Topographic / Ordnance Survey Map

GA SG54-14

GA SG54-14 - Innamincka

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This Topographic Map is produced by Geoscience Australia; Australia's national geospatial organisation.
GA topographic maps (many of which are produced in partnership with the Army) are generally older than those maps produced by the State Governments over the same area. This makes GA maps particularly useful for identifying historic features, such as old mines and diggings.
Geoscience Australia maps generally considered to be more pleasing in design and compilation then the more modern State Government productions.

At this scale, 1cm on this map represents 2.5km on the ground (4cm = 10km). A standard map will cover 150km from east to west and 110km from north to south, with a contour interval of 50m. This map contains natural and constructed features including road and rail infrastructure, vegetation, hydrography, contours, localities and some administrative boundaries.

Please note the date of the map, as this will impact the currency of information, particularly regarding infrastructure, roads, etc.

Locations within this Map

Boggy Waterhole Burke and Wills Monument Candradecka Creek Cariderro Moolion Oil Field Kudriemitchie Crossing Mount McDonnell Merrimelia Oil Bore No 4 Narie Well Wanchula Waterhole Moonlight Flat Policeman Dam Moondie Hill Typinganie Waterhole Seven Mile Yards Wanga Tank Tirrawarra Tirrawarra 10 Tirrawarra 22 Gidgealpa 8 Gooranie 3 Ficus 1 Fly Lake 8ST Meranji 1 Angelica 1 Wantana 1 Napowie 2 Pondrinie North 2 Pelican 1 Pelican 6 Tirrawarra R B 1 Woolkina 2 Yanta 1 Bookabourdie 4 Bookabourdie 6 Burley 2 Tirrawarra 30 Tirrawarra 35 Tirrawarra 39 Burkes Depot Camp Swan Lake 2 Paddadinnee Yard Wattacupirie Yards Mingana 1 Toonman 1 Turban 1 Tindilpie 2DW1 Laidlaw Bore Leleptian 2a Pondrinie 1 Tirrawarra 63 Murra Murrina Waterhole Tickerna Hill Tywandra Waterhole Kanowinna Creek Wimma Hill No 8 Bore Mount Darmody Haloragis 1 Pondrinie North 1 Mitchie 1 Lotteries Waterhole Midway Yard Leleptian 2 Merrimelia 39 Hackett 1 North West Branch of Cooper Creek Kings Marker Tirrawarra 26 Swan Lake 6 Flowing Bore Gidgealpa Oil Bore No 2 Myer Oval Mingkai Meranji 8 Coongie Homestead Moorari Waterhole Bimbaya 1 Brolga 4 Charo 1 Darby Waterhole Callumurra Waterhole Boomerang Bore Burley 1 Afgans Grave Montecleary Creek Tallerangie Crossing Mudera Cootera Bore Waltatella Hill Queermoolya Hill Moondie 1st1 Keleary 3 Pondeana Hill Cooyeeninna Waterhole Cuttapirrie 3 Pondrinie 12ST Apachirie 1 Wancoocha No 1 Patchawara Bore Scrubby Creek 1 Jack Lake 1 Merrimelia 2 Caraway 1 Apatellera Hill Munga-Munga Waterhole Munga-Munga Yard Poorarinna Hill Burlieburlie Waterhole Snake Waterhole Meranji 15 Gidgealpa 4 Thykamingana Swamp Daer 1 Pondrinie 13 Cherawanta Hill Tythampana Waterhole Tirrawarra North 1 Northern Overflow of Cooper Creek Merrimelia 6 Fly Lake 8 Merrimelia 18 Burley 3 Dowaloonie Flat Howica Dam Paning Hill Hyinkeinkina Hill Tirrawarra 53 Tirrawarra 59 Tirrawarra 60 Tirrawarra 4 Gidgealpa 13 Lamdina 2 Lake MacMillan 1 Innamincka 1 Nantanie Waterhole Prominent Hills Cuttapirrie 7 Coonatie 1 Gidgealpa 1 Merrimelia 22 Tirrawarra 8 Goonganinna Hill Merrimelia 29 Reg Sprigg 2 Nardu 1 Cobbler 1 Paning 1 Pelican 7 Yanpurra 1 Nephrite South 1ST1 Bookabourdie 8 Packsaddle 3 Merrimelia 19 Bookabourdie Waterhole Goonabru Yards Montepirie Waterhole Watchiepondrinie Creek Salt Well Waterhole Catchiekambo Waterhole Meranji 20 Varanus 2 Table Hill Nardu Woma 1 Tirrawarra 49 Embarka Waterhole Reg Sprigg 1 Mudrangie 1 Pelican South 1 Pondrinie 3 Pondrinie 8 Tirrawarra 64 Swan Lake 1dw1 Tirrawarra 52 Moorari 7 Meranji 9 Tirrawarra 67 Tirrawarra 28 Lake Coogiecooginna Polywoolkanie Lake Lake Mundooroounie Lake Marrakoonamooka Atakoornoo Quart-Pot Lake Moolun Hill Lake Lipson Lake Toontoowaranie Lake Pulpanee Milka Lakes Lake Watchiewatchina Coorathilie Lake Cudgeecudgena Wankoo Hill Mitchiepratchadillie Lake Lake Marroopootanie Lake Buchanan Innamincka Regional Reserve Keradinti Meranji 17 Cartoonganie Waterhole Cuttapirie Yards Rakoona 1 Kernacoopinna Well Ponjanie Hill Tirrawarra 34 Kuenpinnie 1 Jimpawirrie Hill Burley 3U Patchawara Creek Sandy Creek Wilpinnie Creek Gidgealpa 18 Cowralli 3 Deparanie 1 Packsaddle 1 Innamincka Lake MacMillan 2 Moolion North 1 Melon Shooter Yard Horseshoe Waterhole Napeowie Waterhole Gudi 1 Bimbaya 2 Brolga 2 Goonaburoo Island Tirrawarra 40 Twelve Mile Dam Thiele 1 Tirrawarra 66 Merrimelia 38 Meranji North 1 Merrimelia 16 Tinatipie Waterhole Cooquie Hut Della Waterhole Tirrawarra 33 Verona 1 Gooranie 1 Merrimelia 7 Killanjennie Waterhole Tirrawarra 27 Tirrawarra 9 Meranji 3 Wattieboora Hill Moolionburrinna Yard Montkeleary Creek Kudriemitchie Waterhole Merrimelia 23 Merrimelia 8 Pondrinie 11 Tirrawarra 16 Merrimelia 36 Nephrite 1 Taylor South 1 Tirrawarra 37 Piamoonkarinna Hill Walkillie Coonatie 4 Pondrinie 12 Packsaddle Well Merrimelia 27 Hackett Hill Merrimelia 34 Kanowinna Homestead Pondrinie 10 Kanowana 6 Cuttapirie Waterhole Danbralla Flat Boomerang Well Lerawantana Waterhole Lake Coonamooranie Lake Speckman Tirrawarra 55 Woolkina 1 Tirrawarra 18 Swan Lake 5 Yalchirrie 1 Vatore 1 Welcome Lake 1 Moorari 9 Cowralli Waterhole Merrimelia 1 Gidgealpa Oil Bore No 3 Moolion 2 Tirrawarra 7 Merrimelia 9 Narie 1 Davren 1 Pondrinie 7 Meranji 21 Moolion 1 Bakers Bore Pelican 3 Tirrawarra 43 Meranji 5 Bulyeroo Dam Tirrawarra 19 Durrantie Yards Gidgealpa Oil Bore No 1 Toonman Waterhole Tirrawarra 48 Merrimelia 3 Mica 1 Tirrawarra 14 Coopers Creek 1 Lake Amangooranie Andree 1 Cooroomunchena Yard Boundary Pile Scrumpys Tirrawarra 15 Tirrawarra 50 Bookabourdie Well Lamdina 1 Gidgealpa Oil Bore No 9 Tirrawarra 21 Jack Lake 2 Merrimelia 42 New Year Strait Old Daralingie Road Bore Wadrawadrinna Waterhole Tirrawarra Swamp Mount MacDonnell Vatore East 1 Merupa 2 Gidgealpa 9 Strathmount 1 Wire Yard Dam Gidgealpa 6 Pelican 2 Meranji 13 Merninie Creek Darter 1 Pondrinie 5 Tirrawarra 69 Tirrawarra 20 Kanowana 5 Bookabourdie 1 Tirrawarra 11 Fly Lake 7 Tythampana Dam Catchiekumbo Waterhole Telopea 1 Aratna 1 Tirrawarra 38 Lake Wynalkana Jack Lake Mundroorabunie Lake Boggy Lake Kertiecoocha Hill Kirby 2 Eulcaminga Waterhole Kidman Claypan Derawantana Waterhole Merrimelia 20 Garbadine Swamp Yard Walker Well Dam Tirrawarra 36 Merrimelia 24 Speer Crossing Telopea 2 Tirrawarra 25 Fly Lake 1 Fly Lake 3 Meranji South 1 Marpoo Waterhole Tirrawarra 54 Muckajimpa Waterhole Padriwirrina Hill Narie 2 Davren 2 Kanowana 4 Tirrawarra 70 Massy 1 Burke Waterhole Moorari 10 Grey 1 Deramookoo 1 Lujoel 1 Tirrawarra 61 Nartoowirrina Hill Mootanna 1 Boundary Hill Balcaminga 1 Long Waterhole Pondrinie 9 Innamincka No 1 Bore Gidgealpa Oil Bore No 4 Aramata Hill Coontie Hill Fly Lake Innamincka 4 Tirrawarra 17 Merninie Dams Gidgealpa Oil Bore No 6 Leleptian 1 Kirby Nob Merindal 2 Lake Apachirie Wantana 2 Ooga-Boogina Waterhole Lake Andree Merrimelia Oil Bore No 5 Jumper Hole Mulkonbar Waterhole Merninie Range Pulcaracuranie Flat Yowacallannie Well Tirrawarra 29 Lake Bulpaner Woolkawoolkina Lake Merrimelia 29A Lake Yarowinie Callamurra Station Turra Yards Mudrangie 2 Bookabourdie 11 Cooba 1 Fly Lake 9 Jack Lake 3 Merrimelia 17 Merrimelia 41DW Merrimelia 12 Packsaddle 4 Delin 1 Tirrawarra 42 Cuttapirrie 5 Pudriwirrina Hill Tirrawarra 68 Hamilton Creek Pintamatherie Hill Deparanie Waterhole Marroopinarie Hill Gidgealpa Oil Bore No 11 Tirrawarra Oil and Gas Field Trucking Yards Yalcumma 1 Tilca Waterhole Merindal 1 Bauhinia 2 Bulyeroo Waterhole Keleary 2 Mooracoochie Hill Lake Walkooanie Welcome Lake East 1 Minkie 1 Wattiecarroonie Coongie Lakes National Park Merrimelia 31 Wattathoolendinnie Waterhole Coruna 1 No 3 Bore Kumbacalbie Hill Deacon Camp Waterhole Meranji 2 Buckjumping Waterhole Gidgealpa 38 Kanowana 2 Tirrawarra 1 Munjoorooanie Waterhole Cooyeeninna Yard Gidgealpa Oil Bore No 10 Meranji 4 Yowakirreninna Creek Parachirrinna Waterhole Meranji 12 Deramookoo Waterhole Gidgealpa 10 Keleary 1 Lake Oolgoopiarie Burlieburlie Yard Lake Bulpanie Cuttaberrie Lake Tirrawarra 3 Cuttapirrie 6 Maroopindrie Hill Kirby 1 Tarragon 1 Tarragon 2 Yowacallannie Waterhole Candradecka Dam Gidgealpa Waterhole Mudrangie 3 Snake Hole 1 Meranji 22 Dripie Creek Candradecka Yards Yarma 1 Koolachie Bore Minkie Yard Pondrinie 15DW Bimbaya 3 Packsaddle 5 Merrimelia 14 Swan Lake 7 Regolith 1 Pondrinie 2 Meranji 19 Prominent Hill Nulla 1 Tirrawarra 12 Packsaddle 2 Tirrawarra 45 Tirrawarra 71 Merrimelia 40 Tirrawarra 13 Untoowarrie Hill Apanburra Yards Christmas Creek Walker Well Arosa 1 Goonaburoo Yards Swan Lake 3 Cowralli 1 Homestead Bore Moorayepe Dam Talleranie Dam Coongie 1 Gidgealpa Yard Nephrite South 2 Montepirie Yards Merrimelia 25 Tirrawarra 56 Wills Grave Koondiekoondina Hill Mitkacaldratillie Lakes Toordadoo Walkillie 1 Munjoorooanie Well Wathakertie Waterhole Wilpangoo Waterhole Moorari 8 Spectre 1 Varanus 1 Cuttapirrie 2 Bookabourdie 10 Callamurra Waterhole Scrubby Camp Waterhole Muckadranie Lake Marroocoolcannie Lake Tooroopinkanie Coori Coori Tillie Lakes Kudriemitchie Outstation Merrimelia 5 Ooranie Creek Cooranie Hill Brolga 3 Titan 1 Coodicootchinna Yard Mollichuta Waterhole Queerbidie Waterhole Marpoo 1 Tirrawarra West 1 Merrimelia 32 Cuttapirrie 4 Fly Lake 2 Moongoo Hill Meranji 14 Cooquie Yard Pondrinie 17DW Meranji 6 Beantree Creek Cactus 1 Tirrawarra 51 Derawalkillie Waterhole Meranji 11 Moorari 5 Lake Wirregatinginie Coopers Creek 3 Fly Lake 6 Bookabourdie 3 Bulyeroo 1 Wire Yard Merrimelia 35 Hopetown Pelican 4 Streeton 1 Tirrawarra 57 Gidgealpa Gas Field Pondrinie 6 Meranji 23 Andree 2 Merupa 1 Pennie 1 Bookanie Waterhole Bindah 1 Doublejay 1 Brolga 1 Howitts Depot Memorial Bookabourdie 2 Myeewitannie Flat Yaldurrie Waterhole Koonatre Hill Toorawatchie Waterhole Lake Kanchiemulanie Wilpancoo Waterhole Tirrawarra 5 Gidgealpa Oil Bore No 12 Gidgealpa 15 Kudrieke 2 Tirrawarra 65 Embarka Lake Lake Miraditchie Lake Walkootanie Gidgea Waterhole Moorari 3 Tilcha Bore Tirrawarra No 1 Bore Terrace 1 Callabonna 1 Three Queens 1 Reglet 1 Tooroopie Waterhole Moorari 6 Gidgealpa Meranji 16DW Fly Lake 5 Tilcha Waterhole Fly Lake 11 Little Tooroopie Waterhole Moorari Well Nappawarra Waterhole Triangle Bar Waterhole Tindilpie Waterhole Meranji East 1 Mudera Cootera Yard Kudriekie Waterhole Kudrieke 1 Kanowana 3 Kanchinnie Waterhole Lake Marroocutchanie Nawnewaurtoatowanie Lagoon Lake Karangie Merrimelia 15 Coonganinna Hill Cullyamurra Waterhole Cuttapirie Hut Coonatie Waterhole Meranji 18 Merrimelia 4 Nappaoonie Waterhole Merrimelia 33 Andree Waterhole Gidgealpa 2 Goonalcarrae Barton Bore Durrantie Dam Oonoo Hill Cultaberrie Lake Cullamun Narie Waterhole Lake MacNamara Policeman Yard Kanowana 1 Merrimelia Oil Bore No 3 Curabelbo Waterhole Coongie Lake Lake Warra Warreenie Tooroopinkanie Hill Lake Moolion-Dhurunnie Yantandana Waterhole Tirrawarra 2 Moorari 1 Cowralli 2 Bookabourdie 9 Coonatie Hill Lake Toorootoorannie Pondrinie 14DW Cuttapirie Corner Waterhole Kanmarracatchinnie Flat Kanowana Channel Tirrawarra 46 Gooranie Hill Typinginie Waterhole Moorari 4 Yarowinnie 1 Cutrabelbo Waterhole Bucks Waterhole Merrimelia 21 Bulpanie Hill Meranji 7 Murrumurrina Waterhole Fly Lake 4 Coopers Creek 2 Meranji 14h Tooroowatchie Waterhole Gidgealpa 3 Della Well Kanowana Homestead Oonabrinta Creek Tindilpie 2 Wantula Water Merrimelia 13 Mitchina Hill Gidgealpa 47 Pelican 5 Gidgealpa Oil Bore No 8 Napeowie Yard Lake Canna Canta-Jandide Tirrawarra Waterhole Mulga Bore Merrimelia Oil Bore No 2 Moorari 2 Tirrawarra 31 Beanbush 1 Tirrawarra 41 Mudlankie Hill Kernacoopinna Waterhole Gidgealpa 12 McLeod 1 Fulcia 1 Tirra Meranji 10 Mudrangie Waterhole Chillimookoo Waterhole Boggy Pile Tirrawarra 44 Cobbler 1st1 Moolion East 1 Patchawara Well Cooquie Waterhole Pondrinie 16 Merrimelia Oil Bore No 1 Cooroomunchena Waterhole Leap Year Dam Four Mile Waterhole Wirrawintanie Hill Tirrawarra 58 Metakoo Hill Lake Androdumpa Lake Crishna Merrimelia 11 Patchawarra Bore Merrimelia 37 Innamincka Hill Yalchirrie Waterhole Tindilpie 1 Coonatie 2 Tirrawarra 32 Yanpurra Hill Bauhinia 1 Bookabourdie 7 Gidgealpa 39 Mudera Cootera Dam Napowie 1 Pirraminta 1 Swan Lake 4 Tirrapi Yard Clover Lake Yard Dooroo Hill Kuenpinie Waterhole Gooranie 4 Hamlyn 1 Turra Waterhole Gooranie 2 Tirrawarra 62 Bookabourdie 5 Merrimelia 28 Paddadinnee Waterhole Gidgealpa 14 Tallerangie 1 Durrantie Waterhole Tirrawarra 24 Tirrawarra Yards Leap Year Bore Gidgealpa 11 Correa 1 Suta 1 Merrimelia 10 Tirrawarra 23 Bartons Canegrass Swamps Merrimelia Waterhole Coonatie 3 Lamdina 2a Cuttapirrie 1 Merrimelia 30 Pericherrie South Lake Kadhiberri Mudrangie Hill Round Waterhole Wimma 1 Innamincka Crossing Three Mile Crossing Quartpot 1 Lake Amagooranie Cardam 1 Lake Welcome Cudye-Cudyena Boggy Lake Yard Merrimelia 26 Karawinnie Waterhole Aparoona Waterhole Tirrawarra 47 Pondrinie 4 Mount McLeod Swan Lake 1 Minkie Waterhole Box Swamp Burkes Tree Darmody 1 Tirrawarra 6 Lake Kanbakoodnanie Lake Strangways Lake Talinnie Lake Sir Richard Talatchi Creek Alfred Creek Lake McKinlay Kadhi-Baerri Lake Massacre Lake Lady Blanche Browne Creek Mount Wylde Ellar Creek Lake Moolionburrinna Burkes Memorial Mudcarnie Creek Mudgarnie Creek Marabooka Creek Apinburra Yard Nilpie Nilpie Creek Goonganinea Hill Lake Talinne Lake Tooroopolinna Coongie Lake Coongie Coori Coori Gillie Moolion Hill Lake Wirriegatinginie Patchawarra Creek Lake Cuttaberrie Lake Mundooroonie Paichwara Well Lake McNamara Walkers Well Byinkeinka Hill Lake Polywoolkabiel Kirby Knob Kirbys Nob Quart Pot Lake Wirrawintainie Hill Kanchiemulanie Well Lake Marranoonamooka Callamurra Oonbrinta Creek Bulpanie Lake Lake Bulpanil West Branch of Cooper Creek Kanowana Kanowana Station Jackson Lake Hacketts Hill Gidgealpa Oil and Gas Field