Topographic / Ordnance Survey Map


Broken Hill
GA SH54 - Broken Hill

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This Topographic Map is produced by Geoscience Australia; Australia's national geospatial organisation.
GA topographic maps (many of which are produced in partnership with the Army) are generally older than those maps produced by the State Governments over the same area. This makes GA maps particularly useful for identifying historic features, such as old mines and diggings.
Geoscience Australia maps generally considered to be more pleasing in design and compilation then the more modern State Government productions.

At this scale, 1cm on this map represents 10km on the ground, covering an area of approximately 670km from east to west and 440km nort to south. The contour interval is 500m, with an additional contour at 200m. This map contains natural and constructed features including road and rail infrastructure, vegetation, hydrography, contours, localities and some administrative boundaries.

Please note the date of the map, as this will impact the currency of information, particularly regarding infrastructure, roads, etc.

Locations within this Map

Kulki Nooyeah Downs Wongetta Tennappera Thyangra Dilltoper Yellow Waterhole Picarilli Urimbin Molesworth Santos Yakara Wathopa Bulloo Downs Zenoni Zenonie Boodgherree Kilcowera Omicron Old Mirintu Moombidary Mirintu Fortville House Toona House Warri House Bindara Binerah Downs Wompah House Onepah Olive Downs Caloola Fort Grey Binerah Well Waverley Downs Margalah Hillside Berawinnia Downs Yarralee Narcowla White Catch Cottage Whitecatch House Waka Mount King Connulpie Teurika Lake Stewart Delalah House Ourimbah Thurloo Downs Horton Park Narriearra Budgerygar Whitta-Brinnah Owen Downs Pindera Downs Allandy Stone Hut Barrajong Gum Vale Mount Stuart Mount Wood Kendabooka Mulganora Hewart Downs Wonga Mount Sturt Urella Downs Clifton Downs Theldarpa Mountain Outstation Mount Poole Colane Koridina Yandama Whyjonta Womparley Yamba Winnathee Barrona Downs Hawker Gate House Moalie Park Ardoo Yandaminta Mount Browne Peak Hill Yetholme Millring Yantara Brindiwilpa Allundy Coally Reola Myrnong Mount Shannon Salisbury Downs South Yandaminta Bundarra South Mount Browne Garden Vale One Tree Smithville House Boullia Petita The Range Quarry View Lake Wallace Wattle Vale Mount Arrowsmith Gumpopla Willaroy Tero Creek Nantilla Noonamah Pincally Moorabie Monolon Old Quinyambie Myro Callindary Wonga Lilli Yancannia Yalda Downs Cobham Dalmuir Pulgamurtie Glendara Border Downs Questa Park Turleys House Pimpara Lake Milpa Mulga Valley Purnanga Morden Laurelvale Katalpa Tongo Wyndonga Mc Callum Park Sanpah Youltoo Royal Oak Pulchra Youldoo Yantabangee Yelka Lonsdale Cawnalmurtee Packsaddle Box Vale Klondyke Pine Ridge Caradoc Wonnaminta Kayrunnera Oak Vale Pine View Goodwood Westwood Downs Nundora Glen Hope The Veldt Peery Kara Nuntherungie Mandalay Broughams Gate House Joulnie Polpah Morambie Whipstick Mount Jack Nundooka Avenel The Selection Arrow Bar Talalara Teilta Mount Westwood Marrapina Wertago Koonawarra Momba Mount Pleasant Lynray Floods Creek Cootawundi Tarella Gnalta Baghdad abandoned Coona Coona Fowlers Gap Research Station Glen Gowrie The Avenue Wild Duck Mc Dougalls Well Ulalie Duntroon Rowena Daubeny K Line Kalkaroo Ravendale Cymbric Vale Mount Woowoolahra Tirlta Annalara Cobrilla Mootwingee Wilandra Copago Tillenbury Yandaroo Gum Park Corona Sturts Meadows Old Rowena Moona Vale Kantappa Purnawilla Bijerkerno Acacia Downs Grasmere Mena Murtee Wilga Bonview Langawirra Mount Murchison Wilangee Boorungie Capon Hamilton ruins Coogee Lake Waterbag Poolamacca Lintis Vale Paringa Mawarra Comarto Binamoor Netallie Gillendale Kalyanka Wendalpa Warrawong Devon Atley Murtee Glenora Moorabin Barradale Langidoon Koralta Mount Gipps The Strip Eldee Lake View Volo Cawkers Well Riverside Yoe Lake Purnamoota Yalcowinna Churinga Culpaulin Ellendale Goonalga Hazel Vale Golden King abandoned Metford The Springs Glen Idol Goonoolchrach Nine Mile Melool Billilla Belmont ruins Bilpa Glen Lyon Fairmount Mundi Mundi Acacia Vale K Tank Topar Bakara Broughton Vale Carmarla Wave Hill Moira Plains Limestone Green Acres Rupee Moira Park abandoned Mount Darling Allambie Peak Hill abandoned Donsandel Avondale Stirling Vale Clevedale Inkerman Byrnedale Broken Hill Hawker Leigh Creek Lyndhurst Tibooburra White Cliffs Wilcannia Beltana Copley Silverton Ardoo Station Avenue Bore Andrews Creek Andersons Hill Amphitheatre Creek Aarons Creek Arrowsmith Arcoola Creek Lake Altibouka Lake Altiboulka Alpress Tank Allpress Dam Allundy Station Allundy Tank Allandy Creek Allandy Tank Albion Alberta Creek Adelaide Gate Gum Creek Acacia Siding Acacia Acacia Creek Back Plain Bakers Soak Bald Hill Balgrillo Lake Bancannia Lake Bancannia Tank Bancannia Waterhole Bancanya Lake Barons Creek Baroorangee Creek Barrajong Station Barrier Ranges Barrier Range Part Of Barrona Downs Station Bartons Tank No 1 Bartons Tank No. 2 The Basin Baymore Beacon Hill Becks Waterhole Beef Wood Creek Beefwood Tanks Beefwood Well Bendigo Creek Berawinnia Creek Big Aller Creek Big Bilpa Creek Big Salt Lake Bob Swamp Bluff Creek Bluff Blue Swamp Blue Lake Blands Waterhole Blairathol Waterhole Black Swamp Black Swamp Corner Black Stump Dam Black Plain Blue Bush Swamp Black Hill Creek Mount Black Hill or Eurodo Black Hill Blue Anchor Blue Anchor Tank Bloodwood Creek Bloodwood Watercourse Birrigoolpa Tank Birrigoolpa Bore Bomangaldy Hill Bonley Creek Booligal Creek Lake Boolka Booniey Creek Boonley Creek Bootra Creek Bore Creek Boshy Creek Box Creek Box Holes Creek Box Hole Swamp Box Swamp Creek Box Swamp Watercourse Boyds Swamp Branch of Morden Creek Breakfast Time Swamp Brewery Creek Briscoes Dam Broken Hill Cemetery Broken Hill High School Broken Hill North Base Broken Hill Post Office Broken Hill Public School Broken Hill Railway Station Broken Hill South Base Broken Hill Sportsground Broken Hill Technical College Broughtons Folly Dam Brown Browne Mount Brown Brown Salt Lake Browns Water Hole Budgerygar Creek Budgerygar Station Bullagree Swamp Calkamurty Dam Caloola Bluff Caloola Creek Caltigeena Creek Caltigeena Tank Camel Hole Creek Camel Point Cameron Corner Campbells Creek Campbells Creek Bore Canegrass Creek Canegrass Swamp Caroo Watercourse Cartwrights Creek Caryapundy Swamp Cassia Creek Charlton Waterhole Chinamans Creek Chinamans Waterhole Chows Hat Chows Hat Creek Churriga Waterhole Clifton Bore Coally Bore Coally Dam Cobham Lake Cobham Tank Cockulby Creek Cockulby Swamp Coko Creek Coko Range Collins Bonnet Comarto Hill Condah Creek Condons Creek Connia Creek Conns Creek Cooks Folly Creek Coomata Tank Coona Coona Lake Coonbaralba Range Cooney Creek Cooney Dam Cooney Flat Cooney Waterhole Coopara Creek Coorpooka Tank Cootawundy Creek Copromanna Waterholes Corega Lake Corona Springs Coturaundee Nature Reserve Coturaundee Range Coxs Creek Crystal Lake Cuban Hole Lake Cullamulcha Cullewie Lake Cupala Creek Currabulla Bore Curranyabba Waterhole Currendotta Swamp Cusin Creek Cuthajerry Plain Cutting Creek Darling River Flood Plain Mount Daubeny Davies Creek Dead End Swamp Dead Finish Creek Deadmans Creek Deadmans Swamp Dee Dee Creek Deep Creek Democrat Creek Dense Camp Creek Depot Glen Depot Swamp Dering Mount Dering Duncans Swamp Easter Monday Creek Eckerboon Lake Eight Mile Creek Eight Mile Swamp Eldee Creek Eleven Mile Creek Mount Ellie Lake Ellis Eureka Dam Euriowie Euriowie Creek Euriowie Tank Evans Gully Evelyn Creek Evelyns Fairmount Tank Fairy Hill Faulkanhagen Creek Feeder Creek Fishers Creek Five Mile Swamp Five Swamps Flat Top Hill Floodgate Waterhole Floods Range Follies Folly Creek Fort Grey Basin Four Mile Swamp Fourteen Mile Well Fowlers Creek Fowlers Gap Fowlers Gap Tank Mount Franks Frenchys Lake Frome Swamp Frome Waterhole Fromes Creek Front Bore Creek Funeral Creek Gairdner Gairdners Creek Gairdners Tank Ganya Creek Gap Gap Creek Gap Hills Tank Gap Range Gemville Gidgee Creek Gidya Watercourse Gilgwapla Creek Gilgwapla Lake Gilpoko Lake Glendara Creek Glen Lyon Hills Glue Pot Creek Gnalta Creek Gnalta Peak Gnaltaknoko Creek Goonalga Creek Goonery Creek Gorge Creek Gorge Waterhole Grasmere Creek Gravel Creek Green Creek Green Lake Green Lake Bore Grey Range Greys Creek Gums Creek Gundara Waterhole Gununah Gunyulka Lake Gunyulka Tank Hamilton Gate Hanging Rock Harsons Creek Hilly Vale Creek Homestead Creek Honeymoon Creek Horseshoe Lake Howells Creek Imperial Lake Reserve Inkerman Lake Inkerman Swamp Ironblow Creek Jamieson Billabong Jamieson Creek Jeffreys Flat J.K. Creek J.K. Tank J K Waterhole Joans Swamp Joes Creek Joes Waterhole Jones Creek Jones Lake Kallyanka Creek Kanandah Siding Kangaroo Waterhole Kayrunnera Creek Kellys Lake Kennedys Tank Kennys Hill Kerchie Creek Calampie Tank Camel Hill Cardenyabba Creek Canilla or Mount Brown Creek Cannela Creek Clifton Downs Station Cobham or Gnurntah Cockulby Lake Coco Range Colane Station Colins Bonnet Coomarto Tank Cooney Swamp Coorpooka Lake Cootawundy or Coppermine Range Coppermine Range Corona Creek Cullamulcha Lake Curparlo Creek Currantabba Creek Currendotta Swamps Cuthowarra Creek Darling Creek Darling Range Delalah Downs Station East Coona Lake Lake Eckerbon Erno Creek Part Of Faulkenagen Creek Fitzgeralds Creek The Five Mile Five Swamp Fourteen Mile Tank Foxes Creek Gidgea Watercourse Gilgwapla Dam Gilwapla Lake Glue Creek The Gorge Grassmere Grassmere Creek Grays Creek Green Gully Gum Creek Part Of Gum Creek Part of Wookookuroo Creek Gunyah Bore Hillside Station Jamiesons Billabong Joes Hole Joes Hole Creek Kara Hill Kendabooka Station Kilcara Creek Kilgerry Creek Lake Killen Kings Creek Koko Creek Lake Windaunka Koonburra Creek Koonenberry Koonenberry Gap Koonenberry Mountain Koorningberry Range Kopago Creek Kopago Lake Kopago Tank Koridina Station Koturaundee Range Kulti Lake Kurrajong Creek Kurrajong Hills Lagoon Swamp Lake Creek Lake Dick Lakes Creek Lakes Grave Creek Lakes Knob Lakes Nob Lake Wallace Creek Langawirra Lake Lewis Peak Lewis Point Lignum Creek Lignum Gully Lignum Hole Lignum Swamp Limestone Bore Lindsays Creek Little Aller Creek Little Bancannia Lake Little Bendigo Creek Little Bilpa Creek Little Dingo Creek Little Koonenberry Mountain Little Koorningbirry Range Little Salt Lake Little Sandy Creek Little Star Creek Little Topar Little Topar Swamp Little Topar Tank Mount Lookout Lords Gorge Mount Lynn Macculloch Maccullochs Creek Maccullochs Range Mcclures Lake Mcdonald Peak Mcdonalds Peak Main Barrier Range Marachi Creek Margalah Station Marksers Swamp Marpoo Creek Marriuppa Creek Max Tank Creek Mecoola Creek Meeks Creek Meeninta Creek Mena Murtee Bore Middle Swamp Midpoint Mikes Swamp Millring Tank Milparinka Milparinka Well Mindioomballa Creek Mindioomballa or Dry Creek Mirriappa Creek Moalie Park Station Moally Apple Creek Moally Apple Swamp Moally Apple Waterhole Mokely Creek Mokely Tank Mokely Waterhole Mokilla Tank Momba Bore Moonooloo Hills Moonooloo Ridge Mooratchia Lake Moorkaie Moorkaie Hill Moorkai Hill Mootwingee Historic Site Mootwingee National Park Mootwingee Waterhole Morden Creek Morgan Street Public School Morphetts Creek Mount Browne Creek Mount Brown Range Mount Browne Ridge Mount Browne Well Mount Brown Well Mount Damper Mount Darling Creek Mount Darling Range Mount Daubeny Daubeny Peak Mount Eltee Mt Gipps Railway Station Mount King Bore Mount Lynn Creek Mount Pintapah or Euriowie Mount Poole Creek Mount Stuart Creek Mount Wood Creek Mount Wood Gorge Mount Wood Hills Mount Wood Range Mount Wood Tank Mount Wright Mount Wright Creek Mount Wright Tank Moyles Muckabunnya Waterhole Lake Muck Mudross Swamp Mulcawee Creek Mulga Creek Mulga Valley Tank Mulga Valley Well Mulganora Station Mulgany Creek Mulgany Bore Mulga Springs Mulga Springs Creek Mulga Watercourse Mulkowah Creek Mulkowah Hole Mulkowah Waterhole Mullawoolka Basin Multara Creek Mundilpa Creek Mundilpa Dam Mundilpa Waterhole Mundi Mundi Creek Mount Mundi Mundi Mundi Mundi Plain Mundi Mundi Plains Mundi Mundi Range Murchison Murlippa Tank Murphys Lake Myalla Tank Myers Creek Myrnong Creek Myrnong Station Nantilla Creek Nantilla or Moonoloo Creek Narcowla Creek Narowie Lake Narriearra Station Natalio Creek Neals Dugout Nelpie Dam Netallie Bore Netallie Hill New Osaca Bore New Well Creek Nine Mile Creek The Nine Mile Creek Nine Mile Lakes Nine Mile Lake Nineteen Mile Tank Ninety One Mile Bore Nippers Creek Nockabrinna Waterhole Noonthorangee Range Noonthorangee Creek Nootumbulla Creek North Barrier North Creek North Swamp North Tongo Creek North Warratta Creek North White Well Creek Nuchea Lake Nuggets Creek Nuggetty Hills Nuggety Creek Nuggety Hill No. 1 Creek Number One Lake Nundooka Creek Nundora Creek Nurlanda Dam Oak Creek Old Coonigans Creek Old Mootwingee Creek Old Topar Swamp Old Woolshed Creek Old Woolshed Swamp Olepoloko Creek Olepoloko Lake Omura Tank One Mile One Mile Creek One Tree Hill One Tree Waterhole Ooarnoo Bore Osaca Bore Osacca Bore Oulilla Lake Ourimbah Station Owen Downs Station Lake Owen-Smyth Packsaddle Bore Packsaddle Creek Packsaddle Hill Packsaddle Mountain Paddy Adams Swamp Paddys Creek Paldrumata Creek Palgamurtie Creek Palgamurtie Tank Papepapinbilla Papepapinbilla Creek Paps Hills The Paps Para Creek Paradise Creek Paradise Lake Parady Creek Para Gully or Little Aller Creek Paratoo Waterhole Parnell Creek Paroo Overflow Paroo River Paroo River Overflow Paroo Channel Paroo River Channels Lake Patterson Peak Ridge Peak Tank The Peak Peak Well Peery Hills Peery Lake Pelsy Flat. The The Piesse Flat Piesy Water Hole Peri Lake Peveril Peveril Peak Pic Du Faur Picnic Creek Piesses Nob Piesse Creek Piesse Flat Piesses Knob Piesse Waterhole Pig Hole Pinaroo Lake Pindera Downs Aboriginal Area Pindera Swamp Pindera Watercourse Pine Creek Pine Lake Pine Swamp Pinnacles Hill Pinpira Lake Mount Pintapah Pleasant Poison Corner Poison Creek Poison Swamp Pollioillaluke Lake Poloko Lake Polygonum Swamp Pondie Gap Pondie Ridges Pondie Ranges Ponto Creek Poolamacca Creek Poole Poole Hills Pooles Waterhole Poopelloe Lake Preservation Creek Prospect Creek Prospectors Creek Pulchra or Turkey Creek Pulgamurtie Tank Pulpit Bluff Punnakunyarra Waterhole Puppy Dog Hill Purgatory Corner Purnamoota Creek Village of Purnamoota Purnanga Creek Purnanga Dam Quarry Hill Quarry Nob Queen Elizabeth Park Queing Pen Tank Rabbitters Swamp Racecourse Creek Rainbow Rocks Ram Paddock Creek Ramparts Ramparts Creek Ramparts Hills Range Creek Rathole Rathole Creek Rathole Tank Rathol Rattigan Swamp Razor Back Razorback Hill Record Creek Red Hill Red Hills The Red Hill Reginald Creek Reola Station Robbies Waterhole Robe Mount Robe Robe Range Rock Hole Creek Rocky Creek Rotten Lake Round Round Hill Round Lake Round Lake Creek Round Swamp Rowena Tank Rutherfords Creek Ryans Creek Saladin Swamp Salisbury Downs Station Salisbury Lake Salt Hole Creek Salt Lake Sam Bells Waterhole Sandy Creek Sandy Creek Bore Sandy Gum Creek Scour Waterholes Scropes Scropes Range Scropes Range Creek Scropes Range Tank Seavilles Tank Shannon Shannons Creek Shannons Soak Shell Hill Sheperds Lake Shepherds Lake Silistria Lake Silver King Creek Silverton Cemetery Sinclairs Camp Sisters Hill The Sisters Six Mile Hills Six Mile Waterhole Slate Range Smiths Hill Smiths Well Smiths Well Creek Snake Creek Soapstone Creek Soda Hole Soldiers Waterhole Sollys Waterhole South Base South Creek South Watercourse Spring Creek Spring Hill Springs Creek Star Creek Starvation Lake Stephen Stephens Camp Stephens Creek Stephens Creek Reservoir Stevens Creek Stewarts Camp Creek Stoney Hills Stony Hills Stony Rise Stringers Creek Strip Creek Strzelecki Desert Stud Creek Stumpy Tail Creek Sturt National Park Sullivans Hill Sulphur Lake Sundown Surveyors Waterhole Swan Lake Tabita Creek Tabletop Creek Talderry Swamp Taldry Swamp Taltingan Tarella Government Tank Tarella Tank Tarita Creek Tarlta Creek Tarltala Creek Tarrawingee Tarrawingee Springs Tarrawonda Creek Taylors Camp Teamsters Creek Teilta Creek Teilta Lake Tekum Creek Telephone Creek Teltamongee Creek Ten Mile Creek Terrawinda Creek Teurika Station Te Uro Creek The Big Plain The Bluff The Four Mile The Gorge Railway Station The Pinnacle The Ten Mile The Vee The Vee Creek 35 Mile Warrambool Thompsons Dam Thomsons Creek Three Hills The Three Hills Three Mile Swamp Three Sisters Three Sisters Hills The Three Sisters Thurloo Dam Tibooburra Bore Tibooburra Creek Tibooburra or Thompsons Creek Tibooburra Public School Tilcha Creek Tinaroo Bore Tinaroo Creek Tindara Tank Tindora Waterhole Tiramina Lake Tobacco Bush Creek Tobacco Bush Swamp Tolbra Lake Tolbra Swamp Tongo Creek Tongo Lake Tongo Station Tongowoko Creek Tongowoko Tank Tongowoko Waterhole Top Lake Torowoto Swamp Treloar Creek Tucks Tank Tuneeilkeree Swamp Turkaro Range Turkey Creek Turleys Hill Turpentine Creek Turtoopooroo Creek Twelve Mile Creek Twelve Mile Waterhole Twenty Seven Mile Creek Two Hills Two Mile Dam Two Mile Creek Two Mile Swamp Lake Ulenia Mount Umberumberka Umberumberka Reservoir Umberumberka Storage Reservoir Umberumberka Umberumberka Creek Upper Mirriappa Creek Urella Downs Station Urisino Urisino Bore Urisino No. 1 Bore Volo Creek Mount Vulcan Wallace Creek Wanky Creek Wannara Creek Wanpah Creek Wanpah Hill Wanpah Waterhole Lake Want Warramurty Waterhole Warramutty Tank Warramutty Waterhole Warratta Bore Warratta Creek Warratta Tank Warri Warri Bore Warri Warri Village Warwick Hills Warwick Range Washpool Waterhole The Washpool Waterhole Waverly Creek Waverley Gate Weinteriga Creek Welsches Knob West Wertago Wheeney Creek White Cliffs Public School White Cliffs Tank No. 1 White Cliffs Tank No. 2 White Lady White Lady Rock White Tank White Well Creek Whyjonta Bore Whyjonta Lake Wiemarny Creek Wilcannia Aerodrome Wilcannia Cemetery Wilcannia Central School Wilcannia Post Office Wilcannia Racecourse Wild Duck Swamp Willa Willyong Creek Williams Creek Williams Peak Willowurrawa Creek Willyama Willyama High School Willyarah Waterhole Winconia Creek Windaunka Lake Windmill Tank Wittabreena Creek Wittabrinna Creek Wittabrinna Waterhole Womparley Station Wonga Lilli Creek Wonga Station Wonko Tank Wonko Well Wonnaminta Creek Wonnaminta Tank Wonominta Lower Dam Wonominta Tank Wood Range Woodstock Lake Wookookaroo Creek Wookookuroo Creek Woolshed Creek Woolshed Tank Woolwash Creek Woowoolahra Worungil Worungil Tank Woytchugga Creek Lake Woytchugga Wyalla Lake Wyndonga Lake Yalpunga Creek Yalpunga Tank Yalpunga Village Yamba Station Yancannia Creek Yancannia Range Yancanya Creek Yanco Glen Yancowinna Creek Yancowinnia Creek Yandailow Waterhole Yandama Creek Yandaminta Creek Yanda Watercourse Yandenberry Hill Yandenberry Mountain Yandenberry Ridge Yango Creek Vangulla or Big Aller Creek Yantabangee Creek Yantabangee Lake Yantabangee Tank Yantara Creek Yantara Lake Arm of Yantara Lake Yantara Tank Yarrallee Station Yarramurtie Creek Dick Lake Dicks Creek Dicks Lake Dicksons Swamp Dingo Creek The Yellow Water Hole Yencanya Creek Lower Part Of Yentabangee Lake Yetholme Creek Yetholme Station Youltoo Creek Bullea Lake Bull Hill Bull Oak Creek Bullock Dray Creek Bulloo River Overflow Bunda Lake Bundarra Station Dolo Creek Dolo Hill Dolo Tank Dolo Well Double Tanks Downs Creek Dryers Creek Dry Lake Dry Lake Tank Bunker Bunker Creek Bunker Hill Mount Bunker Bunkers Creek Bunkers Dam Bunker Tank Burkes Cave Burkes Lookout Burke Ward Public School Burkes Waterhole Burr Creek Burtons Creek Byjerkerno Creek Byjerkerno Range Byjerkerno Ridge Byjerkerno Waterhole Byngnano Range Barrier School Silverlea School Bengoro Ridge J P Keenan Lookout Cut Line Turleys Mundi Mundi Nature Reserve Alpress Dam Thildya Creek Station Point Pywompa Hill Corruga Flat Top Lewis Hill O'Neill Park Penrose Park Wills Street Infants School Morris's Blow Alma St George Lake Bilpah Milparinka Dam Yarramurtie Dam Aamurre Waterhole Tintamertie Waterhole Ding Dong Waterhole Box Water Hole Boolulla Boonley Wankey Mutthowoppo Burntha Barnbidja Albert Berawinia Border Bulloo Catombal Cullamulcha Delalah Delalah South Downs Elsinora Killen Korri Nocotunga Omura Osaca Thoulcanna Tongowoko Tooma Urella Arnheim Boulka Broughton Bullia Coopayandra Gayer Gidgee Haynes King Marracoota Moolook Mount Blackwood Orr Paradise Pidgerie Pingally Pingbilly Punnyakunya Quinyambi Rocky Glen Scott Utah Wheeland Whitty Wobaduck Wonominta Wydjah Yancarraman Yarramurtie Alberta Badjerrigarn Bligh Brunker Burgess Byjerkerno Campbell Chamberlain Cook Coonbaralba Cultee Giles Glenmore Gould Harris Mulcatcha Stanley Sturt Table Top Tanyarto Wammerra Wonna Yowahro Alto Borrina Cunellie Fiby Glespin Gueraleh Hogarth Lestrange Moollawoolka Moorquong Morton Murpa Parkin Purranga Questa Quin Ranken Salisbury Tantivy Toonburra Tungara Tungo Warramutty Winbinyah Yapunya Yooltoo Batthing Bonny Callindra Dolora Gigel Gordon Jamieson Muntawa Newland Parkes Reddin Tallandra Tallarara Warook Brainerd Clifford Marlborough Bengoro Bimpia Bomgadah Booraboonara Boorla Byngnano Coyurunda Donnelly Forrest Fort Otway Gooruba Koorningbirry Lachlan Maropinna Mulcawee Munye Noonthorangee Nootumbulla Peppora Teltawongee Truganini Waverley Windaunka Woodstock Woonunga Yangimulla Blackwood Lang Nantomoko Patterson Pinaroo Stewart Tindara Burke Burnayto Malakoff Malta Mulga Gaari Nadbuck Colaine Currabenya Davis Davison Flood Willera Binaroo Bolwarry Calathunda Caryapundy Hermitage Koonyaboothie Kurawillia Olive Silva Tooncurrie Torrens Wanpah Warratta Warri Whittabranah Yalpunga Yandera Bootra Croombimbie Dundaga Hebden Indi Morotherie Narumerpy Neon Nungo Parooingee Peka Taltaweira Tarrabandra Urilla Waoona Willara Wyarra Yailah Yambunya Yipunyah Calcoo Caltigeenaa Chirnside Dunoon Goonalgaa Gunyulka Keiss Moira Talyawalka Weatherley Wilcannia South Wongolarroo Woytchugga Bolaira Bomangaldy Bray Carrington Cathcart Lewis Maharatta Matong Meadows Myalla Naradin Picton Tara Thackaringa Waukeroo Yancowinna East Yancowinna North Algie Banjah Booligurra Buona Butra Coallie Cockulby Gilgwapla Herbert Kilpara Kooltoo Kootooloomondoo Menderie Narnumpy Paldrumata Pessima Takeiwa Tarrawonda Teperago Terrawinda Torowoto Uncana Weimbutta Woombup Wunawunty Yandenberry Ardennes Barbston Blanche Blumenthal Brougham Bungaroo Cameron Clayton Coromerry Cuthowara Dalglish Darling Desailly Dickens Evelyn Garland Goode Greville Jennings Kambula Kopago Loftus Mackenzie Mitchell Moorguinnia Mulga Mulyenery Robinson Ultimo Willis Wood Woore Woorungil Young Yungnulgra Beefwood Cootawundy Cope Dawes Ernoo Gambool Germano Goorpooka Kandie Kerndombie Kerno Kirk Mallambray Moonamurtie Munro Nulla Nulla Pampara Parkungi Quamby Rosstrevor Rutherford Tully Ullollie Walker Walla Willdrilli Williams Wirra Wirra Woraro Yeiltara Yerndambool Yowahroo Wonko Buntiara Coonoolcra Tiltabrinna Baroorangee Elder Corriwelpie Thurlow Essie Milring Wygah Graham Musgrave Koonburra Tucinyah Yarraba Eckerboon Mutlow Wills Deriringa Werunda Yancowinna Yangalla Clifton Bonley Griffiths Morriset Sutherland Wirratcha Torrowangee Yarriarraburra Swamp Follys Creek Follies Creek Folleys Creek Menamurtee Elti Waltragalda Nine Mile Lagoon Scropes Range Bore Tongo Woolshed Lake Adelaide Gate Hut Springs Mutawintji National Park Mutawintji Historic Site Warri Warri Creek Mutawintji Waterhole Nardoo Boco Teegarraara Mutawintji Armytage Ashby Creek Bal Balla Creek Banderoola Water Facility Barten Becker Bellera Bellera Creek Berteela Bobs Water Facility Booka Booka Booka Creek Booka Booka Waterhole Bosissio Bradford Bransby Bulgaribba Waterhole Bulloo Downs Water Facility Lake Bulloo Bulloo River Mount Bulloo Bygrave Bygrave Range Mount Bygrave Carney Waterhole Carruthers Cockera Swamp Mount Constance Coocoona Creek Coolaberee Waterhole Coongy Lake Cottonbush Swamp Crooked Waterhole Culliberee Waterhole Dingera Dingera Creek Dumpeela Echewargara Waterhole Elipilla Elipilla Creek Elizabeth Creek Ella Epsilon Eulimertina Claypan Exhibition Waterhole Four Mile Water Facility Four Mile Waterhole Mount Gay Gibba Lake Gidya Creek Goalah Gonda Goonabooka Graham Creek Grey Huddersfield Huevos Hume Mount Intrepid Iota Jerrira Jerrira Swamp Jerry Jerroo Gate John Kalkoory Kalkoory Creek Kappa Koochikoo Creek Koolah Kooliatto Kooliatto Waterhole Koolkurry Waterhole Koonta Koopa Waterhole Kulki Waterhole Kyrunda Lambda Little Dingera Creek Little Wompi Creek Mount Lucas Machado Macintyre Creek Marta Martins Swamp Milcreenia Milford Mount Milford Milkoopa Waterhole Minerva Creek Mirintu Creek Mirinya Mirinya Creek Mirra Mirra Mirra Mirra Waterhole Monos Mooroolah Creek Morris Creek Mount Morris Muggera Muggera Creek Mullaroo Mungoora Munro Swamp Murramoongoo Murrathurra Myrkerenyah Waterhole Narranappa Hills Naryilco Naryilco Lake Naryilco Water Facility Norley Onepar Creek Orient Orient Creek Orientos Paddy Macks Swamp Pamberoola Pamberoola Waterhole Paroomatoo Parrabinna Parrabinna Creek Parrabinna Gap Parrabinna Waterhole Paterbin Water Facility Peekathoro Waterhole Petrea Picarilli Channel Picarilli Waterhole Pitteroo Pitteroo Creek Polee Policeman Waterhole Pomeroy Poocha Poocha Creek Queenmurra Redbourne Rho Riboldi Rocas Roseneath Rotten Swamp Saltaire Scrubby Lake Seven Mile Creek Mount Shillinglaw Sigma Six Mile Water Facility Sixteen Mile Billabong Stokes Range Suez Tabaragaba Waterhole Mount Tallyho Tau Tennappera Waterhole Thargomindah Thargomindah Waterhole Therugabah Therugabah Waterhole Thoora Thoora Waterhole Thulloo Thulloo Creek Thuringowa Waterhole Tibienacka Creek Tickalara Tickalara Creek Tigris Tindera Titheroo Titheroo Creek Tooverra Creek Tualta Ualga Waterhole Wallothappie Waterhole Wangamurra Wanka Wanka Creek Warry Warry Creek Warry Warry Gate Wattie Waterhole Whippa Creek White Lake Wilson Wilson Lake Winninia Winninia Water Facility Wirrah Waterhole Wompah Wompah Gate Wompi Waterhole Woolikarlinuata Waterhole Woonabootra Woonabootra Waterhole Wyara Yanko Zeta Claypan Swamp Pelican Creek Pintari North Hayes Hill Proper Bimba Ayriedes No 1 Bore Dam Boobook 1 Canegrass Dam Dividing Ridge Glenorchy Well Boolkaree Creek Deviation Tank Clayton Dams Corona Dam Della Airstrip Della Gas Field Caldina Well 380.0 Mile Trig Four Corners Tank Cochra Well Dullingari Road Bore 3 Emu Hut Acacia Park Dam Bundara Waterhole Cuttupirra Waterhole Brooks Dam Claypan Tank Copperberry Dam Box Swamp Dam Billeroo Hut Chidlee Wells Rainbow Dam Salt Creek Mulligan Tank Eurinilla Creek Glen Dam Barcooloo 6 Far Tank Furlough Dam Mount Fitton Brindana Spring Coondappie Well Kidman Bore Murrumbidgee Waterhole House Dam Lake Crossing Bore Modawilpanna Wells Mount Freeling Well Main Dam Nor'east Cliff Mount Flint Dam Koolka Dam Koolka Mill Bore Napier Catch Yaningurie Waterhole Strzelecki Satellite Station Kurunda 4 Marabooka 3 Della 5B Big Lake 2 Big Lake 24 Big Lake 36 Big Lake 38 Mount Livingstone Well Padulla No 1 Mount Way Dam Quartzose Peak Stonehenge Tank Wancoocha No 3 Troudaninna Bore Kittel Dam and Catch Mundill Bore Needlewood Tank Paul Well Lake Harry Murteree Bore Nursery Bore No 1 Bore Kingfisher Dam Mount Distance Well Pioneer Dam Poodla Well Hut No 4 Witchelina Railway Station Rocky Waterhole Sweetwater Dam Therua Hill Wattleowie Well Lonesome Tank Toolache 24 Toolache 28 Watson Bore Treloar Dam Yapeni Gas Field Wright Bore Tent Hill Bore Twelfth Station Creek Toolache 40 Toolache 5 Tilla Tilla Waterhole Telechie Six Mile Auxiliary Dam Tilparee Bore Thooroo Hill Small Dam Strathearn Red Dam Toopawarinna Bore Smart Bluff Bore Moomba 140 Moomba 142 White Dam Strzelecki Oil and Gas Field Thaulunha Vari Dullingari 23 Cowan 4 Daralingie 16 Dirkala 2 Dullingari 13 Dullingari 14 Dullingari North 4 Baratta West 1 Biala 3 Moomba 107 Big Lake 69 Big Lake 8 Moomba 4 Biala 7 Big Lake 14 Big Lake 5 Tarwonga 1 Thurakinna 3 Dullingari North 3 Moomba 38 Culberta Yard Nappacoongee 2 Nappacoongee 3 Harrison Woolshed New Well Moomba 101 Alwyn 4 Gudnuki 3 Moomba 121 Gidgealpa 32 Moomba 52 Lepena 2 Toolachee 35 Wirrarie 2 Wirrarie North 1 Witchetty 1 Toolachee East 1 Toolachee East 2 Topwee 1 Ulandi 2 Moomba 47 Strzelecki 12 Strzelecki 15 Mooran 1 Mudera 2 Mudera 5 Spencer 5 Spencer West 1 Spencer West 2 Dullingari North 14 Toolachee 18 Toolachee 25 Moomba 156 Dullingari 40 Tac Wilten Moomba 25 Moomba 46 Toolache 30 348 Mile Trig Orange Dam Big Lake 3 Mulligan Hill Blanchewater Waterhole Clark Hill Eaglehawk Dam White Well Bore Pogona 1 Moomba 77 Moomba 79 Moomba 81 Yapeni 2 Moomba 114 Toopawarinna Hill Jewellery Bore Big Lake 43 Mudgard No 1 Toolachee 46A Mount Way Tank Duffers Dam Blanchewater Well Sara Dam Johnson New Dam Della 14 Daralingie 12 Dirkala 4 Four Mile Tank Mettika 1 Beckler 3 Napier Dam Box Hut East Boolcoomata Bore Willows Dam Mundowdna Waterhole Verbena 1 Burmah Dam Burke-Dullingari Oil and Gas Field Stuckey Crossing Coodlunga Dam Four Corners Bore Moomba 19 Moomba 20 Waukaloo Mine Sampson Dam Sandyoota Dam Ned Bore Tinnacudinna Hill Woolatchi Creek Daralingie 24 Narcoonowie 1 Buckland Bore East Toolaby Gidgealpa 33 Pigeon Spring Peachawarinna Bore Dullingari 54 Sturt 8 Toolachee 26 Johnson Dam Kerna 7 Bore No 4 Verdelho 1 Childie 1 Moomba 55 Pinna 1 Winter Dam Callabonna Creek Boorloo Creek Gidgealpa 34 Burke Gas Field Kidman Gas Field Gidgealpa Oil Field Box Swamp Moomba 23 Moomba 78 Middle Toolaby Bartilla 1 Manooka 1 Cuthajery Waterhole Roberts Well Satchell Dam Moomba 11 Big Lake 1 Frome Hut Coque Waterhole Cunnabuncha Waterhole Tidna Hill Purlunha Junction Well Gidgealpa 57 Marabooka 1 Crowsnest 1 Daralingie Moomba 17 Gidgealpa 54ST Kalabity Well Lake Billy Bore Cadlabeena Hut Moomba 59 Raven SA 1 Six Mile Tank Fyfe Dam South of Two Hills Trig Homestead Dam Mulga Dam Clayton Dam Toolache 36 Wurtheroo Creek Ironstone Bore Toolachee 39 Dullingari 37 Clayton Tank Dilchee Gas Field Coombalarnie Dam Bottom John Waterhole Gidgealpa 53 Kalkaroo Auxiliary Dam Ilturunna Soakage Della 3 Cowan 2 Tarrango 1 New Chum Dam Catch Dam Moomba Road Bore No 1 Thurakinna 4 Wally Yard Mulga Creek Bore Amyema 1 Coobowie 1 Pauls Whim Well Dullingari 46 Moomba 94 Toolache 42 Poontana Dam North Poontana Bore Adlawirtuna Soakage Dam Cuthipirra Waterhole Arabana Hill Basin Dam Bollards Lagoon Deep Well Hut Wancoocha Oil Field Alla Allana Swamp Two Gums Well Little Bimba Hill Kultarr 1 Clark Bore Furlough Tank Mound Springs Kerna 6 Topwee Waterhole Murnpeowie Bore Mulka Store P V Pando North No 1 Eurinilla Dam Muckeranna Waterhole Pam Yard Baratta 2 Lockhart Bore Jewellery Creek Pidlawurnie Waterhole Daralingie No2 Coonee Creek Kidman No 1 Bore Big Lake 62 Murteree A1 Moomba 112ST Ulandi 1 White Well Carlendara Tank Mount Freeling Toolache Waterhole Pinery Catch George Tank East Station Dam Big Lake 65 Muscat 2 Strzelecki 5 Alwyn North 1 Moomba 131 Toolachee 48 Wancoocha 2 Cooloon 1 Gidgealpa 27 Twenty Mile Hill Wilpinnie 1 Garanjanie 2 Tantanna 10 Dean Lookout Big Lake Gas and Oil Field Haystack Dam Murteree 'A' 1 Point Mckinlay Picnic Dam Gorge Bore Tinnacudinna Dam Beverley Mine Telephone Exchange Toolache 6 Pando No 2 Pepegoona Dam Starvation Dam Mallee Hollow Dam Mundawertina Well North Mcpherson Dam Narcoonowie Bore Bar Well Look-Out Tank Dullingari North 13ST1 Gidgealpa 46 Alkoomi 1 Chapalanna Creek Mudlalee Waterhole Taloola Oil Field Moravian Mission Station North Dam Barra 1 Moomba 109 Twelve Mile Yard Moomba 113 Carpentaria Tank Catch Tank Coppleturinna Waterhole Boundary Well Billeroo Hill Wadnhadi Spring Haydons Moomba 118DW Tooncatchyin Yard Well Creek Bore Burke 4 Burruna 1 Gidgealpa 25 Moomba 63 Kidman 9 Taloola 4 Toolachee 23 Muteroo Field Perseverance Dam Nappacoongee Hut Moomba 167 South Dam Callacalinna Dam Brougham Gate Aganowie Dam Quarry Dam Murda Point Ironstone Dam Isabel Yard Della 12 Jena 13 Mookwarinna Dam Morgan Dam Moomba 51 Alconie Well Sullivan Well Billy Spring Bore Parabarana Hill Mooney Tank Toolache 4 Toolache East 2 North Arkaroola Bore Murteree C1 Big Lake 31 Moomba 145 Moomba 110 Milluna 1 Zac Bore Lygnum Well Puthadamathanha Waterhole Wancoocha 5 Plantago 1 Moomba 90 Mosoor Park Bungee 1 Cadlabeena Tank Malgoona 2 Moomba 138 Deep Well Dam Narcoonowie 3 Kerinna 1 Gorge Yard Kurunda Field Adams Bore Wades Dam Day Hill Cooryanna Dam Culberta Bore Dunn Dam Clayton Bore Nantowarpunna Dam Limestone Creek Oil Field Hayes Creek Well John Brown Wash Kenna Gas Field Kathinwonkalanna Waterhole Mulka Well Lake Constance Auxiliary Dam McLean Nob Marion Bore Hollows 1 Lepena 1 Big Lake 57 Mundibarcooloo Waterhole Big Lake 18 Della 17 Pira 1 Moomba 26 Kirrakirrinna Hill Little Well Daralingie 19 Campbell Bore Burke 6 Bobs Well 1 Mataranka 1 Moomba 92 Nealyon 1 Dullingari 1 Moomba 10 Beckler 2 Pope Tank Minkanoranie Soak Well Akurra Vadnhi Dullingari 17 Tibouchina 1 Mirramirrinna Creek Toolache 16 Mungeranie Big Lake 66 Muntabilanna Waterhole Arcalena Hut Loveday Dam The John Waterholes Moomba 62 Dullingari 52 Kirralee 1 New Ironstone Bore Jacob Creek Munkarie 9 Sturt 7 Moomba 103 No 6 Bore Dullingari North 15 Tantanna 2 Lake Arthur Trig Spencer Oil Bore No 1 John Brown Hut Malgoona 1A Kalanna 1 Wirha 1 Moomba 5 Telechie Dam Moomba 6 Spencer 9 Tantanna 9 Moomba 48 Boolcoomata Mine V Dam Dreary Creek Dulkaninna Mulligan Creek Mooleulooloo Moolawatana Toolache 10 Terrapinna Bore Callabonna Homestead Emu Dam Goyder 1 Moomba 14 Barcooloo 1 Weimera Yards Windbag Dam Bawley Plains Dullingari Oil Satellite Station Dingo Hill Toolache 33 Moomba 105 Mundawertina Waterhole Yalu Dam No 3 Bore Big Lake 42 Kelbrook 1 Dullingari 20 Daralingie 11 Alisma 1 Biala 6 Moomba 96 Strzelecki 6 Moomba 115 Haselton Dam Nealyon Park Burke 1 Willawalpa Hut Wycalpa Dam Daralingie 14 Government Catch No 2 Strzelecki 13 Hogan Well Innamincka Bore No 3 Kevins Yard Jena Oil Field Metlika 1 Chilcarrie 1 Moomba 157 Swamp Dam Toolache 31 Taloola 1 Tantanna 7 Fox Tank Gilead P Beck Mine Goolong Spring McKenzie Bore Maramarinna Waterhole Manning Dam Mulligan Dam Mudguard Swamp Mercer Dam Marraawinha Cannuwaukaninna Bore Wyalta Waterhole Eagle Dam Mount Livingston Pootramutana Well Oban Tank Toolache Satellite Gas Station Boundary Hut Inakoo Well Blazes Well Breaden Hill Mine No 1 Dam Bluff Dam 370 Mile Trig Tilparee Waterhole Billy Spring Creek Mount Playford Poontana Well Della Satellite Gas Station Muteroo 3 Sturt 4 Digby Dam Bakers Bore Banavie Bore Picnic Ground Kooungaranjani Waterhole Camel Dam Butler Waterhole Kalkaroo Dam Boolka Well Tardlapinna Well Teatree Creek Gluepot Dam Etadunna Waukatanna Waterhole Billeroo Well Big Dam Bungee 2 Keeto 2 Dirkala West 1 Jena 1 Barina 5 Deina 1 Big Lake 26 Sturt 2 Buckland Tank Shepherd Bore Mallee Hollow Well Mirramirrinna Dam Daralingie 2 Thurakinna 2 Ulandi 4 Ulandi Della Bore Freeling Water Hill Big Lake 19A Mulyungarie Marsilea 1 Moomba 64 Moomba 16 Dullingari 6 Moolawatana Hill Three Mile Well Howitts Camp No 32 Petermorra Creek Accalana Dam Nott Hill Cherri Cherri Waterhole Britain Hill White Cliff Artracoona Hill Nick-O-Time Bore Duncan Dam Cooper Tank Fortville Bore Bonney Bore Munkartie Gate Queer Bore Fence Tank Murdawertina Creek Yarlu Vari Public House Springs Petermorra Springs Pitimurra Coonanna Bore No 4 Government Catch Boolkaree Yards Crozier Well Tilcha Woolshed Dam Blue Bush Dam Murphy Dam Coonana Soakage Wells Box Flat Silver Gap Creek Polketa Waterhole Wirriwoorina Open Cut Coal Mine Lobe B Leigh Creek Coalfield Nine Mile Dam Lyndhurst Post Office Yamelpoona Station Creek The Gums Waterhole Burt Waterhole Robinson Dam Ti-Tree Swamp Tea Tree Swamp Three Mile Tank Sunday Well Shamrock Dam Tin Hut Dam Arrows Dam Myrtle Springs Post Office Farina Town Mount Lyndhurst Creek Winyagunna Hut Weedna Spring Reedy Hole Springs Spring Hill Dam Leigh Creek Post Office St A'Becket Well Farina Creek Rochock Dam Woolkundunna Waterhole Yerelina Station Crowbar Spring Creek Fontenoy Bore Xams Dam Myrtle Spring Gorge Lyndhurst Siding Post Office Termination Yards Nuisance Creek Twin Dams Myrtle Springs Homestead West Dam White Cliff Hill James Bore Half and Half Swamp Yadlakina Hut Termination Well K Cut St A'Beckett's Pond Myrtle Spring Bald Hill Station Tin Hut Higgins Well Farina Red Hill Dam Cottonbush Dam Boolooroo Mine Rocky Well Nunaldana Water Kate Hill Tower Gap Creek Leslie Hut Leslie Eating House Leslie Yards Tower Hill Bore Mount Lyell Kevins Hole Breakfast-Time Creek Adkunha Vambata Mangayangadanha Yurdlamurranha Apex Hill Mine Appealanna Bore Mount Bourne McKay Well Federal Mine Norman Rock Apex Well First Pine Creek Owieandana Creek Oodnapanickan Hut Weedna Plains Yankaninna Stone Arrangement Jacks Camp Well Abdullah Hill Winyagunna Hill Johns Well Weepurna Spring Benalick Well Boudowie Well Depot Spring Round Hill Tank Burr Well Booleroo Waterhole Lookout Bore Jeremiah Spring Round Hill Water Boolyeroo Mine Paull North Mine Mundy Spring Tent Hill Mocabalooa Yard Belparana Well Balparana Hut Muckabaloona Well Old Station Creek Norman Rock Bore Taylor Limestone Well Pulchra Bore Mount Yudlamoora Mount Rose Doughboy Bore Mount Lyall Last Change Mine Lynda Mine Tower Hill Well Lorna Doone Tower Hill Mount Lyndhurst Mount Curtis Bore Mount Curtis Well Taylor Well Walters Well Old Kalabity Well Lake Station Hut Yudna Hut Five Mile Creek Red Well Udanah Dam Old Pub Bore North Hut Brickhouse Well Green Well Creek Green Wells Creek Deadman Creek Depot Pool The Rock Creek Camel Lake Lake Warrakalanna Lake Cootabarlow Lake Coontayunta Puttapa Railway Station Warrioota Railway Station Breakfast Time Bore Mount Deception Station Dam Bitter Springs Well Mount Michael Well Bitter Springs Bore Witches Spring Moorowie Well Mount Chambers Gorge Donkey Water Spring The Eagles Retreat Wearing Bore Lake Karpi Lake Sonneman Willigan Spring Moolooloo Hill Hannigan Gap Bob Mooney Sub Station Moolooloo Artimore Homestead Vunganganha Ouwanyakana Gap Bob Moony Sub Station Mount Jeffrey Two Springs Bob Money Yards Atlas Bore Castle Rock Leigh Creek South Post Office Trebilcock Gap Ediacara Conservation Reserve Yaldakarranha Greenwood Cliff Lake Kopperekoppinna Cuthajery Lake Lake Walpayapeninna Lake Warrawarrinna Candeena Well Wandoominta Bore Gravity Bore Salt Springs Wadla Wadlyu Coad House Munda Lake Charles Lake Kittakittaooloo Magpie Gate Mundoo Dopinna Waterhole Old Nolls Mount McDonnell Mount Elva Benbonyata Hill Elva Dam The MacDonnell Stubbs Waterhole Siller Lookout Breakfast-Time Dam Gorge Cave A H Smiths Corner Wilyerpa Post Office Woolshed Hut The Smiler Second Bore Creek Slate Mine Mason Hill Stanley Mine Jubilee Bore Umberatana Mine Wheal Hancock The Twins Brandon Well Urnngarri-Arngu Broad Hill Mine Outouie Creek Kempes Bore Kemp Well Vilimalka Buffalo Creek Two Mile Well Martins Well Diamond Bog Lake Lake Weatherston Lake Pandruannie Tam O'Shanter Bore Magpie Water Warrioota Mine Black Range Spring Mount Coffin Mines Maynards Well Arkey Warren Mine Tam O'Shanter Hill Mount Tilley Nantiburry Spring Little Two Springs Upper Salt Spring Home Rule Flat Blinman Hut Sapling Well Mount Freeling Water Mount Delusion Diamond Lake Lake Frome Lake Woolgamilla Bottom Fink Tank Bob Money Hut Lower Well Soak Tank Salt Well Magpie Spring Nipa Awi Mount Jacob Nicholls Springs Ngumbadatanha Wayawayanha Awi Manyi Range Mawson Valley Lady Buxton Mine Lake Edith Reservoir John Brown Tank Strzelecki Regional Reserve Salt Wells Emu Bore Limestone Spring Big Coffin Bore Mount Mantell Bore Winnitinni Creek Warlands Creek Manyi Limestone Well Lake Tarlakupa Woolshed Well Wadla Wadlyu Vambata Wadla Wadlyu Vari Yudnhu Ngarlaakanha Griselda Hill Radium Ridge Uldhanha Little Puntawolona Lake Pirakuruari Arkaroola-Mount Painter Sanctuary Yandina Hill Gammon Ranges National Park Mawson Plateau Munyallina Bore Frome Lookout Wywhyana Spring Lake Moko Lake Maljanapa Lake Jadliaura Meadows Railway Station Corroberra Well Plain Hut Wirrapowie Mines Weetowie Creek Bob Mooney Well Widapa Awi Manu Ithapiindhanha Waite Lake Neaylon Hut Young Nob Dusthole Bore Mallee Well Prism Hill Bore Ngandyukunha Awi Wildya Adnya Vari B Tank Muckaloodna Well Roberts and Whitefords Well Kopperamanna Bore Woucka Hill Wankawoodina Spring Adlyu Vundhu Awi Niparraakanha Nguriyandharlanha Wartapanha Arkaroola Creek Korrawilya Creek Rocky Spring Creek Whopper Creek Mount Burns Bore Bunyeroo Creek Tidly Creek Matropena Well Wintabatinyana Webb Bore East Brachina Bore Belcherowie Dam Walkandi Creek Parachilna Eating House North Well Brachina Railway Station Burlies Bore Corroberra Hut Corraberra Hut Motpena Brachina Well Wildyandyara Bald Hill Well Brachina Bore Gouch Well Second Plain Well Erina Waters Back Water Bore Angorigina Hill Buffalo Dam Boralinna Creek Arawappa Creek Erengunda Creek Pantapinna Creek Bennett Spring Loves Mine Range Reedy Creek Spring Minnitinni Spring Guide Waterhole Little Patterton Hut Little Patterton Yards Day Hut Widawarlpa Vari Mount Lyall Well Waraco Creek Balcanoona Well Virlkuthanha Mangu Wertaloona Urdlurunha Vitana Lynch Watercourse Willawortina Creek Bore No 3 Home Rule Bore Dead Man Creek Marlawadinha Awi Urtu Urta Vari Bell Bore Paul Dam Bobby Creek Hacket Dam Marachowie Post Office Woollyanna Paralana Homestead Arkaroola Bore Akurrupanha Vambata Mount Serle Woodendinna Creek Mawalu Ida Ongerinna Hut Urlurrunha Awi Varlkurraawi McKinlay Basin Yadgindanha Mount John Hundred of Arkaba Hundred of Moralana Mundy Well Dick Nob Edgar Bore John Well Virlkundhanha John Dam Netting Well County of Derby Siccus River Wilyerpa Morgan Hut Glenora Falls Wyacca Hill Holowiliena Bannon Gap Mount Plantagenet Glenlyle Warcowie Puttapa Gap Matyarrainha Awi Nguri Yardlu Mudlahpinha Woodendinna Bore Bora Creek Frome Well Point Well Creek Ongerinna Well Balcanoona Mine Narrina Jubilee Bore Arkaba School Weipowie Creek Mount Elizabeth Mount Sims Well Nillinghoo Creek Yongoola Mail Station Weerta Creek Yarndangunha Hill Hundred of Carr Dedman Hut Mount Samuel Proper Varatyinha Mount Burns Dry Well Kopi Cliffs Number Five Bore No 2 Bore North Bore Womba Creek Evening Peal Bore South Bore Black Oak Creek Bundulla Creek Blackfellows Creek Well Six Mile Claim Mine Puttapa Hut Farewell Hut Hunters Well Windy Creek Four Mile Well Nursery Well Yarldakarranha Gorge Puttapa Creek Top Well Spring Enterprise Mine Beltana Junction Tank Magnetic Creek Depot Well Awi Yukurla Yudungurldanha Vari Parabarana Creek Yunggawinha Yarnngarri Arraindanha Vambata The Bubbling Springs Willow Creek Workings Glen Oak Yaltaordla Hill Broken Back Spring Maraby Water Wawudanha Hill Dedman Bore Oraparinna Brooks Corner Bunyeroo Creek Gorge Wilcolo Spring Brachina Gorge Linn Spring Coffin Well Coffins Dam Eregunda Mine Mount Carey Bore Gunyah Hut Wirrealpa Water Moodlatanna Creek Erengunda Spring Manyi Vambata Emu Creek Beltana Hill Gypsum Dam Paddys Bore Salt Creek Springs West Bore Ward Bore Cattle Well Hijack Tank Apollo Bore Yerka Bore St Keynes Well Prelinna Well Derry Bore Paralana Post Office Miller Hill Wakarra-virrinha Three Gums Well Horse Dam Syphon Tank Three Creeks Bore Rose Creek Willowie Tank Widinha Spring Collins Bore St George Bluff Gammons Bore Marlawadinha Waterhole Glenwarwick Well Number Two Bore Flagstaff Bore Flagstaff Station Glen Warwick Hut Old Flagstaff Eukaby Mines Eukaby South Mine Bayes Dam Dusthole Creek Ootna Springs Arkaroola Prospect Mine Old Station Dam Fishery Well Cotabena Ilka Creek Mount Ide Toby Well Bucketowie Water Warumba Spring Morupa Mill Teatree Spring The Waterfall Borgas Bore Bourke and Toby Creek Owanigan Creek North Well Hut Fifteen Mile Bore The Welcome Mine Tillite Gorge Nepouie Peak Appioolana Spring Rover Rockhole Blue Duck Mine Freeling Heights Eregunda Bore Kibble Hill Mine Tea Tree Spring Marra Vardnapa Rock Green Well Widapa Awi Hill Cattle Water Nildottie Gap Warragee Bore Pintacowie Well Black Oak Bore Arkaroola Wallerberdina Rockville Moralana Hill Mount Elm School Warru Warldunha Hill Hookina Railway Station Hawker SES Yuralypila Ithapi Mount Little Willigon Spring Chinaman Well Salt Creek Bore Pukardu Ochre Mine Mount Dob Seven Mile Well Fourth Water Little Werta Enorama Creek Mount Barbara Bunyeroo Gorge Bulls Creek Spring Mount Mary Mine Mount Pitt Manyi Awiurtu Caldina Creek Mainwater Spring Mount Brooks Yudnamutana Creek Illinawortina Creek Cleft Creek Paralana Range Ulabunna Spring Buxton Bore Mosquito Gorge Fern Chasm Danzie Bore Gudla Mudla Hut Old Station Well Nobbler Well Veseys Claim Mine Bullocky Water Bob Money Spring North Moolooloo Fountain Spring Pfitzner Well Niltibury Mine Windy Hut Windy Creek Well Windy Creek Hut Helling Creek Camp Hill Springs Doudney Well Doctor Mine Etina Hut Patterton Lookout Yoongoona Waterhole Breakneck Gorge Greenhill Well Mount Jacob Mine Duck Mine Freshwater Creek Narina Spring Narina Creek Italowie Gorge Barabarana Creek Murdlu Udnanha Vambata Nanggarranha Ida Weedy Spring Bullock Head Gap Cocks Comb Waukawoodna Spring Ti-Tree Well Jim Crow Creek Beltana Railway Station Mount James Cliff Well Copper King Mine Camel Well Mount Gill Baldoura Creek Marrabel Creek Red Terrace Saltbush Well Waraco Water Wirrawilka Workings Tanderra Saddle Sambot Waterhole Mount McTaggart Gleeson Spring Notch Creek V McLeashes Mine Twins Creek Bleachmore Well Gleeson Creek Overland Bore Prow Point Sunshine Pound Great Boulder Mine Main Gap Wildawildana Creek Hut Bore Narrina Hut Alieroona Creek Bora Well Ben Lomond Bore Mocatoona Hill Mount Uro Barana Bore Southern Workings Warrioota Well Caines Lease Mine Railway Well Ajax Bore Mount Bayley Range Bones Dam Mount Scott Bore Wilson Railway Station Yappala Range Bluff Bore Mernmerna Creek Kirwan Mine Warrawilka Mine Wilpena Chalet Mount James Outstation Tea Tree Well Karun Nob North Tusk Hill Windowidna Spring Ooraldana Mine Munyallina Springs Alioota Well Warnngalyunha Wartalyunha Vambata Irrakanha Awi Irrakanha Vambata Bitter Spring Old Woolshed Bore Drennan Yards Swamp Dams Shamrock Bore Number Three Bore Ewe Bore Hill New Dam Lost Pipe Bore Eukaby Hill Willipa Glenwarwick Dam North Whim Well Station Dams Pollux Windanna Mernmerna Gap Yourambulla Yappala Creek Hill Paddock Dam Old Railway Dam Ilka Water Salt Water Hut Paint Mine Wonoowie Dam Two Quid Cave Flinders Ranges National Park Upalinna Waterhole Wilcolo Soakage Warra Warra Spring Winna Winna Spring Ngalyuka Andu Awi The John Crossing Ukapudunha Urti Yarlkundhanha Vari Warruyapanha Arta-wararlpanha Athuurapanha Molkegna Creek Wirrapowie Creek No 2 Well Kangaroo Dam Moorowie Bore Teatree Mine Etina Water Mount Phillips Malkalyu Inbiri Ithala Awi Granite Escarpment Virdnimuru Ithapi Mount McKinlay Bluff Wirtiurdla Yurru Nantawarrinna Spring Wangaloona Spring Balancing Rock Bluemine Creek Lively Find Mine Old Noll Mine Blue Mine Umberatana Elephant Hill Mount John Roberts East Painter Bore Devils Pass Gibber Plain Canyon Bore Yarta Yaladhatyi Vari Roebuck Bore Ngandyukunha Hundred of Warrakimbo Burnett Hill Central Mount Eyre Tank Cotabena Waterhole Gum Sapling Swamp Dry Well Yard Pump Station Three Wilsons Bore Red Banks Bore Wangowie Bore Bourke and Toby Bore Gorge Water Station Hill Black Gap Pandittina Hill Mine Hill Eating House Creek Cooinda Camp Prelinna Bore Wangara Hill Summer Residence Bore Mystery Bore Yerelina Water Narrina Spring Crump Bore Old Yellow Bore Walha Udnanha Mount Cockscomb Boulder Well Yurra Widlya Wyambana Hut Mount Frome Lennard Well Pat Carrs Well Marshals Corner Bore Wyambana Outstation Boundary Dam Leonard Bore Alwood Dam Panditoupna Number Two Bubbling Springs Bore Saltbush Bore Mannawarra Woolshed ABC Bore Sacred Canyon Warcowie Post Office Victory Spring Paddy Well Flatiron Hills Pigeon Bore Marrukurli Range Lubra Water Wilka Wilka Spring Narrina Cave Murdlunha Mount Stephen Wilddog Range Shepherds Pile Mount Orkolo Wonoka Plain Wannukah Hill Mernmernnana Mount Burnett Jack Bore Claypan Bore Titree Well Angepena Hill Pinda Creek Halley Well Pinda Springs Homestead Mocatoona Spring Angepena Goldfield Mount Haddon Varndapanha Udarndu Vukaya Vari Adnya Udna Mukurti Mount Warren-Hastings Ngudku-ngudkunha Old Illinawortina Homestead Ilhaurtunha Vari Afghan Well Hookapunna Well Puttapa Mount Guy Mount Neville Knob Bore Eating House Arkaba Arkaba Lils Water North Wilpena Creek Callory Bore Pound Gap Dead Goat Soak Nungawurtina Orenyatha Oraparinna Creek Arawappa Hut Wheal Butler Doodney Well Witches Creek Linkes Mine Painted Gorge Mick Well Wise Dam O'Keefe Well Price Nob Dam Lloyd Well Dusthole Huts Willippa White Well Hut White Well Dam Wirrealpa Hill Third Plain Yards Boralinna Hut Point Dam Mount Friday Well Mount Bayley Mine Ajax Dam Merrawine Waterhole Mount Aroona Windy Corner Bore Three Sisters Range Bruces Grave Nantab Bore Aldyanada ABC Range Yaldhatyinha Hill Appealinna Mine Wills Hut Blinman Mine Lower Well Creek First Spring Vukartu Ithapi Five Mile Spring Wheal Gleeson Kingsmill Creek Twins Well Landslide Bore Weetootla Gorge Number One Bore Woodnamoka Well Paralana Hot Springs Yadnepunda Spring Tommy Gunyah Bore Linns Spring Blackwater Bore Wilkawillana Gorge Lynchs Spring Mount Shanahan Wooltana Cave Carpa Creek Daly Creek Barraranna Hole Yappala Waters Wild Dog Hill Anderson Bore Chapmanton Creek Twin Tanks O'Conner Bore Mount Palmerston Sisters Bore Kankana Peak Nintenta Peak Alpana Brachina Gap Mount Abrupt Appealinna Station Wonoka Homestead Castor Trig Yudnamutana Gorge Number 2 Bore Jump Up Spring Jumpup Spring Yerelina Spring Balance Rock Creek Gammon Ranges Great Pindelpana Mine Mount McFarlane Narrina Yards Mindaapadanha Yura Arti Vari Nuldanuldanha Vambata Undhi Wadlyu Kingmill Creek Urtinha Cliff Humanity Seat Della 18 Strzelecki 21 Spencer 3 Knuckey Tank Yerila Water Big Lake 17 Augusta 1st Hough Dam Gidgealpa 44 Gill Dam Koolka Hill Toolache 13 Wallace Bore Wirrawilla Railway Station Waterloo Dam Arnold Dam Bill Swamp Dam Ram Dams Wirra Bore Twelve Springs Grenache 1 Hankey Well Yaldyalinha Little Bank Bore Ooria Hill Moppa-Collina Channel Cheritapoonta Well Marree Post Office Weeroopie Hill Dulkaninna Bore Top Waterhole Green Gully Dam One Gum Well Daralingie 8 Strzelecki 14 Apatoonganie Well Hunter Dam Yagdlin Well Palalana Outstation Moomba 44 Moomba 2 Jena 2 Dullingari North 11 Gidgealpa 5 The Beentree Waterholes Dampouneena Well Tantanna 4 Speculation Well Arboola Claypan Calamia West 1 Marldakunha Telechie Swamp Auxiliary Dam Boorloo Well Muster Paddock Dam Clark Waterhole Upper Toolaby Dam Big Lake 58DW Sturt 1 Kujani 1 Yandama Bore Moora Hill Mooncha Hill Tilpareea Bore Gidgealpa Road Bore Della 5 Small Reservoir Wirrarie North 2 Pando North 1 Toolachee 14 Ooloo Hill Strzelecki Crossing Possums Swamp Moomba 30 Toolachee 24 Christmas Bore Four Mile Bore Kurlanha Cooryanna Hut Moomba 116 Koolka Quarries Murteree 2 New Dam Kurunda 3 Marree Cliff Blinman South Government Gums Jennet 1 Rosetta Dam Marree Crozier Dam Rainbow Well Lady Lehmann Mine Northern Well Warraweena Breakfasttime Dam Coffins Bore Etowie Creek No 1 Well Temple Bar Hut Wild Dog Creek Mount Bell Mogs Bore Warrakimbo Dix Hill Varnda Wirra Aliena Waterhole Yeralina Spring Creek Oppaminda Creek Hawker Hill Gorge Waterholes Wyacca Creek Charlies Camp Water Waltherco Auxiliary Dam Mernmerna Nappacoongie 3 Mount Victor Dam Big Lake 20 Waukaloo Dam Where Is It Bore Moomba 117DW Toolachee 11 Toolachee 45 Edeowie Cadnia East Sturt East 4 Lake Lettie Apollinaris Well Troudaninna Water Hundred of Bunyeroo Sliding Rock Post Office Clock Spring Moomba 134 Kidman 4 Limestone Creek Field Pontanna Creek Toolache 21 Mulga 1 Toolache 32 Warremadoona Waterhole Nob Hut White Dam No 1 Wiperaminga Gap Amphitheatre Dam Bundera Well Pipeline Yard Number One Windy Well Middle Bore Thirteen Mile Bore South Branch of Italowie Creek Arkaroola Springs Tooncatchyin Bore Lake Ball Hut Damper Point Wiperaminga Hill Dan Dam Della 11 Rabbiters Creek Livelys Find Mine Weeinea Water 410 Mile Trig Lakeside Bore No 1 Daralingie 20 Mina 1 Beckler 5 Top Hookina Well Wardlatha Lake Torrens Kangaroo Creek Hogback Yadnapena Water Holowilena South St Keynes Bore Puttapa Well Murrulanha Awi Yappala East Mount Eyre Tank Wilson Valley Little Jimmie Hill Penkin Water Slatey Well Top Bore Shaggy Ridge Mount Deception Well Four Corner Bore Compressor Station Four Seven Mile Dams Woodaillers Bore Blinman Natural Arch Wooltana Creek Moomba 82 Mudlalee 2 Garanjanie 1 Illuka Peak Ivy Queen Mine East Painter Camp Petalinka Waterfall Evans Bore Bullock Head Bore Warturlipinha Ipaathanha Calcutta Outstation East Dam Dad Dam Lake Camerooka Lake Watherstone Number One Dam Bibliando Devils Window Illawortina Dam Wanowalda Hill Mount Falkland Wards Bore Backwater Spring George Snell's Grave Erudina Woolshed Lake Moolcarpe Horse Shoe Lagoon Nguriyandharlanha Vari Worturpa Goldfield One Gum Dam Virlkunthanha Cliff Woolies Tank South Hut Corraberra Dam Mount Billy Creek Dog Trap Springs Kibble Hill Gum Tree Well Mundilla Well Mount Castor Wheal Frost Jones Spring Urtiyarlku Vari Roberts Mine Mainwater Well Second Bore Bullock Head Valley Irish Well Lake Yalkalpo Yadnapunda Springs Bunkers Spring Old Station Hill Pelketa Bore Peters Embankment Nest Dam Vurndaunanha Vari Coonee Creek Bore Lake Burruna Narcoonowie Waterhole Duckhole Dam Lycium Bore North Field Tank Smith Well Jeremiah Creek Toowee Waterhole Apex Hill Douglas Creek Rocky Dam Quondong Bore Peelbox Mine Patsy Creek Bunyaroo Hill Lyndhurst Railway Station South Willows Dam Punchs Rest Trig Primrose Dam Kakalpunha Government Well The Mundy Ochre Mine Punchs Rest Dam Victory Mine Sunday Bore Ideyaka Dam Myrtle Springs Pug Hill Hut Anzac Bank Red Lake Dam Milthi-Pitinha Mumpie-Clayton Bore St A'beckets Well Mallee Well Bore Watson Creek Keeto 1 Toolache 29 Dalarinna Hill Moomba 91 Dullingari 21 Toolachee 10 Mulligan Bore Big Lake 53 Gidgealpa 29 Mudera 4 Two Mile Tank Loch Ness Dam Toolache 1 Tooncatchyin Main Water Walparindina Spring Burnt Tree Yard Gill Pond Merinda 1 Michael Dam Puzzle Dam Mundowdna Mount Neil Yarramba Tantana Oil Field Kurunda 2 Fossils Tank Arrakis North 3 No 12 Bore Petermorra Bore Moomba 95 Tantanna 5 Toolachee 9 Toolachee North 1 Government Dam Wuroopie 1 Leigh Creek Golf Course Koolka Auxiliary Dam Toolachee 30 Kalabity Hut Mirramirrinna Waterhole Sires Dam Dampouneena Waterhole Coombs Dam Christmas Dam Peachawarinna Drafting Yards Small Waterhole Mundowdna Railway Station Wattleowie Creek Burke East 1 Claypan Dam Mirage Creek Lake Tinko Station Newlyn Well Laddie Dam Single Dam Beulah Dam and Catch Munkartie Swamp Parkinson Dam Apatillie Hill Tinkarnoorakoo Waterhole Tilparee"a"bore Watercourse Dam Pooraka 1 Twilight Bore Lignum Spring Junction Bore Mount Fitton South Mine Parranappa Dam Johnny Hill Dams Kearney Tank Kellys Bank Accalana Soakage Well House Bore Dullingari 12 Peters Camp Murnpeowie Meteorite Billy Springs Mine Tinga Tingana Homestead Union Bore Dullingari 28 Bogaduck Waterhole Dullingari 16 Bendieuta Bore Boolka Hut Owinia Country Grant Tank Corona Bore Lake Dam Ooroowilanie Sanddrift Wells Strzelecki Bores Dullingari 45 Limestone Creek 9 New Bore Dullingari WB 4 Mosquito Dam Wooloo 1 Lagoon Dam Moomba 144 Pile Hill Trig Moyles Dam North Billeroo Dam Tea Tree Creek Vadhalinha Artelevena Creek Periwalya Spring Hundred of French Good Friday Caves Druid Range Yongoona Mail Station Mawarinyinha Vari Corundum Mine Mundi 2 Yappala Peak South Well Whitinninie Water Point Well Arcoota Cave Yanyanna Hill Nellerbery Creek Mount Samuel Hut Wiawiana Creek Mount Harris Wertaloona Hill Four Mile Spring Tarwonga 3 Wegner Dam Moomba 56 Wayarlaarla Marnninha Warru Niarri Donkey Water Creek Angus Hut Well Yedlachanna Spring Warldu Varlkarranha Hill Mount Emily Mine Mocatoona Mines Small Horse Gate Mount Charlie Vindha Awi Leigh Creek Railway Station Wilpoorinna Kidman 6 Oonartra Creek Moomba 132 Daralingie 22 Moomba 106 Nantawarrinna Bore Diggings Bore Saltbush Flat Mine Artipena Manganese Prospects Tracey Dam West Toolaby Hill Cockscomb Mine Adlyu Vundhu Vari Woodnamoka Creek Alioota Bore Fallen Tree Bore Mount Rowe Ngurru Widlya Frome Dam White Hut Bore Levon Dam Ootna Well Quartpot Bore Young Knob Alex Yard Nanawarie Water Ipaumbunha Yurru Mount Painter Well Apiyakunha Bert Soak Tank No 1 Workings Yanggunha Awi Leslies Dam Second Plain Creek SA Barytes Mine Six Mile Creek Sheehan Peak Gould Dam Mount John Dam Tantanna 12 Lake Benagerie Lake Marion Moomba 33 Mulga Park Well Lake Bumbarlow Clayton Hut Preta Hill Thaulunha Dam Toolachee 34 Kidman 5 Aliena Washout Commodore Railway Station Condena Well Southern Cross Bore Jena 9 Kerna 2a Daralingie 25 Bagundi 4 Woodlawoodlana Hut Breakfastime Dam Coffin Spring Nuccaleena Mine Castle Creek Graham Camp Spring Gorge Well Mount Ben Dickinson Mount Painter North Branch of Italowie Creek Mount James House Bore Pimbanyerta Twins Hill Padaardlanha Yurru Strzelecki 23 Davis Dam Dullingari North 6 Winnowie Sheep Well Warrioota Pettana Creek Modystiak Dam Wearing Hills Ironstone Tank Ulandi 3 Strzelecki 27 Mosquito Creek John Bull Well Ilka Spring Aliena Creek Mernmerna Ruins Jubilee Hill Glenoak Wronsky 1 Eurichela Springs Manners Creek St Ronan Upalinna Mount Boorong Old Glenview Oratunga Creek Gidgealpa 22 Mudera 6 Gidgealpa 42 Beefsteak Dam Toolache 2 Azolla 1 Tarwonga 2 Coodnacarra Dam Aroona 1 Muteroo 1 Toolachee Lake Bore Toolachee 42 Blinman North Coombes Dugout Aragorn 1 Toolachee 36 Rocky Springs Artimore Creek Flinders Ranges Guide Well Garanjanie 3 Herrgott No 2 Bore Murtamurta Well Gidgealpa 50 Oakes Tank Frome Bore Stockyard Spring Claypan Well Rocky Bore Southern Star Bore Cross Crusader Mine Bend Well Anzac Bore Angepena Bolla Bollana Creek Nuwadu Mangu Hill Moomba 135 Varndanuranha Bend Morley Dam Artipeana Hill Yamuti Ardupanha Donkey Gully WellL Yudnapunda Bore Conical Hill Kidman North 1 Mulligan Station Donkey Bore Red Hill Well Widawarlpa Vambata MacDonnell Well Tindelpina Creek Old Dam Nilpena Frome Creek Bore Muteroo Road Bore Toolachee 31 Mawson 1 Apatoonganie Hill Pat Tank Calcutta Bore Bullock Dam North Willows Dam Happy Thoughts Well Dan Hut Koortanyaninna Dam Daralingie 15 New Mirage Dam Tarwonga 4 Shiraz 1 Peachawarinna Hut Murrapatirrina Station Meteor Bore Perenty 1 Tilparee A1 Big Lake 30 Toolache 3 Two Hills Reservoir Cudlamudla Hut Old Wonoka Homestead Wallerberdina Woolshed Red Range Hut Walters Yard Euro Well O'Conner Well Cudlamudla Spring McDill Graves Mount Chambers Beckman Bore Warragee Tank Mount Bayley Bore Woolly Dam Donkey Hole Bore Breakfast-Time Well Arkaroo Rock Arkapena Survey Point A Hundred of Wonoka Cellar Creek Hookina Post Office Etina Homestead Horse Paddock Dam Woodendinna Cave Adlyundhunha Vari Campbell Hill Warlpundakunha Panorama Lookout Red Hill Lookout Silver Lead Mine Mount McKinlay Ned Knob Aliena Cave Third Water Bunyeroo Spring Yanyanna Hut Mount Pitts Davis Well Warlpundakunha Vari Wattle Springs Willow Dam Marupa Hill Beatrice Hill Parachilna Ochre Mine Udnamuka Vari Nernyankaninna Hut Jacks Dam Long Range Lake Poomanyie Lake Allallina Jadliaura Creek Lake Wancoocha Yanatunkinna Richardsons Dam Government Reservoir Brachina Hut Niltiburry Spring Bob Money Well Kempes Dam Martins Hut Upper Two Springs Tooths Nob Hut Mount Gosse Yaralhanha Wirti Urdla Inbiri The Bentley Mine Claude Pass Mount Clive Wheal Austin Teatree Outstation The Nob Lake Callabonna Ngardlaranha Warldu Bora Hut Baratta Waters Backwater Well Grindstone Stockyards Makarludnanha Udarndu Yamuti Ardupanha Ridge Kooreeninna Creek Lake Curloombacultie Lake Wauwauba Lake Arthur Home Rule Well Warekila Creek Lower Well Hut Buffalo Rock Dam Wartakawillia Hut Lake Puntawolona Yuralypila Watercress Creek Rainbow Bore Artelevena Bore Panditina Water Wongowie Dam Angiroonoy Waterhole Mount James Dam Morish Adit Santos Motpena Stratigraphic Bore Blackfellows Creek Yunda Lagoons The Sandhill Tanks Green Rock Mine Soak Bore Coffins Springs Nardlamathanha The Armchair Manyi Valley Nichols Nob Paulls Consolidated Mine Ultimo Bore Arkaroola Hole Mount McDonnell Mine Bunyip Chasm Copper Creek Old Arrowie Paul Creek Mount Roebuck Warrakimbo Tank Woolyana French Well Weetowie Water Nepouie Range Mine Spring Ilpounda Water Western Plain Murrulanha Spring Whim Dam Nine Mile Hut Cockatoo Creek Yerka Murta Top Well Thunderdrum Cave Mount Emily Bendieuta Well Four Corners Hut Mattawarrungalla Wilpena Pound Red Range Saltia Water Spring Well Walkandi Peak Molcoona Waterhole Werto Spring Neuroodla Primary School Squeeze Pot Udna Yukurru Vari Aliena Hill Dingly Dell Water Wockerawirra Creek Tourmaline Hill Shamrock Mine Kuthajerri Dams Cross Creek Peach Springs Balcanoona Tableland Yura Ithapi Snave Hill Tobacco Water Illa Creek Vyee Vambata Second Tank Weeinea Waterhole Pernuna Well Yandowie Hut Brachina Waterhole Adnu Appealinna Hill Balancing Rock Creek Mount MacDonnell Mine McDonnells Creek White Ants Mine Sandy Camp Springs Alerumba Creek Alieroona Spring Pritchard Dam Barraranna Gorge Mount Saturday Salt Well Creek Dullingari Gas Satellite Station Kerna 5 Gidgealpa 48 Raven 2DW1 Tom Hill Mandarin Caps Meriwee Mine Glen Gums Waterhole Moomba 83 O'Reilly Mine Mundy Tank Kidman North 2 Mudera 1 Baye Dam Unkumilka Waterhole Yerila Creek Gurra Gurra Waterhole Toolachee 40 Mount Ehrenbreitstien Newlyn Dam Karrowombi Dam Chilcarrie Waterhole Box Creek Country Davies Dam Billeroo Creek Mulga Well Hut Mundaerno Hill Telford Railway Station Mount Playfair Well Black Wattle Waterhole James Dam Wirri woorina St Abecket's Pool Paradise Dams Marrinha Caldaweena Dam Mandarin Creek Moosha Bore Carrowomby Dam Pannikin Dam Minagoona Dam Owieandana Hut Mallee Mine Burr Mine Big Lake 25 Mannings Country Cockatoo Country Moomba West Airstrip Mungaroone Bore Pintari North 1 South Aggrennon Dam Moomba 128 Concrete Dam St A'beckets Pond Swamp Twin Dams Toraminga Hill Empire Dam Clive Mine Dry Gully Creek Tower Hill Mine Pudnamutana Bore Fitzgerald Dam and Catch Big Lake 21 Timberton Yards Magpie Dam Griffiths Dam No 3 Dam Murna Hill Old Big Lake Satellite Station Moolawatana Bore Paulls Whim Well Wild Dog Bore Hot Springs Dam Umina Hill Black Oak Dam Jena 5 Mulga Park Bore Lake Harry Bore Yaningurie Soakage Well Moomba Aerodrome Murnpeowie Waterhole Mooloowurtina Hut No 5 Hayes Creek Dam Springs Dam Maiurru Mitha Vambata Kurnuwarnda Spencer 4 Toolache 35 Wurley-Rumbo Trig Strzelecki 11 Kangaoola Waterhole Nappacoongie 2 Wonoka Daralingie 22d Mettika 2 Mudros Extension Tank Boolinyadooloo Hill Skeleton Bore Wadnhadi Awi Dullingari North 5 Toolachee 8 Moomba 50 Toolachee 43 Toolachee 49 Lignum Dam Marks Bore Lake Elder Bore Moomba 155 Toolachee 20 Mount Flint Thildya Vari Lake Ball Yards Buckinna 2 Broken Jaw Dam Mount Adams Davis Hill North Mulga Dorodillo 1 Narcoonowie 2 Powichina Waterhole Pulkerna Hill Ewaroona Well Birthday Bore Toolachee 33 Innamincka Bore 3 Sturt East Field Appamourana Moomba 139 Cedarville Dams Toolache 7 Mount Victoria Salt Well Dam Barina 2 Koree Appacungoo Waterhole Prospect Hill Toolache 25 Della 8 Strzelecki 24 Moomba 85 Strzelecki 2 Strzelecki 28 Namur 2 Bullfrog Yard Moomba 12 Arrakis 1 Toolachee 44 Dullingari 4 Wycalpa Yard Gidgealpa 17 Appendraina Waterhole Pelketa 1 Arabana Well Coolibah Dam Murta Murta Well Cooryanna Bore St Francis Pool Boxwood Waterhole Moomba 73 Beckler 1 Moomba 71 Chocolate Dam Wanara 1 Tantanna 1 Strzelecki 10 Moomba South East Gas Field Big Lake 45 Murteree 1 Mount Jervois Mount Meyer Pootharingla Dam Old Kopperamanna Bore Arrakis North 1 Quinyambie Flint Dam Della 5A John Brown Yards Mulga Bore Big Lake 29 Ngapa-Muru Moomba 126 Kuthajerri Waterhole Troudaninna Waterhole Urdlu Ithapi Moomba 136 Kalabity Calcera Dam Rivers Bluff Bandoona Cave Railway Bore Winnowie Out Station Mount Hutton Bunbinyunna Range Yappala Hill Roebuck Well Warraweena Spring Parachilna Sprigg Nob Sandstone Bore Nepouie Spring Junction Waterhole Blackanunda Rawnsley Park Neils Bore Braune Camp Umberutna Edwards Swamp Boundary Bore Round Bush Bore Compressor Station Two Hundred And Nineteen Panditina Creek Dewhurst Bore Pendlekerra Spring Appealinna Water Monela Hut Copper Creek Bore Garden Well Point Well Holes Blunder Hill Maraby Creek Bulara Peak Blackfellow Hole Painter Bore Janey Bore Terrell Well Pinnacle Bore Erengunda Valley Yudnamutana Hill Elatina Mine Six Mile Bore Wepowie Mine Mogg Bore Illina Creek North Vermiculite Valley Blue Range Nason Hill Mudlapena Gap Bill Dam Bore Whitford Well Square Paddock Bore Milyaru Wayakanha Awi Urtu Camel Yard Spring Campbell Bald Hill Cusack Dam Ngawarla Bend Ulapinipa Water Six Mile Dam Swamp Bore Lower Well Bore Fountain Head Mine Eregunda Spring Yaki Vari Wayawayanha Vari Nepouie Well Breakfast Time Dam Parachilna Rural School Big Six Mile Well Mount Mantell Dam Cable Creek Bore Mount Dickinson Sleep Hill Ulowdna Water Warangina Well South Bore Gutter Ochre Caves Canegrass Bore Brachina Dam Six Mile Well Pantapinna Well Mount Billy Willow Springs Lake Wittakilla Lake Moonba Lake Tinko Collins Lagoon Two Mile Well Tank Hells Gate Kite Yards Wearing Outouie Hill John Bull Mine Farewell Bore West Well Aroona Waterhole Gudla Mudla Spring Wardnuwartanha Tin Hut Well Greenwood Camp Well Monarch Mine Walters Well Mine Leigh Creek Hospital Beltana Mine Iron Blow Mine Woolly Bore Bunbinyunna Creek Chigwidden Dam Yourambulla Range Diamond Jubilee Mine Breakfast-Time Waterhole Mount Henning Napoleon Mine Randell Lookout Salt Water Well Warcowalda Hill Pannelcurry Dam Trezona Range The Guardian Neuroodla Grump Bore Vukarraawi Italowie Spring Red Gap Mount Ernest Benagerie Alla Allanna Creek Parachilna Gorge St Patrick Bore Last Chance Bore Wartalyunha Awi Yurali Yuwaninha Valkirri Malkalyu Yardli Urtu Arkaba Hill Worumba Spring Mount Sims Five Mile Soak Matuarangala Hut Fourth Water Spring Bubbly Water Valley Bore The Plateau Copper Mine Creek Frome Gap Joker Prospect Mine Hot Springs Creek Bararranna Hill Little Paddock Creek Thuwaninha Stuart Creek Sandy Camp Creek Round Hill Bore Stone Tank Glenwarwick Yards Nernyankaninna Well Barraranna Hill Hallies Well Sydney Spring Lake Cave Eukaby-Hill Mine White Well Yard Gum Dam Buffalo Rock Bore Small Spring Italowie Ridge Mr Bosworths Station Old Station Bore Eregunda Valley Second Hill Lake Tarkarooloo Loves Mine Boulder Bore Hamilton Creek Willawortina Bore Parachilna Creek Top Swamp Bore Green Wells Widapa Awi Vambata Eregunda Creek Dawson Hill Lake Blanche Lake Yandiya Lake Carnanto Lake Ngapakaldi Idhi Waterhole Idhi Awi Mudlhaakanha Awi Saplings Dam Ten Mile Bore Fifteen Mile Dam Horseshoe Spring Salt Water Springs Blinman Well Kemp Bore Wida Ubmanakanha Yudnumatanha Vambata Muda Awi Breakfast Time Well Lyfords Mine Old Ediacara John Creek Beltana Post Office Winnowie Shed Well The Oaks Marree Railway Station Mulligan Country Stephen Creek Witchelina Hayes Dam Waterlowie Bore Gnurrumpa Broken Range Mine Extension Bore Wilkowie Hut Wilkeowie Well Mount Curtis Pannican Dam Dean Yard Arcoona Creek Winyagunna Bore Gill Bluff Well Mount Curtis Creek Hoad Hill Mine Copper Well Victory Well Mount Burr Mine Nichols Nob Extended Mine Mount Lyndhurst Well Mistaken Hill Willow Well Tank Well Mount Ogilvie Mine Tower Gap Well North Field Leigh Creek Aerodrome Glenroy Bore Koorenjula St A'Becket Pond L/2/1 Cut Two Mile Dams Brumby 7 Moomba 18H Strzelecki 1 South James Dam Pelkeeta 1 Boundary Tank and Trough Wankadunnie Wattleowie Bore Wildman Bluff Big Lake 7 Alwyn 1 Tantanna 6 Taylor Dam Warturli Awi Gudnuki 2 Poodla Dam Mount Fitton Spring Alluring Hill Tooncatchyin Hut Apatoonganie Station Daralingie 1 Gidgealpa 49 Pontina Swamp Jacks Reward Dam Strzelecki 7 Biala 1 Boxwood 1 Grant Dam Marree Hospital Pelketa Waterhole Toolache East 1 Katchiwilleroo Swamp Tinkinnie Hill Springs Bore Tinnacudinna Bore Moomba 21 Toolachee 16 Dullingari North 1 Limestone Creek 3 Talaculanna Waterhole Manggunanha Kusawi Mound Springs Yard Twins Creek Well Boxwood No 2 Yerila Dam Kopi Flat Innamincka Bore 2 Moomba 124 Daralingie 5 Warturli Waterhole Trough Tank Moomba 133 Kurunda 5 Toolachee 41 Carmina 1 Spencer 6 Ironstone Well Munkarie 5 Roberts Dam Toolache 8 Della 9 Dullingari North 10 Moolala 1 Treloar Dam No 2 Strzelecki 8 Christmas Hut Touriga 1 Twelve Mile Dam Corkwood 1 House Well Eagle Hawk Dam Gidgealpa 23 Hopeless Well Limestone Rise Sturt Oil Field Bullinina Hut Pexa-Vamgas Topwee No 1 Duck Ponds Creek Lake Blanche Hill Coonee Tank Muttabulla Swamp Recovery Creek Wyeculcuna Waterhole Starvation Yard Moomba 65 Moomba 89 Yalcumma 2 Sandhill Hole Dam Neaylon Hill Mulka Dam Cootabarlow No 3 Bore Keena 1 Koree 1 Daralingie 3 Manda-Ardlanha Karina Southwest 1 Sandyoota Bore Bauhaus 1 Decoy Hill Munkarie 4 Taloola 3 Muteroo 4 Pam Tank Ooloo Mine Well Farley Swamp Dam Red Bank Creek Kuchanie Waterhole Fortanna 1 North Mulga Bore Moomba 66 Spencer 11 Phillips Well Biala 2 Nappacoongee 1 Buttina Waukatanna 2 Mulka Bore Dalarinna Tank Cootra Dam Felton Bore Old Ediacara Homestead Oraparinna Mine Youngs Cobalt Mine Yapala Trig Ilpilpin Spring Mine Bore Teatree Well Wheal Friendship Workara Peak Big Lake 27 Toolachee 15 Spencer 7 Dullingari 42 Kooperekoppinna Lake Lake Frome Regional Reserve Arrowie Gorge Cook Creek Mattawarrangala Bunyeroo Valley Lookout Corrobena Dam Giant Head Mallee Well Creek First Hill Warratyi Vipi Vamarra Hasse Mound Dead Bullock Bore Killawarra Moodlatana Creek Wirrabinna Hut Basketts Station Dayana Dam Six Springs Sugarloaf Hill North Flinders Ranges Mount Brooke Mount Wallis Marnninha Valkidi Kangaroo Hut Bore Trezona Bore Warra Warra Bore Corundum Creek Ukupudunha Vari Dismal Dam Freeling Waters Metlika 3 Malgoona Waterhole Mosquito Creek Bore Hill Dam Thungga-Pudupudu Jacks Camp Bore Tulloorina Waterhole Mulyungarie Lake Pindelpana Creek Awadinha Hill Snake Gully Bore Mount Dormer Nipapanha Awi Urtu Hallies Hut Bellinger Bore 350 Mile Trig Boolcoomata Dam Crabb Tank Black Hill Bore Kidman 2 Jack Dam Papyrus No 1 Mount Serle Bore Ootna Bore Korrawilya Spring Northcotes Creek Udna Yukurru Inbiri Wakarla-Udnanha Inbiri Pritchard Well Drafting Yards Well South Tusk Hill Ngawarlanha Wida Ildya Vari Kintalamanko Waterhole Gum Well McLennan Dam Dickadickinna Lake Yantawena Kurunda 1 Marree Springs Lignum Bore Lake Coonee Terrapinna Springs Woolies Well Willow Spring Mount Rugged Mine Two Jacks Mine Gutsache Bore Dullingari 43 Big Lake 70 Thurakinna Well Mount Hopeless Well Yerila Bore Yerila Tank Spencer Crib Varavaranha Tarkanina Bore Disappointment Dam Arcalena Waterhole Six Mile Hut Moomba 35 Greenwood Hill Octopus Hill Vardna Wartathinha Vari Jim Crow Bore Mundi 5 Muteroo 5 Ediacara Fossil Reserve Yerka Murta Hut Copley Post Office St Keynes Dam Aroona Dam Mount Chambers Mine Arrowie Well Ewaroona Hut Sliding Rock Creek Trebilcock Well Old Wallerberdina Homestead The Razor Back Manu Ithapiindhanha Awi Pummerna Creek Moralana Crowhole Well Wancoocha 3 Moomba 69 Moona 1 Panikin Well Mundi 4 Kintalabooka Creek Marlawadinha Awi Vabmani Mount Scott Mount Thomas Jones Hill Murnpeowie Thirteen Mile Creek Ediacara South Mine Sundown Bore Cresswater Wakons Creek Wancoocha 7 Mount Distance Red Range Yards Depot Tank Summit Tank Trebilcock Hut Warrakimbo Hut Orange Tree Dam Widinha Vambata Kidman 7 Widinha Awi Urtu Warrigee Dam Homestead Well Pine Hut Low Range Tank Mount Frome Mine Wilpena Muda Basin Springs Angorigina Merinjini Well Stuart Waterholes Yadgindanha Vari Wida Murrumurru George Spring Kurnadutchainna Swamp Old Telechie Xmas Bore Mulka Hill Lake Murteree Neal Bore Dun Camp Creek Biala Field Kerna 4 Murteree 'C' 1 Alwyn 5 Breakneck Well Arcoota Yard Panditoupna Water Koolaman Spring Mingari Peak Slippery Dip Cartspring Dam Fresh Water Well Bald Hill Bore Ngama Adnya Arcoota Bore Nine Mile Well Wabma Nambaindanha Mount Mary Kingsmill Mine Warratyi Ngurtuka Arta-warlpanha Durinna Hill Strzelecki 25 Wooloo Hill Pepegoona Mine Sandy Dam Hempson Catch Brumby 5 Lake Tom Arabana Lagoon Peerewallya Spring Pound Underground Hut No 7 Workings Terrell Dams Round Hill Swamp Dam South East Range Idninha Sunshine Creek Yalda Warnnganha Awi Udarndu Marlka Warldu Elders Old Station Bararina Well Donkey Gully Well Titree Gorge Well Lewis Well Padaardlanha Ipaumbunha Spring Yednakatana Water Panta Well Muller Hill Balcanoona Bluff Pinnacle Ranges Peters Bore Nancatee Dam Patt Dam Lake Wirnathy South Four Mile Bore Wallaby Hill Tardiellie Hill McKinlay 2 Moomba 31 Dansey Bore Patawerta Hill West Jubilee Workings Cockatoo Well Beverley Uranium Mine Lepena Gas Field Wurtheroo Well Jena 12 Jena 3 Karilla 1 Keena 3 One Tree Spring Apatoonganie Hut Mount Greig New Saplings Dam Wadla Wadlyu Hill Arkaroola Village Worturpa Creek Udnaminda Ochre Wall Dorodillo 2 Gidgealpa Oil Bore No 7 Tidnacoordooninna Well Wynaroo Hut Gorrie Hole Mine Mount Rose Bore Crowsnest Creek New Kalabity Dam Wills Lake Dam Gill Bluff Creek Nevada Workings Wilkowie Well Punchs Rest Well Petermora Country Yellow Cliff Tank Leigh Creek South Area School Wida Urtu Mount Shanahan Mine Yerka Merka Well Engine Well Puttapa Springs Kimberley Dam Ajax Mine Wonoka Hill The Meadows Town Hills Camp Well Wabma Ridge Woods Corner Baghdad Well Black Feather Mine Red Range Well Fairleigh Murphy Hut Valley Well Fortress Hill Patsy Hill South Adair Workings Weaver Hut Little Coffin Bore Yamuti Cave Varndanuranha Hill Valivalinha Larelar Mound Wywhyana Bore Marlawadinha Vambata Weedna Mine Mandarin Mine Avondale Mine Paull North Extension Mine Mount Burr Wilkowie Tank Lake Pitikanta Lake Koorka Lake Werrnath Hut Hill Box Flat Well Lake Appadare Lake Mongala Cadrapowie Waterhole Christmas Well Tantanna 8 Parkinson Bore Western Spur Wattleowie Sub Station Kidman No1 Tank Mooncarty Swamp Heart Swamp Della 10 Toolachee 32 Della 16 Kerna 2 Toolachee 7 Lake Wills Dam Mungeranie Bore Manfred Tank Horseshoe Waterhole Kintalla Tank Dilchee 3 Moomba North 1 Sadlers Bore Toolache 11 George Creek Buckinna 1 Gums Dam Nappacoongee Well The George Cannatalkaninna Station Big Lake 13 Gidgealpa 26 Fridge Bore Dullingari 19 Gidgealpa 41 Della Road Bore No 2 Daralingie 6 Lake View Dam Moomba 67 Moomba Gas and Oil Field Peachawarinna Well Coopleturinna Waterhole Yarra Hill Bore Boorloo Hills Moomba 57 Big Nancatee Bore Jena 4 Brumby 1 Dullingari 5 Pampari 1 Dullingari Road Bore 2 Ungari 1 Dicka Dickana Waterhole Kunderanna Waterhole Village Creek Caldina New Bore Mappa-Collina Channel Carraweena Station Three Wells Monk Dam Boxwell Mulga Creek Hut Toraminga Well Big Lake Satellite Station Cheltham Yard Collins Dam Dreary Point Duck Ponds Narcanowie Bore Boy Well Parabarana Well Parsons Dam and Catch Three Sisters Dam Bundera Dam Metlika 2 Double Yards Poontanna Yards Plotosus 1 Cowan 1 Moolalla 1 Watson Well Burt Camp Waterhole Lowanna 1 Dullingari 11 Slaty Well Pinnacles Dam Winnowie Well Ida Dam Enterprise Dam Yourambulla Caves Mount Hemming Cook Bore Binya Peak Nankabunyana Well Warakimbo Moomba 36 Karilla No 1 Johnny Hill Leonard Well Lenard Well Marshalls Corner Bore Ulowdna Pepegoona Well Willow Plain Post Office Nantabra Hut Aroona Valley Vikarri Warla Pompey Pillar Big Weepowie Wyacca Hut Taring Saddle Youangera Spring Glass Gorge Toolache 17 Crown Hill Worturpa Spring Jubilee Mine Akurra Avianggu Rampart Range Cattle Pad Waterhole Harold Hill Moomba 54 Tooncatchyin Creek Crisp Gorge Warangina Hut Littles Dam Hamilton Claim Pinda Spring Varndapanha Wida Hundred of Warcowie Toolachee 3 Piamooguaninna Well Chace Range Wilcolo Creek Barregowa Creek South Cockatoo Bore Armchair Creek Opaminda Creek Rimfire Bore Emu Creek Branch Cooraninnie Dam Wedna Well Mount Henry Balcanoona Range Evans Outstation Midwerta Well Glen Warwick Dam Price Nob Hut Arkaroola Spring Molkawolpa Water Streak Gorge Echo Camp Malkai Dulkaninna Creek Kopi Dam Bagundi 2 Boongala 1 Mount Hopeless Mundi 1 Pira 2 Wankatanna Waterhole Noahs Ark Bararina Dam Yadnapunda Creek Ootna Dam Tommyguyah Bore Yeralina Creek The Terraces Ilhaurtunha Varndanuranha Ngutu Kalkaroo Main Dam Mount Kauto Burke 5 Cabernet 2 Mulga Well Wirrabunna Well Peter Simple Spring Ango Mine Ithalaawi Vari Balcanoona Mount Burns Range Owindana Little Bunkers Range Mount Freeling Police Station 404 Mile Trig Toolache 38 Toolache Road Bore 1 Moodlatanna Spring Killalpaninna Mission Dorodillo 3 Allambi 1 Koortanyaninna Creek Middle Bank Bore Gidgealpa 36 Kalabity Auxiliary Dam Moomba 58 Beatrice Creek Wildya Adnya Vambata Arcoota Creek Mattawarrangala Mine Old Nankabunyana Hijack Bore Scorpion Dam Kallioota Spring Murray Bore Worta Warta Trig Marachowie Manners Well Well Paddock Bore Natabra Well Stone Wall Hill Railway Dam Ajax Creek Mount Friday Bore Friday Bore Rocky Hole Dam Higgins Dam Mount Parry Boundary Dams Point Creek Midwerth Bore Urtiyarlku Pound Well Ann Hill Midwerth Spring Constitution Hill Jubilee Range Willouran Creek Gunpowder Bore Glenwarwick Hut No 6 Workings Commonwealth Mine Wedina Spring Bishops Bore Yack Chimney Bucketowie Hill Tumburru Peak No 4 Yards Station Spring Lower Woodendinna Spring Molkegna Well Wilpa Yurru Mount Dib Bitter Springs Mount Changeweather Greenhill Mine Pinnacles Mine Urdlupunha Vari Rainwater Creek Sidney Hill Hucks Lookout Enorama Water Ninialana Creek Bolla Bollana Water Tindelpina Hut Yackie Waterhole Lavinia Well Wild Ass Creek Mulga View Homestead Halley Hut Oratunga Mine Yan Yanna Water Lake Arthur Country Lake Kuturu Cocklebinna Dam Cotton Bush Dam Lake Yannerpy Bobmoony Well Yarri Hut Farina Post Office Euromulka Hut Mandarin Hill Euromulka Well Four Corners Mine Mosley Mine Pontanna Well Nindipinna Bore Paull Consolidated Mine Magpie Creek Mount Rose Mine Morianna Spring Diamond Creek Ngambadatanha Vari Varndanuranha Vambata Little Bob Mooney Well Arru Awi Armchair Hill Worturpa Well Woodlamulka Mine Chambers Gorge Leslie Mine Fossil Reserve Dorothy Creek Red Whim Well West Mount Eyre Tank Della Road Bore No 3 Mels Catch Garina Gas Field Pando 1 Yapeni 1 Gidgealpa 16 Gorge Dam Dullingari 8 Freckleton Dam Camel Tanks Herrgott Springs Wirrawilla Well Dullingari North 8 Sturt 5 Old Moolawatana Homestead Toolachee 51 Overland Creek Yackie Saddle Ben Lomond Pine-Nipa Wirrabunna Nuldanuldanha Hill Four Winds Hill Boolcoomata Creek Child Dam Trebilcock Hill Mount Babbage Mount Livingstone Akurrula Awi Wirtiurdla Ngawarla Wami Artipeana Creek Top Pinery Bore Parachilna Overflow Tea Cosy Creek Mount Lyall Bore Third Plain Hut Mount Way East Painter Creek No 4 Workings McKinlay 4 Chelten North 1 Wirrabunna Hut Wartakawillia Well Back Water Spring Wakarla Angatha Waterhole Hadlocks Well Limestone Creek 5 Kathrieck Mine Kumbarie 1 Afghan Bank Boolka Gate Big Lake 16 Tree Cliff Gerty Hill Lovers Bore Mount Yerila Toolache 20 Tantanna 3 Toolachee 12 Security Dam 5LC Radio Mast Big Lake 54 Gamay 1 Moomba 97 Munkarie 8 Low Ironstone Hills Coombes Dam Moomba 104 Moomba 141 Big Lake 68 Sturt 3 Mulga Creek Well Hellings Well Madge Hill Mail Station Nooltana Creek McMahon Dam Low Range Bore Holowilena Malloga Falls Millya Millyana Well Hunter Well Enenorama Fisher Well Seven Mile Tanks Mount Havelock Windee Hill Big Werta Springs False Mount Hayward Granite Rampart Molkegna Bore Mount Constitution Urdlupunha Woolroona Waterhole Six Mile Spring Yurndungarlpa Utanda Well Yerilina Corral Well Moro Mine Borgas Dam George Dam Glasses Well Bolla Bollana Spring Yeralinna Spring Mainwater Pound Freshwater Spring Mount Lee Narrina Ulowdna Creek Perawillia Spring Mundy Hut Minnitinna Spring Virdarrinha Makarludnanha Vari Lower Hut Prairie Hotel Urtinha Yukari Blinman Rural School Upalinna Springs Emmerona Water Breaking Wave Alerumba Spring Middle Dam Stardrift Bore Windowarta Well Jack Spring Castle Rock Bore Haematite Hill Compass Pass Mud Spring Wadhu Undananha Vari Parson Bore Button Dam Alwaldina Dam Hogarth Bore Bob Nob Hill No 3 Workings No 2 Workings Main Water Spring Lake Yandra Lake Culberta Wild Horse Lagoon Lake Gomalara Diamond In The Bog Lake Kalaramultu Ngandyukunha Spring Illawortina Creek Prism Hill Brachina Overflow Plain Well Corroberra Dam Pinery Dam South Youngs Creek Carey Hill Wilkawillina Gorge Nanpena Hut Eyrie Cave Greenbushes Wells Edeowie Railway Station Yudna Bore Hundred of Nilpena Reaphook Hill Stone Hut Well Nob Gap Coffin Gap Camel Camp Bore Patsy Springs The Old Bore Fountain Well Tee Junction Waterhole The Smiler Mine Welcome Pound Davis Spring Moralana Plain Slaty Creek West Side Bore Moro Creek Diddlers Bore Share Tank Hunter Spring Mattawarungala Creek Hookina Tilcha Bore Hawker Gate Draper Dam Avondale Bore Double Bore North Punchs Bore Old Myrtle Well Big Lake 19 Dullingari 41 Pidgeon Box Rock Gentile Dam Wirringina Waterhole Winthekarrinna Waterhole Puthadamathanha Awi Toraminga Dam Delaney Waterhole Hayes Creek Playfair Dam Yadlakina Well Crows Nest Waterhole Mount Bourne Bore Stones Claim Fink Creek Boolyeroo Waterhole Last Chance Mine Primrose Mine Fifteen Mile Creek Douglas Hut Mundy Creek Serpentine Dam Lyndy Mine Well Dorris Fabian Mine Pidgeon Box Bore Weedna Bore Lynda Mine Well South Creek Bore Balparana Creek Neales Dam Donaldson Tank Double Dam Rocky Hole Well Gidgealpa 28 D S Daralingie No 1 Daralingie Satelite Station McIntyre Tanks Crystes 1 Lycium 1 Marabooka 4 Kidman 1 Rutherford Dam Wagner Dam Sandy Point Hawk Creek Ulandi Field Boxwood Flat Dullingari 39 Klaus Wirrarie Waterhole Mawson Field Big Lake 48 Griffith Bank Big Lake 63 Toolachee 2 Sturt East 3 Kopi 1 Moomba 45 Billeroo Waterhole Ant Creek Purpalee Waterhole Spencer Gas Field Kalkaroo Well Pelican Well The Fish Ponds Nappacoongee East 1 Birksgate Bore Xmas Well Jena 7 Flowing Bore Gidgealpa 7 Big Lake 15 Old Mount North West Mundianna Dam Pepegoona Creek Kumbarie Waterhole Della 15 Mall Dam Natterannie Sandhills Mulligan Springs Hut No 1 Dullingari 49 Paddy Dam Goyder 2 Della 20 Dittiminkinna Cave Wirrintjinha Honeymoon Mine Mundibarcooloo Well Farina 1 Pepegoona Hut Waraninna Creek Anchimulanie Flat Mount Fitton Mine Toopoo Bank John Brown Bore Jena 11 Dullingari 22 Barina 1 Allunga 1 Waroope Moomba 99 Limestone Creek 7 Lake Hope 1 Limestone Creek 1 Trebbiano 1 Hopeless Tank Max Swamp Dam Strzelecki 20 Thooda Hill Moomba 75 David Dam Freeman Bore Della 7 Goyder 3 South Arkaroola Bore Della 4 Big Lake 6 Marana 1 Arrakis No 1 Cozens Dam and Catch Black Trig Yard Udnurrunha Big Lake 49 Muscat 1 Hayes Hill Kintalamanko Wells Taloola 2 Gidgealpa 43 Blanchewater Toolache 23 Togo Dam South Weeroopie Dam Bulldust Dam Hadlow Well Mundibarcoola Waterhole Moomba Road Bore 1 Bob Well 1 Daralingie 17 Barina 4 Box Tank Large Waterhole Frank Dam 360 Mile Trig Reedy Springs Daralingie Well Billeroo Dam Brindana Well Kingfisher Creek Dilchee 1 Wirrarie 1 Coochilara 1 Farina 2 Toolachee 21 Lake Hope No 1 Boorloo Springs Grindstone Range Burke 3 Emu Hill Bow 1 Coochilara Waterhole Ochre Cliffs North Manning Dam Toolache 43 Moomba 49 Big Lake 9 Caladan Gas Field Dullingari 24 Thurkakinna Gas Field Norrie Dam Boolka Soakage Eagle Bank Wally Bore Toolachee Rb 6 North Station Dam Ediacara Newrudla Creek Gloedes Woolshed The Dairy Farm Moralana Railway Station Wearing Well Moorowie Mine Warrioota Bore Depot Creek Well Doubtful Bore Survey Point B Mount Chambers Creek Toolachee 38 Moonarie Gap Ediacara North Mine Worro Downs Oolkooldowina Spring The Wide Range Nuccaleena Spring Burke Well Wancoocha 4 Balcoracana Creek The Boiler Hill Kuhn Well Donkey Well Idandana Spring Blinman Pools Taringa Saddle Third Spring Yanyanna Spring Daralingie Landing Ground Vardna-wartathinha Warruyapanha Vari Commodore Brickhouse Bore Moralina Creek Barregowa Creek North Carey Hill Mine Second Plain Yadnapunda Water Pana Well Wirrealpa Post Office Warraweena Cave Woodendinna Spring Big Upalinna Waterhole Thirteen Mile Well Wakarla Adpaindanha Narrina Creek Italowie Gap Mocatoona Hut Wildawildana Hut Back Creek Moomba 87 Toolachee 17 Willows Water Red Plain Well Tindelpina Well O'Donohue Castle Well County of Hanson Hundred of Oratunga Yongoona Waterhole Steadman Ridge Midwerta Hut Silver Lead Dam Wildcat Creek Wooldoonooldoona Waterhole Amberoona Spring Bibliando Well Old Wirrealpa Well Mount Thomas Tank Bull Creek Daly Bluff Ildhidinha Teatree Bore Bore No 2 Mayes Dam Artaweena Water Little Patterton Spring Day Well Moomba Gas Plant Petermorra Soak Parabarana Mines Red Well Dam Marinna Hill Lake Pinnarie Minagoona Lake Poontana Creek Fifteen Mile Tank Mile Well Tea Tree Tank Triangle Hill Yudna Tank Sapling Yard Condeena Well Maynards Creek Station Bore Streitberg Ridge Urta Awi Urtu Mount Elm Mettika 5 Kiwarrick 1 Lake Boolkaree Maynard Well Top Hole Dam Marree Area School Tilparee 1 Toolache 27 Toorapalanna Waterhole Nunyalana Wobma Creek Bullock Bush Bore Narrina Pound Old Warraweena Southern Cross Tank Toolache North 1 Blackoak Hill Cadlabeena Well Lower Salt Water Elsie Adair Mine Nob Dam Palipalinha Manyi Madapa Dullingari North 7 Mettika 4 Barina 3 Caladan 1 Dullingari 33 Karrawaraninna Waterhole Yaralhanha Vari Yamuti Ithapi Awadinha Awi Vari Trebilcock Creek Arrunha Awi Warden Hill Umberatana Creek Jacobs Peak Stirrup Iron Range The Warrioota Overflow Wusser Nob Pondita Station Pintacowie Hut Deep Bore Gap One Tree Bore St Ronan Well Nursery Tank Camel Flat Tank Tin Lizzy Tank Boondi Bore Becker Well Moralana Spring Nine Mile Yards O'Connell Bore Cabernet 4 Whittatanootina Well Molkregna Well Attunga Bluff Warralliala Water Hookina Hole Triggs Dam Morupa Hill Wimberton Water Kidman No 2 Bore Moolooloo Creek Brachina Water Cotabena Homestead Malkalyu Vari Maparu Adnya Yanmarri-Apinha Bandoona Springs Idandanoo Spring Oratunga Well Bugundi 3 Telechie Main Dam Murrayowie Tank Wertaloona Springs Vukarraawi Vari Parawillia Bore Blacks Hut Weepowie Spring Dorothy Peak Elatina Creek Corrobena Well Patterton Accommodation House Mocatoona Bore Mission Well Garden Well Yards Cannuwaukaninna Creek Doveholes Dam Walpatina Bore Mount Sutherland Gilanggila The Pinnacles The Wall Euraby Well Oodnaminta Well Rocky Spring Ngardlaranha Udarndu Finlay Dam Big Lake 44 Yumudu Vari Mount McKinlay Creek Vita Vari Yanggunha Adnya Ithapi Moralana Creek Bunkers Range Ango Creek Ariwappa Hut Dullingari Waterhole Acacia Park Well Lucky Dam Pile On Hill Lorna Doone Mine Bunyeroo Bore Nanpena Spring Boxwood No 1 Childi 1 Lake Coonarbine Pandruannie No 1 Atreides 1 Namur 3 Riley Springs Mount Telford Ukuwarlpunha South Well Dam Middle Tank Mount Playfair Farina Railway Station Yerelina Creek Nob Well Tent Hill Creek White Leeds Dam Ti Tree Swamp Yudnabookna Bore Weedna Well Bedowie Well Weathered Hill Country Burr Well Huts Salt Hole Bore Mount Ogilvie Slade Bore Neaylon Well Pomanyie Lake River Water Donaldson Dam Rocky Hole Telford Coal Basin White Hill Dam Extension Hill Lookout Hill Debney Hole St Abeckets Well Toolachee 27 Woodlawoodlana Bore Big Lake 61 Munkarie 7 Big Lake 52 No 4 Government Dam Newlands Dam Wattie Bore Quartpot Dam Troudaninna Dam Dullingari 50DW Junction Hut Dullingari 2 Natteranna Swamp Marches Dam Big Lake 23 Cabernet 3 Willawalpa Well North Koolka Bore Kaloola Dam Moomba 120DW Fangorn 1 Namur Satellite Station Piltheroo Dam Moppa-Collina Channell Doctor Dam Curnamona Serpentine Creek Box Flat Dam Inakoo Hill Moomba 39 Carrowomby Yard Warpunna Hill Lake Folly Dam Moomba 60 Dullingari 51 Hempson Dam Ragless Catch Nancatee Hill Arrakis North No 1 Stick Hole Bore Emu Tank Eagle Well Toolachee 28 Tilcha No 2 Bore Coombs Springs Frank Catch Cootabarlow Bore No 2 Tank Malgoona 4 Tonga Hill Dunjeroo Waterhole Munkarie 6 Wahlerts Dam Florence Hill Milluna Northeast 1 Moomba 13 Sardinia Tank Mount Fitton Talc Mine Schultz Dam Moomba 154 South Tank Sturt East 1 Munkarie 2 Alwyn 3 Middle Hills Dam Mucka Hill Marree Police Station Manyelina Creek Warrancurralyuna Water Angepena Goldfield Well Boynes Dam Tracy Bore Emily Mine Wirtungunha Bunkers Conservation Reserve Vadaardlanha Yurru New Mount Well Hut No 2 Moomba 70 Rocky Dam and Catch Padaardlanha Vari Taylor Bore Taylor Hill Survey Point Z Vurdli Wida Mount McCallum Artipeana Water Hayward Creek Yudanah Well D S Daralingie No 2 Blackwater Well Wirrealpa Spring Unmanbungutu O'Donohue Castle Mine Warru Vambata Balcanoona Hut Yunda Well Tank Six Mile Yards Pinery Dam Presgraves Corner Alconie Dam Winnitinny Creek Alwaldina Spring Patawarta Bore Mount Hopeless Creek Peter Simple Well Third Plain Creek Little Spring Blanche Hill Peachy Hill Old Mulga Bore Nappacoongee Waterhole Chappalanna Bore Lake Womerrikoo Old Government Tank Marquee Hill Innamincka No 1 Bore Jena 10 Woolatchi Soak Ball Well Gidgealpa 55A Lake Boolka Station Jason Bore Snake Dam Marree Aboriginal School Mundowdna Springs Red Tank The Meadows The Western Plains Bald Hill Spring Yednudunga Well Watheroo Dam Blue Lake Dams Udnamuka Aroona Sanctuary Red Lake Yard Edeowie Gorge Arkaroo Bore Mowina Spring Greenwood Workings Puttapa Gap Well Wildiningie Hut Holdfast Dam Moomba 29 Della 1 Wonoka Gap Little Upalinna Little Werta Springs Angorichina Village Wayanha Vari Nipapanha Vari Mount Hack Eagle Hill Leslie Creek Yawakoorrillina Waterhole Clover Tank Union Trig Big Lake 67 Nilpena Railway Station Michael Hill East Painter Gorge Yorkey Creek Pandillinna Spring One Gum Bore Bendieuta Water Depot Hut Palmer Creek Willowie Bore Dullingari 18 Dieri 1 Moomba 111 Boulder Dam Warragee Dam Cotabena Railway Station Wilnuroona Trig Stirrup Iron Bore Walpunda Creek Matuarangala Creek Mattawarrangala Creek Dirty Water Well Wilpena Pound Range Winnowie Red Gorge Five Springs Daralingie 21 Dullingari 10 Beckler 4 Burden Dam Finke Creek Bridle Gap Wyacca Mine Nantappa Hut Patterton Spring Beaven Hut McTaggart Well Mount Lucius Parachilna Hill Manyi Vari Moomba 74 Strzelecki 9 Liberty Dam Moomba 15 Heighty Creek Mudlapena Spring Camel Gap Tank Warratyi Wibma Kopperamanna Hill Moomba 125 Price Creek Arcoota Hut Weepowie Water Cox Nob Dam Coffin Spring Bore Narni Inganinha Grand Junction Mine Windowta Toolachee 50 Hamilton Station Illturina Waterhole Lake Mary Dam D S-Y Daralingie No 3 Gudnuki 1 Relief Dam Redstone Hill Soakage Well Marnbi Awi Wallace Dam Camp Hill Claypan Auxiliary Dam Burke 2 Gidgealpa 24 Mataro 1 Embankment Pond Nickotime Bore Nuccaleena Pando South 1 Wooloo South 1 Moomba 42 Moomba 3 Limestone Creek 2 Manooka No 1 Petermorra Well Woodgate Bore Marabooka Gas Field Wancoocha No 2 Sandridge Bore Blackwater Spring Ten Mile Well Dullingari 30 Daralingie 7 Kerna Gas Field Sawmill Well South Cochra Dam Biala 4 Moomba 27 Limestone Tank and Trough Poverty Tank Dullingari 7 Toopalcuna Waterhole Chapman Creek Tank Papyrus 1 Quartpot Hut Caroowinnie Waterhole Toolache 34 Mark Bore Kidman 10 Noble Well Little Bore Dam Kooree Hill Brumby 4 Big Lake 28 Two Gums Dam Pootharingle Well Mount Hopeless Bore Eagle Hawk Bore Catt Springs Box Well Dutchewadda Mount Eyre Milluna 2 Moomba 98 Nanima 1 Limestone Creek 8 Cannatalkaninna Waterhole Turkey Nest Tank Kerna 3 County of Blachford Adnu Vatha Silver Gap Camel Gap Midwerta Bore Yardlityanha McKinlay Pound Hawker Range Virnba Warlpa Vari Adlyundhunha Awi Hookabollana Well Iralbo Peak Elatina Water King Mill Creek Mount Thomas Well Hasses Dam Yurimba Warldu Alleroona Creek Mount Robert Nantabra Well Chinman Hut Thudupinha Hill Fox Spring Well The Needles Pernuna Creek Yudungurldanha Cadby Station Underground Spring Mount Pitts Creek Pug Hut Slades Tank Boolyeroo Bore Sheridan Dam South Black Oak Bore Triple Hill Drafting Yards Hut MacDonnell Creek Yanggunha Adnya Cave Old Nilpena Homestead Yudanah Hut Italowie Well Mulka Gap Yackaralpa Well Warraweena Gap Stony Dam Wheal Turner Mines The Rockholes Baratta Springs Mine Lake Wernathi Nolan Dam Fink Springs Patawarta Gate Yudna Dam Blind Creek Hut Blackfellow Creek Emu Well Sebastapol Spring Flying Fox Mine Halleys Yard Dunbar Well Horseshoe Bore Mount Ward Rockhole Dam Padlock Dam Sunshine Peak Cocking Well Green Well Tank Minerva Heights Paralana Creek Echo Camp Waterhole Bulls Spring Myrtle Springs Creek Yerka Murta Well Fairview Paull Well Mount Bayley Punchs Rest St Rowland Creek Mookwarinna Well The Cutaway Utah Bore Andoodina Spring Hookina Swamp Warrakimbo Mine Black Oak Well Black Springs Well Point Bonney Iron King Mine Warrioota Creek Little Jemmy Barilla Mine Second Pine Creek Apex Mine Voca Vocana Hill Windy Creek Dam Black Wattle Well Siphon Well Hawker Post Office Jubilee Creek Warrakimbo Post Office Arkaba Woolshed Upanha Hill Yaltipena Werta Creek Glass Well Mystrey Bore Patawarta Hill Artimore Gate Tooths Knob Station Coulthard Lookout Mount Oliphant Nuldanuldanha Akurrula Vari Old Winnowie Station Well Yanladdiepillana Well Hookina Ruins Whim Bore Moralana Well Echo Valley Old Place Bore Rocky Point Range Red Range Dam Walters Mine Windo Creek Mattawarangala Creek Wadna Yaldha Vambata Wilkindinna Spring Niltibury Spring Yerka-Murta Lubra Spring Triggs Bore Marshalls Corner Well Bendieuta Creek Arkaba Eating House Kangaroo Hut Aroona Mine Old Elatina Hut Ango Gorge Springs Mallee Waterhole Mount Samuel Range Chimney Cleft Neuroodla Railway Station Three Mile Hut Saltbush Gorge Cave Lances Yard Bore Widapa Awi Vari Urti Yarlkundhanha Accommodation House Toby Hill Southern Bore Waralillialilliala Hill Mount Coronet Enorama Spring Etina Sub Station Akurrula Reedy Spring Leapyear Dam Wondowie Bore Yanymali Vari Hunters Camp Well Mary Creek Rocks Well Gresham Well Pinda Well Angepena Treasure Milyaru Wayakanha Yurru First Creek Middle Water Mount Sunderland Victory Dam Wedina Well Boolyeroo Gold Diggings Woolwash Snake Gully Creek Tracy Dam Gravel Dam Manilana Creek Munyallina Creek Oopaminda Creek Hunters Curse Dam Tyrell Well Bararina Bore Toolaby Well Artipena Yard Junction Creek Yerelina Well Nepouie Ti-Tree Bore Ti-Tree Creek Tommy Corner Bore Windowarta Dam Murlambada Wardnu Woolyana Station The Bunkers Old Wirrealpa Mine Erengunda Bore Backwater Bore Roach Bore Arcoona Saddle Yuwanyinha Spring Yadnapunda Bore Lake Mulligan Poverty Lake Corraberra Well Captains Hole Spring Pendulum Well Niltabury Mine Shamrock Pool Imperial Well Doughboy Well Red Oxide Mine Lead Mine Well Imperial Creek Wedina Creek Mundawatana Creek Yuningurie Waterhole Box Creek Dam Livingston Well No 3 Government Dam Meenuckatanda Dean Dam Toolachee 37 Mudera 3 Grystes 1 Hergott Springs Nick of Time Bore Russell Dam Three Mile Yard Kingston Bore Waucka Hill Charlies Aunt Dam Alconie Hill Warrawoocara Hills Dullingari 44 Bundera Waterhole Griffiths Yard Bow 2 Low Ironstone Hill Namur 1 Top Tank Triangle Dam Tower Gap Hut Gypsum Mound Mount Lyndhurst Mine Oodnapanickan Bore Third Pine Creek Balparana Well Hogan Bore Urra Udna Vudnarunha Mount Ogilvie Goldfield Wandowie Creek Allunga Trough 1 Big Lake 47 Three Queens 1 Munkarie 3 Cabernet 1 New Mulga Bore White Dam No 2 Toolache 14 Keena 2 Mulga 2 Cotton Bush Hill Spencer 2 Big Lake 4 Dullingari North 2 Moomba 41 Deep Well Yards Manfred Yard Della 19 McBride Dam No 2 Dam Boolka Waterhole Green Gully Tank Moomba 149 Rieke 1 Moomba 9 Nantowarpunna Creek Montecollina Homestead Dean Lookout Bore Etadunna Hill Cooloon South 1 Harrison Well Spencer 12 Toolache Gas Field Arboola Bore Theare Hill Innamincka Bore No 2 Yard Fluming Bank Clayton Yard Pando 2 Blue Lake Well Mirage Dam New Chum Bore Thurakinna 5 Mudlalee 1 Birthday Auxiliary Dam Mooloowurtina Bore Big Lake 34 Dullingari 25 Glenmanyie Bore Leslie Talc Mine Strzelecki 18 Lignum Well Nealyon No 1 399.8 Mile Trig Dullingari Yard Gem Dam Lonesome Bore Kujani 2 Big Lake 39 Boundary Yard Innamincka Bore No 2 Mudlalee Bore Moomba 88 Ethelmere Auxiliary Dam Ashby Bore Billeroo Tank Trinity Yards Strzelecki 17 Manuwalkaninna Creek McConville Tank Margin Tank Dan Hut Yard Little Nancatee Dam Della 22 Limestone Creek 6 Wilpinnie 3 Delusion Hill Tibbouchina No 1 Wromsky No 1 Ngapa-Ngandri Pando Creek Mount Fitton Outstation Ironstone Auxiliary Dam Big Lake 51 Sampson Dams Darlingie Well Darkoo Hill Walha-Virrinha Castalia 1 Spencer West No 2 Bob Well Wyatt Bore Glenorchy Gidgealpa 55 Lake Constance Dam Narcoonowie 4 North Poontana Well Murta Murta Waterhole Bluff No 3 Dam Fresh Well Spices Bore Daralingie 10 Yellnif Dam Ninnerie Dam Manu Main Waterhole Hardtimes Dam Two Mile Bore Baratta 1 Junction Dam Mulka Jacks Camp Creek Marabooka 5 Woolatchi Bore Takanina Waterhole Toolache 26 Wintakillanna Waterhole Big Lake 50 Blueshirt Dam Moomba 22 Mundi Mundi Dam Windamerta Hill Curraworra Bore Wichetty 1 Brumby 9 Maraku 1 Manda-Wardunha Fitzgerald Corner Tank Tractor Dam Dullingari North 9 Moomba 153DW Coombs Dugout Toolache 19 Telechie North West Auxiliary Dam Putnamutana Outstation Big Lake 64 Toolachee West 1 Luckyhit Bore Mount Livingstone Spring Moomba South 1 Muteroo 2 Plumbush Dam Big Lake 11 Moonanga 1 Buckmaroo Moomba 122 Dirkala 1 Nugent Dam Lake Palankarinna Fossil Reserve Gahnia 1 Kobari Moomba 76 Yerila Well Lawlor Dam Strzelecki 4 Stuckey Creek Dune 1 Moomba 72 Long Swamp March Dam Murdluwartanha Pam Bore Muppa-Collina Channell Thurakinna Creek Coonana Bore Jaspa 1 Bagundi 1 Vipakanya Nantowarpunna Waterhole Chelton North No 1 Yurdlawarta Cowan 3 Leigh Dam Spencer No 1 Sandhill Dam Toweroo Bore Daralingie 4 Depot Springs Wondoomunta Bore Reaphook Kemps Dam Nantiburry Creek Freshwater Gap Wabma Ititi Hill Emu Springs Mount Mantell Gordon Springs Creek Windharlpunha Aroona Creek Leigh Creek South Wareuta Creek Blackoak Dam The Bentley Prospect Blue Mine Creek Gap Well South Dams Mulga View New Year Mine Orange Tree Bore Hergott Springs Railway Station Panditina Ruins Moorillah Amorilpina Station Phillips Gap Glen Lyle Pigeon Creek Cadnia O'Reillys Dam Flash Camp Truans Hut Etina Creek Moralana Hut Nudlamutana Well Ulkananha Lance Bore Khun Well Ararabana Lagoon Sliding Rock Jones Camp Spring Ung Owillina Old Paralana Homestead Sir Dominic Mine Warrancurrayuna Water Aldaardupanha Pine Saddle Kangaroo Gap Second Spring Wealthy King Mine Warwick Nob Young Bore Horn Camp Wiawiana Bore Spotted Schist Pass Woolnough Crag Waukawoodna Creek Moro Springs Ram Springs Price Nob Well Eukaby Bore Windowarta Hut Holowilena Spring Mount Painter Camp Mine Welcome Mine Artipena Bore Stone Well Freeling Artesian Hole Mount Gardiner Big Digby Dam Artipena Dam Mallee Bore Balcanoona Gorge Wildyalikinha Vari Andu Upanha Uldhanha Creek Taylor Bald Hill Gammon Hill Breakfast Time Creek Lake Station Old Wirrealpa Spring Claypit Dam Blanchewater Hill Winnitinny Spring Owindana Spring Moxams Well John Creek Well Vira Wida Lindo Well Whey Whey Creek Lake Yellnif Peter Dam Chambers Creek Matheson Spring Windowarta Creek Henderson Bore Mathewson Hut Mathewson Spring Artipena Hut Nipa Awi Vari Glover Hill Deep Well Fossils Bore Kandamookaninna Black Tank Whim Well Guano Mine Ipaumbunha Range No 5 Workings Rushy Swamp Dam Skeleton Yard Linns Bore Gunyah Well Nildottie Spring Pantapina Creek Mount Caernarvon No 10 Dams Peters Yard Lake Ball Well Kevins Bore Pepegoona Bore Pando Penunie Lake Ball Lake Amerarkoo Nolan Well Namur Bore Ooloo Dam Gidgealpa 56 Toolerinna Swamp View Hill Stirling Dam Coochilara 2 Wondoominta Bore Deception Creek Oodnaminta Yards Fifteen Mile Well Oulcalkinndinna Spring Mount Sims Caves John Brown Waterhole Cadby Spring Bararranna Waterhole Yankaninna Range Gleeson Well Hassan Dam Ram Bore Caldina Hut Woodlawoodlana Well Toolache 18 Woolies Bore Snake Bore Howannigan Gap Bamboo Well The Reaphook Old Myrtle Moomba 143 Dullingari 26 Bob Mooney Creek Warrioota Spring Tooths Nob Weetootla Creek Ngarnangarrinha Mount Michael Temple Bar Yards Mount Gee Devils Slide McTaggart Tank Middle Well Utah Dam Wilson Post Office Caraka 1 Akurra Yanmarri Mount Eyre Dam Paradise Dam Dullingari 3 Rockwater Cazneaux Tree Nantab Hut Arkaba Creek Yerlantana Hut Hundred of Woolyana Fisher Tank Wirrawilka Gap Yack Dam Bunyeroo Valley Kanalla Falls Barkadowie Swamp Nepabunna Alioota Hut Virdnimurunha Umbu Mount Karawarra Spring Well Waters Birthday Dam Mount MacDonnell Midwerta Spring Mount Comet Mawalunha Vari Greig Peak Parawilia Water The Pound Wyacca Water Bulls Creek Nooldoonooldoona Waterhole Loch Ness Mine Fish Point Dam Pintari 1 Clayton River Moro Gorge Pound Hut Pinda Springs Mine Woolroona Spring Tracey Bore Baratta Mill Swamp Dams Bora Spring Balawopina Creek Boolooroo Waterhole Korrawilya Water Dinnertime Creek Kites Tank Pigeon Box Rock Arcoona Bluff Owieandana Bore Hilly Bore Round Hill Well South Creek Mine Dog Bite Lake Lake Edith Lake Weatherstone Lake Kalamurra Pando No 1 Sacramento Lake Lake Burnadgera Hunters Curse Catch Poison Well St Abeckets Pond Open Cut Coal Mine Lobe C Weedna Creek Paulls North Extension Mine Kites Dam Gammon Creek Camel Gap Creek White Banks St Abecket Pond Mundy Dam Leap Year Dam Phil Ma Cool Mine Moomba 18 Arrakis North 2 Toolachee 1 Halleem Hill Old Quinyambie Bore Big Lake 32 Lake Ashby Dams Jena 6 North Aggrennon Dam Marabooka 2 Battunga 1 Lily Bank Dam Black Hill Dam Spectacle Flowing Bore Toolache 12 Jena 8 Gidgealpa 19 Nappacoongee Bore Della 2 Duck Pond Hill Pigeon Waterhole Isabel Well Bagundi 3 Coondappie Station Tarkanina Waterhole Boxwood Creek Boolkaree Dam Cummins Dam Merlot 1 Toolachee 22 The Serpentine Pinnarie Hill Deanes Bore Boolka Soakage Well Curse Dam Toolache 22 Dullingari 47 Moomba Deep Road Bore 1A Herrgott Spring Bore Calico Creek Frome Downs Lake Well Dullingari 34 Apatoonganie Waterhole Watson Tank Dirkala 3 Blackys Bore Mount Victoria Hut Red Banks Well Billy Spring Gidgealpa Gas Field Baratta South 1 Moomba 102DW Toolachee 6 Monte-collina Homestead Strzelecki Creek Moomba 1 Maude Hill Carraweena Homestead Chimney Springs Barina Gas Field Jim Hill Pat Dam White Catch Gate Kellie Bore Moomba 40 Gidgealpa 51 Dullingari Oil and Gas Field Marsh Dam Moriarty Catch Namima 1 Pine Dam Mookwarinna Hill Nappacoongie 1 Kooreeninna Waterhole Parabarana Bore Pipeline Tank Moomba 119DW Manperanna Creek Twins Tank Strzelecki 22 Mount Victoria Well Bingelly Catch Fourth Spring Yurlunha Vari Angorichina Hostel Black Queen Mine Vardnanha Mount McKinlay Springs Urnngarri-Arngu Hill Hundred of Basedow Dullingari North 12 Millierooka Dams Yilki 1 Wirringina Springs Willigan Creek Bunyeroo Gorge Cave Radium Creek Woodlawodlana Well Worturpa Pound Main Water Nanggarranha Scott Hill Glen Warwick Well Munyallina Valley Daly Bore Old Angepena Homestead North East Dam Koolka Well Toolachee 47 Udna Yukurru Yurru Iga Warta West Eukaby Mine Wilson Dam Pumpa Bore Loch Ness Well Umberatana Post Office Dewdney Bore Sturt 6 Kopperamanna Police Station O'Reilly Dam Yanggunha Hill Back Water Well Mount Carey Tank First Pinery Bore Siphon Springs Simmons Lookout Lake Callabonna Fossil Reserve Lemnos Swamp Nancatee Hut Mudros Dam Toolachee 13 Moomba North 2 McKinlay Bore Marnbi Vambata Edeowie Creek Jeffery Well Yagdlin Dam Della 13 St Mary Pool Lake Kuthajerri Lake Werrnathi Ram Dam Kobari 1 Calico Dam Sundown Creek Pine Flat Dicks Folly Dam Echo The Gill Salt Waterhole Peek Hut Uratanna Well Freshwater Lagoon Moomba 32 Limestone Hut Weaver Well Irvine Lookout Jasper Twins Twelve Mile Bank Jubilee Mines Big Ben Bore Temple Bar Spring The Smiler Prospect Greenhill Hut Bobs Knob Hill Box Bore Katingawa 1 Moomba 147 Katchiwilleroo Dam Moomba 137 Mundi 3 Lisbon Well Lucknow Dam Mookwarinna Bore Nardlamathanha Hill Wildflower Creek Ediacara Range Black Eagle Wallerberdina Homestead Merna Mora Chapmanton Well Oratunga Moomba 108 Limestone Creek 4 Moomba 34 Toolachee 46 Moomba 151 Mount Randell Hunter Spring Well Hawker Railway Station Warrakimbo Woolshed Yates Well Mount James Bore Yerlantana Well Clayton Embankment Daralingie Gas Field Bendieata Water Yaltipena Creek Willigon Creek Yuluna Creek Neuroodla Creek Alioota Creek Yudungurldanha Vambata Gidgealpa 31 Moomba 148DW Underwoods Dam Point Holes Little Weepowie Heysen Hill Bilpigna Well Mount Barloo Patterton Creek Great Gladstone Bore Great Gladstone Mine Kangaroo Hut Creek Great Wall of China Mount Elkington South Mount Hayward Copley Railway Station Moomba 7 Moomba 86 Dullingari 53 Kidman 3 Sturt East 2 Strzelecki 19 Nancatee Well Sandyoota Well Mindrie Hill Brumby 2 Narewarpa Waterhole Della 6 Munthra Bore Mount Hopeless Tank Gidgealpa 37 Trinity Hut Biala 5 Thurakinna 1 Dilpualco Creek Big Lake 37 Mawson 2 Trinity Well Old Government Yard Alwyn 2 Brown Well Griffiths Hut New Homestead Bore Drennan Hut Holowilena Well Oraparinna National Park Vulkathunha-Gammon Ranges National Park Benbonyathe Hill Gidgealpa 52 Pinery Hut Blinman Creek Soakage Bore Watkins Well Edwards Well Etina Ruin Ladder Mine Appaberna Water Donkey Spring Kirbin Well Arkaroola Waterholeole Nargonowie Bore Ooroowilanie Swamp Vurakarranha Mount Crocker Cobblers Friend Yandowie Mines Willigan Hill Pernuna Springs Old Station Mount Wallace Angepena Homestead Angorigina Springs Brian Bore Dan Hut Dam Bore No 5 Moomba 168 Groan Creek Gladstone Well Christmas Goldfield Nepapinda Spring Pernuna Spring Round Hill Hut Mount Partridge Mammoth Black Ridge Mine Boolka Dam Curse Tank Kuntha Hill Strzelecki 26 Gidgealpa Oil Bore No 5 Carruranna Waterhole Big Lake 55 Moomba 61 Bore No 11 Pintari No 1 Sullivan Dam Italowie Creek Belcherowie Well Carey Bore Idninha Vari Pub Bore South Lake Well Brachina Creek Daryl Dam Canegrass Well Della Road Bore No 1 Lycium Malgoona 1 Muloowurtina Homestead Kidman Gas Satellite Station Pecks Hut Parranappa Bore Lake Charles Bore Village Well Big Lake 46 Della 21 Moomba 100 John Brown Well Pando Oil Bore No 1 Tintana Hill Utanouna Creek Old Nuccaleena Mount Goddard Walter Hill Ten Mile Dam Nobblers Spring Warraweena West Bore Ned Well New Spring Turner Creek Great Northern Mine South Martins Bore Kakarlpunha Vukarra Vambata Gordon Springs Willowie Bore No 3 Lampe Well Luck At Last Mine Cornwall Dam Copper Queen Mine Poodlamudlana Well Mount James Homestead Murphys Wash Phillip Gap Wearing Gorge Wilpena Spring Matts Water Mount Waterhole Wedina Hut Burr Well Cave Owieandana Rockhole Bore Blinman Wells Yourambulla Peak Fred Nob Wonoka Creek South Wilpena Creek Boring Temple Bar Well Yadlamalka Woolshed Mayo Gorge Toweroo Railway Reservoir Arcoona Spring Lake Kamerooka Lake Yannerpi Eukaby-Extended Mine Erengunda Mine Moro Flat Creek Bore Morilana Creek Berley Bore Parachilna Post Office Ram Paddock Well Mount Coffin Patawarta Gap Little Magpie Yellow Well Patawarta Mine Mount Coffin Well Glass Gate Varndartunha Erudina Yangga-vuthi-vuthi Awadinha Ediacara Conservation Park Leigh Creek Area School Nuccaleena Creek Ti-Tree Spring Ilyteena Gap Emily Hill Chapmanton Mountain of Light Western Plains Hawker CFS Deep Bore Central Well Mount Hopeful Boondamookina Well Twin Bores Federal Embankment Depot Dam Mount James Well Ram Paddock Bore McMahon Bore Bull Corner Bore Hijake Bore Patterton Hill Black Well Mount Aleck Pandillinna Hill Muckhole Creek The Matt Waters Niggly Gap Angiroonoy Bore Aroona Homestead Mount Dab Weetootla Spring Uldhanha Vari Ngami Awi Urtu Mount Tyrrel Cadbury Spring Stokes Hill Lookout Upalinna Outstation Marias Gate Camel Yard Erragoona Hill Maggie Hill Rocky Ranges Nepabunna Mission Campbell Bald Hill Range Woolshed Bore Perseverance Bore Baratta Springs Wywhyana Creek Toolaby Bore Nantab Creek Hideaway Well Winnitinni Spring Bull Spring Creek Lady Buxton Creek Ungoonya Spring Yanggunha Spring Cottage Creek Parachilna Railway Station Yudna Well Mount Billy Bore Black Oak Spring Lake Watherston Lake Kununka Lake Millyera Lake Surprise Lake Elder Koolca Well Hundred of Parachilna Mount Jeffery Owieannyagan Gap Vathiwarta Lake Wulgamilla Lake Buroona Fontenoy Well New Rocky Dam Apex Hill Well Nichol Nob Wundowie Creek Big Lode Mine Swingletree Hill White Hill Tank The Polygonum Boolooroo Gold Diggings Peel Box Mine The Burr Lead Mine Bore Thirtivirri Vambata Yamba Point White Bluff Chiller Dam Craft Well Wheadon Dam Koree South 1 Mooncha Trig Wilpinnie 2 Tilcha Gate Goonanna Bore Pinparilla Dam Gidgealpa Road Bore No 1 Nungeroo 1 Koortanyaninna Waterhole Sunday Creek Mulga Tank Arrakis Gas Field Boocaltaninna Hill Peter Camp Embankment Moomba 127 Amphitheatre Hut Telford Cut Malgoona Oil Field Ulandi 5 Lake Tank Ettenna Dam Wadmore Hill Muccabaloona Well Awiyandunha Nichols Nob Mine North Double Dam ABLCS 9 Television Mast Victory Bore Mundy Water White Lead Mine Moomba 130 Big Lake 60 Bullinina Dam Moomba 37 New Kopperamanna Bore Hard Dam Ironstone Hut Mooleulooloo Dam Peters Shed Kain Yard Kain Bore Mulga Park Hut Pirranna Waterhole Spencer 8 Acacia Park Hut Ewaroona Bore Paralana House Bore Big Lake 59DW Purinna Hill Dome Rock Boxwood 2 Jubilee Tank Gidgealpa 21 Della 18R Calico Creek Well Ooroowilanie Reservoir Moriarty Dam Moomba South Central Satelite Station Paralana Hill Ooloo Mine Acacia Park Bore Fish Point Hill Bugundi 1 Cootabarlow No 1 Bore Floods Creek Dam Williams Dam Moomba 93 Daralingie 9 Toolachee 5 Motor Car Dam Puckridge Dam Waukatanna 1 Sinclair Bore Montecollina Bore Waraninna Tank Mooleulooloo Hill Campbell Dam Strzelecki 3 Poontanna Hut Saltaparuna Waterhole Urdlu Udnanha Furlough Bore Gidgealpa 30 North James Catch The John Brown Wash Hut No 3 Tankamarinna Hill Karldinha Akurra Arngu Kirrakirrinna Waterhole Malgoona 3 Thurlooka Bore Russell Creek Waltherco Dam Dullingari 38 Moomba 146 Dullingari 29 Daralingie 23 Dullingari 15 Milluna 3 Tantanna 13 Moomba 84 Toolachee 19 Trial Well Weathered Hill Con Bore Windmill Well Poontana Bore Warki 1 Toolache 15 Skeleton House Farewell Tank Big Lake 35 Mudera Cootera Bore Gibson Catch McIntyre Bore Meta Hill Spencer 1 Kerna North 1 Toolachee 52 Moomba 53 Pandruannie 1 Moomba 123 Topwee No 1 Coombs Bore Padulla 1 Berber Dam Taltra Hill Gidgealpa 40 Goolong Bore Farrell Well Dilchee 2 Dullingari 35 Ethelmere Dam Big Lake 40 Kerna 1 Dullingari 32 Kidman 8 Moomba 43 Pelican Hut Toolache 39 Big Lake 56h Dullingari 9 Dullingari 27 Modawilpanna Hill McIntyre Yard Berryman Well Daralingie 18 Wancoocha 1 Nick-O-Time Yard Branson Bore Thurakinna Yard Mount Wells McKinlay 1 Dullingari 48 McKinlay 3 Friday Dam Mount Well Hundred of Cotabena South Bob Mooney Bore Yalcumma 1 Toolachee 29 Mudlalee 3 Ida Bore Mount James Range Temple Bar Soak Share Water Hookina Station Wild Dog Glen Yuralypila Vambata Munkarie 1 Cutaway Dam Mount Bayley Reservoir Warrioota Out Station Harveys Return Mine Alienna Creek Mount Friday Dam Warru Warldunha Arrowie Toolachee 4 Middle Sandy Spring Black Spring Black Gap Lookout Tindlepina Creek Yudnapunda Spring Carey Well Black Range Madge Gully Bulls Gap Lucky Bore Worturpa Mine Weetootla Well Yabnabukna Bore Dullingari 31 Morrudoo Lake Wildawildana Spring Ngalda Warla Wabma Adlha Vari Yukurlaipanha Walpatina Well Allowina Creek Old Yongala Mail Station Middlesight Water Bararranna Gorge Uninna Hill Adnya Maru Mount Exertion Mount Craig Mannawarra Springs Reggie Nob Lindow Bore Alpana Creek Bunyeroo Oratunga Bore Bullfrog Dam Buckland Tanks Bluff Well Peak Waukawoodna Gap Wilpowie Springs Wongowie Bore Illina Creek South Mount Hayward Linn Hut County of Taunton Cooryanna Waterhole Nevada Mine The Dog Hut Scrub Dams Castle Rock Yard Tyrell Dams No 8 Workings First Bore Attraction Hill Brooks Bore Charlie Bore Kunoth Dam Lynchs Bore Burt Hill McDonnell Well Willawortina Dam Number Two Dam Yudanah Dam Midway Dam Millierooka Well Yunyinha Spring Nepouie Creek Munyallina Dam Lake Namba Witta Witta Water Leslie Dam Lake Pundalpa Lake Peachawarinna Minkaroola Waterhole Wannatalkanna Waterhole Wancoocha No 1 Outside Country Tea Tree Bore South Poontana Bore Old Bunyeroo Station Brachina Castle Rock Creek Nuccaleena Bore Big Lake 41 Kapinka 1 Yudnumatanha Bell Creek Nuccaleena Water Four Mile Creek Hasse Mound Dam Prelinna Hut Mount Davidson Vinhartunha Thomas Creek Fossil Creek Gorge Mount Samuel Well Uliban Spring Wooltja Spring Moomba 28 Merty Merty Waucka Well Wirrarie No 1 Tyindu-Tyindunha Tower Bore Lackeroo Bore New Brachina Well Witches Well Coffins Spring Well Minnitinni Creek Mount Mantell Well Tooth Knob Tooths Nob Station Black Hill Well Blackoak Creek North Well Tank Mettika 3 Buckanterebunanie Creek Brumby 3 Mickey Well Blackfellows Creek Railway Station Ediacara Post Office Beltana Spring Naukalunyana Station McDonald Well Wild Dog Klondike Embankment Boundary Tank Warrioota Hut Red Range Bore Paddock Dam Kangaroo Bore The Gums Caladan 2 Eyre Depot Pinera Bore Aroona Spring Warrioota Yards Five Mile Well Bobbies Creek Creamery Creek Neuroodla Dam Helling Well Sliding Rock Mine Selton Bores Elatina Accommodation House Hawker Area School Wirrealpa Creek Yurlu Appealinna Spring Aldoona Spring Contentee Hut British Empire Mine Crocker Saddle Molkegna Hut Walpatina Dam Wirrawilka Creek Moomba 8 Moomba 80 Milyaru Wayakanha Vari New Mount Serle Bore Baratta Mine Bannerman Well Dusthole Well Brunna Bore Aggrennon Dam Wallace Gully Mine Mundotta Creek Worumba Gidgealpa 45 Ukupudunha Salt Creek Well Youngoona Waterhole The Waterfalls Warangina Lady Millicent Mine Anticline Cave Backwater Cave Wabma Adlhanha Doctor Chewings Creek Arabanna Community Centre Boolcoomata Pat Well Ulowdna Range Glen View Homestead Illinawortina Well Nepabunna Waterhole Wayanha Virngartinha Dean Bore Benowrie Blanchewarra Waterhole North Black Oak Bore Oraparinna Barytes Mine Wartapa Vari Ron Bank Bollard Lagoon Big Lake Moonba Lake Killamperpunna Lake King Ulanggarra Ngarnbatanha Cliff Wartapa Peter Fagans Grave Old Nilpena Well Commodore Swamp Edeowie Post Office Nilpena Creek Third Plain Well Napier Wells Eight Mile Flat Lycosa 1 Mount Josephine Old Bolla Bollana Smelters Nantawarrinna Wirrealpa Mine Cleft Peak Vadaardlanha Vari Virdarrinha Vari Warratyi Arti Vandipa Mount Warren Wirtiurdla Vari Ngama Nidlhinha Hill Termination Dam Richardson Dam Wancoocha 6 Nindipinna Creek Brady Mine Pigeon Box Bore Cave Bore Douglas Bore Milner Pile Open Cut Coal Mine Lobe D Jacob Gap Dead Finish Mine Boolooroo Woolshed Ross Well Bathtub Creek Tripod Bore Second Pinery Bore Old Motpena Homestead Yudanah Lagoon Bitter Springs Creek Hundred of Edeowie Artimore Well Owanegan Gap Emu Country Public House Country Lake Pinpa Lake Uppadae St Stephen Pond Tantanna 11 Twenty Thousand Tank Red Hill Tank Ideyaka Hill Punches Rest Trig Wundowie Bore Leslie Well Sutherland Talisker Mines Appialana Bore Oodnapanickan Well Gill Bluff H North Cut Unyungganha Burr Well Tank Boolooroo Bore Sandyoota Moomba 129 Smart Bluff Moomba 68 North Mill Red Well Crutching Yard Deferred Dam Dirkala South 1 Caladan Northeast 1 Pauls Hut Nugent Yard Mandya Ithapi Strzelecki 16 Gilbert Crossing Big Lake 12 Dullingari 36 Double Wells Cotranina Dam Spencer 10 Mudluwartanha Big Lake 33 Dunoon 1 Karrowombi Yard Moomba 24 Gidgealpa 20 Daralingie 13 Amphitheatre Well Pepegoona Gorge Morgan Creek Sugar Loaf Leigh Creek Airport Jim Crowe Bore Mayos Cottage Utanouna Spring Hawker Hospital Mount Elm Range Three Mile Bore Centre Hill Narina Yards Henrys Range Mudlapena Yards Eukaby Block Mime Stone Bore Lame Horse Gully Willigan Mine Commonwealth Mine Creek Oban Bore Yarra Hill Big Lake 10 Saubrice Tank Limestone Creek Satellite Station Gidgealpa 35 Big Lake 22 Muloowurtina Mallee Well Hut Reedy Creek Captains Creek Donkey Hole Well Cockatoo Tank Halleys Hut Pipeline Yard Number Two Uldhanha Spring American Gap Mount Deception Creek McDonnel Mine Evett Well Wooltana Spring Split Rock Little Bobmonie Well Baker Bore Warioota Creek Ediacara Mines White Elephant Yard Jim Crowe Creek Heysen Range Boondi Tank Wartawinha Mernmerna Railway Station Etowie Bore Paull Dam Hills Camp Springs Burnt Hut Spring Panditoupna Creek Prelinna Seven Mile Dam Wockerawirra Well Rocky Point Hookina Creek Second Creek Glass Hut Trig Hill Marlkawawawawarrinha Vari Top John Springs Mocatoona Well Willow Hut Wordlawip Well Cobalt Mine Balcanoona Spring Ia Vurtu Pernuna Hut Mail Road Bore South End Bore Pritchard Bore Number Two Wells Wheal Susan Wooltana Artipena Hill Southend Bore Ucalinna Springs Breakfasttime Creek Wirrealpa Virnbartunha Hills Bob Knob Sitting Bull Oocaboolina Outstation Hundred of Adams Walter Peak Prelinna Spring Arcoota Creek Cave Mount Simms Willigon Well Mount Rupert Oraparinna Cave Akurra Yardli Range Virnbartunha Vari Galophus Creek Bunkers Ranges Bunkers Hill Virnbartunha Vambata Yadnina Spring Adkunha Vari Ikara Captains Head Ulibuna Spring Lake Boocaltaninna Valdha Marti Nipanha Paraarta Parkinson Hill Widinha Lake Hope Homestead Yankaninna Varaarta Wilapa Range The Deans Hill Pattatan Hill Mudlunha Hodgson Hill Vii Vambata Yadnina Creek Mernmerna Hill White Gap Millner Pile Arta Vuldha Yukari Elder Range Aroona Hill Adata Madapa Bimbornina Hill Roberts Mine Creek Rawnsley Bluff Nilpininha Vira Warldu Wilkalanha Etadunna Creek Yathapurrunha Cooryanna Creek Lake Tidnacoordooninna Lake Killalpaninna Depot Creek Artracoona Native Well Malka Alyku Awi Monela Creek Big Springs Mount Sinnett Virnbartunha Lake Kopperamanna Sugar Loaf Hill Dinnertime Hill Mount Boreas Vadaardlanha Wadna Yaldha Nipalyumadanha Aliena Water Single Gum Hill Younginuwirra Creek Tirari Desert Hayward Bluff Warru Hills Urdlu-warlpunha Wida Wardnu Vari Marlawadinha Inbiri Miount Panaroma Ngarri Mudlanha Wayanha Akurra Ngami Manuwalkaninna Homestead Viliwarunha Mara Murumuru Waterhole Balpanna Hill Artipena Spring Barndioota Mount Samuel Tirika Tiru Kura Parachellina Hill Black Springs Mount Ohlssen-Bagge Lake Tepondinna Edwards Waterhole Taylor Mound Big John Creek North Well Creek Pasmore River Idninha Spring Wildya Vari Willow Creek Nernyankaninna Bore Ngami Akurra Awi Depot Springs Creek Maryella Creek Mandarin Bore Illinawortina Pound Wilyerpa Hill Yanggunha Vambata Ngarnga Wami Hundred of Barndioota Willow Plains Mount Andre Yakumburunha Balcanoona Creek Trooper Nob Lions Head Yadnina Varaarta Vambata Marnninha Vari Idninha Creek Taylor Creek Taylor Mount Buffalo Rock Lake Palankarinna Yuralypila Awi Urtu Lagoon Stoney Cone Prelinna Hill Mount Growl Willow Waters Akurra Yardli Wilapa Vambata Ngumbambadanha Isa Creek Yudnamutana Mine Spider Hill Daly Mine Yunguruwirra Creek Lake Tankamarinna Meeske Hill Marlawadinha Vari Chase Range Lake Gregory Yangoona Hill Mount Boord George Nob Akurra Ngami Range Awi Irtanha Arngu Eichler Creek Yardnavukanha Wildya Ngulhiindanha Grindell Hut Wilpena Creek Mainwater Creek Vindi-Urtu Waterhole Anowina Creek Allic Mount Mardiwanha Lake Hope Yudnamutana Bore Idninha Awi Ngami Akurra Spring Gerty Creek Moomba Marion Hill Yanganna Hill Mount Pollox Yaki Awi Wirla Wirlina Creek Mandya Arti Mount Bonney Luna Hill Yulupanha Wilpena Turret Glen Warwick Monela Hill Thildya Pandittawotty Hill Winmiindanha Muru Adnya Vambata Wanoka Hill St Mary Peak Ngami Adnya Lake Florence Tyakatya Wirnga Harry Hill Mount Desire Baratta Hill Yowakirrennina Creek The Derwent Kalamurra Lake Mungaranie Diamond in the Bog Minkandranie Soak Well Thuroo Hill Lake Kitakittaoaloo Lake Kittakillaooloo Appatillie Hill Tennapera Waterhole Burke Dullingari Oil and Gas Field Alla Allanna Swamp The Beantree Waterholes Moomba Gas Field Lake Warraklanna Big Lake Gas Field Lake Walpaypeninna Tooloche Waterhole Bulloo Downs Out Station Lake Pando Lake Hope Station Point McKinlay Honeytin Tank Murrapatirinna Murrapatirinna Homestead Murrapatirrina Wirnarie Waterhole Pitheroo Creek Neaylons Hill Cunnabungna Waterhole Sturt Stony Desert Stoney Sturt Desert Sturt Desert Sturts Stony Desert Lake Warrawarinna Pirranna Soakage Lake Allallinna Stony Hill Arruranna Waterhole Clyde Old Tickalara Troopers Knob Bulloo Lake Mokeley Waterhole Marions Hill Etadunna Station Old Naryilco Wangamurra Creek Tabletop Hill Mount Marion Woodburn Tinga Tingana Tingatingana Station Millners Pile Peacheys Hill Harrys Hill Chidlee Well The Isa Wurley Rumbo Ballards Lagoon Gertys Hill Maniwalkaninna Creek Onepar Stuckeys Crossing McDonalds Peak McDonald Peak Gertys Creek Sallys Tank Halleems Hill Murdu Point Notts Hill Jims Hill Berawinia Downs Carraweena Mount King East Mount King East Station Berawimia Creek Berawinia Creek Accalana Wells White Catch House Arra Hill Yebna Bore Delalah Downs Britains Hill Gilberts Crossing Thurlow Downs Station South Hills Maudes Hill Hoyes Dam Clarks Koortanyaninnie Creek Mokely Connulpie Downs Marriearra Budgerygah Burruna Lake Toopawarrina Hill Toopawarrinna Hill Butlers Tank Nor East Cliff Pindara Downs Gleasons Mount Wood Station Fish Point Munkartie House Gumvale Cottonbush Hill Mount Stuart Station Muinpeowie Trebilcocks Hill Jacobs Creek Mount Sturt Station The Twins Creek Kapunda Well Maree Mount Poole Station Twelve Springs Creek Tineroo Bore Tinero Artesian Bore Gurrabulla Bore Milparin Mundowdna Siding Callabonna Moally Peak Green Gully Creek Borrona Downs Ema Hill Yerila Hawkers Gate House Lake Altiboullin Leighs Creek Sisters Tank Boolka Soak Well Number Three Dam Watsons Creek Kingsmills Creek Coonanna Soakage Well Number Four Government Dam Number Four Government Catch Taylors Creek Number Three Government Dam Lake Yantara Wirrawilla Wirrawilla Siding Moolawantana Mount Nor West Days Hill Coally Waterhole Reole Smarts Bluff Wildmans Bluff Morabbie Bore Government Catch Number Two Bundra Lignum Tank Fitton Creek Amerarcoo Lake Wydjah Well Wydgah Well Old Moolawatana The Salt Lake Yerelina Erelina Wadmores Hill Dixs Hill Hamiltons Creek Wattlevale Stokies Bore Kuthajerri Lake Lake Cuthajery Toms Hill Gnurntah Mount Brown Creek Canilla OReilly Mine Fincally Nasons Hill Paralana Paldrumata Bore Number One Workings Number Two Workings Number Three Workings Number Eight Workings Xmas Dam Duns Camp Creek Number Seven Workings Number Six Workings Umberatana Station Termination Hill Meeskes Hill Burts Hill Humanitys Seat Hotsprings Creek Taylors Bald Hill Deyaka Hill Illawortina Maxwells Tank Finks Creek Pulchra Creek Pultewera Range Hilly Vale Mount Warren Hastings Boxhole ODonohue Castle Mine Kates Hill Pimpara Wonominta Creek Lake Starvation Telford Mount McTaggert George Snells Grave McCallum Park Yardenberry Mountain Nankabunyana Nepabunna Mission Station Mount in of Light Hawkers Hill Nepabanna Carnamultie The Packsaddle Bore The Round Hill OReilly Dam Peery Springs Tank Peri Springs Nundoro Perry Lake Harsingtons Tank Pinna Creek The Peak Tank Lake Bancannia Nuntherungle White Cliffs Tank White Cliff Tank Number One Randells Lookout Winnowien The Teatree Tangarto Tank Pulpah Pulpa Out Station Gemville Tank Teilta Out Station Saint Georges Bluff Coonarbine Lake Marrapinna Anns Hill Nilpena Station Artimore Artmore Greenwells Creek Linray Baghdad Angorichina Hill Bengoro Range The Gap The Gap Out Station Redmans Nucha Lake Careys Hill Calcoola Creek McDougalls Well Finkes Creek McLeans Nob Mount Daubany Bynguano Range OReillys Dam Red Bank Bore Wyambana Dawsons Hill Gills Pond Turtoopooroo Treloar Dam Number Two Commodore Station Tirita Mount Woowoolahrah Cimbric Vale Aroona Kulka Saladin Lake Gullewie Lake Meenita Creek Lake Mulyungarie Camels Hump Mount Rupbert Flinders Range Barrier Range Broken Hill Upland Broken Hill Uplands Main Dividing Range Stanley Range Mena Murtie Edeowie Station Barorangee Creek Irvines Lookout Willangee Paroo Channel Mingary Creek Coondappie Saint Mary Peak Saint Marys Peak Number Ten Dams Coogee Croziers Dam Maggies Hill Daisy Lake Cuthowarra Mernmerna Station Rawnsleys Bluff Lake Poopalloe Mount Robie Elders Range Glen Ina Havelock Hill Havelock Mountain Telichie Burnetts Hill Chases Range Wallerberdinna Mount Gipps Out Station Mount Gipps Homestead Stary Creek Burrungule Macullochs Range Willipa Homestead Seventy Mile Plain Wyacca Mountain Willincarie Lloyds Well Neuroodla Station McLennon Dam West Toolaby Old Glenlyon Mundaerna Hill Allambie Woolshed Willow Plain Glenlyon Biblianda Scoopes Ranges Scopes Ranges Carmaria Moira Park White Dam Number One White Dam Number Two Broken Hill Municipality Long Waterhole South James Tank ONeill Park Warrakimbo Homestead South James Mount Eurodo Wahratta Station Yadlamalka Parsons Bore South Flinders Ranges Doughboy Creek Bimbowrie Creek