Topographic / Ordnance Survey Map

GA SF55-02

Charters Towers
GA SF55-02 - Charters Towers

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This Topographic Map is produced by Geoscience Australia; Australia's national geospatial organisation.
GA topographic maps (many of which are produced in partnership with the Army) are generally older than those maps produced by the State Governments over the same area. This makes GA maps particularly useful for identifying historic features, such as old mines and diggings.
Geoscience Australia maps generally considered to be more pleasing in design and compilation then the more modern State Government productions.

At this scale, 1cm on this map represents 2.5km on the ground (4cm = 10km). A standard map will cover 150km from east to west and 110km from north to south, with a contour interval of 50m. This map contains natural and constructed features including road and rail infrastructure, vegetation, hydrography, contours, localities and some administrative boundaries.

Please note the date of the map, as this will impact the currency of information, particularly regarding infrastructure, roads, etc.

Locations within this Map

Bletchington Park Merricourt Helenslee Glenhoughton Doongarra Myrrlumbing Fern Spring Kirk River Glenell South Fanning Downs Tandanus Glen Dillon Four Mile Silver Valley Kirklea Kirkton Plumwoods Ulgula Barrington Powlathanga Jesmond Brookville Redlands Cameron Connolly Thalanga Carse O Gowrie Windsor The Bluff Allandale Brittania Saint Pauls Braceborough Liontown Estland Allan Hills Trafalgar Mount Ravenswood Lascelles Corea Plains Pajingo Old Harvest Home Broadleigh Downs Nosnillor Mount Elsie Charters Towers Aberdeen Creek Alexandra Creek Mount Alma Alpha Gully Amelia Creek Back Creek Balaclava Range Balfe Balfe Creek Balfes Creek Ball Creek Banana Creek Barrabas Creek Battery Gully Beary Creek Mount Bellevue Bend Creek Beta Gully Betts Creek Bilga Creek Mount Billygoat Black Gin Creek Black Jack Black Knob Black Knob Creek Black Soil Gully Blackfellow Creek Blackfellow Mountain Bletchington Bligh Creek Blois Creek Blue Mountain Bluey Creek Bluff Creek Mount Bohle Boomerang Creek Boundary Boundary Creek Box Camp Creek Brandison Creek Brigalow Creek Broadly Creek Broadly Water Facility Broardley Gully Brook Creek Brookers Gully Broombush Gully Broughton River Straight Branch Broughton River Buchanan Creek Buckland Bullocky Creek Burdekin Burke Creek Burn Creek Calico Creek Camp Creek Camp Oven Creek Camp Oven Mountain Campaspe Campaspe River Mount Canton Cape River Cape River Ana Branch Cardigan Cardigan Creek Carlyon Creek Carroll Creek Cass Cattle Creek Castlehill Creek Cattle Creek Cement Creek Champagne Gully Charley Creek Chataway Cherry Creek Chin Gully Chinaman Creek Chippendale Creek Clarke Creek Mount Clarke Claypan Creek Coleman Gully Columbia Creek Comical Creek Conners Gully Connolly Creek Connors Creek Cooper Mount Cooper Coopers Waterhole Coppermine Creek Coppershaw Creek Cornishman Creek Coxswain Creek Cramoisie Cliff Cramoisie Range Cranbourne Crooked Creek Crusoe Creek Cusack Creek Mount Cuthbert Dairy Creek Lake Dalrymple Dam Creek Dandenong Park Davenport Dead Man Gully Deadman Creek Deane Mount Deane Dearies Creek Deep Creek Devils Creek Devils Elbow Creek Dinner Creek Dione Water Facility Dish Creek Donnybrook Creek Dreghorn Dreghorn Creek Duck Creek Edmund Egera Egera Water Facility Eight Mile Creek Eight Mile Waterhole Eighteen Mile Creek Elbow Creek Elphinstone Creek Emu Creek Emu Gully Englishman Creek Erins Creek Fairview Hill Mount Farrenden Fenian Creek Fern Creek Fish Creek Five Mile Creek Flora Creek Four Mile Creek Garden Creek Gardiner Creek Gearys Creek Mount Glengalder Glenhoughton Water Facility Golden Horn Granite Creek Grasstree Ranges Hardy Harvest Home Hillsborough Hodgon Creek Hogsflesh Creek Hollingsworth Creek Home Creek Homestead Homestead Creek Horse Creek Iguana Creek Imperial Creek Inkerman Creek Jacks Creek Jam Pot Creek Mount Janet Jessop Gully Jewfish Creek Jinny Creek Just Range Kangaroo Creek Kays Creek Kimburra Kings Gully Kirk Kirk Range Lairds Gully Lancewood Creek Landers Larry Creek Lascelles Creek Lascelles Water Facility Leichhardt Gully Letter Creek Leyshon Leyshon View Water Facility Mount Leyshon Leysmount Water Facility Lighthouse Creek Lily Waterhole Lincoln Hill Lissner Little Burke Creek Little Cattle Creek Little Cement Creek Little Moonlight Creek Little Policeman Creek Little Spring Creek Livingstone Creek Lollypop Gully Long Gully Longton Longton Water Facility Lornesleigh Lornsleigh Low Creek Lulu Creek Macrossan Malakoff Mount Malakoff Manoa Manoa Creek Maria Gully Matthews Pinnacle Mount Mawe McConnel Mount McConnel McDonald Creek McGregor Creek Medicine Creek Merri Merri Creek Merri Meriwa Merrie Monarch Creek Millchester Millchester Creek Milray Milray Water Facility Mount Misery Molly Darling Creek Mount Molly Darling Moonlight Creek Mosgardies Creek Mosman Creek Mount Charles Creek Well Mount Stone Creek Mountain Creek Mullocky Tom Creek Mundic Creek Mungamunna Mungunburra Murphys Spring Creek Murray Myall Creek Myola Natal Creek Native Dog Creek Nevena Nevena Creek Nevena Water Facility Nine Mile Creek Nolan Creek Mount Nolan Oaky Creek Oildrum Gully One Mile Creek One Mile Hill Oombabia Orangetree Creek Mount Oweenee Paddys Gully Pajingo Water Facility Pallamana Pandanus Creek Peggys Flat Creek Pegurrima Pentland Hills Piano Gully Picnic Creek Pig Gully Piggy Creek Pinnacle Pinnacle Creek Plain Creek Plum Gully Creek Plum Tree Creek Plumtree Creek Plumtree Gully Poddskles Creek Poley Creek Policeman Creek Policeman Water Facility Porphyry Creek Powlathanga Creek Lake Powlathanga Prices Cattle Creek Prisoner Creek Puddler Creek Pussy Cat Creek Quartz Blow Creek Queer Creek Raglan Water Facility Mount Raglan Ravenswood Red Bluff Creek Red Gorge Creek Redan Mount Redan Reedybed Creek Rishton River View Roberts Creek Robey Range Rochford Rockpool Creek Rockpool Lagoon Rocky Branch Creek Rocky Creek Rolleston Range Rollinson Lagoon Rollston River Mount Ross Rule Creek Rutherford Creek Saltpan Creek Sandalwood Creek Sandridge Waterhole Sandy Creek Sapling Creek Sausage Creek Sawpit Creek Schreibers Creek Scrubby Creek Scrubby Creek Left Branch Scrubby Creek Right Branch Mount Sebastopol Sellheim Sellheim River Sensible Creek Seventy Mile Mountain Seventy Mile Range Shovel Creek Six Mile Creek Slaughter Yard Creek Slogan Slogan Downs Snaileys Creek Snake Creek Solitary Waterhole Southern Cross Speculation Creek Spider Gully Spring Creek Spring Gully St Annes Creek St Annes Cross Range St George Creek St George Gully St Pauls Creek Stannett Creek Starlight Creek Startlemere Creek Startlemere Waterhole Station Creek Mount Stone Stonington Stony Creek Straight Branch Studdarts Creek Sugarloaf Creek Sunburst Creek Sunrise Spur Mount Sunrise Swamp Creek Teatree Creek Thalanga Creek The Fish Hole The Scrag The Three Sisters The Twins Thirteen Mile Creek Three Sisters Hill Tonkaberri Creek Toomba Creek Toomba Lake Towers Hill Trafalgar Water Facility Mount Trafalgar Travers Creek Trieste Creek Trooper Creek Tuckers Creek Tuckers Range Tulliegorim Turkey Gully Two Mile Creek Upper Burdekin Falls Valley Creek Victoria Creek Victoria Downs Victory Gully Vincent Vine Creek Wambiana Warrawee Warrigal Creek Well Creek Wellington Spring Creek Wellington Yards Wharleys Pinnacle White Blow Creek White Rock Gully Whites Gully Wills Waterhole Windmill Creek Windsor Creek Mount Windsor Wire Yard Creek Wood Creek Woodchoppers Gully Mount Wright Yard Creek Yarraman Creek Young Identity Gully Cornishman Boori Ulgulu Waigera White Blow Conservation Park North Kennedy Alabama Hill Broughton Columbia Grand Secret Mosman Park Queenton Richmond Hill Seventy Mile Toll Top Splitters Well Tunkel Heifer Well Plumtree Murada Murade One Tree Hill Grasstree Range Grannys Swamp Poley Cow Mill Brooks Camp Bosworth Nugget Valley Tank Station Creek Dam Mungunburra Station Lamond Glenroy Latham Thalanga Station Sleigh Tank Two Creek Dam Saint Pauls Creek Cardigan Branch Dam Rollston Range Rollinson Waterhole Mundic Creek Station Coolan Dam Margaret Ada Dam Devils Creek Dam River Paddock Dam Pussy Cat Dam Pikes Dam Lascelles Well Orange Tree Well Cattle Creek Dam Top Sister Dam Flohr Dam Black Gully Dam Three Sisters McDonold Creek Larrys Waterhole Old Boundary Mount McConnell Eight Mile Dam Boomerang Dam Duck Hole Waterhole Ring Dam Rolleston River Swamp Creek Dam Burke Creek Dam Dingo Dam Laidlaws Waterhole Hard Luck Dam Gorge Creek Muckbulla Waterhole Tableland Dam Plain Well Tank Clayhole Waterhole Stannes Cross Range Flat Bottom Dam Cramoise Range Red Bluff Euchre Creek Saint Annes Creek