Topographic / Ordnance Survey Map

GA SF55-04

GA SF55-04 - Proserpine

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This Topographic Map is produced by Geoscience Australia; Australia's national geospatial organisation.
GA topographic maps (many of which are produced in partnership with the Army) are generally older than those maps produced by the State Governments over the same area. This makes GA maps particularly useful for identifying historic features, such as old mines and diggings.
Geoscience Australia maps generally considered to be more pleasing in design and compilation then the more modern State Government productions.

At this scale, 1cm on this map represents 2.5km on the ground (4cm = 10km). A standard map will cover 150km from east to west and 110km from north to south, with a contour interval of 50m. This map contains natural and constructed features including road and rail infrastructure, vegetation, hydrography, contours, localities and some administrative boundaries.

Please note the date of the map, as this will impact the currency of information, particularly regarding infrastructure, roads, etc.

Locations within this Map

Collingvale Exmoor Taranga St Helens Brothwells Gully Cannonvale Airlie Beach Calen Hamilton Island Proserpine Seaforth Shutehaven Wilson Beach St Helens Beach Haliday Bay Conway Beach Ball Bay Midge Point Acacia Island Mount Adder Airlie Bay Airlie Creek Albert Creek Alert Bank Alligator Creek Allonby Island Almora Islet Anchor Islands Anchor Point Anchorsmith Island Andersons Bay Andrews Point Andromache River Angle Creek Anne Island Anvil Island Apostle Bay Arkhurst Island Armit Island Mount Arthur Aspatria Island Baird Point Baldwins Creek Barren Creek Barren Creek Left Branch Barren Creek Right Branch Barren Mountain Barrow Hill Base Point Bashfords Landing Baxendell Shoal Baynham Island Beatrice Creek Mount Beatrice Bellows Island Bench Point Bendy Creek Bennett Rock Beta Creek Big Cedar Creek Billie Creek Bird Island Black Island Blackcombe Island Blackrock Creek Blacksmith Island Blackwood Shoals Bloomsbury Bluff Creek Bluff Point Boat Haven Boat Point Bolton Hill Bolton Shoal Bonaventura Bonavista Border Island Boulder Creek Boundary Creek Mount Bowling Box Creek Brampton Island Brampton Island National Park Branch Creek Brandy Creek Breadalbane Bromby Creek Brothers Islands Brush Island Buddibuddi Island Bullion Rocks Bullock Creek Mount Bullock Burning Point Burtenshaw Crossing Buthurra Butterfly Bay Calder Island Calf Island Camerons Creek Camerons Gap Camerons Pocket Campbell Creek Campbells Plain Cape Hillsborough National Park Cape Rock Caping Careys Creek Carlisle Island Carondelet Rock Carpet Snake Island Carpet Snake Point Castle Rock Cateran Bay Catherine Creek Mount Catherine Cathu Catseye Bay Cattle Bay Cave Island Cawarra Head Cedar Creek Cedar Mountain Mount Chaine Charley Creek Mount Charlton Chrome Rock Cid Harbour Cid Island Clanside Cluny Creek Cockermouth Island Cod Point Coffin Island Cole Island Comston Island Conder Hills Conder Shoal Conference Creek Conow Creek Constant Creek Mount Consuelo Conway Conway Range Conway Shoal Cape Conway Mount Conway Coppersmith Rock Coral Point Covering Beach Covering Creek Cow Creek Cow Island Cowrie Island Crab Bay Craig Point Cramer Point Crazy Cat Mountain Credlin Reefs Croaker Rock Crofton Creek Cumberland Channel Cumberland Islands Dalwood Point Daniel Point Datum Rock Daydream Island Dead Dog Island Deadman Creek Deedes Point Deep Creek Deepwater Point Defiance Island Defiance Reefs Deloraine Island Dempster Creek Denman Island Dent Island Derwent Island Devereux Rock Dewars Beach Dewars Point Dicks Tableland Dingo Creek Dingo Mountain Dinner Creek Dolphin Point Dorsal Rock Double Bay Double Cone Island Double Rock Downfall Creek Driftwood Bay Drinkwater Creek Dry Creek Dryander Dryander Creek Mount Dryander Dugong Bay Dugong Inlet Dumbell Island Dungurra Island Dusky Creek East Point East Repulse Island East Rock Echo Point Edgell Reefs Edgell Rock Edward Island Edwin Rock Egremont Pass Elaroo Emmerson Creek Eshelby Island Esk Island Ethel Creek Eungie Creek Fairlight Rock Fantome Rocks Farrier Island Ferncove Creek Flimby Shoal Finger And Thumb Islands Finlaysons Point Fire Point Firth Patch Fish Creek Fish Reef Fitzalan Island Flaggy Rock Creek Flame Tree Creek Flying Fox Islands Forge Rocks Fox Creek Foxdale French Shoal Frith Rock Funnel Bay Gaibirra Island Galbraith Creek Gamma Gamut Creek Gap Beach Gap Creek Genesta Bay George Point Geranium Shoal Gibson Creek Gilling Point Gloucester Goat Bay Goat Island Goldsmith Island Goorganga Goorganga Creek Goose Lagoon Gorge Waterfall Gould Island Grants Bank Grassy Island Grassy Mountain Green Island Green Point Gregory Creek Grimston Point Groper Point Gulnare Inlet Gumbrell Island Gungwiya Island Gunn Island Gunyarra Hammer Island Hannah Point Hansens Gully Happy Bay Harold Island Haslewood Island Haswell Patch Hayman Channel Hayman Island Mount Hayward Helvellyn Rocks Hempel Rock Henning Island Hervey Creek Hesket Rock High Islands High Mountain Hill Inlet Hill Rock Hillsborough Channel Cape Hillsborough Home Creek Homestead Bay Hook Hook Island Hook Peak Mount Horn Hornet Gully Horse Creek Hughes Point Humpy Point Hunt Channel Hutchison Shoal Hyde Rock Ian Point Iguana Gully Ingot Ingot Islets Io Reef Ireby Islet Lake Iris Jane Creek Mount Jeffreys Jester Rock Jesuit Point Jolimont Creek Joseph Bay Jukes Creek Mount Jukes Julian Creek Mount Julian Jumper Creek Mount Jumper Kanaka Creek Kangaroo Creek Tableland Mount Kangaroo Katoomba Bank Kennard Rocks Kennedy Sound Ker Point Keswick Island Keyser Island Kitty Creek Kolijo Koolachu Cape Lachlan Lacy Lady Island Ladysmith Island Lagoon Creek Lagoon Rock Lamond Hill Landing Creek Langford Creek Langford Island Leeper Shoal Lethe Brook Mount Lewis Mount Lilian Lily Creek Lindeman Islands National Park Lindeman Group Lindeman Island Linne Island Little Conway Little Lindeman Island Lizard Creek Llewellyn Shoal Locksmith Island Lonely Bay Long Island Long Island Peak Long Island Sound Long Rock Long Shoal Loriad Point Low Island Low Rock Lower Creek Lucas Creek Lupton Island Macartney Macartney Creek Mount Macartney Macartneys Gap Macartneys Landing Mackay Point Mackerel Bay Mount Maclear Macona Inlet Macquarie Creek Maher Island Mandalay Point Mansell Island Manta Ray Island Mount Margaret Mount Marlow Married Mans Creek Mars Shoal Martha Creek Martin Islet Maryport Bay Maryport Island Mathers Landing Maud Creek Mausoleum Island McBrides Point Mount McLean Mentmore Mentmore Beach Mount Merkara Mid Molle Island Midge Island Midge Mountain Mount Millar Minstrel Rocks Molle Molle Channel Port Molle Moondaba Moonlight Creek Morgans Creek Mosstrooper Peak Mothergum Hill Mount Jukes East Mount Ossa Mount Pelion Mowo Murray Creek Murrinda Myrtle Creek Mystery Creek Nara Inlet Narpi Native Dog Creek Neck Bay New Beach Newry Island Newry Islands National Park Port Newry Nicolson Island Niddoe Creek Niddoes Gap Nobbler Creek Noorlah North Molle Island North Red Cliff Island North Repulse Island Nota Bene Creek Notch Hill Nunga Island O'Connell River Oaky Creek Olden Island Mount Oldfield One Foot Island One Mile Creek Orchid Creek Orion Shoal Osprey Point Ossa Ossa Creek Outer Newry Island Oyster Creek Pallion Point Palm Bay Palm Creek Palm Tree Creek Pandamus Gully Pandanus Creek Panorama Lookout Paradise Creek Park Creek Parker Reef Passage Peak Pear Shoals Pebblyrock Creek Pelican Island Penny Bay Pentecost Island Perseverance Island Peta Patches Peter Head Petrel Islet Picaninny Point Pig Creek Pigeon Island Pincer Island Pindi Pindi Pine Head Pine Island Pinnacle Peak Pinnacle Point Pinnacle Rock Pioneer Bay Pioneer Point Pioneer Rocks Plantation Creek Planton Island Platypus Rock Plum Pudding Island Pocket Paddock Poison Mountain Prince Creek Proserpine Plain Proserpine River Mount Proserpine Puritan Bay Rabbit Island Raspberry Creek Rebus Creek Red Cedar Creek Red Cliff Islands Reef Point Refuge Bay Reliance Creek Relief Point Repair Island Repulse Bay Repulse Beach Repulse Creek Repulse Islands Revenge Creek Rhino Mountain Ripple Rocks Rocky Creek Rocky Hill Rocky Island Rocky Mountain Rocky Point Roma Point Rooper Inlet Mount Rooper Roseric Shoal Ross Islet Ross Smith Bank Round Head Round Reef Ryans Creek Saddle Creek Saddleback Island Saltwater Creek Sand Bay Sandfly Creek Saunders Creek Sawmill Bay Sawyer Creek Scawfell Island Schooner Rock Scrubby Hill Seaforth Creek Seaforth Island Sealark Patch Mount Seemore Mount Sharp Shaw Shaw Island Shaw Peak Shoal Point Short Creek Shute Bay Shute Harbour Shute Island Sidney Island Silent Grove Creek Sillago Island Silloth Rocks Silversmith Island Singapore Rock Sir James Smith Group Six Mile Creek Skiddaw Peak Skull Knob Skull Rock Slater Creek Slippanel Creek Slippery Creek Small Creek Smalleys Beach Solder Island Solway Pass Somerset Creek South Channel South Head South Molle Island South Red Cliff Island South Repulse Island Southern Point Specie Shoal Spit Point Spitfire Rock Spring Creek Spring Gully Mount Springcliffe Square Reef St Bees Head St Bees Island St Helen Rock St Helens Bay St Helens Creek St Helens Gap Stanley Point Station Creek Steff Rock Stewart Peninsula Stone Island Stonehaven Bay Stony Creek Strathdickie Stripe Point Mount Sunter Surprise Creek Surprise Rock Surveyor Creek Swamp Bay Mount Sweetland Swizel Creek Swordfish Point Mount Sydney Tailing Gully Tancred Island Taro Creek Tawvale Teague Island Ten Mile Beach The Beak The Causeway The Hump The Inlet Thomas Island Thompson Creek Thoopara Thora Point Three Fathom Patch Three Mile Creek Three Rocks Tideway Reef Tinsmith Island Tommys Creek Tonga Mountain Tonga Range Tongue Point Trammel Bay Tramrail Gully Triangle Island Triplet Rocks Turkey Creek Turtle Bay Turtle Point Two Mile Creek Unsafe Passage Valen Creek Venus Shoal Victor Creek Victoria Creek Vincent Bay Vine Creek Volskow Island Wagoora Waite Creek Waterhole Creek Watering Horse Creek Wedge Island Western Point Whale Bay Whiptail Range White Bay White Rock Whitehaven Bay Whitsunday Whitsunday Cairn Whitsunday Coast Whitsunday Craig Whitsunday Group Whitsunday Island Whitsunday Islands National Park Whitsunday Passage Whitsunday Peak Wigton Island Williamsons Beach Wilson Windy Bay Wirrainbeia Island Woodcutter Bay Woodwark Bay Wool Bay Workington Island Wriggle Creek Yalboroo Yard Creek Yellow Rock Yerumbinna Island Yiundalla Island Zamia Creek Zamia Hill Mount Zillah Belmunda Beach Kamo Mikoolu Bloomsbury Conservation Park Mount Ossa National Park Skull Knob Conservation Park Smith Islands National Park South Cumberland Islands National Park St Helens Gap Conservation Park Rattray Island Urilla Rock Belmunda Laguna Quays Eungella Hinterland Mackay City Preston Whitsunday Shire Cannon Valley Cape Gloucester Flametree Glen Isla Goorganga Plains Hamilton Plains Jubilee Pocket Kelsey Creek Lethebrook Mandalay Myrtlevale Palm Grove Riordanvale Sugarloaf Whitsunday Shire Whitsundays Gregory River Whitsunday Shire Woodwark Conway National Park Molle Islands National Park Repulse Islands National Park Cork Hills Jones Point Fuller Point Mount Robison Fitzalan Passage Stonehaven Anchorage Dryander National Park Callum Shoal Arkhurst Islet The Narrows Langford Islet Black Islet Cockatoo Point One Foot Islet Bird Islet Six Fathom Bank Red Bream Creek Maona Inlet Deloraine Islet Dumbell Islet Peteril Island Petrel Island Almora Island Wirrainbeia Islet Ball Hill Lion Point North Arm Dugong Inlet North Arm of Dugong Inlet East Arm Dugong Inlet East Arm of Dugong Inlet Ireby Island Sillago Islet Lady Islet Molle Islands Mount Robinson West Molle Island South Molle Tourist Camp Molle Island The Horn Babieca Summit Deauville Waite Bay Walle Creek Pear Shoal Loriard Point Lupton Reef Lower Gregory Strathdickie North Hump Solway Passage Red Hill Windermere North Gregory Dent Passage Whitsunday Pass Young Island Woodcutters Bay Andersons Inlet Rossleigh Bona Vista Cow and Calf Islands Ann Island Cow Islet Cole Islet Calf Islet Sidney Islet Coorganga Creek Defiance Creek Little Conway Mountain Dalys Island Defiance Islet Pine Islet Banana Pocket Ripple Rock Convay Shoal Saint Helen Rock OConnell River Windy Creek Midgeton Solder Islet Bottos Creek Coffin Islet Mount Tonga Finger and Thumb Maryport Islet Maryport Islands Pandanos Creek Stewart Peninsular The Brothers Devereux Rocks Pebbly Rock Creek Lacy Creek Crooker Rock Clarke Range Yalbaroo Yalbroo Lizard Gully Reedy Creek Saint Helens Beach Wootaroo Mount Rhino Zenia Creek Saint Helens Bay Fantome Rock Duddon Point Sandy Camp Waterhole Acacia Islet Sawyers Creek McDermotts Gap Saint Helens Creek Rise and Shine Right Branch Barren Creek Left Branch Barren Creek Hallidays Bay Egremont Passage Springcliff Mount Lillian Saint Helens Horseshoe Bend Pandanus Gully Mount Springcliff Mount Springfield Saint Bees Island Wheatley Shoal Filmoy Shoal Hesketh Rock Mount Miller Silent Grove Martin Creek Hunt Shoal Massey Gorge Low Gap Saint Helens Gap Double Mountain Habana Creek