Topographic / Ordnance Survey Map

GA SH53-12

GA SH53-12 - Andamooka

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This Topographic Map is produced by Geoscience Australia; Australia's national geospatial organisation.
GA topographic maps (many of which are produced in partnership with the Army) are generally older than those maps produced by the State Governments over the same area. This makes GA maps particularly useful for identifying historic features, such as old mines and diggings.
Geoscience Australia maps generally considered to be more pleasing in design and compilation then the more modern State Government productions.

At this scale, 1cm on this map represents 2.5km on the ground (4cm = 10km). A standard map will cover 150km from east to west and 110km from north to south, with a contour interval of 50m. This map contains natural and constructed features including road and rail infrastructure, vegetation, hydrography, contours, localities and some administrative boundaries.

Please note the date of the map, as this will impact the currency of information, particularly regarding infrastructure, roads, etc.

Locations within this Map

Andamooka Roxby Downs Crozier Creek Pintara Pile Bronco Yard Lower Dam Bolton Ridge Acacia Creek Coorlay Ridge Allenby Dam Bambridge Well Arcoona Creek Canegrass Dam Koolymilka Mirrabuckinna Yard Koskas Opal Diggings Myall Dam High Sandhill New Dam Saddle Hill Purple Swamp Teatree Dam Trig Waterhole Pimba Ridge Lake Mary Waterhole Player Dam Phillips Ridge Wells Independence Dam Todd Dams Two Mile Dam Little North Well Dam Chimney Hole Dam Sisters Catch Yarra Wurta Dam Charlie Pools White Dam Miracle Bore Yarloo Yellow Bank Boundary Rider Louise Well Hardys Dam Stuart Creek Opal Diggings Poompa Dam Burden Dam Rocky Creek Barber Ridge Wirrda Yards Roxby Downs Police Station Lake Campbell Dam Black Hill Dam Nilkidicana Dam Yarloo Yards Pine Dam Pan Well Roxby Downs Post Office Wedpideroona Waterhole Paradise Dam Roxby Downs Area School Three Mile Dam Hilly Bore Yarra Murta Creek West Dam Mount West Well Giles Hut Flagstaff Waterhole Four Nations Gaiger Bluff Teatree Flat Opal Diggings Lunatic North Swamp Well Roxby Wendts Dam Merritt Dam Mulga Well North Tilterana Well Nolan Well Coorlay Creek White Cliffs Dam Whisky Dam Mattaweara Ridge Red Sandhill Akhurst Hill Bessie Trig Salt Shaft Tank Peapeanana Ridge Two Yard Dam Bills Lookout Brumby Dam Pidleeomina Waterhole Honeymoon Dam Red Lake Trig Pine Ridge Dam Barnes Bore Crutching Shed Bradley Dam Yarloo Wells Yandandarre Ridge Teatree Flat Hallion Hill Jubilee Birthday Dam O'Reilly Dam Flowing Bore Webb Yard Canegrass Swamp Carryon Yard Louise Dam Horn Ridge Chinaman Dam Hedley Hill Yelka Bank Triangle Stans Hill Appendicitus Dam Andamoka Waterhole Coronation Yard Coronation Tank Lochs Dam Yerka Creek Lake Koolymilka Shell Lagoon Coorlay Lagoon Lake Torrens National Park Lake Mary Lake Campbell Nicholes Creek Depot Creek Trucking Horn Ridge Yards Coronation Bore Station Creek Yarraworta Cliff Forth Dam No 22 Lunatic Hill Opal Diggings Mulga Wells Cowan Ridge Red Lake Dam Magpie Dam Salt Spring Christmas Dam Whisky Swamp Tony Dam Cadna Witina Dam Hardy Hill No 3 Tank Sandy Point Swamp Dams Four Mile Dam No 2 Tank Camera Dam Yarra Wurta Creek John Bank Pinery Dam Roxby Downs Club Stonewall Dam Hidden Swamp South Buza Yarloo South Station 30 Trig Horn Ridge Dam Centenary Dam Bullers Dam Gun Gully Opal Diggings North Bosworth Dam Andamooka Area School Axehead Dam Busheowie Tank Andamooka Creek Nick O Time Dam Bowilia Hill Campbell Dams Phillips Ridge Dam Lake Arthur Young Lagoon Nankabunyana Creek Murdie Island Yarloo Extension Weelpidderuna Waterhole Stony Range Andamooka Opal Fields Burden Hill Jubilee Opal Diggings Bore 5 Horse Paddock Opal Diggings Swamp Tank Lake Blanche Dam Chances Swamp Well Christmas Portulacca Ridge Trelors Sunday Hole Dam Andamooka Waterhole Mount West Berlina Creek Killeen Dam West Mount Well Red Cliff Waterhole South Drain Old White Cliff Dam Koskas Yarrawurta Cliff South Hill Black Swan Swamp Stevens Woolwash Dam North Swamp Olympic Dam Station Well Mirrabuckinna Waterhole Wilaroo Dam Woolshed Dam Black Boy Opal Diggings Tilterana Creek Mount Marjory Dam Wilsons Well Niroona Soakage Well Box Creek Norman Hill Island Dam Bosworth Parakylia Wendts Dam New Year Gift Dam West Mount Hut Lake Pidleeomina Mattaweara Lagoon Wirrda Wells Coolary Well Peters Dam Staley Ridge Bosworth North Wells Snake Gully Dam Mirrabuckinna Bore West Tank Malenoir Ridge Trial Hole Swamp Tutop Ridge Young Lagoon Dam Myall Creek Horn Ridge Well Myall Hill Crombie Ridge Mount Victory Well The Bend Mount Brooks Blackboy Busheowie Well Windy Point Dam Bend Dam Purple Well Rocky Waterhole Yarloo West Double Swamp Purple Downs Centenary Well Big Bank Purple Hut Tod Ridge Andamooka Hospital The Knob Mirrabuckinna Dam Ram Paddock Dam Ok Copper Mine Blina Well Horse Well Emu Downs School Federal Lake Wigan Ridge Wirrda Ridge Chinaman Swamp Andamooka Opal Fields Post Office Teatree Creek Busheowie Dam No 1 Tank Hilly Hut Horse Paddock Emu Springs Waterhole Whenan Shaft Gypsum Bore Newey Dam Whip Well Flagstaff Bore Opal Creek Whisky Waterhole Bank North Bosworth Tank Company Dam No 17 Lake Bessie Lake Echo Swamp Hut Yandandarre Creek Oliver Borehole One Tree Hill Dromedary Dam Diamond Dam Napakulyana Ridge Niroona Dam Landmark Well Sketching Pile B Bullshead Dam Middle Dam Miracle Dam Evetts Field West Well Sanders Creek Landmark Tank G H G Dam Coorlay Dam Warden Hill Ediacara Triangle Opal Diggings Limestone Creek Nawakulyana Ridge Yarra Wurta Cliff Termination Dams Branjanim Waterhole Tod Ridge Dam Campbell Rise Pintara Bank Pidla-Wirra Lake Jessie Sister Wells Wilsons Tank Red Lake Salt Shaft Well Aitken Creek German Gully Opal Diggings White Cliff Dam Mirage Lagoon Nick O Time Well Napakulgana Ridge Hidden Swamp North Chances Swamp Koolymilka Post Office Watson Waterhole Waterman Dam The Catchole Dam Sketching Creek West Mount Dams Angle Swamp Netting Dam Wilaroo Ridge Berlina Dam Old Lyne Ridge Dam Halfway Sunday Well Dry Dam Billy Barns Dam Black Wattle Creek Edge Hill Pruville Hut Camel Bank Dam East Mount Dam Purple Dam One Tree Hill Opal Diggings Pine Well Lake Blanche Andamooka Post Office Burgoyne Ridge Sketching Pile C Busheowie Creek Long Dam Long Gully Bickford Ridge Mount Marjory Yard Mungappie Creek Stonewall Well German Gully Maerty Ridge Mahomet Dam Sarah Dam Cocky Swamp Top Well Blina Tank Coronation Dam Station Paddock Dam Christmas Bank French Dam Mulgaria Porter Hill Dam Middle Ridge Aitken Waterhole Pidlee-Wirra Glen View Well Lake Echo North Coorlay Lake Carr Dam No 4 Tank Diamond Hut Wirrda Hut Norris Ridge Honeymoon Dams South Dam Phillips Ridge Hut Pimba Ridge Dam Gun Gully Heaton Hill Sandstone Dam Blackboy Extension Albert Dam Mulgaria Homestead Mungappie Swamp Census Dam Stony Flat Dam Trimmer Inlet Swamp Well Yandandarre Waterhole North Well Dam Hard Hill Oak Dam Willow Creek Mulgaria Watercourse Lyne Ridge Dam Jubilee Dam Andamooka Island Giles Wells Old Poompa Dam West Mount Bore Norris North Hill Red Dam Ron Dam Phillips Ridge Valley Dam Carryon Dam Lyne Ridge Bosworth Well Berlina Well Sisters Well Outstation Sisters Wells Berulla Creek Bing Dam Yarra Wurta Bore West Point Dam Axehead Quarry Whim Well Barnes Dam Tod Ridge Well Maerty Waterhole Treloar Hill Opal Diggings Pimba Dam Pidleeomina Dam Arrunha Creek Scott River Young Lake Purple Lake Yarloo Bank Wild Dog Creek Arthur Hill Nolan Dam Evan Hill Wilaroo Lagoon Charcoal Dam Steven Gully Opal Diggings Bend Hut Patterson Dam No 18 Centenary Hut Twelve Mile Dam Red Swamp Company Dam Number Seventeen Stony Range Nob Hedleys Hill Samphire Swamp Forth Dam Number Twenty-two Patterson Dam Number Eighteen Paradise Paradise Station Arthurs Hill West Mount Creek Bushewie Creek Muigaria Homestead Olympic Dam Village Gowan Ridge Scotts River Lake Reynolds Gaigers Bluff Youngs Lake OReilly Dam Hardys Hill Murdies Island Koolymilka Lake Andamooka Ranges