Topographic / Ordnance Survey Map

GA SG53-09

GA SG53-09 - Alberga

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This Topographic Map is produced by Geoscience Australia; Australia's national geospatial organisation.
GA topographic maps (many of which are produced in partnership with the Army) are generally older than those maps produced by the State Governments over the same area. This makes GA maps particularly useful for identifying historic features, such as old mines and diggings.
Geoscience Australia maps generally considered to be more pleasing in design and compilation then the more modern State Government productions.

At this scale, 1cm on this map represents 2.5km on the ground (4cm = 10km). A standard map will cover 150km from east to west and 110km from north to south, with a contour interval of 50m. This map contains natural and constructed features including road and rail infrastructure, vegetation, hydrography, contours, localities and some administrative boundaries.

Please note the date of the map, as this will impact the currency of information, particularly regarding infrastructure, roads, etc.

Locations within this Map

Indulkana Iwantja 117 Mile Post Kenmore Swamp Markyat Railway Station Bullys Yard Good Rockhole No 11 Well Perentie Bore Gosse Waterhole Mount Cuthbert Gosse Hole Bore Haileybury Well Birthday Creek Kay Bore Wild Horse Yard Toorndooginna Rockhole Koli Koli Undlepitcha Hill Aurora Yard Turkey Bore Homeland Ant Well Nyilpatjaranya New Bore Ngatinnga Number Sixteen Yard Ernabella Mission Pigeon Bore Winpiranya Tunton Bore Araluen Yard Untumanyanya Branson Yard Corkwood Well Katjikatjijara Tjatja Bore Chrysophrase Bore Aeroplane Gibbaway Bore Well No 5 Aeroplane Bore Windmill Well Nalylta Well Number Four Agnes Dam Tjatja Itjinpiri Bore Cungaroo Hill Antakatanya Tietkens Birthday Creek Holywater Yard Artoonanna Native Well Inintinya Creek Atarkanya Iriyumukultjara Middle Well Bullys Dam Marble Hill Tjilpil Number One Donald Bore Fish Tank Bore Ernaballa Ammaroodinna Bores Ant Well Bore Tjutjunpiritjaranya Spring Norris Bores Black Hill Bore Utah Bore Ernaballa Waterhole Warrabillinna Bore Umerina Tjatjanya Creek Number One Well Tja Tja Tank Browny Soak Warrabillinna Yard Mamumuralnga Tja Tja Yard Lennon Bore Moorilyanna Soak Araleun Tank Alalkanya Creek Number Three Well Number Six Well Donald Tank Tjatjanya Flimsy Well East Bore Number Twenty Two Bore Atjinyuntanya Rockhole Kunaunanya Creek Multaltinya Railway Bore Witjintitja Black Hill Number Two Mica Pass Itjinpirinya Rockhole Marryat Creek Echo Hill Bore Tipunynga Araluen Inturtjanunya Pannikan Dam Flat Top Hill Corkwood Bore The Marryat Tjunpinpitjanya Creek Tjilpil Bore Shirley Well Witjuti Bore Yunyarinyi Arapintjinya Bore Wommatanna Davis Well Gosse Bore Echo Hill Yard Lennon Swamp Swamp Well Flat Top Hill Dam Rockhole Yards Itiyanya Frog Bank Frazer Well Morrison Tank Tjalyiritjanya Warkarrecoordinna Rockhole Halfway Hole Black Hill Number One Ailkinyinya Rockhole Ilykuwaratja Edies Bore Lennon Dam New Well Number Thirteen Bore Mount Carruthers Wallaby Rock Glen Ferdinand Donald Well Perenti Bore Gosse Yard Holy Water Well Christmas Yard Tarabull Dam Ant Heap Soak Kalpi Bore Arapintjinya Yard Arckaritja Rockhole Wanna Kinta Tarcoonyinna Yard Tjuntunynga Creek Rockhole Well Akaranya Hill Glen Water Kuna Unpanya Creek Yutjakatanya Hill Atarkanya Rockhole Umpakanta Wituwitujara Yutjakatanya Soak Kuniya Number Two Racecourse Mount Cockburn Mount Mair Plenty Bore Tjultjuwaninytjanya Hills David Yard Currie Creek Bullawiarie Waterhole Wanailtirkinya Spring Itjinpiri Bullock Bore Artoonanna Hill Nalylta Well Number Four Yard Chundra Soak Branson Well Eagle Bore Wanalyanya Creek The Agnes Ewintinna Wells Akaranya Rockhole Palpatjaranya Walananya Ernaballa Creek Tjutjunpiri Harris Spring Riley Well Oven Hill Packsaddle Well Mount Warrabillinna Agnes Creek Indulkana Well Canyon Springs Eaglehawk Dam Tjintja Marryat Siding Ilpily Well Ferdinand Creek Boorndoolyanna Native Well Tjuntunynga Morrison Bore Karawalkantjanya Creek Indulkana Spring Rocky Well Number Eight Well Overflow Tank Dicks Bore Tucker Box Dam Artonanna Native Well Tjilpil New Aparawilinitja Wintu-wintutjaranya Creek Wanalyanya Umpakatanya Creek Scoophole Dam Carol Bore Itjinpirinya Waterhole Moorilyanna Yard Killeen Well Puntitjatanya Rockhole Mundy Dam Micks Camp Centre Bore Warrabillinna Tank Woralanna Yard Kenmore Park Racecourse Bore Iwantja Irriyamukutjara Number Twenty Three Bore No 14 Yard Independence Bore Coomilla Well Apanykanunya Tjatja Tank Dust Bowl Bores Anapala Ernabellla Creek Tarcoonyinna Bore Lennon Yard Doorndoolyanna Native Well Number Twenty Eulardinna Native Well Parakeelya Aurora Bore Tunton Yard Emu Rock Hole Eateringinna Creek Horse Paddock Bore Ian Bore Latitude Hill Mays Soakage Oven Hill Bore Warrbillinna Donald Well Hill Young Well Chandler Siding Noolperlunna Hill Echo Hill Kuna Unpanya Hill Irintatanya Yampatjataranya Alberga Dam Scrub Yard Arngakurangunya Creek Marryat Dam Atinpanya Soakage Number Fifteen Bores Ombagunda Rockhole Moorilyanna Hill Tarcabull Dam Tjunpinpitjanya Rockhole Moorilyanna Dam Wanyalyanya Fregon Rowland Hill Razor Hill Packsaddle Yard McCaul Bore Ernabella Womikata Number Twenty Three Well No 17 Bore Arkalanya Rockhole Wintuwintujara Coomilla Yard Inturtjanunya Creek Scoophole Swamp David Well Moorilyanna Wintu-wintutjaranya Number Ten Well Tjutjunpiritjaranya Hill Tea Leaf Bank Alalkanya Hills Itjinpirinya Hill Ernaballa Well Ernaballa Creek Well Tjatja Yard Wommatanna Soak The Currie Atjinyunyanya Katapatinya Rockhole Wituwitujara Bore Emu Bush Rockhole Wild Horse Bore Arapingi Bore Kuna Unpanya Rockhole Morrison Yard Umpakantanya Spring Echo Hill Dam Ironwood Bore Irranwaja Soak Araleun Bore Kim Dam Dilemma Yard Towney Well Waitunna Native Well Winpiranya Country Dinnertime Well Mary Bore Stock Well Ayers Range Itirinyanya Knuckey Lagoon Norris Yard Harriet Spring Number Twenty Well Number Sixteen Well Coultys Hole Bore Tjakunja Bruce Bore Umuwa Witjuti Well Black Hill Number Three Number Eighteen Well East Yard Garden Bore Eagle Hawk Dam Flat Top Dam Moorilyana Dam Mulga Bore Granite Downs Aliwanyiwanyinya Number Four Well Tjalyiritjanya Rockhole Tjiwuru Sentinel Hill Perennial Yard Moorilyanna Tank Inyinyintan Dilemma Well Wintu-wintutjaranya Hill Apanykanunya Rockhole Boorndoolyanna Kaltjiti Paramita Fig Tree Gully Scoophole Yard Marryat Subsidiary Trig Tuckerbox Dam Tjuntunynga Soak Tjilpil Number Two Andagurdda Soak De Rose Hill Paramita Bore Kuna Unpunja Soak Wamikata Bore Christmas Well Indulkana Number Twenty Four Bore Pukatja Davis Bore Marryat Yard Overflow Bore Ailkinyinya Araluen Bore Matunga Hill Wedge Hill Mount Chandler Itjinpirinya Creek Woralanna Native Wells Harry Reservoir Wintu-wintutjaranya Claypan Number One Yard Kurkapitjaranya David Bore Kakataranya Well Top Spring Wamikata Tank Wardulka Rockhole Kuniya Bore Balfours Well Bobs Bore Inyinintyin Mount Everard Pigeon Well Number Four Yard Bore Number Three Young Yard Dugui Bore Araleun Flimsay Well Number Eighteen Yard Holy Water Yard Agnes Yard Roadside Bore Anmuryinna Irrindata Snake Bore Antalyanya Maroona Cave Soak Mount Chandler Well Bullock Well Haileybury Yard Scoop Hole Swamp Alalkanya Rockholes Mount Carnarvon Claypan Dam Tjiwuru Bore Bald Hill Balfour Well Rustys Bore Alcurra Creek Ernabella Bore Holywater Well Ant Well Swamp Wintuwitujara Bore Kangaroo Well Warupulinanya Bindaree Swamp Tja Tja Bore Sentinal Hill Bores No 14 Well Talijaritya Well Sundown Outstation Windjundija Gilpin Yard Shirley Yard Dead Horse Dam Moolduldie Rockhole Pine Ridge Hass Spring Watatjaranya Katjikatjitjara Flat Rockhole Uwalinyi Wamikata Yard Myall Swamp Giles West Camp Number Nine Bore Number Seven Well Yutjakalkanya Soak Palpatjaranya Hill Ant Heap Dam Mount Howe Wamitjaranya Alilyangunya Illyomba Mother Yard Over Flow Bore Byran Well Black Oak Bore Arapingi Yard Gilpin Well O'Donoghue Hill Roadside Well Moolduldie Bores Aeroplane Yard Kali-kalinya Ammaroodinna Tank Camel Pad Dam Doug Well Double Tank Chrysophrase Yard Itjinpiti Bore Sundown Well Walthajalkanna Native Well Boomdoolyanna Tjutjunpiritjaranya Creek Guy Fawkes Bore Kali-kalinya Creek Kunmapiti Bullys Swamp Yard Wardulka Soakage Mount Spec Wintjalangunya Iltananya Rockhole Pannikin Dam Wamitjaranya Soak Mengerson Yard Dugui Tank Allan Well Gosse Dam Killeen Yard Narrengullen Dam Iyarakatanya Rockhole Warupulinanya Creek Palpatjaranya Creek Aparawilinitja Warramena Rockhole The Centinel Mother Well Irintata Fregon Bores Womikata Bore Haven Well Mengerson Well Number Twenty Two Well Partridge Bore Aeroplane Number Two Woralanna Dam Mount Ferdinand Wardaraka Olga Bore Erindata Paroora Hill Akaranya Claypan Pututja Perennial Well Katjikatjitjara Bore Inyarinya Mount Duguid Aeroplane Number One One Tree Homestead Ant Heap Yards Kokatarra Well Ernaballa Bore Turktulya Arngakurangunya Hills Corkwood Yard Windmill Yard Amuroona Healy Spring Kuniya Number Two Bore Tunton Soakage Woomatanna Soak Wardulka Soak Figtree Gully Soak Mays Soak Gosses Waterhole Harriss Spring Woralanna Wells Easteringinna Creek Kite Hill Illginna Rockhole Allans Well Eulardinna Well Dulkaninna Well Granite Downs Station Waitunna Well Mareena Cave Soak Indulkana Springs Hut Well