Topographic / Ordnance Survey Map

GA SF50-04

Port Hedland Special
GA SF50-04 - Port Hedland Special

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This Topographic Map is produced by Geoscience Australia; Australia's national geospatial organisation.
GA topographic maps (many of which are produced in partnership with the Army) are generally older than those maps produced by the State Governments over the same area. This makes GA maps particularly useful for identifying historic features, such as old mines and diggings.
Geoscience Australia maps generally considered to be more pleasing in design and compilation then the more modern State Government productions.

At this scale, 1cm on this map represents 2.5km on the ground (4cm = 10km). A standard map will cover 150km from east to west and 110km from north to south, with a contour interval of 50m. This map contains natural and constructed features including road and rail infrastructure, vegetation, hydrography, contours, localities and some administrative boundaries.

Please note the date of the map, as this will impact the currency of information, particularly regarding infrastructure, roads, etc.

Locations within this Map

Port Hedland 1 Mile Well 1 Mile Creek 10 Mile Well 2 Mile Well 3 Mile Well 31 Mile Well 4 Mile Creek 4 Mile Well 40 Mile Well 42 Mile Well 5 Mile Creek 6 Mile Bore 6 Mile Creek 6 Mile Well 7 Mile Well 8 Mile Creek 82 Mile Well 9 Mile Well Adam Well Aermotor Well Airey Point Ajax Well Alecs Well Amphinome Shoals Anderson Point Andersons Paddock Well Andys Well Angies Dam Anzac Well Artesian Bore Baddanbung Well Baker Bore Balbryna Well Baler Primary School Banks Well Banningarra Creek Banningarra Spring Banningarra Well Barker Well Bastian Well Baynes Well Bedout Island Bedout Island Nature Reserve Beebingarra Creek Bendhu Creek Beti Beti Well Bhp Billiton Marrapikurinya Park Bibberene Claypan Bibbin Well Bibbin Well Microwave Repeater Station Big Cattle Well Big Hill Well Billabong Well Bills Well Billy Well Billys Well Bing Biscay Well Biscayis Well Black Tank Well Blue Hills Well Bluff Well Bobs Bore Bond & Fisher Well Bonds Well Boodabine Well Boodarie Boodarie Hill Bore Creek Boss Well Bottom Pear Well Boundary Well Box Creek Well Box Soak Razorback Box Soak Well Breaker Inlet Brick Well Brolga Bore Browns Well Bubba Currie Well Bulganyah Lake Bulgarene Creek Bulgarene Well Bulkrobin Well Bullen Hill Bungabar Well Bungalow Well Bungamuchlyn Well Bungamucklen Well Bunmuniu Well Burgess Point Cairn Microwave Repeater Station Cajarina Well Calerooloondinya Well Camel Well Cape Keraudren Captain Bert Madigan Park Carey Well Carleecardoocoverner Pool Carleecarleethong Pool Carlindi Well Carlindie Carlindie Hill Carlindie Pool Carns Well Carowehyna Well Carraba Creek Carraba Well Carraleenya Pool Carraleenya Well Cartaminia Point Cartaminia Point Reef Cartaminia Well Carubumya Well Cassia Education Support Centre Cassia Primary School Cattle Creek Cattle Well Chidda Chidda Pool Chidna Well Centipede Well Chilbrynyah Bore Chilgareenya Well Chillerina Well Chinnamon Creek Chinnaroung Bore Chinnaroung Well Chetanar Well Chituma Well Chook Well Chookabraneeina Well Chowra Well Christmas Well Clancy Well Claypan Well Coast Well Cobilyah Well Coffey Well Colin Matheson Oval Collins Well Condini Landing Condon Creek Condon Well Conroy Well Construction Camp Coogeenariner Pool Coogiearrina Well Cooke Bluff Hill Cooke Point Cooke Point Primary School Cookes Hill Coolan Well Coolenar Pool Cooleydong Well Cooliarin Pool Cooliarin Well Coolie Coolie Well Coolie Well Coolkeranya Well Coombarimyah Well Coomberangyah Well Coomberianyah Lake Coongan Coongan Community Coongan River Coongan Well Coonterunah Pool Coonterunah Well Coorunya Well Cootenbrand Creek Cootenbrand Well Cootiwantee Pool Corbin Well Corner Well Cosacana Well Cotton Well Coudina Well Cralbra Well Crawford Well Crawfords Bore Creek Bore Creek Well Culba Well Cuttangunah Well Dale Well Dalray Well Dam Well Darkies Well Davis Well De Grey De Grey Bridge De Grey River De Grey-Mullewa Stock Route Dead Dog Bore Deep Well Dewars Well Dingo Pool Dingo Spring Dingo Spring Well Dingo Well Dinner Camp Well Dolliminnie Well Don Rhodes Mining Museum Park Donald Well Doneys Well Donnison Well Dons Well Doogiedogerner Well Doolena Gap Doolena Peak Doolena Pool Doolena Well Downes Island Drive Well Drovers Rest Community Duffs Well East Creek East Strelley River Eastwood Well Edenuenya Well Edgar Well Egan Well Egg Creek Egg Creek Bore Egg Creek Well Eginbah Eginbah Well Ellarine Well Ellerene Well Ellery Well Emu Corner Well Emu Well Errinya Soak Ettrick Euclarobin Well Far Well Farrel Well Farrell Well Faulkner Well Faye Gladstone Courts Felix Well Fence Camp Well Fey Hill Fey Well Fingerpost Creek Fingerpost Well Finucane Finucane Island Finucane Island Club Firewood Creek Florrie Well Florries Well Fowl Creek Frank Well Franks Well Fred Well Frederick Well Freds Well Gallie Bore Garden Creek Garden Well George Well Gerrie Well Ginderwoorener Pool Goldsworthy Goldsworthy Bore Good Night Yard Gorge Creek Well Gorge Range Government Bore Government Well Granite Well Grass Plain Well Grengarra Well Gunner Well Gymkhana Well Hall Well Hansen Hill Harbour Hill Hardy Well Harper Well Harriet Point Harry Well Harrys Bore Hawk Nest Well Hedland Baptist Church Hedland Senior High School Higgens Well Higgin Well Higgins Well Hines Well Hoboken Well Home Paddock Bore Home Paddock Well Home Well Homestead Bore Homestead Well Honeymoon Well Hoodoo Well Howard Well Hunt Hill Hunt Point Hunter Well Illgareenya Well Illgarene Well Indee Indian Ocean Irrimie Well Island Well Ixl Well Jamaica Well Jeedans Bore Jeff Well Jeffery Well Jenkins Well Jimmys Well Jinparinya Community Joes Well Johnson Well Junction Pool Junction Well Kadells Well Kadgewarrina Well Kaiser Well Kaylen Well Kevin Scott Oval Kimberley Bore Kimmys Bore Knaptons Well Kobalana New Well Kobalana Well Lake Bore Lalla Rookh Lambs Well Larrey Point Larrys Well Laurentius Point Lawson Well Leehey Well Leeters Well Letterbox Turnoff Lime Well Limestone Well Little Cattle Well Little Turtle Island Little Windmill Well Lower Pinpin Well Lumsden Point Lynas Find Lynas Well Mac Well Macdonald Well Mackies Well Macmurtry Well Macs Bore Macs Well Madabarina Pool Magpie Range Magpie Well Mainstreet Jetty Maitland Malindra Well Mangrove Creek Mangrove Point Mardacoombania Well Margayker Bore Marie Marland Grounds Markham Well Marlbourgh Well Marloo Pool Marloo Well Marshall Well Marshell Well Marta Marta Community Mcgahn Well Mcphee Creek Medinina Well Meetyou Creek Meetyou Well Menzies Well Merinya Well Merrimerica Hill Merrimerica Well Metter Well Metters Well Miawuryguna Rocks Mick Well Middle Bore Middle Pinpin Well Midgee Midgee Well Mike Bore Milgradong Well Mill On Fence Well Minamonica Well Mindra Well Mindrenooka Well Mine Well Mingdie Pool Minilya Sandbank Minipuka Well Minyarrigan Well Miralga Creek Miralga Pool Miralga Pool Well Miralga Well Mitchell Well Monly Soak Well Montey Bore Monty Well Mookareenya Well Moolagoola Well Moonagunyah Well Moongan Well Mooragoordina Pool Mooramin Claypan Mount Blaze Mount Dove Well Mount Goldsworthy Mount Goldsworthy Aerodrome Mount Grant Mount Grant Microwave Repeater Station Mount St George Mount Woodhouse Muccangarra Pool Muccangarra Well Muirhead Well Mulgadine Well Mulgundoona Hill Mulla Mulla Down Creek Mullumbidgie Well Mulyie Mulyie Pool Munda Well Mungaleena Well Murkingana Well Murphy Well Murraga Well Murrametta Well Myadee Spring Myadee Spring Well Myadee Well Myanna Well Mystery Landing Namagoorie Well Nananah Creek Nananah Well Nancys Well Nanyong Outcamp Nanyong Well Nardeegeecarbilin Pool Nardlah Well Navy Rise Ned Well Nelson Point New Cootenbrand Well New Ridley Well New Shaw Well New Strelley Well New Tampina Well New Well Newman Well Ngarla Coastal Ngamal Community Nimerry Creek Nimingarra Nipper Well No. 1 Well No. 10 Well No. 11 Bore No. 11 Well No. 12 Bore No. 12 Well No. 13 Bore No. 14 Well No. 16 Well No. 2 Bore No. 2 Well No. 3 Well No. 4 Bore No. 4 Well No. 5 Bore No. 5 Well No. 6 Well No. 7 Well No. 8 Well Noba Well North Point North Turtle Island North Turtle Island Nature Reserve Nugget Well Ockwilban Well O'Grady Well Old 42 Mile Well Old Indee Well Old Ridley Well Old Strelley Well Old Tampina Well Olsen Well Opaline Well Open Cut Well Orchard Well Ord Ranges Outcamp Well Outside Well Owen Point Oyster Point Paradise Plains Pardoo Pardoo Bridge Pardoo Creek Pardoo Creek Well Pardoo Outcamp Pardoo Roadhouse Pardoo Spring Pardoo Well Paroo Well Paunia Well Pear Creek Pear Creek Bore Pear Creek Well Pedalingie Well Pedlars Well Peerinya Well Pelican Point Peranyah Well Perrit Well Peshawar Well Petermarer Creek Petermarer Well Peters Well Petersons Well Phenyle Well Pickeranyah Well Pike Well Pilinya Creek Pilinya Well Pindan Well Pingina Well Pink Eyer Well Pinnipindinna Well Pinpin Creek Pinyarry Well Pipinina Well Pippingarra Pippingarra Mine Pippingarra Well Pirinooning Pool Point Bore Point Poolingerena Poissonnier Point Pongawarrah Well Pooca Pools Poocatche Bore Pookingarra Well Poondamurrina Well Poondano Waterhole Poondano Well Poondina Well Port Hedland Aerodrome Port Hedland Community Park Port Hedland Golf Club Port Hedland Primary School Port Hedland Regional Hospital Port Hedland School of the Air Powers Well Pretty Pool Pretty Pool Creek Providence Bore Pump Well Pundano Government Well Pungoworrah Pool Puntanya Pool Puntanya Ridge Pwd Artesian Bore Pwd Bore Pyramid Hill Quartz Well Railway Bore Railway Creek Railway Well Ram Paddock Bore Ram Paddock Well Ram Well Rays Well Red Bank Well Red Hill Red Hill Well Red Point Red Rock Creek Red Rock Well Redbank Reserve Well Rhyne Well Ridley Pool Ridley River Ridleys Well Ripon Island River Well Robbie Well Robbins Well Robert Well Robins Well Robinsons 12 Mile Well Robinsons 5 Mile Well Rockhole Soak Ryan Well Salmon Creek Salt Bore Salt Pool Salt Well Sampson Creek Sampson Well Samson Well Sand Hill Well Santelle Well Sauls Well Schillaman Well Scotties Well Scotty Well Shaw Outcamp Shaw River Shearing Well Shed Paddock Well Shed Well Sheep Well Shell Hill Shellborough Shorty Well Silly Pool Sisters Well Slate Well Sloan Well Smith Point Soda Creek Soda Gorge Spring Soda Well Solitary Island South Creek South East Creek South Hedland South Hedland Primary School South Hedland Sports Complex South Well South West Creek Spinifex Hill Spinifex Well Spit Point Spoil Bank Spring Creek Square Well St Cecilias College Stanley Point Steel Star Well Steep Creek Well Stewarts Well Stingray Creek Stoneyard Creek Stoneyard Well Strelley Strelley Bridge Strelley Community Strelley Eastward Well Strelley Microwave Repeater Station Strelley River Strelley Well Stuart Well Sulphur Springs Creek Supply Well Sweet Well Tabba Tabba Bore Tabba Tabba Tabba Tabba Creek Tabba Tabba Mine Tabba Tabba Well Tabba Well Table Hill Table Top Well Taff Well Talga Peak Talga River Talga Talga Tallyana Well Talye Well Talyebinya Well Talyirina Pool Tatlock Well Techelo Soak Telegram Bore Telegram Well Telephone Bore Telephone Well Thelman Well Thirdenburra Well Tintawarmnyah Pool Tjalka Warra Community Tobundahgunyah Well Tom Well Tommy Well Tongarie Well Tongeralong Well Tonguin Spring Tony Well Tonys Well Toodigrina Well Tooleyong Well Top 42 Mile Well Top Home Well Top Pinpin Well Top Well Townie Well Townshend Well Triangle Pool Triangle Well Trig Hill Trig Hill Well Trig Well Turkey Camp Creek Turkey Camp Well Turner River East Turtle Islands Turtle Point Two Tanks Well Uno Well Urableangah Well Wait A While Well Walinu Well Walla Wallareenya Wallareenya Well Wallaringa Peak Wallyanna Well Wandarrie Well Wangaleena Well Wannabuckery Well Wannurrina Well Wardoomoondener Pool Warnambool Well Warralong Warralong Community Warralong Creek Warrearran Well Warriearran Outcamp Wattle Well Wayeranna Well Webbs Bore Wedgefield Weelarra Well Welburn Pool West Creek West Egg Creek Well West Hill West Strelley River Western Well Westward Well White Gum Well White Hill White Quartz Well White Well Wileys Well Willercobbin Well Williams Well Wingina Well Wodra Well Woggra Well Wonnabuckety Well Woondin Pool Woorabardaree Pool Wylies Well Yambanya Well Yampendong Well Yann Pool Yann Well Yarrie Well Yegin Pool Yindina Bore Ylbalgul Hill Bedout Islet North Turtle Islet Turtle Island Solitary Islet Poissanier Point Poissonier Point Nippers Well Marches Well Pardoo Out Camp Cartamania Point Condon Donnisons Well Hardys Well Condeena Well Warriearran Out Camp Little Turtle Islet Mulla Mulla Creek Yegin Well Tabuleen Pool Illiabadden Well Wyllie Well Cairn Barru-gu-ru Coolen Coolen Out Camp Horse Well Toopenaagunyah Well Telegraph Well Ylbalgul Chetenar Well Nardla Well Gunners Well Bibbons Well Six Mile Well Broun Broun Well Dolliminie Well Minilya Bank Chingeechincoola Well Murradarra Well Coolawandi Well Purka Well Condragunyah Well Muirheads Well Irrimmie Well Willeragabbin Well DeGrey River Bulgarine Well Harpers Well Ridley Well Marlee Well Yandedong Well Western Gate Well Ord Range Myinyarra Pool Brilys Well Goldsworthy Pier Flat Rock Coota Coota Pool Mount Newman Wharf Cemetery Hill Cajereen Well Mount Saint George Gunganyaw Pool Biscayas Well Wartagunyah Well Wanmurrin Well Goldsworthy Well Pippingarra Creek Merrigu Well Dunns Well Dravers Rest Community Jinparinya Commuinty Coomberanyah Well Peir Creek Illerine Well Old Mill Well Woorabarderee Pool Boodarrie Hill Pundinmurrina Well Cabilyah Well Ngeria Costal Njamal Community Pippingarra Station Pippingarra Siding Eastward Well Chilbrynyah Well Middle Careys Well Pundano Well East Strelly River Wackinelburn Well Bosna Lodge Mulyee Pundano Station Pundano Siding Eugligabbin Well Bunmuniny Well Wanderry Well Carleecarleebong Pool Patalingie Well Nimingara Mullyi Pool Wallan Well Munbynyah Well Eagerella Well Finger Post Well Ettrick Creek Black Hill Strelley Station Strelley Siding Pirinuning Pool Depuch Island Anchorage Box Creek Tonyanna Well Old Forty-Two Mile Well Old Shaw Well Coffee Well Edgars Well Wundin Pool Pier Creek Well Carlindi Marshalls Well Borehole Well Neds Well Bendhu Well Two Mile Well Carlindi Station Carlindi Siding Soda Creek Well Pinpin Siding Shaw River Station Shaw River Siding Carlindi Pool Five Mile Creek Warrnambool Well OGradys Well Little Well Varriel Well Cooke Hill Low Quartz Hill Stewart Well Warralong Station Warralong Siding Poonthuna Pool Bond Well Tatlocks Well Ten Mile Well Seven Mile Well McGahnns Well Stans Well Gorge Creek Station Gorge Siding One Mile Creek Robinsons Five Mile Well Walgun Well Eqinbah Feys Hill Conterunah Well Coongan Station Coongan Siding Egans Well Dales Well Howards Well Mackeys Well Little Shaw Dooleena Eginbah Station Eginbah Siding Montys Soak Whitegum Well Scottys Well Talga Talga Mining Centre Pilbara The Pinnacles