Topographic / Ordnance Survey Map

GA SG53-10

GA SG53-10 - Abminga

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This Topographic Map is produced by Geoscience Australia; Australia's national geospatial organisation.
GA topographic maps (many of which are produced in partnership with the Army) are generally older than those maps produced by the State Governments over the same area. This makes GA maps particularly useful for identifying historic features, such as old mines and diggings.
Geoscience Australia maps generally considered to be more pleasing in design and compilation then the more modern State Government productions.

At this scale, 1cm on this map represents 2.5km on the ground (4cm = 10km). A standard map will cover 150km from east to west and 110km from north to south, with a contour interval of 50m. This map contains natural and constructed features including road and rail infrastructure, vegetation, hydrography, contours, localities and some administrative boundaries.

Please note the date of the map, as this will impact the currency of information, particularly regarding infrastructure, roads, etc.

Locations within this Map

Australia Paradise Bank Dam Fools Well Elbow Yard Bloods Creek Yard Enungarenna Bore Acacia Well Mount Mystery Dam Coonya Yard Bitchera Well Ooringina Creek Ooringina Yard Mount Isabel Mount Tieyon Hyperno Bore Mary Yard Horse Paddock Bore Grave Yard Waterhole Top Camp Well Weaning Camp Yard Umbubernatana Waterhole Tommy Lagoon Bore No 2 Yard Pound Creek Yard Salt Well Dam Small Pile Overland Dam Bitchera Subsidiary Trig Six Mile Tank Top Claypan Yard The Seven Waterholes Wall Range Yap Hole Dam Scrub Yard Six Mile Yard Abminga Ethawarra Waterhole Gidyea Yard Revolver Bore Uuramuprawaringa Waterhole Whychinga Creek Lister Tank Oorcoordinum Soakages Yoolperlunna Dam Cheeta Bores Oolparinna Yard Ungalootana Hill Granite Dam Warrungadinna Bore Teatree Well Fools Yard Gum Creek Yard Tommy Lagoon Yard Acacia Tank Ariltja Waterhole Mallee Well Mount Britton Atounga Creek Danny Yard Ewintinna Soakage Ooroowangarinna Waterhole Mount Darling Untercooracoorana Waterhole Dead Finish Dam Anderson Creek Freezers Bore Mount Walter Trig Swamp Ludgate Well Mount Critic Yard Johnson Crab Hole Dam Artillgilbullama Waterhole Blood Creek Yard Lister Yard Big Bank Dam Bluff Point Mount Frank Yoolperlunna Hill Fools Bore Ten Mile Dam Yoolperlunna Waterhole Gap Hole Dam Whitlam Tank Klempt Well Angida-Apildina Waterhole Blood Creek Dam Horse Paddock Tank Stanley Tableland Mount Parlue Wylies Yard Lindsay Creek Gingerpilla Dam Road Yard Mount Akoolatunna Thompson Yard The Lindsay Barney Bore Coonya Bore Mount Algoochinna Thompson Creek Freezers Tank Deda Waterhole Mallee Tank Freezers Yard Bulbun Soakage Six Mile Bore Top Camp Dam Black Hill Dam Scotch Bore The Duffield Ulaterimma Hill Mary Well Enungarenna Tank Friezer Tank Plews Yard Mount Michael Salt Well Bank Dam Ilbunga Well Box Hole Yard Arbons Bore Lambina Homestead Surround Bore Brush Hole Bore Nick-O-Time Tanks Ungalootanna Hill Amarosy Dam Johnson Dam Ilwantanillinna Waterhole Coombs Yard Lake Antirripunangariina Mount Alberga Friezer Yard Acacia Yard Morakarinna Waterhole Winsor Yard Curralulla Creek Candoo Yards Eagle Hawk Bores Mount Treloar Amarosy Yard Oolaquartana Waterhole Ted Well Upramuprawaringa Waterhole New Camel Hill Dam Waitchinga Creek Surround Tank Wijundi Bore Bitchera Creek Colson Dam Innoinna Soakage Bloods Creek Dam Kidjarra Dam Mount Deane Warrungadinna Tank Danny Bore Mary Bore Lambina Soakage Eringa Homestead Ooringa Yard Enungarenna Yard Paradise Yard The Eyutalyera Mount Ross Salt Well Bore Plain Yard Pussycat Yard Ted Yard Plews Well Hyperno Tank The Thompson Outounya Creek Mount Anthony Eagle Hawk Yard Cheeta Yard Welshman Dam Abminga Dam Eagle Hawk Tank Danny Tank Mount Irwin Mary Dam Ludgate Tank Bitchera Waterhole Plews Tank Horse Creek Yard Gidyea Bore The Coglin Webb Flat Yard Mount Burton Grave Waterhole Gap Hole Yard Solomon Yard Brush Hole Yard Lambina Umbubernatana Soakage Maynard Bore Rieck Yard Mount Mead Klempt Yard Glens Bank Warrataddy Hill Yoolperlunna Yard Paradise Well New Camel Hill Bank Earleyilkanna Waterhole Bore Plain Dam Rockhole Tank Waringee Yard Barlow Hole Yard Halfway Tank Each Way Dam Mallee Bore Acacia Bore Garanarinna Waterhole Eringa Trap Yard Carpamoongana Tank Treloar Soakage Gum Creek Dam Unginginna Waterhole Wylies Dam Brush Hole Well Carpamoongana Well Ludgate Bore Warrungadinna Waterhole Twelve Mile Dam Ted Bore Anderson Range Black Hill Yard Bitza Tank Indeda Waterhole Pound Creek Dam Tank Hole Yards Trevor Dam Curralulla Subsidiary Trig Hyperno Yard Abminga Railway Station Iltinacoolina Waterhole Ludgate Yard Beefwood Dam Ooltipawoolama Waterhole Beefwood Yard Bitchera Yard Unducurra Hill Coonya Tank Rain Stone Bore Pussycat Tank Eyutalyera Creek Lappar Yard Johnson Crab Hole Yard Undoocoolina Rockholes Paxton Bluff Mount Mystery Yard Marakatinna Waterhole Enungarenna Hill Arbons Yard Krichauff Creek Nick-O-Time Yard Tieyon Halfway Yard Twelve Mile Yard Graveyard Waterhole Agunta Waterhole Abminga Homestead Anthony Range Gidyea Dam Lappar Tank Horse Creek Waterhole Coombes Yard Coglin Creek Candoo Bore The Algoochinna Ilbunga Tank The Gap Waterhole Mount Hearne Bullockhide Dam Ten Mile Yard Junction Yard Junction Well Eyutalyera Yard Road Dam Clayhole Yard Broken Beam Bore Overland Yard Adnobangalina Waterhole Lake Supernmurra Kite Hill Eachway Dam Peerless Pool Yard Nick-O-Time Bore Surround Yard Klempt Tank Carpamoongana Waterhole Arrelumbercumma Hill Oolparinna Well Mount Critic Bank Lambina Opal Diggings Old Brush Yard Indulkana Creek Mosquito Camp Yard Maynard Yard Webb Flat Dam Boundary Dam Candoo Tank Paddys Yard Coonya Well The Curralulla Bagot Range Algoochinna Creek Mount Mystery Whitlam Bore Cheeta Tank Allucartininna Hill Echo Bore Mount Irwin Bores Ferber Well Wylies Well Dam Tangiora Yard Bloods Creek Railway Station Warrungadinna Yard Ekeetatrinna Waterhole Mount Barr Lake Antirripynancarinna Hearne Range Eringa Waterhole Tank Hole Dam Friezer Bore Temptation Bore Birthday Yard Ellis Soak Bore Lambina Soak Bore Whychinga Tank Solomon Bore No 2 Bore Tangiora Dam Lambina Soak Tank Gap Waterhole Oocoondinna Soakages Mosquito Camp Dam Lennon Dam Johnson Yard Mount Anderson Dead Finish Yard Ilbunga Yard Four Mile Dam Winsor Well Halfway Bore Tieyon Bore Bitchera Tank Vaughan Hill Bullockhide Hole Top Claypan Dam Lappar Bore Birthday Bore Bitchera Hill Bore No 2 Yoolperlunna Tank Poeppel Line Oorawangera Waterhole Barney's Yard Flos Creek Yard Mount Hornet Arracootamarrinna Waterhole Big Bank Yard Tommy Lagoon Tank Top Claypan Bore Paddock Bore Stevenson Bank Echo Tank Solomon Tank Fools Tank Ellis Soak Yard Mount Chetonga Eringa Crossing Abminga Yard Warrungadinna Creek Winsor Bore Colson Yard Carpamoongana Subsidiary Trig Boland Dam Birney Waterhole Abminga Waterhole Lister Wells Pedirka Desert Almatrina Waterhole Pussycat Bore Flos Creek Dam Bitza Bore Tarcoonyinna Creek Takanyina Chetonga Soakage Oolparinna Bore Mallee Yard Lister Shed Tigers Yard Whychinga Bores Yoolperlunna Creek Wall Creek Old Lambina Head Range Antikoolirrinna Waterhole Peerless Pool Rieck Bore Bloods Creek One Tree Well Innoinna Soak Mount Head Chetonga Soak Andersons Range Tieyon Station Webbs Flat Well Eringa Wylies Well Wyllies Well Mount Irwin Station Ludgates Well Paxtons Bluff Ferbers Well Bulbun Soak Ewintinna Well Lesters Well Oocoondinna Soak Lambina Station Granite Downs Granite Downs Station Hut Well