Topographic / Ordnance Survey Map


Cooper Creek
GA SG54 - Cooper Creek

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This Topographic Map is produced by Geoscience Australia; Australia's national geospatial organisation.
GA topographic maps (many of which are produced in partnership with the Army) are generally older than those maps produced by the State Governments over the same area. This makes GA maps particularly useful for identifying historic features, such as old mines and diggings.
Geoscience Australia maps generally considered to be more pleasing in design and compilation then the more modern State Government productions.

At this scale, 1cm on this map represents 10km on the ground, covering an area of approximately 670km from east to west and 440km nort to south. The contour interval is 500m, with an additional contour at 200m. This map contains natural and constructed features including road and rail infrastructure, vegetation, hydrography, contours, localities and some administrative boundaries.

Please note the date of the map, as this will impact the currency of information, particularly regarding infrastructure, roads, etc.

Locations within this Map

Kendal Wynn Downs Hickleton Boree Downs Westerton Yuruga Tarcombe Laidlaw Kappa-Ki Onoto Noonbah Lochern Ban Ban Kaloola Melton Kurrah Beatrice Downs Bimerah Arrowfield Waterloo Meroondah Downs Valetta Boomaroo Depot Glen Ve Javis Moondah Park Flora Glen Evengy Glenroy Russleigh Pandora Park Inkerman Barnsdale Waroona Corrikie Hillview Park Yarawa Neleh Downs Yapunya Bunginderry Goon Goon Cecil Downs Rivoli Downs Isla Downs Glenariff Sunbry Lumley Grahgor Downs Swan Vale Trewalla Carella Arno Diamond Downs Gundoo Needle Creek Barcarolle Glengyle Braidwood Maxvale Hayfield Navarra Prairie Glenvalley Merriman Glenlock Mount Marlow Bonnie Doon Merrigal Wandsworth Towart Moyen Sedan Haughton Vale Ramula Retreat Rosehill Cacoory ruins Currareva Advance Ourdell Budgerygar Oakham Mayfield Hammond Downs Glenmurken abandoned Thunda Ingella Old Roseberth ruins Clifton Regleigh Tenham Maroo Araluen Bulgroo Yeppara Ray Yeppera Cornwall Terrachie Shed and Yard Dillybroo Warrabin Earlstoun Wallyah Quartpot Corowa Downs Cooma Old Kyra Naretha Tallyabra Yambutta Belombre Erounghoola Plevna Downs Berellam Whynot Cranstoun Glenvale Monler Congie Moble Bellalie Tobermory Kihee Karwalke Norley Noccundra Autumn Vale Kulki Thargomindah Eromanga Jundah Birdsville Windorah Poeppel Corner Mount Aaron Abbotsford Aboukir Achill Adaford Adder Waterhole Adderley Adria Affleck Mount Affleck Afghan Agosta Agra Akkoo Creek Aladdin Alcona Alfred Bluff Alivinna Alivinna Waterhole Alkina Alleogera Waterhole Alliance Alpena Amah Annandale Annandale Carrawallia Waterhole Antony Apatuncka Waterhole Appamilki Waterhole Archer Creek Arcoba Argoon Arima Arning Waterhole Aros Arounga Waterhole Arrabury Arrabury Creek Arrabury Waterhole Artietidna Waterhole Aruko Ashby Athenry Atina Avella Avlona Mount Baigi Baird Bald Hills Creek Balkans Ballera Ballera Creek Balooma Waterhole Bandicoot Creek Banner Creek Bansheela Waterhole Barcoonia Barcoonia Creek Barcoonia Waterhole Bargero Bargero Creek Bargie Water Facility Bargo Bargo Mountains Barina Barmaroo Barrago Mount Barri Barrolka Barun Baryulah Baryulah Waterhole Bauhinia Creek Bayrowah Bayrowah Waterhole Beal Beal Range Beallah Beantree Creek Beantree Waterhole Beatrice Bedkira Water Facility Bedourie Beebeethah Waterhole Beefwood Waterhole Beemurrah Beereelah Waterhole Beeya Belasso Belilla Belinda Creek Bellalie Creek Bellalie Waterhole Mount Bellalie Bellfield Ben Castle Ben Challum Ben Dhu Ben Lui Bendeemungoo Creek Benditoota Waterhole Bepperry Springs Berella Berellem Waterhole Bernard Berrimpa Berringo Berteala Waterhole Bertram Betoota Big Booka Waterhole Big Palpara Waterhole Big Wallawanny Waterhole Bijeeloe Waterhole Billibooroo Creek Bilpa Morea Claypan Bilpa Morea Creek Bimera Bimerah Creek Bimerah Waterhole Bindiacca Waterhole Bingera Hill Bingilberry Creek Binjula Waterhole Bira Bira Black Creek Black Hill Black Wallinderry Waterhole Mountain Black Bloodwood Bloodwood Creek Blue Bush Swamp Blue Well Creek Bogala Waterhole Bogeena Creek Boinia Bokhara Creek Bone Creek Bonnanes Booglee Waterhole Bookaberri Waterhole Bookley Creek Boolloo Boolloo Waterhole Boolooroo Boolooroo Creek Boolooroo Waterhole Boompa Waterhole Boonah Creek Boondarrah Waterhole Boondook Boongeena Creek Boorarie Waterhole Boothamarree Creek Boothera Creek Bootoota Waterhole Bore Hole Creek Boree Creek Borehole Creek Bostock Creek Bosworth Bothwell Bothwell Creek Boucah Waterhole Boughton Boundary Creek Bourcannia Creek Bowalli Bowfell Bowling Bowmans Lake Bowra Creek Box Creek Box Waterhole Boxhole Waterhole Breakfast Creek Briseis Broken Dam Waterhole Bronzewing Creek Browns Creek Bruggler Creek Brumbrie Waterhole Brumby Creek Brumby Waterhole Buffalo Waterhole Bukuta Bulgroo Creek Bull Creek Bull Waterhole Bullagertie Waterhole Bullang Waterhole Bullawarra Bullawarra Waterhole Lake Bullawarra Bulldog Waterhole Bullock Waterhole Bulpirrah Bumbunnya Creek Bundeena Bungannya Creek Bungee Bungera Waterhole Bunginderry Creek Bunginderry Waterhole Bunk Waterhole Buralga Burarie Burkobulla Burkobulla Waterhole Burleway Waterhole Burmah Burnaby Burnt Coat Channels Burnt Coat Waterhole Burulu Buthurra Mount Butler Bycoe Creek Bygombo Bygombo Waterhole Byrock Bywong Cabul Cacoory Cacoory Waterhole Cairngorm Cairnlee Creek Calabra Calamia Calarinda Calilpie Campbell Gap Camtank Water Facility Canaway Canaway Downs Canaway Range Mount Canaway Candue Swamps Candue Waterhole Canterbury Canterbury Creek Canuto Waterhole Carbine Creek Carcarilla Cardinals Cap Carella Creek Carella Waterhole Carham Carloman Carloowattie Hill Carlpie Carneys Waterhole Carnymory Creek Caroni Carranya Carrawallia Waterhole Carrick Cashmere Creek Cassius Castle Rock Castlerock Castlerock Creek Castles Water Facility Catherko Cathoo Cathoo Waterhole Cathou Creek Cathou Waterhole Cathua Waterhole Cattle Creek Cawallrie Waterhole Chastleton Chatham Chaucer Chaunsit Cheviot Cheviot Range Chinaman Waterhole Chipalu Chookoo Sandhill Chudley Creek Chummies Waterhole Chummy Creek Cithara Clountane Cluny Coade Coallie Creek Cobar Cobboocobboomingie Creek Coburg Cockatoo Creek Cockatoo Waterhole Cockawarra Creek Cockawarra Waterhole Coco Waterhole Coleman Range Colesmore Colily Mount Collins Coloy Creek Coltboard Creek Combilla Waterhole Comeroo Comeroo Creek Comillie Creek Commissioner Mountain Commissioner Spring Compinia Waterhole Cona Cona Creek Conanbulla Waterhole Conbar Conbar Waterhole Condoin Conga Congie Creek Congie Gap Coniston Connemara Coocule Waterhole Coodjah Coolbulla Waterhole Cooli Hill Coolibah Creek Coolibah Waterhole Coolna Waterhole Cooloo Cooloo Waterhole Coolpa Waterhole Coombara Coombill Waterhole Coonaberry Coonaberry Creek Coonabilla Creek Coonadoona Creek Coonangerra Waterhole Coonavalla Waterhole Coongy Creek Cooningheera Waterhole Coontamurra Creek Coonthaberri Waterhole Coonyah Waterhole Coonyngera Cooper Cooper Creek Coorajah Creek Cooratoula Cooratoula Creek Cooroo Creek Coorpia Waterhole Coota Waterhole Cootah Creek Cooteena Creek Coothangarta Waterhole Coothero Waterhole Coothingerrie Waterhole Cooyeana Cooyeana Waterhole Copely Copra Copra Waterhole Coriki Water Facility Cork Creek Cornhill Cornhill Creek Cornwall Waterhole Corrib Corrikie Creek Coucha Coucha Creek Cowanbilla Cowanbilla Waterhole Cowarie Waterhole Cowarra Waterhole Creswick Crete Cromarty Crooked Creek Crooked Hole Waterhole Crows Nest Waterhole Crows Nest Yard Cuddapan Lake Cuddapan Cudrivera Waterhole Cullilla Waterhole Cullumbilla Waterhole Cumbroo Cumbroo Creek Cummavalla Creek Cungabulla Cungabulla Creek Cungabulla Waterhole Cunnavalla Creek Cunninghella Waterhole Cuppa Waterhole Curalle Waterhole Curica Curica Creek Curler Curler Waterhole Curralle Curralle Creek Currambar Waterhole Curramurra Waterhole Currawilla Currawilla Water Facility Currawilla Waterhole Currawonga Channel Currawonga Waterhole Cutt Mountains Cuttaburra Waterhole Mount Cuttiguree Daisy Dalmeny Dalton Dam Duck Waterhole Dan Creek Dangellie Dangerie Dangerie Water Facility Dangerie Waterhole Daroo Daroo Waterhole Davenport Creek Davenport Downs De Burgh Deadfinish Creek Deadman Creek Deadmans Channel Deep Creek Deer Waterhole Delga Delga Waterhole Denley Denmans Gully Derrywarra Dewalla Creek Diamantina Diamantina River Diamfarrer Water Facility Dickerrie Dickery Waterhole Dicola Waterhole Didhelginna Didhelginna Waterhole Didichie Waterhole Dilkera Dilkera Creek Dillons Water Facility Dinah Waterhole Dingo Creek Dingo Puppy Waterhole Dinner Creek Dippery Waterhole Dirri Dirri Waterhole Dirrilong Discovery Creek Donhead Donnelly Creek Doombilly Waterhole Doonmulla Doorie Waterhole Dornoch Mount Dot Mount Doubletop Dowling Drakes Waterhole Dray Road Creek Drooka Drooka Waterhole Dry Creek Dry Deep Waterhole Drylands Drylands Creek Drylands Waterholes Duck Holes Dudley Dudley Yard Duli Dullen Dundoo Waterhole Dunns Waterhole Dunoon Durack Durack Gap Durack Gap Creek Durham Durham Downs Duroditchi Waterhole Duroditchie Durrang Durrie Eatons Channel Eccles Echuburra Creek Edgeworth Edkins Edkins Creek Edkins Range Ednam Ednam Water Facility Eelyinny Creek Eight Mile Creek Eight Mile Waterhole Eighteen Mile Creek Elbow Hole Waterhole Elm Elthem Empson Emu Creek Ergelear Waterhole Eromanga Water Facility Erounghoola Creek Eulbertie Eulbertie Waterhole Eulotean Waterhole Eunthah Waterhole Eurinye Eylle Waterhole Eyre Eyre Creek Mount Fairview Farrar Farrars Creek Fechlin Mount Felix Fifteen Mile Creek Fifteen Mile Waterhole Five Mile Creek Five Mile Waterhole Flaggy Waterhole Flat Top Mount Flat Top Flat Waterhole Flodden Hills Folly Fontenoy Fontenoy Water Facility Fort Douglas Fort Wills Fossil Creek Fountain Creek Four Mile Creek Four Mile Waterhole Foyers Fraser Creek Frasers Swamp Galalah Creek Galera Gallina Waterhole Gallows Waterhole Galway Galway Downs Galway Waterhole Ganur Garden Creek Garden Waterhole Garvoc Gathong Gauntlet Geiger Creek Georgtina Water Facility Gerara Waterhole Gerrut Gerthnn Springs Gi Gi Creek Gibber Gibber Creek Gibber Waterhole Gibson Creek Gidya Creek Gilberts Camp Waterhole Gillaberree Waterhole Gilmour Creek Gilpeppee Gilpeppee Creek Gimparrka Creek Gindina Gindinna Waterhole Gindurra Gingill Waterhole Ginniapapa Creek Girtna Waterhole Glasgow Glenfall Glenfinlas Glenfruin Glenisla Glenlea Glenlocha Glenlus Glenstrae Gnallan-A-Gea Creek Goalah Goalla Waterhole Goingo Creek Gombilla Goobaraburra Waterhole Goodappa Waterhole Goodie Goodie Waterhole Goodlah Goodlah Water Facility Gooliechie Creek Goombie Creek Goombie Waterhole Goonaghooheeny Billabong Goonbabinna Waterhole Goongoon Waterhole Goonoorookooroo Creek Gooroolkoorah Creek Gordon Gourock Graham Creek Grahams Bluff Grangefoyle Grass Hut Water Facility Grassy Creek Grassy Yards Grayburn Grayshall Green Creek Green Lagoon Waterhole Greenock Greenwood Creek Greers Grey Grey Range Greystanes Gulgong Gum Creek Gum Holes Waterhole Gum Waterhole Gumbo Gumbo Creek Gumboody Creek Gumborie Waterhole Gumlah Creek Gummomo Gummomo Water Facility Gummomo Waterhole Gumpatchy Creek Gunegoomrie Waterhole Gungaditchee Waterhole Gunna Gunna Waterhole Gunnadidgee Creek Gunnawarra Creek Gurman Gurrawooly Waterhole H B Creek Hackett Creek Haddon Haddon Corner Haddon Creek Haddon Water Facility Mount Hal Hamilton Bluff Hammond Hampoon Water Facility Harbledown Harding Ranges Harkaway Waterhole Hazard Mount Henderson Henley Herat Heristal Hippinyah Hippinyah Waterhole Hobson Gap Hobson Gap Creek Homler Waterhole Hooley Hooley Waterhole Hoontappe Waterhole Horse Creek Horseshoe Waterhole Howie Creek Hudsons Waterhole Huron Ichella Waterhole Ichica Ichica Creek Illathulla Illelowah Waterhole Indjun Waterhole Inkerman Creek Ipundu Waterhole Irene Ironpot Creek Itheraway Waterhole Ivan Jacks Waterhole Jackson Creek Jampot Creek Jannah Jedburgh Jimmoo Waterhole Joanjah Mount John Julago Julatten Jump Up Jump Up Gap Junction Waterhole Kagurun Kakim Waterhole Kalabra Swamp Kalboora Kalboora Water Facility Kalboora Waterhole Kalidawarry Waterhole Kamaran Downs Kangaroo Creek Kaoga Kapeela Waterhole Kapoolerie Waterhole Karaga Karakoora Karapa Waterhole Karmona Kars Kasir Katawulka Creek Katonkra Waterhole Kattygoona Creek Katula Kauri Waterhole Keenanty Keeragunga Waterhole Keeroongooloo Keeroongooloo Creek Keg Waterhole Keilor Kenegarry Kennedy Waterhole Kercummurra Creek Kew Kewarra Kewarra Creek Kewarra Waterhole Khiva Kiama Creek Kian Kiandra Kihee Creek Kilcourrie Creek Killin Kimma Kimma Waterhole Kimmo Waterhole King Creek Kingadurka Waterhole Kirpoo Waterhole Kirrawallie Creek Knowe Kokkanora Creek Kommaburria Waterhole Konkamuttoo Konkamuttoo Waterhole Konkoh Creek Kooka Wadiwadi Waterhole Kookabury Waterhole Kookaninka Waterhole Koolivoo Koolivoo Waterhole Lake Koolivoo Koonandra Waterhole Koongho Waterhole Kooroogooro Creek Kooroopa Waterhole Kopi Creek Koppamurra Koppamurra Waterhole Koranghee Waterhole Koroolah Waterhole Kothawalla Kotri Kowroungala Waterhole Kuckerapillpa Creek Kuddaree Kuddaree Waterhole Kulaba Kulgoi Kulki Creek Kulki Waterhole Kulparee Waterhole Kulpie Kulpie Waterhole Kunjamara Waterhole Kuntianna Waterhole Kurdaddy Waterhole Kyabra Kyabra Creek Kyabra Water Facility Kyabra Waterhole Kyle Kyra Kyra Creek Kyra Waterhole Ladas Lajah Lake Pure Langa Largs Laura Lavender Creek Leap Year Creek Lee Creek Mount Leonard Letcha Waterhole Mount Lewis Lignum Parragoona Creek Lignum Branch Lignum Branch Creek Lignum Creek Lignum Waterhole Lillirie Lily Creek Lily Lagoon Limestone Creek Lina Glen Lina Hill Listore Listore Creek Little Booka Waterhole Little Goongoon Waterhole Little Gotha Creek Little Murchela Waterhole Little Palpara Waterhole Little Tookoonooka Creek Little Ullangilla Waterhole Little Wallawanny Waterhole Little Womilla Waterhole Lochiel Long Waterhole Longlands Lost Hole Waterhole Loughnea Louies Hill Louisa Creek Louisa Waterhole Lovetts Bluff Lower Thylungra Waterhole Lowrie Creek Lubrina Ludlow Ludlow Water Facility Lurgan Lynwood Lysaght Maapoo Maapoo Waterhole Macarthur Creek Macgregor Creek Macgregor Hill Machattie Lake Machattie Mackhara Mackhara Waterhole Mackillop Madany Waterhole Madras Mahoney Waterhole Mailchange Waterhole Makolo Malagarga Malcho Malcho Creek Malone Creek Maneroo Creek Mangela Mangela Creek Manilla Mansfield Maracas Maraju Marama Maranie Maraquita Marawilla Marboo Waterhole Marduroo Waterhole Maroko Marourah Marourah Creek Marranumbla Maugherraugh Creek Mount McCallum McGeorges Water Facility McGregor Range McIntyre Creek Mount McIver McKinlay Creek North McKinlay Creek South McMaster Waterhole McPhellamys Crossing Meadows Meale Sandhill Meeba Downs Megrah Melita Melpunga Lake Melton Creek Merabooka Merabooka Creek Merabooka Water Facility Merewolt Meringhina Meringhina Waterhole Mernie Mernie Sandhill Meroondah Meroondah Water Facility Merri Waterhole Merriman Waterhole Merriwomala Waterhole Metz Mickah Waterhole Mickrapyra Middle Booka Waterhole Middle Creek Middle Swamp Mignonette Waterhole Milka Milkabar Waterhole Milkaree Milkaree Waterhole Milkinbrinna Milkinbrinna Waterhole Milkra Lagoon Milkryna Creek Mills Creek Milo Creek Milthaminnie Creek Minaritchi Creek Minedella Waterhole Minedilla Waterhole Minster Creek Lake Mipia Mirrah Waterhole Mirregin Mirri Mount Misery Modock Moira Mollumi Money Money Waterhole Mongarlo Monkey Coolah Creek Monkeycurla Waterhole Monkira Monkwilla Water Facility Mount Montagimpa Montapiria Waterhole Montecalla Waterhole Montrouge Monument Water Facility Moochala Waterhole Mookoo Waterhole Moollamoorooroo Creek Moonbang Creek Moonda Moonda Creek Moonda Lake Moonlight Waterhole Mooraberree Mooraberree Creek Mooraberree Waterhole Moorabinna Moorabulla Waterhole Mooradonka Mooradonka Waterhole Moorathulla Moorathulla Waterhole Moorinah Creek Mooroona Creek Moorungulla Waterhole Moothandella Moothandella Creek Morea Morney Morney Creek Morney Water Facility Mortlake Moruya Moses Creek Mount Moses Mosquito Creek Mount Howitt Mount Margaret Mount Warbreccan Creek Mountain Creek Mowarra Mowgimgalla Waterhole Muckalara Sandhill Muckley Creek Mud Hut Creek Waterhole Muddawarry Muddlemurra Creek Muddyboro Waterhole Mudloo Flat Mudracooncha Waterhole Mudrapunyah Creek Mudrawicha Waterhole Mug Creek Mugginanullah Creek Mulga Corner Waterhole Mulga Creek Mulgerra Creek Mulianna Mulianna Creek Mulla Waterhole Mulligan River Mulligan River Overflow Mullion Multi Creek Multi Crossing Multi Multi Creek Multi Waterhole Multi Yards Mumbleberry Lake Mumbleberry Waterhole Mummel Muncooney Muncoonie Muncoonie Lake East Muncoonie Lake West Muncoonie Waterhole Mungerie Mungerie Creek Munkah Creek Munnimerrie Waterhole Munta Murchela Waterhole Murdo Murdo Water Facility Murgu Murinny Creek Murken Murken Waterhole Murra Murra Creek Murramudah Waterhole Murramurrah Creek Murraturley Murraturley Creek Murraturley Waterhole Murrawarra Creek Murreewathalow Creek Muru Mussel Creek Mutha Muthero Waterhole Mutti Myanga Waterhole Naccowlah Naccowlah Billabong Naccowlah Waterhole Nahbang Nails Creek Nappamerry Nappamerry Waterhole Nappamurra Waterhole Lake Nappanerica Nappapethera Waterhole Narady Waterhole Narah Narberry Waterhole Naretha Water Facility Narradunna Hill Narradunna Waterhole Narragakanni Creek Narva Naunton Neerebah Creek Negri Mountains Neliaka Waterhole Nelly Creek Nelly Waterhole Nerathella Nerathella Waterhole Neringee Nerrigan Nerrigundah Neuragully Neuragully Waterhole Never Never Creek Newananda Waterhole Newmains Newmarra Niddrawodra Niddrawodra Waterhole Nilparoo Nine Mile Waterhole Nine Mile Yard Ningga Waterhole Ninkah Nob Nobbs Creek Nocappa Nocappa Waterhole Noccundra Waterhole Nockabooka Waterhole Nockaburrawarry Waterhole Nockanoora Nockanoora Waterhole Nockatunga Nockatunga Waterhole Nomminah Waterhole Noolichoko Creek Norley Range North Creek Nulcyah Nullullie Waterhole Numbai Nundramundoo Creek Nungoo Waterhole Nurdah Nyama Nyama Waterhole Oakes Waterhole Mount Oakes Okena Creek Ombroo Waterhole Omnagommera Creek One Mile Waterhole One Tree Hill One Tree Waterhole Onkono Waterhole Oondacurrurrah Creek Oondooroo Waterhole Oontoo Oontoo Waterhole Opal Creek Opal Hill Orange Creek Orient Water Facility Orkney Orly Osman Owwirree Paddy Creek Paddy Paddy Waterhole Pallico Channel Pallico Waterhole Palliou Creek Palonga Palparara Palparara Waterhole Pampra Hill Pampra Waterhole Panam Creek Panaroo Waterhole Pangie Creek Paraputcheri Waterhole Parawitula Creek Parenjelly Creek Pargin Creek Parkaminnia Creek Parker Waterhole Parragonna Parragoona Creek Parrakunda Waterhole Parrot Creek Pastry Waterhole Pataarh Waterhole Patchina Waterhole Paul Pebble Hill Peleenah Peleenah Creek Peleenah Waterhole Pelican Waterhole Pender Pennethackeri Waterhole Pentitude Pentitude Waterhole Pepita Peppin Peri Peri Creek Mount Perrier Persse Petworth Philippi Lake Philippi Piatree Waterhole Pickle Pickle Waterhole Pierikoola Waterhole Pig Channel Pinalaka Pinidary Pinidary Creek Pinkilla Pinkilla Water Facility Pinnacle Pintahra Pintahra Water Facility Pintahra Waterhole Pintara Waterhole Pippagitta Waterhole Pitcherie Waterhole Pitchuricoppa Waterhole Plain Creek Planet Plevna Poeppels Corner Policeman Waterhole Polygnum Swamp Pompo Waterhole Pondo Poolooroo Waterhole Mount Poolpirree Poongerra Creek Poonwhela Poonwhela Creek Poorakatalikolo Creek Poota Coota Creek Poota Creek Poothapathaminny Creek Poothree Matoo Waterhole Poppamurra Waterhole Portsea Possum Rug Creek Pothar Pothar Water Facility Poural Waterhole Pourra Pourra Waterhole Pourtia Creek Powell Creek Prairie Creek Prickly Gully Primrose Prout Prouts Creek Pullaputchy Creek Pultowa Purobitty Waterhole Purtanny Waterhole Putney Quartier Creek Quartpot Creek Quebec Queemarra Quimmarroo Waterhole Railway Creek Ranger Creek Raworth Raymore Red Creek Red Knob Creek Reedy Creek Bulloo River Right Hand Channel Ringley Plain Rintel Rocket Rockton Rocky Creek Rocky Crossing Rocky Waterhole Romerah Romula Roodee Rooka Bougacea Waterhole Rosebery Roseberth Ross Water Facility Round Mountain Mount Rouse Rowtor Ruthven Sallen Sallen Creek Salt Lake Sandringham Sandy Creek Santa Rosa Sardine Creek Savanaka Sawyer Creek Sawyers Waterhole Scarecrow Creek Scattery Creek Schalton Scott Gully Scott Mountains Scotts Grave Waterhole Scour Waterhole Secret Waterhole Sedan Waterhole Sedburgh Semaine Senex Mount Senex Seventeen Mile Creek Shady Waterhole Shamrock Shanks Corner Shanty Water Facility Sheep Creek Sheepyard Creek Shepherds Waterhole Shovel Waterhole Simpson Desert Simpson Desert National Park Mount Simson Six Mile Creek Six Mile Waterhole Skull Waterhole Smiths Waterhole Snake Creek Snug Creek Soonah Crossing Sorrento South Galway Speedy Creek Spring Creek Springfield Spur Waterhole Square Hill Mount Square Top Squaretop Hill St Albans St Clair St Kilda Stafford Mount Stewart Stewarts Creek Stockyard Creek Stonehenge Stonehenge Creek Stoneleigh Stony Creek Stony Crossing Waterhole Stratherrick Strathleven Subyna Creek Swift Sydney T U Creek Tabbareah Waterhole Mount Tabbathcubbah Tabletop Peaks Tacomah Waterhole Taja Takyah Waterhole Talkirramurra Waterhole Tallalia Creek Talpi Creek Talpi Plain Talpy Waterhole Tampoon Creek Tampoon Water Facility Tamur Tanbar Tanbar Billabong Tanbar Creek Tanbar Waterhole Tanborough Waterhole Tanbury Water Facility Tangie Taranga Waterhole Tarawa Tarawa Waterhole Tarbarra Tarbarra Creek Tarbat Tarbat Water Facility Tarcarara Tarcarara Creek Tari Tarley Tarlina Tarpoolerie Waterhole Tarrara Creek Tarregowna Teeballah Waterhole Teedeeldee Waterhole Teedledee Waterhole Teeta Waterhole Lake Teeta Tegul Telephone Waterhole Ten Mile Creek Ten Mile Waterhole Tenir Tennappera Terebooka Terebooka Waterhole Terian Teriwa Teriwa Waterhole Terrachie Terrachie Creek Terriboah Terriboah Creek Terriboah Waterhole Thackeroo Waterhole Tharah Thargamara Creek Thargona Thargona Creek The Blue Hills The Bluff The Brothers The Gibbers The Gorge The Nob The Sugar Loaf The Three Brothers The Three Pioneers The Whale The Woolpacks Thewan Waterhole Thomar Thomas Mountains Thomson River Thooretchy Waterhole Thoorpoy Waterhole Three Mile Creek Three Mile Waterhole Three Sisters Thunbunnee Waterhole Thunda Waterhole Thunda Creek Thunda Lake Thundahpurty Waterhole Thungo Waterhole Thurles Park Thylungra Ti-Tree Water Facility Tiger Creek Tiger Waterhole Tighe Tilpanee Creek Tilpoo Tinchoo Tinchoo Creek Tindeela Creek Tindera Creek Tinderry Tinpilla Tintaburra Creek Tippera Tippera Creek Tippo Creek Tiribilkie Tiribilkie Waterhole Tirtywinna Creek Titchery Waterhole Titheropatchie Lower Lake Titheropatchie Upper Lake Tobacco Waterhole Toby Creek Toledo Tommy Dodd Creek Tomydonka Waterhole Tondagoora Waterhole Toobunyah Toobunyah Creek Tookabarnoo Tookabarnoo Waterhole Tookoonooka Creek Toolah South Water Facility Toolavena Waterhole Toolerah Creek Tooley Wooley Creek Tooley Wooley Waterhole Toondah Waterhole Toonka Toonka Creek Tooperry Waterhole Tooracompa Waterhole Tooratchie Creek Toorijumpa Crossing Tooroonooka Waterhole Toorpa Toowacka Topham Torillaburra Waterhole Torquinie Waterhole Lake Torquinie Touro Touro Creek Towan Towan Waterhole Towrah Tozer Tozer Creek Trafalgar Trawalla Triangle Trinidad Tripoli Troopers Lagoon Trotter Trotter Creek Troup Creek Tryeta Tubilga Tubs Waterhole Tudor Tula Tulletula Tulumi Tumnuwarrah Creek Tuna Tunis Tunpilla Waterhole Turret Hill Turtle Waterhole Turwai Twanginna Twelve Mile Creek Twelve Mile Flat Twelve Mile Waterhole Twenty Mile Creek Twenty Mile Waterhole Twenty Mile Yard Twickenham Mountain Twin Lakes Two Mile Waterhole Tyangra Tygarra Tygarra Water Facility Uko Ullanbear Waterhole Ullangilla Waterhole Ullenburry Creek Ullenburry Waterhole Ulloomunta Ulloomunta Waterhole Umpadiboo Creek Umpamoora Waterhole Unaninda Waterhole Unbaro Waterhole Unthill Waterhole Valerien Ve Jovis Vergemont Creek Waddyah Creek Wade Creek Wadyang Waggah Walga Walkalla Creek Walkalla Waterhole Wallimy Wallinderry Waterhole Wallinga Wallum Waterhole Waltho Wandamugulla Waterhole Wanganella Wanlen Waterhole Wanta Wantata Wantata Waterhole Warbeena Creek Warbreccan Warbreccan Creek Mount Warbreccan Warcanya Waterhole Wareena Creek Warra Creek Warra Warnie Waterhole Warra Warra Waterhole Warraboleynyah Waterhole Warrannee Waterhole Warrawanna Warrawanna Waterhole Waterbag Creek Watson Wattimundi Waterhole Waverney Weemarrie Lake Weemarrie Welford Welford Lagoon Mount Welford Wemyss Weramo Weringa West Kuddaree Waterhole Westbank Westby Westland Westropp Whanto Wheeo Whisky Waterhole Whistling Duck Waterhole Whitewood Whitewood Creek Whitula Whitula Creek Whitula West Water Facility Whitulania Creek Whynot Creek Wichilo Creek Wicho Wicho Creek Wickamunna Widindra Waterhole Widnerpool Wigugomrie Waterhole Mount Wilkie Willalunga Waterhole Willpally Willpally Waterhole Wilpa Waterhole Wilparoo Waterhole Wilpungra Waterhole Wilson River Wimpole Windaroo Waterhole Winderpool Creek Windijo Windoola Creek Windorah Billabong Windula Windula Creek Winyagun Wippo Wippo Creek Wiralla Wireindi Wirrawongah Wirrawongah Waterhole Wodonga Wollaghellee Creek Wolmai Creek Wolseley Wombah Creek Wombin Wombunderry Channel Wombunderry Waterhole Womera Waterhole Woneeala Mount Woneeala Wonko Creek Woolah Woolleys Lagoon Woolscour Waterhole Woolshed Gully Woomanooka Woomanooka Creek Woomera Wooroogoorah Waterhole Worcannia Wothawannee Creek Wunmodoe Waterhole Wuringle Wuringle Creek Wyerie Wyerie Creek Wyerie Waterhole Wyeroo Wyjudga Sandhill Yalilea Yalungah Lagoon Yamba Water Facility Yambaccono Yambutta Creek Yamma Creek Lake Yamma Yamma Yanbee Waterhole Yanda Creek Yappi Creek Yapunyah Yapunyah Creek Yarraman Yarran Creek Yass Yellaparella Creek Yellebulla Waterhole Yellow Mountain Yellow Mountain Creek Yeradha Yerpa Yetally Yetally Waterhole Yetcherie Creek Yetti Waterhole Yilpilly Creek Yindal Yirkun Yongala Yoppa Waterhole Yorakah Yorakah Lagoon Yudara Yuluma Yumba Creek Yuro Yuroka Lochern National Park Welford National Park Astrebla Downs National Park Stonehenge Barcoo Shire Angaleer Swamp Buncheeda Swamp Gregory South Barcoo River Detcharinga Waterhole Boggy Waterhole Appamurra Yard Burke and Wills Monument Candradecka Creek Eastern Overflow of the Diamantina River Ancheterrinna Dam Beefwood Creek Burt Ridge Cariderro Coorambalapinna Waterhole Bluebush Tank Cookerwilpinna Waterhole Kilanbar Creek Kallins Junction Dam McGrath Hill Gillan Gillan Waterhole The Bank Yard Bendess Yard Moolion Oil Field Puthera Waterhole Goonagiula Hill Kudriemitchie Crossing Nilpie Waterhole Mount McDonnell Mia Mia Yard Merrimelia Oil Bore No 4 Narie Well Wanchula Waterhole Pandiburra Waterhole Piacoodna Hill Piacoonannie Waterhole Laundry Dam Moonlight Flat Policeman Dam Moondie Hill Kachumba Yard Marianna Waterhole Typinganie Waterhole Seven Mile Yards Thalepittinna Claypan Valley Tank Wanga Tank Kruse Dam Koodnanie Waterhole Sandal Dam Wirrinna Hill Armstrong Ridge Cooche Hill Tirrawarra Tirrawarra 10 Tirrawarra 22 Sturt Ponds Gidgealpa 8 Gooranie 3 Ficus 1 Fly Lake 8ST Meranji 1 Gunany Creek Angelica 1 Wantana 1 Napowie 2 Ulawarrina Waterhole Pondrinie North 2 Pelican 1 Pelican 6 Tirrawarra R B 1 Woolkina 2 Yanta 1 Bookabourdie 4 Bookabourdie 6 Kenny 1 Koonchera 1 Burley 2 Tirrawarra 30 Tirrawarra 35 Tirrawarra 39 Burkes Depot Camp Swan Lake 2 Paddadinnee Yard Mount McKinlay Wattacupirie Yards Mingana 1 Toonman 1 Turban 1 Herbert River Crossing Kingston Hill Tindilpie 2DW1 Laidlaw Bore Leleptian 2a Pondrinie 1 Toopawarrina Waterhole Jimmy Dam Tirrawarra 63 Cowarie Hill Mount Gason Truntha Waterhole Murra Murrina Waterhole Mudcarnie Waterhole Tickerna Hill Cumborie Waterhole Uloonanera Waterhole Tywandra Waterhole Kanowinna Creek Wimma Hill Shallow Dam No 8 Bore Mount Darmody Quart Pot Yard Kokalana Swamp Haloragis 1 Emu Bone Waterhole The Eight Mile Waterhole Tumpawarinna Hill Pondrinie North 1 Mitchie 1 Lotteries Waterhole Midway Yard The Derwent Carloowattie Leleptian 2 Merrimelia 39 Hackett 1 North West Branch of Cooper Creek Terrietcha Waterhole Putamurdie Hill Kings Marker Tirrawarra 26 May Hill Mia Mia Dam Swan Lake 6 Chalcory Yard Flowing Bore Gidgealpa Oil Bore No 2 Haddon Waterhole Detchamercoola Swamp Myer Oval Koodnanie Creek Mingkai Meranji 8 Appaculdrie Waterhole Koorachooroa Wells Coongie Homestead Murdaperilinna Waterhole Moorari Waterhole Mulga Point Bore Bimbaya 1 Brolga 4 Charo 1 Darby Waterhole Callumurra Waterhole Boomerang Bore Koola Hill Bobbiemoonga Waterhole Burley 1 Tepamimi Waterhole New Kalamurina Appamurna Waterhole Pathraootara Creek Cockadora Hill Afgans Grave Kertietia Hill Montecleary Creek Tallerangie Crossing Andrewilla Pandiburra Bore Fish Hole Dam Mudera Cootera Bore Nada Well Waltatella Hill Wirrawandra Waterhole Wurdoopoothanie Creek Queermoolya Hill Wathaderradurkie Waterhole Moondie 1st1 Keleary 3 Haddon No 5 Bore Pandiburra Dam Ooraponda Swamp Pondeana Hill Cooyeeninna Waterhole Kachumba Plain Salt Well Dawkins Dam Cuttapirrie 3 Pondrinie 12ST Apachirie 1 Willa Hill Boggy Lake Dam Wancoocha No 1 Pitcherieboora Waterhole Patchawara Bore Koonabera Creek Scrubby Creek 1 Jack Lake 1 Merrimelia 2 Caraway 1 Apatellera Hill Two Wells Dam Nappamilkie Creek Munga-Munga Waterhole Munga-Munga Yard Poorarinna Hill Tippipilla Creek Burlieburlie Waterhole My Mountain Calamity Dam Snake Waterhole Moonarunna Hill Meranji 15 Montocollara Waterhole Gidgealpa 4 Thykamingana Swamp Usopippe Waterhole Toondooloo Waterhole Beefwood Dam Billicoorinna Creek Chambers Hill Daer 1 Pondrinie 13 Cherawanta Hill Carruthers Hill Tythampana Waterhole Marqualpie Well Mirra Mitta Homestead Karrathunka Waterhole Tellapanie Hill The Sisters Prominent Hill Narrawalpinna Waterhole Tirrawarra North 1 Northern Overflow of Cooper Creek Sturt Stony Desert Berlino Hill Angecoorina Waterhole Barkoo Hill Merrimelia 6 Fly Lake 8 Merrimelia 18 Burley 3 Mooloowurdoo Waterhole Cadelga Waterhole Clifton Hills Outstation Dowaloonie Flat Howica Dam Eba Yard Durrabinnie Well Mudcarnie Creek Murellie Hill Murpapara Hill Newlands Yard Gypsum Cliff Paning Hill Diamantina Swamp Hyinkeinkina Hill Tirrawarra 53 Tirrawarra 59 Kertiewanko Hill Girdliers Yard Mirranie Waterhole Miranda Homestead Merrie Tank Tirrawarra 60 Tirrawarra 4 Gidgealpa 13 Lamdina 2 Lake MacMillan 1 Bararie Waterhole Innamincka 1 Nantanie Waterhole Prominent Hills Cuttapirrie 7 Coonatie 1 Gidgealpa 1 Merrimelia 22 Tirrawarra 8 Goonganinna Hill Merrimelia 29 Kanabuckra Waterhole Piniewirie Creek Perigundi Hill Reg Sprigg 2 The Diamantina North Cadelga Yard Cordillo Dam Box Dam Nardu 1 Cobbler 1 Paning 1 Pelican 7 Yanpurra 1 Fred Dam Nephrite South 1ST1 Bookabourdie 8 Packsaddle 3 Merrimelia 19 Terrietcha Well Kutakapina Hill Little Miranda Dam Yarraminghinna Waterhole Bookabourdie Waterhole Goonabru Yards Montepirie Waterhole Watchiepondrinie Creek Salt Well Waterhole Catchiekambo Waterhole Narratella Waterhole White Well Wicha Wichinna Soakage Well Meranji 20 Varanus 2 Table Hill Nardu Clifton Hills Apawandinna Swamp Smuts Waterhole Ninkekerna Hill Derrara Waterhole Woma 1 Anarowdinna Waterhole Prominent Bluff Tirrawarra 49 Embarka Waterhole Bulls Hole Bore Reg Sprigg 1 Mudrangie 1 Poongalissie Creek Pelican South 1 Pondrinie 3 Pondrinie 8 Frew Well Tirrawarra 64 Swan Lake 1dw1 Tirrawarra 52 Moorari 7 Meranji 9 Toe Jam Dam Tirrawarra 67 Tirrawarra 28 Solitary Sandhill Talleranie Waterhole Naradeina Waterhole Warawarawampinna Waterhole Padiburra Waterhole Murdawadinna Station Gunane Creek Elba Well Lake Etamunbanie Lake Coogiecooginna Polywoolkanie Lake Lake Mundooroounie Lake Wadoobiginie Lake Koornadingeranie Lake Willara Lake Pirriepatchillie Lake Padripooreninie Lake Marrakoonamooka Lake Howitt Atakoornoo Piamincanie Quart-Pot Lake Moolun Hill Toonka Well Howies Old Station Lake Lipson Lake Toontoowaranie Lake Pulpanee The West Lake Milka Lakes Lake Piniewirrinna Lake Watchiewatchina Koomarinna Lake Padrimookaninnie Coorathilie Lake Cudgeecudgena Lake Koonoomoorinna Wankoo Hill Mulligan Crossing Mitchiepratchadillie Lake Lake Marroopootanie Lake Buchanan Innamincka Regional Reserve Kalagerkaninna Waterhole Kalkaparidiginna Waterhole Koondada Hill Keradinti Wills Creek Wirripirie Tank Narrabutiannie Waterhole Moncurra Hill Meranji 17 Trig Dam Mirakoonda Tank Eddies Dam Cartoonganie Waterhole Cuttapirie Yards Rakoona 1 Kernacoopinna Well Koomarinna Hill Ponjanie Hill Tirrawarra 34 Kuenpinnie 1 Haddon No 2 Bore Jimpawirrie Hill Burley 3U Patchawara Creek Bendess Bank Wilpinnie Creek Gidgealpa 18 Cowralli 3 Deparanie 1 King Lookout Araburg Creek Pootanie Hill Coochaperoonie Waterhole Bayards Yard Packsaddle 1 Poolbarra Swamp Innamincka George Letter Box Tank Elbow Yard Lake MacMillan 2 Damparanie Waterhole Moolion North 1 Monkira Waterhole Peetana Bore Melon Shooter Yard MacLennan Tank Napeowie Waterhole Jack Dam South End of Base Trig Terrachi Yard Pilachilpna Well Gudi 1 Bimbaya 2 Brolga 2 Goonaburoo Island Tirrawarra 40 Twelve Mile Dam Thiele 1 Twelve Mile Tank Punadinna Waterhole Yelpawaralinna Hill Ten Mile Dam Tirrawarra 66 Alkatharina Swamp Pillathilparie Well Ootchucutidinna Waterhole Merrimelia 38 Meranji North 1 Merrimelia 16 Tinatipie Waterhole Billieboora Hill Yelpawaralinna Creek East Lake Gartlan Hill Bungmurloo Soakage Geake Hill Cooquie Hut Jury Yard Waloobiginie Lake Narrogoonnoo Mooku Lewis Camp Della Waterhole Terrietcha Yard Tirrawarra 33 Verona 1 Murdawadinna Waterhole Gooranie 1 Merrimelia 7 Marmion Bore Mickiepooloo Hill Killanjennie Waterhole Tirrawarra 27 Poongalassie Well Dundinna Yard Tirrawarra 9 Meranji 3 Wattieboora Hill Moolionburrinna Yard Montkeleary Creek Pitchalarra Waterhole Kudriemitchie Waterhole Merrimelia 23 Merrimelia 8 Lake Hillary Embankment Elbow Waterhole Pondrinie 11 Tirrawarra 16 Merrimelia 36 Nephrite 1 Murdamarroo Waterhole Pirrie Hill Federal Yard Taylor South 1 Brady Waterhole Cargory Swamp Tirrawarra 37 Pandie Pandie Piamoonkarinna Hill Aroamookaninna Waterhole Fifteen Mile Claypan Walkillie Coonatie 4 Dobbie Lake Pondrinie 12 Packsaddle Well Gippacoola Hill Anarodinna Waterhole Merrimelia 27 Hackett Hill Kokhlana Tank Merrimelia 34 Kanowinna Homestead Pondrinie 10 Jim Dam Kanowana 6 Cuttapirie Waterhole Danbralla Flat Boomerang Well Lerawantana Waterhole Lake Coonamooranie Lake Speckman Noodrathunta Waterhole Warruputchatuckinna Spring Tirrawarra 55 Woolkina 1 Peter Waterhole Tirrawarra 18 Swan Lake 5 Yalchirrie 1 Vatore 1 Welcome Lake 1 Moorari 9 Warracunnu Waterhole Cowralli Waterhole Merrimelia 1 Gidgealpa Oil Bore No 3 Moolion 2 Tirrawarra 7 Merrimelia 9 Pootha Pootha Hill Ted Yard Mick Hole Tank Wire Yard Dam Narie 1 Davren 1 Pondrinie 7 Meranji 21 Moolion 1 Mickerie Waterhole Bakers Bore Bluff Station Pelican 3 Union Tank Tirrawarra 43 Talleranie Well Cart Ridge Meranji 5 One Tree Dam Bulyeroo Dam Broken Bank Dam Kachumba Creek Tirrawarra 19 Deep Well Dam Durrantie Yards Gidgealpa Oil Bore No 1 Toonman Waterhole Tirrawarra 48 Merrimelia 3 Mica 1 Koodlannie Well Tirrawarra 14 Coopers Creek 1 Oolabarrinna Crossing Puraerka Hill Andrewilla Waterhole Gardiner Waterhole Two Wells Lamamour Plateau Wantina Hill Lake Amangooranie Pirriepirrietarkininna Station Goolangirie Tipandranara Lake Karrachie Waterhole Waricapa Hill Pal-Coor-A-Ganny Andree 1 Berlino Homestead Cooroomunchena Yard Bloodwood Yard Hogarth Dam Lumkins Dam Tally Ho Dam Gypseous Cliff Boundary Pile Scrumpys Tirrawarra 15 Coonchera Waterhole Tirrawarra 50 Pirricoogoomoo Waterhole Bookabourdie Well Kalla Hill Lamdina 1 Ki Radinte Gidgealpa Oil Bore No 9 Wurdoopoothanie Waterhole Cowarie Gypseous Bluff Tirrawarra 21 Jack Lake 2 Peraka Waterhole Merrimelia 42 New Year Strait Goonaguita Hill Old Daralingie Road Bore Wadrawadrinna Waterhole Kertietoonga Hill Alton Downs Hislopp Yard Doongoonarra Creek Toondoocoopanie Sandhill Muckajimpa Yard Tirrawarra Swamp Tepaminkanie Waterhole Union Bore Dalawadoo Hill Willow Well and Troughs Karrathunka Yard Minna Hill Marqualpie Waterhole Mount MacDonnell Pirricoocoomoo Waterhole Vatore East 1 Mount Howie Kallakina Creek Boyd Dams Merupa 2 Haddon Yard Green Buggy Dam Amy Ridge Kuncha Narranie Tank Gidgealpa 9 Strathmount 1 Burt Waterhole K L Dam Moopoo Hill Gidgealpa 6 Eulpa Waterhole Pelican 2 Meranji 13 Merninie Creek Darter 1 Pondrinie 5 Berlino Well Tirrawarra 69 Needlewood Dam Apatiarie Hill Black Bull Tank Cadelga Tirrawarra 20 Blue Motor Car Tank Dawkins Yard Kanowana 5 Bookabourdie 1 Tirrawarra 11 Beckwith Swamp Fly Lake 7 Wathacully Yard Dunchadunchadinna Waterhole Tythampana Dam Catchiekumbo Waterhole Delawadoo Hill Pilluwirra Waterhole Telopea 1 Aratna 1 Tirrawarra 38 Armstrong Hill Doonbara Yard Deep Well Peraka Hill Lake Wynalkana Jack Lake Mundroorabunie Lake Bill Dam Karlamurina Lake Mulligan Flat Boggy Lake Lake Apatiarie Kertiecoocha Hill Kirby 2 Eulcaminga Waterhole Kidman Claypan Murra Hill Pulcara Tank Wurrinna Hill Doongoonarra Yard Mirra Mitta Creek Union Well Kirrawadinna Creek Sandycoodarie Hill Derawantana Waterhole Merrimelia 20 Garbadine Swamp Yard Hyandianie Creek Kanakaranthina Creek Walker Well Dam Tirrawarra 36 Caves Yard Merrimelia 24 Yeriedoola Swamp Wanawarawampinna Waterhole Speer Crossing Telopea 2 Tirrawarra 25 Fly Lake 1 Fly Lake 3 Bookannie Yard Meranji South 1 Marpoo Waterhole Tirrawarra 54 Muckajimpa Waterhole Padriwirrina Hill Narie 2 Davren 2 Kanowana 4 Tirrawarra 70 The Mulligan Koodada Hill Massy 1 Bluey Hut Mount Hogarth Kooringala Ridge Burke Waterhole Woppalancha Waterhole Moorari 10 Mick Waterhole Grey 1 Deramookoo 1 Kertiemucka Hill Monkira Bore Lujoel 1 Tirrawarra 61 Nartoowirrina Hill Mootanna 1 Truntha Yard Boundary Hill Jiblie Tank Balcaminga 1 Yeriecoola Swamp Pondrinie 9 Old Woman Dam Palkininna Soakage Wells Dirriecolannie Waterhole Karratyi Waterhole Innamincka No 1 Bore Gidgealpa Oil Bore No 4 Cowarie Dam Aramata Hill Coontie Hill Mulga Hill Kirrianthana Waterhole Mirra Mitta Bore Wadamoolooloo Hill Fly Lake Innamincka 4 Rotten Swamp Dam Coocoowannee Waterhole Pilachilpna Dam Tirrawarra 17 Melon Creek Dam Merninie Dams Gidgealpa Oil Bore No 6 Leleptian 1 Lawrence Creek Kirby Nob Merindal 2 Lake Apachirie Wantana 2 Ooga-Boogina Waterhole Piltawiltana Creek Goyder Lagoon Haddon No 3 Bore Anchiemurna Waterhole Lake Andree Piniewirie Hill Mickerie Yard Merrimelia Oil Bore No 5 Jumper Hole Mulkonbar Waterhole Merninie Range Nada Tank Rainbow Plain Pulcaracuranie Flat Yowacallannie Well Tirrawarra 29 Stony Desert Tyandra Waterhole Kooperapoorapooranna Waterhole Walkandie Lake Bulpaner Lake Putherajuloonie Woolkawoolkina Lake Merrimelia 29A Lake Kertieyanta Lake Yarowinie Lake Moorayepe Wilpa Hill Callamurra Station Ted Tank Dundinna Well Turra Yards Mudrangie 2 Bookabourdie 11 Doongoonarra Waterhole Goyder Lagoon Waterhole Wapalanchi Tank Cooba 1 Mirra Waterhole Fly Lake 9 Jack Lake 3 Merrimelia 17 Merrimelia 41DW Merrimelia 12 Packsaddle 4 Detcharinga Yard Cudary Yard Donga Waterhole Tarawillinna Waterhole Helen Wells Poodlapulpinnie Waterhole Providence Yard Delin 1 Tirrawarra 42 Whip Well House Well Cuttapirrie 5 Pudriwirrina Hill Elbow Well Tillawitinna Waterhole Toonka Waterhole Tirrawarra 68 Hamilton Creek Piamincanie Hill Pintamatherie Hill Deparanie Waterhole Wongomunkina Waterhole Kalladeina Bore Marroopinarie Hill Sullivan Waterhole Trow Yard Gidgealpa Oil Bore No 11 Tirrawarra Oil and Gas Field Paddy Flat Dam Ultoomurra Waterhole Trucking Yards Yalcumma 1 Tilca Waterhole Kuckerunga Waterhole Kuntiebuteranie Waterhole Tippapilla Waterhole Merindal 1 Ancheterrinna Waterhole Bauhinia 2 Bulyeroo Waterhole Tumpawarinna Creek Witchawitchinna Crossing Koonakoo Waterhole Singer Dam Goonaguila Hill Mullididywurra Waterhole Jiblie Creek Neeta Woods Tank Poorokoomurchie Waterhole Pot Hole Dune Eleanor Creek Keleary 2 Mooracoochie Hill Last Tank Lake Walkooanie Welcome Lake East 1 Minkie 1 Pulparee Waterhole Narawichinna Creek Narramyena Creek Wattiecarroonie Lake Arndowana Coongie Lakes National Park Merrimelia 31 Warieapa Hill Wattathoolendinnie Waterhole Coruna 1 No 3 Bore Steve Waterhole Kumbacalbie Hill Mount Kingsmill Deacon Camp Waterhole Meranji 2 Buckjumping Waterhole Iron Peg Dam Kooringala Yard Old Berlino Homestead Pooliadinna Swamp Pulcara Hill Gidgealpa 38 Kanowana 2 Mirakoonda Waterhole Kalladeina Waterhole Cordillo Downs Tin Hole Yard Invasion Yard Tirrawarra 1 Carlpee Waterhole Nappawarra Yard Koodnanie Dam Munjoorooanie Waterhole Myeroo Hill Red Dam Six Mile Dam Cooyeeninna Yard Gidgealpa Oil Bore No 10 Meranji 4 Yowakirreninna Creek Tilpamullinna Dam Parachirrinna Waterhole Putchoona Creek Meranji 12 Bulls Hole Creek Deramookoo Waterhole Gidgealpa 10 Keleary 1 Worsley Hill Lake Oolgoopiarie Burlieburlie Yard Lake Bulpanie Siva Lake Lake Short Lake Chewrunganie Cuttaberrie Lake Tirrawarra 3 One Tree Bore Cuttapirrie 6 Waricarlie Hill Maroopindrie Hill Tobo Creek Freshwater Well Kirby 1 Tarragon 1 Tarragon 2 Mount Sullivan Toopawarinna Waterhole Gillan Gillan Creek Yowacallannie Waterhole Candradecka Dam Gidgealpa Waterhole Mudrangie 3 Seven Sandhills Horseshoe Yard Snake Hole 1 Meranji 22 Cooroondoona Wells Dripie Creek Candradecka Yards Pintarememarapoo Stony Crossing Jimmi Dam Yarma 1 Eagle Hawk Waterhole Koolachie Bore Minkie Yard Pondrinie 15DW Bimbaya 3 Koodnanie Hill Mulyanna Yard Packsaddle 5 Keenaweena Waterhole Jinbro Waterhole Wongyarra Yard Talleranie Creek Merrimelia 14 Swan Lake 7 Bulkalara Crossing Giri Giri Waterhole Regolith 1 Pondrinie 2 Meranji 19 Powana Hill Nulla 1 Tirrawarra 12 Packsaddle 2 Tirrawarra 45 Terrachi Waterhole Elicka Hill Fred Yard Kruse Yard Tirrawarra 71 Merrimelia 40 Doonbara Tank Tirrawarra 13 Seven Mile Creek Gnarrowie Well Yalcuma Waterhole Untoowarrie Hill Pitcherriburra Waterhole Browns or Breretons Creek Katchuraninna Waterhole Sawpits Creek Apanburra Yards Mulyaninna Christmas Creek Bobaminga Yard Walker Well Bulls Hole Waterhole Wadlarkaninna Yard Arosa 1 Goonaburoo Yards Swan Lake 3 Cowralli 1 Coombangie Waterhole Homestead Bore Jumbo Hill Moorayepe Dam Talleranie Dam Warana Hill Cadelga Outstation Horseshoe Well Coongie 1 Deep Well Yard Moorayepe Hill Gidgealpa Yard Nephrite South 2 Montepirie Yards Merrimelia 25 Tirrawarra 56 Wills Grave Haddon Downs Outstation Koondiekoondina Hill Koorachooroo Wells Kilanbar Well Mitkacaldratillie Lakes Toordadoo Walkillie 1 Lake Miamiana Lake Milkapurda Munjoorooanie Well Wadlarkaninna Waterhole Puppy Dam Wathakertie Waterhole Wilpangoo Waterhole Xmas Yard Lake Thoopoocoonallie Bull Lake Lake Uloowaranie Coodiecoodinna Waterhole Wirripirie Yard Ten Mile Yard Bert Tank Moorari 8 Spectre 1 Varanus 1 Cuttapirrie 2 Bookabourdie 10 Callamurra Waterhole Poothapia Waterhole Pretakoornoo Hill Scrubby Camp Waterhole Malcolm Tank Bert Dam Stony Point White Bull Dam Muckadranie Warracunna Waterhole Kurratyi Waterhole Lake Marroocoolcannie Lake Tooroopinkanie Coori Coori Tillie Lakes Witchawitchinna Waterhole Kudriemitchie Outstation Marabooka Creek Kirriathana Waterhole Rocky Dam Merrimelia 5 Ooranie Creek Cooranie Hill Brolga 3 Titan 1 Coodicootchinna Yard Tourist Dam Calamity Waterhole Dinner Time Dam New Alton Downs Tackerwilpinna Claypan Mollichuta Waterhole Kalladeina 1 Dickie Yard Queerbidie Waterhole Doolcoomarelvie Waterhole Andracunie Swamp Marpoo 1 Medcowcannie Yard Tirrawarra West 1 Merrimelia 32 Ten Mile Bank Tourinna Hill Haddon No 4 Bore Cuttapirrie 4 Willapinna Waterhole Deina Hill Fly Lake 2 Moongoo Hill Meranji 14 Parry Hill Halla Hill Toopawarinna Crossing Cooquie Yard Wompananie Waterhole Pondrinie 17DW Meranji 6 Cactus 1 Jeffrey Well Macormac Bore Goodiepoodinna Waterhole Elizabeth Ridge Koonchera 1 Gas Well Uloowaranie Hill Tirrawarra 51 Derawalkillie Waterhole Pidicantha Well Koonchera Waterhole Meranji 11 Moorari 5 Lake Wirregatinginie Coopers Creek 3 Weaners Tank Fly Lake 6 Trial Hole and Waterhole Bookabourdie 3 Bulyeroo 1 Wire Yard Kerna Hill Lakes Creek Bore Merrimelia 35 Nappamilkie Waterhole Hopetown Pelican 4 Streeton 1 Tirrawarra 57 Gidgealpa Gas Field Goyder Lagoon Bore Chandler Hill Pondrinie 6 Meranji 23 Andree 2 Federal Creek Koochooweerinna Waterhole Angecorrina Tank Kuncherinna 1 Oil Well North End of Base Trig Merupa 1 Muellers Creek Rocky Hill Frew Hill Pennie 1 Sullivan Wells Bookanie Waterhole Buckinna Hill Haddon Woolshed Bindah 1 Doublejay 1 Brolga 1 Wirripirie Waterhole Howitts Depot Memorial Bookabourdie 2 Kalanchadinna Waterhole Kalladeina Well Needle Hill Bore Macormack Well Myeewitannie Flat Toolimbie Waterhole Yaldurrie Waterhole Booloomunka Hill Montocollara Yard Aunrinnie Mirakoonda Bore Koonatre Hill Uwinya Hill Toorawatchie Waterhole Lake Teetatobie Lake Kanchiemulanie Wongyarra Waterhole Wilpancoo Waterhole Tirrawarra 5 Gidgealpa Oil Bore No 12 Milkapurda Dam Gidgealpa 15 Briche Hill Kudrieke 2 Tirrawarra 65 Lake Piacoonanie Lake Cooninnie Embarka Lake Wanbina Hill Lake Miraditchie Lake Walkootanie Gidgea Waterhole A-Ga-Boog-Ana Moorari 3 Tilcha Bore Puthera Hill Tirrawarra No 1 Bore Bobbiemoonga Yard Terrace 1 Kooringala Waterhole Callabonna 1 Three Queens 1 Reglet 1 Tooroopie Waterhole Moorari 6 Noodrathunta Yard Waltina Hill Bookacala Hill Gidgealpa Caves Waterhole Meranji 16DW Fly Lake 5 Horseshoe Dam Macormac Well Poothapootha Waterhole Lignum Hole Yard Caves Dam Tilcha Waterhole Jookapirie Waterhole Fly Lake 11 Mudcarnie Well Waldra Hill Little Tooroopie Waterhole Patapara Well Moorari Well Kertiebillie Hill Damparanie Dam Doonbara Well Hector Dam Nappawarra Waterhole Sawpits Yard Triangle Bar Waterhole Needle Hill Gilpininna Dam Tumpawarinna Waterholes Koondaritchinna Waterhole Tindilpie Waterhole Meranji East 1 Mudera Cootera Yard Nilpie Nilpie Creek Kudriekie Waterhole Kudrieke 1 Pandiburra Oil Bore Number 1 Kanowana 3 Kanchinnie Waterhole Lake Marroocutchanie Nawnewaurtoatowanie Lagoon Lake Karangie Kirrijunnie Flat Lizzie Dam Merrimelia 15 Wicha Wichinna Waterhole Coonganinna Hill Cullyamurra Waterhole Cuttapirie Hut Kachumba Waterhole Coonatie Waterhole Meranji 18 Merrimelia 4 Koora Hill Nappaoonie Waterhole Ninkua Hill Towinna Hill Merrimelia 33 Andree Waterhole Lhotsky 1 Dunga Waterhole Horseshoe Crossing Jurie Waterhole Red Rooster Yard Tilpamullina Well Gidgealpa 2 Goonalcarrae Barton Bore Durrantie Dam Oonoo Hill Cultaberrie Lake Cullamun Narie Waterhole Lake MacNamara Policeman Yard Panandina Well Kanowana 1 Merrimelia Oil Bore No 3 Curabelbo Waterhole Piltawiltana Bore Coongie Lake Lake Warra Warreenie Tooroopinkanie Hill Lake Moolion-Dhurunnie Yantandana Waterhole Tirrawarra 2 Araburg Waterhole Moorari 1 Cowralli 2 Bookabourdie 9 Coonatie Hill Kopperapoorapoorana Waterhole Lake Toorootoorannie Puthoona Creek Ecowracoorinna Creek Puarimookaninnie Uloomurra Waterhole Yumulkirra Waterhole Pondrinie 14DW Barr Tank Willieyanna Waterhole Dampoona Waterhole Bloodwood Bore Cuttapirie Corner Waterhole Booloo Hill Kanmarracatchinnie Flat Kanowana Channel Kuncherinna Waterhole Murdawidinna Waterhole Tirrawarra 46 Cadelga Creek Womma Hill Gooranie Hill Typinginie Waterhole Moorari 4 New Dam Yarowinnie 1 Cutrabelbo Waterhole Bucks Waterhole Burt Ridge Tank Damperranie Yard Merrimelia 21 Nattere Creek Bulpanie Hill Yeroongera Swamp Meranji 7 Murrumurrina Waterhole Conchera Waterhole Fly Lake 4 Westropps Grave Invasion Tank Moongoomurdie Waterhole Paddy Flat Yard Coopers Creek 2 Meranji 14h Tooroowatchie Waterhole Gidgealpa 3 Della Well Kanowana Homestead Oonabrinta Creek Waniecarlie Hill Tindilpie 2 Kalamurina Abbetoona Hill Wantula Water Merrimelia 13 Murda Hill Mitchina Hill Murreebirrie Hill Gidgealpa 47 Pelican 5 Haddon No 1 Bore Pullparie Waterhole Kertiera Waterhole Gidgealpa Oil Bore No 8 Napeowie Yard Millard Hill Milkerinna Hill Seven Mile Well Watchiebillna Waterhole Wanamathinna Waterhole Lake Canna Canta-Jandide Yelpawaralinna Waterhole Tirrawarra Waterhole Mulga Bore Merrimelia Oil Bore No 2 Moorari 2 Tirrawarra 31 Beanbush 1 Tirrawarra 41 Mudlankie Hill Wirripirie Dam Yelpepalyinna Waterhole Mirkadarrie Waterhole Gibsons Camp Waterhole Kernacoopinna Waterhole Gidgealpa 12 McLeod 1 Fulcia 1 Scorpion Dam Tooroowilpa Hill Tirra Meranji 10 Mudrangie Waterhole Chillimookoo Waterhole Boggy Pile Tirrawarra 44 Cobbler 1st1 Moolion East 1 Needle Well Patchawara Well Cooquie Waterhole Pondrinie 16 Hislopp Dam Merrimelia Oil Bore No 1 Cadelga Crossing Bookanie Tank Cooroomunchena Waterhole Bloodwood Well Eba Well Mount Gow Kirrawadinna Waterhole Leap Year Dam James Yard Lake Lancelot Embankment Claypan Yard Durrambinnie Well Wirrawintanie Hill Tirrawarra 58 Metakoo Hill Kirijunnie Flat Lake Androdumpa Lake Koonkera Lake Marradibbadibba Emu Bone Soakage Well Gumborie Creek Lake Crishna Merrimelia 11 Beefwood Tank Patchawarra Bore Clorida Waterhole Mungeranie Gap Bluey Waterhole Diawa Waterhole Merrimelia 37 Innamincka Hill Yalchirrie Waterhole Tindilpie 1 Coonatie 2 Woolpoo Hill Hoolendinnie 1 Tirrawarra 32 Careri Creek Hobblestrap Waterhole Dilpawaralinna Waterhole Yanpurra Hill Bauhinia 1 Bookabourdie 7 Gidgealpa 39 Mudera Cootera Dam Carcory Waterhole Pooliadinna Waterhole White Bull Waterhole Yellow Waterhole Federal Tank Napowie 1 Pirraminta 1 Kallakinna Creek Xmas Waterhole Swan Lake 4 Tirrapi Yard Koonchera Dune Clover Lake Yard Dooroo Hill Kuenpinie Waterhole Gooranie 4 Hamlyn 1 Kallins Junction North Cadelga Waterhole Cart Hole Ootadoola Hill Turra Waterhole Dickeree Waterhole Bushells Tank Koornoo Hill Gooranie 2 Tirrawarra 62 Bookabourdie 5 Merrimelia 28 Milkapurda Hill Paddadinnee Waterhole Rob Roy Tank Crumpa 1 Haddon and Brown Crossing Gidgealpa 14 Tallerangie 1 Watts Tank Durrantie Waterhole Mulya Hill Tirrawarra 24 Tirrawarra Yards Bitmead Waterhole Providence Tank Leap Year Bore Willara Hill Gidgealpa 11 Napier Yard Pollaturkara Waterhole Correa 1 Napier Tank Suta 1 Merrimelia 10 Derwent Creek Claypan Dam Tirrawarra 23 Bartons Mona Downs Outstation Pittiekirrie Waterhole Pilachilpna Waterhole Canegrass Swamps Merrimelia Waterhole Waddi Waddi Yards Sugar Bunny Dam Coonatie 3 Poongalassie Creek Providence Creek Lamdina 2a Cuttapirrie 1 Merrimelia 30 Brady Hill Mount Gason Bore Pericherrie South Nunarowla Waterhole Lake Kertiecacoora Lake Cooreeninnie Lake Kadhiberri Stony Hill Ulawarrinna Waterhole Moongara Waterhole Mudrangie Hill Round Waterhole Tooramurchie Waterhole Poondulanna Swamp Adinna Hill Wimma 1 Arrow Tank Innamincka Crossing Cudigoona Yard Meedla Hill Three Mile Crossing Lake Koodnanie Kanaturka Waterhole Dickinna Hill Quartpot 1 Pathraootara Lake Apawyilarranie Lake Lake Amagooranie Cardam 1 Kalka-purityinha Waterhole Piamurda Mokari Herbert River Pitcheriebooloo Waterhole Lake Welcome White Lake Tarlina Waterhole Cudye-Cudyena Boggy Lake Yard Merrimelia 26 Karawinnie Waterhole Karrachie Soakage Well Sawpits Waterhole Aparoona Waterhole Katchwaninna Waterhole Koonchera Yard New Well Tirrawarra 47 Marroo Hill Pondrinie 4 Mount McLeod Kilanbar Waterhole Swan Lake 1 Motor Car Dam Minkie Waterhole Box Swamp Burkes Tree Darmody 1 Cardilla Downs Trow Dam Tirrawarra 6 Lake Kanbakoodnanie Kalamunkinna Waterhole Lake Strangways Pantyawarladye Creek Lake Perigundi Lake Talinnie The Eleanor The Gerty Lake Sir Richard Talatchi Creek Lake Goyder Lake Deception Alfred Creek Lake McKinlay Kadhi-Baerri Lake Apanburra Lake Massacre Chandler Waterhole Fish Hole Lake Lady Blanche Browne Creek The Everard Mount Wylde Ellar Creek Lake Moolionburrinna Burkes Memorial Bluff Creek Grovie Yard Prospector Creek Commissioner Mount Calendula Creek Mama Creek Narada Wetlands Yates Peak Doreens Glory Mine Kurran Trooper Lagoon Troopeers Lagoon Hardings Range Harding Range Lake Wickamunna Evangy Mount in Black Black Mountain Gnallan-a-Gea Creek Dinner Creek Tank Griffiths Tank Mount Mingera Mingera Mountain Mount Cutticuree The Sugarloaf Warbreccan Outstation Grangor Downs Little Booka Yard Swanvale Saint Albans Saint Albans Out Station The Knob Chummy Gap Corella Creek Opalville Glengyle Station Dubba Monkira Station Lignum Channels Kalidawarry Neiragully Waterhole Umpamurra Tank Pourra Pourra Out Station Great Artesian Basin Artesian Basin Great Australian Basin Battle Waterhole Cockatoo Yard Bilpamorea Creek Secret Hole Yard Stewart Creek Kings Bore Thompson River Wyeroo Out Station Munro Thenda Creek Yambacoona Outstation Thunda Lagoon Farrar Creek Kyabre Creek Old Roseberth Nurdah Out Station Breretons Creek Brown Creek Long Hole Waterhole Cuddapan Station Taroarara Creek Lignun Well Wyerle Yard Baxter Outstation Lake Moonda Wombunderry Out Station Mount Poolpiree Planet Downs Outstation Scots Yard Birdsville Track Lula Outstation Bowman Lake Bull Yard Kulpie Yard Seven Mile Bore Vermin Waterhole Kertie Billie Hill Frews Hill Lake Cooninie Yeroogera Swamp Curalle Miranda Cadelga Out Station Cadalga Lake Barrolka Pandie Pandie Station Marama Outstation Kuckerepilipa Creek Gilpeppee Out Station West Branch Horse Creek Mays Hill Gum Holes Lake Mackillop Lake Yama Yama Lake Yamma Haddon Downs Haddon Downs Station Kooringale Yard Malargarga Naylons Yard Clifton Hills Station The Diamentina Geakes Hill Dulcara Hill McGregors Range Eyres Creek Armstrongs Hill Lake Chewruganie Goyders Lagoon Waterhole Mobile Lake Maroopootanie Townna Hill Towina Hill Bradys Hill Queertidinna Hill Pudlapatchie Creek Tintaburra Goyders Lagoon Bore Mudgarnie Creek Lake Pura Apinburra Yard Murdamorroo Waterhole Goonganinea Hill Lake Talinne Lake Tooroopolinna Coongie Gartlans Hill Lake Coongie Mooshas Hill Kutakapinna Hill Coori Coori Gillie Moolion Hill Lake Wirriegatinginie Patchawarra Creek Lake Cuttaberrie Karls Well Lake Mundooroonie Saint Ann Range Paichwara Well Parrys Hill Lake McNamara Conbar Out Station Walkers Well Willow Well Kallakoopah Creek Byinkeinka Hill McGraths Hill Lake Polywoolkabiel Kirby Knob Kirbys Nob Quart Pot Lake Wirrawintainie Hill Murungerie Yards Nappa Merrie Nappa Merri Nappamerrie Berlino Berlino Station Kanchiemulanie Well Lake Marranoonamooka Yunta Waterhole Callamurra Helens Well Cowarie Station Oonbrinta Creek Nocatunga Bulpanie Lake Lake Bulpanil West Branch of Cooper Creek Parragoona Tank Gypsum Hill Old Berlino Kanowana Kanowana Station Jackson Lake Sullivans Well Hacketts Hill Lillie Creek Millards Hill Gidgealpa Oil and Gas Field Yowakirrennina Creek