Topographic / Ordnance Survey Map

GA SH50-15

GA SH50-15 - Kellerberrin

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This Topographic Map is produced by Geoscience Australia; Australia's national geospatial organisation.
GA topographic maps (many of which are produced in partnership with the Army) are generally older than those maps produced by the State Governments over the same area. This makes GA maps particularly useful for identifying historic features, such as old mines and diggings.
Geoscience Australia maps generally considered to be more pleasing in design and compilation then the more modern State Government productions.

At this scale, 1cm on this map represents 2.5km on the ground (4cm = 10km). A standard map will cover 150km from east to west and 110km from north to south, with a contour interval of 50m. This map contains natural and constructed features including road and rail infrastructure, vegetation, hydrography, contours, localities and some administrative boundaries.

Please note the date of the map, as this will impact the currency of information, particularly regarding infrastructure, roads, etc.

Locations within this Map

Bruce Rock Cunderdin Dowerin Kellerberrin Merredin Wyalkatchem Nungarin Meckering Trayning Kununoppin Alawa Aleppo Alvarco Amaroo Thorn Amery Amery Acres Ardath Golf Club Avon Avondale Baandee Baandee Golf Club Baandee Microwave Repeater Station Baandee North Badgeting Spring Badgetopping Badgin Creek Badgin Creek Conservation Reserve Badgin Spring Badgin Well Badjaling Badjaling Community Badjaling Estate Badjaling Nature Reserve Badjaling North Nature Reserve Badjaling Soak Badjaling Spring Bainding Soak Balbalying Spring Balkuling Balley Balley Well Banduppin Rock Barine Rock Baronin Beebering Hills Belka Belka Nature Reserve Belluguttin Creek Belmunging Pool Benderine Rock Benjaberring Benjaberring Tree Reserve Benjaberring Well Bibbining Gully Bibbining Spring Billacabella Waterhole Billikibillikine Billyacatting Hill Billyacatting Hill Nature Reserve Binnet Binnet Waterhole Bocanning Soak Boodgerakine Well Boodjerakine Boogining Spring Boonamony Soak Boonmull Boonmull Brook Bridge Booraan Booraan Nature Reserve Booralyocking Spring Boordabbie Rock Boyekine Soak Brent Tor Bresnahan Soak Bruce Rock District High School Bruce Rock Golf Club Bruce Rock Memorial Hospital Bruce Rock Microwave Repeater Station Bruce Rock Nature Reserve Bulagin Soak Bulgin Nature Reserve Bulgin Rock Bulgin Rock Microwave Repeater Station Bulgin Well Bullerapping Well Bullock Rock Bulyeranging Hill Bungulla Bungulla Creek Bungulla Nature Reserve Bungulla North Bungulluping Well Burges Spring Burges Spring Nature Reserve Burracobbing Rock Burracoppin Burracoppin Primary School Burragattin Rock Burran Rock Butcher Estate Cabalwurring Well Campion Cardonia Caromin Soak Carribin Rock Carribin Rock Nature Reserve Cat Gully Caversham Estate Chandler Chandler Lake Charles Gardner Reserve Chingah Hills Chitterberrin Churening Spring Coarin Rock Coarin Spring Cohn Creek Cokine Spring Collgar Comitun Dam Comitun Rock Conallan Creek Conway Patch Cooalling Well Coodarin Coodaring Spring Cookinbin Cookinbin Nature Reserve Coonanining Brook Cootaning Hill Cootaning Tank Cowardine Well Cowcowing Agricultural Area Craig Nature Reserve Craike Well Cubbine Cubbine Hills Cubbine Spring Culbarting Rock Cunderdin Aerodrome Cunderdin District High School Cunderdin Golf Club Cunderdin Hill Cunderdin Hospital Cuttening Cuttening Spring Daadenning Creek Dalbercutting Spring Danberrin Hill Dandanning Well Dangemanning Rock Dannacoolbrin Well Darderring Spring Darening Hills Darening Well Dead Horse Hill Deadman Forest Dedaring Well Deep Well Denny Soak Derdibin Nature Reserve Derdibin Rock Dingamonny Well Dingo Well Nature Reserve Doodarding Well Doodenanning Doodenanning Well Doodlakine Doodlakine Agricultural Area Doodlakine Primary School Doombling Well Doongin Peak Doongin Well Dorakin Gully Dorakin Well Dowerin Agricultural Area Dowerin District High School Dowerin Golf Club Droccadilly Well Dulbelling Dulebanyundy Hill Duranning Rock Durdguding Rock Durgacuttin Rock Durokoppin Nature Reserve Durokoppin Well Dwortwollaking Spring Eagle Rock Eaglestone Hill East Yorkrakine Nature Reserve Eaton Nature Reserve Eaton Sand Hole Ejanding Ejanding Well Elabbin Elashgin Nature Reserve Elashgin Soak Elliot Nature Reserve Erikin Eujinnyn Well Eujinyn Euroa Flea Pool Flea Pool Creek Flowery Patch Nature Reserve Flowery Patch Well Flymy Well Folly Nature Reserve Gabwotting Nature Reserve Gabwotting Well Gimlet Park Glenlee Glenluce Nature Reserve Gnuca Gnucah Soak Goddard Goomarin Gregory Well Gum Park Gundaring Nature Reserve Gundaring Well Hanlon Creek Hardey Well Hill View Park Hindmarsh Hindmarsh Nature Reserve Hines Hill Hines Hill Nature Reserve Hommajelly Gully Hommajelly Well Huandanning Rock Hunts Dam Hunts Well Jelbercutting Jeljelabin Well Jennaberring Jennaberring Agricultural Area Joe Hunter Well Jura Jura Nature Reserve Jureen Rock Jurralling Well Juterin Rock Karembrenin Rock Karomin Hill Karrakin Karrakin Gully Karrakin Well Kauring Kelkering Creek Kelkering Spring Kellerberrin District High School Kellerberrin Golf Club Kellerberrin Hill Kellerberrin Memorial Hospital Kitkittering Creek Kitto Creek Knungajin Hill Kodj Kodjin Kodj Kodjin Nature Reserve Kodj Kodjin Well Kokerbin Hill Kokerbin Nature Reserve Korbel Korbelka Korbelka Golf Club Korbrelkulling Rock Korologan Tank Korrelocking Korrelocking Nature Reserve Korrelocking Well Kukerin Golf Club Kulbullikin Rock Kumbarning Kununoppin Hopsital Kwelkan Kwillalling Well Kwolyin Kwolyin Agricultural Area Kwolyin Hill Kwolyin Microwave Repeater Station Kwolyin Nature Reserve Lake Brown Lake Campion Lake Campion Nature Reserve Lake Dowerin Lake Wallambin Lansdowne Hill Little Dan Hill Livesey Crossing Lockhart River Lockwood Gully Majekine Malyening Soak Mangowine Mangowine Spring Mangowine Well Maughan Nature Reserve Mawson Mawson Television Tower Mcdermott River Meckering Agricultural Area Meckering Golf Club Meckering Primary School Meckering Well Medway Tank Merredin Aerodrome Merredin District Hospital Merredin Golf Club Merredin Microwave Repeater Station Merredin Nature Reserve Merredin Peak Merredin Senior High School Metchering Rock Meuora Milgannine Rock Milligan Well Mindebooka Hill Mindebooka Well Minkadine Brook Minkadine Well Minniebury Minnivale Minutenunning Well Mirage Downs Mobenucking Spring Mokamie Nature Reserve Mokamie Spring Monenbudding Tank Monkopen Well Moodiljing Mooraning Nature Reserve Mooraning Well Mooranoppin Nature Reserve Mooranoppin Rock Mooranoppin Spring Moordebing Morbelling Well Mordinany Waterhole Mortlock Moujakine Moulien Estate Moulien Nature Reserve Moulien Spring Mount Anne Mount Caroline Mount Caroline Nature Reserve Mount Grey Mount Moore Mount Stevens Mount Stirling Mount Stirling Nature Reserve Mournucking Nature Reserve Mournucking Spring Mulamuning Well Mulinoling Well Mulyoungerding Well Naaning Well Nalcain Well Nalkain Nalyaring Rock Nalyaring Well Nalyeenying Spring Namelcatchem Nature Reserve Namelcatchem Well Nan Nan Nan Nan Creek Nangeen Hill Nangeen Hill Nature Reserve Nangeenan Nangeenan Agricultural Area Nangeenan Nature Reserve Nanyanine Well Nareling Gully Nareling Spring Narembeen Golf Club Narkeening Narraloggan Narraloggan Creek Neening Neening Tank Nembudding Nembudding Nature Reserve Nembudding South Nature Reserve Nenin Well Netherton Nimberrin Rock No. 3 Bore No. 3 Pumping Station No. 309 Tank No. 4 Pumping Station Nokaning Nokaning Golf Club Nokaning Rock Nokaning Well Noondecutting Well Noonying Lake Noonying Nature Reserve Nornadeen Spring Norpa Norpa Nature Reserve North Baandee North Baandee Nature Reserve North Bungulla Nature Reserve North Kellerberrin North Kununoppin North Merredin Primary School North Tammin North Tammin Nature Reserve North Trayning North Yelbeni Nowerkin Nukarni Nukarni Nature Reserve Nukarni Rocks Numbanubbing Well Nunegin Hill Nunegin Soak Nungarin Golf Club Nungarin Primary School Nungarin Rock Nuytsia One Moon Well Orana Pantapin Pantapin Nature Reserve Payne Nature Reserve Pericles Point Caroline Pudlycutting Quailing Gully Quairading Qualering Soak Qualering Well Qualin Well Queereding Spring Quelagetting Quelagetting Rockhole Quelcan Well Quibabbin Soak Quonamining Creek Quonamining Well Red Lake Reed Creek Reward Lake Rickeys Rimolin Rocks Roach Nature Reserve Rock Vale Rocklyn Sachses Lakes Saddler Well Salt River Sandy Hill Scott Park Shackleton Shackleton Golf Club Shackleton Lakes Shackleton Nature Reserve Skeleton Pool South Doodlakine South Kununoppin South Merredin Primary School South Tammin South Trayning South West Land Division South Wyola South Yelbeni Springwell Valley St Marys School Swamp Well Talgomine Tammarin Rock Tammarin Soak Tammin Tammin Agricultural Area Tammin Golf Club Tammin Microwave Repeater Station Tammin Primary School Tammin Railway Dam Nature Reserve Tammin Rock Tammin Tank Tandegin Rock Tank Hill Tank Hill Microwave Repeater Station Tank Hill Nature Reserve Tank No. 11 Tank No. 12 Tank No. 13 Taylor Well Telenning Hill The Rock Tighe Bridge Tin Dog Creek Toapin Rock Tomalockin Creek Tongerung Well Tootaning Spring Totadgin Conservation Park Totadgin Rock Totadgin Well Totadgin Well No. 1 Totadgin Well No. 2 Trayning Golf Club Trayning Well Treasure Well Trelawney Tutakin Well Ucarty Ulakine Well Ulva Ulva Nature Reserve WA College of Agriculture Cunderdin Wadderin Wadderin Hill Wadderin Well Waeel Walcancobbing Nature Reserve Walcancobbing Rockhole Wallambin Nature Reserve Warding East Warening Spring Warraling Hill Warraling Well Warralling Creek Warralling Well Warrengidging Brook Warru Bush Watercarrin Watercarrin Well Wattle Hill West Wind West Yorkrakine White Man Rock Wichatopping Spring Wilkamon Well Windy Ridge Winnacutting Spring Wisby Well Wittamuning Rock Wokalbin Woolaring Well Woolbenalling Hill Woolbunglin Well Woolering Well Wooliancubbing Spring Woolundra Woonwoorring Spring Woorabbing Spring Worrenopping Well Worrolocking Wyalkatchem District High School Wyalkatchem Golf Club Wyalkatchem Nature Reserve Wyalkatchem Tank Wyalkatchem-Koorda & Districts Hospital Wyola Wyola Nature Reserve Wyola West Yalbarrin Yampin Yandeyarra Rem Com School Yard Yarding Spring Yarding Yarding Nature Reserve Yarragin Well Yattienundie Yawerlin Soak Yelbene Well Yelbeni Yelbeni Golf Club Yelbeni Nature Reserve Yenelin Well Yennadine Yerapin Rockhole Ygnaterring Spring Ygnaterring Spring Nature Reserve Yilgarn River Yooralling Well Yorkrakine Yorkrakine Hill Yorkrakine Rock Nature Reserve Yoting Yoting North Nature Reserve Yoting Well Youering Rock Youndegin Youndegin Creek Youndegin Hill Young Park Yurigin Soak Cowcowing Lakes Weira Cootaning Tanks Karomin Rocks Koomberkine Bibbining Creek Narkeening Tank Gabwotting Tank Nungarin Hill Namalcatching Well Worrolocking Tank Trayning South Little Dan Danberrin Binjarrabin Rock Elasgin Soak Eaton Soak Numbamubbing Well Namyanine Well Burraguttin Rocks Dulebanyundy Qualering Rock Nalyering Well Cooaling Well Nimberrin Rocks Cunderdin North North Cunderdin Millgannine Rock Woonwoorring Well South Burracoppin Totadjin Well Spring Well Valley Droceadilly Well Mooranoppin Rocks Liveseys Siding Daraining Well Bullerrapping Well Komitun Dam Morebelling Well Komitun Rock Badging Spring Belmunging Yerapin Spring Moulyoungerding Well Yarrakin Well Karenbrenin Rock Nondecutting Well Hardeys Well Chitterberrin Well Coarin Well Yawerlin Creek Mokami Dam Coodarin Dams Bungulluping