Topographic / Ordnance Survey Map

GA SH50-10

GA SH50-10 - Moora

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This Topographic Map is produced by Geoscience Australia; Australia's national geospatial organisation.
GA topographic maps (many of which are produced in partnership with the Army) are generally older than those maps produced by the State Governments over the same area. This makes GA maps particularly useful for identifying historic features, such as old mines and diggings.
Geoscience Australia maps generally considered to be more pleasing in design and compilation then the more modern State Government productions.

At this scale, 1cm on this map represents 2.5km on the ground (4cm = 10km). A standard map will cover 150km from east to west and 110km from north to south, with a contour interval of 50m. This map contains natural and constructed features including road and rail infrastructure, vegetation, hydrography, contours, localities and some administrative boundaries.

Please note the date of the map, as this will impact the currency of information, particularly regarding infrastructure, roads, etc.

Locations within this Map

Dalwallinu Moora Wongan Hills 2 Mile Brook 9 Mile Swamp Addson Pool Agaton Well Aldba Alexander Morrison National Park Allandale Altino Anro Arizona Ashfield Attunga Badging Well Badgingara Badgingarra Badgingarra Pool Badgingarra Primary School Badgingarra Research Station Badji Badji Brook Badji Badji Spring Balarong Well Bald Hill Balgar Plains Balgerbine Balgerbine Swamp Balgerbine Well Ballamarra Well Balli Balli Soak Ballidu Ballidu Aerodrome Ballidu Golf Club Ballidu Primary School Ballidu West Bambadan Waterhole Bandawing Pool Bandin Bandin Well Banella Park Baramarer Pool Barberton Barrabarra Batty Bog Well Beagar Pool Bebano Pool Behanging Well Belar Brook Bera Bera Rockhole Beringarby Well Berkshire Valley Bidgerabbie Bidgerabbie Hill Bidgerabbie West Bidgerabby Well Bidjaronning Spring Biernfels Bilcuttin Well Bilgarden Well Billa Falls Billum Billum Swamp Bindi Bindi Bindi Bindi North Bindi Bindi Primary School Blantyre Bobawina Well Boddadong Boilingarra Swamp Bokelbay Well Boothendarra Boothendarra Flat Boothendarra Hill Boothendarra Nature Reserve Bourbana Well Bracker Pool Broad Bridge Brockman River Bryant Park Buladdy Well Bulcher Pool Bulga Pool Bulgamurra Bulgamurra Well Bulgee Waterhole Bulla-Bulla Bundarra Nature Reserve Bundidup Bundo Bundano Spring Bunjinbar Rocks Bunyanocca Springs Bunyunooca Pool Burabidge Hill Burabidge Well Burrabidgy Byberding Hill Cadgengarie Rockhole Calecono Spring Cambine Soak Capalcarra Capalcarra Pool Capapora Brook Capitela Capitela Well Capitela West Well Capynana Spring Caracoondera Waterhole Caractacarra Pool Caractacarra Well Caramarak Caramarak Spring Carani Carawara Spring Carbethon Cardarie Well Cardo Caren Caren Brook Caren Caren Well Carino Well Caro Well Carot Well Carpan Spring Carramarra Carrier Well Carrino Carrocano Well Cataby Cataby Brook Chelsea Central Midlands Senior High School Chinaman Well Chiarcono Hill Chotara Well Christmass Well Clifton Clivevale Coalara Well Coardabindy Well Collemouthernolco Well Conda Well Condina Spring Conduin Pool Conduit Well Cone Hill Coobalo Well Cookalabi Coolbellie Well Cooleran Spring Cooloro Well Coomberdale Coonanago Well Coonawarra Downs Coonderdoo Well Coonderoo Coonderoo River Coonga Well Coopacoopa Well Coorawah Well Coorin Well Coorocooroning Cootering Swamp Cordoo Gully Cordoo Spring Corralcurring Spring Courtlea Cowalcarra Well Cowalla Hill Cowan Cowan Well Cowra Well Cranmore Park Cuddywoody Hill Cudimera Cudoralcarra Lake Cugalcarra Well Culurain Spring Cundarer Well Cundleberry Well Curaring Salt Swamp Cypress Hill Dabrappy Waterhole Dalaroo Dalaroo Agricultural Area Dalguring Dalwallinu Baptist Church Dalwallinu District High School Dalwallinu District Hospital Dalwallinu East Dalwallinu Golf Club Dambadjie Well Dambagee Damboring Damboring Lake Damboring Rocks Damper Spring Dampitha Spring Dandalloo Dandaragan Dandaragan Golf Club Dandaragan Primary School Dandaragan Spring Dandaragan West Dandy Rock Danmor Danubin Hill Dewar Creek Diggers Hill Gully Digi Waterhole Dingo Rock Dinner Hill Dividing Range Dog Rock Doghole Pool Donga Well Doodemarra Well Doodenoo Creek Dookaling Dookling Marling Sand Hole Doola Soak Doombingjirry Pool Dovedale Dry Well Dugedugy Well Duli Rockhole Dulinga Spring Dulya Rockhole Dumbo Well Dunagin Pool Dun-Cullin Dunearn Dunedin Dungaroo Creek Dungaroo Well Dunolly Dutacungity Pool Dutering Claypan Duterring Well East Ballidu East Damboring East Kondut East Nugadong Nature Reserve Edawa Well Edengerie Cascade Edibegebege Well Eganu Elena Elphin Emoneeyn Spring Eneminga Eneminga Brook Eneminga Nature Reserve Eneminga Pool Eneminga Swamp Erallia Brook Erandirino Well Evans Pass Exmoor Fagudo Well Fairfield Park Fletcher Brook Forest Green Gabalong Gabalong Pool Gabalong Well Gabatha Well Gabingally Springs Gabys Peak Garby Garby Well Gathercole Nature Reserve Gavan Clump Genocano Well Gillingarra Gillingarra Hill Gillingarra Nature Reserve Gillingarra Pool Ginbinning Girraween Glen Avon Glen Ruff Glenlark Glentromie Glenvar Gnookadunging Waterhole Gnow Spring Goombling Well Goonandano Well Goonanugo Creek Goonderabby Waterhole Goonderoo Spring Gracemere Park Gratton Creek Greenland Well Greenway Park Griffiths Gulga Gungee Spring Gunduperi Well Gungingungin Well Gunyidi Gunyidi Nature Reserve Hakea Harris Bridge Hathersay Havelock Herschel Range Hilda Vale Hildawn Hill View Hillside Hillview Hitamany Tank Hohenfels Homedale Homeleigh Homewood Hornsby Creek Idylwild Indabin Spring Indarrie Indera Creek Indera Spring Ingalara Ingarno Waterhole Ingra Hills Ingra Lake Iragana Jam Hill Jam Hill Nature Reserve Jecundars Park Jendesco Jibberding Jingemia Hill Joanna Plains Jocks Well Joyce Flat Joyce Well Kalguddering Kalguddering Spring Kallaroo Kalumbar Park Karalta Karamal Well Karamarra Nature Reserve Karawa Karranundall Well Kaynaba Kiaka Brook Kiaka Well Kianapi Well Kia-Ora Kilbride Kings Farm Kiramia Kirkdune Kitchin Bridge Kokardine Well Kolburn Kolburn Well Kondut Koodiwoodle Range Koodjee Nature Reserve Koodjee Swamp Koojan Koojan Agricultural Area Koojan Downs Koojan Pool Koojaracurra Waterhole Koolbung Valley Koolera Well Kooljarloo Lake Koolwerie Well Koomberkine Koonah Koonah Tank Koonya Koorby Karby Well Kooringa Korgitdale Korol Well Korraling Kundabing Pool Kural Well Kyno Lahiffes Flat Lake Bindi Lake Dalaroo Lake Eganu Lake Eleanor Lake Guraga Lake Hinds Lake Namen Lake Ninan Lake Rupert Lake View Lake Wonjan Lake Yangy Leyton Linga Longa Little Wongan Hill Log Well Long Pool Long Pool Nature Reserve Longreach Lupin Valley Lyons Camp Maddening Spring Madison Fields Mahomet Spring Mahomet Springs Malbarcarra Pool Manaling Nature Reserve Manaling Spring Manavi Rockholes Manavi Spring Mandina Mandina Waterhole Mangiri Well Mannagum Well Marah Well Marbi Well Marbro Well Marchagee Mardo Mardo Tank Mardo Well Marne Marri Park Marri Vale Marry Hills Martinjinni Nature Reserve Martinjinni Well Maruva Well Maunchel Spring Maysboro Mcgrees Well Mclevie Medadi Spring Meelyah Spring Melbourne Melrose Melton Menardie Merewalla Well Merewana Well Meridale Metterday Well Miamen Rockhole Miamoon Michael Well Milaby Milaby Rockhole Milaby Well Miladu Soak Miling Miling Golf Club Miling Primary School Milkuano Soak Minyulo Nature Reserve Mobgetting Rockhole Mocalcarra Well Mocardy Mocardy Hill Mocardy Well Mocoring Pool Mogalgubby Waterhole Mogoda Hill Mokadine Spring Molonda Pool Monagerry Soak Montana Moocarrama Pool Moochamulla Agricultural Area Moochamulla Cliff Moonagarrin Moora Baptist Church Moora Hospital Moora Lake View Golf Club Moora Primary School Moora West Moore Park Moredella Morgolah Pool Mortlock Creek Mortlock Flats Motoning Well Mouerin Pool Mount Dillon Mount Hawke Mount Joy Mount Lamb Mount Matilda Mount Misery Mount O'Brien Mount Pleasant Mount Rupert Mount Yule Muckenyoungen Well Mulgaming Spring Mullanda Waterhole Mundora Downs Mungaming Well Mungatmonging Spring Mungedar Mungedar Well Mungerda Soak Mungerdegunyidie Mungerdegunyidie Well Murra Murra Muthawandery Spring Myniloo Namban Namban Nature Reserve Namban Well Nammen Namming Lake Namming Nature Reserve Napple Hill Narai Well Nardin Spring Nardy Well Nearmarer Well Nearmarer Well South Nemura Brook Nergaminon Creek Nergaminon Well Nergo Well Neuabirina Rock New Korol Well New Norcia New Norcia Golf Club New Norcia Heritage Trail Newington Nhaglianhy Well Niano Waterhole Nibaniba Spring Nirrinannanaga Pool No. 1 Tank No. 3 Tank No. 31 Well No. 37 Well No. 4 Well No. 9 Well Noingara Well Nooda Pool Noogadong Rockhole Noonda Noondagoonda Pool Noondine Noondine Gully Noondine Well Noondle North Metterday Well Northwich Nowrong Well Nugadong Nugadong Agricultural Area Nugadong Nature Reserve Nunawading Nuncan Well Nundall Wells Nurgian Rockhole Obanpark Pagian Pagian Rockhole Pajiring Well Panchery Pool Pankie Pankie Well Payara Well Petrudor Petrudor Rocks Petworthy Phoebe Reserve Piawaning Piawaning Spring Pill Bottle Soak Pindaree Pinjarrega Lake Pithara Pithara Golf Club Pithara Well Pollicks Lake Ponda Rosa Poora Poora Pool Poterin Waterhole Prye Brook Prye Well Pyara Pyrakungadie Well Pyrebee Well Quain Well Quarrell Range Quarrell Spring Quins Hill Ranfurly Park Rathnally Redlands Regans Ford Rock Hill Rogers Nature Reserve Rose Valley Rosedale Round Hill Round Pool Rowley Downs Royston Sangaree Seaton Ross Sheoak Hill Shepherd Spring Skibblying Snake Gully Nature Reserve South Meridale South Mimegarra Nature Reserve Southernhay St Anne Park St Johns Brook St Josephs School Stockyard Hill Strathmore Sugarloaf Hill T J Reserve Taggart Bridge Tambrey Tamerin Well Tanche Waterhole Tank No. 37 Taral Caral Well Tarcuta Well Targian Creek Targian Well Tarradale Te Rakau Texarkana The Speakers Chair Tickeroo Tirapi Rockhole Tootra Tootra Well Totapero Well Treevale Trevina Tunicherry Soak Tuscano Well Ucarno Well Undanooka Valhalwinning Well View Hill Wadda Wadda Waddington Waddington Well Wagalcarra Pool Wagalcarra Well Walebing Walebing Hill Walebing Spring Waleevin Swamp Walgan Wallamarra Well Wallering Spring Wallurally Creek Wallurally Well Walyer Walyer Walyer Walyer Hill Walyer Walyer Well Walyering Hill Walyering Pool Walyoo Walyoo Hill Wammoo Wammoo Rockhole Wanacarani Well Wandawallah Pool Wandena Wandilla Wandina Hill Wandina Rock Wandina Well Wandoo Valley Wanery Brook Wanery Spring Wangabrang Well Wangalcarra Pool Wanneary Wanneary Lake Wardungurra Pool Warra Warra Warralong Wells Warren Point Warrengabbie Warro Spring Warwick Park Wash Pool Wash Pool Well Watheroo Watheroo Golf Club Watheroo National Park Watheroo Primary School Watheroo Spring Wathingarra Well Wattengutten Hill Webbery West Ballidu Western Nodes Westminster Park Wheatbelt Region White Gum Point White Well Wilbidy Well Wilgancappy Soak Wilgancappy Well Wilgie Hill Wilgin Creek Wilgin Well Wilkinson Reserve Willingo Well Winemaya Spring Winjardie Creek Wirrilda Wnaroo Well Woka Woka Pool Wolba Wolba Well Wong Wong Wongan Hills District High School Wongan Hills Golf Club Wongan Hills Hospital Wongan Hills Research Station Woobin Well Woodlands Woolama Woolawa Well Wrara Well Wubin Wubin Golf Club Wubin West Wye Wye Y Y Spring Yadgena Yadgena Brook Yadgena Hill Yaduarri Spring Yallalie Well Yalyermonging Spring Yanchy Well Yandin Hill Yaralcarra Well Yaramie Yatheroo Yatheroo Brook Yathroo Yenderdang Pool Yere Yere Yerecoin Yerecoin Golf Club Yerecoin Primary School Yorks Well Yowerdabbie Ytiniche Ytiniche Well Yuny Yuny Spring Nurgian Rock Dewars Creek Curaring Swamp Dingemia Hill Wilgie Hills Windina Maunchel Springs Marne Siding Prye Creek Sheaoak Hill Minyulo Brook Dalaroo Station Dalaroo Siding Waddi Waddi Cowalla Quarrel Range Walyering Dandarragan Lake Ingra East Knodut Kondut East Munaputting Soak Koodiwoodie Range Little Wongan Yandan Neakarling Yancy Lake Mount OBrien Yericoin Moochamullah Falls Edengerie Falls Byderding Hill