Topographic / Ordnance Survey Map

GA SE55-10

GA SE55-10 - Ingham

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This Topographic Map is produced by Geoscience Australia; Australia's national geospatial organisation.
GA topographic maps (many of which are produced in partnership with the Army) are generally older than those maps produced by the State Governments over the same area. This makes GA maps particularly useful for identifying historic features, such as old mines and diggings.
Geoscience Australia maps generally considered to be more pleasing in design and compilation then the more modern State Government productions.

At this scale, 1cm on this map represents 2.5km on the ground (4cm = 10km). A standard map will cover 150km from east to west and 110km from north to south, with a contour interval of 50m. This map contains natural and constructed features including road and rail infrastructure, vegetation, hydrography, contours, localities and some administrative boundaries.

Please note the date of the map, as this will impact the currency of information, particularly regarding infrastructure, roads, etc.

Locations within this Map

Oak Hills Timrith West Creek Hamleigh The White Crystal Muralambeen Burnside Whards Wharps The Orient Kynabra Allendale Pine Creek Kangaroo Hills Shays House Cardwell Halifax Ingham Lucinda Macknade Palm Island Taylors Beach Trebonne Tully Heads Kennedy Abergowrie Abswold Acheron Island Agnes Island Albino Rock Alligator Ponds Allingham Alma Creek Mount Alma Anchorage Point Arnot Creek Mount Arthur Scott Ashton Ashton Creek Attie Creek Baird Creek Bambaroo Bankton Banyan Creek Barber Island Barra Castle Hill Barrett Barretts Lagoon Bedarra Island Bell Creek Bellenden Plains Bemerside Benjamin Flats Mount Bentley Berwick Bewilder Creek Billycan Creek Bilyana Birthday Creek Birthday Falls Bishop Peak Mount Bitalli Black Adder Creek Black Burdekin River Black Cow Creek Black Gin Creek Black Lagoon Black Mountain Blackmore Blady Grass Creek Blencoe Blencoe Creek Blencoe Falls Blue Water Creek Bluewater Creek Bobs Waterhole Boggy Camp Creek Boongarri Creek Boulder Creek Boulder Hill Boulder Mountain Boundary Creek Bowden Island Mount Bowen Bramble Reef Breakaway Creek Brick Creek Bridge Creek Bridle Creek Brisk Island Britomart Reef Broadwater Creek Broken Pole Creek Brook Islands Brook Shoal Bulgaroo Swamp Bullock Creek Bullocky Toms Creek Bullumbooroo Bay Burgamoo Mount Burnett Butler Bay Byabra Creek Cadillah Creek Mount Cadillah Calka Calliope Channel Cameron Creek Mount Cameron Camp Creek Canoe Creek Cardwell Gap Cardwell Range Mount Carruchan Cascade Creek Casement Bay Cassady Beach Cathedral Falls Catherina Creek Cattle Creek Cement Creek Challenger Bay Channel Rock Charley Creek Chilcott Rocks Clarkson Creek Mount Claro Cleanskin Creek Clerk Creek Cloudy Creek Mount Collins Combo Conn Conn Creek Conns Crossing Coolbie Coolgaree Bay Coolgood Bay Coombe Island Cordelia Cordelia Rocks Mount Cordelia Corduroy Creek Mount Creagh Cromwell Crystal Creek Mount Cudmore Curacoa Island Curacoa Channel Czar Creek Dallachy Dallachy Creek Dalrymple Creek Dalrymple Gap Damper Creek Damper Hill Davidsons Landing Deep Creek Delta Creek Deluge Inlet Mount Diamantina Dido Rock Dingo Creek Dingo Mountain Dingo Spring Dipyard Creek Disaster Creek Dolby Creek Dora Dora Creek Mount Dora Double Barrel Creek Douglas Creek Dowse Rocks Dry Stone Creek Duncan Bluff Dundonald Creek Dungeness Dungeness Creek Dungeness Harbour Dunn Creek Mount Duo Easter Creek Echo Creek Mount Echo Eclipse Island Mount Edgar Eight Mile Creek Eleanor Creek Electra Head Elizabeth Group Elk Cliff Ellerbeck Elphinstone Creek Enterprise Channel Esk Island Ethel Creek Eva Island Mount Facing Falcon Island Family Islands Fantome Island Mount Farquharson Fawn Head Fifteen Mile Creek Fig Tree Creek Fisher Creek Fisherman Point Five Mile Creek Flaggy Creek Flagstone Creek Fly Island Foresthome Forrest Beach Four Mile Creek Mount Fox Foxlees Lookout Frances Creek Fungus Creek Gairloch Galdra Creek Gap Creek Garden Island Gardes Hut Gardiner Mountain Garrawalt Garrawalt Creek Garrawalt Falls Gayundah Creek Gentle Annie Creek George Creek George Point Mount George Gillespie Creek Glenbora Goalong Creek Goddard Range Gold Creek Good Camp Creek Googarra Beach Goold Island Goold Island National Park Goose Lagoon Gowrie Creek Gracie Creek Mount Graham Great Palm Island Greenwood Hill Mount Grey Halifax Bay Harrier Point Havannah Island Hawkins Creek Mount Hawkins Hay Creek Haycock Island Hayman Point Hayman Rock Hazard Bay Hecate Hecate Point Mount Helen Helens Hill Henrietta Creek Herbert River Herkes Herkes Creek Hermit Creek Hermitville Hidden Valley Creek Hillock Point Hinchinbrook Channel Hinchinbrook Island National Park Hinchinbrook Island Hinkler Falls Home Creek Horse Shoe Swamp Horse Swamp Creek Mount Hosie Mount Houston Hudson Island Iguana Creek Insulator Creek Iris Point Iron Creek Ironstone Creek Jacky Jacky Creek Jap Creek Jimmy Creek Mount Jimmy Jocks Lodge Johnstones Hut Mount Jones Jourama Falls Jump Up Creek Juno Bay Kangaroo Creek Karra Kelso Reef Kennedy Creek Kennedy Shoal Kirkville Hills Kirrama Kirrama Creek Kirrama Range Knoloban Kroman Krugers Hill Lady Elliot Reef Lagoon Creek Lannercost Lannercost Creek Laurence Creek Leach Leach Creek Mount Leach Lee Creek Mount Lee Leefe Leefe Peak Leichhardt Creek Leigh Creek Lemon Creek Lily Creek Lily Lagoon Lily Pond Lily Pond Creek Little Cameron Creek Little Crystal Creek Little Eleanor Creek Little Gin Creek Log Bridge Creek Log Creek Long Gully Long Pocket Lorna Creek Lottery Creek Lucinda Point Lucy Creek Macalister Mountains Mount Macalister Macausland Creek Macknade Creek Mailborree Mandam Mango Tree Mangrove Island Mangrove Point Manor Creek Mount Maragen Marathon Mount Margaret Mount Marsey Mary Creek Maurant Creek McLean Creek McLeod Creek Mendel Creek Mount Mercer Merrybank Creek Messmate Creek Meunga Meunga Creek Michael Creek Middle Island Midway Creek Miners Creek Miranda Point Missionary Bay Mistake Creek Molonga Creek Moongobulla Morris Creek Mosquito Creek Mount Elphinstone Range Mount Leach Range Mountain Creek Muddy Creek Mullers Creek Mulligan Bay Murray Falls Murray River Murray River Upper Murrigal Mutarnee Myra Creek Nelson Creek Newman Creek Niagara Nigger Creek Nina Peak Nolans Gully North Blencoe Creek North Branch North East Bay North Island North Murray River Numbal Numbullabudgee Bay Oaky Creek Oil Drum Creek One Mile Creek Orient Creek Orpheus Island Otter Reef Owl Creek Oyster Point Oyster Rock Pagalla Palm Palm Creek Palm Islands Paluma Creek Paluma Rock Lake Paluma Pandanus Creek Pandora Reef Parra Parsons Creek Pee Rahm Ah Island Pelorus Island Pencil Bay Mount Pershouse Petermun Springs Phillips Reef Picnic Beach Pig Creek Pigeon Box Creek Pigeon Creek Pineapple Creek Pinnacle Hill Pintpot Creek Pioneer Bay Pitt Mount Pitt Plum Tree Creek Plunkett Creek Poison Creek Pombel Porter Creek Post Office Creek Pound Creek Poverty Creek Prospector Creek Pungi Creek Puzzle Creek Quartpot Creek Quicksand Creek Racecourse Creek Ramsay Bay Ramsden Ranko Rapid Creek Raspberry Creek Raspberry Falls Red Hill Regina Bay Reis Point Rib Reef Cape Richards Ripple Creek Riversdale Rock Pillar Rockami Creek Rockingham Rockingham Bay Rockingham Bay Range Rocky Point Round Hill Round Top Ruby Gully Running Creek Mount Ryan Ryeburn Saddle Creek Sail Rock Sandstone Creek Cape Sandwich Sandy Creek Sawpit Creek Sawpit Gully Scraggy Point Scrubby Creek Scrubview Seaforth Channel Seaview Creek Seaview Range Mount Separation Seymour River Shepherd Bay Sinballa Point Six Mile Creek Skardon Crossing Slopeaway Smith Island Smith Island National Park Smoko Creek Mount Smoko Snake Creek South East Cape South Gardiner Mountain South Island Mount Spec Spring Creek Spring Creek North Branch Spring Creek South Branch Star Creek Station Creek Steamer Passage Stone Stone River Stone River East Branch Stone River Western Branch Stonehill Creek Stoneleigh Hinchinbrook Shire Stony Creek Straloch Mount Straloch Mount Sullivan Sunbeam Creek Sunday Creek Sunset Gap Surprise Creek Swamp Creek Sword Creek Tabletop Mountain Takalgee Ten Mile Creek Thangi The Bluff The Casements The Escarpment The Haven The Pinnacles The Rocks The Thumb Mount Thorn Three Mile Creek Tide Gauge Island Tinkle Creek Tomlin Creek Toobanna Trebonne Creek Trevor Creek Trunk Reef Tuckers Lookout Tully River Tween Island Twelve Mile Creek Twin Creeks Two Mile Creek Twoagarra Tyson Upper Stone Victoria Creek Wairuna Wallaby Point Wallaman Falls Warringha Watercress Creek Waterfall Creek Waterview Waterview Creek Weelkan Weiss Creek Mount Westminster Abbey Wheeler Island White Adder Creek Whitfield Creek Wigwam Creek Wilkin Hill Williams Creek Windy Post Witts Lookout Woodfield Creek Wreck Creek Mount Wyruna Yamanie Creek Yellerai Creek Yellow Waterhole Yingalinda Beach Yuccabine Creek Yuruga Zoe Bay Bedford Creek Barrilgie Tokalon Brook Islands National Park Djilgarin Conservation Park Edmund Kennedy National Park Halifax Bay Wetlands National Park Hinchinbrook Lookout Orpheus Island National Park Euramo Kirrama Conservation Park Mount Fox State Forest Reg Ward Reef Duncan Reef Barnett Patches Bandjin Reefs Blackrock Braemeadows Orient Peacock Siding Victoria Plantation Wallaman Hinchinbrook Channel National Park Walker Reef Garrawalt Forest Reserve Kirrama National Park Kirrama National Park Recovery Abergowrie State Forest Cardwell State Forest Paluma State Forest Murray Upper National Park Meunga Forest Reserve Girringun National Park Cardwell Forest Reserve Palm Island Hinchinbrook Shire Palm Island Palm Island Shire Carruchan Hinchinbrook Lumholtz Murray Upper Warrami Rungoo Lower Tully Hull Heads Great Barrier Reef Bolshoy Baryernyy Rif The Great Barrier Reef The Great Barrier Reefs Cannabullen Creek Richards Island Bedarra Toolgbar Wheeler Islet Kurrumbah Smith Islet Combe Islet Bowden Islet Budg-joo King Ranch Bird Island Coolah Hudson Islet Goddard Creek Fly Point Fiy Point Alma Gap Eva Islet Smoky Creek Elphinstone Range Port Hinchinbrook Port of Hinchinbrook Seven Sisters MacAlister Mountains Mount Blackman Mac Allister Range Sugarloaf Hill Leafe Peak Creek Yard Creek Leafe Peak Mount Slopeaway Bishops Peak Neames Creek Seaforth Entrance Bald Hill Mount Gardiner North Palm Island Seymour Lilypond Mount Catherina North Gairloch Gairlock Cassidy Cassady South Ingham Victoria Estate Palm Isles East Branch Stone River Morris Siding Warrens Hill Basalt Hill White Rock Barber Islet Tamarak Fly Islet Wallaman Falls National Park Knuckle Downs Mount Fox Tableland State Forest Scrub View Large Salt-Water Creek Round Mountain Paluma Dam Ollera Creek Barry Creek Cordelia Rock Witts Mountain