Topographic / Ordnance Survey Map

GA SH50-02

GA SH50-02 - Yalgoo

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This Topographic Map is produced by Geoscience Australia; Australia's national geospatial organisation.
GA topographic maps (many of which are produced in partnership with the Army) are generally older than those maps produced by the State Governments over the same area. This makes GA maps particularly useful for identifying historic features, such as old mines and diggings.
Geoscience Australia maps generally considered to be more pleasing in design and compilation then the more modern State Government productions.

At this scale, 1cm on this map represents 2.5km on the ground (4cm = 10km). A standard map will cover 150km from east to west and 110km from north to south, with a contour interval of 50m. This map contains natural and constructed features including road and rail infrastructure, vegetation, hydrography, contours, localities and some administrative boundaries.

Please note the date of the map, as this will impact the currency of information, particularly regarding infrastructure, roads, etc.

Locations within this Map

Mullewa 12 Mile Well 17 Mile Well 2 Mile Bore 2 Mile Well 3 Mile Well 4 Mile Bore 4 Mile Well 5 Mile Well 6 Mile Well 9 Mile Well Aeromotor Well Alston Park Arrinooka Well Artesian Well Asia Well Badgera Pool Badja Badja Well Badjita Pool Baking Powder Well Balbaroo Spring Balloo Bore Bangemall Creek Bangemall Rocks Bangemall Well Bangemall Well No. 4 Barkodulga Barnong Barnoong Spring Barrabarra Nature Reserve Barrabarra Spring Barry No. 2 Well Barry Well Beardie Bore Beatty Bedan Well Bedinga Spring Beeardie Bore Beeardie Pool Beeardie Well Belinga Spring Bend Well Bennett Well Berbo Hill Berbo Rockhole Beria-Gulla Spring Bibbin Rockhole Biddawalli Bore Biddy Biddy Well Bidjeroo Well Biggada Well Bilberatha Hill Bilberatha Mine Billawa Well Billia Well Billing Well Bingamarra Well Binthinny Well Biro Bore Black Tank Well Blue Gap Well Bobbabobba Pool Bocarty Bore Bocarty Spring Bocarty Well Bodarra Pool Bodia Well Bona Well Bongan Well Booladdoo Spring Booladdoo Well Boolarawagulla Pool Boolgarra Well Boondan Spring Boondara Well Boondie Well Boonmah Box Well Boonmah Hill Boonmoocootherra Rockhole Boonmoocootherra Well Boonwarry Spring Bore 2 Bore 3 Boundary Bore Bowtell Park Brand Well Brandy Hill Breakaway Bore Bremner Well Bridge Well Brimson Well Broads Limestone Well Broads Road Well Brock Well Buddada Well Buddadoo Bore Buddadoo Hill Buddadoo Range Buddadoo Well Buddera Well Bulgatharra Bullera Spring Bunarra Well Bunbenoo Well Bunbenoo Well New Bundear Spring Bungamall Bore Bungharra Hill Bunjo Well Bunnawarra Bunnin Pool Bunnin Well Burnacoorra Spring Burnawerra Spring Burns Well Burra Lake Burwherwarra Waterhole Cadjacootherra Cagacaroon Hills Cagacaroon Mine Cagacaroon Well Callaghan Park Camberathunun Hill Campbell Well Candoo Pool Canna Carbatha Well Carla Spring Carla Two Wells Carla Well Carlaminda Carlaminda Hill Microwave Repeater Stati Carlaminda Mine Carlaminda Well Carlinga Well Carnaging Lake Carnogin Bore Carragalyun Spring Carratti Bore Carynginia Gully Carynginia Well Cattle Outcamp Well Cattle Station Well Cattle Well Cave Hill Well Chedadoo Hill Chiddle Well Centre Well Challymenda Spring Charl Charl Chinaman Rock Chinaman Well Chitern Spring Chooa Pool Chookey Well Chuckentharra Well Chulaar Hill Chullor Well Chuula Well City of Melbourne Mine Clontarf Farm Clune Well Coalseam Conservation Park Coleman Bore Collyakko Pool Collyakko Well Collyako Bore Comet Well Cooanyou Spring Coodardoo Well Cooja Coondetha Well Coonetarra Pool Coonetarra Well Coongong Spring Coonthadee Spring Coorawah Spring Cooroonggnoo Pool Corcoran Pool Corner Well Cotmise Hill Courin Chain Pump Well Courin Hill Courin Spring Crazy Bore Critches Well Crow Camp Well Cudya Well Culgatherra Cullens Bore Cumberland Well Cumbranumbra Gully Curara Curara Swamp Curara Well Cutmia Well Dabble Well Dabyilmurra Hill Dampacappy Spring Dans Well Deep Mucca-Bunna Well Deep Well Devils Creek Dimmer Outcamp Dimmer Well Dinderry Well Divine Well Division Well Dolerin Well Donald Well Dongorie Well Doutha Soak Downies Well Dulahgabby Well Dumba Bore Eagle Creek Eclipse Well Eda Creek Edamurt Well Edamurta Range Ederga Spring Ederga Well Eeradar Hill Eeradar Well Elder Well Eleya Well Eraballe Pool Eraballe Well Euro Well Fenton Bore Ferguson Bore Fisher Well Four Trough Well Four Ways Bore Gabbobobby Well Gabyon Gamberathinna Garden Well Gearless Well Geenetarra Well George Well Gidgea Well Gnaralibugee Spring Gnows Nest Mine Gnows Nest No. 2 Well Gnows Nest Range Gnows Nest Well Gnows Well Golden Grove Aerodrom Golden Grove Mine Golden Stream Well Golgagalyou Spring Goolaroo Well Gooleewal Spring Goolthan Goolthan Hill Goongong Well Gooroo Well Government Well Government Well No. 4a Gudgeman Pool Gulinary Spring Gullewa Gullewa Mine Gullewa Spring Gullewa Well Gunaguda Hill Gunaguda Pool Gutha Hackett Creek Hickey Well High Well Hill Well Hoffmans Well Horse Paddock Bore Horse Paddock Well House Bore Indar Soak Indindie Spring Inga Lake Ingulla Spring Irwin River South Jack Tank Jack Well Jadjalle Well Jarkey Spring Jewah Waterhole Jimba Bore Jindooloo Rockhole Jocker Well Joes Well Johanna Langa Langa Well Johnson Well Johnston Well Jonardo Well Jones Bore Kalanadgee Spring Karratharra Well Kimber Well Kiraltha Well Knight Well Knogata Spring Kockatea Estate Kockatea Spring Kuragulu Rockhole Kurra Walla Bore Kurrajong Well Kutmia Hill Kutmia Well Kynea Rockhole Lamb Water Shaft Well Lang Well Little Muggaburna Well Little Wail Well Littles Well Lockargie Well Lower Woolgerong Well Lynch Well Mac Well Maddarba Spring Mardine Spring Marlandy Hill Marlandy Well Marloo Marloo No. 2 Well Marloo Well Marlow Well Mccarthys Well Mccoos Rockhole Mcdonald Well Melia Well Mellenbye Mendel Estate Meru Hill Meru Spring Messengers Patch Mine Metters Well Mica Well Mick Well Middle Boonmah Well Middle Courin Well Middle Wandaminya Well Milgie Well Milgy Spring Millegally Spring Millejarra Well Millgarra Well Milutha Rock Mindage Spring Minga Bore Mingah Spring Minjar Hill Minjar Well Mission Mooloo Well Moongadagabby Well Moores Bore Moorewa Well Moorgabby Waterhole Moorgabby Well Mooridarang Hill Morewa Well Mortimers Bore Mougooderra Bore Mougooderra Hill Mount Blanc Muddadah Well Muddeda Pool Mugga Mugga Hill Mugga Mugga Trig Hill Muggaburna Hill Muggaburna Spring Muggawogga Spring Mugs Well Muldaba Well Mulga Well Mulgo Well Mullewa Aerodrome Mullewa Agricultural Area Mullewa District High School Mullewa Golf Club Mullewa Health Services Mulloo Creek Mulloo Hill Mulloo Hill Well Mulloo Well Mulyakko Hill Munboocarderbungah Spring Mungarra Spring Murdaburia Hill Murdal Murdal Well Murdalyou Range Murdalyou Well Murraja Murray Well Muthingootha Rockhole Mystery Well Nabaggie Well Nalba Pool Nancy Well Nangerwalla Spring Nangerwalla Well Narbo Well Nargunger Pool Nedunoolgarra Spring Nelanover Pool New Barnoong Well New Bore New Box Well New Well Newton Well Nindethana Farm No. 2 Salt Well No. 2 Well No. 4 Bore No. 4 Well No. 5 Well No. 9 Well No. 95 Bore Nooka Pool Noolgabbi Well Noongal Noongal Rockhole Noonie Rock Noorgung Hill North Spring North Weaner Well Nullawollano Spring Nungulya Well Nunierra Nunierra Hill Nunierra Range Nunierra Well Nunnie Well Nyagar Pool Obenua Spring Old Barnong Well Old Government Well Old Tank Old Warbadoo Well Old Well Olivers Well Omega Well Onterru Spring Paddys Well Pages Well Palmer Bore Pat Boyne Well Peerawah Spring Peterwangy Hill Pickano Creek Pickano Spring Pickano Well Pickata Bookata Walla Well Picketer Well Pidgeon Spring Well Pillia Well Pimlicarra Well Pindar Pindar Well Pindaring Rocks Pindathuna Pindathuna Creek Pindawa Well Pipeline Bore Poison Bore Poison Well Pollard Well Power Line Bore Prince George Mine Pug Well Quandong Bore Quarry Well Quinaninor Bore Ram Paddock Bore Ram Well Red Lake Well Reserve Well Road Board Well Rocky Gully Well Rodan Well Roo Well Sagger Well Salomons Well Salt River Salt Well Salt Well Bore Sam Well Samson Well Sand Plain Well Santy Well Sar Well Scorpion Well Scotts Well Scotty Well Shadow Well Shaft Well Shallow Well Shaw Well Shearers Bore Shed Bore Shed Paddock Well Shed Well Siding Well Snake Well South End Well South Minjar Bore South Weaner Well South Well Spring Well Stock Route Well Stock Well Stone Tank Stud Bore Stud Well Sullivan Swan Well Tallering Tallering Bore Tallering Peak Tallering Well Tamarama Park Tardun Tardun Hill Tarka Well Thallandgo Thallandgo Well The Rocks Thelma Bore Thelma Well Therarrada Well Theuraweedy Well Thoorangery Spring Three Deckers Hill Three Troughs Well Three Wells Thunindiwah Gully Tired Well Toben Well Tobey Soak Tom Well Top Bingamarra Well Top Carnaging Well Top Carnogin Well Top Downies Bore Top Wangata Well Top Woolbong Well Triangle Well Try Again Well Tunderinya Well Turi-Ari Hill Turner Well Tutawa Gully Tutawa Well Udagalia Well Udergalyu Spring Undanooka Well Undatarra Spring Urawa Nature Reserve Urawa Rocks Urawa Spring Urawah Spring Wadagandy Well Wadgingarra Wadgingarra Hill Wadgingarra Mine Wadgingarra Well Wagga Wagga Wagga Wagga Flat Well Wagina Well Wanda Rockholes Wandaminya Well Wandanooka Community Wandonoe Spring Wandunna Spring Wandunna Well Wangata Hill Wangea Rocks Waratah Well Warbadoo Hill Warragee Hill Warragee Well Warraman Well Warramboo Lake Warramboo Spring Warren Flat Well Warrendar Well Warribarloo Pools Wash Pool Wash Pool Well Waterfall Well Watkins Well Wattamulga Well Weall Well Webster Bore Webster Well Weeda Well Weelah Waterhole Wenmillia Spring West Casuarinas West End Well Whelock Well Whip Well White Well Widgullia Spring Willaju Well Willara Spring Wilroy Wilroy Nature Reserve Wilton Well Windagalcudga Well Winddine Well Winduicalcadgee Spring Wipanga Spring Wiregaminda Outcamp Wokawah Well Wolbar Bore Wolbar Pool Wolbar Well Wolgah Pool Woljumarung Wolla Wolla Wolla Wolla Hill Wollanoo Hill Wollothea Pool Wongoondy Wooden Tank Woodenooka Spring Woodita Well Woolagan Well Woolagarna Spring Woolbong Beeardie Well Woolgah Hill Woolgardy Well Woolgerong Pool Woollanoo Bore Woonjeedie Hill Wootey Spring Worarawar Rockhole Wownaminya Hill Wuranga Well Wurarga Wurarga Pool Wurarga Well Wurrawah Spring Yabalgalyou Spring Yalgoo Yalgoo Bore Yalgoo Primary School Yalgoo Road Bore Yalgoora Well Yalgore Well Yalgothar Spring Yallabyne Well Yallebebingah Pool Yallinoka Yandi Well Yandil Well Yard Bore Yard Well Yarloo Pool Yarloo Well Yendigan Well Yerame Well Yilgaddy No. 1 Well Yilgaddy No. 2 Well Yilgaddy Pool Yillgiddie Outcamp Yinga Spring Yinga Well York Gum Well Zaddows Bore Frida Warribarloo Spring Wangata Pindabunna Chedadoo Boonmah Warbadoo Hacketts Creek Mooridaring Melville Dabyilmarra Woonjedie Woolgah Nannowtharra Hill Cumberathunah Mulyakko Wagga Wagga Station Wolla Wolla Station Bilberatha Wownaminya Beatty Siding Gnows Nest Turi Ari Hill Budadoo Range Minjar Mougooderra Woolanoo Hill Badger Pool Wallathea Pool Chulaar Warragef Hill