Topographic / Ordnance Survey Map

GA SH54-05

GA SH54-05 - Marree

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This Topographic Map is produced by Geoscience Australia; Australia's national geospatial organisation.
GA topographic maps (many of which are produced in partnership with the Army) are generally older than those maps produced by the State Governments over the same area. This makes GA maps particularly useful for identifying historic features, such as old mines and diggings.
Geoscience Australia maps generally considered to be more pleasing in design and compilation then the more modern State Government productions.

At this scale, 1cm on this map represents 2.5km on the ground (4cm = 10km). A standard map will cover 150km from east to west and 110km from north to south, with a contour interval of 50m. This map contains natural and constructed features including road and rail infrastructure, vegetation, hydrography, contours, localities and some administrative boundaries.

Please note the date of the map, as this will impact the currency of information, particularly regarding infrastructure, roads, etc.

Locations within this Map

Pelican Creek Hayes Hill Proper Dividing Ridge Deviation Tank Clayton Dams Four Corners Tank Emu Hut Rainbow Dam Salt Creek Glen Dam Far Tank Murrumbidgee Waterhole House Dam Mount Freeling Well Nor'east Cliff Mount Flint Dam Mount Livingstone Well Mount Way Dam Quartzose Peak Stonehenge Tank Troudaninna Bore Needlewood Tank Lake Harry Nursery Bore Kingfisher Dam Mount Distance Well Witchelina Railway Station Rocky Waterhole Lonesome Tank Tent Hill Bore Small Dam Toopawarinna Bore Smart Bluff Bore Blanchewater Waterhole Clark Hill Toopawarinna Hill Jewellery Bore Mount Way Tank Blanchewater Well Mundowdna Waterhole Stuckey Crossing Coodlunga Dam Four Corners Bore Tinnacudinna Hill Peachawarinna Bore Boorloo Creek Tidna Hill Purlunha Lake Billy Bore Six Mile Tank South of Two Hills Trig Clayton Dam Clayton Tank Catch Dam Adlawirtuna Arabana Hill Clark Bore Mound Springs Two Hills Murnpeowie Bore Mulga Dam Jewellery Creek Mount Freeling George Tank Twenty Mile Hill Haystack Dam Tinnacudinna Dam Mundawertina Well Look-Out Tank Chapalanna Creek Coppleturinna Waterhole Boundary Well Tooncatchyin Yard Well Creek Bore Perseverance Dam South Dam Aganowie Dam Quarry Dam Murda Point Isabel Yard Mookwarinna Dam Sullivan Well Billy Spring Bore Mosoor Park Wades Dam Day Hill Cooryanna Dam Clayton Bore Nantowarpunna Dam Hayes Creek Well Marion Bore Little Well Mirramirrinna Creek Muntabilanna Waterhole Arcalena Hut Lake Arthur Trig Dreary Creek Dulkaninna Emu Dam Dingo Hill Mundawertina Waterhole Willawalpa Hut Hogan Well Gilead P Beck Mine Goolong Spring Maramarinna Waterhole Marraawinha Mount Livingston Boundary Hut Inakoo Well Breaden Hill Mine Bluff Dam Billy Spring Creek Mount Playford Butler Waterhole Tardlapinna Well Mirramirrinna Dam Freeling Water Hill Leigh Creek Mount Freeling Water Mount Delusion Lake Edith Reservoir Twins Creek Hough Dam Wirrawilla Railway Station Arnold Dam Hankey Well Ooria Hill Marree Post Office North Dam Dulkaninna Bore Top Waterhole Dampouneena Well Boorloo Well Clark Waterhole Mooncha Hill Small Reservoir Ooloo Hill Kurlanha Cooryanna Hut Marree Cliff Marree Where Is It Bore Lake Lettie Apollinaris Well Troudaninna Water Tooncatchyin Bore Damper Point Dan Dam Calcutta Outstation East Dam Dad Dam Peters Embankment Milthi-Pitinha Mumpie-Clayton Bore Watson Creek Dalarinna Hill Two Mile Tank Loch Ness Dam Tooncatchyin Main Water Walparindina Spring Burnt Tree Yard Mundowdna Mirramirrinna Waterhole Sires Dam Dampouneena Waterhole Christmas Dam Peachawarinna Drafting Yards Mundowdna Railway Station Mirage Creek Lignum Spring Junction Bore Kearney Tank Peters Camp Billy Springs Mine Union Bore Bogaduck Waterhole Owinia Country Pile Hill Trig Four Mile Spring Wilpoorinna Frome Dam Bert Soak Tank Six Mile Creek Junction Tank Lake Marion Clayton Hut Preta Hill Rocky Springs Herrgott No 2 Bore Conical Hill Tindelpina Creek Frome Creek Bore Calcutta Bore Happy Thoughts Well Dan Hut Emu Creek Koortanyaninna Dam New Mirage Dam Peachawarinna Hut Meteor Bore Two Hills Reservoir Long Range Kooreeninna Creek Lake Arthur Marrinha Cockatoo Country Fitzgerald Dam and Catch Timberton Yards Magpie Dam Griffiths Dam Lake Harry Bore Murnpeowie Waterhole Hayes Creek Dam Boolinyadooloo Hill Lignum Dam Mount Flint Davis Hill Appamourana Box Creek Appendraina Waterhole Arabana Well Cooryanna Bore St Francis Pool Mount Jervois Ngapa-Muru Troudaninna Waterhole Canegrass Bore Joker Prospect Mine Thuwaninha Marree Railway Station Boundary Tank and Trough Wildman Bluff Alluring Hill Tooncatchyin Hut Marree Hospital Witchelina Tinnacudinna Bore Talaculanna Waterhole Twins Creek Well Trough Tank Twelve Mile Dam Limestone Rise Bullinina Hut Recovery Creek Wyeculcuna Waterhole Sandhill Hole Dam Manda-Ardlanha Decoy Hill Ooloo Mine Well Quartpot Bore Dalarinna Tank Cootra Dam Freeling Waters Tulloorina Waterhole Marree Springs Thurakinna Well Tarkanina Bore Disappointment Dam Arcalena Waterhole Murnpeowie Wakons Creek Mount Distance Junction Well Durinna Hill Sandy Dam Arabana Lagoon Peters Bore Wallaby Hill One Tree Spring White Well Wills Lake Dam Western Spur Lake Wills Dam Kintalla Tank George Creek The George Peachawarinna Well Coopleturinna Waterhole Yarra Hill Bore Boorloo Hills Village Creek Cheltham Yard Dreary Point Duck Ponds Parsons Dam and Catch Three Sisters Dam Watson Well Burt Camp Waterhole Tooncatchyin Creek Emu Creek Branch Dulkaninna Creek Mount Freeling Police Station Koortanyaninna Creek Willouran Creek Lake Arthur Country Kingsmill Creek Magpie Creek Herrgott Springs Wirrawilla Well Trebilcock Hill Mount Way Kathrieck Mine Afghan Bank Tree Cliff One Tree Waterhole The Bluff George Dam Double Bore Wirringina Waterhole Hayes Creek Serpentine Dam Sandy Point Hawk Creek Ant Creek Pelican Well The Fish Ponds Old Mount North West Wirrintjinha Waraninna Creek Mount Fitton Mine Toopoo Bank Black Trig Yard Hayes Hill Blanchewater Bulldust Dam Reedy Springs Kingfisher Creek Boorloo Springs Emu Hill Ochre Cliffs Marinna Hill Lake Pinnarie Tea Tree Tank Top Hole Dam Marree Area School Nunyalana The Twins Doveholes Dam Riley Springs Yerelina Creek Weathered Hill Country River Water Troudaninna Dam Junction Hut Willawalpa Well Inakoo Hill Warpunna Hill Emu Tank Canegrass Swamp Florence Hill Mount Fitton Talc Mine Middle Hills Dam Marree Police Station White Dam Blanche Hill Chappalanna Bore Marquee Hill Mulga Well Snake Dam Marree Aboriginal School Mundowdna Springs Clover Tank Union Trig Liberty Dam Morley Dam Four Mile Bore Illturina Waterhole Redstone Hill Marnbi Awi Camp Hill Nickotime Bore Woodgate Bore Cockatoo Creek Sawmill Well Limestone Tank and Trough Toopalcuna Waterhole Chapman Creek Tank Quartpot Hut Kooree Hill Catt Springs Mookwarinna Well Livingston Well Hergott Springs Nantowarpunna Creek Clayton Yard Mirage Dam Leslie Talc Mine Gem Dam Lonesome Bore Boundary Yard Trinity Yards Manuwalkaninna Creek McConville Tank Margin Tank North Well Dan Hut Yard Delusion Hill Ngapa-Ngandri Two Mile Dam Darkoo Hill Walha-Virrinha Wyatt Bore Manu Main Waterhole Two Mile Bore Takanina Waterhole Manda-Wardunha Fitzgerald Corner Tank Tractor Dam Mount Livingstone Spring Nantowarpunna Waterhole Yurdlawarta Leigh Dam Hergott Springs Railway Station Ararabana Lagoon Freeling Artesian Hole Mount Gardiner Blanchewater Hill Peters Yard Ooloo Dam View Hill Fish Point Dam Clayton River Lake Edith Halleem Hill Duck Pond Hill Isabel Well Clayton Tarkanina Waterhole Boxwood Creek Lookout Hill Pinnarie Hill Herrgott Spring Bore Red Banks Well Billy Spring Emu Well Maude Hill Jim Hill Mookwarinna Hill Kooreeninna Waterhole Wirringina Springs Simmons Lookout St Mary Pool Lisbon Well Mookwarinna Bore Clayton Embankment Red Dam Munthra Bore Trinity Hut Trinity Well Brown Well Dan Hut Dam Daryl Dam Canegrass Well Village Well Central Well Lake Surprise Yamba Point Mooncha Trig Koortanyaninna Waterhole Mulga Tank Peter Camp Embankment Bullinina Dam Peters Shed Jubilee Tank Ooloo Mine Fish Point Hill Sandy Creek Sinclair Bore Waraninna Tank Saltaparuna Waterhole Weathered Hill Farewell Tank Meta Hill Goolong Bore Pelican Hut Branson Bore Thurakinna Yard Cooryanna Waterhole Attraction Hill Lake Peachawarinna Arabanna Community Centre Emu Country St Stephen Pond Smart Bluff North Mill Cotranina Dam Frome Bore Yarra Hill Cooryanna Creek Manuwalkaninna Homestead Maryella Creek Taylor Creek Jack Dam Maniwalkaninna Creek Stuckeys Crossing Gertys Creek Halleems Hill Murdu Point Jims Hill Duck Ponds Creek Arra Hill The Serpentine South Hills Maudes Hill Clarks Koortanyaninnie Creek Toopawarrina Hill Toopawarrinna Hill Nor East Cliff Fish Point Muinpeowie Trebilcocks Hill The Twins Creek Maree Mundowdna Siding Ema Hill Leighs Creek Watsons Creek Kingsmills Creek Taylors Creek Wirrawilla Wirrawilla Siding Mount Nor West Days Hill Mount Lyndhurst Creek Smarts Bluff Wildmans Bluff