Topographic / Ordnance Survey Map

GA SH50-06

GA SH50-06 - Perenjori

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This Topographic Map is produced by Geoscience Australia; Australia's national geospatial organisation.
GA topographic maps (many of which are produced in partnership with the Army) are generally older than those maps produced by the State Governments over the same area. This makes GA maps particularly useful for identifying historic features, such as old mines and diggings.
Geoscience Australia maps generally considered to be more pleasing in design and compilation then the more modern State Government productions.

At this scale, 1cm on this map represents 2.5km on the ground (4cm = 10km). A standard map will cover 150km from east to west and 110km from north to south, with a contour interval of 50m. This map contains natural and constructed features including road and rail infrastructure, vegetation, hydrography, contours, localities and some administrative boundaries.

Please note the date of the map, as this will impact the currency of information, particularly regarding infrastructure, roads, etc.

Locations within this Map

Carnamah Morawa Three Springs Perenjori Coorow 103 Mile Well 4 Mile Well 83 Bore Arrino Arrino Hill Arrino Mine Arrino Well Arrowsmith Well Auder Hill Aunties Well Avalon Baker Well Bald Hill Bald Hill Well Ballarat Well Banawar Rock Banawar Soak Bardenu Well Bardinyu Tank Bareki Bartlett Well Batemans Beaton Creek Beere Hill Beergoona Well Beetloo Bellalie Spring Bellendaine Belleranga Belvoir Billellen Billeranga Hills Billeroo Billeroo Spring Bilya Rock Binderrie Birthday Well Blackburn Blue Hill Range Blue Well Bore Boar Soak Boiada Hill Boiada Well Boojall Spring Boojall Well Boojerabba Boulder Well Boundary Well Bowgada Bowgada Nature Reserve Bowgada North Bowgada Well Bowgarder Hills Bowgarder Well Bowhill Bowshed Well Braeside Estate Brampton Park Brick Bore Broadview Brockman Hills Brockman Swamp Broken Well Browns Well Bullock Well Bundabinna Well Bunjil Buntine Buntine East Buntine Golf Club Buntine Nature Reserve Buntine Primary School Buntine Rock Burrillgabby Lake Burrillgabby Soak Burrillgabby Well Byancanna Spring Byrne Park Cakaria Spring Calita Camel Soak Canna Capamauro Nature Reserve Capamauro Swamp Caries Well Carnamah District High School Carnamah Golf Club Caron Caron Nature Reserve Carrarawidgie Rockhole Carrido Spring Carun Spring Catalina Causeway Well Cheerokee Farm Chalk Well Chanchan Spring Charley Well Clarenden Cookes Hill Coonanar Swamp Coonaroo Spring Coorow Golf Club Coorow Primary School Coorow Spring Corio Corner Well Coronation Well Corral Creek Corrow Cudawa Cuitemper Spring Cundanenji Spring Cundaroo Well Curunger Well Dalgary Rockhole Dalgooka Dalgooka Hill Dalwinne Damperwah Hills Damperwah Spring Damperwah State Farm Damperwah Well Danthatarra Spring Dar Dar Spring Darlings Creek Dathagnoorara Rockhole Deep Well Deep Well Farm Dees Well Dingle Dell Dingo Well Diorite Well Dookanooka Dookanooka Nature Reserve Dookanooka Swamp Doolwa Spring Doonding Rock Doonding Waterhole Draper Well Duck Lagoon Dudawa Dudawa Estate Dudawa Well Dunester Dunromin East Damperwah Well East Latham Nature Reserve Easter Monday Well Ebano Spring Edfordale Edowa Hill Elserae Enfield Park Enokurra Hill Epetharra Well Etharlin Well Euro Bore Euro Well Evans Hill Evaside Crossing Fairfield Fairfield Farm Ferndale Ferndale Farm Fernside Fernside Farm Finlayson Hill First Pop Bore Fitzroy Fitzroy Farm Five Gums Fogarty Well Foxle Bore Gardner Bore Geebulla Creek Geebulla Pool Gimlet Park Ginawarra Gingaba Well Gishuble Well Glen Innes Glen Waddi Glengyle Glenloth Park Glenmore Golden West Good Friday Well Goonaburna Bore Goonaburna Hills Goonaburna Spring Gortons Well Gouragabba Well Government Well Granada Granite Well Greens Rock Guise Bore Guranu Estate Gutha Guyscliffe Herbert Well Highfields Hill View Hillcrest Hillside Holmwood Holmwood Tank Hope Well Horries Bore Hounbugge Spring House Tank Howards Farm Howson Well Hughes Well Ikewa Ikewah Range Illyarrie Inering Estate Inering Hill Inglewood Inverness Jacks Bore Jacobs Ladder Jasper Hill Jibberding Jibberding Bore Jibberding Farm Jibberding Nature Reserve Jibberding Spring Jilbadji Jillawarra Kadathinni Kadathinni Agricultural Area Kadathinni Nature Reserve Kadji Kadji Kadji Spring Kadji Well Kangaroo Well Karara Karathawalla Karinya Karrakarook Hill Kelly Well Kelstern Killarnie Well Killawarra Kinyorra Kirkar Pool Kitchen Well Knowler Well Koobabbie Koolaboy Well Koolagabby Well Koolanooka Koolanooka Hills Koolanooka Mine Koolanooka Spring Kooldesak Koongangooba Soak Koorigee Swamp Koorigee Well Kowriegabby Well Kulinbah Kurkunyel Well La Cuesta Lake Little Nedo Lake Nedo Landsdale Latham Latham Golf Club Latham Primary School Latham Rock Lemon and Melon Well Linders Fern Little Damperwah Well Lochada-Karara Gate Bore Lombardy Farm Longforest Lucky Crossing Lucky Well Lymburner Spur Macs Bore Macs Well Mallee Vale Manarra Pool Manners Valley Maralcutula Maralcutula Spring Marchagee Nature Reserve Mariagay Well Mart Spring Matteno Hill Matteno Pool Matteno Well Maya Mccarthy Well Mcdonald Well Melrose Merkanooka Merrida Hill Merriton Mewitt Gorge Mid West Region Midday Well Milhun Milhun Range Milhun Rockhole Milhun Spring Minapre Minaru Minganooka Minganooka Spring Mingewanah Well Minjin Minjin Spring Monger Well Mongers Lake Monitor Well Moola Well Moolanooka Spring Moolaroola Well Moonagin Hill Moonagin Range Morawa Aerodrome Morawa District High School Morawa East Morawa Golf Club Morawa Hospital Morawa Rock Hole Mosceil Mount Budd Mount Campbell Mount Marvel Mount Melara Mount Misery Mount Muggawa Mount Nunn Mount Scratch Mud Springs Muggawa Copper Mine Mulga Bore Mulgine Bore Mulgine Group Mulgine Hill Mulla Well Mullingarra Hill Mungada Well Mungamia Well Mungatoo Tank Munthindea Rockhole Murnini Bore Murray Bore Murrungnulg Rock North Murrungnulg Rocks South Mytle Valley Nabappie Spring Nanekine Well Nangetty Tank Narandagy Spring Nari Narrayarra Nauarango Spring New Bore New England New Year Well Niawiggie Rockhole Niawiggie Well Ninghan Well Ninghanboun Hill No. 1 Tank No. 1 Well No. 13 Bore No. 14 Bore No. 2 Bore No. 2 Well No. 25 Bore No. 3 Well No. 5 Well No. 6 Well No. 7 Well No. 9 Well Noingara Hill Noolooro Spring Noonoombah Norfolk North Italian Bore North Paradise Well Nullewa Lake Numaangha Rockhole Oaklands Obernoo Well Oharas Well Old Homestead Well Old Karara Old Lochada Old Warriedar Old Woolshed Well Opossum Swamp Orana Orango Spring Otorowiri Spring Oxley Hill Pairey Spring Panyan Paradise Bore Parakalia Pascoe Well Passchendeele Patricia Downs Farm Payne Well Perangery Perenjori Golf Club Perenjori Primary School Perenjori Rockhole Petan Creek Petan Soak Peter Well Pidgeon Rock Well Pinchgut Well Pindadarra Soak Pine Bore Pine Camp Pine Park Pine Well Pinjarrah Hill Pinjarrega Nature Reserve Pintharuka Pintharuka Nature Reserve Pintharuka Well Pitfield Plyowola Pocanmaya Creek Pocanmaya Spring Poneke Poor Cat Rocks Prauaka Spring Prouaka Spring Prowaka Quondong Well Quongdong Bore Radcliffe Well Raywood Red Hill Red Range Road Board Well Rockdale Ronner Hills Rothsay Rothsay Mine Rothsay Well Rubble Well Rutter Well Ryan Bore Salty Bore Sandalwood Bore Second Pop Bore Shallow Well Skull Swamp Smith Well Somervale South Holmwood South Italian Bore South Paradise Bore South Paradise Dam Southend Spearwood Well Split Rock Well Springfield Square Well Steves Well Stratfield Sunrise Well Swamp Well Sweetman Nature Reserve Tandara The Five Gums Well The Three Springs Well Thelmere Three Springs Golf Club Three Springs Hospital Three Springs Primary School Thuthingoo Spring Tibvale Tilley Timuka Spring Tin Hut Well Tipperary Well Tootah Well Tootra Well Touche Tralee Tua Rock Turipa Turipa Hill Turipa Spring Two Wells Udarwa Well Upsan Downs Vans Bore WA College of Agriculture Morawa Waddi Park Waddy Forest Waddy Waddy Waddy Waddy Soak Waggara Well Wahroonga Walladah Well Wanarra Wanarra Rock Wandanno Hill Wandoa Wanneranooka War Rock Hole Warnawarra Warrah Warreno Cliffs Wattle Well Webb Well Weelham Well Weelhamby Lake Weelhamby Well Weirs Farm West Morawa Hill West Perenjori Nature Reserve Westmine White Well White Wells Whitfield Well Widdin Widdin Hill Wilacarra Hill Wilacarra Well Wilbingy Spring Willafarm Winchester Windaning Hill Windinie Bore Windinie Hill Windinie Rockhole Windy Spring Windy Well Wingamukka Bore Wirragabby Well Wogi Bore Wogi Soak Wogi Tank Wogi Well Womarden Womarden Hill Womarden Well Wonano Spring Wongyarra Woodlyn Woolaga Creek Woolaga Well Woolberoo Woonda Salt Well Woonda Well Woondadyino Hill Woondoo Wyambi Well Wynmara Wynmara Stud Wyworrie Wywurry Xmas Well Yandanoo Spring Yandanooka Yandanooka Estate Yandanooka Hills Yandanooka Spring Yangarloo Well Yangewah Pool Yarra Yarra Lake Nature Reserve Yarra Yarra Lakes Yarralah Yarralong Yaruna Yongarloo York Park York Valley Farm Zadow Well Evaside Station Evaside Siding Lake Nullewa Mount Rudd Lochada Bowgada Homestead Goonaburna Hill Morowa Bowgarder Hill Boonerong Lake Weelhamby Garden Well Belleranga Hills Billeranga Bridgee Beeragoona Neereno Hill North Murrungnulg Womar Siding Weirs Lake Monger Wannarra Wannarra Rock Mingin Buckeys Chance Buckleys Chance White Wells Farm Prowaka Siding South Murrungnulg Woondadying Hill Banawar Spring Touche Siding Waddi Forest Salt Creek Pocanmaya Brook Lake Goorly Jibberding Station