Topographic / Ordnance Survey Map

GA SH53-03

GA SH53-03 - Warrina

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This Topographic Map is produced by Geoscience Australia; Australia's national geospatial organisation.
GA topographic maps (many of which are produced in partnership with the Army) are generally older than those maps produced by the State Governments over the same area. This makes GA maps particularly useful for identifying historic features, such as old mines and diggings.
Geoscience Australia maps generally considered to be more pleasing in design and compilation then the more modern State Government productions.

At this scale, 1cm on this map represents 2.5km on the ground (4cm = 10km). A standard map will cover 150km from east to west and 110km from north to south, with a contour interval of 50m. This map contains natural and constructed features including road and rail infrastructure, vegetation, hydrography, contours, localities and some administrative boundaries.

Please note the date of the map, as this will impact the currency of information, particularly regarding infrastructure, roads, etc.

Locations within this Map

Duff Creek Gyalinna Creek Birribirriana Bore Bancannanna Swamp Koolkoo-Arina The Blyth Dougals Railway Station Bangaboorana Waterhole Coominaree Mine Canegrass Ridge No 4 Bore Fresh Well Mount Charles Cootabungoodana Swamp Adam Well Dam Moorambuna Tank Little Blyth Bore McLean Bore Lora Creek Peaked Rise Nilpinna No 5 Yumma Yumma Yard Wernwernberna Well Warrawaroona Waterhole Weedina Number 1 Bore Yijulka Creek Baby Creek Manturinha Woolshed Ruin Fergies Bore Johnson No 3 Bore Krystal Bore Joy Dam Mooloogoorana Well Coodnarrie Peake Paddock Bore One Mile Bore Pussy Cat Dam Old Woman Dam Six Mile Flow Bore Bull Hole Yard White Hill Thurru-Thurrunha Teepacnuppana Springs Moorambuna Well Cadlareena Waterhole Nilpinna Kangaroo Dam Peake Old Umbum Homestead Keckwick Pile Breakfast-Time Creek Boorthelboorthanna Well Eitzen Bore Towy Dam Jimmie Dam Wirriecurrie Paradise Dam Rockwater Hill Moolpinchina Creek South Well Fountain Spring Yards Mount Kingston Coppertop Bore Moorambuna Hut Cactus Bore Paul Dam Boundary Camp Spring Oolgelima Hill Engenina Yard Napanadlaadlara Tank Napanadlaadlara Hill Blyth Creek Wirrangula Hill Loudon Spring Milne Spring Wilpurrunha Spring Gerrabullina Well Nilpinna Spring McAlpine Bore David Dam Coppertop Mine Goldayanduna Hill Kalkamunna Waterhole Manja-Pulanha Spring Eddy Dam Umbum-Barillina Mundoorana Well Breakneck Springs Sunny Creek Spring Turnaround Dam Chook Bank Papu-Thukurlunha Condarlaroo Hill Derangunabula Hill Wattle Waterhole Hawker Creek Teepacnuppana Creek Jim Boys Dam Luke Bore Ruby Hill David Bore Tidnamurkuna Waterhole Twelve Mile Spring Peecherribirrina Waterhole Wood Duck Creek Boundary Camp Bore Wirringinna Dam Trevor Bore Hope Creek Kudna-Purrunha Cootanoorina Hill Woods Well Hawken Springs Lake Cadibarrawirracanna Lake Warrangarrana Harry Yard Waynes Bank Murra Murrana Spring Little Perry Spring Umbum Bore William Spring Spring Hill Enginyinna Yard Moonlight Dam Coorandatana Spring Cadaree Hill Nilpinna Pile Karilimanha Primrose Spring Wabmaturgaenamana Spring Lake William Spring Wantali Mathapurda Palthirndanha Spring Hope Creek Bore Coorichina Dam Motor Car Dam Levi Springs Oodloodlana Spring Murangoona Trig Boorthanna No 1 Bore Engenina Creek Nultaddy Hill Windakyungoo Hill Boorthanna Railway Station Weedina Yard Woolshed Waterhole South Hawker Springs Linda Dam No 2 Bore Thipa-Ngapanha Springs Canegrass Swamp Big Perry Springs Peake Dam South End of Base Trig Wammaturgaenamana Bore Page Well No 1 Eurelyana Hill Wibma-Thirkampa Mudloo Hill Anacoora Hill Garden Bore Lignum Hole Nilkinina Creek Mudlulima Spring Warrina Railway Station Fresh Well Hut Cootanoorina Homestead Ngurlurlulanha Spring Marna-Ngurrunha Castine Spring Boorthanna Dam Bull Hill William Creek Road Riecks Dam Kuyiri Spring Murra Murrana Bore Davenport Range Cootanoorina Waterhole Birkenshaw Well Badmans Dam Bungadillina Dam Conrad Creek Nanto Waterhole Eurelyana Springs Birribirriana Spring Kaltangkardanha Melon Springs Edward Creek Giddi-Giddinna Springs Wabma-Tharkanayangunha Spring Tjiti-Tjitinha Maglia Hill Levi Creek Balyaweelbanya Spring Station 41 Trig Bungadillina Waterhole One Tree Bore Warrangarrana Bore Little Perry Bore Kekwick Pile Cootanoorina No 1 The Mole Hill Oortooklana Spring Mary Bore Sandy Creek Springs Kerlatroaboorntallina Springs North Hawker Springs Yalteebarrabarra Hill Tarlton Springs Palku-Witjininha Spring North of Springs Trig Wilyalallinna Creek Yumma Yumma Bank McCullagh Well Koortena Hill Mount Anna Weedina Creek Mooloogoorana Trig Bidnecaroona Swamp Box Creek Railway Station Denison Range William Dam Stormbird Dam Parker Dam Jubena Waterhole Brinkley Springs Duncan Bore Grace Dam Honeymoon Bore New Dam Cheryl Dam Davenport Creek Lake Coorichina Mingkariri Wankardanha Spring Loddon Spa Rosella Dam The Fountain Spring Mary Bore Yard Bungadillina Bore Freeling Springs Connie Dam Algebullcullia Creek Peake Creek Weedina Bore Edith Hut Duff Creek Bore Weedina Springs The Vaughan Spring Jerry Bore Boortheboorthanna Well Station 42 Trig Lagoon Hill Barney Bore Kekwick Springs Pakatinha Springs Oringla Hill Old Homestead Bore Leo Bore Tidnamurkuna Spring Wadlawilwen Watehole Mystery Dam Pudd Bore Pantjalinha Cooyecappa Lake Budnaroo-Gulla Creek Douglas Bore Edward Creek Bore Cooyurooparie Hill Massey Well Centenary Bore Bungadillina Creek Woolshed Bore Pitha-Nguyunha Stony Creek Bank Edadurrana Spring Oolgelima Creek Soakage Yard Browns Waterhole Njilpanha Yatinjangu McAlpine Well Mount Margaret Thora Soakage Mooloogoorana Swamp Engenina Springs Mundoorana Bore Crossland Hill Edward Creek Railway Station Peake Creek Railway Station Blind Spring Government Well Napanadlaadlara Well Railway Shaft Bore Wardu-Purrthakanha Keckwick Springs Mungyamarrilyna Swamp Jim Yard Ngurpanha Weedina Waterhole Giddi-Giddinna Creek Yijulka Waterhole Yuriljanha Springs Mount Euee Oolgelima Spring Yatjaparanha Wirracanna Trig Wibma-Malkara Baltucoodna Waterhole Edith Spring Wamma-Thurga-Enamana Bore Bulldog Bore Breakfast-Time Bore Sandhill Waterhole Blackfellow Quarry Balta Baltana Creek North End of Base Trig Arckaringa Creek Fanny Springs Jim Dam Douglas Tank Arckaringa Waterhole Wernwernberna Dam Adam Well Picket Station Trig Station 40 Trig Patsy Dam Ballungia Waterhole William Creek Railway Station Wadnamparanha Anna Creek Keckwick Plains Bore Ingamungina Well Thurra-Thurrina Springs Birribiana Waterhole Coppertop Hill Brumbys House Lake Conway Cootamilyeroo Swamp Mussel Waterhole Hurdle Creek Dam Lambing Creek Arundel Plains Curranullina Bore Boorthanna Bore Diggers Bore Christmas Dam Nilpinna Creek Jason Dam Sunny Creek Bore Outside Springs Eurilyna Spring Wild Dog Bore Warrangarrana Spring Katirinha New Dam Yard Peake Homestead Primrose Dam Reg Dam Mount Younghusband Mulga Bore Maxine Bore Chittingoona Waterhole Wahaup Hill South Well Spring Thidna-Murkanha Springs Wintro Warduna Spring Mangkapiljinha Deearay Hill Aimee Creek Cootakartana Waterhole Mount Anna Dam One Tree Spring Murramurrana Spring Pitha-Palithanha Engenina Waterhole Anna Creek Railway Station Ilantja Spring End Hill Dam Bulgara Hill Lonesome Dam Mount Kingston Old Bore Willparoona Springs Goorgyana Spring Douglas Well Mud Spring Anderson Well Christmas Bore Primrose Hill Cadlareena Creek Bulldog Creek Glue Pot Crossing Calthoorinna Creek Pitja-Murrunha Levi Bore Gerrabullina Tank Murangoona Well Whirlaway Creek Palku-Wakanha Peake Hill Four Hills Trig Douglas Hut Cindy Dam Willow Spring Nilpinna No 1 Bore Raspberry Creek Kempes Bore Salt Waterhole Pauline Bore Richard Dam Mount Denison Salt Bush Dam Hawker Springs Breakneck Creek William Creek Hogarth Bank Coppertop Spring Raspberry Creek Bore Becky Dam Big Blyth Bore Henrietta Creek Last Chance Mine Trig Waterhole Rocky Dam Anna Creek Telephone Office Meyanungada Hill Breakfast-Time Tank Gate Waterhole Watts Bank Lake Conway Springs War Loan Mine Yakarra-Irlirinha Wirringinna Well George Creek Bore Old Cootanoorina Yara-Thungkanha Parker Hut Nilkinina Waterhole Mona Yard Papu-Ngaljuru Bottom Hole Yard Baby Creek Bore Mount Fox Duff Creek Railway Station Gays Bank Coukawaukinna Dam Snake Gully Spring Yardiya Cardajalburrana Wirrangula Creek Perry Springs Breakfast-Time Waterhole Watchamacallit Dam South of Douglas Trig Sky Lab Dam Julie Dam Parker Well Stacey Bank Tardetakarinna Waterhole Aloorina Creek Curterinna Spring Nummabirinna Waterhole Nummab Rinna Waterhole Eurelyana Creek Warrina Station Alcupcaddikilcoodana Creek Hawkers Creek Fountain Spring Yard Edwards Creek Station The George The Devonport Old Umbum Old Umbum Station Lake Cooreeappa Meyanunga Hill Boorthanna Station Mudloo Bulgara South of Douglas Deeray Giddi Giddinna Creek Anna Creek Station Napanadlaadlara Breakfast Time Creek William Creek Station Cooyurooparie Parkers Well North of Springs Yalteebarrabarra Little Pimlico Island Wattiwarriganna Creek