Topographic / Ordnance Survey Map


GA SG51 - Wiluna

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This Topographic Map is produced by Geoscience Australia; Australia's national geospatial organisation.
GA topographic maps (many of which are produced in partnership with the Army) are generally older than those maps produced by the State Governments over the same area. This makes GA maps particularly useful for identifying historic features, such as old mines and diggings.
Geoscience Australia maps generally considered to be more pleasing in design and compilation then the more modern State Government productions.

At this scale, 1cm on this map represents 10km on the ground, covering an area of approximately 670km from east to west and 440km nort to south. The contour interval is 500m, with an additional contour at 200m. This map contains natural and constructed features including road and rail infrastructure, vegetation, hydrography, contours, localities and some administrative boundaries.

Please note the date of the map, as this will impact the currency of information, particularly regarding infrastructure, roads, etc.

Locations within this Map

Leinster Wiluna Tjirrkarli Cosmo Newbery 10 Mile Bore 10 Mile Lake 10 Mile Well 14 Mile Creek 14 Mile Well 18 Mile Soak 19 Mile Well 2 Inch Bore 2 Mile Creek 2 Mile Well 21 Mile Well 21 Well 25 Mile Bore 25 Mile Soak 25 Mile Well 3 Mile Bore 3 Mile Well 33 Mile Well 34 Mile Well 4 Mile Well 440 Mile Well 477 Creek 485 Mile Well 6 Mile Hill 6 Mile Well 8 Mile Well Abbotts Group Abercromby Well Acacia Bore Aerodrome Bore Albion Downs Alex Well Alexander Spring Alf Bore Alf Well Alfred and Marie Range Altona Bore Alwey Creek Amy Rocks Anderson Bore Andersons Bore Andy Well Ann Creek Anxiety Bore Aqua Spring Arcadia Bore Archies Well Ardagh Rocks Arnold Bore Atkins Well Author Well Axford Lookout Babool Rockholes Babul Rockhole Badaninda Pools Baileys Bore Baker Range Baldy Well Ball Well Ballimore Falls Bandya Bandya Hill Bandya Soak Bandya Well Baneygo Baneygo Beacon Baneygo Well Banjawarn Banjawarn Well Banjiwarne Soak Banjo Creek Banjo Well Bardsley Well Bare Granite Hill Barneys Well Barr Smith Range Barragudingu Soak Barral Pool Barrell Pool Barry Well Bartlett Bore Barwidgee Barwidgee Bore Basset Well Bates Creek Bates Range Battery Well Beacon Hill Beale Well Beatrice May Bluff Beaty Bore Beau Bore Becks Bore Becks Tank Beckys Bore Bedford Well Beefwood Well Beegull Waterholes Bejink Bore Bella Well Belt Pinnacle Bendy Bore Benstead Lagoon Beru Pool Beyondie Beyondie Lakes Bhildbit Soak Biddy Well Big Mill Well Big Tank Bore Big Waterhole Bigida Bore Bijery Mumal Hill Bilgarrie Cutarrie Pool Bill Mill Well Bill Well Billy Bore Bingah Bore Bingah Creek Bingah Pool Birril Rockhole Birril Soak Birthday Bore Bitter Pool Bitter Well Black Cat Well Black Tank Well Blackboy Rocks Blake Hills Blanket Hills Blanket Soak Blaxland Range Bloodwood Bore Bloodwood Well Blow Well Blue Hills Community Bluies Bore Blyth Creek Blyth Pool Boas Bore Bob Well Bogada Bore Bondini Reserve Community Bonis Well Bonython Bluff Bonython Creek Boo Boo Well Boodahdayoo Hill Boodahnewnd Creek Boodie Boodie Range Boody Hole Well Bookoodoo Creek Boolah Well Boomer Bore Boondin Hill Bore Well Bottom Jungarru Bore Bouldara Creek Boundary Bore Boundary Well Bowgada Well Bowman Well Boyd Lagoon Branigans Bore Brassey Range Breaden Bluff Breakaway Bore Breakaway Well Breem Well Bridal Well Bridleface Outcamp Brilliant Brilliant Mine British King British King Mine Brockman Creek Bronzewing Bronzewing Aerodrome Bronzewing Well Broom Bore Browne Range Bubble Well Buckley Well Bucktins Well Bugadu Pool Buglios Well Buldya Soak Bulga Well Bulgoo Gnamma Holes Bulju Spring Bullen Hill Bullen Well Bulletin Mine Bulljah Pool Bullock Bore Bullock Well Bummer Pool Bunbandanoo Hill Bundle Well Bungarra Well Burel Pool Burrel Well Butcher Well Butler Well Cadjee Spring Cairn Well Calamity Bore Calanchini Creek Calanchini Hills Calcali Rockhole Calcalong Creek Calcalong Rockhole Calowindi Well Camel Bore Camel Camp Waterhole Camel Creek Camel Soak Camel Well Camp Well Canning Bore Canning Gap Canning Well Capelli Find Mine Capellis Find Mine Carclew Range Carlee Rockhole Carnarvon Range Carnegie Carnegie Airstrip Carnegie Well Carooil Bluff Carr-Boyd Find Mine Castle Well Cave Well Charlie Well Charlies Knob Cavity Bore Cement Well Centenary Bore Centipede Bore Centipede Well Central Bore Central Well Centre Well Chantra Billie Well Charity Tank Charles Wells Creek Charlie Bore Chiall Spring Chooweelarra Rock Chowidda Pool Christmas Bore Christmas Creek Well Christmas Well Chum Well Claypan Well Clifton Well Cockarrow Well Cockatoo Well Cocks Well Coffee Bore Coffey Well Cohn Hill Cole Creek Coles Find Mine Collavilla Collin Well Collurabbie Hills Comedy King Well Community Bore Conglomerate Bore Conglomerate Well Conical Hill Constance Headland Cooba Cooba Creek Coobah Goobah Pool Coodahjiddah Creek Cookoolah Rockhole Coolali Soak Coolalla Hill Coolibah Bore Cooligarra Well Coolup Bore Cooma Well Coomboorangoongoo Pool Coomborn Creek Coonabildie Bluff Coonabildie Range Coondie Soak Cooper Well Coorarinee Hill Cooringabba Hill Cooringanarranda Brook Corboy New Find Mine Corboys Mine Corduroyed Crossing Cork Bore Cork Screw Bore Cork Tree Flat Well Cork Tree Well Cork Well Corktree Bore Corktree Mill Corktree Well Cornelia Range Corner Bore Corner Well Corners Well Cosmo Newbery Community Cosmo Newbery Hill Cosmo Newbery Mission Cottonbush Bore Cowderoy Hill Critch Bore Crofts Well Cross Road Bore Cunya Woolshed Cunyu Curara Well Curdle Well Curley Bore Cutline Well Dabbalya Gorge Daglish Well Dalray Creek Dam Bore Darda Darlot Aerodrome Daulby Well Davidson Well Davies Find Mine Davis Well Dawson Well Daylight Well De La Poer Range De La Poer Range Nature Reserve Dead Horse Creek Dead Sheep Bore Deadwood Bore Dean Hills Decker Field Deep Bore Deep Well Delaney Well Dellas Bore Depot Bore Depot Springs Derry Bore Desert Bore Desert Gold Community Desolation Hills Desperation Well Destiny Well Dibbin Rockhole Dicks Well Digby Hill Dingbat Well Dingle Well Dingo Bluff Dingo Bore Dingo Creek Dingo Pool Dingo Range Dingo Rockhole Dingo Well Dingy Well Dinner Gnamma Hole Diorite Bore Diorite Well Disappointment Hill Divine Bore Division Well Djunbarrunga Rockhole Donkey Soak Double Barrel Well Double H Well Double Hill Dougs Bore Dowd Waterhole Doyle Bore Doyle Soak Duck Swamp Dud Bore Duffer Well Duketon Duketon Well Dumbung Soak Dynamite Bore Earaheedy Earaheedy Airstrip Earaheedy Bore Earaheedy Hill Earanbiddie Pool East Brilliant Well East Well Easter Bore Eastern Land Division Eberle Hill Eclipse Well Eddie Hill Edment Well Eifel Tower Bore Elijah Well Empress Spring Emu Bore Emu Farm Community Enterprise Mine Erawalla Hill Eregan Well Erlistoun Erlistoun Creek Erlistoun Creek East Ernest Giles Range Eurothurra Rockhole Express Bore Faith Bore Fame Range Famous Blue Famous Bore Farquharson Tableland Federation Headland Fergy Bore Finches Well Finger Flat Well Finlayson Range Fisher Well Flat Rock Well Flower Creek Flower Well Forbes Outcamp Forbes Well Forked Creek Forrest Well Frank Well Fred Bore Freemans Find Mine Frere Range Freshwater Bore Freshwater Well Furmans Mine Fyfe Bore Fyfe Well G L Well Gabbi Gundi Bore Gahnda Rockhole Gaminga Well Gap Well Garden Bore Garden Well Garden Well No. 16 Gardiner Well Gargan Rockhole Gear Well Gearless Well Gemcheps Bore Genbirr Creek George Bore Geraldton Historic Society Bore German Well Giblett Hills Gibson Desert Gibson Desert Nature Reserve Gibson Hill Gidgee Bore Gidgee Well Giego Bore Gilga Well Gilmores Well Ginnabooka Well Gipps Hills Gladsome Bore Gladys Paterson Hills Glass Spring Glen Bore Glen Innes Well Glen-Ayle Glover Hill Glover Tabletop Gnamal Rockholes Gnoolbin Rockholes Gold Tooth Well Golden Age Mine Good Camp Rockhole Goodwin Soak No. 11 Well Gooran Gooran Hill Goosies Well Gordon Well Government Bore No. 2 Government Well Granite Bore Granite Hills Granite Peak Granite Peak Bore Granite Well Granites Bore Grant Duff Range Grasscutter Well Grassy Creek Gravel Bore Gray Well Greenies Well Greenstone Hill Griffin Well Guddanorn Well Gum Bore Gum Creek Gum Pool Well Gum Well Gums Well Gunally Well Gunin Gunin Pool Guy Well H.T. Granites Hack Bore Hadji Well Half Trig Hill Halfpenny Well Halfway Bore Halfway Well Hann Hann Rockhole Hannans Bore Hansen Well Hard Times Well Harris Hill Harris No. 2 Well Harry Hill Well Harry Johnston Water Hartwell Well Harvey Well Hawkins Knob Hayes Well Hegarty Bore Helen Well Helens Well Henderson Bore Henderson Well Henrys Bore Henrys Well Herbert Bore Herbert Wash Hinkler Well Hoffman Range Holding Paddock Well Holroyd Bluff Homestead Bore Homestead Well Honeymoon Well Hong Kong Bore Hooper Bores Hooper Tank Hootanui Hootanui Well Hope Tank Horse Well House Well Howard Bore Howard Well Hughes Bore Hunt Well Hutton Range Ida Range Ilgarari Creek Illergine Bore Illyee Pool Imbin Rockhole Independence Bore Independence South Bore Ingardella Bore Ingebong Hills Ingi-Jingi Hill Ironstone Well Irving Well Irwin Bore Irwin Well Isobel Springs Isobel Well Ivan Well Ives Creek Ives Find Mine Ivy Well Jack Bore Jackie Lookout Jackie Well Jackies Well No. 1 Jackies Well No. 2 Jacks Bore Jacks Well Jacky Bore James Bore James Pool Jamies Bore Jamies End Tank Jamies Middle Tank Jarrah Well Jasper Bore Jefferie Well Jerrys Bore Jewill Lagoon Jiboorgah Hill Jilyili Hills Jimmy Well Jimmys Well Jimnyumbah Hill Jink Bore Joe Well Joes Bore Joey Jarra Pool John Bore Johnson Bore Jonah Bore Jonch Bore Jones Bore Journeys End Bore Journeys End Tank Jublejarrah Pool Juill Juill Creek Julinu Well Jump Up Bore Junction Well Jundee Jundee Aerodrome Jundee Soak Jungarra Pool Jungarra Soak Justit Bore Jutson Rocks Jutson Soak Jutson Well Kadyara Waterhole Kahrban Creek Kahrra Creek Kalamunda Bore Kaljahr Pinnacle Kaluweerie Hill Kaluwiri Kalyaltcha Creek Kalyaltcha Waterhole Kalyaltcha Well Kanpa Community Karinga Hill Karo Soak Karra Creek Karrah Bore Karrarinarri Claypan Karrarinarri Soak Karri Karri Creek Karri Karri Pool Katherine Well Kathleen Katu Katu Hills Katu Katu Well Keartland Hills Keitha Spring Kelly Range Kenden Well Kendenura Hill Kennedy Creek Kens Bore Kent Bore Kepaltin Spring King Bluffs King Bore King John Well Kingsley Well Kingston Kingston Pass Kingston Well Kipillon Spring Knob Bore Koonoonooka Microwave Repeater Station Kooyong Well Kujelan Bore Kujelan Creek Kujelan Soak Kukabubba Creek Kukurrah Creek Kulele Creek Kulguddi Pool Kulonoski East Well Kundabiddi Bore Kundabiddi Hill Kurrajong Bore Kurrajong Sandhill Kurrajong Well Kutkabubba Community Kyarra Bore Kyffin Thomas Hill Lady Lawley Range Lake Aerodrome Lake Augusta Lake Bedford Lake Blair Lake Bore Lake Breaden Lake Bremner Lake Buchanan Lake Buggan Lake Burnside Lake Carnegie Lake Cohen Lake Darlot Lake Darlot Mine Lake Edith Withnell Lake Gillen Lake Gruszka Lake Hancock Lake Hoar Lake Jeffries Lake Jones Lake Karri Karri Lake Keene Lake Kerrylyn Lake King Lake Maitland Lake Miranda Lake Nabberu Lake Small Lake Sprenger Lake Sunshine Lake Talbot Lake Tank Lake Teague Lake Throssell Lake Violet Lake Ward Lake Way Lake Way Well Lake Well Lake Wells Lake Wells Bore Lake Wilderness Lalalline Creek Lanagan Bore Lang Rock Lang Well Langford Well Larry Wells Range Laurie Well Laver Hill Leary Bore Leary Well Lee Steere Range Leeman Well Leggley Well Leinster Aerodrome Leinster Downs Leinster Golf Club Leinster Mine Leinster Primary School Leinster Well Lemon Bore Leo Well Letter Box Well Levy Well Lignan Well Lilly Well Limbo Bore Limbo Well Limestone Well Lindsay Gordon Lagoon Linke Lakes Little Banjo Bore Little Diorite Well Little Greta Mine Little Kukabubba Well Little Mill Little Sandy Desert Little Well Little Windich Springs Lizzars Well Lockharts Well Logan Spring Longreach Well Lorna Glen Lorna Glen Spring Lorna Glen Well Lout Claypan Loyola Well Lucky Bore Lucky Well Lulu Creek Lupton Well Lyell Brown Bluff Lynne Bore Mabel Bore Mabel Well Mac Bore Macintosh Hill Macintosh Range Mackies Bore Macnamara Well Madman Outcamp Mahood Well Mail Box Well Mail Change Well Maines Well Maitland Mine Malantila Rockhole Mallee Hen Bore Malmac Well Mandaline Well Mandilla Well Mangi Rockholes Mangkili Claypan Mangkili Claypan Nature Reserve Manunda Rockhole Marconi Well Marlanindie Pool Marloo Well Marlooyanoo Hill Marock Well Marple Well Marruwa Soak Marymia Mason Hill Matts Bore May Hill May Queen Well Mcconkey Hill Mcdonough Lookout Mcfarlanes Find Mine Mchugh Well Mcillwraith Range Mcintyre Soak Mckay Bore Mckenna Well Mckenzie Bore Mckenzie Creek Mckenzie Well Mcmeakin Bore Mcnicholl Well Mcphersons Pillar Meiske Well Melba Bore Mellon Bore Melrose Melrose Well Meredith Well Merrie Range Mi Mi Rocks Mibbeyean Bore Mibbeyean Creek Mibbeyean Pool Mibbeyean Spring Mibbeyean Well Mica Mica Waterhole Michael Well Middle Bore Middle Hill Middle Well Milga Milga Well Milgarrie Creek Milgarrie Pool Miljie Rockhole Millar Hill Millar Lake Millar Range Millbillillie Millbillillie Well Millgool Outcamp Millie Millie Well Millrose Milurie Outcamp Milyouwaringo Hill Minda Hill Mindi Hill Mineshaft Well Miningarra Creek Miningarra Pool Minnie Creek Minnieritchie Creek Minyan Hills Miranda Well Miringka Waterhole Mirror Bore Miss Fairbairn Hills Mistake Creek Mistake Well Mitchell Well Mizina Well Moffetah Well Moiler Find Mine Molluanoo Hill Mona Vale Well Monarch of the East Mine Monkey Well Moolanbura Claypans Moolart Well Mooloonjoo Claypans Moonbria Well Moongarnoo Gnamma Holes Morans Well Morck Wells Morning Light Well Morphett Well Morrissey Well Mortgagee Well Mosquito Well Mount Agnes Mount Alexandra Mount Alice Mount Alice West Mount Allott Mount Allsop Mount Archie Mount Arthur Mount Barrett Bore Mount Barrett Rockhole Mount Bates Mount Bates Well Mount Beadell Mount Blackburn Mount Boucaut Mount Brown Mount Bryan Mount Bundey Mount Carnegie Mount Cecil Clifton Mount Cecil Rhodes Mount Clarence Mount Cleaver Mount Colin Mount Cornell Mount Courtney Mount Cox Mount Cumming Mount Davis Mount Deverell Mount Doolette Mount Dora Mount Draper Mount Elisabeth Mount Essendon Mount Eureka Mount Eureka Mining Group Mount Evelyn Mount Everard Mount Falconer Mount Feldtmann Mount Fisher Mount Fisher East Mount Gerard Mount Gill Mount Goode Mount Gordon Mount Green Mount Grey Mount Grey Outcamp Mount Grey Well Mount Harold Mount Harris Mount Hilda Mount Hooley Mount Hosken Mount Joanna Mount Joel Mount Johnson Mount Jones Mount Keith Mount Keith Airstrip Mount Keith Mine Mount Keith Well Mount Lampe Mount Lancelot Mount Laurie Mount Lawrence Wells Mount Lockeridge Mount Mabel Mount Macdonald Mount Madley Mount Maiden Mount Mann Mount Martin Mount Mcclure Mount Methwin Mount Moore Mount Mundy Mount Normanhurst Mount Nossiter Mount O'Loughlin Mount Onslow Mount Ooloongathoo Mount Orme Mount Pasco Mount Paterson Mount Payne Mount Phillipson Mount Pickering Mount Pool Mount Porter Well Mount Pritchard Mount Roberts Mount Royal Mount Salvado Mount Samuel Mount Shenton Mount Sir Gerard Mount Sir James Mount Sir Samuel Mount Smith Mount Step Mount Step Bore Mount Strawbridge Mount Tate Mount Teague Mount Throssel Well Mount Throssell Mount Von Mueller Mount Waite Mount Warren Mount Way Mount Wellesley Mount White Mount Wilkinson Mount William Lambert Mount Worsnop Moxon Creek Mudan Hills Mudarra Soak Muggun Rockholes Mugs Bore Muir Range Mulega Well Mulga Bore Mulga Queen Mulga Well Mulgan Rockhole Mulgarra Pool Mundah Cone Munday Bore Mundy Bore Mungilli Community Mungkulu Hills Mungkulu Waterhole Munn Well Murgurra Pool Murphy Hills Murphy Well Murray Bore Murray Creek Murrays Bore Mussolini Well Myonga Well Mystery Bore Mystery Hill Nabberu Nabberu Well Namingnurrabunga Creek Nanga Caves Nanyerinny Creek Nanyuarie Pool Naroo Creek Narratha Rockholes Nash Find Mine Neale Neckersgat Range Needoo Hill Neekoodanoo Hill Negrara Creek Neil Mcneill Hills Nellie Hayes Creek Netting Bore Never Despair Bore New Bore New England Mine New England Well New Market Bore New Trial Well Newland Range Ngangganawili Community Ngungku Well Nichols Knob Nimarry Bore Ninnis Waterhole Ninnis Well Nipper Pinnacle Nixon Bore No. 1 Bore No. 1 Well No. 10 Bore No. 10 Well No. 11 Bore No. 11 Well No. 12 Bore No. 12 Well No. 13 Bore No. 13 Well No. 14 Bore No. 14 Well No. 15 Bore No. 15 Well No. 16 Bore No. 16 Well No. 17 Bore No. 18 Bore No. 19 Bore No. 2 Bore No. 2 Well No. 20 Bore No. 21 Bore No. 22 Bore No. 23 Bore No. 24 Bore No. 25 Bore No. 25 Well No. 26 Bore No. 27 Bore No. 28 Bore No. 29 Bore No. 2a Tank No. 3 Bore No. 3 Government Well No. 3 Well No. 30 Bore No. 31 Bore No. 3a Government Well No. 4 Bore No. 4 Government Well No. 4 Well No. 47 Well No. 48 Well No. 5 Bore No. 5 Government Well No. 5 Well No. 6 Bore No. 6 Government Well No. 6 Well No. 7 Bore No. 7 Government Well No. 77 East Well No. 8 Bore No. 8 Government Well No. 8 Well No. 9 Bore No. 9 Well Nooloo Breakaway Nora Welstead Creek Norm Bore North Bore North East Bore North Ninnis Well North Pinnacle North Pool North Well Notabilis Hill Nuendah Nuleri Nullye Soak Nunegnoo Pool Nuneri Pool Nunmah Pool Nunn Well Nurra Kurramunoo Community Oasis Bore Ockerburry Hill Ockerburry Well Odgard Well O'Hara Well O'Keefe Well Old Brilliant Well Old Camp Bore Old Carnegie Old Cunyu Well Old Deep Well Old Dwyer Well Old Homestead Well Old Mount Grey Well Old Mount Keith Bore Old Shaft Well Old Well Old Yard Well Oldham Range Oolgahroo Creek Oolyou Creek Optimist Well Orphan Well Outcamp Bore Outcamp Well Overland Well Oxby Bore Oxbys Well Packhorse Bore Paddy Bore Paddy Well Palm Well Panton Bluff Parker Ranges Parson Well Parsons Bluff Pasco Well Patricia Locke Range Paul Well Pen Mell Well Penny Well Perseverance Bore Peter Well Peters Well Peterswald Hill Phar Lap Well Phenoclast Hill Phyllis Bore Piccaninny Bore Pierre Spring Pikalu Rockholes Pilot Point Pinjanie Hill Pinje-Eda Hill Pink Well Pipeline Tank Pirriga Pirrili Puru Soak Pizzetti Well Plonkys Well Plover Bore Point Hackett Point Katherine Point Montgomery Point Newland Point Pater Point Robert Point Sheila Point Sir John Point Virginia Point Waulfe Polas Well Pollard Range Pollards Pool Pomme D'Or Mine Pommy Well Pope Well Popes Camp Well Porcupine Bore Porcupine Well Potter Bluff Prenti Downs Pride Well Primes Well Princess Bore Princess Ranges Prominent Hill Prospector Well Pumpkin Well Pundin Soak Pundin Well Puntitjarra Creek Puntitjarra Well Quadrio Lake Quadrios Bore Quadrios Well Quartz Bore Quartz Well Queen Well Quongdong Well Railway Well Rainbow Bore Ram Well Ray J Hill Red Bluff Red Hill Red Hill Bore Red Hill Well Red Lake Well Red Well Rennies Well Reserve Well Riccaboni Find Mine Rinaldi Well Ripple Hill Risden Well Robinson Hill Rock and Roll Bore Rockhole Creek Rockhole Well Rocky Creek Rocky Well Ronnie Bore Rose Hills Rosewood Well Ross Well Roto Well Rowe Hills Rowe Soak Rowley Well Rubble Bore Ruby Find Mine Running Waters Bore Russell Find Mine Rusty Tank Bore Ryans Bore Sachse Bluff Sailor Jack Well Sally Bore Salt Bore Salt Lagoon Salt Well Salvation Well Sam Well Sandalwood Bore Sandalwood Well Sandhill Bore Sandhill Well Sandstone Bore Sandstone Range Sandy Bore Sardine Bore Satisfaction Bore Saunders Point Saunders Range Sawyers Bore Scadden Well Scarborough Bore Scarr Hills Schist Well Scorpion Well Scottie Well Scotty Well Scurvy Creek Setow Boro Well Seymour Well Shady Well Shallow Bore Sharpes Bluff Shed Bore Shed Well Shenton Soak Shepherd Well Shepherds Well Sholl Creek Sholl Range Short Cut Bore Simeon Well Simpson Bore Simpson Well Simpsons Bore Sims Find Mine Sir Samuel Sisters Well Skates Hills Skeleton Creek Skull Soak Sky Bore Sky Tank Slate Bluff Slaughter Yard Bore Slaughter Yard Well Slav Well Snake Well Snell Pass Snowies Bore Snowy Well Soak Bore Soak Creek Well Sodary Pool South Bore South Homestead Well South Well Southern Cross Bore Spear Hole Spinifex Bore Spinifex Well Spring Well Square Hill Squeeky Bore Stanley Bluff Statesman Well Station Hill Staunton Well Steer Creek Well Stella Well Stirling Peaks Stock Well Stony Point Bore Stony Point Pool Stork Well Strife Bore Sullivan Well Sunbeam Creek Sunday Surprise Rocks Sunrise Well Supply Well Surprise Bore Sutherland Range Swanson Creek Swanson Hill Swanson Well Sweeney Creek Sweet Nell Mine Sweetwaters Well Sydney Heads Pass Symond Well Tabimaya Well Table Hill Taffy Bore Tahmrey Pool Tahmrey Well Tahrybabba Spring Tall Bore Taratara Rockhole Taylors Bore Terhan Rockhole Terminal Lake Terry Bore Thabiddie Hills Tharkeedah The Bore The Hump The Jones Creek The Jumpup The Patch Mine The Springs No. 13 Well The Strip Well Thompson Bore Thompson Well Three Corners Bore Thryptomene Hill Thurraguddy Creek Tige Bore Tiger Well Tilawuru Rockhole Timperley Range Tipperary Well Tjirrkarli Community Tjukayirla Community Tjukayirla Roadhouse Tobin Bronze Well Tom Well Tommy Bore Tong Creek Tony Bore Tony Well Toodawarra Bore Toohey Well Toolbabady Rockholes Tooloo Bluff Toomey Well Toonil Pool Toonil Spring Top 14 Mile Well Top Bore Top Kukabubba Well Top Sodary Bore Top Well Torondo Waterhole Townsend Well Towser Bore Tragedy Well Trainor Hills Trennaman Well Triangle Bore Troy Creek Truscott Hills Try Again Bore Try Again Well Tsakalos Hills Tugaila Tugaila Rockholes Tullock Well Tupee Well Turnback Well Turnup Bore Tuscana Mine Twilight Mill Twin Bores Twin Hills Twin Swamps Twin Swamps Bore Twin Tanks Well Two Flats Well Two Hills Bore Two Hills Well Two Jacks Well Two Tanks Well Uhr Soak Ullarri Hill Ulrich Range Uramurdah Creek Uramurdah Lake Uramurdah Well Urarey Urarey Well Vause Well Verschuer Range Vickers Creek Vickers Well Vincent Bore Violet Range Virgin Springs Virginia Range Vivien Vivien Mine Vivien Well Volpress Well Von Treuer Tableland Wadarrah Rocks Wadjinyanda Pool Waggon Flat Waguin Wahlgu Rockholes Waikato Mine Waldecks Mine Walja Creek Walja Well Wallaby Rocks Wallbroo Well Waltha Well Walugubal Well Wanda Hills Wandilla Bore Wandoorangoo Creek Wanggannoo Creek Wangkabadi Well Wanjarri Nature Reserve Wannabooline Creek Warburton Range Stock Route Ward Hills Ward Well Ward Well No. 1 Waridan Waterhole Warneton Well No. 7 Waronga Well Waroo Pool Waroonga Well Warrabindin Waterhole Warren Bore Warri and Yatungka Hills Warri Well Warrida Well Warriwalkin Rockhole Warriwarra Pool Warryaegan Pool Watercourse Well Watertree Bore Waulfe Creek Weeborie Well Welcome Bore Welcome Native Well Weld Spring Well Spring Wellington Range Wells Welstead Hill Welstead Range West Creek West Guy Well West Pope Bore West Yakabindie Well Western Well Westwood Bluff Wharton Bore White Lake White Quartz Blow White Waters Well White Well Wild Cat Hills Wild Cat Soak Willie Soak Willow Well Willy Willy Bore Wilson Bore Wiluna Aerodrome Wiluna Golf Club Wiluna Native Mission Wiluna Remote Community School Windaroo Rockholes Windich Springs Windidda Windidda Community Windidda Creek Windidda Spring Wingora Soak Winndero Pool Winterbottom Rocks Wire Pool Wiro Rockhole Wobbly Bore Wobooladdie Gnamma Holes Wogalgoo Hill Wommaoogalah Spring Wonganoo Wongawol Wongawol Creek Woodah Claypans Woodah Weedah Creek Woodarra Woodarra Mine Woodgate Spring Woodhouse Lagoon Woolnough Hills Woolshed Well Woorana Well Woornboo Spring Wooroberdinner Native Well Worrunga Community Worthy Bore Wurr Sinkhole Wynn Bore Wy-Uda Creek Yaddagally Pool Yakabinda Well Yakabindie Yakabindie Well Yalal Creek Yallum Hill Yamada Waterhole Yamparra Rockhole Yampi Well Yandal Yandal Bore Yandal Lagoon Yandal Well Yanneri Lake Yarloo Creek Yawl Yawl Well Yeelirrie Yelina Yelma Yelma Soak Yeo Lake Yibbie Range Yildoodie Gnamma Hole Yilgarrie Hills Yilly Yilly Bore Yilly Yilly Rockhole Yirril Rockhole Young Range Yowalga Rockholes Yowyungoo Gorge Yudalburu Soak Yulanjungu Rockhole Yunga Pool Gibsons Desert McPhersons Pillar Mackintosh Hills The Mackintosh Hill Goodwin Soak Ten Mile Lake McConkey Hill Buller Hill The Buller Hill Miss Buller Well The Miss Buller Well Mount Collin Clover Table Top The Clover Tabletop Arrow Soak The Arrow Soak Western Australia State of Western Australia The Weld Spring Welcome Well Charles Knob The Miss Fairbairn Hills Oyanjoo Wooroberdinner Well Wanarairy Mount Everhard Ooloongalhoo Cockoolah Rockhole Marloothanoo Nunegnoo Claypan Windich Spring Cooraarra Waterhole Coorarra Waterhole Mount Saint James Oolyoo Creek Popes Well Meiskes Well Coonabiluie Range Biller Pool Jowill Lagoon Six Mile Well Six Mile Pool Jilboorgah Hill Verscher Range The Long Creek The Long Earanbidaie Pool New Springs The Sholl Creek The Sholl The Brockman Creek The Brockman The Blythe Pool The Blythe Creek Tamhree Pool Winndere Pool Namingoola Wannaboolin Creek Wongawall Lorna Glenn Two Mile Creek Wongawall Creek Fourteen Mile Creek Mount OLoughlin Coles Creek Jackies Lookout Milrose Moahngarra Coonooroo Twelve Mile Pool Paddys Well Alfs Well Wyndidda Creek Boondin Wyndidda Spring Twin Swamp Scurry Creek Leemans Well Doyles Soak Wards Well Number Sixteen Well Irwins Well Mulga Rockhole Holyroyd Bluff Ives Ives Find Pomme DOr Mine Muggun Rockhole Wanganoo Creek Wanganno Creek Wanganoo The Springs Maitland Peak Mundo Beales Well Kathleen Valley Katheen Valley Urary Bigerymumal East Branch Erlistoun Creek Miamia Rocks Bi-erdie Hill Altona Altorna Westwing Bluff Yakabindo McDonoughs Lookout Mount Feldtman McKenzie Creek Pinje-eda Hill Harris Hills Depot Range Point Saunders Bulgu Granites Axfords Lookout Cosmo Newberry Hill Sundays Surprise Rocks Cables Wilkinson Range Cosmo Newberry Lily Rockhole