Topographic / Ordnance Survey Map

GA SF50-02

Dampier Special
GA SF50-02 - Dampier Special

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This Topographic Map is produced by Geoscience Australia; Australia's national geospatial organisation.
GA topographic maps (many of which are produced in partnership with the Army) are generally older than those maps produced by the State Governments over the same area. This makes GA maps particularly useful for identifying historic features, such as old mines and diggings.
Geoscience Australia maps generally considered to be more pleasing in design and compilation then the more modern State Government productions.

At this scale, 1cm on this map represents 2.5km on the ground (4cm = 10km). A standard map will cover 150km from east to west and 110km from north to south, with a contour interval of 50m. This map contains natural and constructed features including road and rail infrastructure, vegetation, hydrography, contours, localities and some administrative boundaries.

Please note the date of the map, as this will impact the currency of information, particularly regarding infrastructure, roads, etc.

Locations within this Map

Tryal Rocks Dampier Karratha 11 Mile Well 13 Mile Well 2 Mile Bore 3 Mile Soak 3 Mile Well 4 Mile Creek 4 Mile Mill and Tank 40 Mile Beach 5 Mile Bore 5 Mile Well 6 Mile Well 8 Mile Well Abutilon Island Aden Cove Ah Chong Island Alpha Island Angel Island Angus Reef Anna Beach Ant Point Ant Well Ashworth Shoal Aster Island Atriplex Island Attlee Point Avicennia Island Bacon Hill Baldwin Point Balfour Point Bandicoot Bay Banksia Island Bardies Tank Bare Rock Barrawanga Creek Barrow Island Barrow Island Aerodrom Barrow Island Marine Park Barrow Island Nature Reserve Baynton Baynton Hill Bear Hill Beaufortia Island Beaver Hill Benedictine Bay Biggada Creek Bill Well Birthday Island Black Hawk Bay Black Hill Well Black Rock Bloodwood Island Bluebell Island Bluff Point Boab Island Boar Hill Boat Rock Boiler Rock Boodanmurra Hill Boodie Island Boomer Passage Boomerang Island Boronia Island Bottom Bore Boundary Well Brandy Bay Bridled Island Brigadier Island Brooke Island Buffalo Hill Bulgarra Bullock Hide Well Bunsen Channel Burgundy Bay Burrup Burrup Peninsula Buttercup Island Byong Creek Byong Pool Cajuput Island Cajuput Well Caladenia Island Callitris Island Campbell Island Canhams Mine Cape Bruguieres Cape Dupuy Cape Legendre Cape Malouet Cape Poivre Cape Preston Capparis Island Carattis Cardan Pool Carey Island Carnation Island Cassia Island Charrowie Pool Chartreuse Bay Chatham Point Cheedy Tank Cherratta Microwave Repeater Station Cherratta Pool Cherratta Well Chamberlain Point Champagne Bay Channel Islands Channel Reef Channel Rock Chippendale Channel Chiratta Community Chianti Bay Chookie Bay Churchill Point Cider Bay Claret Bay Claret Cove Claypan Well Cleaverville Creek Clematis Island Cockatoo Bore Cockatoo Creek Cockatoo Well Cocoa Beach Cod Bank Cohen Island Collier Rocks Conflict Reef Conzinc Bay Conzinc Island Coolibah Island Corkwood Islands Cormorant Island Corringer Creek Corringer Well Courtenay Head Courtenay Shoal Cove Well Cowaranda Pool Cowrie Cove Crocus Island Crystal Tank Dahlia Island Daisy Island Dampier Archipelago Dampier Primary School Dandelion Island David Bay Delta Island Denison Creek Devil Creek Devil Creek Well Disraeli Point Diver Inlet Dockrell Reef Dolphin Island Dolphin Island Nature Reserve Donald River Dot Island Dots Pool Double Island Dove Point Drambuie Bay Drosera Island Dryandra Island Eaglehawk Island Eagles Nest East Intercourse Island East Lewis Island East Mid Intercourse Island East Rock Edna Well Egret Island Elephant Hill Eliassen Rocks Elphick Nob Enderby Island Enderby Reef Epsilon Island Eramurra Creek Eremophila Island Erikson Bay Euphorbia Island Fairy Tern Island False Summit Faraday Channel Fields Creek Fig Islands Fish Lagoon Fish Well Fitzmaurice Channel Flacourt Bay Flag Island Flying Foam Passage Fortescue Island Fortescue Reef Fortescue Road Fortescue Rock Foul Point Foxglove Island Frankenia Island Gaffs Well Gannet Island Gap Ridge Garden Bore Gardenia Island Geneva Bay Georgeff Reefs Ghandi Well Gidley Island Gimriki Pool Giraffe Hill Gladstone Beach Gladstone Point Gnoorea Gnoorea Point Gnoorea Soak Gnoorea Well Goat Hill Goodenia Island Goodwyn Island Gordon Point Gossypium Island Government Well Granite Well Gregory Well Grevillea Island Grims Bore Grims Well Gum Swamp Gunboat Rock Gwen Creek Hakea Islands Hamersley Channel Hamersley Shoal Hampton Harbour Harbour Mound Hauy Island Haycock Island Haynes Peninsula Hearson Hearson Cove Hermite Island Hibbertia Island Hibiscus Island High Point Hill Brook Well Hock Bay Holden Point Hollyhock Island Home Lagoon Horseflat Well Horseshoe Lagoon Hovea Island How Island Hungerford Bay Hungover Head Illingworth Passage Intercourse Island Ipomoea Island Ivy Island Jaburara Hills James Point Jarrah Islands Jasmine Islands Jean Well Jennifer Creek Jonquil Island Jurat Reserve Kangaroo Hill Karangi Island Karara Island Karratha Aerodrome Karratha Baptist Church Karratha Bay Karratha Country Club Karratha Education Support Ctr Karratha Industrial Estate Karratha Microwave Repeater Station Karratha Pool Karratha Primary School Karratha Roadhouse Karratha Senior High School Karri Islands Keast Island Keg Well Kelvin Channel Kendrew Island Kennedia Island Kevin Richards Memorial Oval King Bay King Point Kingcup Island Kingia Island Koondie Well Kunzea Island Kurrajong Island Lady Nora Island Latitude Point Lawn Well Ledge Point Legendre Island Leopard Hill Leopold Well Leschenaultia Islands Lill Bore Lily Island Lion Hill Little Hill Livistona Island Lloyd George Point Lobelia Island Louis William Lagoon Low Island Lowendal Islands Lowendal Islands Nature Reserve Lulu Creek Lydia Mine Macdonald Point Madeleine Shoals Main Bay Main Point Maitland Bridge Maitland River Malus Islands Man On Rock Islet Mango Bore Mangrove Lagoon Mansion Bay Marcia Bore Mardie Island Marigold Island Marks Point Marney Bay Marri Islands Mattress Point Mawby Island May Rock Mclennan Bank Mcleod Well Melaleuca Island Melbourne Point Melford Creek Mermaid Sound Mermaid Strait Miaree Pool Middle Island Millars Well Millars Well Primary School Miller Rocks Millya Soaks Minnieritchie Islands Mistaken Island Mistletoe Island Montebello Islands Montebello Islands Marine Park Mornong Well Moselle Bay Mount Burrup Mount Leopold Mount Marie Mount Potter Mount Preston Mount Prinsep Mount Regal Mount Rough Mount Sholl Mount Wilkie Mount Wongama Mulataga Mulga Islands Munni Munni Creek Mushroom Island Mushroom Rock Myoporum Island Nelson Rocks Nest Head Nickol Nickol Bay Nickol Bay Hospital Nickol Bore Nickol Bridge Nickol River Nickol River Hill Nickol River Mine Nickol Well No. 5 Well No. 50 Well No. 52 Well No. 6 Well Norbill Bay Normie Well North Channel North East Regnard Island North East Regnard Island Nature Reserve North West Island North West Reefs Northwest Christian Fellowship Church O'Grady Shoal Overhanging Rock Oyster Rock Palmerston Point Pansies Well Pansy Island Panther Hill Parakeelya Island Parker Point Parting Pool Pasco Island Patersonia Island Pats Bore Pattersons Hut Well Pearl Rocks Pegs Creek Pegs Creek Primary School Pemberton Island Peter Samson Well Petersen Rock Phillamunga Soak Phillamunga Well and Outcamp Phillip Point Pimelea Island Pitt Point Plain Grass Well Point O'Keefe Poivre Reef Potter Island Preston Island Preston Spit Primrose Island Prince Island Prinsep Well Ptilotus Island Pueblo Shoal Quandong Islands Quartermaine Island Quartz Hill Racecourse Pool Recovery Beach Regal Well Regnard Bay Renewal Island Rhagodia Island Rocky Head Roe Point Roly Rock Roo Cove Rose Island Rosemary Island Rosette Bay Round Island Rum Cove Ruths Well Sack Bay Sailfish Reefs Sandy Island Santalum Island Seal Passage Searipple Passage Senna Island Sesbania Island Shallow Well Shark Point Sharp Peak Sherry Lagoon Shoal Bay Sholl Island Sida Island Slopers Soak Slopers Well Sloping Point Snakewood Island Snappy Gum Island Snells Well Solanum Island South Channel South Dixon South East Island South East Reef South End South West Reef South West Regnard Island South West Rock Spar Island Speckled Hill Spinifex Island Springs Well St Lukes College St Pauls Primary School Station Hill Steamboat Island Stephenson Channel Stewart Island Stewart Rocks Stokes Point Stone Well Stout Bay Stove Hill Streeter Inlet Stud Well Stylidium Island Submarine Rock Sunday Peak Surf Point Swainsona Island Tambrey Primary School Terminal Creek The Chair The Ledge The Man In the Boat Three Peaks Tidepole Island Tiger Hill Tin Hut Well Tish Point Tish Reef Tobacco Well Todd Bay Tom Well Toorare Pool Town Point Tozer Island Tozers Well Trimouille Island Tringa Rock Triodia Island Tullawar Pool Turtle Bay Turtle Lagoon Twin Table Hills Varanus Island Vermouth Lagoon Verticordia Island Victoria Rock Violet Island Vodka Beach Walcott Island Walpole Point Walter Bore Wapet Camp Wapet Landing Watering Cove Well Beach West Bay West Camp Well West Intercourse Island West Lewis Island West Mid Intercourse Island Whale Rock Whalers Bay Wheatstone Channel Whisky Bay White Peak White Ridge Whites Beach Whitlock Cove Whittaker Island Whyjabby Pool Whyjabby Well Wilcox Island Wild Wave Lagoon Willy Nilly Lagoon Withnell Bay Yagobiddy Creek Yanyare River Yanyare Waterhole Yearling Well Yerwararron Hill Hammersley Shoal Trimmouille Island South-east Islet Hauy Islet Flag Islet Flying Foam Pass Boat Passage Goodwyn Islet Withnell Bay Terminal North West Reef Philip Point Lowendal Islets Veranus Island Egret Islet Mistaken Islet Haycock Islet East Middle Intercourse Island South West Reefs Low Islet Sandy Ledge Double Islet Thirteen Mile Well Pegs Well Shirley Well Lowes Well Kadjepur Well North-east Regnard Islet Toms Well McCleods Well The Man in the Boat Crystal Well Cheedys Well Stones Well South-west Regnard Islet Melfont Creek Bettys Well Five Mile Well Steamboat Islet Preston Islet Millys Well Walters Well Pats Well Devils Brook Well Yanyare Well Normies Well Mornang Well Ednas Well OGrady Shoal Devils Den Creek Peters Tank Gordon Well Stewart Islet Tin Hat Well Peter Sampson Well Mount Baynton Aeroplane Well Stakes Point Whygabbin Well Twin Table Hill Fortescue Islet Earlings Well Fortescue Rocks North Fortescue Reef Mangrove Island Horse Flat Well Pansy Well Mardi Island Mardi Islet South Fortescue Reef Pasco Islet Eliasson Rocks Hillbrook Well Lills Well Round Islet Gnarrarrie Moondle Well Mardie Rock Mardi Rock Fortescue River Wash Pool