Topographic / Ordnance Survey Map

GA SG50-14

GA SG50-14 - Murgoo

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This Topographic Map is produced by Geoscience Australia; Australia's national geospatial organisation.
GA topographic maps (many of which are produced in partnership with the Army) are generally older than those maps produced by the State Governments over the same area. This makes GA maps particularly useful for identifying historic features, such as old mines and diggings.
Geoscience Australia maps generally considered to be more pleasing in design and compilation then the more modern State Government productions.

At this scale, 1cm on this map represents 2.5km on the ground (4cm = 10km). A standard map will cover 150km from east to west and 110km from north to south, with a contour interval of 50m. This map contains natural and constructed features including road and rail infrastructure, vegetation, hydrography, contours, localities and some administrative boundaries.

Please note the date of the map, as this will impact the currency of information, particularly regarding infrastructure, roads, etc.

Locations within this Map

1 Mile Well 1 Mile Bore 12 Mile Well 2 Mile Well 3 Mile Bore 3 Mile Well 4 Mile Well 5 Mile Well 6 Mile Meka Well 6 Mile Well 7 Mile Well 8 Mile Well 9 Mile Well Aermotor Well Afghan Well Airstrip Bore Ajax Well Albert Well Alec Bore Alec Well Anniversary Well Asbestos Well Badi Badjil Well Badja Well Balbadonga Well Balbra Well Ballinyoo Bridge Ballinyoo Spring Ballinyoo Well Barbwire Well Bardungar Well Bardy Well Bare Rock Barjarder Barloweerie Airstrip Barrel Well Community Bathroom Well Beagle Bar Well Beedeinna Hill Beedie Beedie Hill Beedie Beedie Well Beeregan Bore Beeregan Well Beetenoo Spring Beetherannew Spring Beetherrannew Well Beetle Well Begulbar Well Belang Well Ben Davey Well Bert Well Betinyining Spring Bia Spring Bia Well Bibbin Well Bidda Well Biddy Biddy Well Bidgaroo Well Big Bore Big Shed Well Biggearra Spring Bilga Well Bill Well Billabalong Billia Well Billybillong Well Bilyera Well Bilyungghoo Clayhole Bin Bin Well Bindangwah Bindangwah Creek Bindangwah Well Bingangwah Brook Bingangwah Spring Bingawah Pool Bingawah Well Binjah Well Birrebidinga Clayhole Birrin Pool Birthday Well Black Hill Bore Black Hill Well Black Tank Well Blue Mountain Well Bob Well Bobbajarra Well Bobby Well Boodah Well Boodra Well Booen Well Boogarra Hill Booladah Well Boolardy Well Boolgooroo Bore Booltharda Hill Booltharda Spring Booltharda Well Boolthernawadgy Boora Pool Boora Well Booredar Well Bootra Dry Corner Bore Bootra Well Boundary Well Bowgada Bore Bowgada Well Brand Well Breakaway Bore Breakaway Well Brier Well Broad Well Brown Bore Bubbajarra Well Buchanan Well Budia Bore Bullaraa Rockhole Bullardoo Bullardoo Well Bullerawanyoo Spring Bullock Spring Bore Bundy Well Bungarra Well Buratha Well Burges Well Burgess Well Burncalu Well Burra Burra Well Burriganna Microwave Repeater Station Burriganna Well Burroo Claypan Butcher Well Byrne Well Bywania Well Cabagoo Bore Caleb Well Carba Well Carbowanna Pool Cardinal Bore Carticarry Well Cashel Rock Casuarina Well Cattle Well Cheangwa Hill Chendumunga Pool Cement Well Centenary Well Centre Running Water Bore Centre Well Chalugu Well Charbanoo Pool Charlcoo Bore Chiloordmurda Chinaman Rock Well Chinerby Well Chitamonda Well Chuddabuddah Well Clara Well Clark Well Coal Hole Well Cobham Well Cockamunga Well Cockararie Well Cockney Bill Creek Cockney Bill Well Coininja Pool Cole Bore Colins Bore Comalga Well Comet Well Common Well Compass Well Conley Well Coocoowilya Well Coodoonga Coolagoodon Well Coolamooka Hill Coolardy Well Coolaroo Spring Coolawally Well Cool-Coo-Yalyer Pool Coolimarra Well Coolinga Spring Coollarburloo Brook Coollarburloo Spring Coollarburloo Well Coomalee Well Coona Spring Coondanooka Well Coordadoonga Well Coorowarrah Pool Cootinge Well Corinthian Well Corronggrar Pool Cottage Bore Cottage Well Cow Paddock Well Crabb Bore Crabb Well Creek Well Cricket Well Crow Well Cullaballa Well Cumbarunggnoo Pool Cunby Cunby Well Curagee Well Curara Pool Curbatarra Well Curbur Well Curdawooda Hill Curdelong Well Curdy Curdy Rocks Curdy Curdy Well Curndiannoo Hill Curndiannoo Well Dann Bore Dann Well Darna Well Darragullia Well Davis Bore Davis Well Deep Bore Deep Well Dick Well Dillydadja Well Dinny Well Dip Well Dividing Range Doghole Well Donald Well Doothabooka Well Doothagnunganna Hill Doris Well Double Gee Well Dowderong Well Dudoorow Duffer Well Dunbar Well Dutha Spring East Darna Well East Mulgine Well Edah Well Edinue Well Eedabilgie Clayholes Elia Well Emu Well Eulawa Well Euro Bore Fence Well Fogarty Well Foster Bore Foster Well Four Corners Bore Four Corners Well Four Troughs Well Fox Well Gabbin Well Garden Bore Garden Well Garden Well 2 Geeloo Claypan Gnamma Well Gnarowanna Hill Gneedung Pool Gnoonoo Hill Gnoorimooka Well Gnowatharra Hills Gnumbanna Hill Goanna Rockhole Goolbung Bore Goolbung Brier Well Goolbung Well Goolong Well Goonin Well Gorge Bore Government Well Granite Bore Granite Well Grassy Flat Well Green Outcamp Well Guleana Pool Well Gulearo Well Halfway Well Harper Well Harris Well Hawkins Bore Head Well Hodge Bore Homestead Bore Homestead Well Homestead Wells Homet Well Hooley Well Horse Paddock Well House Bore House Well Humpy Well Illimbirrie Illimbirrie Well Indegully Well Jarbora Hill Jiggernoo Outcamp Jiggernoo Well Jims Camp Well Jingamarra Pool Jingemarra Jingemarra Microwave Repeater Station Joe Well John Well Johnnie Well Johyden Well Jones Well Judy Well Jullamooka Pool Junction Well Kadjathalinga Rocks Kadjatharra Well Karbar Clayhole Karbar Pool Karbar Well Karbarthirdan Well Karinwaring Kelly Bore Kelly Well Kerbar Pool Killer Paddock Well Koinie Well Kooline Well Kulkan Well Kunbun Brook Kunbun Pool Kurla Spring Lamb Bore Lees Well Limestone Well Little Bill Well Little Bore Little Wallala Well Little Well Lower Running Water Well Lucky Well Malara Malarie Well Manbinyera Hill Manbinyera Well Marloo Pool Marloo Spring Marriwallen Spring Mcguire Well Mcnab Creek Mcnabb Well Mearoo Well Medado Pool Meelya Well Meka Meka Well Melangata Melia Creek Melia Well Melita Well Mellenbyne Well Meroonga Rock Metters Well Middadoo Well Middle Poothea Well Middle Well Milgan Well Milganooga Well Milgo Well Miljanna Hill Miljanna Well Millgaroo Spring Millingwal Bore Milutha Pool Mingah Bore Mingah Well Monitor Well Monty Bore Moocher Spring Moodon Well Moolita Spring Mooniejarra Well Moorambine Well Mootybat Well Morawa Well Morrisey Well Mount Aubrey Mount Aubrey Well Mount Barloweerie Mount Grass Mount Grass Well Mount Hope Mount Hope Bore Mount Luke Mount Luke Well Mount Nicolay Mount Vinden Mount Welcome Mount Wittenoom Mount Wittenoom Microwave Repeater Stati Mount Wittenoom Well Mudda Well Mudugulea Well Muggamurra Hill Muggamurra Well Mugoda Creek Mulabula Creek Mulbagulla Well Mulga Well Mulgada Well Mulgamunda Mulgaroo Well Mulgon Spring Mulila Well Mullabubba Well Mullamulline Well Mulloeenganna Hill Mumban Well Mumbawadgy Munarra Well Mungarda Bore Mungarra Well Mungartagarar Pool Mungartagarar Well Mungo Pool Mungoora Pool Mungra Bore Mungra Bubba Bore Murdanna Hill Murgoo Murgoo Well Murndaleda Bluff Murphy Well Murra Nurra Well Murrawaggle Well Nangcarrong Bore Nangcarrong Range Nangcarrong Springs Nardy Well Nargah Well Narloo Natherie Well Nattah Spring Nerramyne New Bubble Well New Forest New Poona Well New Toola Well Nichol Bay Well Nicholson Range Nilling Bore Nilling Well Ningarry Well Ninjarrie Well No. 10 Well No. 2 Well No. 3 Well No. 5 Well No. 6 Well No. 7 Well No. 8 Well No. 9 Well Noogawa Well Nookagoo Well Nooloojoo Hill Nooloojoo Well Noolya Pool Numberthown Nunglacoothia Well Nungully Bore Nungully Well Nyeo Hill Nyeo Spring Nyeo Well Old Beetherrannew Well Old Bubble Well Old Green Well Old Mulgine Well Old Poona Well Old Wallala Well Ooraloo Spring Outcamp Bore Outcamp House Bore Outcamp Well Paddy Well Parker Well Peeble Well Peedamulla Well Pia Wadjari Community Piccadilly Well Picnic Well Pilgah Pool Pindar Well Pinegrove Pingie Pool Poison Well Pompey Well Poodada Rocks Poona Hill Poona Well Poondarrie Hill Poondarrie Microwave Repeater Station Poondarrie Spring Pooten Well Poothea Pool Pumpjack Bore Quarry Well Quarters Well Quinarra Spring Rabbit Bore Rabbit Well Ram Bore Ram Paddock Well Red Hill Well Reef Well Reserve Bore Reserve Well Robbie Well Roderick Well Roderick Woolshed Rugsinghs Well Run Through Well Running Water Well Running Water Well Woolgorong Salt Bore Salt Water Bore Salt Well Sand Fly Bore Sand Fly Well Sanford River Scotty Well Shallow Well Shan Bore Shed Bore Shed Well Shepherd Well Slippery Well Snake Well Snell Well South Murchison South Well Square Well Star Well Stock Bore Stock Well Stockyard Well Stove Well Swamp Bore Taffs Well Taluquoa Pool Tardie Tardiwarra Well Tardy Well Teamurra Pool Teamurra Well Thaganoo Well Thanda Thanda Creek Thicket Well Thor Well Thorabundy Well Thuda Well Thumba Well Thyre Well Tindalarra Well Tinderla Well Tinderlong Hill Tinderlong Spring Tipperary Well Toojing Spring Toola Well Top Garden Well Top House Well Top Poothea Well Top Well Tremania Well Trivalve Well Tumpy Well Tura Brook Tura Well Turner Well Turtle Well Tutu Well Twin Peaks Twin Peaks Shearing Shed Uland Well Waddarrie Well Wael Well Wailgulya Spring Walgabuda Well Walgun Well Wallada Bore Wallala Well Wallang Well Wallegul Wallgullia Well Wandarrie Well Wandina Wangannie Well Wangannue Well Wangoolia Outcamp Wangoolia Well Warra Warra Bore Warra Warra Hill Warranguthia Well Warribia Pool Warrorang Well Waterfall Well Waterloo Bore Watson Well Wattamulga Creek Wattan Well Weedin West Teamurra Well West Well Wheeler Bore Wheelock Well White Water Well White Well Whitehurst Well Wichena Well Willow Bore Windit Well Windong Well Winjamia Well Woggootha Well Wollargarloo Spring Wongoolia Ram Well Woodrarrung Range Woogalong Woogalong Creek Woojalong Brook Woojalong Hills Woojalong Pool Woolbarka Brook Woolbung Well Wooleen Wooleen Lake Woolgalla Bore Woolgarong Woolgorong Woolgorong Outcamp Woolgorong Well Woorengree Pool Woorgowing Pool Yalgarra Well Yallalong Yallandyne Well Yallebewong Yalong Well Yandie Well Yard Well Yarloo Well Yarra Yarra Well Yellery Well Yewin Well Yoodoo Well York Well Youan Well Yuin Yuin Outcamp Four Mile Well Toorjing Spring Noucher Calbi Well Bobbys Well Three Mile Well Peetamulla Well Eight Mile Well One Mile Well Coolerwally Well Retreat Well Twelve Mile Well Coolanooka Hill Curdawooda Ram Well Waddarie Well Cool Coo Yalyer Pool Scotties Well Five Mile Well Walgabidda Well Gum Creek Well Roderick River Woodrarrung Well Dans Well Moolya Pool Barb Wire Well Clarkes Well Walgatharra Well Byrnes Well Binginwa Well Coolbung Brier Well Nine Mile Well Gabbon Well Brewannia Well Cockararrie Well Beedie Beedie Woolargarloo Spring Fogartys Well Curndianno Ningarrie Well Alecs Well Coaninja Pool Hodges Well Melon Vine Well Little Comet Well Minganaw Well Chittamunda Well Meeka Billybillong Thorabandy Well Paddys Well Racecourse Well Wattew Well Greens Well Mulco Spring Donalds Well Taluguoa Well Coanna Rockhole Wailgulya Well Coolarburloo Brook Gnarowanna Curragie Well Coorawarrah Pool Murdanna Bullerawanyu Spring Mallabubba Well Allandyne Well Dicks Well Muggamurra Woorogwing Pool Mulgaroo Pool Buchanans Well Mulloenganna Hill Mulldenganna Booltharda Beetherannew Well Mummering Well Coolarburloo Well McNabbs Well Tindela Well Yelery Well Jingamarra Well Coffin Well Dindalarra Well Bingah Well Tindlers Well Turners Well Kellys Well Wandarria Well Woolgrong Well Danns Well Buna Well Gona Well Coorara Pool Kootinge Well Bordungar Well Budia Well Boodraa Well Poothea Well Bobs Well Shepherds Well Wandrie Well Doothaga Nunganna Hill Doothagnunganna Bilyera Springs Oraloo Spring Broads Well Southern Cross Well Tinderlong Six Mile Well Milga Well Nargan Well Bullawadji Well Tyrer Well Tardy Yardie Yuin Well Kayes Well Johns Well