Topographic / Ordnance Survey Map

GA SG55-08

GA SG55-08 - Taroom

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This Topographic Map is produced by Geoscience Australia; Australia's national geospatial organisation.
GA topographic maps (many of which are produced in partnership with the Army) are generally older than those maps produced by the State Governments over the same area. This makes GA maps particularly useful for identifying historic features, such as old mines and diggings.
Geoscience Australia maps generally considered to be more pleasing in design and compilation then the more modern State Government productions.

At this scale, 1cm on this map represents 2.5km on the ground (4cm = 10km). A standard map will cover 150km from east to west and 110km from north to south, with a contour interval of 50m. This map contains natural and constructed features including road and rail infrastructure, vegetation, hydrography, contours, localities and some administrative boundaries.

Please note the date of the map, as this will impact the currency of information, particularly regarding infrastructure, roads, etc.

Locations within this Map

Coorada Glenbar Roeburne Turtle Creek Jamberoo Tualka Karinya Wallaroo Gwambegwine Box Flat Arcadia Old Shepherds Hut Belle Eau Huntington Hedley Hill Didgeridoo Pine Hills La Palma Waterton Boxvale Bloomfield Boxgrove Korcha Bluchers Gully Palm Tree Umbudgem Currajong Broadmere Wanui Nunbank Balcaress The Bend Bottle Tree Park Palm Lea Grass Tree Mau Lau Kerwongah Park Cattle Creek Kinfauns Lochscraig Lestmortagh Evergreen Montana Waterview Campo Santo Kentucky Fairview Waddy Brae Garlands Wilga Park Kia Ora Doboy Ridgeland Yebna Baroondah Kinnoul Two Up Lilyvale Omeo Simmie East Lynne The Pines Bonnie Doon Cowangah Bauhinia Vale Warndoo Springwater Hornet Bank Mayfield Moonah Brolga Downs Carraba Myrtle Vale Sutherland Park Eurombah East Bauhinia Park O K Eurombah Laguna Mount Hutton Kevington Hutton Park Pony Hills Cooee Downs Currawong The Washpool Oakleigh Amersham Hill Richon Newholme Glengarry Cotroy Bridge Creek Mutiny Point Carinya Midwinter Gracedale Cheviot Peekadoo Warraka Downs Yeovil Thordon Park Blunda Brookfield Valley View Taringa Warenda Spion Kop Canal Barcoolah Myall Blairgowrie Baroona Euroa Ournie Rochedale Springfield Hatcham Downs Narweena Dunrowan Belle Vue Iona Roadside Clissold Downs Murriedawn Hillview Hidden Valley Injune Taroom Aberdeen Ah See Creek Andys Creek Arcadia Creek Ardah Atkins Back Creek Baffle Creek Barramundi Creek Basin Creek Baxters Gully Bedourie Bedourie Creek Beilba Bell Creek Bells Pass Bently Creek Big Oaky Creek Bigge Range Binghi Creek Blackboy Creek Blackfellow Creek Blue Lagoon Bluey Creek Boneyard Lagoon Bongwarra Bottle Tree Farm Gully Boundary Creek Box Creek Box Gully Boyd Creek Brahmah Creek Breakfast Creek Brigalow Gully Briggs Creek Broad Broken Creek Broom Creek Buglehorn Gully Bull Gully Bullaroo Creek Bullock Creek Bullock Gully Bully Frog Creek Bundi Bundulla Bungaban Creek Bunilla Bushrangers Creek Cabbage Tree Creek Cabbage Tree Gully Camp Gully Campbell Waterhole Canal Creek Cannon Cannondale Mountain Carnarvon Range Castle Hill Castle Rock Cave Gully Chambers Creek Champagne Creek Chance Creek Cherrytree Creek Comelybank Commissioner Creek Copeland Gully Corella Creek Cow And Calf Hills Craigs Dam Gully Dead Horse Gully Deep Lagoon Disaster Creek Dismal Gully Double Stake Yard Gully Doughboy Creek Doughboy Water Facility Drafting Yard Creek Dray Creek Drop Yard Creek Dry Branch Creek Dry Station Creek Duck Creek Duffers Creek Dykeran Eagle Nest Swamp Eel Creek Eight Mile Creek Eight Mile Gully Emu Nest Hills Esk Creek Eurombah Creek Eurombah Lagoon Expedition Creek Fernbrook Creek Fig Tree Creek First Boyd Creek First New Country Creek Flagstaff Hill Forrest Fortescue Four Mile Creek Four Mile Gully Gap Creek Gasteen Lookout Gate Gully Ghinghindah Gilbert Range Glebe Waterhole Glenhaughton Glenhaughton Creek Glenleigh Goongarry Grass Tree Creek Grasstree Creek Gratz Gully Green Lagoon Greentree Gully Gregory Creek Gunnewin Gunnewin Tank Gwambagwine Gwambagwine Creek Hailstone Gully Hallett Harden Creek Hardys Creek Harris Creek Hells Gully Hewitts Creek Highland Plains Creek Hornetbank Creek Horse Creek Horse Gully Horseshoe Lagoon Hungry Creek Hurdle Creek Hurleys Gully Hutton Hutton Creek Hutton Water Facility Injune Creek Injune Water Facility Ironbark Creek Ironbark Gully Jacks Creek Mount Jiman Johnson Gully Juandah Creek Kairi Gap Kangaroo Creek Kangaroo Gully Karingbal Pass Kera Kinnoul Creek Mount Kinnoul Komine Kungay Mungay Creek Kurrajong Creek Kurrajong Gully Labouchere Ladys Creek Laggers Creek Lagoon Gully Lambing Flat Creek Lambing Gully Langdale Bore Water Facility Langhorne Lickhole Gully Little Oaky Creek Little Tualka Creek Log Hut Gully Long Gully Long Waterhole Lotus Waterhole Lynd Range Lynds Creek Magician Gully Mapala Marengo Martin Mebir Melancholy Creek Mellish Membrance Creek Middle Creek Midnight Creek Moleskin Creek Moolayember Moolayember Water Facility Moowurie Moravia Morella Creek Mud Creek Murphy Range Lake Murphy Narowie Creek Narran Gully Narran Waterhole Native Dog Creek New Country New Country Creek Newton Spring Nguri Gorge Nine Mile Creek Nine Mile Gully No Name Swamp Norham North Branch Nuga Lake Nuga Nuga Okoro Old Man Lagoon Paddys Creek Palm Tree Creek Picnic Creek Piebald Creek Pine Creek Mount Pleasant Postman Gully Prairie Creek Precipice Creek Presho Presho State Forest Prickly Creek Punchbowl Creek Pyramid Pyramid Hill Quigleys Gully Racecourse Creek Ram Gully Redbank Gully Reedy Creek Ridley Bore Water Facility Robinson Creek Robinson Gorge Roche Creek Rockhampton Gully Rocky Creek Roper Roper Pass Ropers Peak Rosey Creek Round Mount Round Mountain Ruined Castle Creek Ruined Castle Hill Rushy Creek Salisbury Gully Sandstone Creek Sandy Creek Sardine Creek Sawpit Creek Sawpit Gully Scotchy Creek Scott Creek Scrubby Creek Scrubby Gully Second Boyd Creek Second New Country Creek Seven Mile Creek Seventeen Mile Creek Sheep Station Creek Shepherds Peak Six Mile Creek Skeleton Lagoon Slaggy Creek Slater Creek Spring Creek Spring Gully St Clair Range Starkvale Creek Station Creek Stephenton Stinking Creek Stony Creek Sunset Spur Surprise Creek Surprise Mountain Swamp Creek Taroom Waterhole The Amphitheatre The Battery The Devils Nest The Lake The Peak The Pines Creek The Washpool Waterhole Third Boyd Creek Three Mile Creek Tiggrigie Creek Tims Creek Tingarra Tommy Creek Trumpeter Creek Tualka Creek Twelve Mile Creek Twenty Seven Mile Creek Two Mile Creek Two Mile Gully Mount Wadja Wagon Gully Walangara Creek Walker Creek Wallaroo Creek Wards Gully Washpool Gully Washpool Lagoon Mount Weldon Westgrove Westgrove Water Facility White Cedar Creek Winter Creek Wyndnam Creek Yebna Crossing Zamia Creek Kooragan Carraba Conservation Park Expedition Resources Reserve Isla Gorge National Park Lake Murphy Conservation Park Arcadia Valley Lonesome National Park Ghinghinda Grosmont Expedition Limited Depth National Park Baffle West Highland Plains Roma Regional Council Upper Dawson Red Hill Eastern Cordillera Eastern Highlands Cooreela Creek Seventree Creek Bedourie Bore Sambos Dam Burnley Nuga Nuga Bore Walangara Narrowae Creek Devils Nest Bluff Gully Zamia Gully North Branch Reedy Creek Ropers Pass Cherry Tree Creek Dray Gully Bore Cushney Cannondale Bore Long Gully Bore Lakefield Dam Paddock Bore Weel Neer Battleship Gum Gully Dry Branch Bore Wythburn Mount Surprise Andy Creek Chambers Gully Bore Ridgley Jones Hill Ladies Creek Cabbagetree Creek Mountain Paddock Bore Shepherds Hill Fernbrook Brigalow Gully Bore Pine Hill Trumpeters Bore Box Vale Sandstone Bore Boxtree Lonesome Stony Gully Bingi Creek Verbena Park Taroom View Belington Hut Double Stake Yard Creek Bentley Creek Lammon Flat Creek Taroom Bore Lesmortagh Palmtree Creek Fairview Gas Field Hill View Wattlebrae Cockatoo Bore Dumbarton Scott Dam Duntroon Hutton Creek Bore Lynd Creek Tim Creek Doonkuna Christmas Creek Chong Creek Negro Downs Bonny Doon Wamdoo Wade Creek Paddy Creek Llandillo Hornetback Homestead Hornetbank Garraba Strathblane Strathbane Huttonmount Ram Creek Clouden Juliet Bore Clonduff Oaktree Camden Waterhole Rosevale Bore Organya Viedna Vale Silverspur Baramundi Creek Culgowie Culgowie P.O. The Canal Liriga Anesleys Bore Dunrovin Murtiedawn Dick Creek