Topographic / Ordnance Survey Map

GA SH50-03

GA SH50-03 - Kirkalocka

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This Topographic Map is produced by Geoscience Australia; Australia's national geospatial organisation.
GA topographic maps (many of which are produced in partnership with the Army) are generally older than those maps produced by the State Governments over the same area. This makes GA maps particularly useful for identifying historic features, such as old mines and diggings.
Geoscience Australia maps generally considered to be more pleasing in design and compilation then the more modern State Government productions.

At this scale, 1cm on this map represents 2.5km on the ground (4cm = 10km). A standard map will cover 150km from east to west and 110km from north to south, with a contour interval of 50m. This map contains natural and constructed features including road and rail infrastructure, vegetation, hydrography, contours, localities and some administrative boundaries.

Please note the date of the map, as this will impact the currency of information, particularly regarding infrastructure, roads, etc.

Locations within this Map

Mount Magnet 1/2 Mile Mill 1 Mile Well 10 Mile Well 12 Mile Mill 19 Mile Bore 2 Mile Well 20 Mile Well 24 Mile Well 3 Mile East Well 3 Mile Well 3 Mile West Well 30 Feet Bore 34 Mile Well 4 Mile Dam 4 Mile Mill 4 Mile Well 5 Mile Well 7 Mile Mill 7 Mile Well 78 Bore Adams Well Aermotor Well Allens Alston Well Badgeroo Dam Badoolars Well Ballan Bore Ballan Rock Ballan Well Ballilla Well Barimaia Creek Bedan Well Beera Creek Beera Pool Beera Soak Beera Well Beerbunna Well Beeringunjer Pool Biaga Well Bibibernoo Waterhole Bidda Bidda Bore Bidiganning Bore Bigada Well Billys Well Birthday Well Bogada Bore Boodanoo Boodanoo Hill Boodanoo Well Boogardie Bookine Well Boolgarbardoo Rockhole Booms Well Boonangar Bore Boonangar Soak Boonangar Well Boora Well Booyoa Spring Bottom Railway Well Boulder Well Boundary Well Bouya Well Bracegonier Flat Bracegonier Hill Bracegonier Microwave Repeater Station Brailia Well Breakaway Well Brickys Well Brideona North Well Britania Well Buddingthara No. 1 Well Buddinu Bore Budnee Dam Bulgabardoo Well Bulgomarra Spring Bull Well Bullewarra Rockhole Bullfrog Well Bullingarra Well Bulliong Rockhole Bullock Well Bunao Rockhole Bundelljinny Dam Bundelljinny Soak Bundelljinny Well Bundy Well Bunnajarra Bore Bunnajarra Well Burnerbinmah Burniacko Rockhole Burnunjerry Rockholes Cadgy Well Calgatharra Flat Callaloo Well Cambarwillgoon Pool Camp Well Canargie Pool Canargie Well Canning Hill Canning Rockhole Canningbra Rockhole Cararabee Well Carbaroo Well Cardabelway Well Carngo New Well Carngo Well Carron Microwave Repeater Station Carron Well Carters Well Carwoola Dam Cattatha Well Charraminda Well Cement Tank Well Centre Well Chalk Well Challa Challar Well Chin Chin Pool Chin Chin Rocks Chewar Well Chocalocka Well Christmas Bore Christmas Well Chulaar Well Chulla Well Clarks Well Claypan Tank Clinches Bore Cockerleelya Well Cockernabar Rocks Coffeys Bore Colombo Well Comet Well Congoo Congoo Hill Cooladar Hill Cooladar Microwave Repeater Station Cooladar Soakage Coolaloo Bore Coolaloo Hill Coolamaninu Hill Coolarda Well Coolybie Well Coompacoompera Hill Coonathiago Well Coondon Well Coonenyou Spring Coonenyou Well Cootamarra Hill Cootamurra Well Cooties Well Corkscrew Well Corner Well Coronation Tank Coronation Yard Corryalgo Pool Coutte Well Coutts Well Cowantha Well Creek Well West Crones Well Culgabberoo Flat Cull Cull Well Cullaculla Bore Curara Well Curbra Rockhole Curbura Bore Curbura North Well Curbura South Well Curdawail Well Daggar Hills Danns Tank Danns Well Dar Spring Darn Hill Darn Rockhole Darn Well Dawson Well Deep Bore Deep Water Well Deep Well Dennys Well Dicks Well Diorite Well Djuali Rockhole Dollies Bore Doothaminya Hill Doothaminya Spring Dorn Well Dry Paddock Tank Dullagabbie Creek Dullagabbie Well Dunlite Bore East Kia Bore East Kia Well East Lynn Well Eclipse Hill Edah Edah Hill Edah Pool Edah Rockhole Edah Rocks Edawah Well Elise Jay Bore Emu Lake Emu Well Eubaloo Well Euro Well Field Well Fogartys Well Fountain Well Four Corners Well Franks Well Freddies Bore Freshwater Well Galbraith Well Galyon Well Garden Well Gaskalls Well Gingier Pool Goonahmoudey Hill Goonasutha Well Goongoodoo Spring Government Well Granite Bore Granite Mill Granite Well Grants Mill Green Well Greys Mill Gullamilyaroo Pool Gullamilyarro Well Gullyvye Pool Hamel Well Hammins Pool Harries Bore Hegarties Mill Holding Paddock Well Holleys Well Horse Paddock Bore Hough Well House Bore House Well Huckstep Creek Hy Brazil Iowna Jarraminda Well Jeal Jinnie Well Jellie Well Jiljinny Pool Jillwarra Well Jimmys Bore Jimmys Well Jinnamilla Spring Jinner Tank Jobelda Gnamma Hole Johnnies Bore Johnsons Well Jones Bore Jones Well Jordans Well Juarbiding Rocks Jumbo Well Jumbulyer Hill Jumping Jack Well Junga Well K 71 Bore Kantie Murdana Hill Karabucka Hill Karawon Well Karbar Creek Karbar Pool Karrara Bore Keevers Well Kerbar Well Kia Well Kiabye Well Killer Well Kings Well Kirkalocka Kirkalocka Creek Kirkalocka Mill Kirkalucka Well Kitchen Corner Well Knobbie Bore Knobby Mill Kockarumba Well Kurrajong Bore Kurrajong Well Kyle Kyle Well Lake Bore Little Bore Little Kia Well Little Percolilli Waterhole Littles Well Llgamunna Well Long Well Low Well Lucky Find Well Malanga Bore Mangatha Well Maramby Bore Marbagee Bore Marda Marda Well Marda Soak Mardagullamarra Well Marks Well Marlo Well Marlows Well Marmagee Well Max Bore Mccathy Well Mcnab Well Meeline Meelyong Hill Meelyong Rockhole Meleya Well Meralya Well Messengers Patch Well Metowan Well Mickey Bore Mickey Well Mickies Well Middle Bore Middle Well Milgoo Peak Milgoo Well Mimilyn Well Minegardar Rocks Minegardar Spring Mingyngura Hill Mirrabarloo Hill Mitherine Well Mod Well Moller Well Molly Well Monitor Well Monument Well Moodies Mill Moogla Well Mooleetar Pool Mooler East Well Mooler South Well Mooler West Well Moolyawarda Hill Moonitatharra Pool Mordaka Well Morrissy Well Mount Ford Mount Kenneth Mount Kenneth Bore Mount Magnet Aerodrome Mount Magnet District High School Mount Magnet Golf Club Mount Magnet State Forest Moyagee Well Muddagabby Well Mulermurra Hill Mulermurra Well Muleryon Hill Mulga Well Mullawagga Bore Mullawogga Hills Mullawogga Spring Mumboojuba Rockhole Mumboojuba Spring Munbinia Munbinia Well Mungada No. 2 Well Mungadawa Well Mungalye Rockhole Muntewhy Well Muralgarra Muralgarra Spring Murlawarnoo Rockhole Murlawarnoo Well Murrambine Well Murrawalla Hill Murrays Bore Murrum Muthern Rockhole Myagar Hill Nakedar Well Nakerdar Rock Nalbarra Nangatharra Pool Nannowtharra Hill Nannowtharra Rockhole Nannowtharra Well Narlbaralla Well Narndee Narring Ranges Nearngil Well Netta Netta Well New Berra Well New Bore New Dicks Well New Gulleway Well New Mangatha Bore New Murrays Well New Wandee Well Ninginarri Well No. 1 Well No. 10 Well No. 2 Well No. 4 Well No. 40 Well No. 5 Well No. 7 Well Nongutining Hill Nor West Well North Bore North Cockarra Well North End Bore Nuanna Spring Nudabidgee Bore Nungajinny Pool Nungajinny Well O'Conners Well Old Cowantha Well Old Mulga Well Old Mungada Well Old Murrays Well Old Wandee Well Old Well Paddy Bore Paddy Well Paddys Well Palm Well Palmers Well Pam Well Patterns Well Paynes Find Paynesville State Forest Peach Well Pickada Well Pickleby Soak Pigida Well Pindar Well Pindaree Well Pindarie Well Pine Bore Pine Lake Pine Well Pinjar Well Poison Paddock Mill Pulchertoo Spring Punches Well Quartz Well Quondong Well Rabbit Fence Bore Railway Well Ram Bore Ram Well Range Bore Red Bluff Redheads Dam Richards Bore Road Bore Rowlands Well Salt Creek Dam Salt Well Salts Well Sand Hill Well Sandys Well Scours Well Sharpes Mill Shed Bore Shed Well Shepherds Well Snake Well Snowys Well South Bore South Cockarra Well South Wandee Well Sparrow Well Spinifex Bore Spinifex Well Stag Well Starvation Bore Stock Well Studs Well Sues Well Sugar Brother Well Syds Well Tailing Yard Well Taurawydgee Well Terries Bore The Bore Theran Well Thorocogycogy Well Thotowawardy Dam Thotowawardy Well Three Ways Bore Thuckah Bore Thugaroo Bore Thugaroo Spring Thundelarra Thundelarra Well Tobins Well Top Bundelljinny Well Top Railway Well Top Waterfall Well Triangle Bore Try Again Well Turtle Pool Ubloo Bore Waargee Well Wadda Wadda Well Waddiaca Well Waddutharra Pool Wadduwarra Rocks Wadulbarra Well Wagga Well Wagstaff Well Wallagmia Well Wallinghamma Well Wandagoodtharra Spring Wandary Bore Wanderoo Hill Wanderoo Pool Wardatharra Bore Wardiacca Hill Wardutharra Well Warrambar Spring Warramboo Warramboo Hill Warramboo Hill Repeater Station Warrambu Warrambu Well Warratarra Rock Warratharra Well Warriedar Well Warroan Hill Watsons Well Waylbar Spring Websters Well Weelara Bore Weelara Well Weelarra Bore Weeloogorong Spring Weeragabbie Well Weerier Creek West Mill West Weelara Bore Wheelocks Bore White Bore White Well Wileyee Spring Willagabbie Well Willows Well Wiltons Well Winderbing Well Windibin East Bore Windibin West Well Wogarno Wogarno Hill Wogarno Well Wonuma Bore Wotha Well Wyagoola Well Wydgee Wydgee Creek Xmas Tank Xmas Well Yackan Yarra Well Yalanga Tank Yallabanodka Well Yallabaranga Bore Yallabaranga Well Yallabeerangoo Rock Yaller Well Yandangarra Soakage Yanthangarra Pool Yardiacco Hill Yardiacco Well Yarlot Well Yarrambee Dam Yarrie Bore Yarrie Well Yathagadaw Hill Yathagadaw Well Yeena Well Yilga Well Youanmi Tank Youarra Well Youlah Well Younga No. 1 Well Younga No. 2 Well Yoweragabbie Yoweragabbie Well Zadows Bore Coolegoodalyou Well West Mount Magnet Bundelljinney Well Bundelljinney Soak Warroan Mirrabarloo Warrambu Station Minegarda Spring Allens Station Kantie-Murdana Mooletar Pool Bracegonier Myagar Carron East Mount Magnet Narring Range Jumbulyer Mangar Thirty-Four Mile Well Calgatharra Creek Mickeys Well Coongoo Station Mullawagga Hills Mitherinie Well Walderks Station Well Munbinia Station Coolaloo Warratarra Soak Nyagar Edah Siding Goonahmoudey Ranges Burnunjerry Rockhole Meelyong Bundo Rockhole Coompacoompera Mungalye Waterhole Wardiacca Coongoodoo Spring Nongutining Darn Spring Nakerdar Well Watta Watta Well Kirkalutha Well Juali Rockhole Diljinning Pool Diyinniny Pool Coolarda Soakage Coolarda Meelyay Spring Beera Spring Mungra Well Marlow Well Nalbaralla Well Harder Well Corryalgo Spring Moolyawarda Coolamaninu Large Creek Cootamarra Burnabinmah Thieran Well Yallowboyango Milgoo Mulermurra Four Mile Dam Mekeya Well Nardee Bohoatta Well Wardiacco Coonanyou Spring Warnambar