Topographic / Ordnance Survey Map

GA SG56-01

GA SG56-01 - Monto

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This Topographic Map is produced by Geoscience Australia; Australia's national geospatial organisation.
GA topographic maps (many of which are produced in partnership with the Army) are generally older than those maps produced by the State Governments over the same area. This makes GA maps particularly useful for identifying historic features, such as old mines and diggings.
Geoscience Australia maps generally considered to be more pleasing in design and compilation then the more modern State Government productions.

At this scale, 1cm on this map represents 2.5km on the ground (4cm = 10km). A standard map will cover 150km from east to west and 110km from north to south, with a contour interval of 50m. This map contains natural and constructed features including road and rail infrastructure, vegetation, hydrography, contours, localities and some administrative boundaries.

Please note the date of the map, as this will impact the currency of information, particularly regarding infrastructure, roads, etc.

Locations within this Map

Lancefield Ayrdrie Mountain View Black Gate Mount Alma Hazeldean Benmoore Greenslopes Shirlea Hillvien Rosebank Riverview Figtree Upper Calliope Calliope Kirala Bayann Farm Lorne Greentree Boyneglade Eagle Farm Colenso Sherewood Austral Eden Blansby Gilberto Nulgi Green Lagoons Spring Hill Sunnydale Palestine Farm Riverbend Rodds Bay Tomlin Mannersley Riverston Redshirt Warree Tordarrock Bardia Gayfield Annanvale Woodlands Himbleton Riverleigh Brookfield Grevillea Holmeboyne Foreshores Wyalla Rockfield Voewood Vine Hill Farm Wavemere Kent Farm Cliffmead Castletower Netley Smoky Creek Runnymede Barmundoo Wyuna Essenhert Benvenue Craiglands Benopai Yarrawonga Briarwood Cooper Downs Glen Isla Stanmere Inverness Bocoolima Marlua Vale Royal Uldra Glengarry Woodside Kia Ora Bindawalla Cascade Dan Dan Netherleigh Mount Stanley Ferndale Boondilla The Lagoons Diglum Rosedale Derramutt Kilburnie Fairy Springs Santa Glen Woolein Spier Greycliffe Orange Creek Littlemere Kroombit Dooboon Bompa Kooingal Blue Hills Cedars Jalna Barfield Cania Clonmel Kurrajong Birnam Nipan Belmont Kolonga Coominglah Mungungo Lonesome Creek Dakiel Caniaview Glandore Wingfield Rawbelle Mulgildie Yarrol Monto Thangool Theodore Goovigen Bororen Benaraby Banana Alarm Creek Alkina Allen Creek Alligator Hole Alma Alma Creek Amy Creek Amys Peak Andrew Creek Annandale Mount Appenben Apple Tree Creek Argoon Lake Awoonga Axehead Gully Back Creek Badjin Creek Bailey Bailey Creek Bald Mountain Bald Top Creek Banana Range Bancroft Bandicoot Gully Bangalee Bania Banwell Water Facility Mount Bargogo Barmundu Barney Creek Barrimoon Mount Beatrice Beatty Creek Bejourding Creek Bell Creek Bellbird Creek Belldeen Bells Gully Mount Benn Mount Bertha Billy Can Creek Biloela Bingmann Black Gin Creek Black Gully Black Heifer Creek Black Hill Blackfellow Mountain Blackhorse Creek Blackmans Creek Blackmans Gap Blind Creek Bloomfield Creek Bloomfield Gap Mount Blowhard Blue Mountain Blue Waterhole Boam Creek Left Branch Boam Creek Right Branch Boggy Creek Boiling Creek Boiling Creek Left Branch Bonnor Lagoon Boolgal Creek Booreeco Creek Booroom Borilla Bottle Tree Creek Bottle Tree Mountain Boulder Creek Boundary Creek Boundary Gully Boundary Hill Boyne Boyne Range Boynedale Branch Creek Mount Breast Brigalow Creek Brindle Creek Broad Creek Broken Creek Broken Dam Creek Broom Creek Brumby Creek Mount Bucanally Mount Buckland Budjeri Creek Builyan Mount Bulgi Bulls Head Gap Bundalba Burnett Range Cabbage Tree Creek Caldaws Callide Callide Creek New Channel Callide Creek Old Channel Callide Range Lake Callide Calliope Range Calquer Creek Cameron Creek Camerons Flat Camp Creek Camp Oven Creek Lake Cania Cannindah Cannindah Creek Mount Cannindah Canoe Creek Carlo Lagoon Lake Caroline Castle Creek Castle Mountain Mount Castletower Castletower Creek Caswell Creek Catfish Creek Mount Catfish Cattle Creek Cattle Creek Water Facility Cave Creek Cave Mountain Cedar Creek Mount Chapman Charlie Creek Chinaman Creek Clarke Clewleys Gap Cliff Creek Clifford Clifton Creek Clinker Creek Coal Creek Cobberra Creek Collards Creek Collins Creek Colombo Colosseum Inlet Connell Creek Contact Creek Coomal Creek Coominglah Range Coominglah State Forest Cooper Downs Creek Cooper Range Mount Cooper Coppermine Creek Coppin Mount Coppin Coreen Cottenham Mount Coulston Crana Crane Creek Crimean Creek Crooked Creek Crow Creek Currajong Creek Dakenba Mount Dalgaran Dan Dan Creek Dan Dan State Forest Darby Creek Davy Creek Dawes Dawson Daydawn Creek Debil Debil Swamp Deception Creek Dee River Deep Creek Degalgil Degalgil Creek Denny Gully Digger Creek Diglum Creek Dingley Dell Dingo Creek Dinner Creek Dismal Creek Ditz Creek Dodger Creek Dog Hole Waterhole Don Dongem Lagoon Dooloo Creek Double Creek Doubtful Creek Dougherty Gully Mount Dowgo Downfall Creek Drumburle Dry Creek Duck Creek Duck Holes Creek Dumboco Lagoon Dumgree Dunn Creek Earlsfield Eastern Boyne River Eight Mile Creek Eight Mile Dip Water Facility Eighteen Mile Gully Eleven Mile Creek Emu Creek Eugenie Creek Mount Eugenie Fairfield Creek Mount Fane Fanes Creek Fannys Creek Ferguson Ferntree Creek Fig Tree Hill Figtree Creek Fireclay Creek Five Mile Creek Flat Top Mountain Flood Creek Foley Creek Ford Creek Fork Gully Mount Fort William Four Mile Creek Four Mile Gully Frenchman Creek Fry Funk Gully Furious Creek Futter Creek Gadens Creek Galatea Creek Galloway Plains Garden Creek Garden Gully Gerard Creek Mount Gerard Gibihi Giles Peak Glassford Glassford Creek Golegumma Mountain Golembil Gonyelinka Gorge Good Waterhole Goolara Goondicum Creek Mount Goondicum Gorge Creek Gorge Oaky Creek Mount Graabi Grant Creek Granville Green Wattle Creek Greens Creek Grevillea Creek Grevillea Plateau Mount Grim Halliday Creek Harper Creek Mount Harper Harrami Harrami Creek Harris Creek Haupt Creek Hellens Herring Gully Mount Hindmarsh Holsworthy Creek Home Creek Hornet Creek Horse Gully Horseyard Gully Hoyne Creek Hummock Hill Hummock Hill Island Hummock Island Crossing Hurdle Gully Iffley Creek Inkerman Peak Iveragh Iveragh Creek Jack Creek Jambin Jim Creek Johnsons Creek Johnstone Creek Jooro Junction Gully Kaloola Kalpowar Mount Kandoonan Kariboe Creek Kariboe Kariboe Water Facility Kartar Lagoons Keen Creek Kianga Kianga Cedars Water Facility Kittymaran Lagoon Kolonga Creek Koolkooroom Creek Koonkool Koorngoo Kroombit Creek Kroombit Creek West Branch Kroombit Gully Kroombit Oaky Creek Mount Kroombit Lagoon Creek Lambing Flat Langtry Creek Lankey Creek Lawyer Creek Lee Yen Creek Lily Lagoon Limestone Creek Lion Creek Little Colosseum Creek Little Crimean Creek Little Glassford Creek Little Oaky Creek Little Uncle Tom Littlemore Livings Creek Livings Creek East Branch Log Gully Long Gully Mount Lookerbie Lost Spring Creek Lower Police Creek Lower Stony Creek Machine Creek Madsen Creek Magpie Creek Major Mitchell Creek Malakoff Creek Malakoff Range Malpas Gully Manns Gap Manton Creek Many Peaks Many Peaks Range Marble Creek Mardale Mount Margaret Marrawing Marvel Creek Maxwelton Maxwelton Creek McGintys Gully Mount McGuire McLaren Creek Mercy Hill Mickey Creek Micky Clair Creek Middle Creek Middle Station Creek Milkman Creek Milton Milton Creek Milton Range Minerva Minerva Creek Misfortune Creek Monal Monal Creek Monto Weir Montoela Water Facility Montour Montour Creek Moonford Mount Moore Mount Alma Crossing Mount Murchison Mount Rainbow Mount Rand Creek Mountain Gully Moura Mugil Creek Mullet Creek Mount Muncon Mungungo Creek Mungungo Water Facility Mungungo Weir Munholme Creek Muruguran Nagoorin Neill Creek Neimen Neville Creek New Cannindah New Year Creek New Zealand Gully Nine Mile Creek Nipan Tank Water Facility Noel Creek North Kariboe Creek North Station Creek Norton Norton Creek Novo Gully Nuggety Creek O'Connell Oaky Creek Oaky Gully One Mile Bore Water Facility One Mile Creek Owl Gully Mount Pack Paddock Creek Parrot Creek Patchy Creek Pelham Pemberton Mount Percy Hindmarsh Pig Island Pikes Crossing Pine Creek Pine Mountain Pine Mountain Creek Pineapple Creek Pinnacle Creek Plain Creek Lake Pleasant Plum Tree Creek Plumtree Creek Podargus Creek Poison Creek Police Camp Creek Policeman Creek Polmaily Portentia Creek Possum Creek Postman Creek Pot Hole Creek Prairie Prairie Creek Pretty Plains Prizemans Creek Prospect Prospect Creek Prospect Peak Pump Creek Pumpkin Creek Purgatory Creek Quail Creek Quartpot Creek Radley Raggote Creek Raglan Rainbow Creek Ramrod Creek Rands Creek Rannes Rannes Range Mount Rannes Rasberry Creek Rawbelle Gully Rawbelle River Redshirt Creek Mount Redshirt Mount Rideout Ridler Creek Riverston Creek Mount Robert Rocky Creek Rocky Creek No.1 Rocky Creek No.2 Rocky Gorge Waterhole Rocky Point Mountain Roffey Creek Mount Rose Round Mountain Rubble Gully Rule Running Creek Saddle Gully Salt Creek Salty Creek Sandfly Creek Sandy Creek Santo Creek Sawpit Creek Scalper Gully Scoria Scoria Creek Mount Scoria Scrub Creek Scrubby Creek Scrubby Mountain Scrubby Mountain Creek Mount Seaview Selene Sellheim Creek Seven Mile Creek Seven Mile Gully Mount Shaw Sheep Station Creek Silver Gully Six Mile Creek Sixpenny Creek Skull Creek Slaughterhouse Gully Slippery Creek Smith Gully South Creek South Grevillea Creek South Kariboe Creek South Kariboe Gorge South Station Creek Spa Water Creek Specimen Hill Spring Creek Spring Gully Stag Creek Starlight Creek Station Creek Stevenson Creek Stockyard Creek Stockyard Gully Stony Creek Stupart Creek Sugarbag Creek Mount Sugarloaf Sunday Creek Surprise Creek Table Range Tableland Gully Takilberan Creek Mount Tam Taragoola Tarramba Tarramba Creek Teatree Creek Teatree Gully Mount Tellebang Ten Men Gully Ten Mile Creek Ten Mile Waterhole Tent Creek Thalberg The Bluff The Brook The Devils Gorge The Knob The Mole Hill The Monument The Nobbies Gap The Pinnacles The Punchbowl Waterhole Three Mile Creek Three Moon Thunder Gully Tiamby Tiamby Creek Tiber Point Tinhut Creek Tollbar Creek Tom Creek Mount Tom Toms Creek Toms Lagoon Torsdale Town Weir Trapyard Creek Tucker Gully Tumbledown Creek Tuturi Twelve Mile Creek Twenty Eight Mile Creek Twenty Mile Creek Twenty Mile Gully Twenty Seven Mile Creek Twin Creek Two Mile Creek Ubobo Ubobo Creek Ubobo Island Uncle Tom Upper Glassford Upper Stony Creek Valentine Plains Vein Creek Lake Victoria Mount Wacondee Walker Creek Walloon Warrong Creek Washpool Gully Watson Lagoon Mount Weary Weedy Springs Creek Well Creek West Burnett River Whisky Creek Wietalaba Wild Bull Creek Wild Horse Creek Willawa William Creek Windlass Gully Winterbourne Mount Wiseman Wood Gully Woodpecker Creek Woolein Creek Woolthorpe Woolton Youlambie Creek Youlambie Waterhole Youlambie Weir Youlamie Creek Yunka Creek Zig Zag Creek Dawes Range Tableland Lawgi Bell Creek Conservation Park Cania Gorge National Park Futter Creek Conservation Park Mount Scoria Conservation Park Moura Mine Lawgi Dawes Boyne Valley Tablelands Calliope Shire Wooderson Greycliffe State Forest Bania Forest Reserve Degalgil Forest Reserve Wietalaba National Park Recovery Castle Tower National Park Dawes National Park Glassford State Forest Dan Dan National Park Kroombit Tops National Park Dawes Resources Reserve Dawes National Park Recovery Pine Mountain State Forest Dalga Kalpowar Bundaberg Regional Council Bukali Coominglah Forest Kalpowar North Burnett Regional Splinter Creek Ventnor Muruguan Coliseum Inlet Awoonga Reservoir Mercy Hills Woolien Creek Kroombi Creek Jua Creek Collard Creek Boundary Hill Mine Bocoolima Pumping Station The Pack Fanny Creek Wietalaba National Park Callide Mine Cal Cap Power Station Callide Reservoir Old Callide Fairview Karobie Creek Hellens Siding Mount Ben Blackman Gap Blackman Creek Mount Graarbi Laugi Mount Scrubby Kianga Mine Wongalee Dankiel Mount Malgoonroo Canlaview Bulkail Belle Vue Mountain Cobbera Creek Old Cannindah Yarro Homestead Mulgeldie Mount Telebang Eastern Cordillera Eastern Highlands