Topographic / Ordnance Survey Map

GA SF55-08

GA SF55-08 - Mackay

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This Topographic Map is produced by Geoscience Australia; Australia's national geospatial organisation.
GA topographic maps (many of which are produced in partnership with the Army) are generally older than those maps produced by the State Governments over the same area. This makes GA maps particularly useful for identifying historic features, such as old mines and diggings.
Geoscience Australia maps generally considered to be more pleasing in design and compilation then the more modern State Government productions.

At this scale, 1cm on this map represents 2.5km on the ground (4cm = 10km). A standard map will cover 150km from east to west and 110km from north to south, with a contour interval of 50m. This map contains natural and constructed features including road and rail infrastructure, vegetation, hydrography, contours, localities and some administrative boundaries.

Please note the date of the map, as this will impact the currency of information, particularly regarding infrastructure, roads, etc.

Locations within this Map

Homevale Carrinyah Mount Spencer Glensfield Hylton Park Shinfield Blue Mountain Colston Park Glenchester Loch Dee Tedlands Burrenbring Strathdee Barellen Park Landsborough Featherstone Bolingbroke Greenmount Hamilton The Chase Springvale Hannaville The Valley Wandoo Ilbilbie Alameda Downs Braeside Strathfield Bluevale Mt Scott Oxford Downs Tootoolah Hamilton Park Waitara Tierawoomba 12 Mile Harrybrandt Undercliff Mt Flora New Yard Girnwood Bundara Valkyrie Cockenzie Sirran Ridgelands Campwin Beach Bakers Creek Blacks Beach Bucasia Eimeo Eton Farleigh Finch Hatton Glenella Grasstree Beach Half Tide Beach Hector Mackay Marian Mirani Sarina Sarina Beach Shoal Point Walkerston Greenhill Grasstree Koumala Nindaroo Armstrong Beach Aarons Folly Gully Abbottville Abingdon Mount Adder Alexandra Reefs Mount Alice Alligator Creek Alligator Waterholes Allom Point Amhurst Creek Aminungo Andergrove Antoneys Crossing Apsley Creek Aquila Aquila Island Armstrong Creek Arrowroot Creek Arthur Creek Avoid Island Axestand Creek B L Creek Back Creek Back Creek East Branch Back Creek West Branch Bagley Creek Bailey Islet Balaclava Creek Balaclava Mountains Balberra Bald Island Bally Keel Balnagowan Balnagowan Creek Balook Barker Creek Barnes Creek Barrow Hill Basin Creek Bassett Bassett Basin Bassett Creek Mount Bassett Bates Gap Beallah Beatrice Creek Beaver Shoal Bedwell Group Bee Lagoon Water Facility Bell Creek Bells Creek Bells Gap Ben Mohr Benholme Berriwerri Beta Creek Beverlac Island Beverley Beverley Group Beware Rocks Billy Creek Billy Rock Billys Creek Black Mountain Black Waterhole Creek Blackbird Shoal Blacks Creek Mount Blackwood Mount Blarney Blind Creek Blue Mountain Creek Blue Mountains Bluewater Creek Bluff Hill Bluff Island Bohemia Gully Boldon Bolingbroke Creek Bone Creek Bong Bong Bong Bong Creek Boomerang Creek Boomerang Lagoon Boomerang Shoals Boongana Boothill Creek Borstal Mountain Bottom McMaster Lagoon Boulder Creek Boundary Creek Boundary Gap Mountain Breakback Gully Breens Creek Breens Crossing Bridge Creek Bridgemans Lagoon Mount Bridgman Brigalow Hole Britton Range Mount Britton Mount Bruce Mount Bryden Bull Creek Bull Mountain Bullock Plain Creek Bulls Head Bluff Mount Burney Burroughs Creek Bush Island Bustard Creek Byer Cab Creek Cabbage Tree Creek Calliope Island Cameron Creek Cape Creek Cape Palmerston National Park Capsize Creek Carlisle Carmila Carmila Creek Carmila West Carminya Mount Castor Castrades Inlet Cathay Creek Catherines Lookout Cattle Creek Cattle Creek South Branch Cattle Mountain Cave Creek Cedar Creek Channel Island Charles Rock Mount Charlton Chelona Mount Chelona Cherry Tree Creek Cherrytree Creek Christensens Gap Mount Christian Mount Clark Cleanskin Creek Clements Creek Cliff Creek Cliff Head Clondalkin Coalters Creek Coaster Channel Cockenzie Gully Cockies Creek Coconut Point Collaroy Creek Colston Gap Cone Creek Cone Hill Connor Island Connors Connors Range Constant Creek Mount Convenient Cooper Creek Cooper Gully Copper Gap Cops Creek Coral Point Crediton Creek Cremorne Crescent Creek Crossable Creek Cullen Island Cullen Reef Curlew Island Cut Creek Cutlack Island Mount Cutlack Cyclone Waterholes Daintry Creek Dalrymple Bay Dalrymple Creek Dalrymple Loop Mount Dalrymple Dals Lookout Dangerous Reef Mount David Dawlish Dawson Beach Dawson Creek De Costa Bluff De Moleyns Lagoon Mount De Moleyns Deception Inlet Deep Creek Denison Creek Denmans Creek Dents Gully Dents Mountain Devereux Creek Devil Flat Creek Diamond Cliffs Digby Island Dingo Creek Dinner Island Dipperu National Park Scientific Division Creek Dolphin Heads Mount Donaldson Double Island Douglas Creek Douglas Island Downward Patches Dows Creek Dragoon Creek Drumfish Shoal Duck Hole Creek Dudgeon Ledge Dudgeon Point Duff Creek Dullawunna Dundula Dunnrock Dunwold East Funnel Creek East Point Edwards Shoal Eight Mile Creek Eimeo Creek Elamang Islet Elizabeth Creek Emily Patches Emu Creek Endeavour Creek Epsom Lake Epsom Erakala Escape Cay Ethel Sand Eton North Fairfax Rock Falcon Island Falls Hill Fanning Shoal Feather Creek Ferdinand Shoal Festing Shoal Fiery Creek Figtree Beach Figtree Point Figtree Waterhole Finch Hatton Creek Fishermans Point Flaggy Rock Creek Flat Island Passage Flat Isles Flat Top Island Flora Range Mount Flora Mount Fort Cooper Four Mile Beach Four Mile Gully Foxs Gap Frasers Creek Freddy Creek Frenchmans Creek Freshwater Point Frog Creek Mount Funnel Fursden Creek Mount Gabrovo Gap Creek Gargett Geeberga George Island Gillinbin Creek Ginger Creek Gins Leap Glenbern Creek Glendower Point Glory Creek Goosepond Creek Gordon Creek Gorge Creek Grasstree Creek Graveyard Creek Green Hill Green Swamp Creek Grendon Creek Mount Griffiths Guardfish Cluster Gueyan Habana Mount Haden Half Tide Half Tide Rock Hall Creek Hampden Hannan Creek Harry Shoal Harrybrandt Creek Hatfield Hatfields Gap Haunted Gully Haverholm Hay Point Hay Point Harbour Hay Point Port Hay Reef Hazledean Heath Shoals Hector Creek Mount Hector Henani Rock Henderson Island Highwater Island Hirst Island Hogans Camp Island Holmes Gully Holt Shoal Homebush Mount Homebush Howard Howling Creek Hull Island Humbug Gully Hut Creek Illawong Ince Bay Innes Island Inneston Irving Island Jack Rock Jackson Creek Jane Creek Jilalan Jimmy Jacky Creek Mount Jimmy Jacky Joe Creek Johnstones Creek Jones Creek Mount Jones Jordan Creek Jubilee Creek Jukes Creek Mount Jukes Kanakas Release Creek Kangaroo Creek Karloo Karremal Keelan Island Kelly Creek Kelvin Kemmis Kemmis Creek Kennedy Creek North Branch Kennedy Creek South Branch Kilgour Shoal Lake Kinchant Mount Kinchant Knight Island Knobler Creek Koota Koumala South Kowari Kungurri Kungurri Gap Kuttabul Kyambola Lake Shoals Lamberts Beach Mount Landsborough Langdon Lantana Creek Lawn Creek Lawyer Creek Learmonth Gully Ledge Point Leeper Reef Leichhardt Creek Leila Creek Leura Creek Lex Creek Little Daintry Creek Little Island Little Oaky Creek Little Palm Tree Creek Little Station Creek Llewellyn Bay Llewellyn Shoal Lloyd Shoal Log Hole Loloma Lonely Creek Lonely Valley Long Gully Long Hill Long Lagoon Louisa Creek Lower John Creek Lower Rock Lucy Creek Lumburra Macdonald Creek Mackay Harbour Maclennan Creek Main Camp Creek Main Channel Mapalo Maraju Marion Creek Marion Rock Marklands Creek Marsh Reef Martin Creek Mount Martin Marwood Mount Maryvale Maud Creek Mount McBryde McCafferty Creek McCreadys Creek McEwens Beach McGregor Creek Mount McGregor McLean Creek Mia Mia Mia Mia Crossing Mia Mia Range Mount Mia Mia Mick Ready Beach Mick Ready Creek Mickys Creek Middle Creek Middle Plain Range Middle Rock Middle Shoal Miltons Lookout Mindi Mineral Creek Minster Island Mirani West Mistake Creek Moffats Gap Moonlight Creek Moore Creek Morning Cay Morugo Mosquito Creek Mosquito Hill Mount Funnel Range Mount Jukes East Muddy Creek Mulei Munbura Munro Gully Murray Creek Nabilla Nanyima Narpi Native Bear Creek Nebo Nebo Creek Nebo Creek East Branch Nebo Creek West Branch Nebo Water Facility Neilson Creek Netherdale Newbury Newstead Nine Mile Creek Noel Island Noleen Creek North Denison Creek North End Reef North Mackay North Patch Notch Point Oakdale Oakenden Oaky Creek Okuloo Omega Creek Mount Omega One Mile Creek Oom Shoal Oonooie Ooralea Mount Orange Orkabie Orphanage Swamp Mount Oscar Otterburn Outer Harbour Overfall Rock Owen Creek Owens Creek Owens Creek West Branch Oyster Point Oyster Rock Paget Paget Creek Pakula Palm Tree Creek Palm Tree Crossing Palmer Creek Cape Palmerston Palmleaf Creek Palms Lookout Parapi Park Shoal Parker Creek Paspalum Creek Paxton Shoal Pearl Rock Pearl Shoal Peases Lookout Pelion Penn Islet Penrith Island Perch Hole Perpetua Point Phillips Reef Pine Mountain Pine Mountains Pinevale Creek Pink Lily Lagoon Pinnacle Pinnacle Creek Pinnacle Range Mount Pinnacle Pint Pot Creek Pioneer River Pisgah Range Plane Creek Plane Creek West Plantation Creek Planter Shoal Mount Pleasant Pleystowe Plumtree Creek Police Camp Creek Mount Pollux Porphyry Hill Mount Power Poynter Island Praguelands Prendergast Creek Prospect Creek Prudhoe Channel Prudhoe Island Prudhoe Shoal Pup Creek Puppy Creek Puzzle Pocket Quandong Creek Quarry Hill Quinns Gap Race Passage Race Rocks Racecourse Mill Rankins Lagoon Raspberry Creek Raspberry Hill Rays Lagoon Ready Gully Recife Point Red Clay Island Red Cliff Passage Red Gully Red Point Reef Creek Reef Island Reeves Creek Reichelmann Rock Reid Island Reliance Creek Renou Islet Ridge Island Rock Creek Rocket Spit Rocky Creek Rocky Dam Creek Rocky Point Roland Creek Rosella Ross Creek Round Mountain Round Top Island Mount Roy Rubicon Creek Running Creek Saddle Creek Point Salisbury Salonika Beach Saltshed Creek Saltwater Creek Mount Samourgassi Sandfly Creek Sandiford Sandringham Bay Sandringham Creek Sandringham Lagoon Sandy Creek Sandy Creek North Branch Sandy Island Sandy Shoals Sapling Creek Sarina Inlet Sawpit Creek Mount Scott Screaming Creek Scrubby Creek Scrubby Mountain Mount Seaview Septimus Seven Mile Creek Shag Rock Shields Creek Mount Shields Silver Creek Singles Lagoon Six Mile Creek Slade Island Slade Bay Slade Point Slade Rock Slattery Shoal Smashup Creek Smythe Shoals Snake Creek Snare Peak Island Snare Rocks Solway Gully South Mackay South Overfall Rock South Patch Spearing Creek Spencer Spencer Dam Spencer Gap Spider Creek Splitter Creek Splitters Creek Spots Creek Northumberland Islands National Park Pioneer Peaks National Park Spring Creek Spring Gully St Helens Gap Mount St John Station Creek Still Islet Stockyard Creek Stony Creek Stony Shoal Sugarloaf Mountain Mount Sugarloaf Sunset Bay Surcingle Creek Surprise Creek Swayneville Sybil Creek Sydney Heads Tableland Creek Tableland Mountain Taffy Island Tally Ho Creek Tannalo Tara Creek Taroba Rock Te Kowai Tedlands Creek Teemburra Teemburra Creek Temple Island Temple Shoal Ten Mile Creek The Black Mountain The Bogle Bathing Pool The Dome The Goose Ponds The Knob The Leap The Marling Spikes The Peak The Pinnacle The Rocks The Sister The Sisters The Wishing Pool Three Mile Beach Three Mile Creek Three Sisters Tierawoomba Creek Tin Pot Creek Tinerta Tinonee Peak Island Toby Creek Mount Toby Tomato Creek Tommy Creek Mount Toobier Top McMaster Lagoon Torch Shoal Iluka Mount Travers Treble Island Trigla Rock Trueman Tupper Shoal Turkey Creek Turkeybush Clayhole Turn Island Turnor Creek Mount Turnor Turnorville Twelve Mile Creek Two Falls Creek Two Mile Creek Uruba Victor Island Point Victor Victoria Vince Mount Vince Vines Creek Viscount Shoals Wades Gap Walker Creek Wallace Island Wambrook Wandoo Springs Waratah Island Waratah Shoal Washpool Lagoon Washpool Water Facility Waterfall Creek Waterfall Hole West Funnel Creek West Hill West Hill Creek West Hill Island West Hill National Park West Mackay West Reef Wheybush Creek Mount White Whitehawk Creek Whitehouse Mountains Mount William Williams Shoal Willman Creek Willy Creek Wiri Wodehouse Wollingford Womboroo Woorumbah Knob Wundaru Mount Xeromero Yakapari Yaralla Shoal Yard Creek Yard Gully Yarravale Creek Yarrawonga Point Yourie Creek Yukan Zahmels Creek Zelma Zillmans Gap Alexandra Flaggy Rock Palms The Gap Westhill Bakers Creek Conservation Park Homevale National Park Homevale Resources Reserve Mount Blarney Conservation Park Mount Hector Conservation Park Mount Kinchant National Park Mount Martin National Park Reliance Creek National Park Oxford The Percy Group Alligator Creek Sarina Shire Sarina Range Brightly Pinevale Eton Mirani Shire Kinchant Dam Dalrymple Heights Broken River Pinnacle Mirani Shire Marian Mirani Shire Crediton Dumbleton East Mackay Eton Mackay City Foulden Greenmount Mackay City Marian Mackay City Racecourse North Eton Palmyra Richmond Mackay City Sunnyside Mackay City Victoria Plains Rural View Beaconsfield Mount Pleasant Mackay City Broad Sound Islands National Park Round Top Island National Park Brownsey Spur Eungella National Park Bluff Hill State Forest Ben Mohr State Forest Sandringham Bay Conservation Park Neils Beach Massey Gorge Low Gap Saint Helens Gap Macartney Creek Double Mountain Habana Creek Ehsmanns Gap Bailey Island High Round Summit Parapi Station Neilsen Creek Habana Mill Seaview Etowri Mount Jukes Station Barcoo Eimeo Road Amhurst Treefern Creek Oyster Island Abbotville Coopers Gully Sugarloaf Peak Coningsby Forgan Smith Point Bagley Point West Branch Owens Creek Mount Martin Plain Devereaux Devereux Mount DeMoleyns Tin-pot Creek Miclere Janes Creek Mackay Outer Harbour Murrays Creek Devereau Creek Devils Elbow Vine Creek Juan Rock Middle Plains Range Barkers Creek Yeolands Newbury Junction Greenknoll Greenknol Mackay West Victoria Park Town Beach South Head North Head Sunnyside DeMoleyns Lagoon Paget Junction South West Spit Hallmark Creek Mount Vince Gap Belmore Dairy Far Beach Port of Mackay West Crediton Cabbage Tree Gully MacLennan Creek Baker Creek Puppy Gap Glenburn Creek Captains Crossing Double Peak North Branch Sandy Creek Drapers Sawn Bridge Creek Perrys Creek Mount Ben Mohr Splinters Creek Mount Samourgass The Green Hole Victor Hills Chelona Hill Renou Island Minister Island Elamang Island Still Island Sappho Roads Penn Island White Horse Mountains Constance Island Hirst Islet Long Mountain Temple Islands Temple Islets Harry Shoals Wallace Islet Bluff Islet Tinonee Island Connor Range Marian Rock Ridge Islet Douglas Islet Nebe Connor Islet Marian Creek Smythe Shols Innis Island De Costa Mountain Red Clay Isle Dipperu National Park Flat Islands Avoid Isle Aquila Islet North Point Island Turn Islet Race Rock