Topographic / Ordnance Survey Map

GA SG56-02

GA SG56-02 - Bundaberg

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This Topographic Map is produced by Geoscience Australia; Australia's national geospatial organisation.
GA topographic maps (many of which are produced in partnership with the Army) are generally older than those maps produced by the State Governments over the same area. This makes GA maps particularly useful for identifying historic features, such as old mines and diggings.
Geoscience Australia maps generally considered to be more pleasing in design and compilation then the more modern State Government productions.

At this scale, 1cm on this map represents 2.5km on the ground (4cm = 10km). A standard map will cover 150km from east to west and 110km from north to south, with a contour interval of 50m. This map contains natural and constructed features including road and rail infrastructure, vegetation, hydrography, contours, localities and some administrative boundaries.

Please note the date of the map, as this will impact the currency of information, particularly regarding infrastructure, roads, etc.

Locations within this Map

Briarwood Kia Ora Captain Creek Beldene Brosley Invarcoe Taronne Coongoola Bariveloe Taunton Pineview Sonoma Rockview Euleilah Greenmount Oreti Rosevale Woodbank Ulangool Hollywood Red Hill Wytaliba Maranoa Hillview Wandoona Myrtlevale Tottenham Ferndale Teebar Rose Farm Bentleys Lodge Glenelm Pittucks Farm Glenview Velenet Lilyvale Bauer Essendean Kanool Hill Rosedale Glenmore Worylah Hawthorne Highfields Mountain View Thornhill Roseville Dumbarton Charnwood Ferngrove Miara Conella Toweran Molangul Moolyung Spencer Hazeldene Wallila Langdon Gaeta View Wakelin Hawkins Abbotsford Pemberton Grange Tararan Barolin Bonna Branyan Arramore The Springs Bingera Bargara Agnes Water Bundaberg Burnett Heads Elliott Heads Gin Gin Innes Park Miriam Vale Moore Park Seventeen Seventy A Creek Annies Waterhole Arthur Creek Arthurs Seat Ashfield Creek Avondale Back Creek Baffle Baffle Creek Baldwin Creek Baldwin Swamp Bandicoot Creek Bania Mount Bania Banksia Creek Barolin Rock Barubbra Island Becher Point Bell Creek Berajondo Bingera Crossing Bingera South Bird Island Birthamba Birthamba Creek Black Mountain Black Snake Creek Blackney Point Blackwater Creek Blue Gum Waterholes Bobby Range Boggy Creek Boiling Crossing Boobook Creek Booloongie Booroon Booroon Creek Booroon Booroon Mountain Bootoo Creek Booyan Borilla Creek Mount Borilla Bottle Creek Boyne Creek Branch Creek Brandy Creek Branyan Creek Branyan Island Broadwater Creek Brumby Creek Brushy Creek Bucandy Creek Bucca Creek Bucca Crossing Bucca Range Bucket Gully Bulburin Bull Holes Bullock Creek Bullyard Bullyard Creek Bundaberg Creek Bundaberg Harbour Burnett River Bustard Bay Bustard Head Cabbage Tree Creek Camp Creek Camp Gully Camp Island Cassilis Creek Cattle Creek Cedar Creek Chalmer Point Cherry Creek Cloughs Crossing Clark Point Clayton Clews Point Cobberra Creek Cockadoodle Creek Cockatoo Creek Colosseum Creek Mount Colosseum Connecting Lagoons Cook Coonarr Creek Coureys Creek Cow Creek Creek Rocks Croome Creek Cunnii Creek Dahls Hill Deepwater Creek Dingo Creek Double Sloping Hummock Drew Shoal Drinan Crossing Dromedary Mountain Duck Creek Edinburgh Range Eight Mile Creek Elliott Elliott River Mount Elmo Emu Creek Enid Point Eugenia Creek Euleilah Creek Eurimbula Eurimbula Beach Eurimbula Creek Fairymead Creek Figtree Creek Five Mile Creek Flagstone Creek Flinders Flying Fox Island Four Mile Creek Four Mile Hut Creek Fourth Camp Creek Fullers Creek Gaeta Creek Mount Gaeta Gall Creek Gall Range Georges Creek Geramanbulyan Creek Gil Blas Point Gillens Creek Gin Gin Creek Gindoran Peak Goat Creek Gooburrum Goondoon Gorge Creek Gotlow Granite Creek Granite Hill Grants Island Grevillea Creek Grevillea Range Mount Grevillea Gwynne Range Hacking Hill Halfway Creek Harpur Creek Harriet Island Herald Patches Hilliard Creek Hobble Creek Home Creek Horse Creek Horsehair Creek House Creek Hunt Crossing Inner Rocks Innes Head Irkanda Island Creek Jacks Lagoon Jacob Creek Jam Pot Creek Jansen Rock Jenny Lind Creek Joanborough Jumper Creek Kalkie Kanabar Creek Kapunda Creek Killarney Creek Kinagin Kinagin Crossing Knight Crossing Kolan Kolan North Kolan River Kolonga Koolboo Korenan Lady Elliot Island Lagoon Creek Landsborough Creek Landsborough North Creek Landsborough South Creek Mount Landsborough Leichhardt Creek Littabella Littabella Creek Little Mosquito Creek Little Pig Island Little Sandy Creek Long Island Lowmead Mackay Island Mahogany Creek Main Camp Creek Makowata Mangrove Bay Mangrove Islands Manning Creek Manoo Mount Maria Matchbox Range Maude Hill McCoys Creek Meadowvale Middle Creek Middle Head Middle Island Mitchell Creek Mount Molangul Monduran Lake Monduran Monument Point Moolboolaman Creek Moorland Moralgaran Morgan Island Mort Creek Mosquito Creek Mosquito Island Mullett Creek Munro Range Murphy Creek Murphys Creek Murrays Creek Nangandie Creek Narang Creek Native Dog Creek Ness Creek Netley New Bundaberg New England Flat Nielson Park North Bundaberg North Gwynne North Kolan Norton Point Norton Spit O'Connell Creek Oaky Creek One Mile Creek One Tree Hill Ort Creek Otoo Oyster Creek Paddy Creek Paddy Island Palm Creek Palm Hill Palm Tree Swamp Palmer Creek Pancake Creek Pancake Point Pearson Creek Peraimeles Creek Petrogale Creek Pig Creek Pig Island Pigmy Creek Pine Creek Pinnacle Creek Pinnock Creek Pipe Clay Creek Plummers Creek Podargus Creek Prospector Creek Quondong Rainbow Creek Red Mountain Red Rock Reedy Creek Rocky Creek Rocky Point Rodds Bay Rodds Harbour Rodds Peninsula Rooke Creek Rothman Creek Round Creek Round Hill Round Hill Creek Round Hill Head Royal Gully Rubyanna Creek Rufus Creek Rules Beach Saltwater Creek Sandy Creek Sawpit Creek Scrubby Creek Scrubby Mouth Creek Separation Point Seven Mile Creek Sheep Station Creek Six Mile Hill Skeleton Creek Slaty Creek Sleepy Creek Sloping Hummock Smith Crossing Smoke Creek Snake Creek South Gwynne South Head South Kolan Splitters Creek Spring Creek Mouth of Baffle Creek Conservation Park Two Mouth of Kolan River Conservation Park Steeple Gully Stony Creek Smiths Creek Swenson Creek Tableland Creek Tagon Takalvan Takilberan Creek Mount Takilberan Takoko Tallegalla Creek Tanti Tanti Creek Tantitha Tararan Creek Taronne Creek Taunton Creek Telegraph Creek The Black Gully The Bluff The Dome The Oaks Third Camp Creek Thornton Creek Three Mile Creek Tolson Creek Mount Tom Tomato Island Tookie Toonboro Mountain Toondoro Creek Toowong Hill Toweran Creek Turkey Beach Tusky Creek Two Mile Creek Two Mile Knob Tyson Crossing Uping Uxbridge Walily Creek Walkers Crossing Walsh Creek Ward Creek Warro Mount Warro Wartburg Washpool Creek Washpool Lagoon Watalgan Range Welcome Creek Westwood Range Mount Whacogo Williams Point Worthington Creek Wreck Rock Yandaran Yandaran Creek Yandaran Crossing Yellow Waterholes Creek Pemberton The Grange Watawa Baffle Creek Conservation Park Baldwin Swamp Conservation Park Barubbra Island Conservation Park Bottle Creek Conservation Park Broadwater Conservation Park Bullyard Conservation Park Deepwater National Park Deepwater Resources Reserve Eurimbula National Park Eurimbula Resources Reserve Joseph Banks Round Hill Head Conservation Park Littabella National Park Mon Repos Conservation Park Mount Colosseum National Park Mouth of Baffle Creek Conservation Park One Bororen Colosseum Deepwater Foreshores Gindoran Rosedale Miriam Vale Shire Boaga Fairydale North Bucca North Gooburrum North Littabella Skyringville Bustard Head Conservation Park Wonbah Forest Reserve Eurimbula Conservation Park Bulburin National Park Warro National Park Wallace Creek Alloway Ashfield Avenell Heights Avoca Bundaberg Central Bundaberg East Bundaberg South Bundaberg West Bungadoo Calavos Coonarr Coral Cove Damascus Fairymead Gaeta Givelda Kensington Kepnock Maroondan McIlwraith Millbank Mon Repos Moolboolaman Moore Park Beach Norville Oakwood Qunaba Rosedale Bundaberg Regional Council Rubyanna Sharon South Bingera Svensson Heights Takilberan Thabeban Walkervale Watalgan Waterloo Windermere Winfield Woongarra Wonbah Forest Bucca Bundaberg North Tongue Spit Bray Hills Janson Rock Middle Rocks Williams Spit Morris Creek Table Hill Rodd Peninsula Inner Rock Inner Head Rodd Harbour Hackney Point Turkey Lady Elliot Islet Lady Elliott Island Munro Round Hill Head Conservation Park Edinburgh Mountains Curtis Channel Red Rocks Mount Dromedary Wreck Rocks Fuliers Creek Fuller Creek The Dome Mountain Port of Baffle Creek Deep Creek Murray Creek Mullet Creek Grevillia Creek Litabella Creek Premier Peak Mount Boreilla Tower North Coast Boreilla Creek North Head Clarke Point Port Bundaberg Gaeta House Bucca Mountain Mount Bucca Invicta Old Kolonga Hollands East Bundaberg Cobbera Creek Springfield Eliott River Kolan South Bingera Plantation Hilo Hilo Siding Yellow Waterhole Creek Delan