Topographic / Ordnance Survey Map

GA SF50-14

GA SF50-14 - Edmund

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This Topographic Map is produced by Geoscience Australia; Australia's national geospatial organisation.
GA topographic maps (many of which are produced in partnership with the Army) are generally older than those maps produced by the State Governments over the same area. This makes GA maps particularly useful for identifying historic features, such as old mines and diggings.
Geoscience Australia maps generally considered to be more pleasing in design and compilation then the more modern State Government productions.

At this scale, 1cm on this map represents 2.5km on the ground (4cm = 10km). A standard map will cover 150km from east to west and 110km from north to south, with a contour interval of 50m. This map contains natural and constructed features including road and rail infrastructure, vegetation, hydrography, contours, localities and some administrative boundaries.

Please note the date of the map, as this will impact the currency of information, particularly regarding infrastructure, roads, etc.

Locations within this Map

1 Mile Bore 6 Mile Creek 6 Mile Well 70 Feet Bore 9 Mile Bore Alexander Bore Alma Government Well Alma House Well Alma Islands Alma Outcamp Well Alma River Alma Well Bandee Well Barlee Range Barlee Range Nature Reserve Benbadgean Well Bend Waterholes Bert Bore Billabong Bore Billy Bore Bloodwood Creek Blue Billy Bore Blue Billy Creek Blue Bush Well Blue Rock Pool Bluebush Bore Bluebush Creek Bluff Bore Bobbamindagee Bore Bobbamindagee Creek Boogardi Bore Bookathanna Well Boora Boora Bore Boorie Bore Boundary Bore Bullock Bore Burridges Well Butler Bore Butlers Gorge Bywash Bore Cain Well Capricorn Range Cardibar Bore Cardibar Peak Carinna Hill Carnoby Well Carruddgurunna Pool Carrung-Kohndunna Pool Cheela Plains Chain Pool Chararoo Outcamp Chararoo Outcamp Well Chinaman Claypan Chinaman Pool Cheyne Spring Chubba Well Colliburgna Creek Collins Bore Contessis Bore Coobaroo Bore Coodardo Bore Coodardo Gap Coolanthe Bore Coolbye Bore Coolinbah Outcamp Coolinbah Well Cooltharrie Pool Corbingmenna Pool Corner Bore Cube Hill Bore Culcra Bore Cullabookana Bore Cullandie Pool Cullandie Well Cundarra Bore Cundarra Creek Curran Well Cutharra Well Dead Horse Bore Dead Horse Creek Deep Bore Delia Well Devil Creek Diamond Well Dingo Bore Dingo Creek Dirnelleurby Bore Discovery Creek Donald Creek Doolgarrie Creek Doorawarrah Well Duck Bore Dundagee Creek Dundagee Well Durlacher Creek East Paddock Hill Eclipse Bore Edgundy Creek Edmund Edmund Bore Edmund Claypan Creek Edmund River Edmund Well Elliott Creek Ericoothara Spring Eurentogie Pool Ferrier Bore Fitzgerald Range Fletcher Bore Fraser Creek Fraser Well Gap Bore Gifford Creek Ginnabooka Bore Ginnabooka Well Gobbina Godfrey Range Goordeman Pool Gorge Creek Gum Creek Gum Creek Bore Harry Bore Harveys Bore Hawkes Nest Bore Henderson Bore Henry River East Heshian Yard Bore High Range Hogan Gap Hogan Well Homestead Well Horse Well House Bore House Well Illirie Bore Illirie Creek Innawanga Irregully Bore Irregully Creek Island Bore James Well Jarradubundy Bore Jimmu Well Joy Helen Mine Jula Bore Kallanthe Karragoogaranna Pool Kohlbing-Karrung Pool Kojognundarinna Pool Kojurrunna Pool Kollura Pool Kookhabinna Kookhabinna Bore Kooline Bore Kooline Pool Koonong Pool Koorabooka Bore Latham Bore Lead Mine Bore Limestone Hill Lynmar Bore Mangaroon Mangaroon Creek Mansfield Bore Maranoo Well Mardongoonah Bore Mardongoonah Pool Marlumaranna Pool Maroonah Maroonah Well Martins Bore Mcdonald Bore Mcguire Creek Meedarrie Bore Miathanni Bore Michelles Well Middle Bore Middle Well Milly Springs Minga Bar Well Minga Bore Minga Springs Minnie Springs Minnieritchie Creek Minnierra Pool Minnierra Range Minthanna Mirrilyee Pool Mokkobogganoona Cliffs Monger Bore Mooline Bore Moondine Well Moori Pool Mount Dawson Mount Maitland Mount Mortimer Bore Mount Padbury Mount Palgrave Mount Thomson Mount Thomson Pool Mountain Creek Bore Mullarra Creek Mullarra Well Mundong Well Muntharra Tabletop Murchison Bore Murgundarra Pool Murilee Creek Murilee Well Myrong Creek Myrong Spring Myrong Well Narimbunna Pool Needle Hill Bore Nelson Bore New Wanna Bore No. 1 Bore No. 2 Bore No. 3 Bore No. 35 Well No. 36 Well No. 37 Well No. 38 Well No. 39 Well No. 3a Well No. 4 Bore No. 40 Well No. 5 Bore No. 7 Bore Nooneroo Bore North East Bore North Mullarra Bore North Well Nunugonna Pool Oakey Rock Old Alma Well Old Deep Bore Old Shed Bore Old Wanna Bore Opaline Bore Pamprunnah Pool Peak Edgar Peak Edgar Well Perry Bore Pimbyana Bore Pimbyana Hill Pindanni Bore Pingagullera Well Pingandi Bore Pirrirebegonna Pool Pooranoo Well Pritchard Creek Pritchard Well Ram Bore Ram Paddock Bore Ram Well Rampaddock Bore Red Hill Bore Red Mulga Creek Red Rock Bore Red Rock Well Reynold Creek Reynold Well River Bore Roadside Bore Roberts Bore Robinson Well Rockhole Creek Ronan Bore Russell Well Scotty Bore Shearing Shed Bore Shearing Shed Well Shed Well Sheela Bore Simpson Pool South Bore Star of Mangaroon Mine Stevens Yard Stockyard Bore Stockyard Creek Stone Tank Well Sugarloaf Bore Sugarloaf Gap Sunday Bore Suspense Bore Swamp Bore Talga Pool Tarriantbogganoona Pool Telfer Creek West Telfer River Terminus Bore The Gorge Mine Togobinna Pool Tojungunna Pool Tonimelba Pool Trinity Well Two Peaks Two Peaks Bore Two Peaks Well Ullawarra Ullawarra Well Wadgawaranna Pool Waggoon Pool Wandoo Bore Wanna Wanna Hill Waralla Creek Warden Pool Watts Creek Bore Weedarra Bore Weedarra Well Weena Well West Bore White Bore White Cliffs White Quartz Well White Well Wile-Cooebing William Range Wilson Bore Winmar Creek Wongajerra Pool Wongajerra Well Wongida Well Woorkadjia Pool Yaginol Creek Yaginol Well Yangibana Bore Yangibana Creek Yangibana Yard Yantiranna Pool Yarrie Pool Yerrakajerinna Pool Yijinna Pool Yuin Well Yulawarra Creek Yulbie Well Big Sarah Bore Moedarne Bore Teegooga Bore Wongajuda Pool Jackies Well Wannery Creek Irregulla Creek Number Nine Bore Kohlbing Karrung Pool Carrung Kohndunna Pool Mount Mortimer Simpsons Pool Talatalla Well Mortimer Gold Mine Wojaweranna Pool Mynes Springs Community Number Thirty Nine Well Dead Finish Mine Koocharinna Cliffs Talga Well Collins Well Cullandie Springs Werrigee Well Uulawarra Creek Ewin Well Chene Springs East Branch Henry River Bubbitty Spring Creek North East Well Yilbee Well Carrina Hill Minthanna Spring Illirrie Bore Kulip Well Arla Springs Bullocks Well Hogans Gap Well Eclipse Well Mingabar Well Coolunbah Well Alma Outcamp Reynolds Well Two Peeks Well Pritchards Well Six Mile Well Russells Well Top Gap Well Diamonds Well Moolowoon Well Alma Bore Black Range Minga Well Edie Creek Gap Well Merrilee Well Elliot Creek Gregorys Gap Alma Island Eracuthera Spring Eraxuthera Spring Edmond River Emond River Scotties Bore Godfreys Range Moolowoon Spring Mooloowoon Spring Durlarcher Creek