Topographic / Ordnance Survey Map

GA SG54-10

GA SG54-10 - Cordillo

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This Topographic Map is produced by Geoscience Australia; Australia's national geospatial organisation.
GA topographic maps (many of which are produced in partnership with the Army) are generally older than those maps produced by the State Governments over the same area. This makes GA maps particularly useful for identifying historic features, such as old mines and diggings.
Geoscience Australia maps generally considered to be more pleasing in design and compilation then the more modern State Government productions.

At this scale, 1cm on this map represents 2.5km on the ground (4cm = 10km). A standard map will cover 150km from east to west and 110km from north to south, with a contour interval of 50m. This map contains natural and constructed features including road and rail infrastructure, vegetation, hydrography, contours, localities and some administrative boundaries.

Please note the date of the map, as this will impact the currency of information, particularly regarding infrastructure, roads, etc.

Locations within this Map

Haddon Corner Detcharinga Waterhole Appamurra Yard Eastern Overflow of the Diamantina River Coorambalapinna Waterhole Bluebush Tank Bendess Yard Puthera Waterhole Goonagiula Hill Nilpie Waterhole Kachumba Yard Marianna Waterhole One Tree Waterhole Kruse Dam Sandal Dam Sturt Ponds Gunany Creek Kenny 1 Mount McKinlay Jimmy Dam Truntha Waterhole Mudcarnie Waterhole Cumborie Waterhole Uloonanera Waterhole Kokalana Swamp Carloowattie Terrietcha Waterhole Putamurdie Hill May Hill Chalcory Yard Haddon Waterhole Detchamercoola Swamp Appaculdrie Waterhole Mulga Point Bore Bobbiemoonga Waterhole Appamurna Waterhole Kertietia Hill Twelve Mile Waterhole Nada Well Wirrawandra Waterhole Wathaderradurkie Waterhole Haddon No 5 Bore Ooraponda Swamp Kachumba Plain Boggy Lake Dam Pitcherieboora Waterhole Koonabera Creek Nappamilkie Creek Needle Creek My Mountain Montocollara Waterhole Toondooloo Waterhole Beefwood Dam Chambers Hill Marqualpie Well The Sisters Barkoo Hill Cadelga Waterhole Eba Yard Durrabinnie Well Mudcarnie Creek Murpapara Hill Newlands Yard Mirranie Waterhole Miranda Homestead Piniewirie Creek North Cadelga Yard Cordillo Dam Terrietcha Well Little Miranda Dam Kuckerapillpa Creek Narratella Waterhole White Well Smuts Waterhole Derrara Waterhole Bulls Hole Bore Frew Well Solitary Sandhill Gunane Creek Elba Well Lake Etamunbanie Lake Wadoobiginie Lake Koornadingeranie Lake Willara Lake Padripooreninie Piamincanie Toonka Well Howies Old Station Lake Piniewirrinna Padrimookaninnie Lake Koonoomoorinna Koondada Hill Wills Creek Wirripirie Tank Trig Dam Mirakoonda Tank Haddon No 2 Bore Bendess Bank King Lookout Araburg Creek Pootanie Hill Coochaperoonie Waterhole Elbow Yard Monkira Waterhole Peetana Bore MacLennan Tank Twelve Mile Tank Pillathilparie Well Ootchucutidinna Waterhole Billieboora Hill Geake Hill Jury Yard Waloobiginie Lake Narrogoonnoo Mooku Lewis Camp Terrietcha Yard Marmion Bore Mickiepooloo Hill Dundinna Yard Pitchalarra Waterhole Two Mile Waterhole Lake Hillary Embankment Federal Yard Brady Waterhole Cargory Swamp Fifteen Mile Claypan Gippacoola Hill Kokhlana Tank Ted Yard Mickerie Waterhole Bluff Station Union Tank Broken Bank Dam Kachumba Creek Deep Well Dam Koodlannie Well Puraerka Hill Lamamour Plateau Wantina Hill Goolangirie Waricapa Hill Pal-Coor-A-Ganny Bloodwood Yard Coonchera Waterhole Ki Radinte Peraka Waterhole Goonaguita Hill Kertietoonga Hill Hislopp Yard Doongoonarra Creek Toondoocoopanie Sandhill Muckajimpa Yard Union Bore Marqualpie Waterhole Mount Howie Haddon Yard Kuncha Narranie Tank Moopoo Hill Eulpa Waterhole Cadelga Blue Motor Car Tank Beckwith Swamp Armstrong Hill Doonbara Yard Deep Well Peraka Hill Murra Hill Pulcara Tank Doongoonarra Yard Union Well Sandycoodarie Hill Hyandianie Creek Caves Yard Yeriedoola Swamp Bluey Hut Horseshoe Waterhole Kertiemucka Hill Monkira Bore Truntha Yard Jiblie Tank Yeriecoola Swamp Dirriecolannie Waterhole Coocoowannee Waterhole Lawrence Creek Piltawiltana Creek Haddon No 3 Bore Piniewirie Hill Mickerie Yard Nada Tank Rainbow Plain Tyandra Waterhole Rocky Waterhole Walkandie Lake Putherajuloonie Lake Kertieyanta Lake Moorayepe Wilpa Hill Ted Tank Dundinna Well Doongoonarra Waterhole Mirra Waterhole Detcharinga Yard Cudary Yard Poodlapulpinnie Waterhole Providence Yard House Well Elbow Well Toonka Waterhole Piamincanie Hill Wongomunkina Waterhole Trow Yard Paddy Flat Dam Kuckerunga Waterhole Kuntiebuteranie Waterhole Singer Dam Goonaguila Hill Jiblie Creek Poorokoomurchie Waterhole Pot Hole Dune Pulparee Waterhole Lake Arndowana Warieapa Hill Mount Kingsmill Pulcara Hill Mirakoonda Waterhole Cordillo Downs Invasion Yard Carlpee Waterhole Nappawarra Yard Red Dam Six Mile Dam Bulls Hole Creek Lake Short Lake Chewrunganie Waricarlie Hill Tobo Creek Freshwater Well Horseshoe Yard Cooroondoona Wells Jimmi Dam Jinbro Waterhole Wongyarra Yard Kruse Yard Doonbara Tank Browns or Breretons Creek Sawpits Creek Bobaminga Yard Bulls Hole Waterhole Coombangie Waterhole Warana Hill Cadelga Outstation Horseshoe Well Deep Well Yard Moorayepe Hill Haddon Downs Outstation Xmas Yard Wirripirie Yard Pretakoornoo Hill Stony Point Marabooka Creek Rocky Dam Medcowcannie Yard Haddon No 4 Bore Jeffrey Well Macormac Bore Koonchera Waterhole Lakes Creek Bore Nappamilkie Waterhole Haddon Creek Federal Creek Rocky Hill Frew Hill Haddon Woolshed Wirripirie Waterhole Needle Hill Bore Macormack Well Toolimbie Waterhole Booloomunka Hill Montocollara Yard Mirakoonda Bore Lake Teetatobie Wongyarra Waterhole Gumborie Waterhole Lake Cooninnie A-Ga-Boog-Ana Bobbiemoonga Yard Bookacala Hill Caves Waterhole Macormac Well Caves Dam Jookapirie Waterhole Mudcarnie Well Kertiebillie Hill Doonbara Well Sawpits Yard Needle Hill Gilpininna Dam Nilpie Nilpie Creek Kirrijunnie Flat Kachumba Waterhole Koora Hill Horseshoe Crossing Jurie Waterhole Panandina Well Piltawiltana Bore Araburg Waterhole Puarimookaninnie Mulga Creek Barr Tank Willieyanna Waterhole Dampoona Waterhole Bloodwood Bore Cadelga Creek Nattere Creek Yeroongera Swamp Conchera Waterhole Invasion Tank Moongoomurdie Waterhole Paddy Flat Yard Waniecarlie Hill Abbetoona Hill Haddon No 1 Bore Pullparie Waterhole Kertiera Waterhole Watchiebillna Waterhole Wirripirie Dam Mirkadarrie Waterhole Needle Well Hislopp Dam Cadelga Crossing Bloodwood Well Eba Well Mount Gow Lake Lancelot Embankment Claypan Yard Durrambinnie Well Lake Koonkera Lake Marradibbadibba Gumborie Creek Beefwood Tank Bluey Waterhole Diawa Waterhole Careri Creek Hobblestrap Waterhole Carcory Waterhole Federal Tank Xmas Waterhole Koonchera Dune North Cadelga Waterhole Ootadoola Hill Koornoo Hill Rob Roy Tank Crumpa 1 Haddon and Brown Crossing Providence Tank Willara Hill Napier Yard Pollaturkara Waterhole Napier Tank Claypan Dam Providence Creek Nunarowla Waterhole Lake Kertiecacoora Lake Cooreeninnie Moongara Waterhole Tooramurchie Waterhole Arrow Tank Cudigoona Yard Dickinna Hill Mokari Tarlina Waterhole Sawpits Waterhole Koonchera Yard Cardilla Downs Trow Dam Pantyawarladye Creek Lake Goyder Lake Deception Lake Apanburra Vermin Waterhole Kertie Billie Hill Frews Hill Lake Cooninie Yeroogera Swamp Miranda Queermoolya Hill Cadelga Out Station Cadalga Kuckerepilipa Creek West Branch Horse Creek Mays Hill Haddon Downs Haddon Downs Station Naylons Yard Geakes Hill Dulcara Hill Armstrongs Hill Lake Chewruganie Lake Toorootoorannie Lake Maroopootanie Queertidinna Hill Waltatella Hill