Topographic / Ordnance Survey Map


GA SH53 - Tarcoola

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This Topographic Map is produced by Geoscience Australia; Australia's national geospatial organisation.
GA topographic maps (many of which are produced in partnership with the Army) are generally older than those maps produced by the State Governments over the same area. This makes GA maps particularly useful for identifying historic features, such as old mines and diggings.
Geoscience Australia maps generally considered to be more pleasing in design and compilation then the more modern State Government productions.

At this scale, 1cm on this map represents 10km on the ground, covering an area of approximately 670km from east to west and 440km nort to south. The contour interval is 500m, with an additional contour at 200m. This map contains natural and constructed features including road and rail infrastructure, vegetation, hydrography, contours, localities and some administrative boundaries.

Please note the date of the map, as this will impact the currency of information, particularly regarding infrastructure, roads, etc.

Locations within this Map

Coober Pedy Andamooka Roxby Downs Woomera Fowlers Bay Penong Birthday Swamp Birthday Tank Duff Creek Crozier Creek Five Mile Tank Freds Camp Dam North Creek Pintara Pile Satellite Tank Rocky Hill Goat Waterhole Hicks Well Birthday Hill Colonna Well Chinta Tanks Broken Leg Yard Carnding Road Outstation Coorabi Well Darbies Bore Boundary Tank Central Swamp Bronco Yard Edoldeh Rockhole Hallam Rise Irria Outstation Irrpatana Railway Station Irrapatana Railway Reservoir Gypsum Yard Goanna Well Greenfield Bluff Dam Gyalinna Creek Black Swan Waterhole Bronwyn Bank Cundilippy Kutra Water Birribirriana Bore Diesel Dam Deep Creek Bancannanna Swamp Koolkoo-Arina Ambulance Creek Anthony Tank Mount Barry Burt Crossing Black Oak Bore The Blyth Mount Bray Euleena Bore Beatram Downs Boundary Well Red Hill Dam Lower Dam McDonald Well Mintabie Well Byacoodnakillcarre Creek No 8 Bore Luna Dam Bolton Ridge Acacia Creek Bluff Tank Dougals Railway Station Coorlay Ridge Fig Tree Corner Allenby Dam Bambridge Well Acacia Hut Acacia Well Colona Tank Colona The Flow Bore Baldry Rockholes Black Hill Booth Hill Coward Cliff Arcoona Creek Bangaboorana Waterhole Channel Hill Coronation Bore Cloud Burst Dam Coominaree Mine Finniss Yard Springs Bungarider North Dam Canegrass Dam Canegrass Ridge Andamooka Ranges Koolymilka Kallinta Well Kennedy Dam Poole Creek Ponds Dam Priscilla Creek Priscilla Springs Mudla Creek Mirrabuckinna Yard Lord Salisbury Well Mosquito Tank No 4 Bore No 2 Dam Fresh Well Angas Bore Mount Brady Boundary Hill England Hill Frog Hollow Dam Black Tank Well Mount Charles Charcott Bore Cootabungoodana Swamp Courabulka Dam Chillarski Hill Emu Bluff Giles Waterhole Adam Well Dam Adam Well Kauo Iltja Koskas Opal Diggings Myall Dam Horse-Shoe Creek Harry Well Judy Corner Bore Sandy Tank Queenie Bore Mount Sandy Six Mile Well Skuse Hill Kooragee Waterhole Moorambuna Tank No 1 Bore Gums Dam Greenfields Bore Lakeside Trig Marmalade Tank The Margaret Mirana Well Mudla Wantaraman Creek High Sandhill Kowal Trig Lewis Bore Little Blyth Bore Little Swamp Bore Mullina Yard New Dam Yambilpa Mankarra-Kari Wogga Wogga Soakage Russell Dam Saddle Hill Buttercup Spring Mugger Bore Middle Bore Neverfail Bore Lee Hill J K Junction Nardoo Bore New Karkulta Dam New Years Gift Bore Painters Opal Diggings Purple Swamp Teepena Dam Teatree Dam Trig Waterhole The Warburton Groove Warriner Yards Pimba Ridge One Mile Tank Lake Mary Waterhole Pernatty Ridge Hams Bank Kelly Swamp Moonbi Bore Kangaroo Hut McLean Bore Mannacowie Well Noorina Dam Nundroo Hotel / Motel Player Dam Perry Lookout Jeff Tank Lower North Creek Well Micklebar Rockholes McIntyre Tank Muddy Tank Mount Nor'west North Creek Bore Lora Creek New Twin Hill Trig No 3 Bore Nantabi Sand Nalanippie Well Piccadilly Dunefield Peaked Rise Mindruba Well Nilpinna No 5 North Hicks Tank Mudlark Dam Pibroch Tank Paynters Well Ne Phillips Ridge Wells Lamont Bore Junction Bore Jrp Dam Independence Dam Natalies Dam No 2 Tank No 2 Bore Paparla Creek Pintumba Hut West Well Yankee Gunya Dam Martin Dam Kenda Flat Mine Halleys Comet Mine Pootnoura Bore Woorong Dam Rocky Well Hut White Gin Waterholes Russell Hut Sunalia Tarombo Hut Tolmer Hill Yumma Yumma Yard Boon Din Ya Rockhole Ricky Bore Tank Hill Wernwernberna Well Young Woman Spring Young Well Pitha Kalti-Kalti Rankins Bore Scrubby Well Salt Well Willow Wells Yurabi Well Mount Riddoch Todd Dams Tarcoola Goldfield Thirteen Mile Dam Warrawaroona Waterhole Two Mile Dam Weedina Number 1 Bore Top Range Tank Waltabbie Well Barren Well Wobna-Poorina Creek Tee Valley Opal Diggings Tolls Dam Lignum Waterhole Little North Well Dam Irrapatana Railway Dam Teepena Bluff Yijulka Creek Baby Creek Chimney Hole Dam Sandy Point Trig Yatjaparanha Station Hill W G H Dam Weeringelbunna Swamp Weeringilpa Swamp West of Emmie Bluff Trig White Nob Sisters Catch South Biter Well Dam Roan Well Yarra Wurta Dam Salt Springs Skye Tank Range Well No 7 Yadmalpipoorina Waterhole Manturinha Diamond Yard North of Coondambo Hill Froghollow Swamp Big Flat Opal Diggings Black Point Opal Diggings Charlie Pools Blue Hill Mine Lake Hart Post Office Weelootallacarrana Creek Wilthora Tank Woolshed Ruin Whymlet Well White Dam Bailbung Birdinya Septabyng Dam Codna Waterhole Coladding Rockhole Whiskey Field Marsella Hill Miracle Bore Bottom Well Dicks Well Coward Hill Eyre Bluff Dropper Fence Dam Fergies Bore Leonard Spring Cornishs Furtherst Earea Dam Emu Creek Bore Yarloo Yellow Bank Jindivic Bore Stony Hill Mines Sugarloaf Waterhole Winniepinnie Dam Turkeys Nest Bore Kondoolka Johnson No 3 Bore Emu Well Kaluna Nundroo Well Ferguson Spring Ngarramunha Spring Fox Hut Gift Dam Yanaba Boundary Rider Charlie Swamp Bungarider South Dam Bowman Dam No 2 Diggers Gully Mine Marie Bore Louise Well Krystal Bore Horseshoe Dam Hard Hill Opal Diggings Punthariyangu Crater Opal Diggings Emu Dam Boundary Dam Hardys Dam No 5 Bore Wingilpin Swamp No 17 Tank Small Waterhole Conrad Creek Elizabeth Springs Joy Dam Kalanna Creek Kangaroo Yard Cottonbush Waterhole Nanbona Well Wangianna Railway Siding Boolka Dam Callanna Bore Charlotte Well Mooloogoorana Well Nicol Well Charldilla Rockhole Coodnarrie Stuart Creek Opal Diggings Stone Tank Angolaby Rockhole Ovina Tank Fresh Woodcutters Waterhole Yoltacowie Waterhole Mount Hamilton Spring Cavanagh Tank Poompa Dam Pompeter Well Peake Paddock Bore One Mile Bore Emmie New Trig Evelyn Creek Kudnippie Well No 6 Dam Pingwallanna Creek Phillips Ponds No 10 Bore Burden Dam Rocky Creek Pussy Cat Dam Sometime Dam Litchfield Hut Moondiepitchnie Hill McGregor Bore Barber Ridge Century Bore Carnes Outstation Paragon Yards Old Woman Dam Isthmus Tank Hilga Crutching Shed Six Mile Flow Bore Valiant Trig Bull Hole Yard Pearson Hill White Hill Bore No 3 Ryan Hill Opal Diggings Watchie Swamp Government Well Gundaloo Trig Willalinchina Yard Watchie Pimple Ping Pong Bore Prindin Waterhole Rocket Watercourse Wirrda Yards Yooria Michael Bore Old Pernatty Waterhole Fescuva Tank Cleanskin Swamp Bore Claypan Trig Trig Hill Dam Roxby Downs Police Station Gruline Bore Thurru-Thurrunha Ringer Bore Eucolo Hut Lonesome Dam Teepacnuppana Springs Fenner Depression Engine Well McGregor Waterhole Moorambuna Well Moolkra Rockhole Gidgea Bore Cadlareena Waterhole Sunny Creek Watchercallem Bore Kuragi Telephone Office Pannikan Dam Nilpinna Reedy Dam Inila Rock Waters Boomerang Bore Uworra Telephone Office Roe Plains Strangways Springs Rocky Creek Dam Yumbarra Rockhole Woola Tank Wirragilpina Swamp Kangaroo Dam Rook Workings Sandy Mound Well No 14 Dam Mount Gillen Ngarlamina Sprigs Woolnomulla Well Lake Campbell Dam Hunger Hill Broom Tanks Bridle Path Hill Black Hill Dam Day Bore Peake Yellow Bullock Waterholes May Hill Deep Well Windy Valley Dam Koonibba Mission Inguree Tank Lake Dam Welcome Springs No 7 Dam Nilkidicana Dam Old Umbum Homestead Keckwick Pile Finniss Swamp Hawks Nest Trig Horse Shoe Swamp West View Cudyea Trig Breakfast-Time Creek Mortar Trig Carambi Plain Burches Bank Boorthelboorthanna Well Cattle Well Banjo Yard Alf Traeger Roadstrip Apollo Bore Yarloo Yards Nelson Bore Pernatty Creek Pildinga Fresh Well Charlinga Dam Disappointment Tank North Tiffin Well Nancy Walker Hut Old Fly Camp Dam Ninety Nine Dam Mirackina Creek Bopeechee Sandhill Pine Dam Peephabie Swamp Eitzen Bore Pan Well Chilinga Hill Thomas Bore Towy Dam Bulpara Hill Roxby Downs Post Office Sand Pit Mack Tank Mahanewo Margaret Dam Campoven Dam Cundiluba Jimmie Dam Wirriecurrie Uria Rockhole Wedpideroona Waterhole Joe Dam Paradise Dam No 53 Well Pootnoura Creek Rockwater Hill Wilson Dam Bookabie Range Rock Hill Bore Malcherob Moolpinchina Creek Charlie H Bore Terry Tank Poringen Well Red Hill Roxby Downs Area School South Well South Vivian Geisha Bore Fountain Spring Yards Flat Hill Creek Kumburta Dam Mount Kingston Three Mile Dam Fred Dam Whiskey Opal Diggings Giffen Well Waralanha Coppertop Bore Deadmans Dugout Opal Diggings Russell Bore Emu Flat Opal Diggings Boomer Tank Rose Swamp Manandilla Old Hut Urabi Well West Warna Tank Hawks Nest Bore Hogarth Well Hilly Bore Hypo Hill Opal Diggings Kylies Dam Strawbridge Hill Beatrice Bore Pimba Railway Station Moorambuna Hut Nicholls Well Pennalumba Hut Palpalpa Hill Old Woman Springs Dunrossil Outstation Don Hill Cundalippy Well Prongkilla Rockhole Pitcher Opal Diggings Poocuppy Rockhole Coolingee Bore Chandler Dam Yarra Murta Creek Mowling Rock Wooly Bore Cactus Bore Paul Dam Screech-Owl Creek Gorge Waterholes Lamont Tank Ironstone Trig Moonaree Backadinna Waterhole Colona Waterhole Boundary Camp Spring The Blower Waterhole Blue Bush Dam Ten Mile Dam Elizabeth Dam Four Mile Bore West Dam Woomera College of Further Education Woods Bank Bookabie School Oliffes Dam Oolgelima Hill Mount West Well Russell Tank Giles Hut Flagstaff Waterhole White Sand Hill Woorong Trig Troopers Hill Shellpatch Mine Salt Creek Harry Tank Evylin Waterhole Purigen Well Corronippie Well Little Hogarth Well Majendie Mound Prongilla Rockhole Engenina Yard Four Nations Fisher Trig George Dam Gaiger Bluff Hathorn Hill Hobbs Dam Hut Trig Lena Bore Stuart Range Bore No 4 Beatrice Springs Mount Brady Opal Diggings North Tiffin Dam Mount Sam Pitamurrinna Bore Muryilla Rock Pernatty Pokerby Hut Swamp Wells Bores Teatree Flat Opal Diggings Lunatic Napanadlaadlara Tank No 2 Watercourse Thompson Well Sweet Nell Mines Wirrida Outstation Waria Water Little Well Mail Gate Dam Moonamby South Point Trig Alcupaddikilcoodana Creek Arcoona Balta Baltana Well North Swamp Well Nancy Walker Well Mahomet Dam Mangaroongah Bore Mirani Well Browns Creek Roxby Wendts Dam Red Lake Bore Yard Berry Banks Pannikan Waterhole Oven Corner Pipeline Tank Jim Hill Merritt Dam Top Tank Wangianna Creek Churchill Smith Bore Boret Hill Cooks Dams Mulga Well North Wantiby Hill West Roberts Tank Napanadlaadlara Hill Cadnia Hill Venus Opal Diggings Little Bubbler Burns Well Tilterana Well Tallala Tank Boolatta Creek Blyth Dam Blyth Creek Bald Hill Tank North East Corner Gate Margaret Overflow Carnding Well South Station Dam Southern Cross Yard Bitter Well Twenty Three Mile Tank Nolan Well Ross Bore Coorlay Creek Marshall Swamp Main Coast Range Codna Creek Conrad Waterhole White Cliffs Dam Rounsevell Hill Rankin Dam Turkey Flat Bore Wiabuna Railway Station Warrior Outstation North Gap Dam Northedge Pronchilla Rockhole Whisky Dam Choolbra Rockhole Cane Grass Dam Willouran Range Wirrangula Hill Yeltacowie Waterhole Eaglehawk Bore Pompeter Bore Angle Well Pack Saddle Waterhole Mattaweara Ridge Robert Waterhole Knoll Homestead Sabine Well Red Sandhill Middlepark Mudla Bore Loudon Spring Magpie Waterhole Sanderson Hill Stuart Range Bore No 2 Strip Dam Akhurst Hill Bessie Trig Salt Shaft Tank Parakylia North Hill Peapeanana Ridge Pine Tank Nine Mile Bore Kiddle Cliffs Kuragi Plain Bridget Yard Caltagerrina Dam O T C Earth Satellite Station Mona Dam Milne Spring Top East Bore Wilgena Two Yard Dam Coorabie Horse Hut Cooper Hill Deep Bore Dam Muckanippie Outstation Neales Overflow Yard No 44 Bore Anderson Dam Bills Lookout Candymullyna Trig Chambers Creek Central Dam Wilpurrunha Spring Emu Creek Eyres Depot Watraba Telephone and Telegraph Offce Mirra Bore South Eliza Dam Altimore Dam Mirra Hut Hill Well Gerrabullina Well Intercept Hill Mole Hill Moondrah Tanks Relief Hill Rischbieth Well Mine Cook Well Coorabie Rural School Ti-Tree Swamps Nilpinna Spring Brumby Dam The Dipper Problem Tank Pidleeomina Waterhole Compeera Hill Wiramudlanha Binalumba Well Charlie Well Butcher Opal Diggings McAlpine Bore Duck Hole Dam Coondambo Railway Station David Dam Fowlers Station Grant Bores Mount Vivian Range Corner Dam Claypan Dam Disputed Waterhole Chinalumba Well Coppertop Mine Gosses Kallioota Spring Junction Tank Mount John Fleets Tank Goldayanduna Hill Myng Plain Jolly Creek Nandabi Hawke Well Horse Camp Waterhole Hillview Honeymoon Dam Yeltacowie Creek Cap Lebrun Konkaby No 3 Tank Larry Dam Kalkamunna Waterhole Kalanbi Gate Karkaro No 1 Bore Hiern Tank Manja-Pulanha Spring Indooroopilly Tank Hong Kong Tank Hardies Basin Blue Tank Millers Creek Margaret Creek Middle Box Waterhole Paradise Bore Pompeter Tanks Emily Swamp Eddy Dam Galaxy Tank Four Mile Dam Umbum-Barillina Red Lake Trig Bernard Hill A Tank Mundoorana Well Woorong Creek Junction Waterhole Orwell Well Ponds Well Poothinga Rockhole North Oakden Hill Mulga Hill Old Skye Bore Laurie Bank Kennebery Creek Kidnippy Well Salt Waterhole Munrose Dam Baker Well Pintie Well Altimore Swamp Avenue Dam Pine Ridge Dam Red Well Pyramid Bores Coopoorliginna Rockhole Wergowerangerilinna Creek Barnes Bore Mallee Well Cockatoo Creek Springs Creek Warburton Springs Chincardina Waterhole Breakneck Springs Koonibba Post Office Sunny Creek Spring Crutching Shed Curdimurka Railway Station Pundinya Tank Salty Bore Tank Kilkerba Hut Turnaround Dam Butterfield Hill Blue Bird Dam Chook Bank Bradley Dam Bradman Outstation Stuart Range Bore No 3 Papu-Thukurlunha Condarlaroo Hill Yanama Yarloo Wells Yellow Bullock Tank Murloocoppie Bore Mount Hamilton Derangunabula Hill Cotton Bush Waterhole Point Eyre Warrior Dam Wattle Waterhole Williams Dam Wadlalgla Hill Twins Waterhole Mount Sabine Well Gregory Overflow Isolation Tank Hams Dam Guts Spring Hawker Creek Yandandarre Ridge Willigenda Well Turner Dam Stony Top Hill Bitter Well Dam Lethbridge Bore Breakdown Dam Teepacnuppana Creek Teatree Flat Three Hills Franks Folly Mine Hopeful Hills Opal Diggings Gypsum Dam Hallion Hill Candymullyna Well Kingsmill Camp Jubilee Kingston Hut Willow Bore No 1 Butler Well Birthday Dam Ingomar Gorge Well Kuragi Jellabinna Rocks Jim Boys Dam Beresford Railway Station Luke Bore Mirra Dam Mulgabby Mount Purvis Monalena Homestead Turret Range Bookaloo Railway Station Ruby Hill Yarna Water Murray Spring O'Reilly Dam Scrubby Dam Bosworth Tank Cadamby Well Flowing Bore Top Bore Hopeful Hill Horse Springs Mount Gunson Mine Square Dam Belt Hill Dam Yeltacowie Olympic Opal Diggings Webb Yard Blowout Yard Boundary Lake Dam Canegrass Swamp Pflaum Bore Coorabie Horse Well David Bore Coolbring Rockholes Coorillinna Well Tidnamurkuna Waterhole Twelve Mile Spring Vivian Well Outstation Ashton Hill No 9 Yard Mudla Well No 15 Bore Punt Hill Dam Partridge Well and Tank Black Hill Well Yalata Hut and Woolshed Beare Gully Dam Peecherribirrina Waterhole Lochaline Yard Strangways Springs Station Swamp Wells Stafford Swamp Black Oak Tank Pearce Dam Pups Lagoon Creek Wilgena Siding Cooning Dam Burntiltaby Bore Kadlongaroo Lake Harris Dam Wood Duck Creek Pildinga Rockholes Four Mile Well Weerona Tank Rocky Dam Two Hundred and Eighteen Mile Bore Beda Hut Angolaby Parakylia Helenic Hill Mine Coorabi Hut Euria Well Boundary Camp Bore Wirringinna Dam Bonney Bluff CB Tank Centre Hill The Deputy Trig Cadlaoodlana Borehole Finger Post Waterhole Station Creek West Ponds Trig Chimney Dam Ridge Bore Trig Hill Swamp Douglas Mine Crombie Bore Trevor Bore Carryon Yard Robin Rise Louise Dam Horn Ridge Hickman Dam Hope Creek Chinaman Dam Tuckers Bore Hunter Hill Hedley Hill Kudna-Purrunha Yelka Bank West Point Dam Triangle Ballanuna Waterhole Teddy Lookout Waterhole Stans Hill Appendicitus Dam Dingo Soakage Lochaline Camp Bottle Hill Dam Cootanoorina Hill Coward Springs Soakage Swamp Dance Hill Daddys Hill Woods Well Dreslys Bore Clucas Hill Fourteen Mile Waterhole Five Mile Well Four Brothers Dam Government Hole Coppadarbo Hill Vokes Bore North of Coondamboo Hill Andamoka Waterhole Pointe du Romarin Tap Waterhole Hundred of Miller Hundred of Bagster Poochoogarrinna Rockhole Coronation Yard Coronation Tank Pylebung Native Dam Hundred of Burgoyne Watson Bluff Moolkra Well Tulangkootra Rockhole J P R Dam Moornaba Rock Maragana Waterhole Hundred of Lucy Hundred of Cohen Hawken Springs Lochs Dam Jackboot Bay Lake Winjabbie Level Post Bay Yerka Creek Penong Rural School Lake Cadibarrawirracanna Lake William Lake Mulapula Lake Koolymilka Cooreeappa Lake Shell Lagoon Coorlay Lagoon Curdlawidney Lagoon Boondina Conservation Park Kingoonya Primary School Lake Warrangarrana Ferguson Railway Siding Lake Salmon Red Lake Lake Everard Waggon Waterhole Mungaroo Rockhole Lake Harris Lake Torrens National Park Lake Mary Half Moon Lake Mount McLean Mintabyng Well Lake Campbell Lake Hart Elliot Price Conservation Park Yaranna Hill Minoorina Hampton Range Howard Hill Yalata Harbor Bookabie Rockhole Chadinga Conservation Reserve Hulkes Hills Oakden Hills Spence Waterhole South Woodforde Dam Nellies Dam Eliza Creek Good Friday Dams Smith Dam Bobby Creek Tadpole Creek North Eliza Hut Four Wells Whittata Creek Nicholes Creek Depot Creek Kudna-Ngampa Midway Dam Trig Bore Mortimer Hill Joe Swamp Wastell Dam No 13 Box Tree Swamp Copper Hill Livelys Well Black Well East of Bluff Trig Ooraminna Woolshed Saltash Trig South Oakden Hill Trucking Horn Ridge Yards Webb Dam Birthday Trig Swamp Dam Yellow Waterhole Sandstone Bore CB Yard Bore No 30 Immarna Railway Siding Harry Yard Mount Moseley McDouall Peak Waynes Bank Zorba Extension Opal Diggings Isthmus Yards Murra Murrana Spring Old Pandita Papupunha West Roberts Bore Duncans No 17 Bore Coorabie Post Office Yarraworta Cliff Blowout Trig Granite Well Forth Dam No 22 Kowal Well Jack Hill Little Perry Spring Nerbin Well Lake Phillipson Dam Kolona Six Mile Tank Neville Bluff Pelican Dam Coroona Hut Beda Dam Box Swamp Cooranna Hut Lake Paddock Dam Dinah Rock Water Cameron Hill Schultz Tank Coppudurba Hill East Well Windy Ridge Umbum Bore Elizabeth Catch Codna Well Gordon Corner Bore Warra Warra South West Mine George West Dam Leslie Bore Bothwell Dam East Tait Bore William Spring Two and A Half Dam Laurie Hill Kangaroo Bluff Morton Rise J E Bore Memory Bore Nallanippi Well Lunatic Hill Opal Diggings Mulga Wells Australia Ochre Dam Turret Hill Parakylia Hill Blackfellows Well Bakers Bore Spring Hill Enginyinna Yard Moonlight Dam Hayward Bore Coorandatana Spring Francis Spring Cowan Ridge Betawappamuninbinna Waterhole Cadaree Hill Tarombo Bogati Cliff Hole Yard Red Lake Dam Priscilla Yards Hermit Hill Emu Lookout Islam Yard Wiabuna Mclachlan Springs Old Oakden Hills Mount Eba Magpie Dam Nilpinna Pile Jumbuck Outstation North Knoll North Well Nedlebutanyie Conical Hill Island Unthuriya Maka Pangki Warrunha Bluebird Island Sweet Nell Dam White Well Welcome Creek Bore No 2 Papapapanha Karilimanha Lake Lettie Bore No 1 Williams Point Telle Trig Coorabie Salt Spring Company Opal Diggings Primrose Spring Caltagerrina Hill Christmas Dam Tjarrtha-Njudlu Spring Deception Hill Carrapateena Hill No 13 Millers Creek Bore Peephabie Cliff Wabmaturgaenamana Spring Crabring Rockhole Everard Hill Whisky Swamp Tony Dam Twenty Mile Waterhole Cadna Witina Dam Coorabie Well Tarcoola Hill Weeloo Well Lake William Spring Toby Swamp Whitefield Hill Turkey Ridge Opal Diggings Flint Mount Dam South Pacific Opal Diggings Hardy Hill Wantali Mathapurda Palthirndanha Spring Stuart Creek No 3 Tank Sandy Point Swamp Dams Three Mile Tank Elbow Waterhole Mount Finke Glyde Hill Outstation Hope Creek Bore Arburee Tank Wurley Point Geisha Yard Bore No 4 Four Mile Tank Peeweena Dam Canulpoo Well No 42 Bore Indooroopilly Outstation Moon Country New Peter Hill Trig Brolga Dam Bellamy Well Big Swamp Bore Moramindilba Rockhole Gill Lake Coorichina Dam Camera Dam Chinta Motor Car Dam Mentor Outstation Immarna Trig Tomato Camp Rockhole Armistice Bore Con Ryan Well Eliza Tank Nurrungar North Station Dam Kalanna Well Wood Duck Yard Yarlbrinda Water Hundred of Trunch Pureba Talangkootra Lake Nalara Rockhole Hundred of Nash Wynbring Rockhole Monamindilba Rockhole Sisters Dam Alyukurlpykurlpy Trig Boomerang Bank Dam Selby Well Chatana Wells Meerklebee Hill Bandoo Hill Yarra Wurta Creek Highview John Bank Tarlton Knob Soak Well Kootaberra Dam Branson Well Levi Springs Mustering Paddock Dam Yalata Homestead Tub Hole Bindibue Bore Margaret Railway Station Tiffin Bank Wirrida Bore Backadina Hill Brennan Catch Carpenter Corner Giddigiddinna Bore North Mintabie Well Pinery Dam Roxby Downs Club Oodloodlana Spring Evanbrae Old Puckridges Bore Bucklands Trig Stonewall Dam Kangaroo Yards Bottom Box Waterhole Old Orwell Well Manuacowie Hut Poison Bore Murangoona Trig Morefield Trig Seventeen Mile Mine Alby Dam Beresford Spring Boorthanna No 1 Bore Corroberritarrie Dam Hidden Swamp South Luscombe Well Eueenya Hill Engenina Creek Three Mile Tanks Inchman Trig Mudie Tank Venable Spring Orwell Trig North Studley Bore Nultaddy Hill Buza Coorabie Hut Windakyungoo Hill Boorthanna Railway Station Yarloo South The Gregory Mulga Well No 2 Nicol Well Bore Theepa Bore Sandstone Wells Station 30 Trig The White Claypan Trumpeter Creek Crooks Dam Twin Hill Hilson Well No 4 Extension Tank Dead Finish Bore Dawson Dam Horn Ridge Dam Heirn Dunefield Observatory Hill East Gibraltar Bore New No 12 Bore Little Mount Finke Beella Rock Black Camp Hill Anjutabie Well Twins Tank Weedina Yard Margaret Bore Boolatta South Bore Big Tank Browns Dam Prospect Opal Diggings Beautiful Valley Bore Tower Hill Cedric Bore Centenary Dam Bullocky Well Welcome Well Warrior Trig Bullers Dam Elizabeth Bore Dead Boy Springs Ridge Tank Gun Gully Opal Diggings Nantiby Wells Fowlers Bay Conservation Reserve Kimba Mine Pooramingie Swamp Murla-Murlaparanha Moodlampnie Hill North Bosworth Dam South Gosse Bore Andamooka Area School Axehead Dam Codna Dam Busheowie Tank Horse Well Woolshed Waterhole Kunoth Dam Margaret Spring Moodlampnie Waterhole Andamooka Creek South Hawker Springs Nick O Time Dam Kopi Flat Grace Bore Hodges Bore Wobna Poorina Creek Linda Dam San Marino Yard Gregory Dam Rocky Rise Todd Creek Dam Lake Gill Bowilia Hill Brown Hill Burando Dam Wingilpin Bluff Range Ted Tank Yangoona Rockhole Nanbona Tank Wilsons Well Skye Bore Todd Dam Injaree Well Peculiar Nob Enunda Rock Water Wirraminna Maynard Bore No 13 Bore Government Sheds Campbell Dams The Dome Thipa-Ngapanha Springs Hilga Tank Birthday Bore Dry Well Findlay Dam Burgoyne Dam Coolia Finniss Springs Homestead Pompeter Tank Big Perry Springs Cundilubba Hut The Davenport Pidillie Peake Dam Woomera Area School Four Corners Glen Boree Irrapatana Ridge Fred Springs E A G Junior Dam No 4 Penong Post Office Coolarrikinna Cone Flynn Well Harcus Hill Maslin Outstation Long Waterhole Woodforde Dam Phillips Ridge Dam Pennalumba Mowling Rockhole Lake Arthur Lake Woorong Lake Chundaria South End of Base Trig Wammaturgaenamana Bore Mushroom Rock Lake Renyolds Young Lagoon Sugarloaf Tank Bore 3 Cockalaly Hut Top Mount Well Potch Gully Opal Diggings Page Well No 1 Island Springs Utah Bore McInerney Bore Lake Anthony Ponnunnilla Well Bond Hill Black Oak Crest Shedrack Dam Blue Bank Road Waterhole Eurelyana Hill Watchie Bore Hughes Dam Nankabunyana Creek Murdie Island Boodhurgunna Yarloo Extension Algebullcullia Bore Manandilla Wells Fox Tank Baldry Dam Cooranna Bore Pooramingie Yard Yarra Alda Trig Wibma-Thirkampa Welcome Creek Bore No 1 Monsoon Tank Weelpidderuna Waterhole Stony Range Andamooka Opal Fields Bore 1 Gourleybyng Bore Emeroo Point Silcrete Island Campfire Bore Rowe Well Livelys Tank Burden Hill Jubilee Opal Diggings Millers Creek Woolshed Mudloo Hill Lookout Dam Mosquito Dam Coronation Dam E A G Senior Dam No 1 Tarcoola Mudie Dam Wildhorse Dam Lake Eyre National Park McAskill Bore Kirkula Victory Bore Baker Tank Woocalla Railway Station Bore 5 Cooreappa Yard Tukoma Well Horse Paddock Opal Diggings Khyber Dam Uworra Corkscrew Bore Edoldeh Tank South Gap Anacoora Hill Swamp Tank Garden Bore Lake Blanche Dam Lignum Hole Pigeon Hill Clark Creek Cockalaly Dam Koorabi Emily Springs Chances Swamp Well Fishers Bore Corella Dam Bore No 6 Bald Hill Avlis Mine Chinyala Wells Lake Jones Well Miller Creek Boomerang Well Catch Dam Christmas Pinding West Tank Portulacca Ridge Scorpion Dam Rischbieth Creek Beddome Hill Ti Tree Trig Tiffin Hill Tadpole Dam Second Tank Rischbieth Well No 10 Creek Five Mile Bore Hiern Well Urabi Hut Holiday Waterhole Willowie Bore Mount Christie Meelera Rockhole Little Hill Claysons Well North Swamp Dam Karkulta Dam Pinding Rockhole Nilkinina Creek White Well Corner Mudlulima Spring Warrina Railway Station Mulga Creek Saddle Opal Digging Watchie Sand Hills Bull Paddock Spring Twelve Mile Waterhole Yarra-Thungana Longs Station Glenloth Battery Post Office Lake Bowman Lake Jessie Mount Stuart Opal Field Youlalbinning Shore Hill Woodforde Hut Lake Torrens Welcome Waterhole Toms Well Kondoolka Telephone Office Fresh Well Hut Gorge Creek Cootanoorina Homestead Welcome Creek Belo Hill Douglas East Mine Trelors Ngurlurlulanha Spring Frazer Rockhole Marna-Ngurrunha Old Pernatty Sunday Hole Dam Bald Hill Hut Cockatoo Bore Andamooka Waterhole Uworra Railway Station Castine Spring Gum Creek Hiern Hill Nantiby Hill No 14 Bore Anthony Bore Venable Bore Boorthanna Dam Hudson Trig Woorong Bore Humphries Bore Junction Dam Company No 3 Well Hundred of Goode Bosworth Well Mount West South Tiffin Creek No 1 Dam Gibber Plain Bonney's Hill Berlina Creek Killeen Dam Pelican Point West Mount Well Kokatha Billah Tank Bull Hill Bonython Headland Cheadle Bore Billy Bore Walgarina Spring Giddi Giddinna Bore Moondiepitchnie Bore Tom Tom Spring Richardson Trig Hardies Basin Well Kingoonya Charles Angus Bore Red Cliff Waterhole Cooriji Rockhole Chinta Telephone Office Browns Hill South Drain Trig Tank Muna Dam Old White Cliff Dam Penong Railway Station George Hill Mount Harper Well William Creek Road Nob Hill Mullina Tank Nundroo Tank Maslin Well Marsalla Tank Garford Trig Gina Outstation Willow Bore No 2 Yeltacowie Racecourse Dam Koskas Low Cliff Joe Yard Midla Milda Hill No 19 Bore Werria South Australia Oolabinna Rockhole Old Parakylia Yarrawurta Cliff Watchie Plain Birthday Well Finniss Swamp Springs Riecks Dam South Hill Big Depot Spring Camel Flat Bore Kuyiri Spring Treas Bank Deep Waterhole Eight Mile Plain Mount Dam Nuckulla Hill Murra Murrana Bore Outyein Hill Sputnik Bore Black Swan Swamp Dingo Flat Gate Davenport Range Claypan Tank Prominent Cliff Mount Igy Jack Hill Yard Woodalla Dam The Dorothy Waterhole Cootanoorina Waterhole Kingston Well Moonaree Hill Peera Waterhole Koonibba Beda Hill Stevens Woolwash Dam Sixteen Mile Waterhole Elizabeth Creek Dam Woolshed Hill East Pacific Opal Diggings Wookata Homestead Yackarnathelta Homestead Bore No 15 Bluff Dam Birkenshaw Well Buggy Hole Yard Explorer Trig New Moseley Dam Kidnippy Plain North West Arm Trig South Port Tank Badmans Dam Butterfield Bore North Swamp Anna Creek Bore Algebullcullia Yard Bon Bon Trig Moonaree Dunefield McArthur Well Olympic Dam Paraminna Native Dam Watraba Plain Dingo Claypan Tunraba Well Callanna Creek Benitos Folly Opal Diggings Toby Swamp Dam Bungadillina Dam Knotts Dam Callanna Mine Victory Dam Pindumbra Well Willows Hut Thari-Tharinha Spring Palpilba Rockhole Partridge Range Nanto Waterhole Matheson Bore Sells Dam West Finniss Springs Eurelyana Springs Degraves Head Station Willow Head Birribirriana Spring Columba Bores Kaltangkardanha Codna Hill Station Well Bon Leigh Bores Brennan Shaft Mirrabuckinna Waterhole Billa Kalina Swamp Hamilton Creek Harrison Hill Kag Bore Wilaroo Dam Twenty Three Mile Bore Gosse Spring Woolshed Dam Commonwealth Hill Melon Springs Patricia Bore Phillips Ponds Outstation Quartzite Bore Edward Creek Cavanagh Dam Prominent Hill Woolnomulla Waterhole Churchill Dam Five Mile Opal Diggings Coward Springs Railway Station Black Boy Opal Diggings Chinnilippy Hut Ashton Hill Tank Bamboo Yards White Nob Bore Giddi-Giddinna Springs Central Bore New Year Bore Bell Bird Bore Wirrappa Railway Station Kuragi Tank Marsella Hut Devils Playground Dingo Mine Warburton Range Forty Five Mile Tanks Tilterana Creek Yanama Plain Chitanilga Hill Toongamoona Dam Larkins Folly Opal Diggings Chrysler Creek Waterhole Thutirla Kumpira Springs No 7 Camp Mount Marjory Dam Palthrubie Hill Rock Hill Tank Wabma-Tharkanayangunha Spring Arcoordaby Rockhole Tjiti-Tjitinha Lloyd Bore Old Bluff Bore Mirra Yard Mungillio Bore Niroona Soakage Well Mahomet Waterhole Fitzgerald Dam Pardnapa Konkaby No 2 Tank Carrolly Rockhole Noonderu Well Punt Waterhole Lagoon Waterhole Lord Salisbury Waterhole Jacobs Bore Box Creek Bosworth Hut One Box Waterhole Norman Hill Willow Dam Wiltabbie Rockhole Inguree Waterhole Artemia Point Maglia Hill Hawks Nest Dam Old Station Wells John Bevis Dam No 9 Bore Walthabbi Well Agreement Dam Three Hundred and Fifty Four Mile Station Island Dam Mannandilla Rockhole Deep Bore Levi Creek Piarooka Bore Balyaweelbanya Spring Big Swamp Well Bosworth Thompson Bore Station 41 Trig Sandy Mound Dam South Carne Bore Tangama Well Oakden Yard Parakylia Wendts Dam Prices Bore New Year Gift Dam West Mount Hut Bulgunnia Crutching Shed Thirty Mile Bore Jersey Springs Swan Island County of Kintore Windina Marshall Horse Well Kalanbi Lake Dutton Sketching Pile A Tiffin Tank Fowlers Bay Conservation Park Yellabinna Regional Reserve Two Mile Tank Charlie Warren Waterhole Benghazi Dam Bungadillina Waterhole Fowler Station Mudla Wantamaran Creek Coward Railway Bore Beacon Hill Alberrie Creek Kadlongaroo Waterhole Lake Windabout Lake Pidleeomina Ironstone Lagoon Reservoir Mattaweara Lagoon Kura-Kura-Pulanha Islands Pronghilla Hut Tarcoola Special Rural School Woomerea Area School Outdoor Education One Tree Bore Callanna Railway Station Woodcutters Waterhole Trig Mill Grant Well Wirrda Wells Warrangarrana Bore Coolary Well Backwater Hut Emerald Springs Wirilia Tank Peters Dam Collins Bog Finniss Bore Paisley Creek Porter Hill Pascoe Well Pibroch Bores Staley Ridge Immarna Post Office Yarlbrinda Hill Mount Ernest Little Perry Bore Lake Windabout Tank Dam No 7 Neil Tank Kekwick Pile Bosworth North Wells Bedouri Bore Coorabie Tank Snake Gully Dam Cranks Dam Goolawarra Trig B Tank Honeymoon Bore Glendambo Gunters Inn Coombarrana Waterhole Cootanoorina No 1 Hanson Rise Hope Valley Well Blackfellows Dam Bore No 5 Skylark Dam Mirra Creek Mirrabuckinna Bore The Mole Hill One Gum Well Oortooklana Spring Serrated Range Trig Jock Tank No 4 Tank Marumbo Homestead Jackboot Yard Mary Bore Wallira 2 Bore Tastevin Tank Finniss Creek Christmas Creek Trevenna Well Billah Bore Bowen Hill West Tank Kalabyng Dam Malenoir Ridge The Nob Somerset Hardy Tank Trial Hole Swamp Regal Bore Roxby Hill Wadmatacunnieudinga Waterhole E A G Senior Dam No 4 Bluff Trig Big Tank Outstation Pidinga Tank Leonard Bore Cooreappa Spring The Twins Blackfellow Hill Whymlet Two Sisters Springs Tutop Ridge Chintulda Warra Warra Mine Sisters Well Wild Trig Sandy Creek Springs Darebin Rockhole Southern Cross Tank Kerlatroaboorntallina Springs Pirdalinha Mount Harper Dam Kalabyng Trig Oakden Dam Tom Well Brackish Spring Clay Waterhole Blue Bore Bridget Bore North Hawker Springs Kenella Tank Wilsons Bore Yellow Bullock Bore Pan Tank Welcome Creek Bore Montys Well No 17 Dam Pinding East Tank Mount Wallaby Tunta Bald Hill Young Lagoon Dam Ti-Tree Swamp No 5 Watercourse Wangkiyanha Myall Creek Studley Well Belt Hill Boree Hut Yalteebarrabarra Hill Chintapanna Well Cooriji Plain Crang Bore Jane Tank Horn Ridge Well Lewis Trig Kimono Tank Talia Rockhole Sextabyng Well Myall Hill Tarlton Springs The Twins Watercourse Woomera Hospital Moondrah Shed Rowley Park Dam Ricky Tank Kardiamba Well Palku-Witjininha Spring Powell Hill Tallaringa Well Blowout Tank Quarry Bore Missionary Waterhole North of Springs Trig Mintabyng Trig Freshwater Well Lochs Well Blue Duck Well Blaze Dam Backadina Dam Toonabbie Well Mount Gunson Churchill Well Crombie Ridge Wilyalallinna Creek Coondambo Telephone Office Central Trig Yalymboo Yumma Yumma Bank Pascoe Dam Box Hole Waterhole Itchalingaby Sandhills McCullagh Well Glyde Hill Kewson Hill Koortena Hill Pernatty Well Arkeeta Dam Mount Anna Yallaling Rockhole Strangways Bore Mount Victory Well Marsella Well Pernatty Hut Eurea Rockhole Weedina Creek Breen Park Selby Dam Old Station Well Beamish Hill Deputy Dam Kallioota Nelson Tank Mindoorana Well Mount Morgan Nestling Bores Mirikata Satellite Tracking Station Kulvegalinna Creek Rickaby Dam Nundroo Mystery Well Wirra Well Saturn Mine The Bend Cooranna Waterhole Hawken Creek Walbinya Rockhole Mooloogoorana Trig Stakeyard Dam Bamboo Swamp Bidnecaroona Swamp Ambrosia Outstation Ferguson Hill Mount Brooks Bottle Hill Golden Link Dam Kingoonya Hill Golf Bore Mount Hawker Blackboy Cooramundie Dam Neil Bore Quongdong Waterhole Poondinna Rockhole Box Creek Railway Station Skull Camp Tanks Fifth Camping Area Busheowie Well Denison Range Eight Mile Waterhole Windy Point Dam MacDowell Hill Bend Dam Calona Well Mintabyng Hut Lake Hanson Pernatty Lagoon Anzac Dam North Eliza Dam Noltenius Hill Purple Well Wangneerarangena Waterhole Island Lagoon North Old Peak Bore Mullina Well Murloocoppie Railway House Pinery Well Quart Pot Dam Rocky Waterhole The Callanna Butterworth Dam Yarloo West Rowe Tank William Dam Tulcola Rock Waterhole Spring Hut Cutyein Hill Stormbird Dam White Hills Yard Parker Dam Blanche Dam Nins Bore Neales River Company No 1 Tank Baie Denon Black Swamp Tank Dam No 10 Cavanagh Well Double Swamp Davenport Springs Eight Mile Swamp Bore Little Swamp Tank Lemmey Catch Pingarla Rockhole Lake Jones Wynbring Railway Station Yeltabinna Creek Malbooma West Tank Purple Downs Yangoonabbi Yerda Outstation Three Mile Well Waria Twins Bore Century Trig Gum Hole Dam Big Swamp Dam Jubena Waterhole Buttfield Hill Centenary Well Brinkley Springs Big Bank Duncan Bore Ely Hill Purple Hut No 6 Bore Valley Wells Grace Dam Wilkinson Lakes Crocodiles Nest Cooladding Rockhole Geoffery Bore Owrie Mound Mungillio Well Yeltacowie Bed Lake Marpoo Dam No 20 Bore Pinchega Well Tod Ridge Sketching Pile D Koonibba Aboriginal School Vino Mine Arnold Gosse Bore Woomera Police Station Wirraminna Rural School Russell Bore Creek Yangoonabie Rockhole Watraba Hut Yalata Hill Yerda Kootaberra Outstation Mobing Rockhole O G H Dams Kuriyapa Spring Willows Waterhole Chadinga Conservation Park West Dams Wangianna Spring Cheryl Dam Davenport Creek County of Way Whitegin Rockhole Dutton Dam Koonindo Water Kalioota Warnamingyanna Waterhole Tallaringa Conservation Park Hundred of May Yardleana Nerdayerrah Sandpatch Poonoothy Rockhole Talangkootra Rockhole Peppercorn Trig Sloane Bore Sandy Point Dam Lake Coorichina Tastevin Yard Staffa Tank Camel Dam Yeltabinna Dam Crows Nest Bore Cotter Claypan Dam Gorillas Bore Mingkariri Wankardanha Spring Nappamurra Elizabeth Creek Gool Dam Yedlakoo Creek Loddon Spa Andamooka Hospital South Gap Dam Yardin Rockhole No 11 Bore New Dutton Dam Mount Clarence Warna Tank Rosella Dam Horse Swamp Middle Tank No 17 Extension Tank Camp Oven Waterhole Skull Dam Bywater Dam Tom Tank Arcoona Cave Dam Beef Tree Well The Knob Willow Bank Mount Woods Boorloo Mine Mirrabuckinna Dam Ram Paddock Dam Painted Hill McEwin Bore Mirant Well Station Dam Breakaway Tank Yedlee Ok Copper Mine The Fountain Spring Emu Bluff Dam Mary Bore Yard South Tiffin Well Stuart Range Bore No 1 Francis Swamp Springs Hunts Bore Newlyn Bore Skeleton Dam Blina Well Rock Well Boon Din Ya Mount Vivian Wyeela Dam Wild Dog Bore Kingston Dam Chummys Dam Bungadillina Bore Freeling Springs Hambidge Dam No 5 Connie Dam Homestead Bore Testevin Tank Marsella Dam Black Arrow Dam Chandler Valley Cap des Bourasques Algebullcullia Creek Boomerang Yard The Two Eyes Munro Dam Peake Creek Rocky Waterholes Coorie Appa Waterhole Yurru-Yurrunha Sugarloaf Hill Warriner Creek Weedina Bore Wilga Point Emu Downs School Greek Gully Mine Bludgers Paradise Woocalla Post Office Carrapateena Arm One Mile Well The Breakaways Lookout Sextabyng Tank Teepena Creek Whittata Blanche Cup Springs Stony Hill Warrigal Well Satisfaction Bore Federal Lake Salt Woodcutters Waterhole Wigan Ridge Wirrda Ridge Woolshed Hall Warmakidyaboo Hill Yalara Hill Arcoordaby Well Shedrack Well Southern Cross Bore Karana Bore West Tait Bore White Cliff Red Lake Bore Toonabbee Well The Eight Mile Opal Diggings Ten Mile Swamp Beda Arm Cooritta Waters Cunderie Tank Chinaman Swamp Edith Hut Stockyard Waterhole Koonibba Hill Ware Peak Duff Creek Bore Black Tank Andamooka Opal Fields Post Office Cowan Dam Teatree Creek Tarlton Knob Mine Grouse Swamp Bore Weedina Springs The Vaughan Spring Mirikata The Pines Homestead Jerry Bore Irrapatana Railway Station Boortheboorthanna Well Beda Waterhole Allan Rise Opal Diggings Norton Dam Kangaroo Well Busheowie Dam Thireetheethana Well Tulangkootra Lake Mayflower Mine Blackoak Creek Manuacowie Tank McCallum Oval No 1 Tank Conway Well Mabel Creek Hilly Hut Luscombe Bore Little Selby Dam Barlow Dam Boolatta North Bore Station 42 Trig North Oakden Dam Lagoon Hill Barney Bore Pintumba Kekwick Springs Manandilla Rockhole Pera Rockhole Pioneers Swamp Valley Well South Lake C Tank Canna Tank Fifteen Mile Tank Putumanha Springs Horse Paddock Lake MacFarlane Elizabeth Creek Railway Station Prospect Hill Lake Bring Lake Patricia Halligan Bay Emu Springs Waterhole Wangamoodla Dam Willow Wells Hut Nundroo Hut Pakatinha Springs Whenan Shaft The Elizabeth Piarooka Hill Garford Bore Evelyn Downs Gypsum Bore Hambidge Point Paisley Ponds Nyaroo Creek Yurilja Watraba German Valley Opal Diggings Yandoolka Well Pokerby Well S R 11 Bore Jimberaing Newey Dam Childara Rockhole Perfection Well Beverley Dam Store Dam Babbage Peninsula Blue Duck Dam Willalinchina Hut Chalgonippi Sandhills Whip Well Michaels Dam Flagstaff Bore Mulgathing Mudlaalpa Dam Kudna-Mukunha Dusty Bore Geoffery Yard Mount Harper Lange Ridge Konkaby Rockhole Lake Hanson Dam Oringla Hill Opal Creek Peela Swamp Mentor Trig Landy Dam Martharinga Dam New Sherry Dam Prescott Point Mulcaree Rockhole Old Pernatty Dam West Bottle Hill Dam Mine Bore Old Homestead Bore Rolls Trig Pidinga Sheds Leo Bore Pildinga Stock Well Tidnamurkuna Spring Banjo Bore Dingo Well Morphetts Bore Whimberina Waterhole Whittata Hill Wadlawilwen Watehole Wangi Lookout Hills Corner Bore Rum Hole Wildingi Dam Jeff Bore Kychering Hill Maslin Dam Gutter Creek Mystery Dam Richards Bore Thunderbolt Tank Itirritapoorina Waterhole Lennon Opal Diggings Whisky Waterhole Bank Triangle Well Bulpara Rockhole Dulhunty Island No 8 Pipeline Tank North Old Peck Bore North Bosworth Tank Balyeebalyee Trig Basin Well Salt Springs Tank Woomera Post Office Barton Sand Range Pudd Bore End Tank Pantjalinha Eric Island Lane Dam Faulkner Dam Kultanaby Railway Station Murray Well Tinta Dintana Creek Boolka Well Fescuva Bores Company Dam No 17 Beddome Dams Three Peaks Kunoth Shoal Cooyecappa Lake Lake Bessie Fourteen Mile Well Budnaroo-Gulla Creek Douglas Bore Edward Creek Bore Blackoak Bore Lake Echo Goodwin Well Bookabie Cooyurooparie Hill Kalanbi Railway Station Johns Dam East Carnding Bore Netting Bore No 6 Tank Swamp Hut Phar Lap Outstation Carringallana Creek Bungarider North Well Small Springs Yandandarre Creek Hardrock Dam Massey Well Eurabie Hut Kangaroo Hill The Painted Desert Centenary Bore Bungadillina Creek Chinta Railway Station Gregory Creek Woolshed Bore Miller Creek Well Hundred of Sturdee Chincardina Creek Eeavinna Hill Eucolo Reservoir Black Flag Opal Diggings Cornish Well Yanyarrie Dam Pitha-Nguyunha Beresford Hill Spring Thitarinha Malbooma Outstation Johns Outstation Hanson Hill Lucas Hill Oliver Borehole One Tree Hill Dromedary Dam Stranded Waterhole Lemmey Well Bungarider South Well Boiler Dam Wingilpin Bluff Eileen Bore Dunns Mine Laidland Well West Willouran Mine Old Jrp Dam Murnaroo 1 Stony Creek Bank Saltash Bore Corraberratarra Waterhole Edadurrana Spring Lone Pine Dam Diamond Dam Lemmey Dam Napakulyana Ridge Niroona Dam Margaret Creek Bore Landy Swamp Miccolo Dam Oolgelima Creek Soakage Yard Balta Baltana Yards Black Oak Dam Brumby Creek Dam Browns Waterhole Brillia Murra Creek Tobruk Dam Tinsels Claypan Rocky Gorge Waterholes Puntaby Hut Sherry Dam Landmark Well Sketching Pile B Midgerie Rockhole Knotts Dam No 20 Njilpanha Barton Range Cotton Bush Creek Two Stone Tank Willouran Hill Wobnapoorina Waterhole Boggy Crossing Bullshead Dam Pooramingie Bore Magnacowie Well Khan Bore Peter Hill Heartbreak Trig Mirikata Trig Lake Hart Tank Gardiner Dam Middle Dam Miracle Dam North Port Dam Paynters Well Caroline Bank Monalena Tank Cliff Hole Strangways Springs Railway Station Walkura-Pulanha Ram Dam Callanna Barton Railway Siding Walbinna Waterhole Yatinjangu Evetts Field Jenners Knob Top Box Waterhole Third Camping Area Teatree Bore Sunshine Dam Woolnomulla Bluff Toongamoona Creek Flat Hill McAlpine Well Malbooma Swamp Bores Mount Margaret Wiltabbie Well Opal Valley Opal Diggings Jacob Spring Thora Soakage Yerda Well Perfetto Opal Diggings Ross Tank Fowlers Bay Station Waulalumbo Hill Colona Well Vic Well Jinyalumba Mentor Well Mooloogoorana Swamp Sanders Creek The Sisters Dam Mount Morgan Watercourse Commonwealth Dam Open Swamp Kingston Bore Landmark Tank Quail Opal Diggings Strawbridge Well Safari Trig Wadmatagunnieudinga Waterhole Weringilbunna Swamp G H G Dam Midway Swamp Oolwadgee The Valley Well Yalka-Parlumarna Gluepot Yard Leaks Bore Coorlay Dam Butterfly Tank Bore No 23 Dianne Dam Crete Dam Warden Hill Ediacara Triangle Opal Diggings Company No 2 Tank North Point Trig Park Bores Davies Dam Danae Hill Strangways Trig Lammys Waterhole Engenina Springs Wirragilpina Dam Mundoorana Bore Commonwealth Catch Ealbara Outstation Pokerby Rockhole Teemurrina Waterhole Crossland Hill Edward Creek Railway Station Mount Gunson Rural School Government Tanks Kalilyabbi Well Peake Creek Railway Station Barradoorana Well Arcoona Hill Blind Spring Limestone Creek Bond Dam Wirraminna Railway Station Wobna-Poorina Waterhole McDouall Peak Woolshed Floodbird Bore Bruce Waterhole Haggard Hill Dead Horse Gully Mine Lewis Tank Napanadlaadlara Well Railway Shaft Bore Aggression Bore Cap David Playford Dam No14 Dead Bullock Corner Clara St Dora Mine Wardu-Purrthakanha Woolly Tank Coorabie Old Sheep Well Backwater Dam Nawakulyana Ridge Piping Lane Mine Pinong Yarra Wurta Cliff Old Kingston Well Keckwick Springs Nundroo Telephone Office Kennebery Waterhole Luscombe Tank Wonnomulla Waterhole Charles Hut Whittata Hut Binda Boudna Dam Burntiltaby Waterhole Termination Dams Johnson Bore Kowulka East Well Outstation Goode Outstation Horse Dams Watkins Opal Diggings Branjanim Waterhole Tableland Dam Bennett Waterhole Tchalingaby Well Bank of Nsw Dam Cooper Inlet Burden Tank Welcome Tank Tod Ridge Dam Emmie Bluff Taling-Kudthara Campbell Point Campbell Rise Fats Waterhole Mount Allalone Burgoyne Flat Barber Dam Boree Flat Bon Bon The Bubbler Bring Rockhole Mount Penrhyn Lake Gregory Lake Phibbs Smith Hill Mungutana Dam Mungyamarrilyna Swamp Milnes Bore Marbra Tank Nundroo Post Office Lake Blyth Lake Boomerang Paragon Bore Mosquito Creek Pintara Bank Pidla-Wirra Erna Island Dorothy Well Jim Yard Opalfields Dam Kruse Dam Malberna Lake Richards Round Waterhole Sheep Well Tea Tree Dam Coober Pedy Aerodrome Sister Wells Red Ochre Dam Rocky Well Ngurpanha Windy Valley Well Yalludha Wilsons Tank Shelly Island Annabel Island Weedina Waterhole Strawbridge Pipeline Tanks Giddi-Giddinna Creek Moondiepitchnie Water Lake Johnstone Moltaweera Lagoon Kidnimpiri Creek Laurie Hill Bore West Point Hill South Carne Tank Fercies Bore Kodak Hole Tallacootra Rockhole Paige Dam Salt Shaft Well Port Eyre Starvation Dam Foxglove Tank Bookabie Hill Six Mile Dam South Eliza Hut Studley Dam Joyce Well David Bank Lower North Creek Tank Pidinga Rockhole Bookabie Post Offcie Gibraltar Rocks Breakaways Aitken Creek Palpalpa Swamp Allan Rise Rawson Dam Frying Pan Dam Darling Bore Watts Dam Mount Furner Dan Hole Tank German Gully Opal Diggings Magnacowie Tank Thirka Yanguna Rockhole Tjurnding Rockhole No 34 Bore Muddy Bore Tallala Hut Boomerang Waterhole Kalabyng Bore Digitalis Tank White Cliff Dam Yijulka Waterhole McLachlan Pile Hundred of Catt Hundred of O'Loughlin Hundred of Pethick Pointe du Chat-Huant Lake Parakylia Kalabyng Well Mirage Lagoon Curdlawidny Lagoon Flint Hill Paisley Well South Yellabinna Wilderness Protection Area Emu Flat Post Office Teatree Well Samphire Trig Bore No 1 Dillina Creek Crown Well Taff Tank New West Oakden Dam Walkararanha Nick O Time Well Pompeter Rocks Napakulgana Ridge South Kalanna Dam Broken Bit Bore Watchercallen Bore Yuriljanha Springs Doubtful Bore Coondabaringinna Creek Hidden Swamp North Mount Euee Muckanippie Rockhole Paradise Well Oolgelima Spring Robyn Tank Glenloth Well Chances Swamp Mandy Dam Thomas Well Wirracanna Trig Secret Bank Vanguard Trig Boree Flat Tank Comet Outstation Clifton Dam Fourteen Mile Mine Ngarlamina Koolymilka Post Office Thunderstorm Creek Boolka Bore Twins Rockpile Watson Waterhole Devils Point Fowlers Bay Telegraph Station Woods Dam Charlie H Tank Wibma-Malkara Baltucoodna Waterhole Edith Spring Alberrie Creek Railway Siding Gibraltar Well Bopeechee Railway Station Wamma-Thurga-Enamana Bore Bulldog Bore Eremophila Tank Waterman Dam Tallala Hill Lewis Boreold The Long Waterhole Tea Pot Dam Mount Allalone Dam Dam No 9 The Catchole Dam Scotts Well Sketching Creek West Mount Dams Flymns Well Breakfast-Time Bore Konkaby Dam Sandhill Waterhole Tallala Well Sixteen Mile Creek North West College of Further Education Poondinga Rock Water Mount Alford Rocky Point Sulphur Spring Mars Mine Well Dam No 8 C C Bore Dynamite Dam Faulkness Waterhole Green Swamp Jackboot Bore Malbooma West Yards McKinnon Dam Dog Hollow Well Yumbarra Conservation Reserve Jacky Waterhole Yantea Well Angle Swamp Four Mile Mine Beare Well Gambier Hill Giffen Yard Garford Outstation Coronippie Wells Chambuta Chermside Hill Piarooka Dam Pumper Dam Satellite Bore Willow Wells Tank Gelegnite Dam Netting Dam Lake View Dam Asterisk Tank Blackfellow Quarry Bungarider Well Balta Baltana Creek Robyn Bore Teal Waterhole Thidna-Pirrinha Spring Wilaroo Ridge Carl Dour Yard Freshwater Bore Bowman Waterholes Berlina Dam No 12 Bore Tchalingaby Sandhills Old Lyne Ridge Dam Old Billa Kalina Bore San Marino Hut Sandstone Outstation Smith Shed Narkanna Wells Mirra Well Moonlight Waterhole Mount Mortimer Carrapateena Wells Tadpole Well Gypsum Pans Halfway Pilleutta Rockhole Nakulla North End of Base Trig Arckaringa Creek Charoba Tank Corroberritarrie Hill Lake Wingilpin Lake Moolkra No 53 Tank Fanny Springs Broken Bit Tank Gum Woolshed Jasper Gully Opal Diggings Lignum Swamp Martharinga Wells Yarlbrinda Spring Squatters Tank Two Swamp Mile Dam Sunday Well Aboretum Oval Dry Dam Ian Dam Jim Dam Douglas Tank Willows Bore Henpens Dam Camel Camp Tank Nyoorila Billy Barns Dam Nunong Well Arckaringa Waterhole Battery Reserve Black Wattle Creek Napier Bore Wernwernberna Dam Gibraltar Outstation Hamilton Hill Roy Dam Yarrabolina Hill Kadlongaroo Hill Morris Creek Nelly Creek Conrad Dam Goode Post Office Edge Hill Barlow Creek Ten Mile Yard Karrana Bore Hilson Creek Cundalippy Tank Bald Hill Well Churchill Dam Mill Elba Swamp Bore Bulgunnia Bore Park Tank Pruville Hut The Sisters Gosse Range Well Camel Bank Dam Coorabie Sheep Well Dome Hill Marumba Homestead Manuacowie Well Chintulda Well Old Dutton Dam Picket Station Trig Geoffery Tank Wishart Spring Kyolia Dam No 10 Yard Bulkarow Dam Greenfield Swamp Dam Station 40 Trig Nine Mile Tank East Mount Dam Patsy Dam Ballungia Waterhole Old Wattiwarrigan Trig Punt Hill Wagon Wheel Trig Wanilla Hut William Creek Railway Station Willy Hole Wadnamparanha Home Paddock Dam Yalata Anna Creek Double Tank Cooreappa Dam East Ridge Beltana Dam Corraberraterra Trig Boulder Bore Flat Top Hill Purple Dam Picnic Trig Pintuppa Well Government Dams South Dam Walpacunnia Waterhole Kultanaby Dam Lamont Yard Hatch Hill Keckwick Plains Bore Mount Hamilton Station National Trig Ingamungina Well Mount Paisley Navvies Hole Dam One Tree Hill Opal Diggings Moonamby Well Waurea Hill North Gate Hill Pine Well Yeing Well West Point Bore Wirrawirralu Waterhole Bank of England Dam Beresford Hills Garden Well Creek White Nob Dam Windy Valley Hut Warriner Dam Willow Opal Diggings Kingoonya Wells Thurra-Thurrina Springs Birribiana Waterhole Bundi Bore Conical Hill Corkscrew Well Burdens Tank Chimney Hill Little Depot Spring Purdy Dam Kidni-Katjirinha Coppertop Hill Brumbys House Montgomery Dam Nunn Bore Eilbra Well North West Arm Ford Well Lake Blanche Ironstone Lagoon Lake Younghusband Lake Richardson Lake Conway Lake Koolkootinnie Cap Van-Spaendonck High Hill Oak Dam The Mulgas Brooks Island Cooryabbie Waterhole England Bank Lake Lowden Two Mile Swamp Dam Menalera Lake Wadmadingalinda Lake Gairdner National Park Purdy Water Nuckulla Dam Quart Pot Tank Willows Dam Cootamilyeroo Swamp Mussel Waterhole Rocky Ridge Andamooka Post Office Anchor Rise Hurdle Creek Dam Eucolo Waterhole Murloocoppie Rockholes Cedric Tank Dora Gully Mine Waltabie Hut Hidden Valley Dam East Woodforde Creek South Bosworth Dam Princess Bore Burgoyne Ridge Sunday Spring Tunkillia Rockhole Yankee Gunya Waterhole Sketching Pile C Beda Creek Arcoordaby Outstation Hardrock Tank Old Murrachowie Station Lake Harris Bore Broken Bit Dam Browns Folly Mine Busheowie Creek Davenport Railway Siding Woggurda Lambing Creek Island Creek Karaingabi Well Mystery Tank Nundroo Range Pilldetta Water Pound Creek Arundel Plains Coorey Byng Well Caroona Hut Coorillinna Tank Curranullina Bore George Hole Dam Hillside Boorthanna Bore Scrub Dam Eucolo Dams Comet Bore Lakeside Wells Frog Hollow Swamp Palkura Pintjanha North Kowal Bore Burando Railway Station Century Dry Yard Mulgathing Rocks Trig Long Dam Long Gully Beella Rockhole Max Knob Covrichina Dam Belaning Rock Diggers Bore Durkin Outstation Coulthards Grave Englands Hill Dam Cranes Bore Mount Moseley Dam Burdunga Rockhole Caroona Dam Boys Well Webbs Dam Nine Mile Tanks Nilpinna Creek Hogarth Hill Jason Dam Two Jays Opal Diggings Sequoia Bore Bickford Ridge No 1 Well No 3 Dam Poverty Dam Sunny Creek Bore The Lookout Yalata Well Warriner Gap Outside Springs McDonald Peak North Bore Dam Pulkatha Rockhole Smith Springs Murla-Murlaparanha Springs Mordinyabee Dam Malbooma Railway Station Rachel Dam Boondadha Eurilyna Spring Stuart Highway old position Kalanbi Downs Windmill Dam Kadnungka Ngura Spring Woomera West Railway Station Wild Dog Dam Tunkillia Well Coober Pedy Area School Cotton Bush Bore Pyramid Hut Brodies Valley Chintapanna Dam Sputnik Tank Yellow Hill Mine Karnak Well Smith Main Waterhole Warrangarrana Spring Dinah Rock Aerodrome Dam Treasure Dam Bore No 62 Katirinha Chimpering Rockhole Sunshine Farm Arkeeta Claypans New Dam Yard Ninteen Mile Mine Peake Homestead One Box Dam Primrose Dam Old No 12 Bore Walton Well Wulley-Yarra Hilga Crutching Shed Tank Reg Dam Red Hill Well Tent Hill Dam Willow Creek Mount Younghusband Tommy Dam Mount Marjory Yard Paragon Tank Horse Bore Mulga Bore Mungappie Creek Sundown Bore Kooringibbie Well Woolshed Creek Stonewall Well Tooparcoolona Waterhole Maxine Bore Kallibulna Plain Victoria Creek Renton Hill German Gully Burntiltaby Claypan Chittingoona Waterhole George Bore James Tank Maerty Ridge Pronghilla Rockhole Wirrappa Tank Pennyfather Trig Butchers Well Twelve Mile Opal Field Sarah Dam Trecompana Hill Cocky Swamp Willy Bore Eyre Lookout Samphire Swamp Douglas Creek Top Well Blina Tank Archie Bevis Dam Garden Well West Mount Creek Southern Cross Opal Diggings Islam Tank Euchre Park Mine Kulgulya Swamp Kooty Clubrooms Corner Hill Swinden Crossing Freds Camp Yard Fred Swamp Finniss Springs Four Mile Swamp Kangaroo Bore Mordinyabee Hill No 16 Bore Wahaup Hill No 17 Bore South Well Spring Windon Hipworth Catch New Monties Well Lambies Dam Bore No 24 Flint Trig Hardrock Bore Nallanabbi Well Pile Hill Chanda Booka Wells Station Paddock Dam Pine Hut Thidna-Murkanha Springs Pintumba Tank Mount Ernest Well Pipeline Bore Blackoak Tank Kychering Rocks Christmas Bank French Dam Wallabyng Range Chinamans Hat Hill Mathews Tank Talala Well Danny Boy Creek Three Mile Bore White Elephant Bore Wintro Warduna Spring Welcome Springs Pile Reedy Lagoon Mangkapiljinha Yarrana Hill Tarcoola South Yantia Bore 2 Deearay Hill Paisley Well North Cundalippy Dark Hill Geologists Well Camels Hump Aimee Creek Dud Bore Dead Mans Gully Mine Marshall Hill Prestons Well Longs Creek Marbanippi Hut Mulgaria Mount Christie Corner No 7 Bore Woodforde Creek Crystal Dam North Tiffin Creek Porter Hill Dam Inguree Hut The Lookout Range Nantiby Sand Cattle Dam Duck Point Dam Boomerang Tank Catch Hole Dam Cootakartana Waterhole Gilbert Bore Up and Down Dam Windabout Hill Foote Dam Ross Salt Springs Mount Anna Dam Crang Tank Old Wattiwarriganna Trig NE Dam Kowulka Railway Station Middle Ridge Wurley Lagoon Longs Creek Waterhole Oorla Tank Kingoonya Rural School Horatio Lagoon Woodforde Hill Mount Soward Smith Tank Aitken Waterhole Glory Quayle Rocks Watraba Railway Station Wabma Kadarbu Mound Springs Conservation Park Ngalpangkardanha Whitby Waterhole West Oakden Dams One Tree Spring Gulda Bore Pidlee-Wirra Top of Hill Bore Vokes Trig Morris Creek Bore Charles Swamp Clayton Dam One Gum Hut Glen View Well Hardies Basin Dam The Dismal Plain Columba Tank Wooly Tank Flat Well Lochaline Bore Woocalla Reservoir Dean Bore Birthday Railway Station Froghollow Dam Cundilippy The Painted Hills Dead FinishTank Prominent Point Abertachna Waterhole Jones Dam Gilbert and Company Station Hundred of Pureba Hundred of Caldwell Poothraba Rockhole Mindook Well Lake Echo North Coorlay Lake Lake Ifould The Four Brothers Hundred of Magarey Hunger Well Murramurrana Spring Peenalumba Hut Unfinished Dam Welcome Bore Russell Yard Hawks Nest Waterhole Ooraminna Outstation Beare Creek Claude Hill Bryant Dam Pascoe Hut Mount Christie Railway Siding Last Resort Hill Carr Dam Corroberritarrie Waterhole Binda Boudna Hill Con Ryan Dam Wildingi Claypan Warra Warra West Mine Cook Dams Bullyonna Well Carl Dour Tank Wantamaran Creek Koonibba Aboriginal Land East No 34 Bore Kalanbi Park Gypsum Ponds Trial Hole Dam Giffen Tank Beamish Dam Burn Tank Cudyea Rockhole Harry Bore Coorie Appa Bore Pitha-Palithanha Chitanilga Dam Wirilya Tank Doug Dam Mission Waterhole Open Hill Lullars Yard Moornaba Rockhole Cootra Tanks Engenina Waterhole Emu Hole Francis Swamp Magazine Hill Paparla Teal Hole Dam Anna Creek Railway Station Wimbra Waterhole Lochaline Tank Mannandilla Wells Bob Dam Blacks Well Diamond Hut Ilantja Spring Wirrda Hut Warmakidyaboo Waterhole Easter Dam Engine Dam Moss Nob End Hill Dam New Puckridges Bore Norris Ridge Bilby Trig Bulgara Hill Rock Hole Dam Boolatta Well Top West Tank Wilgena Hill Barlow Waterholes Doyles Dam Lena Trig Goolagong Bore Honeymoon Dams Junction Gully Mucarra Waterhole Old Pinchega Well Stuart Range Bore No 5 Page Well No 2 Tombstone Dam Rawlinson Hill Cross Roads Bore Phillips Ridge Hut South Gap Well Six Mile Yard Yarlbrinda Well Whimberina Dam White Elephant Dam Blanket Waterhole Pimba Ridge Dam Preston Trig Wing Commanders Dam Nancy Bore Mount Kingston Old Bore Waltabie Well Willparoona Springs Goorgyana Spring Blowout Bore Verity Bore Gun Gully Elizabeth Creek Hut Goalen Bluff Douglas Well Beviss Wells Cudyea Tank East Carnding Tank West Rock Mine Emu Bluff Waterhole Jubilee Dam Shore Hill Dam Dog Fence Bore Jewellers Shop Opal Diggings Jam Tin Dam Heaton Hill Injuree Well Sandlewood Flat Sandstone Dam Sabrina Bore Peela Well Fly Camp Dam Blackboy Extension Albert Dam Brians Watercourse Dalray Bore Billah Hill Beda Bore Nallanippi Hut Mud Spring Mulgaria Homestead Anderson Well Christmas Bore Hickson Hill Dividing Bluff Mercer Hill Mount Furner 1 Bore Hogan Well Mungappie Swamp Primrose Hill Munarinha Census Dam Brillia Murra Dam Cadlareena Creek Pinery Hut Bulldog Creek Wadnamingyana Waterhole Stony Flat Dam Wilgena Post Office Teddy Waterhole Euramina Creek Trimmer Inlet Pupitji Ringwood Well Swamp Well Mount Sabine Trig Hill Twenty Mine Mine Pigeon Hill Springs Stuart Creek Railway Station Mulga Waterhole Glue Pot Crossing Calthoorinna Creek Yandandarre Waterhole Pitja-Murrunha Roses Mine Coast Range Aitken Well Buckland Bore Top Waterholes Levi Bore Boogabi Coober Pedy Jimmy Spring Twin Well Hermit Springs Jrp Well Kroonilla Rockholes New Puckridges Tank North Well Dam Blue Dam Two Mile Well Telstar Bore Sugarloaf Well Hard Hill Hermit Creek Mulga Well Outstation Yadlamalka Railway Station Gerrabullina Tank Murangoona Well Cobblers Ridge Bon Leigh Tank Whirlaway Creek Reedy Lagoon Hill Dermody Bore Palku-Wakanha Coondalippie Bakewell Bore Bonney Bluff Dam Block Dam McLeay Railway Station North Mungillio Bore Stake Yard Dam Mickey Swamp Neills Bore Old Kalliotta Homestead Mulgaria Watercourse Lyne Ridge Dam Peake Hill Four Hills Trig Ibis Bores Pinery Dams Wattiwarriganna Trig Yathong Tank Mail Gate Bore Hallifax Hill Greenfield Dam Homestead Dam Buffalo Dam Igy Corner Homestead Watercourse New Year Hill Old Penrhyn Dam Palbilba Rockhole No 11 Tank Mungappie Wells New Bluff Bore Donald Dam Charles Dam Douglas Hut Callara Yard Crown Hill Chatana Oppathakana Waterhole Angle Tank Aurora Tank Cindy Dam Tinsels Bore No 8 Fredrickstad Willalinchina Waterhole Guy Fawkes Dam Shepherds Waterhole Sheep Camp Waterhole Kenella Well Willow Spring Maxs Bore Breakaways Mine Jenner Hill Nilpinna No 1 Bore Golden Link Well Raspberry Creek Callanna Dam Yeltacowie Dam Yellow Bullock Creek William Station Trig Shellpatch Bore Yalka-Pakanha Pennyfather Bore Kent Dam White Gin Rockholes Kempes Bore Evelyn Dam Neales Overflow Fowlers Bay Post Office Muckanippie Well Lake Gairdner Lake Arcoona Boggy Lake Hector Island Belt Bay Andamooka Island Hogan Dam Stake Yard Little Water Lake Phillipson Lake Tallacootra Square Lake Lake Wirrida Yumbarra Conservation Park Hundred of Wookata Top Mount Dam Thinti-Thintinha Coates Hill Hermit Range Northcliffe Dam Pimba West Paradise Tank Giles Wells Old Poompa Dam Uljurla Palthiyangunha Wandery Hill West Mount Bore Coober Pedy Trig Taloreh Rockhole Morris Dam Mount Mordinyabee Ants Nest Bore Brumby Creek Breakthrough Gully Jasper Opal Diggings Hundred of Scherk Wheepool Rockhole Anzac Bore Bluff Watercourse Coolingee Swamp Pauline Bore Hobbs Dams Glenloth Mullina Rockhole Woordlemmie Jimmy Camp Katninga Well Tirritapoorina Waterhole Norris North Hill Scull Dam Myall Hut Purdy Well Leonard Rise Old Whim Well Queenie Tank Johnny Dam Pegler Bore Charlinga Red Dam Richard Dam Salt Well Bore Grim Creek Dam Middle Tanks Mount Denison Gosse Range Trig Salt Bush Dam Belaning Rockhole Ron Dam Bopeechee Spring Hawker Springs Eyres Depot Well Phillips Ridge Coorichina Catch Inguree Well Coondambo Valley Dam Coolya Hill Stone Pile Thirty Mile Tank Carryon Dam Horse Waterhole Gosse Minor Trig Bartsch Creek Artesian Bore Breakneck Creek Bishop Spring Monburu Tank Doughboy Dam Eileen Tank Bulga Well Bretts Tank George Watercourse Boulder Dam Algebullcullia Waterhole Pintumba Well William Creek Smithy Hole Bulgunnia Woolshed Hume Hill Hogarth Bank Crossing Bore No 10 Murloocoppie Rockhole Eucolo Dam Mills Plateau Meteor Tank Coober Pedy Opal Field Figtree Well Coppertop Spring Yerda Tank Hunt Peninsula Mungaroo Hill Eucolo Bluff Lyne Ridge No 22 Bore Raspberry Creek Bore Becky Dam Pureba Hill Big Blyth Bore Carter Well Stuart Range Coolibah Yard Concrete Bank Glen Boree Homestead Henrietta Creek Ken Bore Lloyd Spring Last Chance Mine Old Billa Kalina Twin Bores Race Dam Tarombo Well White Elephant Well Baldock Dam Berlina Well Brennan Dam Warna Rockhole Jacob Well Nilpinna No 3 Bore Young Dam No 12 Woomera Tank McGregor Dam Hard Struggle Dam North Bore Beautiful Valley Yard Yalymboo Dam Spearfelt Dam Sisters Well Outstation Sisters Wells Black Oak Swamp Birthday Sub Station Two Stone Yard Centipede Creek Waterhole Blackfellows Creek Madla-Mala-Katinha Spring Francis Pile Trig Ten Mile Tank Black Knob Anna Creek Telephone Office Meyanungada Hill Smith Springs Bore Bulyacobbie Bore Breakfast-Time Tank Binda Boudna Creek Wanilla Well Stephens Dam Gate Waterhole Kalpirrinha Kumburta Homestead Ironstone Dam Eight Mile Creek Wirrawirralu Creek Berulla Creek Watts Bank Wildingi Gate Bing Dam Bulgunnia Lake Conway Springs Irpitji Warunha New Surprise Bore Pines Well Mount Cooper Dam Anniversary Dam Leslie Tank Kingoonaburrabinna Hill Mobella Soak Mungappie Hut Priscilla Well Box Dam David Catch Yarra Wurta Bore Soak Dam Swimming Waterhole Tirritapoorina Yard Dutton Bluff Emu Wantiby Wells Tulkola Rock Waterhole Ford Catch Locks Well Anna Springs Axehead Quarry Lone Oak Menaleru War Loan Mine Whim Well Fyne Dam Police Camp Well Wattiwarriganna Creek East Yandandarre Tank Barnes Dam CB Bore Yakarra-Irlirinha Bowman Creek Ymg Wells Darcowie Dam Tod Ridge Well Wirringinna Well Tooningina Dam George Creek Bore Weepul Water Hans Peak Mines Old Cootanoorina Maerty Waterhole Cooks Hut Well Treloar Hill Opal Diggings The Knoll Glen Hill Woolly Bore Irpitji Warrunha Yara-Thungkanha Punkeemeeunga Painter Little Well South Tank Dam Box Swamp Bore Billa Kalina Jungle Opal Diggings Mason Waterhole Candis Dam Daly Theatre Telstar Tank Packsaddle Dam Rope Swamp Cockalaly Well Parker Hut No 18 Tank Pimba Dam Illbarrinna Rockhole Pups Lagoon Dam Harry Trig Pidleeomina Dam South Tiffin Hut Ant Hill Septabyng Bore Mindilinna Waterhole Wirraminna Hill Mudguard Gate Paradise Hut Woorong Waterhole Kalatinka Dam Clare Bay Ipi Island Mobella Outstation Arrunha Creek Scott River Sloane Hill Russos Folly Opal Diggings Nilkinina Waterhole Beare Hill Bosworth Creek Boobygen Tank Duncans Bore Eldo Mess Emu Flat Birthday Wells Noorilla Rockhole Geisha Tank Gairdner Dam Peckys Dam Mudleeyabana Well Young Lake Purple Lake Mungulena Dam Jackdaw Bank Dam McLean Well Karculta Catch North Woodforde Creek North Tiffin Hill Mona Yard Old Bulgunnia Well Hills Well Tallala Telephone Office Tent Hill Twenty Mile Dam Papu-Ngaljuru Miltjaardi Pula Springs Bottom Hole Yard Coonalimba Hut Muddy Hole Bore Creek Woodforde Wells Hard Well Baby Creek Bore Clemens Bore Pups Lagoon Homestead Winjabbie Dam Wendts Dam Yarloo Bank Lawrence Dam Tarcoola Railway Station West Point Tank Coolawarra Trig Gosse Range Mount Fox Undoola Homestead United Drafting Yards Ian Bore Peckys Catch Lyons Camp Siding Majendie Dam Cooks Well Duff Creek Railway Station Yarrabolina Waterhole Smith Creek Clarence Station Gays Bank Green Tors Buckland Dam Oakden Hut Coukawaukinna Dam Euria Rockhole Geraghty Hill Opal Diggings Elevated Tank Darlings Bore Bald Hill Bore Frazer Well Wild Dog Creek Rose Waterhole Sandy Mound Hut Snake Gully Spring Yardiya Cardajalburrana Wilparndanha North Coondambo Hill Arthur Hill Cooritta Hill Lake Meramangye Mount Gunson Primary School Lake Labyrinth Wirilya Rockhole Horse Wells Pennalumba Well Keith Hill Lee Dam Cornish Bore Wheepool Wells Lake Ross Wirrangula Creek Eurabie Well Marshall Well Nolan Dam O'Loughlin Tank Police Tank Zacharia Dam Opal Trig Perry Springs Nantuby Well Hundred of Giles Evan Hill Wilaroo Lagoon Lake Beviss Lake Finniss Myltabie Plain No 5 Dam Large Waterhole John Deere Mine Mount Well The Pines Station Pam Bore Charcoal Dam Snow Hill Avenue Waterhole Breakfast-Time Waterhole Wangamoodla Creek Steven Gully Opal Diggings Balta Baltana Waterhole Watchamacallit Dam Serena Dam Old Homestead Bores Rischbieth Yard Bunyabie Tank Coodnambana Waterhole South of Douglas Trig Sky Lab Dam Julie Dam Parker Well Wingilpin Bore Wynbring Rocks Jimmy Waterhole Bend Hut Bedourie Dam South Vivian Dams Patterson Dam No 18 Centenary Hut Colona Hill Gum Waterhole Twenty Three Mile Trig Koolye Tank Rowe Swamp Stacey Bank Railway Tank Parkes Dam Wallabin Island Longhole Waterhole Moodlampnie Bore Twenty Three Mile Hut White Nose Bore Mount Evelyn Tardetakarinna Waterhole Warriner Hill Rockhole Tank Wibma Thirkampa Koonibba Railway Station Dead Horse Waterhole Aloorina Creek Twelve Mile Dam Curterinna Spring Division Dam Two Stone Bore Red Swamp Sturdee Telephone Office Tiffin Creek Manguri Kalatinka Well Polygonum Waterhole The Neck The Sill Willochra Creek Yalata Aboriginal Land Wirrida Siding Kangaroo Tank Goyder Channel Lake Ellen Carnadinna Native Well The Frome West Paddock Tank The Douglas Arnold Dam Flint Mound Cooinchina Creek Francis Creek Arkoona Native Well Umbum Creek Toondool Native Well The Neales Willockra Creek Manguri Siding Madigan Gulf The Plains Trig Barcoo River Carnes Siding Willoughra Creek Price Peninsula Cooper Creek Lake Francis Sunday Tank Peake-Jones Point Muloorina Hanson Tank Lake Lettie 3 Big Bore Bluebird Point Gina Siding Frome Tank Morley Camp Well The Three Mile Well Black Swamp Dam Marree Tank Lake Lettie Bore No 2 The Illusion Plains Lake Eyre North Mothers Day Tank Lake Callara Bullysandhill Tank Pootnoura Siding Courthouse Tank Syd Tank Frome River Canegrass Tank Lake Warren Arcoona Native Well Frome Soakage Sulphur Peninsula Stuart Highway Clipps Tank Kalatinka Tank Lake Eyre South Toby Hill Scalloped Bay Koonunda Native Well Poodjoorbinna Native Well Fresh Spring Eavinna Hill Eeavina Hill Nummabirinna Waterhole Nummab Rinna Waterhole Mercers Hill San Marino Koolkootinnie Lake Midlamilda Hill The Warburton Kalaweerina Creek River Neales Bennetts Waterhole Bennets Waterhole Eurelyana Creek Warmakid Yaboo Hill Englands Hill Warrina Station Evelyn Alcupcaddikilcoodana Creek Camerons Hill Hawkers Creek Fountain Spring Yard Edwards Creek Station The Plains Algebullculla Creek Barcoo Creek Coopers Creek The George The Devonport Old Umbum Old Umbum Station Lake Cooreeappa Number Two Dam Meyanunga Hill Boorthanna Station Lake Eyre Kati-Tanda Number One Dam Mudloo Bulgara South of Douglas Coorichina Lake Wadmadingalinda Lake Deeray Giddi Giddinna Creek Anna Creek Station Napanadlaadlara Breakfast Time Creek William Creek Station Cooyurooparie Parkers Well North of Springs Mabel Homestead Mable Creek Hawk Nest Bore Yalteebarrabarra Little Pimlico Island Murangoona Mooloogoorana East of Bluff Koonunda Well Eueenya Irrapatana Station Emily Spring River Clayton Lake Frances Candymullyna Coolawarra Warriner Two Sisters Spring River Frome Stuarts Range Backadina Wattiwarrigan Strangways Station Balyeebalyee Balyeebaylee Noorama Dam Beresford Carnadinna Well Murnaroo Well Murnaroo Native Well Beresford Station Beresford Hill Micky Swamp Nellys Creek The Welcome Morriss Creek Eyres Lookout Kewsons Hill Coward Springs Station Cowards Dillinna Creek Warriners Creek Worong Creek Margaret River Long Creek Hamiltons Hill Stuarts Creek The Gregory Creek Curdimurka Mount Riddock Curdimurka Station Peters Hill Hat Hill Alyukurlpykurlpy Kenneberry Creek Wares Peak Carringalland Creek Screech Owl Creek Bopeechee Station Coorie Appa Well Alberrie Creek Station Callanna Station Knotts Dam Number Twenty Ross Salt Spring Wangianna Station Clara Saint Dora Mine Horseshoe Creek Glens Hill Stuarts Creek Station Halifax Hill Chamber of Stuart Creek Fergusons Hill Nickil Well Dande Hill Hathorn Bluff Mount Hathorn Comet Tank McCleans Well McLeans Well Chandlers Waterhole Clarks Creek Chinamans Hat Two Mile Swamp Cowards Cliff Mcdouall Peak Number Seven Dam Peak Bore Number Fourteen Dam Dead Finish Tank Cross Roads Tank White Knob Bore Tarltons Knob Tarltons Nob Jumbuk Tank Wastell Dam Number Thirteen Well Dam Number Eight Young Dam Number Twelve Lees Hill Billys Bore Number Six Dam Mount Norwest Mount Nor West Princess Tank Nins Well Charltes Swamp Porters Hill Twin State of South Australia Company Dam Number Seventeen Irria Well Bowman Dam Number Two Balah Bore Stony Range Nob Sneyds Well Hedleys Hill Number Seventeen Dam Bucklands Bore Forth Dam Number Twenty-two Hambidge Dam Number Five J.E. Bore Patterson Dam Number Eighteen Martins Bore Gundaloo Bore Paradise Paradise Station Bradmans Well The Deputy Arthurs Hill Mobing Rockholes Moring Rockholes Coolarriknna Cone Twins Rock Boulka Well Carne Outstation Bushewie Creek Playford Dam Number Fourteen E A G Junior Dam Number Four Mulgathing Rocks Muigaria Homestead Beela Rockhole Cavanaghs Well Anthonys Well E A G Senior Dam Number One E A G Senior Dam Number Four Sextabyng Wells Cheadles Bore Dunkins Bore Boulka Bore Bluffs Dam OReilly Dam Goulabyng Well Red Hills Well Number Five Bore Goulabyng Bore Bluffs Bore Rounsvell Hill Ealbara Out Station Number Seven Camp Jenners Nob Dam Number Ten Dam Number Seven Dam Number Nine Olympic Dam Village Edolden Rockhole Immarna Siding Immarna Station South Vivian Bore Barton Siding Barton Station Tinsels Bore Talcreh Rockhole Carnding Soak Orwell Sisters Bore Hudsons Well Mount Christie Siding Wynbring Station Partridges Range North Locks Bore Wynbring Gowan Ridge Ooladding Rockhole Scotts River Waltons Well Lyons Camp Bakers Well Liveleys Well Malbooma Station Malboom Station Arcoona Caves Malbooma North Koual Bore Tolmers Hill Tarcoola Station Karanna Bore Marshalls Swamp Lake Reynolds Koual Well Hierns Well Wilgena Station Wallabyng Well Leaks Well McInernies Well Gaigers Bluff Knoll Well Blacks Camp Hill Mungillo Well Youngs Lake Ifould Lake Kingoonya Well Little Paynters Well Northcliff Dam McDonalds Well Kultanaby Glendambo Tank Hardys Hill Murdies Island Koolymilka Lake Arcoona Lake Kultanaby Siding Talankootra Lake Goblen Bluff Goulen Bluff Whitfield Hill Bosworth Wells Arcoordaby Out Station Phillip Ponds Cooritta Waterhole Woomerea Area School Outdoor Education Emmie New Emmies Bluff Emmies Hill Eucolo Creek Burando Pildinga Well Chitanilg Hill Kokatha Station The Pines The Pine Meelera Rockholes Bonneys Bluff Match Hill Hierns Tank Wirrappa Wirrappa Station Waulalumbo Camel Camp Tanks Pine Camp Tanks Dingo Rockhole Mount Masely Mallee Dam Birthday Childara Wells Moonamby Rockhole Birthday Station Number Five Dam Dingo Hill Woocalla Charpatta Well Woocalla Station Beares Hill Monalena Lake Finnis Mahanewo Station Grants Well Granits Well Emu Bluff Homestead Forty-five Mile Tanks Forty-five Mile Tank Taffs Tank Prongnilla Rockhole Torombo Well Beautiful Valley Tanks Karkulta Well Nallanippie Well Twenty-Eight Mile Tanks Twenty-eight Mile Tank Waurea Well Cundilippy Well Number Three Dam Sturdee Cook Wells Glen Borea Dans Hole Tank Chintulde Well Yarranna Hill Kelinta Well Bookaloo Travenna Well Ram Well Bookaloo Station Duttons Bluff Goonabra Tank Wookata Uworra Siding Goode Kumburta Out Station Kumbarta Magnacowie Wells Fowler Bay Kootaberra Coronippie Well Bullock Well Joyces Well Out Station Joyces Well