Topographic / Ordnance Survey Map

GA SG55-16

GA SG55-16 - Surat

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This Topographic Map is produced by Geoscience Australia; Australia's national geospatial organisation.
GA topographic maps (many of which are produced in partnership with the Army) are generally older than those maps produced by the State Governments over the same area. This makes GA maps particularly useful for identifying historic features, such as old mines and diggings.
Geoscience Australia maps generally considered to be more pleasing in design and compilation then the more modern State Government productions.

At this scale, 1cm on this map represents 2.5km on the ground (4cm = 10km). A standard map will cover 150km from east to west and 110km from north to south, with a contour interval of 50m. This map contains natural and constructed features including road and rail infrastructure, vegetation, hydrography, contours, localities and some administrative boundaries.

Please note the date of the map, as this will impact the currency of information, particularly regarding infrastructure, roads, etc.

Locations within this Map

Wyambeh Riversleigh Warroon Belah Echo Hills Golden Grove Myrtle Bank Cainable Teddington Parknook Glen Idle Innesvale Warkon Point Lookout Ticehurst Toalki Lynn Creek Woodlands Beldene Taralga Marian Vale Glengarlin Narridy Sunnyside Stirling Park Yannagan Rockdale Murilla Yulabilla Riverglen Coogoon Frogmore Rockton Horseshoe Lagoon Gambier Park Sydenham Moyglare Cotswold Glenleigh Park Eulorel Didgeroo Spring Grove Cambridge Downs Janal Kurrajong Royston Borah Newington Stellavale Lochadare Billabong Trenmore Russell Park Nellybri Overston Harwood Noorindoo Kanandah Joondooree South Coogoon Newstead Wilga Undulla Acacia Tallerua Ourigilla Cooraki Yambulla Binda Foriston Talavera Rewfarm Oaklyn Binnowee Murilla South Myall Park Clonard Pembroke Mirimar Collingwood Esk Creek Wyola Ballaroo Karoola Park Yanco Grantham Downs Ormond Earlwood Rolston Berwick Brynog Ventura Downs Wongabel Erambie Merrigum Suttons Grange abandoned Iona Merino Down Formosa Downs Coalbah Uralla Telgazli Colima Boningar Lyndavale Lucknow Downs Lattens Downs Corak Choogoowarra Blenheim Waverley Weribone Highview Dilga Paloma Croydon Park Wellesley Royland Namarah Currajong Wilga Park Bush House Quibet Karee Samari Plains Coomoomie Lolavale Koala Downs Carrington Stanley Downs Basin Downs Elgin Park Windsor Woodlawn Windermere Lee Three Doogalook Ernroy Lynrock Billinbah Sandalwood Echo Park Cardilla Siwa Balnakeil Gund Middle Ridge Lone Pine Riverview Cooma Glen Fosslyn Ungabilla Wollambi Boolara Carabar Mirri Mirri Woodburn Morocco Bendiboi Lyndock Gaybrielle Downs Darlington Downs Kaywoodie Silver Springs Teeto Donga Clunie Yellowcap Yerura Klendah Straylea Ardlui Barrackdale Beechwood Palmerston Currajong Park Glenearn Glenmore Bombine Coomrith Wangaby Wyoming Green Hills Logeah Myalla Noona Tregona Jeemah Westerling Myall Stone Wycombe Pamrex Downs Weardale Ingleba Moolana Tai Gai Doonba Rocky Glen Mamaree Weringa Downs Yoothapina Highlands Willow Plain Boxleigh Merchison Park Tintara Moonbie Warroo Pathlone Glen Prarie Strathmere Wanganui Forty One Mile Beardie Waggamba Woodville Betmond Northwood Wongle Erinvale Moolan Downs Tarilla Rosevale Kinkabilla Cambria Ingaby Amaroo Bremar Nareida Bengrove Bannock Burn Korinda Katoota Mourachan Teelba Enarra Cooroorah Old Southwood Brushy Park Kurmala Dunmara Dalkeith Glengarry Coolibah Woodgunnah Nindathana Cashmere Caithness Deepwater Wagoo Thungaby Lochnagar New Kooroon Kinkora Newhaven Wonolga Eluanbrook Stephens Creek Glen Douglas Tralee Glen Alvon Tarrawindi Strathbogie Thomby Little Daisy Dora Park Cherry Park Bendee Levon Flinton Lilyview Tremere Firestone Burnett Park Verena Bendee West Leumeah Yugildah Ula Ula Kooroon Ancona Lowland The Anchorage Moolabah Mount Driven Riversdale Myrtle Mount Hollymount Kentucky Windmere Baquabah Surat Meandarra Glenmorgan Alton Back Creek Bagot Bagot Creek Bainbilla Bainbilla Lagoon Ballaroo Creek Ballaroo Lagoon Balonne Bandicoot Creek Basin Creek Basketyard Creek Beardie Creek Beardie Lagoon Beardmore Bendiboi Creek Beranga Ana Branch Bidgel Bidgel Creek Big Dilga Creek Bindle Bindle Creek Bingi Crossing Binneanna Creek Blacks Camp Creek Boggo Creek Borah Creek Bottletree Creek Bowen Camp Creek Brigalow Creek Bull Holes Water Facility Bundara Creek Bungil Creek Burgorah Buriagal Canmaroo Canmaroo Water Facility Chesterfield Christmas Creek Coalbah Creek Cobblegun Creek Cogoon River Colgoon Condamine River Coomoomie Creek Culgara Currajong Creek Dan Creek Demons Lagoon Dilga Creek Dinnebarraba Crossing Dinnebarraba Hill Dogwood Creek Donga Creek Duckhole Creek Dunga Elgin Emu Waterhole Erringibba Erringibba Creek Euroomble Waterhole Farawell Farawell Creek Fiddlers Green Water Facility Fifteen Mile Gully Mount First View Forks Creek West Branch Gindi Creek Glenferrie Creek Glenmorgan Water Facility Goulamain Goulamain Creek Green Hills Creek Griman Creek Hookinga Hoolan Creek Horse Creek Inglestone Ironbark Gully Jones Creek Kajarabie Lagoon Lake Kajarabie Kangaroo Creek Kinkabilla Creek Kyeen Kyeen Creek Little Beardie Lagoon Little Dilga Creek Little Erringibba Creek Little Esk Creek Lookout Creek Major Maranoa River Merroombil Merroombil Creek Merroombil Waterhole Mia Bend Middle Creek Moolan Moombah Mountain Hut Creek Mourachan Creek Murilla Creek Myall Creek Narrene Nelgai Creek Noona Creek Noondoomally Noorindoo Lagoon Ogilvie Creek Parrie Moolan Creek Pitchi Ana Branch Pring Red Cap Hill Rocky Creek Sandy Creek Sawpit Gully Sheep Station Creek Southwood Specimen Gully Stockyard Creek Tartulla Creek Teelba Creek Teeto Creek Telgazli Creek The Ant Hill The Round Waterhole Thomby Creek Thomby Range Thoms Crossing Trackers Lagoon Two Mile Creek Ula Ula Creek Undulla Creek Unknown Creek Wagaily Waggle Creek Wallanba Wallumbilla Creek Mount Walpanara Warroon Creek Weary Island Weeyan Weribone Creek Weribone Lagoon Mount Weribone Wongle Wongle Creek Woolshed Creek Wunger Yalebone Creek Yambugle Yuleba Creek Yungerman Creek Alton National Park Erringibba National Park Glenmorgan Tara Shire Westmar Sunnyside Murilla Shire St George Glenmorgan Roma Regional Council Oberina Waratah Oil Field Beldene Gas Field Marie Downs Borah Bore Warkon Lagoon Warkon Lagoons Yambugle Gas Field Kincara Oil and Gas Field Yuladilla Beranga Anabranch Noorindoo Gas Field Spring Creek Fifteen Mile Creek Hartwood Russell Park Bore Esk Burn Coogoon River Gas Field Berwick Well Tallavera Newstead Gas Field Washpool Swamp Carbean Oil and Gas Field Ventura Yarraben Gas Field Merino Downs Euromble Waterhole Lucknow Coogoon River Parknook Gas Field Warroo Shire Riverslea Oil Field Wyambah Parnook Holmes Creek Namarah Gas Field Winsor River View Tinker Gas Field Roswin Gas Field Carrington Park Gladalg Morocco South Balnakul Bore Gundi Creek Redbank Yellowcap Peak Byanbunnoo Myallstone Ableet Silver Springs Gas Field Taylor Gas and Oil Field Major West Gas Field Major Waterhole Boxleigh Gas Field Yoorooga Sirrah Gas Field Thomby Creek Oil Field North Burgorah Thomby Reservoir Bore Enarra Bore Wynia Waterhole South Teelba Thomby Dam Katoota Lagoon Blubunna Creek New Cashmere Beardmore Reservoir Burgorah Bore Yellowbank Creek Kincora Kinkoray Westcourt Wongola Dinnanbull Glen Avon Dora Wenolga Lillyview South Burgorah Tracker Lagoon Satur Thomby Bore Clonmell Alton Oil Field