Topographic / Ordnance Survey Map

GA SE55-14

GA SE55-14 - Townsville

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This Topographic Map is produced by Geoscience Australia; Australia's national geospatial organisation.
GA topographic maps (many of which are produced in partnership with the Army) are generally older than those maps produced by the State Governments over the same area. This makes GA maps particularly useful for identifying historic features, such as old mines and diggings.
Geoscience Australia maps generally considered to be more pleasing in design and compilation then the more modern State Government productions.

At this scale, 1cm on this map represents 2.5km on the ground (4cm = 10km). A standard map will cover 150km from east to west and 110km from north to south, with a contour interval of 50m. This map contains natural and constructed features including road and rail infrastructure, vegetation, hydrography, contours, localities and some administrative boundaries.

Please note the date of the map, as this will impact the currency of information, particularly regarding infrastructure, roads, etc.

Locations within this Map

Waverley Mountain Acres Riverview Kallanda Zig Zag Creek Lone Pine Hinchinbrook Park Charlesford Carinya Springvale New Moon Mountain View Glenborough Glen Retreat Kataughal Bullooloola Heleen Downs Rocky Bend Laroona Hervey Park Hannon Downs Mount Oweenee Lassies Creek Narraweena Rocky Springs Battery Laudham Park Starbright Granite Vale Woodlands Ruthwaite Woodstock Stone Hut Allensleigh Hillgrove Dotswood Glen Downs Bluff Downs Mirambeena The Valley Eumara Springs Myrtlevale Fanning River Marlow Taranna Flora Valley Glendale Fletcher Vale Box Forest Gainsford Meadowvale Square Post Springview Lochwall Fletcher Dale Maidavale Somerset Fletcher View Burdekin Downs Merrigum Glenkirk Percy Springs Pandanus Vale Anavale Virginia Park Grass Hut Collopy Glenell North Acacia Vale Forest Home Kirk River Myrrlumbing Fern Spring Glenell South Balgal Beach Alice River Alligator Creek Arcadia Bay Bohle Plains Bushland Beach Deeragun Horseshoe Bay Jensen Mount Low Nelly Bay Pallarenda Picnic Bay Saunders Beach Thuringowa Townsville Toomulla Acacia Creek Acacia Springs Alick Creek Allingham Allingham Creek Alma Bay Alma Creek Althaus Creek Antill Creek Antill Plains Antill Plains Creek Argea Argentine Arsenic Gully Arthur Bay Arthur Creek Arthur Peak Aster Back Creek Balding Bay Balgal Banana Creek Bark Gully Basalt River Battery Gully Bay Rock Bazaine Bee Ran Beehive Dam Ben Lomond East Ben Lomond West Bend Pinnacle Beor Big Jack Big Plumtree Creek Billy Creek Bird Gorge Birigaba Birthday Hills Biscuit Creek Black Weir Black Dingo Gully Black Gin Creek Black Mountain Black River Mount Black Blackfella Creek Blackfriars Blackheath Blackmore Blacksoil Gully Blakoe Creek Blisters Swamp Blue Gum Creek Blue Range Bluewater Bluewater Beach Bluewater Creek Mount Bluey Bluff Creek Mount Boddington Bog Hole Creek Bohle Bohle River Mount Bohle Bolger Bay Boolangalla Boomerang Creek Bottle Creek Boundary Creek Boundary Hill Bowers Creek Mount Bradley Bramble Rock Breadfruit Creek Break Fire Creek Breddans Gully Breecher Creek Bremner Point Bright Point Brinagee Creek Brittany Creek Broken Arm Creek Brook Creek Brookhill Brown Creek Brown Mountain Mount Brown Brumby Creek Brumby Gully Bucket Creek Bullock Creek Bunkers Hill Burdekin Burdekin Rock Burnt Hut Creek Butlers Creek Butterfly Creek Calcium Cameron Hill Camp Creek Camp Oven Creek Canal Creek Canopus Cardington Carlyon Creek Casey Spring Castle Hill Mount Cataract Cattle Creek Central Creek Cerberus Charters Towers Chinaman Creek Christmas Creek Christys Creek Circle View Mountain Clarke Creek Clayhole Hills Cleanskin Creek Clemant Cleveland Bay Club Creek Coane Coane Range Cobarra Cockatoo Creek Cockle Bay Cocoa Creek Columbia Creek Coonambelah Coopers Creek Coppermine Creek Cowhead Mountain Crimea Crocodile Creek Crooked Creek Crooked Gully Cultivation Gully Cunningham Cusack Creek Dairy Creek Dalrymple Danishman Creek Dead Man Gully Deadman Creek Deception Creek Deep Creek Dick Creek Dillon Creek Dingo Creek Dingo Gully Dinner Creek Donovans Creek Dora Creek Double Barrel Creek Double Barrel Creek North Branch Douglas Creek Douglas Hill Mount Douglas Drinkwater Creek Drynoch Duck Creek Duckhole Branch Duckhole Waterhole Mount Dudley Dunns Gully Dutchmans Lake Eagle Hawk Creek Eaglehawk Creek Eastern Breakwater Eight Mile Creek Elbow Gully Ella Creek Mount Elliot Elphinstone Emu Apple Creek Emu Creek Emysland Endeavour Creek Eneby Engow Eridge Ethel Creek Ettrick Eumara Eumara Lake Ewan Exley Expedition Creek Falls Creek Fanning Fanning River East Branch Fanning River West Branch Fern Creek Fern Spring Creek Fig Tree Waterhole Five Head Creek Five Mile Creek Flagstone Flagstone Creek Fletcher Creek Florence Bay Footes Hill Four Mile Creek Four Mile Gully Fourteen Mile Creek Mount Foxton Frederick Peak Mount Fullstop Gains Creek Game Hill Gap Creek Garbutt Geoffrey Bay Mount George Gibber Gully Gibraltar Mount Gibson Gilligan Creek Gin Hills Girranjah Gladstone Creek Glenrock Godwins Peak Goertz Goertz Creek Golden Valley Creek Goondi Creek Gordon Creek Gorge Creek Gowrie Bay Granite Granite Creek Grasshopper Creek Grasshopper Range Great Basalt Wall Gum Waterhole Gustav Creek Half Mile Creek Halifax Mount Halifax Hann Creek Hardwick Haughton Valley Hawkings Point Healy Creek Heathfield Hell Hole Creek Hellhole Creek Hells Gates Hencamp Creek Herald Island Hervey Hervey Range Hinchinbrook Holborn Horse Camp Creek Horse Camp Hill Horse Creek Horse Pocket Horse Shoe Bend Hospital Creek Mount Hotspur Humpybong Creek Huntingfield Bay Hurdle Creek Ironbark Gully Jack Creek Mount Jack Mount Janie Jarvis Waterhole Jessies Gully Jimmy Creek Jimmys Lagoon Jimmys Lookout Joyce Bay Julia Creek Mount Julia Jupiter Creek Kadara Kaisers Gully Keelbottom Creek Keelbottom Creek East Branch Keelbottom Creek West Branch Mount Keelbottom Kelly Creek Killymoon Kinyeh Kirks Hill Kissing Point Kitty O'Shea Range Kookaburra Creek Mount Kukiandra Kulburn Lagoon Creek Mount Landers Lansdowne Landsdowne Creek Langai Creek Laroona Dam Launs Beach Lavery Creek Leichhardt Creek Lily Creek Lime Creek Limestone Creek Lion Creek Little Bohle River Little Oaky Creek Little Star River Liver Point Log Creek Mount Lollypop Lolworth Creek Long Creek Long Gully Lorne Reef Louisa Creek Mount Louisa Lovers Bay Low Creek Macaulay Creek Magazine Island Magenta Magnetic Magnetic Island Magnetic Island National Park Main Creek Manton Many Peaks Range Marble Gully Mount Margaret Marlow Lagoons Mount Marlow Marmy Creek Marshs Creek Martin Bluff Mount Matthew Maud Bay Medicine Creek Melon Creek Mica Gully Middle Creek Middle Reef Middle Sister Miles Lake Mine Creek Mingela Mitchells Creek Molairo Monkey Island Moonlight Creek Mount Moss Muntalunga Range Nanny Goat Creek Nanny Goat Gorge Narke Creek National Creek Native Dog Creek Naven Creek Ned Lee Creek Nightjar Nobby Head Mount Nokomis Nome Norma Falls Norman Creek Mount Norman Norris Bay Notch Peak Oakey Creek Oaky Creek Ollera Creek One Mile Creek Oombabia Oonoonba Orchard Rocks Orchid Creek Oweenee Owen Lagoon Pack Saddle Creek Pall Mall Pall Mall Spring Cape Pallarenda Paluma Paluma Range Paluma Shoals Pandanus Creek Partington Payne Lagoon Peach Hollow Peach Hollow Knobs Percy Creek Perry Ranges Peters Creek Petersen Creek Piano Gully Piccadilly Creek Piccaninny Creek Piccaninny Mountain Pigeon Box Hill Pine Creek Pinnacle Pinnacle Creek Pintpot Creek Plain Creek Plant Plumtree Creek Pocket Creek Mount Podge Poison Mountain Ponto Creek Pouch Creek Powell Knob Mount Prince Charlie Purono Puzzle Creek Puzzler Creek Pyott Creek Quealban Queens Road Quilp Creek Quilps Tableland Quinine Creek Radical Bay Rattlesnake Island Red Falls Red Lily Lagoon Redbank Creek Reedy Lake Reeve Reeves Lake Reid River Retreat Creek Return Creek Riley Creek Rimbanda Road Waterhole Roberts Gully Rocky Bay Rocky Creek Rocky Gin Creek Rockybar Rokeby Rollingstone Rollingstone Bay Rollingstone Creek Rollingstone Creek East Branch Rollingstone Creek West Branch Ross Ross Creek Ross Island Ross River Round Hill Round Mountain Round Mountain Creek Rowes Bay Running Creek Running River Ruxtons Waterhole Sachs Creek Sailors Rock Saltwater Creek Sandalwood Creek Sandalwood Gully Sandalwood Waterhole Sandfly Creek Sandy Creek Sandy Thornton Creek Saunders Creek Mount Saunders Scrubby Creek Serpentine Lagoon Settlement Creek Settlement Pocket Seven Mile Creek Sharp Elliot Sheep Station Creek Shelly Beach Shelly Creek Shoulder Six Mile Creek Slaty Creek Sleeper Log Creek Slippery Rocks Creek Sliprail Creek Smith Creek Smiths Creek Snake Creek Soldiers Creek Somer Somerset Creek South Double South Pinnacle Southern Cross Creek Southwick Spearpump Creek Mount Spectacle Speed Creek Spinifex Creek Spondulix Creek Spring Creek Spring Gully Spring Lake Spyglass Mountain Mount Square Post St Giles St James Mount St John St Michael Mount St Michael Stag Creek Stake Creek Star Star River Star River Eastern Branch Station Creek Statue Rock Stockyard Creek Mount Stockyard Stonehouse Creek Stony Creek Stony Thornton Creek Stuart Stuart Creek Mount Stuart Mount Success Mount Sugarloaf Sullivan Creek Sulphide Mountain Sunset Gap Surgeons Lookout Surveyors Creek Swindon Sybil Tareela Target Hill Taylor Creek Tea Tree Creek Ten Mile Creek The Bluff The Maze The Maze Creek The Pinnacle The Pinnacles The Saddle The Sisters Mountains The Springs Thornton Creek Thorntons Gap Three Mile Creek Tinker Jack Creek Tomahawk Creek Tomato Creek Tomato Dam Toolakea Toomba Toonpan Lagoon Topsy Creek Towns Creek Townsville West Tribute Creek Truro Tulay Turkey Creek Turkey Flat Creek Turtle Creek Two Mile Creek Two Mile Gin Creek Upset Creek Vanneck Vantassel Creek Virago Shoal W Creek Walkers Creek Wallaroo Hill Warkamai Waterfall Creek Weany Creek Well Creek West Burdekin West Channel West Point Western Breakwater Wheel Creek Wheelbarrow Creek White Falls White Lady Rock White Rock White Springs Whites Creek Whitewater Creek Whitfield Cove Wild Boar Creek Wild Horse Mountain Wild Pig Creek Wilkie Gray Willett Knob Williams Creek Wilson Bay Witts Lookout Woldston Wolfe Lagoon Woodstock Hill Wyoming Yabulu Yamba Lagoon Yard Gin Creek Yarraman Creek Yellowjack Gully Yenoor Young Bay Zero Creek Mount Zero Kurukan Lake Ross Kinduro Oolbun Stanley Cape Pallarenda Conservation Park Dalrymple National Park Horseshoe Bay Lagoon Conservation Park Townsville Town Common Conservation Park Swanfels State Forest Bolger Bay Conservation Park Clemant State Forest Rollingstone Forest Reserve Paluma Range Gulbaru National Park Toomulla Beach Toolakea Beach Breddan Hervey Range Charters Towers Regional Paluma Charters Towers Regional Council Reid River Charters Towers Regional Council Aitkenvale Annandale Arcadia Barringha Beach Holm Belgian Gardens Blue Hills Bluewater Park Burdell Cluden Cosgrove Cranbrook Crystal Creek Currajong Douglas Townsville City Gulliver Gumlow Heatley Hermit Park Hervey Range Townsville City Idalia Julago Kelso Kirwan Lynam Majors Creek Townsville City Mundingburra Murray Mysterton North Ward Oak Valley Paluma Townsville City Pimlico Pinnacles Railway Estate Rangewood Rasmussen Reid River Townsville City Roseneath Rosslea Shaw Shelly Beach Townsville City South Townsville Toonpan Town Common Townsville City Vincent West End Townsville City Wulguru Hyde Park Condon Thuringowa Central Witts Mountain Pudilliba Hinchinbrook Creek Paluma Range National Park Gulbaru National Park Sleepy Log Creek Taravale Fullstop Range Purona Clarke River River Clarke Bohle Creek Many Peak Range Rose Bay Red Cliff Point Platypus Channel Night jar Mount Saint John Melton Hill Townsville Harbour Flagstaff Hill Blind Creek Garbutt Station Garbutts Siding Cudtheringa Mount Cudtheringa Mount Gudtheringa Oonoobah Continong Perry Range Thornton Gap Partingtons Siding Table Top Killymoon Station Antil Plains Ross River Dam Mount Eliot Barringna Sharp Eliot Valpree Wolfe Lagoons Hill Grove Mount Saint Michael Philps Siding Phillips Siding North Kennedy District Kopi Arthurs Peak Pickaninny Mountain Linden Hills Arthurs Creek Lake Reeves Soldier Creek Salas Siding Southern Creek Macrossan