Topographic / Ordnance Survey Map


GA SH51 - Kalgoorlie

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This Topographic Map is produced by Geoscience Australia; Australia's national geospatial organisation.
GA topographic maps (many of which are produced in partnership with the Army) are generally older than those maps produced by the State Governments over the same area. This makes GA maps particularly useful for identifying historic features, such as old mines and diggings.
Geoscience Australia maps generally considered to be more pleasing in design and compilation then the more modern State Government productions.

At this scale, 1cm on this map represents 10km on the ground, covering an area of approximately 670km from east to west and 440km nort to south. The contour interval is 500m, with an additional contour at 200m. This map contains natural and constructed features including road and rail infrastructure, vegetation, hydrography, contours, localities and some administrative boundaries.

Please note the date of the map, as this will impact the currency of information, particularly regarding infrastructure, roads, etc.

Locations within this Map

Coolgardie Kalgoorlie-Boulder Kambalda Kambalda West Laverton Leonora Menzies 10 Mile Dam 10 Mile Outcamp 10 Mile Pool 10 Mile Rocks 10 Mile Well 1 Mile Well 11 Mile Bore 11 Mile Dam 11 Mile Well 12 Mile Dam 12 Mile Waterhole 12 Mile Waterhole No. 2 12 Mile Well 14 Mile Creek 14 Mile Dam 14 Mile Rocks 14 Mile Well 15 Mile Dam 16 Mile Bore 16 Mile Soak 16 Mile Well 17 Mile Well 18 Mile Well 19 Mile Rocks 2 Mile Creek 2 Mile Dam 2 Mile Well 21 Mile Well 22 Mile Dam 22 Mile Rocks 22 Mile Well 24 Mile Well 25 Mile Rocks 26 Well 27 Dam 27 Mile Bore 27 Mile Well 27 Well 28 Mile Dam 28 Mile Tank 28 Mile Well 3 Mile Dam 3 Mile Group 3 Mile Well 30 Well 31 Well 316 Mile Ridge Microwave Repeater Statio 32 Mile Bore 32 Mile Dam 32 Mile Well 33 Mile Tank 35 Well 36 Mile Rock 36 Well 38 Mile Well 4 Corner Tank 4 Corners Bore 4 Mile Dam 4 Mile Hill 4 Mile Pools 4 Mile Swamp 4 Mile Well 42 Mile Tank 43 Mile Tank 43 Mile Well 45 Mile Outcamp 45 Mile Tank 45 Mile Well 47 Mile Bore 5 Mile Bore 5 Mile Dam 5 Mile Hill 5 Mile Rockhole 5 Mile Well 50 Mile Claypan 50 Mile Rocks 50 Mile Well 51 Mile Well 54 Dam 6 Mile Dam 6 Mile Dams 6 Mile Mine 6 Mile Rocks 6 Mile Waterhole 6 Mile Well 61 Dam 65 Well 7 Mile Hill 7 Mile Pool 7 Mile Well 71 Mile Dam 71 Mile Rock 71 Mile Well 8 Foot Well 8 Mile Bore 8 Mile Dam 8 Mile Railway Dam 8 Mile Rock Dam 8 Mile Well 9 Mile Creek 9 Mile Dam 9 Mile Rockhole 9 Mile Well 913 Mile Siding A Tank Abednego Hill Acacia Well Adam Range Adelaide Dam Adelaide Dams Admiral Hill Aermotor Well Afghan Well Agnes Gnamma Hole Agnew Agnew Bluff Ajax West Mine Alan Hill Microwave Repeater Station Albert Rockhole Alecs Well Alexander Well Alexandria Bore Alix Junior Mine All Hands Well Allan Well Almond Rock Dam Alpha Mine Amos Community Anderson Bore Anderson Well Andys Bore Andys Bores Anglo Saxon Mine Angus Creek Anketell Dam Anne Well Annettes Well Anniversary Bore Ant Bore Anthony Bore Anthonys End Bore Anthonys Tank Anti Dam April Gift Mine Arcoona Arcoona Woolshed Argument Dam Arlidges Well Armidale Arnold Bore Arrow Lake Arthur Dam Arubiddy Arubiddy Cave Associated G. M. Mine Attona Mine Aubils Bore Aubils Dam Augusta Mine Avoca Downs Away From Home Mine Away From It All Dam B Tank B1 Well B2 Well B3 Well B4 Well Babington Rockhole Baden Powell Group Bailey Creek Bailey Range Baker Bakers Find Mine Bakers Well Balagundi Balagundi Dam Balagundi Well Balancing Rock Balarky Bore Balarky Dam Balarky Rock Balarky Well Bald Hill Bald Hill Bore Bald Hill Dam Bald Hills Bore Balgair Balgarri Bali Bali Microwave Repeater Station Balkan Well Balkis Mine Balpe Lakes Banaby Well Bankonly Dam Bannockburn Bannockburn Well Barba Hills Barbara Barber Well Barbwire Dam Bardoc Bardoc Dam Bardoc Hill Bardoc Tank Bare Hill Barker Lake Barkers Find Barloo Bore Barnicoat Well Barrett Bore Barrett Well Bartlett Bluff Batavia Mine Bats Camp Hill Battery Bore Battery Dam Battery Well Bayes Soak Bayley Beasley Creek Beasley Well Beergaloo Well Beerie Gnamma Hole Beetle Lake Beetle Rock Belgravia Bellevue Bellvue Ben Ben Native Well Benalla Hill Benalla Mine Bennet Dam Bent Stem Dam Beria Beria Main Lode Mine Bernie Bore Berrigan Well Bertha Bore Bertha Creek Betsy Bore Bibbington Well Big Crest Dam Big Dam Big Dick Bore Big Four Group Big Shot Bore Big Tank Big Three Breakaway Big Well Big Wongie Dam Bilah Well Biljie Government Well Bill Well Billabong Dam Billy Billy Hill Billy Goat Hill Binaronca Nature Reserve Binaronca Rock Binda Bindii Tank Binduli Binduli Microwave Repeater Station Binneringie Binti Binti Mine Binti Binti Rocks Binti Binti Well Binti Bore Binyarinyinna Rock Binyarinyinna Rockhole Bird Well Birdie Well Birmingham Hill Birmingham Mine Birthday Bore Birthday Well Bishop Rileys Pulpit Bisicals Tank Bissett Outcamp Bissetts Well Bitter Bore Black Cat Well Black Dam Black Flag Black Flag Lake Black Gin Rocks Black Hill Dam Black Rabbit Black Rabbit Dam Black Range Black Ridge Dam Black Swan Mine Black Tank Well Blackfellow Point Blairs Well Blamey Blanchwater Well Blaze Point Blaze Rockhole Blister Dam Blow Bore Blow Dam Blue Dam Blue Duck Creek Blue Duck Dam Blue Gap Mine Blue Lagoon Claypan Blue Peter Well Blue Robin Hill Blue Robin Rockholes Blue Spec Mine Blue Well Bluebell Bluebell Dam Bluebell Hill Dam Bluebird Bore Bluebush Bore Blues Dam Bluey Well Blueys Well Bluff Point Bob Tank Bob Well Bobbie Point Bobbie Rockhole Bobbys Bore Bobs Bore Bobs Dam Bodalla Pool Bodgie Dam Boggy Corner Dam Boggy Dam Boiler Well Bonds Find Mine Boner Dams Bonnie Doon Bonnie Vale Bonnie Well Bonnies Well Boolallie Rockhole Boolbundie Boolbundie Dam Boomerang Bore Boomerang Dam Boomerang Lake Boomerang Well Boonderoo Boondi Boorabbin Boorabbin Microwave Repeater Station Boorabbin National Park Boorabbin Rock Boorara Boorara Hill Bora Rocks Borderline Bore Bore Agc 2 Bore C Bore D Bore Dam Bore E Bore H Bore No. 8 Bore Well Boreas Well Bores No 6 7 and 9 Borkers Bore Borny Dam Borodale Creek Bottle Creek Bottle Well Bottom Lake Well Boucher Boudie Hill Boudie Rat Gold Mine Boulder Boulder Golf Club Boulder Perseverance Mine Boulder Primary School Boundary Bore Boundary Bore Extension Tank Boundary Dam Boundary Well Bounty Group Bourke Well Box Creek Box Soak Boxers Well Boxhall Park Boyce Creek Boys Well Brady Well Braiser Well Brandy Well Break of Day Well Breakaway Breakaway Bore Breakaway Dam Breakaway Well Brets Bore Brewery Well Brickey Soak Brickey Well Britannia Mine British Flag Mine British Well Brittania Tanks Brittania Well Broad Arrow Broads Dams Broadwood Broken Hill Bore Broken Hill Tank Broken Hill Well Bronc Rock Bronc Rock Dam Bronco Plains Bronco Plains Dam Brook Tank Brooking Hills Brothers Mine Broughtonville Brown Dam Brown Hill Brown Knob Brown Lagoon Brown Lake Brown Well Browns Gap Bruce Dam Brumby Well Bryland Bore Bubbles Rockhole Bubbles Well Buckston Tank Buffer Dam Bulga Waterhole Bull Ant Dam Bull Camel Bore Bull Creek Bull Well Bulla Mack Mine Bulla Rocks Well Bullabulling Bullabulling Reservoir Bulldog Well Bulletin Group Bullion Well Bullock Dam Bullock Hole Bullock Hole Creek Bullock Hole Dam Bullock Hole Well Bullock Holes Bullock Holes Timber Reserve Bullock Well Bullrush Rockhole Bullshead Breakaway Bulong Bulong Dam Bulyairdie Rock Bummer Creek Bundaleer Well Bundarra Bungalo Well Bungalow Well Bungarra Point Bungarra Well Buningonia Buningonia Spring Bunjarra Creek Bunjarra Well Bunyip Dam Burbanks Burke Dam Burley Well Burra Nature Reserve Burra Rock Burt Tank Burton Dam Burton Hill Burtville Burtville Mine Butch Bore Butcher Bore Butcher Well Butchers Well Butterfly Butterfly Well Byer Well C1 Well C4 Well Cabernet Bore Cables Well Cactus Mine Caenyie Rock Calamity Well Calf Dam Calf Skin Bore Callion Calooli Camel Back Bore Camel Bore Camel Dam Camel Gnamma Hole Camel Hump Camel Leases Well Camelback Dam Camelback Soak Cameron Well Campbell Rockhole Campbell Well Camperdown Mine Canegrass Canegrass Lagoon Canegrass Swamp Canyon Dam Cape Marten Caralyaine Caravan Dam Carbine Carbine Bluff Carbine Well Cardiff Castle Mine Cardinia Cardinia Bore Cardinia Creek Cardinia Hill Cardinia Mine Cardunia Rocks Cardunia Rocks Nature Reserve Cardunia Soak Carmelia Dam Carnage Carnage Dam Carnage Lake Carne Hill Carnilya Hill Carosue Dam Carowlyme Hill Carpet Snake Soak Carr Boyd Rocks Carr Boyd Rocks Mine Carr Boyd Well Carr-Boyd Rocks Carritti Dam Carrol Well Carslake Well Carter Well Carters Bore Casey Well Cashmans Castle Well Cat Camp Catchment Dam Catriona Bore Cattle Claypan Cattle Swamp Cattle Tank Cave Hill Cave Rocks Charlies Bore Cheapside Chelia Bore Cherry Well Cherternerlynyer Lagoon Cawse Find Cawse Tank Celebration Bore Celia Bore Cement Bore Cement Creek Cement Hole Well Cement Tank Well Cement Well Chicken Farm Chifley Cement Yards Central Bore Central Tank Central Well Centre Corner Tank Centre Dam Centre Loftys Dam Cessna Dam Chacewater Well Chadwin Chadwin Dam Chadwin Tank Chadwin Well Chaffers Mine Chain Bore Chain of Waterholes Champion Mine Chandlers Breakaway Change Creek Charcoal Well Charleston Well Charlie Chicks Well Charlie Dam Charlie Well Childe Harold Mine Chinaman Well Chingaling Rock Chestnut Well Christchurch Dam Christian Aboriginal School Christies Dam Christmas Bore Christmas Dam Christmas Flat Christmas Gift Christmas Gift Dam Christmas Gift Mine Christmas Mines Christmas Reef Christmas Well Chriton Well Clarile Well Clarks Well Claudius Creek Clay Core Dam Clay Creek Dam Clay Dam Clay Well Claypan Bore Claypan Creek Claypan Dam Claypan Dams Claypan Well Clear and Muddy Lakes Nature Reserve Clear Lake Clianthus Flat Clifford Bore Clifford Creek Clifton Well Cliney Well Clinker Hill Close Well Clover Downs Clymies Well Cobb Well Cobbanco Well Cobbie Well Cobweb Well Cock Robin Well Cockatoo Rocks Cocklebiddy Cave Cocoa Bore Cody Creek Cody Well Codys Bore Coffee Swamp Coffey Bore Coglia Well and Outcamp Cohen Swamp Cohen Swamp Dam Coincidence Bore Cole Well Collards Find Colour Dam Comet Dam Comet Hill Comet Vale Comet Well Common Dam Commonwealth Group Mine Company Well Con Dam Con Lake Condun Rockhole Condun Well Cone Dam Connolly Conroy Bore Cons Lake Dam Consul Consul Well Coodah Waterhole Cooladdie Mine Cooladdie Rock Cooladdie Well Coolathenyia Well Coolgardie Golf and Recreation Club Coolgardie Primary School Cooma Rockhole Coonana Coonana Community Coonana Hill Coonana Timber Reserve Coonmine Well Cooper Pools Cooper Pools Well Copper Well Copperfield Copperfield Domestic Well Corbett Well Corduroy Bore Corida Mine Cork Tree Hill Cork Well Corkscrew Well Corktree Bore Corktree Mine Corktree Well Corner Bore Corner Dam Corner Well Corneys Find Coromandel Well Coronation Dam Coronation Well Corriding Rock Corsair Mine Cosgrove Dam Cosmo Newbery Cosmopolitan Mine Costean Dam Costello Well Cottage Bore Country Dam Cow Well Cowan Hill Cowan Rock Cowarna Downs Cowarna Rockholes Cowarna Rocks Cowarning Rock Cox Find Cox Find Erlistoun Mine Crab Hill Crabby Dam Craig Craiggiemore Craiggiemore Well Craigs Well Crane Point Cranky Jack Rockhole Crawford Soak Crawford Well Credo Credo Group Credo Well Crest Dam Crooked Well Crop Dam Cross Roads Well Crossland Creek Crow Cave Hill Crow Rock Crow Well Crowbar Dam Crowley Bore Crown Dam Crusoe North Mine Cudi Bore Cummings Bore Cundeelee Cundeelee Community Cundeelee Mission Curara Rockhole Curara Soak Curara Well Curlew Well Cuthbert Bore Cutmore Well Cutterblood Rockhole Cutters Luck Cyanide Swamp D Tank D3 Well D4 Well Dad Bore Dadyun Rockhole Dairy Corner Bore Dairy Well Dale Well Dallas Well Danedite Well Daniel Dam Daniels Bore Danjo Well Darby Well Dark Horse Dart Dam Dave Pool David Well Davids Well Davies Bore Davies Corktree Bore Davies Dam Davis Bore Davis Creek Davis Creek Claypan Davis Well Davyhurst Davyhurst Bore Day Rock Days Bore Dead Camel Hill Dead Dog Mine Dead Horse Rocks Dead Mans Soak Dead Sheep Tank Deadend Dam Deadhorse Well Deadman Soak Deeba Bore Deeba Rockhole Deenya Bore Deenya Hill Deep Bore Deep Well Deep Well Mine Defiant Bore Dellar Well Delta Well Denny Bore Dennys Well Depot Hill Depot Rocks Depot Spring Depot Well Derry Snow Bore Desdemona Desdemona Dam Desdemona Mine Devine Well Dewtop Hill Diamond Rock Dick Bore Digger Dam Digger Well Dillon Creek Dimple Bore Dingo Creek Dingo Dam Dingo Hill Dingo Point Dingo Rock Dingo Rockhole Dingo Well Diorite Hill Diorite King Mine Diorite Well Disappointed Hill Distaff Bore Diviners Tank Dixie Group Dixie Well Doctor Hicks Range Dodger Creek Dodger Well Dodgers Hill Dog Dam Dog Gap Dam Doggers Tank Dollypot Bore Don Leahy Memorial Park Donegal Mine Doney Lagoon Donkey Dam Donkey Rocks Donkey Rocks Well Donkey Well Dons Camp Bore Doolan Dam Dordie Rocks Dordie Rocks Nature Reserve Dorina Gnamma Hole Doris Creek Doris Well Dorothy Hills Dots Tank Double Hills Double Tank Double Wells Douglas Lake Downers Tank Doyle Dam Doyle Well Dreadnought Mine Dry Corner Well Dry Dam Dry Paddock Corner Dam Dry Paddock Dam Dry Tank Dry Well Dry White Cliffs Drydens Drys Find Duck Hill Duck Pond Dam Duello Waterhole Duggan Bore Dundas Tank Dungey Table Hill Dunks Well Dunn 8 Mile Dunn Dam Dunns New Find Mine Dunnsville Dunnsville Dam Duplex Hill Durang Gnamma Hole Durgulyie Rock Durham Pool Dam Duri Dusty Dam Dwyer Well Dwyers Bore Dynamite Bore Dynamite Well E Tank Eagle Well East East Desdemona Dam East Kalgoorlie Primary School East Lynne Mine East Rock Dam East Sampson Dam East Terrace East Well Easter Dam Easter Well Eastern Dam Eastern Goldfields Senior High Eastern Goldfields Shs Ed Support Centre Eastern Well Edinboro Castle Mine Edjudina Edjudina Dam Edjudina Range Edjudina Soak Edjudina Well Edwards Mine Eivers Elbe Mine Eldonna Dam Eldorado Mine Eleanor Glen Dam Elizabeth Bore Ellen Dam Ellis Dam Elora Elsie Dam Elsie May Mine Emerald Emerald Mine Emu Dam Emu Flat Emu Hill Microwave Repeater Station Emu Plains Emu Point Tank Emu Rock Dam Emu Rocks Emu Rocks Timber Reserve Emu Tank Emu Well Enclosure Dam Endeavour Bore England Group Eogene Bore Erayinia Hill Eric Well Erlistoun Ernie Well Escott Well Esdaile Creek Ethel Hill Eucalyptus Eucalyptus Bore Eucalyptus Dam Eucalyptus Mine Eulaminna Eulinna Dam Eundynie Eundynie Dam Euro Euro Well Everleigh Well Excelsior Extension Dam Extension Tank Fair Adelaide Fairplay Mine Fairyland Falkiner Dam Far Comet Well Farm Well Farnham Well Federation Federation Well Fenbark Fergies Tank Festival Dam Feysville Feysville Tank Field Bore Fimiston Finches Well Findlay Waterhole Finlayson Microwave Repeater Station Finnerty Dam First Hit Mine Flat Dam Flatrocks Well Fleming Bore Fleming Well Fly Bore Fly Dam Fly Flat Fly Well Flying Fish Mine Foley Well Footie Dam Ford Run Plateau Forestry Dam Forrest Mine Forrest Well Fortune Bore Four Corners Bore Four Corners Tank Four Corners Well Four In Hand Dam Fourth 3 Mile Tank Fox Canyon Bore Foxs Find Mine Francis Well Frank Find Mine Fraser Range Microwave Repeater Station Fred Well Freddie Well French Soak Freshwater Bore Freshwater Swamp Freshwater Well Friday Gnamma Hole Friday Well Frog Dam Fullers Bore Fullers Dam Fullers Well Funeral Dam G.R.I. Hill Gabbling Rock Gabenyering Rock Gadygha Bore Gala Well Galah Dam Galah Rockhole Galah Rocks Galah Well Galbraith Bore Galloway Dam Galvalley Rockhole Gambier Lass Well Gap Well Garden Well Gardiner Well Gardners Find Garibaldi Garibaldi Mine Garnett Bore Gatley Bore Gay Hill Gayle Tank Gear Gedagie Soak Gentle Annie George Bore George Dam George Frederick Mine George Well Geraldton Well German Gerry Bore Gessners Dam Gessners Mine Ghan Dam Ghan Well Ghost Rock Bore Ghost Rocks Ghost Rocks Well Ghost Well Giant Well Gibbert Bore Pumping Station Gibbert Well Gibby Well Gibraltar Gibraltar Mine Gibraltar Rock Gibson Honman Rock Gibson Well Gidji Gidji Dam Gidji Lake Gilbert Well Gilberts Bore Giles Giles Breakaway Gilgai Gilgarna Rock Gilgarna Rockhole Gilgarna Well Gilles Dam Gilles Mcpherson Park Gillis Dam Gimlet Dam Gimlet South Mine Gindalbie Gindalbie Dam Gindalbie Mine Gindalbie Woolshed Gladiator Well Gladstone Mine Glascock Hill Glenorn Gnamma Hole Dam Gnamma Hole Hill Gnarlbine Mine Gnarlbine Rock Gnarpurt Well Gnoladgin Hill Goanna Patch Goat Dam Goddarbie Hill Goddard Creek Goddard Dams Gold Block Mine Golden Age Mine Golden Bell Mine Golden Bell North Mine Golden Horseshoe Mine Golden Lode Mine Golden Pole Golden Ridge Golden Ring Mine Golden Ring Well Golden Valley Mine Golden West Goldfields Water Supply Pipeline Goldfields-Esperance Region Good Friday Bore Goodenough Mine Goongarrie Goongarrie Hill Goongarrie National Park Gooragooggine Goorlitharina Tank Goose Soak Goose Well Gordon Gordon Dam Gordon Mine Gordons Dam Gorge Dam Government Dam Government Rockhole Government Tank Government Well Graeme Tank Grafter Group Granite Bore Granite Corner Well Granite Creek Granite Dam Granite Hill Granite Rock Granite Well Granites Soak Grants Patch Grany Smith Aerodrome Grass Dam Grattan Well Grave Dam Grave Hill Gravel Dam Great Boulder Mine Great Eastern Extended Mine Great Hope Mine Great Ophir Great Victoria Desert Green Dam Green Harp Mine Green Well Gregory Well Grey Dam Grey Mare Creek Grey Mare Well Grosmont Grubnaus Well Grunts Dam Gudarra Gudarra Dam Guildford Dam Gum Creek Gum Creek Well Gum Rockhole Gum Swamp Gum Swamp Dam Gum Tree Bore Gum Tree Dam Gum Well Gum Well Creek Gumbulgera Hill Gundockerta Hill Gunga Gunnadorrah Gunny Dam Guyer Well Gwalia Gwynne Creek Gypsum Well Gyrer Well H K Tank Hack Well Hackets Well Hadfield Well Hage Bore Hagen Creek Hainault Tourist Mine Halag Rock Half Way Bore Half Way Dam Half Way Dams Halfway Bore Halfway Dam Halfway Hill Hamdorf Bore Hamilton Mine Hamilton Well Hammer Hill Hampton Hampton Celebration Mine Hampton Hill Hampton Plains Hampton Town Hampton Town Dam Hancock Hill Hangover Bore Hannan Lake Hannans Hannans Golf Club Hannans North Hannans Primary School Hannans Star Mine Hannans Suburban Area Hanns Camp Hanns Jasper Hill Hanns Knob Hanson Well Happy Go Lucky Mine Harbor Lights Mine Hard Bore Hard To Find Dam Hardes Well Harold Well Harper Lagoon Harrington Well Harris Lake Harriston Harry Dam Harry Seaton Bridge Harry Steinhauser Reserve Hawk Well Hawke Hill Hawkin Hawkins Well Hawks Nest Hawks Nest Well Hayes Hill Hayes New Find Mine Hazlett Cliffs Head Well Headley Dam Headquarters Tank Healey Dam Heather Well Hedleys Dam Hegarty Well Heines Dam Heir Dam Heitman Well Helms Lakes Henderson Well Hendersons Well Henneys Well Heppingstone Find Herberts Tank Hero Well Heron Well Hickies Bore Hicks Well Hidden Secret Mine Hidden Secret Rockhole Higginsville Higginsville Well Hilditch Hill Bore Hill Dam Hill End Hill End Mine Hill Top Mine Hill View Dam Hills Well Hillsborough Mine Hillside Well Hit Or Miss Mine Hobble Gap Hobble Gap Well Hobbs Well Hogan Find Holding Paddock Bore Holey Dam Hollies Tank Home Rule Dam Home Rule Swamp Homestead Bore Homestead Dam Homestead Dams Homestead Well Homeward Bound Mine Honey Queen Bore Honey Queen Well Honeymoon Dam Honeymoon Tank Honeymoon Well Hope Bore Hope Campbell Hill Hope Campbell Lake Hope Mine Hopeless Dam Hopkins Park Horan Lake Horans Big Dam Horans Small Dam Horrys Bore Horse Paddock Bore Horse Paddock Well Horse Rock Bore Horse Rocks Horse Rocks Rockhole Horsepaddock Well Horseshoe Dam Horseshoe Lake Hospital Rocks Host Group House Dams House Well Hugh Bore Hunt Pinnacles Hunters Waterfall Hunts Slate Well Hunts Tank Hurdles Dam Hurry Up Well Hurtles Dam Hut Dam Hyatts Well Hydrogen Bore Hyzbitt Dam Ida H. Ida Hill Well Ida Valley Ida Well Idough Illaara Ruin Inkermann Iron Duke Mine Iron Tank Bore Iron Tank Well Ironstone Dam Ironstone Point Ironstone Well Irwin Hills Irwin Well Island View Hill Isolated Hills Italian Gully Ivanhoe Bore Ivanhoe Mine Ives Rock Ivor Rocks Jack Well Jacks Bore Jackson Bore Jacky Bore Jacob Bore Jamie Bore Janie Bore Jardine Well Jarrah Well Jasper Hill Jasper Hill Mine Jasper Well Jaurdi Jaurdi Dam Jaurdi Hill Jaurdi Well Jaurdie Hills Jd7 Creek Jd7 Well Jeedamya Jeffries Bore Jeffries Well Jeffs Dam Jenkinson Well Jerusalem Jessie Dam Jessop Creek Jessop Well Jiggers Tank Jim Well Jimmy Bore Jimmy Rowe Dam Jindardie Jindardie Creek Jindardie Well Joanna Dam Jockos Bore Joe Hill Joes Bore Johnnies Dam Johnny Well Johnson Bore Johnson Well Johnsons Bore Jonah Well Jones Extension Tank Jorgenson Tank Jorgenson Well Jowetts Well Joy Well Joyce Well Jubilation Jubilee Jubilee Dam Jubilee Hill Jubilee Well Judada Rock Judds Bore Juglah Juglah Rock Julie Dam Jummungie Hill Jumnania Hill Jumnania Rockhole Jump Up Dam Jump Up Well Junction Bore Junction Dams Junction Hill Junction Well Jungle Bore Jungle Dam Jungle Hill Jungle Pool Jungle Well Jurangie Dam Jurangie Hill Just In Time Mine Kalgara Kalgoorlie Kalgoorlie Baptist Church Kalgoorlie Catholic Primary School Kalgoorlie Golf Club Kalgoorlie Microwave Repeater Station Kalgoorlie Primary School Kalgoorlie Regional Hospital Kalgoorlie School of the Air Kalgoorlie/Boulder Aerodrome Kalgurlie Mine Kalin Granite Rock Kalpini Dam Kalpini Hill Kalpini Mine Kambalda East Kambalda Golf Club Kambalda Health Centre Kambalda Mine Kambalda Nature Reserve Kambalda Primary School Kambalda Timber Reserve Kambalda West District High School Kanandah Kangaroo Hills Kangaroo Hills Timber Reserve Kangaroo On Road Dam Kangaroo Plains Dam Kanowna Kanowna Consol Mine Kanowna Dam Kanowna Red Hill Mine Kardordi Rockhole Karlkurla Karlkurla Bushland Park Karnilbinia Karonie Karonie Dam Karramindie Karramindie Forest Karramindie Soak Karridale Mine Katata Creek Kathleen Pool Kauri Bore Kay Dam Kelly Well Kelray Dam Kennedy Bore Kennedy Tank Kent Bore Kent Well Kents Bore Kents Dam Kenty Dam Keora Well Khartoum Dam Kia Ora Dam Kiaki Soaks Kildare Well Kildoonadarra Creek Kildoonadarra Well Kilkenny Creek Kilkenny Soak Kilkenny Well Killaloe Kilmore Hill Kims Dam Kinclaven King Bore King of Clubs King of Creation Mine King of Kings Well King of the Hills Mine King of the Hills Well King of the West Lake King Well Kings Dam Kingsley Well Kintore Kintore Dam Kirby Well Kirgella Rockhole Kirgella Rocks Kirkpatrick Creek Kirkpatrick Well Kitchener Kittel Bore Knapp Hill Knight Gnamma Holes Kookaburra Well Kookynie Kookynie Well Kookynie-Granites Road Well Koorarawalyee Kopai Lake Korong Korong Well Kowtah Krakouer Rock Kunanalling Kunanalling Corner Dam Kunanalling Government Dam Kunanalling Mine Kunanalling Road Dam Kundana Kurnalpi Kurnalpi Dam Kurnalpi Hill Kurnalpi Rockholes Kurrajong Kurrajong Bore Kurrajong Dam Kurrajong Gorge Kurrajong Outcamp Kurrajong Range Kurrajong Swamp Kurrajong Well Kurrawang Kurrawang Community Kurrawang Dam Kurrawang Lake Kurrawang Mission Kurrawang Nature Reserve Lady Bountiful Lady Dowd Mine Lady Evelyn Lady Lillian Mine Lady Nell Mine Lady Rose Dam Lady Shenton Mine Lake Ballard Lake Boonderoo Lake Brown Lake Carey Lake Cowan Lake Dam Lake Emu Lake Emu Dams Lake Goongarrie Lake Gwynne Lake Irwin Lake Lefroy Lake Marmion Lake Mcinnes Lake Minigwal Lake Moriaty Lake Owen Lake Paddock Dam Lake Penny Lake Percy Lake Perkolilli Lake Raeside Lake Rason Lake Rebecca Lake Rivers Lake Roe Lake View Mine Lake View Well Lake Walton Lake Well Lake Well Tank Lake Yindana Lake Yindarlgooda Lakeside Timber Reserve Lakewood Lakewood Lagoon Dam Lamb Well Lamington Lancaster Mine Lancefield Mine Lancefield Well Lane Well Lapage Hill Larkin Outcamp Larkin Well Larkinsa Soak Larkinville Larry Bore Lass O'Gowrie Last Chance Outcamp Last Chance Well Laurie Dam Lavarack Well Laverton Community Laverton District Hospital Laverton Downs Laverton Golf Club Laverton Primary School Lawlers Lawlers Aerodrome Lawlers Creek Lawson Well Leahmans Well Leaky Dam Leavers Well Leech Lakes Lees Dam Lefroy Lehmann Well Leinster Leinster Bore Lemon Rock Lent Well Leo Bore Leo Dam Leo Well Leonora Aerodrome Leonora District High School Leonora Golf Club Levee Bank Dam Levy Well Leydons Dam Leydons Soak Leydons Well Liberty Bore Liberty Group Light Well Lightfoot Lake Lights O'London Well Lignum Lignum Bore Lignum Pool Lignum Swamp Lilian Addicott Rock Lilian Addicott Soak Lilliginni Lilly Pond Well Lillydale Well Lillypond Well Lily Australis Mine Lily Mine Lily Rockhole Limekiln Well Limerick Well Limestone Dam Linden Linden Bore Linden Dam Linden Mine Linden Reward Well Linden Well Lindsay Dam Lindsay Hill Lindsay Mine Lindsay Well Lindsays Bore Lindsays Dam Ling Well Linger and Die Bore Linger and Die Well Little Bore Little Crest Dam Little Dam Little Dick Bore Little Doris Mine Little Hill Dam Little Mill Well Little Namendarra Lake Little Nipper Little Peters Well Little Tin Bore Little View Hill Little Well Little Wonder Mine Little Wongi Dam Llaverton Aerodrome Lloyd Well Loafers Well Loaring Hill Lockyer Well Logans Dam Logans Find London Group Londonderry Lone Pine Dam Lone Pine Tank Lonely Dam Lookout Well Lord Bob Mine Lords Bore Louis Dam Loves Find Low Tank Bore Lower Box Well Lubra Bore Lubra Queen Mine Lucerne Well Lucknow Well Lucky Shot Well Mabel Downs Mine Mabel Gertrude Mine Mabie Tank Mabie Well Macey Hill Mackays Tank Macleay Dam Macs Tank Madman Well Madoonia Downs Maggies Dam Magill Bore Mailman Hill Main Road Dam Main Road Well Majestic Majestic Dam Majestic Mine Majestic Swamp Majestic Timber Reserve Malary Bore Malary Dam Malcolm Malcolm Dam Malcolm Soak Malcolms Bore Maleta Creek Mallee Dam Mallee Hen Point Mallee Hen Rocks Mallock Well Maloneys Dam Maltese Well Mandilla Mandy Bore Mandy Tank Maninga Soak Manners Flat Maori Chief Mine Maori Chief Well Maori Queen Bore Mappa Lake Maranoa South Mine Mareil Margaret Well Marloo Well Marmion Marmion Village Community Maroon Range Maroon Well Mars Bore Marsh Dam Marshall Creek Marshall Pool Marshall Well Marsoak Well Martin Well Mary Bore Mary Mac Mary Mac Mine Mary Mae Mine Mascotte Mason Hill Mason Knob Mathea Well Matt Dam Maurice Bore Mavis Rock Mayday Mine Mayled Dam Maynards Dam Mcauliffe Soak Mcauliffe Well Mccaffery Group Mccarthy Well Mcdougal Tank Mcdunnets Bore Mckay Creek Mckenzie Airstrip Mckenzie Bore Mckenzie Well Mckenzies Blow Mcmahons Windmill Mcmillan Rocks Mcnamara Well Mcpherson Bore Mcphersons No. 1 Dam Mcphersons No. 2 Dam Mctavish Hill Meadow Dam Melita Melville Well Menangina Menangina Hill Menangina Rocks Mendleyarri Menzies Consolidated Mine Menzies Mine Menzies Remote Community School Menzies Tank Merbine Waterhole Meredith Well Merolia Merolia Beacon Merougil Creek Merry Dance Mertondale Mertons Reward Mine Mertons Reward North Mine Metaggart Bore Metters Well Metzke Bore Metzke Find Mexico Dam Mick Adam Mick Dam Mick Gnamma Hole Mid East Tank Middle Middle Barbwire Dam Middle Bore Middle Box Bore Middle Bunyip Dam Middle Dam Middle Hill Middle Scotia Dam Middle Tank Middle Well Mighty Atom Mighty Atom Mine Mikado Mine Mike Bore Mikes Dam Milano Mine Milky Dam Milky Lagoon Milky Well Miller Rockholes Miller Soak Millers Dam Minara Minara Bore Mindanda Mindjuring Rock Mine Dam Mineral Patch Hill Minerie Hill Minetagin Rock Minnie and Evelyn Minnie Hill Minnieritchie Well Miocene Bore Missed Bore Missouri Mistake Well Mistletoe Bore Mistletoe Dam Mitchell Rocks Mitchell Well Mitika Well Mohr Creek Mohr Hill Monaghan Well Mongala Well Monger Bore Monitor Flats Monitor Well Monk Well Montevideo Hill Monty Dam Monument Dam Monument Hill Monument Rock Moochabinna Rock Moochabinna Rockhole Moolyn Well Moon Rock Moonstone Mine Moonyoora Mooree Hill Mooreebar Creek Moornong Well Mootunga Well Mopoke Well Morapoi Morelands Find Mine Morfeys Well Moriaty Well Morley Find Morleys Bore Morris Corner Well Morton Craig Range Moses Well Mount Adamson Mount Ajax Mount Alexander Mount Alfred Well Mount Amy Mount Ballona Mount Barnicoat Mount Barton Mount Belches Mount Bellew Mine Mount Bevon Mount Black Mount Boreas Mount Boyce Mount Boyce Bore Mount Boyce Dam Mount Briggs Mount Burges Mount Carlon Mount Carnage Mount Catherine Mount Celia Mount Celia Mine Mount Charles Mount Charlotte Mount Charnleigh Mount Charnleigh Tank Mount Clarke Mount Clifford Mount Clifford Outcamp Mount Clifton Mount Colindina Mount Crawford Mount Cutmore Mount Dam Mount Davis Mount Dennis Mount Douglas Mount East Mount Eaton Mount Edwards Mount Edwards Microwave Repeater Station Mount Ellis Mount Enniskillen Mount Eric Mount Finnerty Mount Fleming Mount Flora Mount Florence Mount Fouracre Mount George Mount Germatong Mine Mount Gledden Mount Goddard Mount Goose Mount Grant Mount Gwynne Mount Herbert Mount Hickox Mount Hogan Mount Hope Mount Hornett Mount Howe Mount Howe Well Mount Hunt Mount Ida Mount Jessop Mount Jewell Mount Jumbo Mount Keith Mount Keith Bore Mount Kidman Mount Kildare Mount Kilkenny Mount Korong Mount Kowtah Mount Lebanon Mount Leonora Mount Linden Mount Luck Mount Lucky Mount Magnetic Mount Malcolm Mount Malcolm Copper Mine Mount Margaret Mount Margaret Mine Mount Margaret Mission Mount Margaret Mission Tank Mount Margaret Rem Comm School Mount Marion Mount Martin Mount Mason Mount Mcauley Mount Mckenna Mount Mckenzie Mount Mcleay Mount Melita Mount Menzies Mount Millicent Mount Mine Mount Monger Mount Monger Dam Mount Morgan Mount Morgans Mount Morgans Mine Mount Morley Mount Murrin Murrin Mount Nangeroo Mount Newman Mount Niagara Mount Owen Mount Parkin Mount Percy Mount Phoenix Mount Pleasant Mount Quin Mount Redcastle Mount Redcliffe Mount Redcliffe Mine Mount Remarkable Mount Robinson Mount Ross Mount Scott Mount Sefton Mount Shea Mount Silica Mount Stewart Mount Stewart Well Mount Stirling Mount Stirling Government Well Mount Stirling Well Mount Turner Mount Varden Mount Venn Mount Vetters Mount Walter Mount Walton Mount Weld Mount Windarra Mount Yindarlgooda Mount Youle Mount Zephyr Moynalty Well Mud Hut Well Mud Tank Well Muddy Lake Muldolia Creek Mulga Dam Mulga Rockhole Mulga Well Mulgabbie Mulgabbie Dam Mulgabbie Hill Mulgabbie Mine Mulgabbie Perseverance Mine Mulgabiddy Creek Mulgaroona Outcamp Mulgarrie Mulgarrie Dam Mulgarrie Well Mulgarrie Well Mine Mulliberry Well Mulline Mulline Dam Mulline Rock Mullingar Mulwarrie Mulwarrie Dam Mulwarrie Mine Mulwarrie North Mine Mummiall Water Mundale Dome Mundale Lake Mundaring Dam Mundunna West Dam Mungari Mungari Dam Munjeroo Munjil Soak Murdonna Hill Muriel Bore Murphy Well Murrays Bore Murrin Murrin Murrin Murrin Aerodrome Mushroom Well Music Well Musson Soak Myalie Well Myall Rockhole Myamin Dam Mybitt Dam Nagel Dam Naismith Bore Nalarine Rock Nambi Nambi Village Community Nambrock Nambrock Creek Namendarra Lake Namendarra Well Nanairie Rockhole Nancara Rockhole Nangeroo Mine Napalgunia Creek Napier Well Nardoo Rockhole Naretha Naretha No. 1 Bore Nargalgerri Rock Nargundy Well Narie Point Narra Spring Native Well Native Willow Bore Neale Basin Landing Ground Neale Breakaways Neale Junction Neale Junction Nature Reserve Nearanging Well Nepean Never Can Tell Bore Nevertire Bore New Australia New Australian Bore New Boddington New Bore New Canegrass Dam New Chum Bore New Crest Dam New Gnamma Hole Dam New Gordons Dam New Hage Bore New Mexico New North Boulder Mine New Pioneer Tank New Pole Dam New Sheep Yard Dam New Victoria New Victoria South New Well New Year Gift Mine Newlands Dam Newtown Creek Ngalbain Niagara Niagara Creek Niagara Dam Niagara Falls Nicholson Well Ninevah Bore Ningamia Community Nippy Bore Nixon Well No 1 West Tank No 2 West Tank No Name Gnamma Hole No. 1 Bore No. 1 Dam No. 1 Mulwarrie Well No. 1 Tank No. 1 Well No. 10 Bore No. 10 Well No. 11 Bore No. 11a Bore No. 13 Bore No. 17 Well No. 2 Bore No. 2 Dam No. 2 Tank No. 2 Well No. 24 Bore No. 3 Bore No. 3 Dam No. 4 Bore No. 4 Dam No. 4 Tank No. 41 Dam No. 48 Tank No. 5 Bore No. 5 Well No. 5a Bore No. 6 Bore No. 7 Dam No. 7 Well No. 8 Pumping Station No. 9 Well Nobel Dam Nodule Dam Noonan Dams Noondiana Swamp Noora Well Nord Rockhole Norman Dam Norman Well North Batavia Mine North Bore North Burton Tank North Dam North East Bore North Ewe Dam North Kalgoorlie Primary School North Kalgurlie Mine North Lead Mine North Mill Well North Pool North Star Mine North Well North West Dam North White Feather Mine Northlander Group Norton Dam Now and Again Well Nowhere Else Dam Nugget North Dam Nugget On the Fence Dam Nugget South Dam Nulerie Waterhole Nulerie Well Nungal Mine Nuyts Nyborgs Find Oak Bore Oak Dam Oak Well Oakley Oban Bore Oberwyl Hill O'Brien Well O'Briens Well O'Connor Education Support Centre O'Connor Primary School O'Donnel Well Off Chance Mine Ogilvie Ogilvie Well O'Keef Well Old 16 Mile Well Old 54 Dam Old Bore Old Canegrass Dam Old Condun Well Old Crest Dam Old Dam Old Euro Well Old Government Well Old Gum Creek Well Old Harriet Mine Old Homestead Dam Old Homestead Well Old Humpy Well Old Joe Soak Old Pinjin Old Plough Dam Old Pole Dam Old Station Well Old Well Old Wild Dog Dam Old Woolshed Well Oldfield Oldfield Well Oliver Twist Well Olly Dam Olly Swamp O'Loughlin Dam O'Loughlin Rock Olympic Bore Olympic Tank One Tree Dam One Tree Well Ophir Bore Ora Banda Orbring Bore Orchin Orient Well Oroya South Mine Ossie Well Otto Well Ottrey Well Our Swamp Our Swamp Dam Outcamp Bore Outcamp Dams Outcamp Well Oversight Owen Hill Paddie Dam Paddie Tank Paddington Paddy Dam Paddy Knob Bore Paddy Well Paillard Find Papertalk Brook Paradise Bore Paradise Well Paramount Mine Pardon Me Tank Paringa North Mine Paris Mine Park Dam Parker Hill Parkeston Parks Well Patch Dam Patricia Patsie Tank Patsy Bore Paul Well Pauls Bore Pawnshop Well Pearce Bore Pearl Shell Well Pearlshell Penglaze Dam Peninsula Penny Dam Pennys Find Mine Pennyweight Point Well Penzance Hill Peperill Hill Peperill Rockhole Peppertree Dams Peppertree Outcamp Peppertree Well Percy Well Perkolilli Perkolilli Dam Perrinvale Outcamp Perron Dam Perseverance Bore Perseverance Well Peter Dam Peter Well Peters Bore Peters Dam Peters Hill Peterson Outcamp Peterson Well Peyes Farm Dam Phantom Well Phil Bore Philip Dam Phillip Photo Bore Piarrie Rockhole Piastoon Well Piccadilly Piccadilly Well Pick and Shovel Dam Pickaway Well Pig Bore Pig Flat Pig Well Pig Well Bore Pigeon Hole Pigeon Swamp Pilaming Rock Pilbailey Hill Pindinnis Bore Pindinnis Flat Bore Pindinnis Soak Pindinnis Well Pine Tree Caves Pine Well Pineapple Dam Pinjin Pinjin Hill Pinjin Rockhole Pink Eye Corner Tank Pink Well Pinnacle Well Pinnacles Pinnacles Dam Pinnacles Tanks Pinnacles Well Pinto Bore Pioneer Pioneer Microwave Repeater Station Pioneer Tank Pipeclay Peaks Pipeline Bore Pitcher Range Plain Dam Plains Dam Playground Bore Pleiades Lakes Plummer Well Plumridge Lakes Plumridge Lakes Nature Reserve Point Agnes Point Banks Point Bott Point Charlie Point Freeman Point Moss Point Salvation Point Sunday Point Uhr Poison Creek Poitrel Well Pole On the Road Dam Polo Bore Polo Prince Well Pondana Ponds Well Pooches Dam Pool Rock Pool Well Poorkana Creek Porcupine Bore Porkies Well Poseidon Possie Well Pothole Dam Powder Dam Power Equipped Bore Premier Downs Prendergast Well Presleys Tank Prince of Wales Mine Princess Alix Mine Princess Alix South Mine Princess Bore Princess Iris Mine Probert Well Proprietory Extended Mine Prospector Pool Providence Bore Pub Well Pulpit Hill Pump Well Pumping Station Well Pumping Well Dam Puncture Tank Puncture Well Punjadda Hill Punjadda Soak Pyke Hill Pyke Hollow Pyke Well Quaich Bore Quairnie Rock Quandinnie Well Quandong Quartz Blow Soak Quartz Peak Quartz Well Queen Lapage Mine Queen Margaret Mine Queen Victoria Spring Queen Victoria Spring Nature Reserve Queensland Querry Dam Quick Dam Quondong Dam Quondong Tank Quondong Well Railway Dam Rainbow Bore Rainbow Dam Rainbow Well Ram Dam Ram Well Ranch Well Randalls Randalls Dam Randell Dam Randell Hill Randell Timber Reserve Rando Bore Randwick Hill Randwick Mine Ranford Bore Ranford Peak Rasmussen Park Rattle Dam Rawlinna Record Well Recovery Mine Recovery Well Red Bluff Gully Red Bore Red Dam Red Flag Well Red Gate Well Red Hill Red Hill Well Red Knob Outstation Red Knob Well Red Lake Red Peak Flat Red Peak Gully Red Table Hill Red Tank Red Well Redbank Mine Redcastle Redcastle Government Well Redcastle Well Redeemed Mine Redling Well Redmine Reedy Dam Reef Dam Reef Four Tank Reef Hill Reef Tank Reel Dam Reetz Creek Reichelt Find Mine Reid Find Mine Reid Well Reids Dam Reidy Swamp Reidy Tank Reidy Well Reidys Bankup Dam Reisling Bore Relief Gnamma Holes Relief Hill Relief Well Renfrey Well Reprieve Dam Reptile Dam Rest Dam Riche Richie Bore Richies Mine Richmond Gem Mine Riddle-Loan Hand Mine Rifle Point Ringlock Dam Riverina Riverina Mine Riverina South Mine Robbies Well Robbs Dam Robinson Crusoe Mine Robinson Mine Robinson Well Rock Circle Gnamma Holes Rock of Ages Mine Rockhole Bore Rockhole Dam Rocky Creek Rocky Dam Rocky Well Roe Hills Roger Spring Roman Well Rose Dam Ross Dam Rotary Peace Park Rotorua Well Rough Gap Round Dam Round Hill Rowe Range Rowena Mine Rowes Dam Rowles Lagoon Rowles Lagoon Conservation Park Royal Arthur Bore Royal Harry Roys Well Roysalt Rudds Dam Rufus Hill Rules Bore Rundle Dam Rundle Rock Rungee Bore Rungee Well Russels Well Rutter Soak Rutters Dam Rutters Grave Ryans Find Rymer Park Saddle Dam Saddle Hills Saddle Tank Sadie Safari Bore Safari Extension Tank Sailor Prince Mine Sally Bore Salmon Dam Salt Bore Salt Bush Creek Salt Creek Salt Dam Salt Lake Dam Salt Well Saltbush Dam Saltbush Tank Salty Jumpup Dam Salvation Well Samphire Tank Sampson Dam Sampsons Dam Sams Bore Samson Well Sand Hill Well Sand Queen Mine Sandalwood Bore Sandalwood Tank Sandy Camp Creek Sandy Camp Well Sandy Soak Sandy Well Sarah Jane Wilson Park Sardine Dam Satellite Well Savage Captain Mine Savannah Bore Saw Pit Well Sawmill Dams Sawyer Bore Sawyers Bore Scahill Timber Reserve Scherk Range Schmidt Pools Schmidt Well School Bore Scorpion Bore Scorpion Rock Scorpion Well Scotch Star Mine Scotia Scotia Dam Scotia Mine Scottish Lass Well Scotty Creek Scotty Well Scrubby Tank Scull Dam Seabrook Hills Seabrook Rock Sebastion Seddon Bore Seemore Downs Segies Well Separation Tank Separation Well Seven Sisters Shady Well Shallow Bore Shallow Dam Share Dam Sharman Well Shay Cart Range Shearing Shed Dam Shed Bore Shed Dam Shed Well Sheehan Swamp Sheep Dam Sheep Yard Dam Sheep Yard Flat Well Shepherd Well Sheralee Dam She'S Right Well Shorty Dam Shorty Well Siberia Siberia Government Tank Siding Dam Siding Well Signal Point Silica Hill Dam Silt Dam Silver Tank Silvers Dam Simplex Hill Simpsons Bore Simpsons Well Sinclair Soak Sitora Well Skeleton Well Ski Well Skippy Bore Skull Creek Skull Rock Skylab Well Slate Dam Slate Well Slattery Dam Slaughter Yard Well Sligo Creek Slippery Dam Slocum Dam Small Pool Small Turkey Dam Smith Bore Smith Dam Smith Well Smithfield Smiths Dam Smoodgers Hill Snake Bore Snake Gully Dam Snake Gully Well Snake Hill Snake Well Snowden Well Snowies Well Snows Dam Snowy Bore Snowy Well Snowys Well Soak Well Soapy Head Well Soda Well Sollys Find Somerville Somerville Suburban Area Sons of Gwalia Mine Sons of Westralia Mine South Boulder South Boulder Suburban Area South Dam South East Rocks South Extension Bore South Gippsland Group South Kalgoorlie South Kalgoorlie Primary School South Kalgurlie Mine South Outcamp South Pinnacle South Soak South Tank South Well South Windarra Mine Southern Dam Sovereign Mine Sowerline Bore Sowerline Well Sowine Soak Spargoville Sparks Dam Sparks Well Speakman Well Spear Rock Specimen Hill Mine Speculation Bore Spider Well Spinifex Range Spinifex Rocks Spinifex Well Split Rock Split Rock Dam Split Rock Well Split Rocks Spotted Dog Hill Spring Bore Spud Flat Well Spur Well Sputnik Well Spy Hill Square Dam Squeakers Hill St Ives St Patrick Well Stacks Dam Stacks Hole Dam Stacks Well Stairway Dam Stake Yard Well Stan Dam Stans Dam Star Dam Star of Fremantle Star of Wa Star Well Starboard Well Start Hill State Forest No. 8 Statesman Well Station Creek Station Creek Pumping Station Station Well Steel Tank Well Steeple Hill Stella Range Stephen Well Steve Bore Steve Dam Steve Well Steves Dam Stevies Tank Stewart Stewart Well Stock Well Stockyard Dam Stockyard Well Stone Soak Well Stone Trough Bore Stone Well Stoneville Stoney Dam Stony Hill Stony Point Streich Mound Studs Bore Stumpy Dam Sturt Meadows Sudden Jerk Sudden Jerk Mine Sullivan Creek Sullivan Well Sunday Bore Sunday Mine Sunday Soak Sunday Well Sundown Tank Sunrise Bore Sunrise Dam Sunrise Dam Aerodrome Sunrise Well Sunset Bore Sunset Well Supplement Bore Surprise Granite Surprise Granite Rockholes Surprise Mine Survey Dam Swamp Dam Swamper Point Swan Bore Swan Group Swan Lake Swincer Creek Swincer Mine Swincer Well Sydenham Sydney Mint Sydney Simpson Cliffs Symons Hill Symons Hill Bore Table Hill Table Well Talbot Hill Talbot Soak Talbot Well Talc Lake Talcum Dam Tampa Tampa Hill Tank Dam Tank No. 1 Tank No. 3 Tank No. 4 Tank No. 5 Tank No. 6 Tank No. 7 Tank No. 8 Tantalite Hill Mine Tarmoola Tassy Well Tattersall Taubert Bore Taurus Taurus Dam Taurus Gnamma Hole Taylor Well Tea Pot Dam Teddy Dam Telegram Bore Telegraph Dam Telephone Dam Teleware Well Terry Dam Teutonic Teutonic Bore Teutonic Mine Teutonic Well Thatcher Soak The Bluff Mine The Boats The Bounty Shaft The Box Soak The Coffin Hole The Dog Gap The Florence Mine The Folly Outcamp The Fountain Spring Gnamma Hole The Gap Bore The Gem The Horse Well The Oaks The Shed Well The Stone Soak The Swamp Dam The Terraces The Two Sisters Theil Well Thelma Dam Thelmas Tank Thomas Dam Thompson Well Thompsons Folly Dam Thooto Pool Thowell Well Three Dagoes Well Three Eights Three Eights Dam Three Gates Dam Three Gates Well Three Gates Yard Three Gum Dam Thunderstorm Tank Thursday Rock Ti Tree Dam Tierney Spring Tigertrap Gully Tin Dog Flat Tindals Tipperary Dam Tobin Hill Toby Well Tom Rock Tommie Dam Tommy Bore Tommys Well Toomey Hill Toonarrie Rock Toorak Reservoir Tootalilya Waterhole Top Box Well Top Dam Top Lake Well Top Pool Top Swamp Top Well Toppin Hill Tower Bore Tower Hill Mine Town Dam Trafalgar Tragedy Well Trans Dam Trans-Australian Railway Trap Rock Hill Treasure Mine Treval Bore Trevan Well Trevors Bore Trial Well Triangle Bore Triangle Mine Trig Hill Trig Well Trigg Bore Triggers Bore Triumph Battery Trivalve Well Trump Mine Tunney Well Turkey Creek Turkey Dam Turkey Flat Dam Turkey Hill Turkey Point Turkey Tank Turkey Well Turkey West Dam Turn of the Tide Turturdine Rock Twin Bores Twin Dam Twin Hills Twin Hills Dam Twin Hills Tank Twin Hills Well Twin Peaks Twin Tank Twin Tanks Two Bills Well Two Boys Mine Two Chinamen Mine Two Dams Two Dees Mine Two D'S Well Two Gum Dam Two Lids Bore Two Lids Soak Two Springs Two Tanks Well Two Wells Ubini Udardunging Gnamma Hole Udarra Soak Ularring Ularring Rock Ularring Soak Uncle Tom Mine Unexpected South Mine Unfinished Well Union Jack Well United Bore United Group United Well Upper Scotia Dam Upurl Upurlila Ngurratja Community Urana Tank Uraryie Rock Useless Dam Valais Well Vegetable Well Vetters Dam Vetters Sand Hill Vettersburg Victor Well Victoria Enterprise Mine Victoria Mine Victoria Rock Victoria Rock Nature Reserve Victory Victory Bore Victory Corner Well Victory Creek Victory Dam Victory Heights Victory Mine View Hill Violet Hill Virgin Dam W W 13 Bore Wadabuna Rock Waddalynia Bore Waddalynia Rock Hole Waihi Battery Mine Waihi Dam Waihi Hills Wait A While Well Waitara Well Waite Kauri Well Walkers Bore Wallaby Dam Wallaby Knob Wallaby Rocks Timber Reserve Wallangering Rock Wallangie Soak Wallaroo Wallaroo Rock Wallaroo Rock Conservation Park Wallbrook Hill Wallbrook Swamp Dam Walling Rock Walogerina Rock Walogerina Soak Walsh Rock Wanaway Well Wanda Rockhole Wanda Wanda Creek Wandarie Well Wandarrie Bore Wandarrie Dam Wandarrie Tank Wandary Well Wanderer Mine Wandery Well Wandinnie Well Wangalli Rockhole Wangine Lake Wangine Soaks Wangine Well Wargangering Rock Waroonga Mine Warrior Mine Watson Dam Watson Well Watt Hills Wattle Dam Wealth of Nations Mine Weane Soak Webb Hill Webster Find Webster Well Weddison Well Weebo Weebo Bore Weebo Well Weebun Bore Weeladdie Well Welcome Well Weld Wellington Dam Wellington Group Wellington Mine Wendys Bore West Bore West Canegrass Dam West Dam West Kalgoorlie West Kalgoorlie-Esperance Railway West Lamington West Mill Well West Terrace Hill West Well West Yard Western Dam Western Well Westons Well Westralia Tasmania Mine Westward Ho Well Whale Mine White Bore White City Well White Cliffs White Cloud Cliffs White Cloud Well White Dam White Elephant Dam White Feather Main Reefs Mine White Feather Reward Mine White Flag Dams White Flag Lake White Gate Dam White Hope White Lake White Quartz Dam White Quartz Well White Well Whitehead Dam Whitehead Find Mine Whitelead Dam Whites Dam Wibboo Wibboo Gnamma Hole Widgiemooltha Widgiemooltha Creek Widgiemooltha Hill Wiladdi Soak Wilbah Wilbah Outstation Wilban Wilco Bore Wild Dog Dam Wild Dog Dams Wild Night Hill Wildara Outcamp Wildara Pinnacle Wildcat Mine Wildcat Well Wilga Bore Wilga Dam and Outcamp Wilga Hill Wilga Well Wilkinson Range Willey Lakes William Bore William Wenzel Park Williamstown Willow Dam Wills More Outcamp Wills More Well Wilson Bore Wilson Creek Wilson Creek Well Wilson Dam Wilson Government Well Wilson Patch Mine Wilson Range Wilson Well Wilsons Patch Well Wilsons Tank Winalot Well Windanya Windanya Dam Windarra Windarra Mine Windarra Well Windich Brook Windich Brook Well Windsor Well Windy Bore Windy Dam Windy Well Wingarnie Wingarnie Tank Wingarnie Well Winston Well Wollubar Wollubar Dam Wombola Wombola Dam Wombola Mine Wonder Well Wongatha Wonganarra Community Wongi Bore Wongi Dam Wongi Hill Wongi Soak Woodcutter Dam Woodcutters Tank Woodie Dam Woodline Bore Woodline Dam Woodline Hills Woodline Well Woods Dam Woolgangie Woolgangie Microwave Repeater Station Woolibar Woolie Bore Woolshed Dam Woolshed Well Woolubar Workman Well Wyerri Bore Wyo Well Wyuna Bore X Tank Yabboo Hill Yalca Hill Yaljeri Rockhole Yalla Burra Soak Yallari Timber Reserve Yallari Well Yallurnie Lake Yamarna Yandamurrinia Bore Yandanjerry Dam Yandulla Rockhole Yangan Hill Yangan Rockhole Yankee Doodle Dam Yard Dam Yardilla Bore Yardilla Dam Yardilla Tank Yardina Rock Yardina Soak Yarmany Rock Yarrara Native Well Yarri Yarri Battery Yarri Gnamma Hole Yellow Dam Yellowtail Bore Yendang Rock Yeo Yeo Creek Yeo Hills Yeo Lake Nature Reserve Yerdanie Rock Yerdanie Well Yerilla Yerilla Creek Yerilla Creek Dam Yerilla Well Yilga Well Yilgangi Yilgangi Dam Yilgangi King Yilgangi Queen Yilgangi Well and Dam Yilkari Yillaree Cliffs Yilmia Yilmia Dam Yilmia Hill Yindarlgooda Yindi Yindi Dam Yindi Rock Yindi Woolshed Yintarri Rem Com School Yoada Tank Young Camel Bore Yowie Hill Yowie Rock Yowie Rockhole Yundaga Dam Yundagabbie Well Yundamindera Yundamindra Yundhajibbie Rocks Yundhajibbie Soak Yunndaga Zanthus Zoroastrain Zuleika Cosmo Newberry North Pinnacle Number Seven Dam Lake Yeo Masons Knob Windy Ridge Mulga Hill Wallaby Nobs Malleehen Point Pulpit Rock Dunges Table Hill Carr Boyd Rockholes Wildara Double Hill Fourteen Mile Creek Bundara Point Moore Mulgaroona Mummiali Water Point Kidman Kaolin Cliffs Admiral West Terrace Mount Cudmore Penzance Lucky Ridge Dodgers Baileys Creek Craiggiemore Siding Roof Hill Rason Lake Mount Gooses Hazlett Range Hawks Nest Siding Hawk Nest Maori Downs Mount Toppin Crane Cave Point Morgans Knob Point Montevideo Benalla Naries Point Windich Creek Gwalia Station Mount Nangeru Eulaminna Station Bobbies Point Perrin Vale Melita Siding Wilga Butterfly Station Clear Hill Cobbanco Yendang Hill Mount Hornet Niagara Station Jessop Well Station Myamin Station Ten Mile Dam Wilgareton Siding Six Mile Dam Rivenna Eight Mile Railway Dam Lake Shepperd Three Mile Dam Paperbark Brook Paperbark Creek Coorara Soak Daveyhurst Pinjin Well Fifty Mile Claypan Four Mile Dam Wangine Soak Canegrass Siding Whitehead Whitehead Find Whiteheads Find Number One Dam Coonmine Soak Fifty Mile Clayhole Sixty-one Dam Eulinna Nearanging Soak Uddadunning Rock Fourteen Mile Dam Fifty-four Dam Emu Rock OLoughlin Dam Pilaming Well Creedo Creedo Well Udardunging Soak Half Way Hill Six Mile Well Number Four Dam Deadmans Rock Mount McLeay Twenty-two Mile Dam Yellowtail Rockhole Six Mile Waterhole Number Three Dam Penny Lake Five Mile Dam Four Mile Hill Old Soldiers Corner Tank Six Mile Mine Twenty-seven Dam Gidji Siding Jubilee Lake Lake Lapage Seventy-One Mile Rock Cooragooggine Lake Eight Mile Dam Seventy-one Mile Dam Number Two Dam Five Mile Hill Beerie Rockhole Parkeston Station Cumbulgera Gumbulgera Mount Charlotte Reservoir Twenty-eight Mile Dam Golden Mile Fifteen Mile Dam Two Mile Dam OConnor Education Support Centre OConnor Primary School Doodoogooing Rock The Ponton Eight Mile Rock Dam Wattaroo Rock Kamballie Bindli Tank Timberfield Limestone Rockhole Nine Mile Dam Yallurnie Waterhole Eleven Mile Dam Wallangering Mungari Station Golden Ridge Station Six Mile Dams Number Forty-one Dam Flat Rock Juglan Rockhole Jumnania Jumnania Rockholes Skeleton Rock Three Mile Group Randell Station Cardonia Rocks Calooli Siding Goddarbie Ubini Siding Tindalls Mount Munger Cowarna Sheehans Fourteen Mile Rocks Celebration Carowlmye Hill Coonaanna Lass OGowrie Karagiobe Soak Yandallah Creek Moorebar Creek Yarrara Well Waddalynia Rockhole Merouine Waterhole Horse Rock Hunts Slato Well Ben Ben Well Kopai Cliffs Kopal Cliffs Yerdani Well Uraryie Urarie Bulrush Soak Quairnie Soak Queen Victoria Rock Durgulyie Soak Koongornin Saint Ives Yallaburra Soak Yalga Yalga Hill Qualch Bore Ten Mile Rock Larkinville Station Widgemooltha Lignum Waterhole Murdunna Hill Wadabuna Kelly Rock Agony Rock Lookout Rock Daylight Rock Junction Rock Brown Rock Hayes Eundyne First King Simon Hill Simon Hill Wells Fifty Mile Rock Wilgarnie Rock Mcphersons Number Two Dam Goorlitherinja Dam Mcphersons Number One Dam Little Peter Lake Lake View Rock Twenty-Six Mile Rock Number Four Bore Twenty-Five Mile Rock Moochabinia Spring Thirty-Six Mile Rock Hillarys Boat Harbour