Topographic / Ordnance Survey Map

GA SG53-15

GA SG53-15 - Oodnadatta

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This Topographic Map is produced by Geoscience Australia; Australia's national geospatial organisation.
GA topographic maps (many of which are produced in partnership with the Army) are generally older than those maps produced by the State Governments over the same area. This makes GA maps particularly useful for identifying historic features, such as old mines and diggings.
Geoscience Australia maps generally considered to be more pleasing in design and compilation then the more modern State Government productions.

At this scale, 1cm on this map represents 2.5km on the ground (4cm = 10km). A standard map will cover 150km from east to west and 110km from north to south, with a contour interval of 50m. This map contains natural and constructed features including road and rail infrastructure, vegetation, hydrography, contours, localities and some administrative boundaries.

Please note the date of the map, as this will impact the currency of information, particularly regarding infrastructure, roads, etc.

Locations within this Map

Oodnadatta Railway Bank Rocky Well Algebuckina Hill Jacks Camp Hole Hann Hill Cramer Bore Maynard Dam Baker Creek Waterhole Mount Carulinia Dam Berts Grave Koorathinna Waterhole Noyunurkoo Hill Kardecoodnana Watehole Large Waterhole Manarrinna Waterhole Nummabirinna Waterhole Moolabullana Dam Hookey Waterhole Mongulina Waterhole Macumba Hill One Gum Dam Mount John Toondina Dam Swamp Waterhole Swallows Waterhole Warru-Warrunha Tundadinna Waterhole Yardaparinna Creek Hann Creek Spring Tjinta-Yardunha Erabena Creek Mount Dutton Alguchina Creek Edarteenya Creek Duck Hole Bore Wooldridge Creek Dingo Hole Dam South Bank Pink Roadhouse Wanniebarcoo Hill Lagoon Bank Dam Cecilia Well Macumba Railway Station Mount Robinson Lignum Waterhole Farley Dam Mount Guy Ilowadna Hookey Subsidiary Trig Ucutanna Hill Box Swamp Bluff Creek The Frew Wire Creek Bore Fogarty Claypan Wire Creek Cecilia Waterhole Whychapna Sandhill Waterhole Storm Creek Well Oodnadatta Post Office Mount Toondina Isobel Dam Middle Waterhole Ryan Well Top Waterhole Mount Toodla Bronco Peg Yard Seven Mile Dam Boundary Bank Wire Creek Railway Station Duck Hole No 2 Bore Cliff Hole Yard Oorawaninna Waterhole Walgidya Subsidiary Trig Tunkalana Waterhole Tarracalena Dome Hann Bore Ockenden Creek Horseshoe Bore Jacky Waterhole Little Cadna-Owie Spring Horse Hole Yard Laughton Lookout Yardinna Subsidiary Trig Carulinia Cocky Camp Bank Nurkanurkana Waterhole Sando Hole Yard Murdarinna Waterhole Angle Pole Gercheena Waterhole Kempe Road Stony Creek Wakons Creek Afghan Waterhole Mount Malua Ankata Painted Desert Road Wirriarrina Waterhole Mount Harvey Fish Hole Mount Andrews Creek The Alberga Weaner Waterhole South Gap Bore Moolabullana Waterhole Dewdneys Tree Wondillina Bore Susan Dam Oodnadatta Aerodrome Allillinna Waterhole Wondillina Homestead Spring Kruse Dam Wieracadana Waterhole Wood Duck Clair Dam Storm Creek Puroona Waterhole Erabena Waterhole Watson Creek Marshes Waterhole Big Cadna-Owie Spring Walgidya Hill MacEllister Spring Tarracalena Yard Sister Olive Bank Kilkirkina Waterhole Mahdi Hill No 2 Well Box Tree Dam Neckeena Waterhole Walgidya Waterhole Farley Waterhole Oorarin Waterhole Toopawarrina Waterhole Blind Spring Eleanor Dam Big Ooranalatica Waterhole Ilgirkina Waterhole Macumba Well Neckeena Creek Yard Tuncallanna Waterhole Tarracalena Waterhole Oodna-Appenpinna Hill Ross Yard Hann Waterhole Wadniecoopa Hill Five Miles Creek Gercheena Creek Mathieson Waterhole North Creek Hagan Waterhole Peracullanna Waterhole Mount Edarteenya Stewart Hill Wadniecoopa Creek Manarrinna Hill Ockenden Bore North Branch of Neales River Alguchina Waterhole Morton Tank Tookaninna Waterhole Wonnobroba Waterholes Cliff Hole Tank Midway Tank Mount Dutton Railway Station Mosquito Waterhole Gluepot Yard Eaglehawk Dam Horse Well Mount Arthur Browns Creek Railway Bore Hawk Eagle Tank Kurillina Dam Canegrass Swamp Kuncharana Tank Gidyea Creek Lower Waterhole Ooranalatica Waterhole Ryan Well Subsidiary Trig Algebuckina Creek Cramps Camp Waterhole West Hill Smithfield Waterhole Elbow Yard Western Bluff Mount Perrypollkot Undooldina Waterhole Nasa Bore Central Bluff Junction Waterhole South Bank Tank Kadnjawi Ockenden Spring Plantation Spring Ngampayiwalanha Spring Bungaparina Waterhole Storm Creek Subsidiary Trig Mount Alice Bore Wieracadana Yard Woolshed Waterhole South Branch of Neales River Mount Narlee The Wooldridge Wantilinha Mount John Dam Macumba Fish Hole Creek Knuckin Knuckina Waterhole Alouette Hill Greg Swamp Peecharmurranna Bore Coomparana Creek Tank Artillina Waterhole Barton Hill Moonlands Bore Little Ooranalatica Waterhole South Gap Yard Oodnadatta Primary School Cliff Waterhole Karrawara-Wirinja Dingo Creek Wonnobroba Hill Budgers Watercourse Browns Creek Bore North Creek Railway Station No 1 Bore Indenebrinna Waterhole Wondillina Homestead Afgan Waterhole Hawk Eagle Yard Troopers Hole Dam Rose Range Watson Bore Outee Hill Edidina Waterhole Nunjuelia Hill MacEllisters Pile Coomparana Creek Yard Mount Albany Todmorden Railway Station Blina Spring Oodnadatta Bore Cootabarcoollia Bore Wanenino Hill Dinner Time Waterhole Mount Narlee Dam Hanson Range Peecharmurranna Creek Walgidgee Bank Five Miles Waterhole Vapinne Yard McDills Dam Louisa Creek McAllister Spring Algebuckina Yardaparinna Waterhole Coorikiana Creek Quinn Dam Adelaide Yard Algebuckina Waterhole Poonina Waterhole Giles Tank Mount Midlargunna Tidnabucca Waterhole Kuncharana Yard Wuntuntoopininna Waterhole Stewart Waterhole Rocky Waterhole Cuttamulla Swamp Lassoo Yard Canteen Waterhole Wadniecoopa Tank Hann Creek The Stevenson Thuntinha Alamilda Dam Brady Tank Khartoum Hill Troopers Creek Dam Native Wells Algebuckina Railway Station Carlootanna Hill The Cliff Waterhole Weebucca Hill Ulowarrina Waterhole Woodmurra Creek Oodnadatta Police Station Alberga Railway Station Walgidya Bank Gap Waterhole Old Macumba Homestead Coomparana Creek Mount O'halloran Alberga Creek Kadnjawi-Kupa Mount Tidnabakina Ross Waterhole Duck Waterhole Cadna-Owie Spring Kutha-Parkulunha Block Tank Eastern Bluff Yardaparinna Bore Luxmoore Creek Bookamungana Waterhole Oodnadatta Aboriginal School Nappamurra Waterhole Ooljeraginia Creek North Creek Dam Ellempolla Creek Alamilda Hill Wirriarrina Dam Oodna-Appenpinna Creek Geranium Creek Donkey Bank Breaden Bore Goorikianna Creek Armina Waterhole Three Sisters Shell Bore Cecilia Creek Mount Mount Minyalcooroo Undupatallina Waterhole Snake Creek Bore Walkinna Waterhole Mount Kingston North Angle Pole Waterhole Cattalmurra Hill Mount Alice Anbaluala Waterhole Cadna-Owie Trig Mount Areebunna Toondina Spring Stevenson Creek Mount Carulinia Kurillina Creek Wood Duck Bore Neales Subsidiary Trig Trans Continental Hotel Smithfield Yard Cootabarcoollia Spring Wondillina Springs Breaden Bank Baker Creek Mount Carlootanna Andandana Waterhole No 1 Well Mount Alexander Tindog Waterhole Weebucca Waterhole Oodnadatta Community Hospital Oodnadatta Railway Station One Gum Yard Frances Hill Plantation Bore Frew Creek Allandale Alberga River Madhi Hill Oodna Appenpinna Oodna Appenpinna Creek Ooana Appenpinna Creek Nunjuctia Hill Alberga Watsons Creek Interstate South Branch The Neales South Branch of Neales North Branch The Neales North Branch Neales North Branch of Neales Neckecka Waterhole Wonnobroba Waterhole Mount Ohalloran Mount OHalloran Cecilla Creek Mount Carulina Carlootanna Puttwadina Waterhole Juntion Waterhole Ugnum Waterhole Stewarts Waterhole Mount Perrypolkot Mount Perrypoollkot Hanns Creek Gidgea Creek Farleys Waterhole Wondillina Laughtons Lookout Cadna-owie Duck Creek Smithfield Waterholes Algebuckina Station Wood Waterhole Beracullanna Waterhole Ardecoodnana Waterhole Mount Minyalcooroo Nummab Rinna Waterhole