle Yards Emmerson Hanging Pinnacle Ravenshoe Tin Return Creek D. J. Lucey Memorial Park Old Amber Outstation Fossil Brook Creek Websters Peak Ben Avon Station Charles Knob Sundown Outstation Pope Hill Poison Gully Sugarbag Yards Strathfield