Topographic / Ordnance Survey Map


Nullarbor Plain
GA SH52 - Nullarbor Plain

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This Topographic Map is produced by Geoscience Australia; Australia's national geospatial organisation.
GA topographic maps (many of which are produced in partnership with the Army) are generally older than those maps produced by the State Governments over the same area. This makes GA maps particularly useful for identifying historic features, such as old mines and diggings.
Geoscience Australia maps generally considered to be more pleasing in design and compilation then the more modern State Government productions.

At this scale, 1cm on this map represents 10km on the ground, covering an area of approximately 670km from east to west and 440km nort to south. The contour interval is 500m, with an additional contour at 200m. This map contains natural and constructed features including road and rail infrastructure, vegetation, hydrography, contours, localities and some administrative boundaries.

Please note the date of the map, as this will impact the currency of information, particularly regarding infrastructure, roads, etc.

Locations within this Map

Albala-Karoo Well Diamond Bore Underground Tank Maurice Shed Mobun Well Peelunibee Water Naya Tower Trig Yalbala-Karu Tietkens Trig White Wells Cave Tietkens Plain Diprose No 2 Cave Cheddidinga Croyiana Yangoonabie Bore Kundalabi Purcell Dams Diamond Bore Tower Mallabie Tank Gilgarabbie Bore Jubilee White Well Bore Irish Well Guddy Well Pilpuppie Well Nullarbor Plain Catacombs Cave Bunburra Rockhole Clay Dam Cave Yalla Rockhole Baragunna Rockhole Chintawanta Well Len Beadell Tree Border Village Eyre Well Parlabilli Rockhole Merdayerrah Wells Wombat Tank Bunabie Blowhole Maralinga Blowhole Maralinga Airfield 639 Mile Siding Paling Range Bunabie Rockhole Koolkoona Dam Cootabbie Rockhole Illcumba Wells Karduna Yalata Koomooloobooka Cave Hughes 3 Knowles Cave Wallabie Rockhole Warren Trig Lynn Trig Ingolinna Rockhole Clear View Trig Chinnamina Rockhole White Wells Blowhole Wilson Bluff Paling Rockhole Fresh Bore Trig Coroma Well Dog Fence Beach Yvonne Trig Albala-Karoo Bore Hundred of Russell Tallowan Hut Tallowan Hill Giniwarra Tank Tuljira Murrawijinie No 2 Cave Tivin Kimel Hundred of Bice Kujabbi Mallabie Dam Ilgamba Joanne's Cave Giants Head Tabledo Lake Serpentine Lakes Choolalie Lake Yarle Lakes Yalata Aboriginal School Nanwarra Palinar Rockhole Murrawijinie No 1 Cave Ooldea Soak Dhulanda Guienewarra Rockhole Winniyabi Rockhole El Yoonabie Palya Trig Vokes Hill Corner Coolbong Well Kite Roberts Well Wangunyah Sandhills Yalata Roadhouse Great Victoria Desert Koodhabbi Jindarnga Deborah Trig Choolkooning Rockhole Muckera Rockhole Penangully Well Paringa Rockhole Wahgunyah Conservation Reserve Ilcumba Cowie Marram Tanks Murrawijinie Caves Koomalboogurra Nullarbor Theale Trig Bundulla Rockhole Hughes 2 Crawford Wells Brown Trig Warbla Cave Jigala Rockhole Ivy Tank Warldarie Parlkalidga Rockhole Kurra Trig Halinor Lake Wirinjinna South Base Trig D'Entrecasteaux Reef Wirratinna Rockhole No 6 Bore Iles des Martins Murrawijinie No 3 Cave Tallowan Tank Pantatha Rockhole Wyola Lake Horse Well Walbunabbi Rockhole Boundary Trig Niall Well Voakes Hill Corner Chintumba Well Iles Montenotte Coymbra Well Fisher Railway Siding Bildoo Travertine Trig Wahgunyah Hut Biduna Rock Water Bandela Rockhole Tuckaby Well Chilbinga Native Dam Waltabie Tank Allan Chadwick Roadstrip Dick Plains Tank Ginibugarra Tank One Tree Trig Midgening Native Dam Ocock Sandhills Reid No 1 Bore Winderabbi Native Dam Vokes Hill Walabi Eyre Police Station Warbla Track Blowhole No 1 Yooldia Maralinga Tjarutja Land Roadside Waldana Well Burnabi Rockhole Taranaki Old Eyre Highway Bildoolja Rockhole No 2 Bore Seventh Camping Area Diprose Caves Albala Karoo Bore Shaft White Wells Parinya Rockhole Diprose No 1 Cave Kudna Rockhole The Catacombs Cundalabbie Tank Coroma Hut Lake Dey-Dey Bloggs Trig Nanwoora Well Denman 1 Great Australian Bight Marine National Park Government Camp Well Punthanna Soakage Waldoona Spring Wahgunyah Disappointment Cave Sheoak Trig BP Travellers Village Hotel Motel Yeer Comban Cowie Ooldea Yangoonabie Tank Guinewarra Tank Ooldea Railway Station Gill Soak Moloch Trig Wahgunyah Conservation Park Kangoordoon Lake Auwuri Wurwurkooloo Arndinga Native Dam Kaldiyerra Breakaway Graveyard Cave Mount Tabby Tabby Peluby Warburton Trig Batt Tanks Trial Well Shoulder Hill Murdierung Toolgerie Rockhole Tallowan Well Currieifethra Well Flat Top Trig Red Gate Tank Kombera The Bunda Plateau Wild Dog Trig Yalata Swamp Wigunda Cave Oak Valley Unnamed Conservation Park Churina Dam Illcumba Landing Nurrari Lakes Mallabie Rockhole Merdayerrah Sandpatch One Tree Burragunnia Rockhole Wahgunyah Well Two Hills Voakes Hill Ooldea Bore Moondrah Tanks Goondelumba Well Buldana Horse Tank Ooldea Hill Marcoo Rainbow Trig Weekes Cave Wilbania Rockhole Maurice Tank Wearing Well Cuddy Well Diprose No 3 Cave Hughes 1 Bates Railway Siding Ouldabinna Well Twin Rocks Ivy Cave Croydon Trig Kychinanna Claypan Watson Railway Station No 7 Bore Kumbera No 2 Tank Kumbana Pildillie Creek Tank Cave Jubilee White Well Gray Well Pooldardna Tank Warbla Track Blowhole No 2 Karribidhera Well Emu Landing Ground Yirgila Bates Trig Paarinya Parino Rockhole Bumbira Denman Railway Siding Hughes Railway Station MacLennan Ridge New Cave Ooldea Water No 5 Bore No 1 Bore Wewak Site Trig Wonginya Sandhills Wahgunyah Sandhills Fifteen Mile Camp Jindaldha Well Coontlama Well North Base Trig Head of Bight County of Hopetoun Monkeys Gully Maralinga Clarke Pool Knardna Rockhole Yadina Rockhole Yurrauwe Pan Oak Valley Aboriginal School Tadje Chinturn Rockhole Nullarbor National Park Warlbinga Native Dam Skull Blowhole Eubondaby Rockhole Jubilee White Well Tanks Far West Coast Marine Park Chintawatna Tank Butt Tanks Bildoolja Cave Five Hundred and Twenty Two Mile Camp Fur Hill Trig Pelinubee Water Maralinga 3A Biduna Blowhole Sixteen Mile Tank Wigunda Rockhole Roadside Trig Bunabie Tank Chintatumba Carle Thulka Waijinda Coompana Shed Kittens Wewak Coolabbie Tank Tattala Hut Pelum Dams Ivy Tank South Cave Jubilee White Well Dams Kandalabi Rockhole Number Six Cave Wigunda Tank Dobo Five Ways Cumbumba Hut Ooldea Well Tietkens Wells Kitlens Biak Chintumba Tank Pat Auld Vat Albala-Karoo Rockhole Arndinga Well Colona Spur O'Malley Railway Siding Jimmies Cave Eagle Trig Koonalda Ooldea Range Leisler Hills Nullarbor Regional Reserve Oak Valley Anangu School Bilbabbi Well Coompana Rockhole Cook Railway Station Coompana Tank White Well Nullawadda Rockhole Turgoony Rockhole Lake Maurice Mallabi Mamungari Conservation Park Paring Rockhole Nullarbor Conservation Reserve Koonalda Cave Punthanna Native Well Churina Native Well Punthi Native Well Minindoo Native Well Cook Noorina Native Well Warlbinga Native Well Bringyna Native Well Yalata Aboriginal Land 5 Mile Bore Abrakurrie Cave Argyle Bore Ashleys Bore Bariedibi Rockhole Barrikadabl Rockhole Big Dam Big Rig Bore Birthday Bore Bobobogol Doline Boering Rockhole Boolaboola Rockhole Boondara Rockhole Boorabie Waterhole Boo-Yoo-Noo Rockhole Bore 3a Bore A Bore B Bore G Bore No. 13 Bore No. 2 Bore T Bore U Bore V Bore W Bore X Bore Y Bore Z Boundary Bore Breakaway Bore Breakaway Dam Bretts Dam Bultanna Rockhole Burnabbie Burnabbie Rockhole Burramul Sand Patch Burramul Tank Callawadda Dam Camp 1 Blowhole Camp One Cargolee Rockhole Carlabeencabba Rockhole Carlawerabija Rockhole Carlisle Lakes Carlunimungle Rockhole Carlyumbria Well Carujie Rockhole Cheeta Bore Cheeta Rockhole Cherinaggi Rockhole Chidella Rockhole Chowilla Doline Christmas Dam Cocklebiddy Cocklebiddy Rockhole Cocklebiddy Tank Collihogs Bore Cologna Rockhole Colton Tank Comet Bore Damper Flat Deakin Decoration Cave Delisser Delisser Sandhills Dingo Cave Dome Donald Bore Double Pump Bore Douglas Cairn Easter Extension Elarbila Rockhole Emu Well Erosion Blowhole Eucla Eucla Airstrip Eucla Golf Course Eucla Microwave Repeater Station Eucla Pass Eyre Eyre Microwave Repeater Station Eyre Sand Patch Eyre Telegraph Station Family Dam Firestick Cave Forrest Forrest Aerodrome Forrest Lakes Gatum Gatum Bore Gidgi Lakes Glenn Cave Goonamboonoo Rockhole Goorunghia Rockhole Graemes Bore Graham Tank Great Victoria Desert Nature Reserve Haig Haig Cave Hampton Microwave Repeater Station Hampton Tableland Hearder Hill Microwave Repeater Station Highway Bore Homestead No. 1 Bore Horseshoe Cave Ilkulka Community Iltoon Rockhole Infinity Bore Jallah Rockhole Jarina Tank Jinnagoodra Bore Jirina Rockhole Joes Cave John Bore Joondulla Waterhole Jubilee Lake Jumbuck Tank Kaleuna Rockhole Kanidal Beach Kardamindra Rockhole Karlabi Rockhole Karulbie Rockhole Kellys Bore Kestrel Cavern No. 1 Kestrel Cavern No.2 Kianga Dam Kiewa Bore Knouseley Tank Kooleriga Rockhole Koolgahbin Claypan Kuthala Pass Kuthala Tank Kutowalla Doline Kybo Lake Cigalere Lake Colville Lake Ilma Lake Nyanga Lapsley Dam Laundry Rockhole Levees Bore Limejuice Camp Loongana Lynch Cave Madura Madura Cave Madura Microwave Repeater Station Madura Pass Madura Pass Blowhole Maeramining Rockhole Maloora Waterhole Mason Gully Melita Bore Middini Beach Middle Bore Moodini Bluff Moodini Pass Moodini Rockhole Moondadong Rockhole Moonera Moonera Tank Moonera Tank Cave Moopina Motel Dam Mrtp Bore Mullamullang Cave Mundrabilla Mundrabilla Dam Mundrabilla Microwave Repeater Station Mundrabilla Rockhole Mungedija Rockhole Murra-El-Elevyn Cave Myall Tank Najada Rockhole Nalbinya Rockhole Naliwoodin Nallah Nallah Rockhole Narilya Bore Narilya Rockhole No. 1 Bore No. 1 Corner Tank No. 1 Tank No. 10 Bore No. 16 Bore No. 17 Bore No. 19 Bore No. 2 Bore No. 2 Tank No. 20 Bore No. 21 Bore No. 21 Damsite No. 22 Bore No. 27 Bore No. 28 Bore No. 29 Bore No. 3 Bore No. 30 Bore No. 31 Bore No. 32 Bore No. 33 Bore No. 34 Bore No. 35 Bore No. 4 Bore No. 4a Bore No. 5 Bore Noonaera Ruins Noonaera Rockhole Nooraraba Rockhole Norina Microwave Repeater Station Norina Rockhole Nullarbor Links Golf Course Nuneeja Rockhole Nurina Nurina Cave Old Homestead Cave Olwolgan Rockhole Pannikin Plain Cave Parritappa Doline Pinjarabee Rockhole Pirapi Breakaways Potato Bore Ram Bore Red Rocks Point Reid Roaches Rest Cave Roe Plains Rosaries Dam Save Way Dam Scorpion Bight Shanes Dam Sharon Dam Shell Lakes Skink Hole Sleeper Camp Snake Pit Cave Sometime Bore Spider Sink Steves Dam Talganna Rockhole Thampanna Rockhole The Ezam Thundulda Thylacine Hole Tjuntjuntjara Community Tommy Grahams Cave Tookana Rockhole Toolgana Rockhole Toondi Rockhole Twelfth Cave Twilight Cove Uanna Dam Undawidgi Rockhole Undina Rockhole Veronica Bore Vincent Cave Wanna Lakes Wanteen Rockhole Wapet Cave Webbs Cave Webbs Dam Weebubbie Cave Weebubbie Road Blowhole Weedoodoo Rockhole Wether Dam Widdingbillia Hill Widdingbillia Rockhole Wileura Rockhole Wilsons Tank Winbirra Cave Windabijee Rockhole Winganna Well Wombat Holes Wonglabilla Well Woodella Rockhole Woolshed Dam Wothella Rockhole Wunundah Wurrengoodyea Hills Yackadunyah Community Yakcoorga Rockhole Yalganimirra Rockhole Yarrabie Rockhole Yayoudle Bore Yayoudle Rockhole Yelangurra Rockhole Youlganah Rockhole Youlgarou Rockhole Yudenda Rockhole Yuwanyadi Rockhole Boombah Bore Mound Spring Yarrandine Gills Soak Pat Aulds Vat Rockhole Great Australian Desert Great Victorian Desert The Great Australian Peneplain Victoria Desert Yokes Hill Lake Curloombacultie Noorina Well Churina Well Yurrauwe Pans Bringyna Well Warlbinga Well Kangaroo Lakes Minindoo Well Wyda Lake Mobun Native Well Lake Dey Dey Lake Ell Punthi Well Lake Gidgi Hunting Spear Punthanna Well Waldarie Parlkalidga Rockhole Lake Sun Tietkens Well Scotia Scotia Siding Choo Ooldea Station Oldea Station Watson Siding Watson Fisher Siding Fisher Reid Number One Bore Denman Hughes Nullabor Plain Nullarbor Plains Deakin Siding Read Diprose Cave Number Six Bore Bull Swamp Team Tank Wearings Well Petina Tank Coolabbie Rockhole Red Gate Tanks Number One Bore Dicks Plain Tanks Nullarbor Station Grays Well Eyres Well Wyuna Bore Albala Karoo Bore Cundalabbie Tanks Mallabie Tanks Kiowa Bore Waltabie Tanks Head of Great Australian Bight Talgunna Bunabie Tanks Wallabbie Rockhole Carlunimangle Gilgerabbie Bore Noorilla Rockhole Number Twenty Eight Tank Number Thirty Five Bore Jumbuk Tank Number Twenty Seven Bore Kuleuna Bultana Toolganna Number Thirty Bore British Petroleum Travellers Hotel-Motel Dougall Tempy Rockhole Weebubble Cave Ashteys Bore Moopna Eucla Motel Wilsons Bluff Number Five Bore Cherrinaggi Thariganna Eucla Telegraph Office Union Hill Cargoolee Rockhole Walpet and Joes Caves Yakoorga Rockhole Yukoorga Haig Bore Mundrabilla Motel Yayoudle Yananyadi Meramining Rockhole Cheeta Well Wingana Wingenna Jalla Jullah Undini Rockhole Green Ant Creek Karalbie Karlati Yarlgaren Yarlgaron Oodaboola Wilson Tank Moodini Dams Noorooraba Noorooraboo Yarlabeencabba Madura Hotel Motel Naneeja Rockhole Gocrunghia Weadoodoo Pinjarnbee Rockhole Wothello Rockhole Youlgannah Rockhole Yoalgannah Rockhole Moonera Underground Tank Clifton Well Clifton Toondi Braehour DEntrecasteaux Reef Eucla Basin Number Twenty-one Damsite Moonera Pass Olwolgin Rockhole Otwolga Windabijie Olwolgin Bluff Cocklebiddy Motel Burnabby Rockhole Noonaera Tank Noonadra Noonaera Iron Tank Cocklebiddy Pass Nurrengoodyea Goonambanoo Rockhole Red Point Rock Wonglalalla Well Catumbria Well Burrunool Burramul Sandpatch