Topographic / Ordnance Survey Map

GA SG50-11

GA SG50-11 - Belele

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This Topographic Map is produced by Geoscience Australia; Australia's national geospatial organisation.
GA topographic maps (many of which are produced in partnership with the Army) are generally older than those maps produced by the State Governments over the same area. This makes GA maps particularly useful for identifying historic features, such as old mines and diggings.
Geoscience Australia maps generally considered to be more pleasing in design and compilation then the more modern State Government productions.

At this scale, 1cm on this map represents 2.5km on the ground (4cm = 10km). A standard map will cover 150km from east to west and 110km from north to south, with a contour interval of 50m. This map contains natural and constructed features including road and rail infrastructure, vegetation, hydrography, contours, localities and some administrative boundaries.

Please note the date of the map, as this will impact the currency of information, particularly regarding infrastructure, roads, etc.

Locations within this Map

Meekatharra 1 Mile Bore 10 Mile Well 103 Well 12 Mile Creek 12 Mile Well 17 Mile Well 2 Mile Bore 2 Mile Well 26 Mile Well 3 Mile Bore 3 Mile Well 4 Mile Bore 4 Mile Well 40 Mile Bore 5 Mile Bore 5 Mile Well 6 Mile Well 7 Mile Well Abbots Bonus Well Abbots West Mine Abbotts Abbotts Trig Hill Abernethy Well Acacia Bore Aermotor Well Afghan Bore After Many Years East Mine After Many Years Mine Ajax Group Annean Anzac Bore Archways Bore Aurilya Bore Bailey Island Barloweerie Well Barloweerinyer Hill Barneys New Bore Barneys Old Bore Barren Bore Barro Well Bassetts Bore Bathinga Well Bedfords Bore Beearjibby Well Beebyn Beefwood Well Beermullah Bore Belele Belele Pool Belele Spring Ben Bore Bennett Bore Bens Bore Berrin Bore Berrin Pool Bethania Bore Big Ben Mine Big Gum Well Big Mindeel Well Big Mindool Bore Bindery Tank Bindingwah Well Bingacootharra Bore Birrabubba Bore Birringine Creek Birringine Waterhole Birringine Well Bitter Well Black Iguana Mine Black Jack South Mine Black Tank Well Blue Horse Bore Bolly Well Bonds Well Bonsor Bore Boodrah Bore Boodrah Creek Boodrah Junction Boodrah Soak Boodrah Spring Boolgarro Well Boonabilly Bore Boonally Bore Boonu Well Bore Well Borrie Well Borwicks Well Bottom Tank Boundary Well Box Soak Bore Boyces Bore Broken Cog Well Brown Well Bubbaillya Well Bubbamollie Bore Buckardy Well Buckle Bore Bucklebra Bore Bullamudda Well Bullara Well Bulleen Well Bundibubba Bore Bundine Bore Bundinie Hill Bundle Bore Bundle Bubba Well Bundoneer Well Bundy Well Bungarra Bore Bunnabuday Bore Burnakurra Well Burringurrah Remote Com School Butcher Well Buttah Well Buttah Windee Community Buttah Wool Sheds Buttamiah Bore Buttawindi Well Byerbubba Well Calamity Bore Camel Tank Camel Well Camp Bore Carbar Bore Carbar Creek Carbar Pool Carbar Well Cardaweerie Well Cargoo Bore Carline Bore Carwell Cashmans Bore Cattle Camp Bore Charlie Well Charlies Bore Chea Bore Chenno Pool Chequer Bore Chesterfield Chesterfield Well Cement Hill Cement Tank Well Chaddlebubba Well Chain Pump Well Chaki Well Chinty Chinty Well Chittamundra Well Chubby Well Chunderloo Group Clarke Well Colyeda Pool Combon Bore Combon Claypan Congwah Well Connellys Tree Conroy Well Coobercolla Well Cooberwarn Well Coodabubba Well Coodawa Bore Coodoo Well Cookardong Bore Coolabubba Bore Coolawandy Bore Coolbina Bore Cooloo Well Coondool Bore Coondool Pool Coopers Bore Coorathadda Bore Coorda Coorda Bore Corktree Bore Cottage Bore Creamy Bore Crossland Hill Cullinunya Bore Cundara Bore Curara Well Daniels Well Danthroobubba Well Darbaburna Rock Waterhole Deafy Bore Deep Well Denice Bore Pd Dicksons Well Dobbyn Well Donkey Well Dooley Well Dorothy Mine Doughs Well Eanally Bore East Mill Well East Murchison East Well Ebal Bore Edna Well Ejah Bore Ejah Research Station Eleerie Well Engine Rock Bore Ero Creek Ero Pool Eura Bubba Bore Evans Bore Fennells Well Finchams Well Fiona Bore Fishers Bore Fishers Well Flemington Bore Folly Well Four Corners Bore Four Corners Community Four Corners Well Fresh Pool Friday Bore Gairdeners Bore Gap Well Garden Bore Garden Gully Garden Gully Creek Garden House Well Garden Well Geoffs Bore Georges Bore Gidgee Bore Gilbert Well Ginger Bore Glasson Well Gnanagooragoo Peak Gordon Well Government Well Granite Bore Granite Well Gregg Well Gungouri Bore Hambones Bore Hannaford Well Hendersons Well Hercules Group High Tank Bore Hill 60 Well Hill Mill Well Hill Pool Hills Well Hillside Well Homestead Wells Hope River Horse Paddock Bore Ilkabiddy Well Illgalara Pool Irrada Well Irragardagoola Bore Jack Hills Jamies Bore Jarks Bore Jigiah Bore Jillawarra Bore Jillbaroo Well Jillewarra Jillgoodarra Well Jindie Jindie Well Jindu Well Joally Well John Well Johnnies Corner Well Johnses Well Jose Well Jubilee Bore Judal Junga Jibbi Well Jungar Well Kalamunda Well Kalli Kammabijie Well Kanowna Kanowna Mine Karngoothadda Well Kiabubba Well Kilekilegunna Pool Kitchens Bore Kolo Bore Koonmarra Koonmarra Microwave Repeater Station Koonmarra Pool Kundamin Well Kurrajong Well Kyarra Kyarra Bore Lake Anneen Lake Well Lathlains Well Lightning Well Limestone Well Little Alston Well Little Gap Little Gap Well Little Joe Well Little Mingah Bore Little Stoney Bore Little Wilgia Mia Little Wilgie Mia Littles Cairn Lloyd Well Lucerne Patch Well Macarthur Bore Macquarie Bore Madjendie Well Madoonga Malley Well Maranoa Maranoa Bore Mardoonganna Hills Mardoonganna Well Margoo Pool Marguritta Mine Marlomumbah Pool Marlomumbah Well Marsh Bore Mascionis Bore Mccreas Well Meekatharra Aboriginal Pre-School Meekatharra Community Health Services Meekatharra Creek Meekatharra District High School Meekatharra School of the Air Meekatharra Spring Merbling Well Merilla Well Mewn Well Middle Ero Well Middle Well Mileura Mileura Bore Mileura Hill Mileura Well Mill Mill Well Millarie Bore Milligans Bore Milly Bore Milly Well Millyoga Bore Mindarah Claypan Mindie Mindie Well Mindlegunna Well Mindoola Mindoolah Mindura Well Minga Bore Mingabubba Bore Mingah Bore Mingah Creek Mingah Range Mingah Well Minger Well Minniearra Well Mirra Bore Miss J Bore Moncrief Well Moolyaloo Bore Moondong Bore Moondyne Bore Moonga Moonga Well Moran Rock Mount Hale Mount Hale Microwave Repeater Station Mount Hale Repeater Station Mount Matthew Mount Opal Mount Opal Bore Mount Opal Microwave Repeater Station Mount Vranizan Mine Mudgeanoo Pool Mudgianna Bore Mudlark Bore Muggabullin Swamp Muggabullin Well Mulga Well Mulgarah Claypan Mulgarah Well Mulygarra Well Mummarra Gully Well Munarra Gully Mundawerrie Bore Mungarrie Well Mungeltha Bore Murdabool Bore Murdabool Hill Murrabuddy Bore Murromochin Hill Murromochin Spring Murrouli Bore Murrouli Range Nalajetta Bore Nama Bore Nammathadda Bore Nannine Nanning Hills Nanular Bore Nardilya Well Needle Gum Well New Well Night Spring No. 1 Bore No. 1 Old Bore No. 1 South Vranizan Mine No. 1 Well No. 15 Bore No. 16 Bore No. 17 Bore No. 18 Bore No. 19 Bore No. 2 Bore No. 2 Well No. 21 Bore No. 25 Bore No. 3 Bore No. 3 Well No. 34 Bore No. 39 Bore No. 4 Bore No. 4 Well No. 5 Well No. 6 Bore No. 9 Bore Noll Bore Nookabell Bore Nookawarra Noondeberrina Pool Noothar Well Norie North Well Nowgarrie Well Noyne Noyne Bore Noyne Noyne Well Nytong Well Nyullawilly Bore Oilba Bore Old Government Well Old Mine Well Old Woolshed Well Olive Patch Bore Oondeman Well Ophir East Mine Outcamp Well Peach Tree Bore Peppertree Bore Pettiford Bore Pettiford Pool Pindabarn Creek Pinkajeary Bore Pluto Bore Pockingningar Bore Pockingningar Claypan Podoyne Pool Podoyne Well Pool Bore Poonda Well Poondabubba Bore Poondiabba Well Poondyne Well Poonthoon Pool Poordy Bore Poordy North Bore Poplar Bore Porlell Lake Porlell Well Puncture Bore Quartzite Hill Rabbit Bore Racecourse Well Railway Well Rainlover Bore Ralph Well Ram Paddock Well Ram Well Range Well Red Granite Rock Red Rock Red Well Red Well Bore Regan Pool Repair Well Retreat Bore Roderick Well Rogo Well Sahara Bore Scotty Bore Shaws Bore Shed Bore Shed Paddock Bore Shed Yard Well Silver Bore Silver Coaster Bore Southern Cross Bore Southern Cross Well Spriggs Bore Squatter Well Squatters Bore Star Well Steel Star Well Steward Bore Stockyard Pool Stone Hut Well Stone Well Tallacootharra Bore Tallamudda Well Tank Well Tardine Bore Tate Bore Tattle Bore Teatree Bore Thalthalgaroo Well Tharne Well Thatalbra Well The Beautiful Infant Mine The Folly Well The Gap Three Corners Bore Thulbar Bore Tieraco Creek Tiny Well Toolah Bore Toonjie Bore Tooracunjie Bore Toorangie Well Top Nullingwah Bore Towarr Creek Town Bore Tranter Well Trenermans Bore Trilbar Well Trillbar Hill Twin Tank Well Uddah Bore Wadda Wadda Bore Waladah Bore Wandanoo Bore Wandary Well Wandas Bore Wanderie Bore Wandinintha Well Wanery Bore Wanganui Warri Well Wealbarguntha Hill Wearie Well Weebacarry Bore Weebojhana Bore Weege Bore Weelyranya Bore Wegegene Pool Wegegene Well Weirrogalogala Well Weld Hercules No. 1 Mine Weld Range Weld Range Microwave Repeater Station West Well Westerns Well White Horse Bore White Well Wilgemia Well Wilgia Mia Wilgie Mia Willyoaker Well Wilyun Bore Wogala Bore Wokalya Bore Womandatta Well Wommagnorra Well Wonganuie Well Woolberthana Hill Woolbertharra Well Woolgra Well Woolshed Bore Woolshed Well Woombada Well Wordarbie Mine Wordarbie Well Worriewolga Bore Worthington Bore Worthingtons Well Wunwarrie Bore Xmas Bore Yackawarra Well Yaddemooga Creek Yaddemooga Hills Yalgar Bore Yalgar Government Well Yalgar Pool Yalgaroo Well Yalgoo Peak Yalgowra Hill Yallagibbie Creek Yallagibbie Well Yallon Well Yaloginda Yaloginda Well Yangee Well Yarlamoola Well Yarlingulla Well Yarloocoodia Well Yarrabubba Bore Yarrabubba Well Yarrameedie Bore Yarrameedie Cairn Yella Bore Yent Well Yundabubba Bore Worthington Well Murchison River Mount Mathew Yarrameedie Ord Creek Mundarah Pool Abbotts Well Number One South Vranizan Mine Woodarbie Well Wealbarguntha Greggs Well Garden Gully Well Byeroubba Well Byaroubba Well Mount Obal Joalley Well Yaloginda Station Pindaring Well Edenhope Bundine Pockingningar Rockhole Norrie Mount Hochstetter Yalgoo Barloweerie Peaks Muroulli Range Chenno Well Nannine Well Woolbertharra Darbaburna Waterhole Hillside Anneen Mount Lulworth Gnanagooragoo Little Cairn Mardoonganna Baile Island Wilgemia Lake Annean Chacki-i Well Jungar Creek Mindoolah Well Nanning Munarra Gully Well Mummarra Gully Taincrow Well Weld Hercules Number One Mine Yalgowra