Topographic / Ordnance Survey Map

GA SG56-05

GA SG56-05 - Mundubbera

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This Topographic Map is produced by Geoscience Australia; Australia's national geospatial organisation.
GA topographic maps (many of which are produced in partnership with the Army) are generally older than those maps produced by the State Governments over the same area. This makes GA maps particularly useful for identifying historic features, such as old mines and diggings.
Geoscience Australia maps generally considered to be more pleasing in design and compilation then the more modern State Government productions.

At this scale, 1cm on this map represents 2.5km on the ground (4cm = 10km). A standard map will cover 150km from east to west and 110km from north to south, with a contour interval of 50m. This map contains natural and constructed features including road and rail infrastructure, vegetation, hydrography, contours, localities and some administrative boundaries.

Please note the date of the map, as this will impact the currency of information, particularly regarding infrastructure, roads, etc.

Locations within this Map

Camboon Rawbelle Tellebang Baywulla Kia-Ora Moocoorooba Barram Isla Plains Mt Kitchener Mount Kitchener Glencoe Dareen Clare Multi Kildare Ennis Ravenscraig Dawson Park Tandora The Halfway House Knockbreak Tireen Aberdeen Culcraigie Kerwee Springfield Telemark Calrossie Euroka Evergreen Chaplain Creek Lone Pine Cracow Cloncose Eidsvold Cronulla Loraina Fairyland Lochaber Lurnea Widbury Quaggy Mooroongie Wathonga Balcaress Spring Vale Dawson Vale Dawson Vale East Rocky Springs Cockatoo Sujeewong Biloela Dip Paddock Pontypool Myola Benvenue Bungaban Kilrock Blackdown Hillgrove Munbooree Avoca Peter Creek Juanda Plaina Wonderland Jondarby Woodroyd Mundubbera A Creek Abercorn Ada Creek Aeroplane Gully Ah Fat Dam Ah Fat Well Ah Gooey Waterhole Allies Creek Alma Creek Anyarro Apple Creek Aranbanga Creek Arthur Creek Arthurs Knob Ashby Creek Auburn Auburn Creek Auburn Range Auburn River Auburn River National Park Back Creek Ballyhew Creek Ballymore Ban Ban Creek Barabara Barabara Creek Baralaba Mount Barbara Barlows Gully Barney Creek Baywulla Creek Beeron Beeron Creek Bell Creek Bellbird Creek Bennett Creek Bentley Berri Berri Creek Big Fighting Camp Big Gully Big Oaky Creek Bilboolan Creek Binghi Creek Binjour Binjour Plateau Birra Birra Lagoon Black Horse Creek Black Mountain Blackman Blacksoil Gully Blanket Creek Blue Shirt Creek Boam Creek Bockemurry Boggomoss Creek Bogue Creek Boogalgopal Creek Boolgal Boolgal Water Facility Borania Bottle Tree Creek Boughyard Creek Boyne River Branch Creek Breakfast Creek Brewyer Creek Brickyard Gully Brovinia Brovinia Creek Brovinia Old Head Station Brumby Creek Brumby Gap Bullfrog Creek Bullock Gully Bungaban Creek South Branch Bungaban Gully Bungaban Waterhole Butcher Gully Byroya Creek Cabbage Tree Creek Cables Creek Cadarga Creek Cain Creek Cain Water Facility Calrossie Creek Camboon State Forest Cameron Creek Camp Creek Camp Gully Castor Oil Creek Cattle Creek Cedar Creek Centipede Creek Ceratodus Cheltenham Cheltenham Creek Chess Creek Chessborough Chip Chip Creek Church Gully Mount Clairvoyant Mount Coangal Cockatoo Creek Coocher Creek Coonambula Coongoobar Creek Cooranga Coteeda Cox Gully Cracow Creek Craven Town Crossing Croker Gully Crooked Creek Cross Creek Culcraigie Creek Culcraigie Water Facility Currieside Cynthia Dalgangal Dam Hut Creek Dan Creek Dawson De Nackery Creek Dead Bullock Gully Deadman Creek Delembra Delubra Creek Delusion Creek Demon Creek Derra Derrarabungy Creek Derri Derra Creek Dickey Creek Dicks Lookout Dillybag Creek Dogherty Creek Donald Creek Douglas Creek Downfall Creek Downfall Creek North Branch Dresden Dykehead Dykehead Crossing Dyngie Creek Mount Eagle East Apple Creek East Pigott Creek Eastern Creek Mount Edwards Eel Waterhole Eight Mile Creek Eight Mile Gully Mount Elvinia Emery Creek Emu Creek Fanny Creek Fencer Creek Fern Creek Fernyside Fiery Creek Fifteen Mile Creek Fighting Camp Creek Figtree Creek First Branch Creek Fishy Creek Five Mile Creek Flagstaff Creek Flagstone Creek Flat Camp Creek Flat Creek Forrester Well Four Mile Creek Fox Creek Mount Francis Fraser Gully Frenchman Creek Galena Creek Garvey Creek George Creek Ginger Creek Glebe Glebe Mountain Glebe Waterhole Glencoe Creek Glisson Creek Goomaram Creek Gordon Gully Gorge Creek Grass Tree Creek Gravelly Creek Greencoat Creek Grindstone Gully Grosvenor Gum Creek Gunyah Creek Guthrie Creek Hailstone Creek Halloran Halloran Creek Harkness Boundary Creek Harris Creek Hawker Creek Hawkwood Hefferon Creek Hogarth Creek Hollywell Hooper Creek Horse Creek Horse Gully Hospital Creek Humphery Hungry Hill Creek Hungry Hills Iguana Creek Immy Creek Impey Creek Mount Irving J P Gully Jacabar Creek Jack Shay Mountain Jackass Creek Jamie Creek Jerry Creek Johnson Creek Jondarby Creek Jonday Juandah Gully Juandah Gully Main Branch Juliet Juliet Gully Junction Creek Kable Creek Mount Kable Kables Gap Kapaldo Kathleen Creek Kedron Brook Kennedy Creek Kennedy Peak Kenny Creek Kilbeggan Killala Creek Knockbreak Creek Koko Koko Creek Kroomgah Lacon Creek Lagoon Creek Lambing Creek Lambing Gully Langtree Creek Leichhardt Gully Liffey Creek Lighthouse Creek Lighthouse Gully Little Creek Little Fighting Camp Little Fishy Creek Little Flagstone Creek Little Gravelly Creek Little Mallar Creek Little Oakey Creek Little Oaky Creek Little Peter Creek Lizard Creek Loam Creek Lochaber Creek Lochaber Water Facility Lockhart Creek Logan Creek Loghut Creek Logyard Creek Long Gully Mount Lorna Lower Creek Lumpy Gully Lydia Creek Mahogany Creek Mailbag Creek Mallar Creek Malmaison Malmoe Marr Hill Mason Creek Mayne Creek McArthur Gully McCalla Dam McClean Creek McCord Creek McCullum Creek McKonkey Creek McLeod McRitchie Creek Messmate Mountain Middle Creek Middle Gully Miners Creek Mount Misery Monogorilby Creek Moonboonbury Moonboonbury Creek Moonlight Creek Morang Creek Morrow Creek Mosquito Creek Moss Mount Moss Mount Auburn Mountain Creek Mulgildie Weir Munbooree Range Mundell Mundowran Mundowran Pocket Mungon Mungungal Mount Mungungal Mungy Munwood Water Facility Murdering Creek Nailcan Creek Nantglyn Narayen Narayen Creek Mount Narayen Nathan Gorge Neil Creek Neil Range Nerangy Creek Nettle Creek New Spring Creek Newcastle Newton Creek Niall Creek Nine Mile Creek Nine Mile Gully Nipping Gully Nipps Gully No Mans Gully Nogo River North Bungaban Creek North Hooper Creek Nour Nour O'Bil Bil Creek O'Hares Creek O'Killum Creek Oaky Creek Okangal Mount Okangal Old Spring Creek Orange Creek Outlier Creek Overseer Creek Mount Ox Oxtrack Creek Paddy Creek Paddy Goggins Creek Pelican Creek Peters Knob Philpott Creek Pigeon Creek Pigeon Gully Pigott Creek Pile Gully Pile Gully State Forest Pine Creek Pinnacle Creek Pinnacle Rock Pipe Clay Gully Pipe Clay Hill Pipeclay Creek Plowey Creek Podgy Creek Poley Creek Pollard Creek Pontypool Creek Poperima Creek Possum Range Precipice Creek Pretty Tree Mountain Price Price Creek Price Hill Pumpkin Hut Creek Quaggy Creek Quaggy Mountain Quinns Gully Rands Creek Reardon Creek Red Mountain Red Range Creek Redbank Redbank Creek Redburn Bore Mount Redhead Reid Riverleigh Rocky Creek Rockybar Romeo Creek Rosehall Ross Creek Ross Crossing Rosslyn Mount Runsome Russell Creek Sandy Creek Mount Saul Sawmill Creek Sawpit Gully Scratching Tree Gully Scrubby Creek Selene Settler Creek Seven Mile Gully Shearing Creek Sheep Station Creek Mount Shirley Silks Dam Silverleaf Gully Sinclair Creek Six Mile Creek Sixteen Mile Creek Skull Camp Skull Creek Small Creek Smalls Creek Snake Creek Sour Milk Gully South Hooper Creek Southend Spa Water Creek Spectre Creek Spencer Creek Spider Creek Splinters Creek Spring Creek Spring Creek No.2 Spring Gully Spring Hill Springer Creek St John Creek St John Creek North Branch St John Creek South Branch Stakeyard Creek Mount Steel Stewarts Gully Stockyard Creek Stumpy Creek Sugarbag Creek Sujeewong Creek Sydney Creek Tabletop Hill Tailors Creek Tan Lies Creek Target Creek Mount Target Tea Tree Creek Tellebang Creek Ten Mile Creek Ten Mile Gully The Pinnacle The Red Mountain The Sisters The Springs Creek Thistle Creek Three Moon Creek Tim Shay Creek Titi Creek Tobagangie Creek Toondahra Toondahra Creek Toondoonnanigy Creek Trap Trap Creek Trevethan Trevethan Creek Trevethan Creek South Branch Tuturi Twelve Mile Creek Two Mile Creek Two Mile Gully Wallaby Creek Wallaby Mountain Ward Creek Washpool Creek Washpool Gully Watchbox Creek Wee Wee Creek Well Creek Well Station Creek White Hill Wicklow Wigton Creek Wilson Gully Winston Crossing Winter Gully Woodbank Yard Creek Yard Gully Yarrol Yellow Creek Yellow Oaky Creek Yerilla Yerilla Mountain Yule Yule Creek Langley Flat Boomerang Lacon Baywulla Creek Conservation Park Gurgeena Conservation Park Precipice National Park Tolderodden Conservation Park Burgoo Waterhole Carbolic Gully Geiszlers Gully Johnny Cake Gully Little Fiery Creek Mooroongie Gully Swindle Hill Tomahawk Gully Tomahawk Hill Wonpenbel Gully Dyngie Lake Wuruma Boolgal Gully Isla Spring Creek Taroom Shire Kirar Weir Nour Nour Forest Reserve Burnett Boynewood Cattle Creek North Burnett Regional Deep Creek Derri Derra Eidsvold East Eidsvold West Glenleigh Glenrae Gurgeena Langley Monogorilby O'Bil Bil Old Cooranga Philpott Wuruma Dam Eastern Cordillera Eastern Highlands Kapaloo Mount Cable Rawbelle River Branch Baywulla Creek Wuruma Reservoir Corduroy Crossing Goomaram Splinter Creek Roslyn Gravell Creek Sugarloaf Cliff Spring Creek Number Two Wilbury Boundary Creek Cabbagetree Creek Bingi Creek OBil Bil Creek OBil Bil Bullock Creek Saint John Creek Redrange Creek Cordoga Creek Campo Santo Toondoonnananlgy Creek Cooranoa Derrabungy Creek Bovinia Geer Creek