Topographic / Ordnance Survey Map


GA SG53 - Oodnadatta

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This Topographic Map is produced by Geoscience Australia; Australia's national geospatial organisation.
GA topographic maps (many of which are produced in partnership with the Army) are generally older than those maps produced by the State Governments over the same area. This makes GA maps particularly useful for identifying historic features, such as old mines and diggings.
Geoscience Australia maps generally considered to be more pleasing in design and compilation then the more modern State Government productions.

At this scale, 1cm on this map represents 10km on the ground, covering an area of approximately 670km from east to west and 440km nort to south. The contour interval is 500m, with an additional contour at 200m. This map contains natural and constructed features including road and rail infrastructure, vegetation, hydrography, contours, localities and some administrative boundaries.

Please note the date of the map, as this will impact the currency of information, particularly regarding infrastructure, roads, etc.

Locations within this Map

Australia Mintabie Santa Teresa Finke Oodnadatta Mimili Areyonga Indulkana Iwantja 117 Mile Post 140 Mile Post 19 Mile Dam 5 Mile Dam 7 Mile Bore 7 Mile Dam 9 Mile Dam Acacia Well Adams Tank Aerodrome Dam Aerodrome Yard Agrip Bore Airbourne Tank Alalgara Yard Alice Creek Alice Well Allambarinja Range Allambi Allambi Airfield Allan Tank Allora Bore Aloa Soak Altalweynimma Waterhole Alua Dam Amonga Dam Amphitheatre Ampire Waterhole Anacoora Bore Anacoora Hill Andado Andado Airfield Andado Swamp Angas Airfield Angas Downs Angathita Well Angus Bore Angus Downs Landing Ground Anniversary Bore Antere Antiarra Waterhole Aputula Health Centre Aralka Bore Aranlabuka Swamp Archies Bore Areyonga Airfield Areyonga Creek Areyonga Health Centre Areyonga School Arinbra Spring Arkanta Aroora Dam Arowie Waterhole Arunta Rockhole Aruta Dam Atherita Bore Atlalweynimma Waterhole Atoota Dam Atoothenna Bore Ayers Lookout Ayers Lookout Plain Ayers Range Bacon Range Bald Hill Dams Bank Dam Bank Hole Waterhole Bankin Bore Basedow Range Baystone Bore Beddome Range Beefwood Bore Beefwood Swamp Dam Beer St Bore Benjies Bore Big Motor Bore Bill Dam Birch Hill Birthday Bore Bit Bore Bj Bore Black Cap Dam Black Hill Bore Black Hill Dam Black Hill Range Bloodwood Bore Bloodwood Dam Bluebush Dam Bluehill Dam Bogga Bogga Well Boggy Flat Dam Boggy Hole Creek Bokhara Bolltons Bore Boomerang No 4 Bore Bore No 2 Bore No 3 Boswell Bore Bottom Bore Boundary Bore Boundary Dam Bowra Bore Bowson Waterhole Boxwood Bores Boxwood Dam Boxwood Dams Boys Bore Boys Dam Breaden Dam Brigadier Hill Briscoe Pass Briscoe Tent Hill Britannia Waterhole Bronco Bore Brumby Hole Yard Brumby Springs Brumby Waterhole Buggaremup Bore Bull Waterhole Bullant Bore Bulldust Bore Bulldust Dam Bundooma Bunyip Bore Bunyip Tank Bush Tank Buttercup Dam Calamity Bore Calatta Springs Cam Tank Camel Bore Camel Creek Camel Dam Camel Flat Bore Camel Swamp Tank Canteen Waterhole Casey Bore Castle Hill Castle Rock Casuarina Dam Casuarina Swamp Caterpiller Bore Cave Hole Mill Cave Hole Yard Centenary Bore Centenary Dam Chalmers Dam Chambers Pillar Chamber's Pillar Historical Reserve Chandlers Range Charlotte Bore Charlotte Dam Charlotte Range Charlotte Waters Charlotte Waters Telegraph Station Cheeky Swamp Bore Christmas Bore Christmas Creek Christmas Dam Christmas Dams Christmas Well Christmas Yards Christopher Pinnacle Cindy Bore Circle Gully Claude Bore Claypan Dam Cliff Bore Clothes Line Bore Clough Bore Clough Dam Cloughs Dam Cockys Camp Yard Coglin Bore Coglin Creek Col Creek Colson Pinnacle Condy Bore Confusion Dam Corella Bore Corella Creek Corkwood Bore Corner Bore Costellos Bore Cottonbush Bore Cottonbush Dam Cox Creek Crocker Hill Crown Crossing Crown Point Crows Dam Crows Nest Bore Cultivation Bore Cunninghams Gorge Curtin Springs East Boundary Curtin Springs Hill Cym Bore D Dam Dakota Bore Dakota Hill Dam No 1 Danny Whites Yard Davis Well Dawkins Well Dead Bird Dam Dead Bullock Dam Dead Camel Dam Dead Horse Dam Dead Mans Bore Deception Creek Deep Bore Deep Well Deep Well Bore Deep Well North Sr Bore Deep Well Range Depot Hill Depot Sandhills Derrys Bore Desert Bore Desert Hill Desert Oaks Resort Dewars Tank Dick Well Dick Well Bore Dingo Dam Dingo No 1 Gas Well Dingo No 2 Gas Well Dingo Tank Docs Dam Doreen Bore Double Garden Waterhole Drought Bore Drought Relief Bore Dry Yard Dam Duck Swamp Yard Dud Bore Duffield Duffield Creek Duffield Dam E Dam Eaglenest Bore East Bore East Bore No 1 East Bore No 2 East Dam Easter Bore Echidna Retreat Eight Mile Waterhole Eight Mile Yard Eighty Four Bore Eileen Hill Emma Bore Emu Hole Dam Emu Swamp Dam Engoordina Eninta Creek Eremophila Point Erldunda Erldunda Airstrip Erldunda Outstation Erldunda Range Ettenia Bore Ettenia Hills Ewaninga Rock Carvings Conservation Reserve Exoil Bore Exploration Bore Farrar Yard Felt Hat Bore Felt Hat Peak Ferdies Bore Ferrar Spring Fifteen Mile Creek Fifteen Mile Dam Fig Tree Bore Fighting Dam Finke Aerodrome Finke Police Station Finke Railway Bore Finke River Finke School Five Mile Creek Flat Top Waterhole Fletcher Hill Floral Dam Four Mile Bore Fox Dam Frances Creek Frances Well Frankies Dam Frazer Dam Froud Creek Ganley Bore Gap Bore Geoffreys Tank Georges Dam Geosurveys Hill Ghan Gidyea Bore Gilpens Bore Glen of Palms Gloaming Dam Good Friday Dam Gordon and Ida Abbott Park Government Bore Goyder Bore Goyder Creek Granite Bore Granite Yard Gum Tree Creek Gumtree Bore Gumtree Hills Gypsum Bore Gypsum Dam Hale Hale River Haley Bore Halfway Camp Halfway dam Halfway Dam Halfway Yard Hamilton Creek Harts Camp Waterhole Hasting Bore Haunted Tree Bore Hawksnest Bore Hay River Hayes Springs Hayes Well Hells Gate Bore Henbury Henbury Aerodrome Henbury Claypan Dam Henbury Meteorite Conservation Park Henbury Meteorite Craters Hideaway Dam Highway Bore Highway Dam Highway Tank Hijinks Bore Hillside Bore Homestead Bore Homestead Bores 1 & 2 Homestead Dam Homestead Rise Honeymoon Bore Horse Camp Waterhole Horse Dam Horse Paddock Dam Horse Paddock Well Horse Plain Horseshoe Bend Househill Range Hubbard Hill Hugh Hugh River Hugh River Trucking Yards Hughes Bore I Dam Idracowra Idracowra Aerodrome Illamurta Spring Illara Creek Illara North Creek Illara Rocks Illara Waterhole Illawilla Bore Illawilla Creek Illbilla Creek Illbilla Spring Dam Illogwa Creek Ilnx Bore Ilpurla Imanpa Imanpa Health Centre Imanpa Landing Ground Imanpa Police Station Imanpa School Impadna Impadna Dam Impadna Landing Ground Indemina Bore Indera Bore Indera Dam Indiatna Well Indildra Claypan Indinda Swamp Indinda Well Inguroo Bore Inguroo Hill Inguroo Tank Intalpa Dam Intalpa Lake Interial Dam Intjartnama Ipolera No 1 Bore Ippia Hill Ippity Hanger Bore Iron Stone Bore Ironwood Bore Ironwood Creek Ironwood Dam Jack Gray Plain Jackawarra Creek Jackawarra Dam Jacko Bore Jacks Dam Jakes Bore James Range Bore James Ranges Jenkins Bluff Jimarrow Bore Jimmys Dam John Holland Bore Johns Well Johnson Bore Johnston Johnstone Range Jones Well Junction Bore Junction Hole Kaboolka Dam Kaditcha Bore Kalamurta Creek Kalamurta Dam Kalamurta Hill Kangaroo Bore Kangaroo Dam Kangaroo Well Karga Well Karinga Creek Karinga Dam Kay Bore Kernot Hill Kernot Range Kittsiquana Yard Knob Dam Knotts Bore Kooyong Well Kraegans Creek Kraegens Grave Krichauff Creek Krichauff Ranges Kulgera Kulgera Airstrip Kulgera Dam Kulgera Police Station Kulgera Rail Head Lady Bird Bore Lalgra Yard Lambert Centre Langra Well Laura Dam Lawrence Gorge Levi Penham Park Levi Range Liddle Hills Lightning Swamp Dam Lilla Creek Limejuice Bore Little Ampire Well Little Kalamurta Creek Little Palm Creek Little Well Loafers Dam Log Hole Creek Long Waterhole Lookout Dam Ltira Ltyentye Apurte Community Education Centre Ltyentye Apurte Community Library Ltyentye Apurte Health Centre Lucky Bore Lucky Dam Lyndavale Well Lyndock Bore M Dam Mac Clark Acacia Peuce Convservation Reserve Macmillians Creek Magellan Bore Magnificence Bore Main Camp Main Camp Waterhole Malcolms Bore Maldney Hill Mallee Bore Maloney Bore Maloney Creek Marchant Spring Marion Springs Markies Dam Marshall Bluff Martingale Dam Mary Ann Bore Maryvale Maryvale Hills Mathews Bore Maudacadatta Bore Mayfield Bore Mayfield Swamp Maynards Bore Mc Dills Bore Mc Dills No1 Bore Mc Dills Well Mcclures Gap Mcclures Springs Mccrea Trough Mcguinnes Bore McMahon Bores McMinn Creek Mereenie Bore Merle Tank Merrick Gully Meteorite Dam Mica Bores Mick Soak Middle Bore Middle Bores Middle Camp Dam Middle Dam Middle Hill Middleton Ponds Middleton Ponds Well Miers Dam Mill Ridge Mines Bore Minga Bore Minga Dam Miningera Bore Miningera Well Minnies Creek Mirranponga Pongunna Lake Mitchell Grass Dam Mitchells Bore Mona Bore Mongulina Creek Mongulina Well Monument Waterhole Moolta Hills Moonlight Gap Dam Mopoke Dam Morley Bore Morleys Swamp Dam Mount Alfred Mount Aralka Mount Barrow Mount Beddome Mount Brunonia Mount Burrell Mount Caldwell Mount Capitor Bore Mount Casuarina Mount Cavenagh Mount Cecil Mount Cecil Bore Mount Charlotte Mount Cuthbert Bore Mount Daer Mount Daniel Mount Day Mount Duff Mount Ebenezer Mount Ebenezer Roadhouse Mount Engoordina Mount Etingimbra Mount Falconer Mount Gloaming Mount Gordon Mount Gordon North Mount Grevillea Mount Grundy Mount Guenevere Mount Hakea Mount Hermannsburg Mount Hitchins Mount Holder Mount Hopetoun Mount Humphries Mount Keartland Mount Kingston Mount Kingston Dam No1 Mount Kitty Dam Mount Levi Mount Lewis Mount Madigan Mount Magarey Mount McGowan Mount Merrick Mount Musgrave Mount Obstruction Mount Ooraminna Mount Ormerod Mount Peachy Mount Peachy Bore Mount Peebles Mount Pellinore Mount Peterswald Mount Polhill Mount Quin Mount Reginald Mount Reynolds Mount Richards Dam Mount Rodinga Mount Rumbalara Mount Santo Mount Shady Mount Sir Henry Mount Squire Mount Squire Dam Mount Squire Siding Mount Strawbridge Mount Sunday Bore Mount Sunday Range Mount Townshend Mount Trioda Mount Watt Mount Wilyunpa Mountain Bore Mt Burrell Bore Mt Quinn Bore Mt Sunday Dam Mulga Bank Dam Mulga Bore Mulga Claypan Mulga Dam Murphys Lake Murphys Range Murray Bore Murray Hill Musgrave Musgrave Well Mygoora Bore Mygoora Lake Mygoora Well N Dam Nairobi Well Nallysnum Bore Napplebar Yard Natjitnama Needlebush Tank Needlebush Trough Never Never Dam New Bore New Bore 1 New Bore 2 New Chum Dam New Crown New Dam New Year Dam Newland Ranges Nine Mile Bore Nine Mile Creek Nine Mile Dam Nineteen Mile Creek Nineteen Mile Gully No 1 Bore No 1 Sisters Dam No 10 Bore No 11 Bore No 12 Frazer Bore No 13 2 Bore No 13 Bore No 14 Sentinel Hill Bore No 15 Robbies Bore No 16 Bore No 2 Bore No 2 Sisters Dam No 3 Bore No 4 Bore No 5 Bore No 6 Bore No 7 Bore No 7 Dam No 8 Bore No 9 Swamp Bore Nombra Bore Norman Gully North Bore North Dam North East Dam Nuckua Soak Numery Numery Dam Numery Soak Nyangatjatjara College Imanpa Campus O Dam Oak Bore Oak Valley O'Callaghans Tank O'Donnell Bore Old Andado Old Crown Well Old Station Old Station Dam Old Station Well Oldfields Dam Oliffe Creek Oliffe Range One Tree Hill Dam One Tree Point O'Neill Point Oodratnamma Waterhole Oolra Well Oomulka Dam Ooraminna Ooraminna Dam Ooraminna Number 1 Oil Bore Ooraminna Range Ooraminna Waterhole Orange Creek Orange No 1 Gas Well Outounya Creek Outounya Dam Outside Creek P Dam Packhorse Bore Packhorse Dam Pacoota Bore Paddys Bore Paddys Tank Palm Creek Palm Paddock Palm Valley Palm Valley Chalet Palmer River Palmer Valley Pantyinteme Parakeelia Peak Parakelya Trap Parakylia Dam Pascoe Springs Peebles Bore Peebles Creek Percy Hill Perry Ponds Pertarratenge Petermann Hills Phillip Creek Phillipson Bore Phillipson Creek Picnic Bore Pidgeon Bore Pillar Range Pinch Bore Pinnacle Hills Pituri Bore Plenty River Poeppel Corner Point Eremophila Polhill Polly Corner Polly Springs Poodinitterra Hill Poona Well Porcupine Dam Post Hill Prominent Pillar Pudden Stone Waterhole Puk Puk Dam Pulcura Lake Pulcura Well Pulka Bore Pulka No 2 Bore Pulya Pulya Creek Pwerte Marnte Marnte Quauntong Bore Quondong Bore Racecourse Creek Railway Bore Rainbow Valley Bore Rainbow Valley Conservation Reserve Rainbow Valley Tank Razorback Bore Red Hill Tank Red Sandhill Redbank Waterhole Redbank Yard Redlake Dam Riecks Dam Rigaud Tower Robinson Dam Rockhole Bore Rocky Hill Rodinga Rodinga Dam Rodinga Range Rogers Pass Rons Dam Rumbalara Claypan Dam Rumbalara Siding Ryko Lookout S Dam Saddle Flap Dam Safari Bore Salt Creek Bore Salt Creek Dam Salt Hole Salt Springs Sandhill Bore Sandstone Bore Sandy Bore Santa Teresa Aerodrome Santa Teresa Police Station Satelite Dam Scrubby Dam Seymour Range Shag Waterhole Sharpes Grave Shemmedys Bore Sherry Bore Siberia No1 Bore Simpson Simpson Desert Sister Hills Sisters Hills Skull Creek Smiths Pinch Snake Hole Soakage Dam Soapy Bore Solar Bore South Well Bore Southern Cross Bore Southward Bore Spring Creek Spring Creek Bore Spring Creek Dam Sputnik Bore Stacey Bore Stadium Bore Staines Hills Star Bore Station Bore Station Creek Station Dam Steele Gap Stephenson Dam Stock Hill Stone Yard Storm Creek Stormy Bore Stuart Well Stud Bore Hole Sturt 80 Bore Sullivan Creek Sunday Sunrise Bore Surprise Dam Survey Bore Syphon Tank T Dam Taylors Bore Taylors Claypan Dam Teds Dam Tempe Downs Ten Mile Dam Tent Hill The Bank Bore The Bank Dam The Bluff Waterhole The Sisters The Twins Three Mile Dam Three Ways Bore Tidenvale Creek Tietkens Birthday Creek Titjikala Titjikala Health Centre Titjikala School Titra Well Todd Dam Todd Glen Todd River Tonys Dam Top Soak Touchy Touch Bore Townshend Bore Traceys Dam Train Hills Trevors Dam Trickett Creek Turkey Bore Turner Bore Twelve Mile Dam Twenty Seven Mile Dam Two Wells Bore U Dam Ukaka Ukaka School Ulbulla Ulta Creek Umbeara Umbeara Well Undia Creek Undia Waterhole Undunya Waterhole V Dam Valley Bore Valley Dam Vernas Gap Bore Veros Hills Victory Downs Victory Waterhole Viscount Bore Wabco Dam Waggon Road Dam Wagon Claypan Dam Waitera Dam Walkabout Bore Walker Gorge Walker Plain Wall Creek Wall Creek Railway Siding Wall Hole Walla Hills Wallace Rockhole Wallace Rockhole Health Centre Wallace Rockhole School Wallera Ranch Walparina Spring Wannumbi Bore Waterhouse Range Way Creek Waynes Bore Wellmullinna Creek Welmala West Bore Western Bore Whinams Spring White Cliff Dam White Hill Dam White Hills Bore White Horse Gap Whitehorse Tank Whitewood Bore Widgetty Bore Wilbla Dam Wilbla Well Wild Horse Plain Dam Willoughby Bore Wilyunpa Bore Wilyunpa Waterhole Windy Dam Woods Dam Xmas Bore XXXX Bore Yaltunga Bore Yalura Hill Yalura Well Yam Bore Yam Creek Yaua Bore Yaua Creek Yellow Cliff Crossing Yellow King Yellow Queen Yuljardna Bore Poeppels Corner Paradise Bank Dam Railway Bank Rocky Well Algebuckina Hill Coongra Yards Donkey Hole Everard Park Jacks Camp Hole Fools Well Hann Hill Cramer Bore Eight Mile Dam Elbow Yard Mount Andrews Dingo Hole Dam Bloods Creek Yard Anacowra Waterhole Mabel Range Maynard Dam Maryann Bank Enungarenna Bore Eejay Bore Alkothinga Waterhole Four Mile Waterhole Alpara Hill Mount Arckaringa Alinga Bore Black Bullock Creek Blue Tongue Tank Coombes Bore Alka Seltzer Bore The Alkaowra Flood Flats Baker Creek Waterhole Blue Hills Blue Hills Bore Box Hole Bore Bucko Tank Appatinna Bore Park Bore Printie Bore Red Bank Mount Carulinia Dam Mount Mystery Dam Appatinna Soakage Berts Grave Coonya Yard Bitchera Well Koorathinna Waterhole Noyunurkoo Hill Rathole Yard Ooringina Creek Ooringina Yard Kardecoodnana Watehole Minnie Pond Mount Isabel Oolarinna West Bore Large Waterhole Manarrinna Waterhole Nummabirinna Waterhole Moolabullana Dam Peedeemoondinna Waterhole Kandabulana Waterhole Junction Hill Ouana Waterhole Stan Well Wallatinna Waterhole Mount Tieyon Pingla Hill Hookey Waterhole Hyperno Bore Mary Yard Mongulina Waterhole Horse Paddock Bore Grave Yard Waterhole Macumba Hill One Gum Dam Mudloo Hill Murrawapinna Dam Larapinta River Magic Well Mount John Kiera Waterhole Sailors Well Sailors Yard Top Camp Well Weaning Camp Yard Umbubernatana Waterhole Witchity Bush Creek Toondina Dam Swamp Waterhole Three Forges Trig Tommy Lagoon Bore Mount Minyurunya Fisher Hill No 2 Yard Wanoora Hill Smith Bore Pound Creek Yard Salt Well Dam Timber Camp Yard Swallows Waterhole Angalytjaranya Rockhole Warru-Warrunha Ngangkalinya Soakage Sordona Waterhole Pedirka Yard Narrow Neck Hill Tundadinna Waterhole Small Pile Yardaparinna Creek Overland Dam Ross Old Station Hann Creek Spring Tjinta-Yardunha Cadnunka Hill Bitchera Subsidiary Trig Aloathing Creek Six Mile Tank Top Claypan Yard The Seven Waterholes Wall Range Appreetinna Station Hart Hill Yap Hole Dam Crows Nest Bank Cooboola Hill Scrub Yard Durbridge Bank Francine Pond Erabena Creek Six Mile Yard Mount Dutton Adnalgowara Creek Alguchina Creek Abminga Edarteenya Creek Ethawarra Waterhole Black Horse Dam Duck Hole Bore Mintabie Opal Fields Woorana Waterhole Coorikiana Dam Gidyea Yard Nalke Hill Revolver Bore Wooldridge Creek Grasshopper Ridge Opal Diggings Uuramuprawaringa Waterhole Lundi Pile Urupinpanya Rockhole Whychinga Creek Indiakata Waterhole Lister Tank Oorcoordinum Soakages Marrs Grave Coolina Waterhole Arcoeillinna Soak Policeman Spring Purni Bore South Bank Pink Roadhouse Yoolperlunna Dam Cheeta Bores Oolparinna Yard Ungalootana Hill Wanniebarcoo Hill Wattle Waterhole Pundalarrinna Rockholes Lagoon Bank Dam Sarda Bluff Granite Dam Cecilia Well Three Gums Dam Table Pile Creek Dodinna Creek Warrungadinna Bore Macumba Railway Station Mount Robinson Pillan Hill Teatree Well Lignum Waterhole Oongudinna Well Artillera Dam Fools Yard Carey Creek Farley Dam Tallangatta Bore Mount Guy Horse Creek Dalhousie Pile Approdinna Attora Knolls Ilowadna Hookey Subsidiary Trig Jamie Dam Andalgelda Rockhole Gum Creek Yard Heartbreak Well Tjalkuwiluwilunya Hill Mount Lucy Ucutanna Hill Tommy Lagoon Yard Munangana Creek Acacia Tank Ariltja Waterhole Boundary Yard Box Swamp Bluff Creek Wintinna Swamp Mornawalbo Hill Mallee Well Mount Britton Liar Waterhole Coutarinna Hill Atounga Creek The Frew Palmer Hill Wire Creek Bore Haines Hill Mount Apperda Devil Devil Dam Fogarty Claypan The Jump Up Camp Sheet Creek Donkey Dam Dick Hill Danny Yard The Everard Ranges Ewintinna Soakage Gap Tank Wire Creek Opossum Bore Wintinna Bore Ooroowangarinna Waterhole Timber Camp Bore Mount Darling Mount Hammersley Kunanyanutjutinya Cave Oondudna Creek Cecilia Waterhole Stevenson Bore The Officer Alcooracarinna Waterhole Two Dam Yards Untercooracoorana Waterhole Tullamore Bore Whychapna Sandhill Waterhole Rat Hole Waterhole Marla Well Sabine Hill Vernon Hill Vesuviue Diggings Walawuru Manggunya Hill Etelerinna Hill Dead Finish Dam Ryan Soak Anderson Creek Freezers Bore Mount Walter Trig Swamp Storm Creek Well Arrabunda Creek Oodnadatta Post Office Officer No 1 Bore Mount Toondina Ludgate Well Isobel Dam Mount Critic Yard Mary Tank Birchmore Tank Middle Waterhole Johnson Crab Hole Dam Todmorden Waterhole Ross Creek Ryan Well Nobbler Bank Top Waterhole Victory Well Bloods Creek Well Strudwick Bore Wintinna Creek Billy Hill Arapeena Waterhole Mount Toodla Trainor Hill Box Bore Bronco Peg Yard Artillgilbullama Waterhole White Cliff Reeks Tank Gidgea Hill Witcherie Flow Whip Well Mount Barnet Muntee Kullana Bore Bore Site No 2 Blood Creek Yard Karingallanna Waterhole Seven Mile Dam Rock Hill Bore Kuncharana Creek Morallie Waterhole Lister Yard The Abminga Boundary Bank Bore 31 Turkey Hole Bank Marble Well Metrilligan Waterhole Wire Creek Railway Station Parnell Pool Minyurunya Creek Feed Tank Punkrakadarinna Yard Big Bank Dam Bluff Point Duck Hole No 2 Bore Mount Frank Mamungkukumpurangkuntjunya Hill Cliff Hole Yard Ooranungpa Hill Nicholson Hill Lodge Tank Yoolperlunna Hill Four Mile Yard Fools Bore Koorakarina Waterhole Patricia Bore Kularra Bore Laurie Bore Yoolperlunna Waterhole Gap Hole Dam Grevillea Tank Oorawaninna Waterhole Whitlam Tank Flemings Creek Wire Yard Indinga Waterhole Rabbit Creek Mound Springs Betty Well Pompapillinna Waterhole Klempt Well Angida-Apildina Waterhole Walgidya Subsidiary Trig Tunkalana Waterhole Tarracalena Dome Mullawatinna Dam Blood Creek Dam Horse Paddock Tank Stanley Tableland Mount Parlue Allacoorinna Creek Everglades Yard Wylies Yard Tupanna Waterhole Lindsay Creek Willow Waterhole Muckratuckaallinna Waterhole Murdarinna Well Hann Bore Poonarunna 1 Bore Ockenden Creek Gingerpilla Dam Horseshoe Bore Road Yard Jacky Waterhole Little Cadna-Owie Spring Marla Tank Horse Hole Yard Underdowns Grocotts Swamp Laughton Lookout Mount Akoolatunna Thompson Yard Mount Marron Gypsum Cliffs Yardinna Subsidiary Trig Carulinia Cocky Camp Bank Parentie Waterhole The Lindsay Barney Bore Cullin Soak Nurkanurkana Waterhole Neville Tank Sando Hole Yard Coonya Bore Mount Algoochinna Murdarinna Waterhole Ammaroodinna Rockhole Angle Pole Lennon Yard Thompson Creek Freezers Tank Telunna Rockhole Deda Waterhole Sprigg Bore Mallee Tank Gercheena Waterhole Freezers Yard Smiths Hole Bulbun Soakage Kempe Road Ronald Bore Six Mile Bore Mount Yangalee Kiparangkunya Rockhole Palyurinya Creek Top Camp Dam Eulalie Hill Albanyana Waterhole Admudaringa Creek Stony Creek Carnegie Yard Reeks Bore Yergamunga Waterhole Scotch Bore Ooroomungpa Waterhole The Duffield Palyurinya Homeland Wanmaranya Homeland Wilyunpa Well Graham Grave Lake Pompapillinna Poolowanna Lake Poolyeruninna Lake Pundalarrinna Lagoon Munangana Waterhole Lake Peera Mudla Yeppa Wanamichamichinna Waterhole Simpson Desert Conservation Park Wilyunpa Hills Underdown Ulaterimma Hill Etelkertinna Wative Well Johnson Creek Mount Dare Wakons Creek Uwalinyinya Lewis Bay Mary Well Enungarenna Tank Friezer Tank Mudla Miracka Waterhole Bullock Creek Mount Byilcaoora Plews Yard Afghan Waterhole Kannakaninna Waterhole Mount Malua Teeta Rockhole Itjalananya Rockhole Deep Creek Bank Soakage Well Warranarrea Bore Ankata Painted Desert Road Wirriarrina Waterhole Mount Harvey Mount Michael Broken Leg Waterhole Salt Well Bank Dam Bonyundinna Waterhole Dalhousie Homestead Conviction Bank Mount Willoughby Fish Hole Atamutana Waterhole Ilbunga Well Xmas Dam Welletellyinna Hill Coodlooa Hill Irrwanjira Mount Andrews Creek Marla Ilkildana Hill Box Hole Yard Arbons Bore Henrietta Dam Lambina Homestead Junction Well Marla Yards The Alberga Larry Hill Surround Bore Takanangkurunya Rockhole Katitinya Hill White Dam Red Ochre Bank Brush Hole Bore Hawks Nest Well Maynard Bore Trial Hole Bore Nick-O-Time Tanks Undundarinya Creek Fire Camp Waterhole Morice Hill Appreetinna Creek Dakota Yard Ititjanya Rockhole Weaner Waterhole South Gap Bore Ungalootanna Hill Amarosy Dam Johnson Dam Witcherie Bore Ilwantanillinna Waterhole Culla Hill Coombs Yard Lake Antirripunangariina Alkothinga Creek Moolabullana Waterhole Ambullinna Waterhole Mount Alberga Dewdneys Tree Hyde Tank Friezer Yard Acacia Yard Todmorden Twelve Mile Bank Tierny Hill Continental Bore No 1 Kulpakuna Waterhole Wondillina Bore Khyber Pass Marla Primary School Johnson Spring Ruggada Creek Morakarinna Waterhole Wintinna Dam Waraputunya Rockhole Moyles Yard Oolgawa Waterhole Glen Joyce Winsor Yard Susan Dam Urupinpanya Creek Ooraoodnanterrima Hill Camel Creek Bore Oodnadatta Aerodrome Curralulla Creek Kadiowla Waterhole Allillinna Waterhole Dalhousie Springs Proper Copper Hill Yard Candoo Yards Eagle Hawk Bores Para-Ulpiranya Creek Koorakarina Hill Mount Treloar Amarosy Yard Anvil Hole Oolaquartana Waterhole Wondillina Homestead Spring Kruse Dam Bilka Bilka Tank Ted Well Wieracadana Waterhole Wood Duck Ooloolarina Waterhole Carnegie Bore Clair Dam Upramuprawaringa Waterhole Mount Thornton New Camel Hill Dam Robb Well Swamp Waitchinga Creek Ten Mile Bore Aquitaine Bore Surround Tank Wijundi Bore Punukulilanya Rockhole Olarinna Creek Anchor Waterhole Alinga Plain Bitchera Creek Colson Dam Innoinna Soakage Wantapella Swamp Puroona Waterhole Never Never Yards Ernie Dam Aston Minor Trig Erabena Waterhole Dum Dum Waterhole Watson Creek Poolowanna 3 Oil Well Browns Bore Walkandi 1 Oil Well Everglades Bore Federal Homestead Lennon Yard Waterhole Marshes Waterhole Big Cadna-Owie Spring Bloods Creek Dam Duchess Waterhole Walgidya Hill White Bull Bore Itjintjanunya Hill Towalunginna Well Rodriguez Bore Mount Carmeena MacEllister Spring Tarracalena Yard Sister Olive Bank Kidjarra Dam Mother Yard Mount Deane Kilkirkina Waterhole Warrungadinna Tank Mahdi Hill Bookamungana Creek Danny Bore No 2 Well Chambers Bluff Box Tree Dam Ilkildana Channels Komatsu Bank Native Well Ewillina Waterhole Mary Bore Howard Well Neckeena Waterhole Lambina Soakage Walgidya Waterhole Tarraweeliebullina Waterhole Mount Herbert North Farley Waterhole Eringa Homestead Mount Attacherrikanna Oolarbarrinna Waterhole Ooringa Yard Oorarin Waterhole Rain Camp Waterhole Enungarenna Yard Paradise Yard Morilla Waterhole The Eyutalyera John Bore Itjintjanunya Soakage Ilunja Spring Mount Ross Tarpellinna Rockhole The Finke Mount Weir Salt Well Toopawarrina Waterhole Rock Hole Dam Lake Griselda Lake Pialpotingoona Lake Warrewarrana Wanmaranya Soakage Maringbarrina Hill Comalco Bore Bore Plain Yard Blind Spring Oorangerima Creek Eleanor Dam Oodnuwin Creek Todmorden Bore Pussycat Yard Etaquedina Creek Parkes Camp Waterhole Flemings Hole Big Ooranalatica Waterhole Wallatalleena Peak Crawford Dam Kestrel Spring Ted Yard Clifton Bank Crans Grave Bore Ilgirkina Waterhole Three Forges Waterhole Mount Randolph Alapa Spring Macumba Well Mount Onqueedinna Mount John Tank Poonarunna Yard Parakylia Bore Idnjundura Spring Plews Well Double Yards Niddrie Well Moorilperina Waterhole Hyperno Tank Isolation Bore Neckeena Creek Yard The Thompson Wildcat Bore Ngalya Tjalinyanya Soakage Parilpanya Kutitjiwalungkunya Soakage Stevenson Creek Railway Station Mount Anthony Eagle Hawk Yard Tuncallanna Waterhole Cheeta Yard Welshman Dam Gidge Dam Abminga Dam Puttwadina Waterhole Cattle Creek Goose Gully Opal Diggings Eagle Hawk Tank Walputinya Creek Butcher Hill Danny Tank Giles Creek Aston Hill Ammaroodinna Hill Tarracalena Waterhole Oolarinna East Bore Appatinna Creek Oodna-Appenpinna Hill Donna Dam Ross Yard Blue Bonnet Dam Gecko Bore Hann Waterhole Brindle Camp Waterhole Wadniecoopa Hill Pingla Soakage Oasis Yard Thompson Hill Maleita Hill Five Miles Creek Gercheena Creek Warrarrina Springs Mount Ben Mathieson Waterhole Mount Irwin Mary Dam Ludgate Tank Poolowanna 1 Oil Well Indulkana Range Culatura Hill Bitchera Waterhole Hydes Dam Plews Tank Junction Waterhole Horse Creek Yard Charles Bore Mount Ludgate North Creek Niddrie Yard The Coglin Hagan Waterhole Peracullanna Waterhole Webb Flat Yard Teeta Bore Wintinna Well Mount Edarteenya Rock Hill Yards Stewart Hill Wadniecoopa Creek Trial Hole Dam Pantu Warra-Bullana Nertawallbinna Waterhole Mount Burton Millyeewilpa Lake Lake Warrandirinna Apperina Waterhole Ormsby Well Grave Waterhole Gap Hole Yard Walkandi 2 Oil Well Ewart Hill Alleumba Waterhole Mount Etingambra Oolarinna Salt Lagoons Manarrinna Hill Ockenden Bore No 2 Tank North Branch of Neales River Solomon Yard Alguchina Waterhole Schneider Hill Brush Hole Yard Duck Ponds Morton Tank Lambina Tookaninna Waterhole Noolyeana Hill Olarinna Well Oongudinna Hill Curramulka Swamp Yard Oolarinna Hill Wonnobroba Waterholes McHugh Bores Harrison Bank Goodiar Table Cliff Hole Tank Umbubernatana Soakage Kalawara Hill Smith Hole Bobbina Tank Pondon Hill Mount Weeahlakiminne The Hamilton Parakylia Tank Gus Opal Diggings Rieck Yard Mount Mead Allapalilla Waterhole Marsh Swamp Midway Tank Munda Hill Klempt Yard Wild Dog Yard Tidna Hill Irrumulanha Spring Glens Bank Warrataddy Hill Yoolperlunna Yard Winkies Waterhole Paradise Well Bore Site No 1 Earwanyera Spring Mount Dutton Railway Station Mosquito Waterhole New Camel Hill Bank Gluepot Yard Lawrence Creek Duck Spring Tent Hole Calyara Arapaka Waterhole Puppa Moocherinna Soakage Well Welcome Waterhole Earleyilkanna Waterhole Little Christmas Waterhole Beal Hill Wallatinna Ethel Well Tent Hole Yard Darcy Dam Opossum Waterhole Bore Plain Dam Rockhole Tank Eaglehawk Dam Horse Well Larry Yard Waringee Yard Barlow Hole Yard Mount Arthur Rain Camp Yard Magic Dam Halfway Tank Each Way Dam Lawrence Dam Ngalya Tjalinyanya Peak Umaroona Hill Ullabaracoola Waterhole Acacia Bore Sailors Tank Panaramor Tank Browns Creek Carmeena Swamp Garanarinna Waterhole Davey Well Eringa Trap Yard Goodiar Creek Hawk Eagle Tank Carpamoongana Tank Kurillina Dam Red Mulga Creek Watterlingarininna Waterhole Mount Adnalgowra Illiadoctor Swamp Canegrass Swamp Cooltarlinna Hill Oatie Hill Larry Well Telegraph Yard Pitukulakatintjanya Rockhole Treloar Soakage Willow Well Peera Peera Poolanna Lake Witjira National Park Gum Creek Dam Unginginna Waterhole Kuncharana Tank Wylies Dam Marianawillina Waterhole Hedges Bank Unkapalangunya Creek Elinga Bore Horse Hill Tjalkupinanya Hill Bronco Yard Gidyea Creek Mount Dillon Copper Hill Tank Missionary Spring Eteamerta Hill Brush Hole Well Carpamoongana Well Andy Bank Ludgate Bore Carbeena Rockholes Pudawadana Well Lower Waterhole Ooranalatica Waterhole Warrungadinna Waterhole Ryan Well Subsidiary Trig Ukarinanya Rockhole Alyarangunya Hill Gary Tank Lake Wilawilaninna Emery Range Nardiebuckina Creek Algebuckina Creek Cramps Camp Waterhole Simpson Desert Regional Reserve Lake Willawilaninna Nerlawallbinna Waterhole Never Never Catch Tank Oasis Bore West Hill Wintinna Hill Ted Bore Smithfield Waterhole Anderson Range Pantoo Hill Sheila Bore Black Hill Yard Appoandinna Creek Tindargoo Hill Moyles Dam Eucalyptus Waterhole Bitza Tank Indeda Waterhole Rotary Bore Mount John Bore Western Bluff Jasper Dam Owelangarinna Waterhole Mount Perrypollkot Undooldina Waterhole Ouilarinna Soakage Allapalilla Creek Pound Creek Dam Mount Dyke Kingfisher Spring Coongra Creek Artana-Antanna Creek Cadney Park Airfield Nasa Bore Central Bluff Allapalilla Yard Manya Bore Tank Hole Yards South Bank Tank Goodlooah Hill Trevor Dam Mount Jessie Spring Kadnjawi Curralulla Subsidiary Trig Hyperno Yard Wurley Hole Ockenden Spring Pieradutta Waterhole Glen Joyce Oil Well Mangata Bore Ike Well Abminga Railway Station Top Bore Plantation Spring Dinner Springs Lander Dam Ngampayiwalanha Spring Coruba Bore Pundalarrinna Well Bungaparina Waterhole Storm Creek Subsidiary Trig Mount Alice Bore Park Well Iltinacoolina Waterhole Itjalananya Hill Keekalanna Soakage Mount Weir Yard Warra-Bullana Wieracadana Yard Jim Swamp Woolshed Waterhole Chameleon Bore South Branch of Neales River Lowther Creek Suspect Dam Morilla Creek Etulileluli Waterhole Mount Narlee Alertana Waterhole Ludgate Yard Coolina Hill Mount Illbillee Namorinna Hill Pedirka Bore The Wooldridge Wantilinha Manyura Old Drill Site Mount John Dam Petirina Yard Oorangerima Waterhole Bees Spring Pundalarrinna Bore Beefwood Dam Unthu-Njurinha Tower Bore Talbot Bore Macumba Boiler Hole Bore Fish Hole Creek Ooltipawoolama Waterhole Beefwood Yard Douglas Dam Black Bull Yard Bitchera Yard Little Trainor Hill Mullawattana Dam Oongudinna Waterhole Mount Waddikee Pulketharinna Soda Swamp H S Bore Mainya Hill Mindipa Amarunya Homeland Kallakoopa Creek Explorer Dam Unducurra Hill Umgulbullarina Rockhole Gidgef Dam Brumby Bank Unkalpalangunya Browns Bank Horse Waterhole Knuckin Knuckina Waterhole Murnumburra Hill Arina Waterhole Bore Site No 3 Alouette Hill Marla Aerodrome Coonya Tank Mount Jane North Old Well Greg Swamp Eternity Dam Kyber Pass Dam Peecharmurranna Bore Mount Brougham Mount Todmorden Alballina Dam Thingoona Hill Wild Dog Waterhole Carmeena Well Rain Stone Bore Pussycat Tank Coomparana Creek Tank Artillina Waterhole Ingkintja Spring Barton Hill Arreilkoorinna Water The Ross Poonarunna Woodgate Swamp Moonlands Bore Carmen Well Eyutalyera Creek Little Ooranalatica Waterhole Conviction Tank South Gap Yard Lekera Spring Lappar Yard New Lambina Bore Johnson Crab Hole Yard Nardiebuckina Waterhole Oodnadatta Primary School Undoocoolina Rockholes Apperina Bore Paxton Bluff Middle Well Mount Mystery Yard Memory Bore Marakatinna Waterhole Telegraph Creek Cliff Waterhole Imbitcha Creek Karrawara-Wirinja Enungarenna Hill Windy Bank Dam Albamgundeedna Waterhole Mount Aggie Dingo Creek Andy Camp Yard Mount Eva Wonnobroba Hill Pocket Well Skance Well Arckaringa Arbons Yard Pialpo Hill Budgers Watercourse Browns Creek Bore North Creek Railway Station Gum Hole Peak Bank Nick-O-Time Yard Mount Weir Bank Never Never Bore Lake Noolyeana Indenebrinna Waterhole Tieyon Warrabulla Lake Scarfe Tank Tjukulnganya Rockhole Wondillina Homestead Urarra Spring Mount Toodlery Afgan Waterhole Trial Hole Berry Bank Twelve Mile Yard Hawk Eagle Yard Perentie Creek Tellementaffella Hill Poolowanna 2 Oil Well Graveyard Waterhole Borter Hole Agunta Waterhole Warburton Creek Abminga Homestead Troopers Hole Dam Anthony Range Gidyea Dam Warriebucca Waterhole Boy Creek Yard Taddy Peak Rose Range Marallie Waterhole Lappar Tank Horse Creek Waterhole Appreetinna Hill Rain Lover Dam Watson Bore Gap Well Jimmy Well Ruccada Creek Timothy Bore Outee Hill Mount Bagot Quana Waterhole Coombes Yard Number Two Well Marla Bore Mooltoona Hill Sanford Swamp Wantapella Well Candoo Bore Mount Goodiar Indinnathurra Waterhole The Algoochinna Marsh Waterhole Crispe Bore Edidina Waterhole Ilbunga Tank Nunjuelia Hill The Gap Waterhole MacEllisters Pile Ilbunga Railway Station Copper Hill Mount Hearne Elingbarrina Waterhole Belt Waterhole Tysall Gap Dam Bullockhide Dam Wattle Hill Ten Mile Yard Imbitcha Bore Junction Yard Wuntanoorinna Waterhole Gidgea Creek Horse Hole Bank Eyutalyera Yard Coomparana Creek Yard Road Dam Neringneringa Well Clayhole Yard Broken Beam Bore Mount Albany Macumba 1 Oil Well Overland Yard Wyatt Hill Andarranna Waterhole Jamieson Bore Neales Bank Adnobangalina Waterhole Lake Supernmurra Kite Hill Muzzonies Well Ouldburra Hill Lake Thomas Poolarranna Lake Eachway Dam Poole Hill Peerless Pool Yard Todmorden Railway Station Blina Spring Nick-O-Time Bore Surround Yard Oodnadatta Bore Blue Bonnet Bore Moondinna Well Mopoke Bank Klempt Tank Bowden Waterhole Dingo Rockhole The Weaners Waterholes Comedy King Yard Cootabarcoollia Bore Carpamoongana Waterhole Hamilton Creek Bore Wanenino Hill Arrelumbercumma Hill Crossing Waterhole Oolparinna Well Boomika Dam Dinner Time Waterhole Brad Tank Hawks Nest Tank Kiarie Hill Mount Critic Bank Opossum Creek Lambina Opal Diggings Old Brush Yard Indulkana Creek Tjingkunganya Soakage Mirackina Bore Ewillinna Waterhole Mount Narlee Dam Raspberry Waterhole Canteen Yard Hanson Range Mother Tank Comalco Tank Witcherrie Mound Katitinya Creek Allarinna Waterhole Peecharmurranna Creek Piccaninnie Bank Opera Hill Parkes Camp Yard Mosquito Camp Yard Appreetinna Wells Maynard Yard Walgidgee Bank Webb Flat Dam Five Miles Waterhole Vapinne Yard Neckeena Creek Boy Creek Mount Willoughby No 1 Bore McDills Dam Mirackina Tank Louisa Creek McAllister Spring Lake Umaroona Lake Poeppel Ammaroodinna Creek Algebuckina Appatinna Subsidiary Trig Candoo Tank Paddys Yard Coonya Well Tetunna Rockhole Yardaparinna Waterhole Francis Camp Waterhole Coorikiana Creek The Curralulla Mount John Swamp Mullawapinna Dam Quinn Dam Mount Aggie Dam Adelaide Yard Mount Sarah Algebuckina Waterhole Bagot Range Algoochinna Creek Airstrip Bore Broken Leg Yard Poonina Waterhole Mount Emery Karmilnganya Rockhole Oongudinna Bore Mount Mystery Apamurra Bore Etelerinna Rockhole Alinerta Trig Dead Finish Bank Giles Tank Hamilton Cartoberinna Hill Magpie Waterhole Wabmanunna Yard Punderanna Rockhole Mount Midlargunna Molock Tank Whitlam Bore Alcoalyerilla Hill Cheeta Tank Robb Well Allucartininna Hill Marah Swamp Mount Sarah Railway Station Carriumpinna Waterhole Oolarinna Soakage Well Telegraph Tank Top Yard Wurley Hole Yard Tidnabucca Waterhole Kuncharana Yard Oomboomina Creek Arcoeillinna Soakage Well Wuntuntoopininna Waterhole Irrapowadna Creek Stewart Waterhole Thamandilla Waterhole Echo Bore Kallakoopah Hill Wintinna Mount Irwin Bores Mucha Hill Ulkatanya Creek Wilitjaranya Rockhole Oongudinna Yards Ferber Well Jimmy Yard Trial Hole Yards Rocky Waterhole Oolarbarrinna Well Puppa Moocherinna Soak Spence Dam Cuttamulla Swamp Hawks Nest Opal Diggings Wylies Well Dam Oliver Dam Lassoo Yard Phoenix Bore Murrapuntanna Waterhole Tangiora Yard Amoorinyinna Hill Uljukuljuka Spring Bloods Creek Railway Station Warrungadinna Yard Wadniecoopa Tank Reprieve Bore Sheila Wells Mother Bore Corrie Bore Hann Creek Ekeetatrinna Waterhole The Stevenson Lake Pantoowarinna Tidna Ridge Thuntinha Ninty Nine Waterhole Mount Barr Alamilda Dam Kalamurina Waterhole John Well Mierantana Hill Lake Antirripynancarinna Hearne Range Eringa Waterhole Brady Tank Khartoum Hill Hut Spring Tank Hole Dam Smith Yard Friezer Bore Troopers Creek Dam Temptation Bore Kalamurina Kutitjiwalungkunya Creek Birthday Yard Ellis Soak Bore Reids Dam Cherrikana Waterhole Native Wells Davies Bore Ambitious Bank Apperina Creek Dove Creek Atchupeena Creek Warburton River Tjalkunya Area Lambina Soak Bore Angijena Camp Algebuckina Railway Station Kulitjaranya Creek New Well Top Dam Whychinga Tank White Bull Yard Yakamunga Waterhole Rooriguez Bore Koolkoo Hill Solomon Bore Carlootanna Hill The Cliff Waterhole Andawaradama Waterhole Weebucca Hill Mount Crispe Youltangunna Hill Tangiora Dam Lambina No 1 Mount Sarah Bore Pedirka Railway Station Lambina Soak Tank Ulowarrina Waterhole Toolapinna Soakage Woodmurra Creek Welbourn Hill Admudreedmana Waterhole Erentitjalbuma Spring Giles Dam Rosevear Well Oodnadatta Police Station Appoandinna Hill Arteinna Hill Dalhousie Springs Gap Waterhole Oocoondinna Soakages Mosquito Camp Dam Ambutchera Waterhole Walleinginna Rockhole Lennon Dam Johnson Yard Alberga Railway Station Teeta Hill Hughes Waterhole Rodda Bore Crystal Gully Opal Diggings Mount Anderson Walgidya Bank Kurlachidna Waterhole Erabena 1 Oil Well Dead Finish Yard Wallatinna Dam Puyamultjunya Hill Chimney Creek Yard Ilbunga Yard Old Macumba Homestead Coolpitcharinna Waterhole Michaels Dam Coomparana Creek Four Mile Dam Winsor Well Halfway Bore Parentie Bank Ilkildana Waterhole Wamitjatja Cave Jam Tin Yard Relief Bore Punkrakadarinna Soakage Lara Hill Mount Rebecca Tieyon Bore Paradise Bores Mount O'halloran Ullabaracoola Tank Bitchera Tank Millyee Wilpa Lake Twin Lakes Vaughan Hill Oongudinna Tank Alberga Creek Bullockhide Hole Waitoona Rockhole Kadnjawi-Kupa Towalunginna Waterhole Mount Tidnabakina Top Claypan Dam Ross Waterhole Parakeelya Bore Willugudinna Hill Duck Waterhole Lappar Bore Appreetinna Waterhole Butts Bore Moosha Hill Cadna-Owie Spring Kutha-Parkulunha Mierantana Waterhole Camp Oven Creek Bitchera Hill Yoolperlunna Tank Earkalyalya Waterhole Poeppel Line Oorawangera Waterhole Oolarinna 1 Oil Well Block Tank Table Pile Briscoe Creek House Bore Eastern Bluff Barney's Yard Oscar Whiskey Bank Ooraoodnanterrima Creek Yardaparinna Bore Rail Waterhole Henry Hill Henrietta Well Elinga Plain Ordula Lake Luxmoore Creek Bookamungana Waterhole Oodnadatta Aboriginal School Unkapalangunya Homeland Nappamurra Waterhole Holland Hill Ooljeraginia Creek Hamilton Bore Flos Creek Yard Chocos Dam Mintabie Yard Carnegie Tank Mount Hornet Red Dam North Creek Dam Ellempolla Creek Alamilda Hill Wirriarrina Dam Oodna-Appenpinna Creek Geranium Creek Arracootamarrinna Waterhole Donkey Bank Barney Waterhole Breaden Bore Bloods Creek Homestead Big Bank Yard Gutsache Bore Goorikianna Creek Mount Etitinna Armina Waterhole Three Sisters Mount Emery Railway Station Muckerinna Waterhole Sheila Tank Shell Bore Cecilia Creek Iguana Bore Mount Mount Minyalcooroo Appreetinna Bore Six Mile Well Bradford Bank Anchor Creek Tommy Lagoon Tank Undupatallina Waterhole Moondanna Waterhole Kalaweerina Creek Oongudinna Creek Ura-Alpa Spring Top Claypan Bore Paddock Bore Snake Creek Bore Stevenson Bank Etintantinna Hill Rock Hill Tank Echo Tank Solomon Tank Walkinna Waterhole Mount Karmilnganya Black Horse Creek Fools Tank Piena Hill Pindulcharinna Waterhole Ellis Soak Yard Mount Kingston North Mount Chetonga Angle Pole Waterhole Mount Doorundina Cattalmurra Hill Wanmaranya Creek Mount Alice Anbaluala Waterhole Cartu Hill Bulletin Waterhole Mudlamiracka Waterhole Duck Dam Elathakinna Creek Cadney Park Bore Ngalya Tjalinyanya Hill Inniniginna Waterhole Eringa Crossing Wa Wee Rockholes Miandana Waterhole Abminga Yard Atna Hill Pularinna Waterhole Cadna-Owie Trig Larry Tank Akoalyerilla Hill Warrungadinna Creek Long Hole Yard Mount Areebunna Kalawaranna Soakage Toondina Spring Winsor Bore Itjarmatanya Hill Reeks Dam Colson Yard Carpamoongana Subsidiary Trig Manarrinna Creek Mintabie Dam Stevenson Creek Bloods Creek Bore Vera Bore Lake Tamblyn Boland Dam Clarke Dam Albawigundeedna Waterhole Birney Waterhole Abminga Waterhole Edith Springs Anchor Dam Mount Carulinia Joyce Well Lister Wells Kurillina Creek Kappadeitchaka Waterhole Kullkullana Waterholes Pedirka Desert Wood Duck Bore Turkey West Tank Almatrina Waterhole Pussycat Bore Davis Creek Neales Subsidiary Trig Jabawok Bore Flos Creek Dam Trans Continental Hotel Smithfield Yard Bloods Creek Schnieder Hill Toolapinna Tank Sheila Yard Bitza Bore Ruby Well Victory Well Swamp Ingalyanya Rockhole Cootabarcoollia Spring Wondillina Springs Tarcoonyinna Creek Takanyina Breaden Bank Baker Creek Mount Carlootanna Chetonga Soakage Kalamurina Yard Jimmy Tank Gum Waterhole Abminga Creek Delay Bank Andandana Waterhole Malakilla Creek Mount Alinerta Oolparinna Bore No 1 Well Tom Lagoon Elathakinna Waterhole Wanamarra Homeland Mount Jessie Mount Alexander Tindog Waterhole Oolarinna Waterhole Akoalyerilla Creek Weebucca Waterhole Oodnadatta Community Hospital Mallee Yard Sanctuary Dam The Dog Spring Oodnadatta Railway Station Lister Shed Tigers Yard Mallacoondinna Hill One Gum Yard Wadjil Tank Whychinga Bores Frances Hill Yoolperlunna Creek Kathleen Creek Plantation Bore Old Lambina Saintly Bank Stevenson Dam Killumi 1 Oil Well Head Range Heinze Tank Ambutchera Creek Antikoolirrinna Waterhole Mount Beviss Itjarmatanya Well Peerless Pool Panmilatjititjitinya Rockhole Encounter Creek Kenmore Swamp Markyat Railway Station Bullys Yard Good Rockhole Peelicanna Native Well No 11 Well Perentie Bore Gosse Waterhole Mount Cuthbert Frew Creek Gosse Hole Bore Haileybury Well Rieck Bore Birthday Creek Wild Horse Yard Maynard Bore Homeland Koorakarina Creek Toorndooginna Rockhole Koli Koli Undlepitcha Hill Aurora Yard Turkey Bore Homeland Ant Well Nyilpatjaranya Ngatinnga Number Sixteen Yard Ernabella Mission Pigeon Bore Winpiranya Tunton Bore Araluen Yard Untumanyanya Branson Yard Corkwood Well Katjikatjijara Tjatja Bore Chrysophrase Bore Sailors Well Homeland Wallatinna Homeland Aeroplane Gibbaway Bore Well No 5 Aeroplane Bore Windmill Well Marla Siding Nalylta Well Number Four Agnes Dam Tjatja Itjinpiri Bore Cungaroo Hill Antakatanya Holywater Yard Artoonanna Native Well Inintinya Creek Atarkanya Iriyumukultjara Bullys Dam Marble Hill Tjilpil Number One Donald Bore Fish Tank Bore Ernaballa Ammaroodinna Bores Ant Well Bore Tjutjunpiritjaranya Spring Norris Bores Utah Bore Ernaballa Waterhole Warrabillinna Bore Umerina Tjatjanya Creek Number One Well Beelpa Native Well Tja Tja Tank Browny Soak Warrabillinna Yard Mamumuralnga Tja Tja Yard Lennon Bore Moorilyanna Soak Araleun Tank Alalkanya Creek Number Three Well Number Six Well Donald Tank Tjatjanya Flimsy Well Number Twenty Two Bore Atjinyuntanya Rockhole Kunaunanya Creek Multaltinya Witjintitja Black Hill Number Two Mica Pass Itjinpirinya Rockhole Marryat Creek Echo Hill Bore Tipunynga Araluen Inturtjanunya Pannikan Dam The Macumba Flat Top Hill Kulitjara The Marryat Tjunpinpitjanya Creek Tjilpil Bore Shirley Well Witjuti Bore Yunyarinyi Arapintjinya Bore Wommatanna Gosse Bore Echo Hill Yard Lennon Swamp Swamp Well Flat Top Hill Dam Rockhole Yards Itiyanya Frog Bank Frazer Well Morrison Tank Tjalyiritjanya Warkarrecoordinna Rockhole Halfway Hole Black Hill Number One Ailkinyinya Rockhole Ilykuwaratja Edies Bore Ronald Well Number Thirteen Bore Mount Carruthers Wallaby Rock Glen Ferdinand Donald Well Perenti Bore Gosse Yard Holy Water Well Christmas Yard Tarabull Dam Ant Heap Soak Kalpi Bore Arapintjinya Yard Christmas Waterhole Callalumbunna Native Well Thingoona Native Well Arckaritja Rockhole Wanna Kinta Tarcoonyinna Yard Tjuntunynga Creek Rockhole Well Akaranya Hill Glen Water Kuna Unpanya Creek Yutjakatanya Hill Atarkanya Rockhole Umpakanta Wituwitujara Yutjakatanya Soak Kuniya Number Two Kallakoopah Creek Racecourse Mount Cockburn Mount Mair Plenty Bore Tjultjuwaninytjanya Hills David Yard Currie Creek Bullawiarie Waterhole Wanailtirkinya Spring Itjinpiri Cadney Park Siding Bullock Bore Artoonanna Hill Nalylta Well Number Four Yard Chundra Soak Branson Well Eagle Bore The Warburton Wanalyanya Creek The Agnes Ewintinna Wells Akaranya Rockhole Palpatjaranya Walananya Ernaballa Creek Tjutjunpiri Harris Spring Riley Well Oven Hill Packsaddle Well Mount Warrabillinna Agnes Creek Parakylia Bore Homeland Indulkana Well Canyon Springs Tjintja Marryat Siding Ilpily Well Ferdinand Creek Boorndoolyanna Native Well Tjuntunynga Morrison Bore Karawalkantjanya Creek Indulkana Spring Number Eight Well Overflow Tank Dicks Bore Tucker Box Dam Artonanna Native Well Tjilpil New Aparawilinitja Wintu-wintutjaranya Creek Kalpi Homeland Wanalyanya Umpakatanya Creek Scoophole Dam Carol Bore Itjinpirinya Waterhole Moorilyanna Yard Killeen Well Puntitjatanya Rockhole Mundy Dam Micks Camp Centre Bore Warrabillinna Tank Woralanna Yard Kenmore Park Racecourse Bore Iwantja Irriyamukutjara Wanmarra Homeland Number Twenty Three Bore No 14 Yard Independence Bore Coomilla Well Apanykanunya Tjatja Tank Peeamaninna Native Well Dust Bowl Bores Anapala Ernabellla Creek Tarcoonyinna Bore Boolcoora Native Well Doorndoolyanna Native Well Gap Well Homeland Number Twenty Eulardinna Native Well Parakeelya Aurora Bore Tommy Well Tunton Yard Emu Rock Hole Eateringinna Creek Ian Bore Latitude Hill Mays Soakage Oven Hill Bore Warrbillinna Teeta Bore Homeland Donald Well Hill Young Well Chandler Siding Noolperlunna Hill Echo Hill Kuna Unpanya Hill Irintatanya One Tree Well Yampatjataranya Amperoodinna Native Well Allandale Pocket Well Homeland Alberga Dam Arngakurangunya Creek Marryat Dam Atinpanya Soakage Number Fifteen Bores Ombagunda Rockhole Moorilyanna Hill Tarcabull Dam Tjunpinpitjanya Rockhole Moorilyanna Dam Wanyalyanya Fregon Rowland Hill Razor Hill Packsaddle Yard McCaul Bore Ernabella Womikata Number Twenty Three Well No 17 Bore Arkalanya Rockhole Wintuwintujara Coomilla Yard Shannons Homeland Inturtjanunya Creek Scoophole Swamp David Well Moorilyanna Wintu-wintutjaranya Number Ten Well Tjutjunpiritjaranya Hill Tea Leaf Bank Ininti Alalkanya Hills Itjinpirinya Hill Ernaballa Well Ernaballa Creek Well Tjatja Yard Poolarranna Native Well Wommatanna Soak The Currie Atjinyunyanya Katapatinya Rockhole Wituwitujara Bore Emu Bush Rockhole Wild Horse Bore Waterthurinna Native Well Arapingi Bore Kuna Unpanya Rockhole Morrison Yard Umpakantanya Spring Echo Hill Dam Irranwaja Soak Araleun Bore Kim Dam Dilemma Yard Towney Well Waitunna Native Well Ronald Bore Homeland Winpiranya Country Dinnertime Well Stock Well Itirinyanya Knuckey Lagoon Norris Yard Harriet Spring Number Twenty Well Number Sixteen Well Coultys Hole Bore Tjakunja Bruce Bore Umuwa Treuer River Witjuti Well Black Hill Number Three Number Eighteen Well East Yard Garden Bore Eagle Hawk Dam Flat Top Dam Moorilyana Dam Granite Downs Anjibinna Native Well Aliwanyiwanyinya Number Four Well Tjalyiritjanya Rockhole Tjiwuru Sentinel Hill Perennial Yard Moorilyanna Tank Inyinyintan Dilemma Well Wintu-wintutjaranya Hill Apanykanunya Rockhole Boorndoolyanna Kaltjiti Paramita Fig Tree Gully Scoophole Yard Marryat Subsidiary Trig Tuckerbox Dam Tjuntunynga Soak Alberga River Tjilpil Number Two Andagurdda Soak De Rose Hill Paramita Bore Kuna Unpunja Soak Wamikata Bore Indulkana Sandy Bore Homeland Number Twenty Four Bore Pukatja Davis Bore Marryat Yard Overflow Bore Ailkinyinya Araluen Bore Matunga Hill Wedge Hill Mount Chandler Itjinpirinya Creek Wilkaru Homeland Woralanna Native Wells Harry Reservoir Antara Robb Well Homeland Wintu-wintutjaranya Claypan Number One Yard Kurkapitjaranya David Bore Kakataranya Well Top Spring Wamikata Tank Wardulka Rockhole Kuniya Bore Balfours Well Bobs Bore Inyinintyin Mount Everard Pigeon Well Number Four Yard Bore Number Three Young Yard Dugui Bore Araleun Flimsay Well Number Eighteen Yard Holy Water Yard Agnes Yard Roadside Bore Anmuryinna Irrindata Snake Bore Antalyanya Maroona Cave Soak Mount Chandler Well Bullock Well Haileybury Yard Scoop Hole Swamp Alalkanya Rockholes Mount Carnarvon Tjiwuru Bore Officer Creek Bald Hill Amoorinyinna Native Well Balfour Well Rustys Bore Alcurra Creek Ernabella Bore Holywater Well Ant Well Swamp Wintuwitujara Bore Warupulinanya Macumba River Bindaree Swamp Tja Tja Bore Sentinal Hill Bores No 14 Well Talijaritya Well Sundown Outstation Undada Homeland Windjundija Gilpin Yard Shirley Yard Moolduldie Rockhole Pine Ridge Hass Spring Watatjaranya Katjikatjitjara Flat Rockhole Uwalinyi Wamikata Yard Myall Swamp Giles West Camp Number Nine Bore Number Seven Well Yutjakalkanya Soak Inparangu Palpatjaranya Hill Ant Heap Dam Mount Howe Walperracanna Native Well Wamitjaranya Alilyangunya Illyomba Over Flow Bore Byran Well Black Oak Bore Arapingi Yard Gilpin Well O'Donoghue Hill Marrabut Native Well Kulitjara Well Roadside Well Moolduldie Bores Aeroplane Yard Kali-kalinya Ammaroodinna Tank Camel Pad Dam Doug Well Double Tank Chrysophrase Yard Itjinpiti Bore Sundown Well Walthajalkanna Native Well Boomdoolyanna Tjutjunpiritjaranya Creek Guy Fawkes Bore Kali-kalinya Creek Kunmapiti Bullys Swamp Yard Wardulka Soakage Mount Spec Wintjalangunya Iltananya Rockhole Pannikin Dam Wamitjaranya Soak Mengerson Yard Dugui Tank Allan Well Gosse Dam Killeen Yard Narrengullen Dam Iyarakatanya Rockhole Warupulinanya Creek Wildcat Bore Homeland Palpatjaranya Creek Aparawilinitja Warramena Rockhole The Centinel Mother Well Irintata Fregon Bores Womikata Bore Haven Well Mengerson Well Number Twenty Two Well Partridge Bore Aeroplane Number Two Woralanna Dam Mount Ferdinand Wardaraka Olga Bore Erindata Paroora Hill Akaranya Claypan Pututja Perennial Well Katjikatjitjara Bore Victory Well Homeland Inyarinya Mount Duguid Aeroplane Number One One Tree Homestead Ant Heap Yards Kokatarra Well Intinginna Native Well Ernaballa Bore Turktulya Arngakurangunya Hills Corkwood Yard Windmill Yard Amuroona Healy Spring Kuniya Number Two Bore Tunton Soakage Owen Springs Owens Springs McMinn Spring McMinns Spring Ellerys Creek Krichauff Range Mount Parks The Mueller Muller Creek Laurences Gorge James Range Pullya Pullya Creek Barnham Spring Bowsons Waterhole Harris Gap Illara Rock Deep Well Station Walker Creek McMinns Creek Doctors Stones Phillipsons Creek Renners Rock Minnie Well Minnie Tricketts Creek Middletons Fish Ponds Middletons Ponds Peterman Creek Box Flat Christophers Pinnacle ONeill Point Rodinga Siding Bacons Range Pinnacle Hill Wollara Well Old Angas Downs Peddles Ponds Angus Downs Liddle Hill Briscoes Pass Mount Quinn Seymours Range Twin Hills Chambers Pillar Historical Reserve Bundoomah Bundooma Siding Pascoe Spring Commonwealth of Australia Arunta Desert Simpsons Desert Bull Hole Well Bull Hole High Point Old Station Bore Aranlabulca Swamp Nineteen Mile Dam Wilbia Wells De Pot Sandhills Five Mile Dam Big Box Well Big Box Waterhole Engoordina Homestead Erldinda Polly Spring Pollys Springs Little Box Well Rumbalara Number Two Sisters Dam Murrachurra Spring Ildichulda Well Andado Station McDills Mount Kingston Dam Number One Cunningham Gorge Merchant Spring Number One Sisters Dam Goyder Springs Goyder Crown Point Well Enara Well Erinbra Spring Limestone Spring Sadi Well Colatta Bore Finke Siding Mount Townsend Dam Number One Goyder River Goyder Junction Well Telkerran Mount MacGowan Perlanna Native Well Five Mile Well Adnanta Water Mill Tank Penunga Well Finke Well South Well Mayfields Swamp Poolaburda Native Well Kaboolka Mount Anacoora McDills Well Ettenia The Wall Brush Pile Number Seven Dam Lake Mirranpongapongunna Mount Wilyumpa Mount Kavenagh Bottom Well Kertie Hill Taylor Well Innoinna Soak Henrys Hill Mount Head Chetonga Soak Woomatanna Soak Andersons Range Mount Daer Homestead Larrys Hill Wardulka Soak Gidyea Hill Figtree Gully Soak Mays Soak Tieyon Station Walperracanna Well Gosses Waterhole Calialumbunna Well Webbs Flat Well Harts Hill Harriss Spring Xmas Well Eringa Peelicanna Well Wylies Well Wyllies Well Fishers Hill Woralanna Wells Mount Irwin Station Ludgates Well Ilbunga Witcherie Mound Easteringinna Creek Tidna Hill Paxtons Bluff Ferbers Well Poolarrana Lake Dalhousie Bulbun Soak Narrowneck Hill Thompsons Hill Goodiars Table Beals Hill Pedirka Mount Adnalgowara Womal Park Wyatts Hill Illginna Rockhole Three Forges Oolgana Waterhole Allans Well Hollands Hill Maringbarrinna Hill Eulardinna Well Ewintinna Well Lesters Well Oocoondinna Soak Lambina Station Dulkaninna Well Granite Downs Station Sarah Bore Waitunna Well Mareena Cave Soak Indulkana Springs Hut Well Intinginna Well Madhi Hill Wantapell Swamp Oodna Appenpinna Umaroona Lake Everard Ranges Mothers Well Sheila Well Oodna Appenpinna Creek Ooana Appenpinna Creek Nunjuctia Hill Carbeena Rockhole Mount Johns Nerlawallbinna Well Oaties Hill Alberga Amperoodinna Well Mooshas Hill Wilawilaninna Lake Willawilaninna Lake Trainors Hill Welbourn Hill Station Watsons Creek Pundalarrinna Salt Lagoon Pantoowarinna Lake Winkns Waterhole Ullabbracolla Waterhole Lake Warrandirrinna Interstate South Branch The Neales South Branch of Neales North Branch The Neales North Branch Neales North Branch of Neales Neckecka Waterhole Wonnobroba Waterhole Ewarts Hill Mount Ohalloran Pialpotingoona Lake Mount OHalloran Cecilla Creek Britain Waterhole Mount Carulina Mount Bevis Peeramudlayeppa Lake Oolarinna Soak Well Butchers Hill Carlootanna Adnunka Hill Juntion Waterhole Tarraweeliebudlina Waterhole Andaranna Waterhole Ugnum Waterhole Noolyeana Lake Mannarrinna Creek Hardiebuckina Waterhole Wabmanurina Yard Billys Hill Kalawarra Hill Stewarts Waterhole Pompapillinna Lake Underdowns Station Mount Perrypolkot Mount Perrypoollkot Kuriachidna Waterhole Hanns Creek Dicks Hill Kaiawaranna Soakage Punkrakadarinna Soak Farleys Waterhole Wondillina Goodie Hill Poonarunna Homestead Poonarunna Station Laughtons Lookout Macumba Creek The Treuer Treuer Creek Cadna-owie Duck Creek Koorakarina Waterholes Smithfield Waterholes Algebuckina Station Wood Waterhole Kalamurina Homestead Kalamurina Station Rat Hole Yard Arckaringa Station Kulluckullana Waterholes Sabines Hill Mount Willoughby Station Beracullanna Waterhole Ardecoodnana Waterhole Mount Minyalcooroo Eavinna Hill Eeavina Hill Eeavinna Hill Nummab Rinna Waterhole Mercers Hill