Topographic / Ordnance Survey Map

GA SH54-13

GA SH54-13 - Parachilna

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This Topographic Map is produced by Geoscience Australia; Australia's national geospatial organisation.
GA topographic maps (many of which are produced in partnership with the Army) are generally older than those maps produced by the State Governments over the same area. This makes GA maps particularly useful for identifying historic features, such as old mines and diggings.
Geoscience Australia maps generally considered to be more pleasing in design and compilation then the more modern State Government productions.

At this scale, 1cm on this map represents 2.5km on the ground (4cm = 10km). A standard map will cover 150km from east to west and 110km from north to south, with a contour interval of 50m. This map contains natural and constructed features including road and rail infrastructure, vegetation, hydrography, contours, localities and some administrative boundaries.

Please note the date of the map, as this will impact the currency of information, particularly regarding infrastructure, roads, etc.

Locations within this Map

Hawker Lake Station Hut Yudna Hut Five Mile Creek Red Well Udanah Dam Old Pub Bore North Hut Brickhouse Well Green Well Creek Green Wells Creek Deadman Creek Gravity Bore Salt Springs Wadla Wadlyu Coad House Breakfast-Time Dam Gorge Cave A H Smiths Corner Wilyerpa Post Office Woolshed Hut Kempes Bore Kemp Well Vilimalka North Dam Buffalo Creek Two Mile Well Martins Well Salt Wells Emu Bore Limestone Spring Big Coffin Bore Mount Mantell Bore Winnitinni Creek Warlands Creek Manyi Limestone Well Woolshed Well Wadla Wadlyu Vambata Emu Dam Wadla Wadlyu Vari Meadows Railway Station Corroberra Well Plain Hut Whopper Creek Mount Burns Bore Bunyeroo Creek Tidly Creek Matropena Well Wintabatinyana Webb Bore East Brachina Bore Belcherowie Dam Walkandi Creek Parachilna Eating House North Well Brachina Railway Station Burlies Bore Corroberra Hut Corraberra Hut Motpena Brachina Well Wildyandyara Brachina Bore Gouch Well Second Plain Well Erina Waters Back Water Bore Angorigina Hill Bakers Bore Buffalo Dam Boralinna Creek Arawappa Creek Erengunda Creek Pantapinna Creek Bennett Spring Loves Mine Range Reedy Creek Spring Minnitinni Spring Guide Waterhole Little Patterton Hut Little Patterton Yards Day Hut Widawarlpa Vari Mount Lyall Well Waraco Creek Bobby Creek Hacket Dam Marachowie Post Office Woollyanna Mount John Hundred of Arkaba Hundred of Moralana Mundy Well Dick Nob Edgar Bore County of Derby Wilyerpa Morgan Hut Glenora Falls Wyacca Hill Holowiliena Bannon Gap Mount Plantagenet Glenlyle Warcowie Arkaba School Weipowie Creek Mount Elizabeth Mount Sims Well Nillinghoo Creek Yongoola Mail Station Weerta Creek Yarndangunha Hill Hundred of Carr Dedman Hut Mount Samuel Proper Varatyinha Mount Burns Dry Well Kopi Cliffs Number Five Bore No 2 Bore North Bore Womba Creek Evening Peal Bore South Bore Black Oak Creek Bundulla Creek Blackfellows Creek Well The Bubbling Springs Willow Creek Workings Glen Oak Yaltaordla Hill Broken Back Spring Maraby Water Wawudanha Hill Dedman Bore Oraparinna Brooks Corner Bunyeroo Creek Gorge Wilcolo Spring Brachina Gorge Linn Spring Coffin Well Coffins Dam Eregunda Mine Mount Carey Bore Gunyah Hut Wirrealpa Water Moodlatanna Creek Erengunda Spring Salt Creek Springs West Bore Ward Bore Three Gums Well Glenwarwick Well Number Two Bore Flagstaff Bore Flagstaff Station Glen Warwick Hut Old Flagstaff Eukaby Mines Eukaby South Mine Bayes Dam Dusthole Creek Ootna Springs Old Station Dam Fishery Well South Dam Cotabena Ilka Creek Mount Ide Toby Well Bucketowie Water Warumba Spring Morupa Mill Teatree Spring The Waterfall Borgas Bore Bourke and Toby Creek Owanigan Creek North Well Hut Fifteen Mile Bore Eregunda Bore Kibble Hill Mine Tea Tree Spring Marra Vardnapa Rock Green Well Widapa Awi Hill Cattle Water Nildottie Gap Warragee Bore Pintacowie Well Black Oak Bore Arkaroola Wallerberdina Rockville Moralana Hill Mount Elm School Warru Warldunha Hill Hookina Railway Station Hawker SES Yuralypila Ithapi Mount Little Willigon Spring Chinaman Well Salt Creek Bore Pukardu Ochre Mine Mount Dob Seven Mile Well Fourth Water Little Werta Enorama Creek Mount Barbara Bunyeroo Gorge Bulls Creek Spring Mount Mary Mine Danzie Bore Gudla Mudla Hut Old Station Well Doudney Well Doctor Mine Etina Hut The Three Sisters Patterton Lookout Yoongoona Waterhole Breakneck Gorge Rocky Waterhole Four Corners Bore Baldoura Creek Marrabel Creek Red Terrace Saltbush Well Waraco Water Wirrawilka Workings Tanderra Saddle Barana Bore Round Hill Wilson Railway Station Yappala Range Bluff Bore Mernmerna Creek Kirwan Mine Warrawilka Mine Wilpena Chalet Old Woolshed Bore Drennan Yards Swamp Dams Shamrock Bore Number Three Bore Ewe Bore Hill New Dam Lost Pipe Bore Eukaby Hill Willipa Woolshed Dam Glenwarwick Dam North Whim Well Station Dams Pollux Windanna Mernmerna Gap Yourambulla Yappala Creek Hill Paddock Dam Old Railway Dam Stone Hut Ilka Water Wonoowie Dam Two Quid Cave Flinders Ranges National Park Upalinna Waterhole Wilcolo Soakage Warra Warra Spring Winna Winna Spring Etina Water Mount Phillips Hundred of Warrakimbo Burnett Hill Central Mount Eyre Tank Cotabena Waterhole Gum Sapling Swamp Dry Well Yard Pump Station Three Wilsons Bore Red Banks Bore Wangowie Bore Bourke and Toby Bore Gorge Water Station Hill Black Gap Pandittina Hill Mine Hill Eating House Creek Cooinda Camp Prelinna Bore Wangara Hill Summer Residence Bore Gum Creek Wyambana Hut Mount Frome Lennard Well Pat Carrs Well Marshals Corner Bore Wyambana Outstation Boundary Dam Leonard Bore Alwood Dam Panditoupna Number Two Bubbling Springs Bore Saltbush Bore Mannawarra Woolshed ABC Bore Sacred Canyon Warcowie Post Office Victory Spring Paddy Well Flatiron Hills Pigeon Bore Marrukurli Range Lubra Water Wilka Wilka Spring Mount Stephen Wilddog Range Shepherds Pile Mount Orkolo Wonoka Plain Wannukah Hill Mernmernnana Mount Burnett Jack Bore Mount Guy Mount Neville Knob Bore Eating House Arkaba Arkaba Lils Water North Wilpena Creek Callory Bore Pound Gap Dead Goat Soak Nungawurtina Orenyatha Oraparinna Creek Arawappa Hut Wheal Butler Doodney Well Witches Creek Linkes Mine Painted Gorge Mick Well Wise Dam O'Keefe Well Price Nob Dam Lloyd Well Dusthole Huts White Well Willippa White Well Hut White Well Dam Wirrealpa Hill Third Plain Yards Boralinna Hut Three Sisters Range Bruces Grave Nantab Bore Aldyanada ABC Range Yaldhatyinha Hill Appealinna Mine Wills Hut Blinman Mine Lower Well Creek First Spring Vukartu Ithapi Five Mile Spring Yadnepunda Spring Tommy Gunyah Bore Linns Spring Blackwater Bore Wilkawillana Gorge Lynchs Spring Yappala Waters Wild Dog Hill Anderson Bore Chapmanton Creek Twin Tanks O'Conner Bore Mount Palmerston Sisters Bore Kankana Peak Nintenta Peak Alpana Brachina Gap Mount Abrupt Appealinna Station Wonoka Homestead Castle Rock Castor Trig Rocky Creek Blinman South Breakfasttime Dam Coffins Bore Ten Mile Creek Etowie Creek Wild Dog Creek Mount Bell Mogs Bore Warrakimbo Aliena Waterhole Gorge Waterholes Wyacca Creek Charlies Camp Water Mernmerna Edeowie Hundred of Bunyeroo Nob Hut Middle Bore Thirteen Mile Bore Top Hookina Well Wardlatha Lake Torrens Kangaroo Creek Hogback Yadnapena Water Holowilena South Murrulanha Awi Yappala East Mount Eyre Tank Wilson Valley Slatey Well Top Bore Shaggy Ridge Four Corner Bore Compressor Station Four Seven Mile Dams Woodaillers Bore Woolshed Creek Blinman Illuka Peak Ivy Queen Mine Number One Dam Bibliando Wanowalda Hill Mount Falkland Wards Bore Backwater Spring Woolies Tank South Hut Corraberra Dam Mount Billy Creek Dog Trap Springs Kibble Hill Mount Castor Yadnapunda Springs Bunkers Spring Artelevena Creek Periwalya Spring Hundred of French Good Friday Caves Druid Range Yongoona Mail Station Yappala Peak South Well Whitinninie Water Arcoota Cave Yanyanna Hill Nellerbery Creek Mount Samuel Hut Warldu Varlkarranha Hill Mount Emily Mine Saltbush Flat Mine Artipena Manganese Prospects Tracey Dam West Toolaby Hill White Hut Bore White Dam Levon Dam Ootna Well Nanawarie Water Leslies Dam Second Plain Creek SA Barytes Mine Aliena Washout Commodore Railway Station Breakfastime Dam Mallee Well Mulga Dam Pettana Creek Modystiak Dam Ilka Spring Aliena Creek Mernmerna Ruins Glenoak Eurichela Springs Number One Bore Upalinna Mount Boorong Old Glenview Oratunga Creek Blinman North Artimore Creek Flinders Ranges Guide Well Rocky Bore Southern Star Bore Cross Crusader Mine Morley Dam Artipeana Hill Yamuti Ardupanha Donkey Gully WellL Yudnapunda Bore Donkey Bore Red Hill Well Titree Well Widawarlpa Vambata Nilpena Cudlamudla Hut Old Wonoka Homestead Wallerberdina Woolshed O'Conner Well Cudlamudla Spring McDill Graves Rocky Well Arkaroo Rock Arkapena Hundred of Wonoka Hookina Post Office Etina Homestead Horse Paddock Dam Panorama Lookout Red Hill Lookout Ned Knob Aliena Cave Third Water Bunyeroo Spring Yanyanna Hut Willow Dam Marupa Hill Beatrice Hill Parachilna Ochre Mine Brachina Hut Kempes Dam Martins Hut Tooths Nob Hut Acacia Creek The Nob Baratta Waters Backwater Well Grindstone Stockyards Yamuti Ardupanha Ridge Warekila Creek Lower Well Hut Buffalo Rock Dam Wartakawillia Hut Yuralypila Watercress Creek Artelevena Bore Panditina Water Wongowie Dam Angiroonoy Waterhole Santos Motpena Stratigraphic Bore Blackfellows Creek Yunda Lagoons The Sandhill Tanks Coffins Springs Warrakimbo Tank Woolyana French Well Ilpounda Water Western Plain Murrulanha Spring Whim Dam Nine Mile Hut Thunderdrum Cave Mount Emily Bendieuta Well Four Corners Hut Mattawarrungalla Wilpena Pound Red Range Saltia Water Spring Well Walkandi Peak Werto Spring Neuroodla Primary School Aliena Hill Dingly Dell Water Wockerawirra Creek Snave Hill Tobacco Water Yandowie Hut Brachina Waterhole Adnu Appealinna Hill Pritchard Dam Wonoka Bandoona Cave Bunbinyunna Range Yappala Hill Parachilna Sandstone Bore Blackanunda Rawnsley Park Neils Bore Umberutna Edwards Swamp Boundary Bore Round Bush Bore Compressor Station Two Hundred And Nineteen Panditina Creek Dewhurst Bore Pendlekerra Spring Appealinna Water Monela Hut Blunder Hill Maraby Creek Bulara Peak Blackfellow Hole Government Dam Janey Bore Terrell Well Pinnacle Bore Erengunda Valley Elatina Mine Six Mile Bore Wepowie Mine Mogg Bore Illina Creek North Bill Dam Bore Whitford Well Cusack Dam Ulapinipa Water Six Mile Dam Swamp Bore Lower Well Bore Fountain Head Mine Eregunda Spring Breakfast Time Dam Parachilna Rural School Big Six Mile Well Mount Mantell Dam Sleep Hill Ulowdna Water Warangina Well South Bore Gutter Ochre Caves Brachina Dam Six Mile Well Pantapinna Well Mount Billy Willow Springs Two Mile Well Tank Hells Gate Gudla Mudla Spring Bunbinyunna Creek Chigwidden Dam Yourambulla Range Napoleon Mine Warcowalda Hill Pannelcurry Dam Trezona Range The Guardian Neuroodla Red Gap Mount Ernest Parachilna Gorge Arkaba Hill Worumba Spring Mount Sims Five Mile Soak Matuarangala Hut Fourth Water Spring Bubbly Water Valley Bore Round Hill Bore Stone Tank Glenwarwick Yards Eukaby-Hill Mine White Well Yard Gum Dam Buffalo Rock Bore Mr Bosworths Station Old Station Bore Eregunda Valley Second Hill Loves Mine Boulder Bore Parachilna Creek Top Swamp Bore Green Wells Widapa Awi Vambata Eregunda Creek Dawson Hill Idhi Waterhole Idhi Awi Saplings Dam Ten Mile Bore Fifteen Mile Dam Kemp Bore The Oaks Felton Bore Oraparinna Mine Youngs Cobalt Mine Yapala Trig Ilpilpin Spring Mine Bore Teatree Well Wheal Friendship Workara Peak Cook Creek Mattawarrangala Bunyeroo Valley Lookout Corrobena Dam First Hill Warratyi Vipi Vamarra Moodlatana Creek Wirrabinna Hut Six Springs Sugarloaf Hill Kangaroo Hut Bore Trezona Bore Warra Warra Bore Hill Dam Thungga-Pudupudu Ootna Bore Pritchard Well Drafting Yards Well Gum Well Woolies Well Six Mile Hut Old Wallerberdina Homestead The Razor Back Pummerna Creek Moralana Crowhole Well Cresswater Warrakimbo Hut Pine Hut Low Range Tank Mount Frome Mine Wilpena Little Well Basin Springs Angorigina Salt Creek George Spring Neal Bore Breakneck Well Arcoota Yard Panditoupna Water Koolaman Spring Mingari Peak Slippery Dip Arcoota Bore Nine Mile Well Wabma Nambaindanha Mount Mary Peerewallya Spring Pound Underground Hut Terrell Dams Round Hill Swamp Dam Bararina Well Donkey Gully Well Titree Gorge Well Lewis Well Yednakatana Water Panta Well Pinnacle Ranges Dansey Bore Limestone Bore New Saplings Dam Wadla Wadlyu Hill Wonoka Hill The Meadows Town Wabma Ridge Woods Corner Fairleigh Murphy Hut Valley Well Weaver Hut Little Coffin Bore Slaty Well Yourambulla Caves Cook Bore Binya Peak Warakimbo Leonard Well Lenard Well Ti-Tree Well Marshalls Corner Bore Ulowdna Willow Plain Post Office Nantabra Hut Aroona Valley Pompey Pillar Big Weepowie Wyacca Hut Taring Saddle Youangera Spring Glass Gorge Crown Hill Harold Hill Paul Creek Crisp Gorge Warangina Hut Hundred of Warcowie Chace Range Wilcolo Creek Barregowa Creek South Cockatoo Bore Glen Warwick Dam Price Nob Hut Bararina Dam Yadnapunda Creek Ootna Dam Tommyguyah Bore Wirrabunna Well Peter Simple Spring Ango Mine Mount Burns Range Owindana Little Bunkers Range Moodlatanna Spring Beatrice Creek Arcoota Creek Mattawarrangala Mine Three Sisters Kallioota Spring Murray Bore Marachowie Well Paddock Bore Natabra Well Stone Wall Hill Glenwarwick Hut Bishops Bore Yack Chimney Bucketowie Hill Tumburru Peak No 4 Yards Station Spring Prelinna Well Mount Dib Sidney Hill Hucks Lookout Enorama Water Oratunga Mine Yan Yanna Water No 3 Bore Four Corners Mine Dorothy Creek Red Whim Well West Mount Eyre Tank Wirrabunna Top Pinery Bore Parachilna Overflow Tea Cosy Creek Mount Lyall Bore Third Plain Hut Wirrabunna Hut Wartakawillia Well Back Water Spring Madge Hill Mail Station Nooltana Creek McMahon Dam Low Range Bore Holowilena Malloga Falls Enenorama Fisher Well Seven Mile Tanks Mount Havelock Windee Hill Big Werta Springs False Mount Hayward Six Mile Spring Yurndungarlpa Borgas Dam Glasses Well Ulowdna Creek Perawillia Spring Mundy Hut Minnitinna Spring Lower Hut Prairie Hotel Fountain Spring Blinman Rural School Upalinna Springs Middle Dam Stardrift Bore Windowarta Well Jack Spring Castle Rock Bore Parson Bore Alwaldina Dam Black Hill Bore Hogarth Bore Brachina Overflow Plain Well Corroberra Dam Pinery Dam South Youngs Creek Carey Hill Wilkawillina Gorge Nanpena Hut Eyrie Cave Greenbushes Wells Edeowie Railway Station Yudna Bore Hundred of Nilpena Reaphook Hill Stone Hut Well Nob Gap Coffin Gap Moralana Plain Slaty Creek West Side Bore Mattawarungala Creek Hookina Grindstone Range Newrudla Creek Gloedes Woolshed The Dairy Farm Moralana Railway Station Moonarie Gap Worro Downs Oolkooldowina Spring The Wide Range Burke Well The Boiler Hill Kuhn Well Donkey Well Idandana Spring Blinman Pools Taringa Saddle Third Spring Yanyanna Spring Commodore Brickhouse Bore Moralina Creek Barregowa Creek North Carey Hill Mine Second Plain Yadnapunda Water Pana Well Wirrealpa Post Office Big Upalinna Waterhole Back Creek Willows Water Red Plain Well County of Hanson Hundred of Oratunga Yongoona Waterhole Silver Lead Dam New Bore Bibliando Well Old Wirrealpa Well Mayes Dam Artaweena Water Little Patterton Spring Day Well Yudna Tank Mulga Well Station Bore Mount Elm Wobma Creek Bullock Bush Bore Nob Dam Pondita Station Pintacowie Hut Becker Well Moralana Spring Nine Mile Yards Attunga Bluff Warralliala Water Hookina Hole Triggs Dam Morupa Hill Wimberton Water Moolooloo Creek Brachina Water Cotabena Homestead Bandoona Springs Idandanoo Spring Oratunga Well Parawillia Bore Blacks Hut Weepowie Spring Dorothy Peak Elatina Creek Corrobena Well Patterton Accommodation House Walpatina Bore Mount Sutherland Gilanggila Euraby Well Moralana Creek Bunkers Range Ango Creek Ariwappa Hut Bunyeroo Bore Nanpena Spring Boynes Dam Tracy Bore Bunkers Conservation Reserve Artipeana Water Hayward Creek Yudanah Well Blackwater Well Wirrealpa Spring Yunda Well Tank Six Mile Yards Pinery Dam Presgraves Corner Winnitinny Creek Alwaldina Spring Peter Simple Well Third Plain Creek Little Spring Red Tank The Meadows The Western Plains Watheroo Dam Blue Lake Dams Edeowie Gorge Arkaroo Bore Mowina Spring Wildiningie Hut Wonoka Gap Little Upalinna Little Werta Springs Angorichina Village Eagle Hill Leslie Creek Yorkey Creek Pandillinna Spring One Gum Bore Bendieuta Water Palmer Creek Four Mile Bore Cotabena Railway Station Walpunda Creek Matuarangala Creek Mattawarrangala Creek Dirty Water Well Wilpena Pound Range Five Springs Finke Creek Bridle Gap Wyacca Mine Nantappa Hut Patterton Spring Three Mile Well Beaven Hut Mount Lucius Parachilna Hill Price Creek Arcoota Hut Weepowie Water Cox Nob Dam Coffin Spring Bore Blackwater Spring Ten Mile Well Mount Eyre County of Blachford Iralbo Peak Elatina Water Nantabra Well Chinman Hut Cadby Station Underground Spring Sheridan Dam South Black Oak Bore Triple Hill Drafting Yards Hut Old Nilpena Homestead Yudanah Hut Stony Dam Baratta Springs Mine Yudna Dam Blind Creek Hut Blackfellow Creek Emu Well Fairview Andoodina Spring Hookina Swamp Warrakimbo Mine Black Springs Well Point Bonney Iron King Mine Siphon Well Hawker Post Office Warrakimbo Post Office Arkaba Woolshed Upanha Hill Yaltipena Werta Creek Glass Well Mystrey Bore Tooths Knob Station Hookina Ruins Whim Bore Moralana Well Echo Valley Old Place Bore Rocky Point Range Windo Creek Mattawarangala Creek Lubra Spring Triggs Bore Marshalls Corner Well Arkaba Eating House Kangaroo Hut Aroona Mine Old Elatina Hut Ango Gorge Springs Mallee Waterhole Mount Samuel Range Chimney Cleft Neuroodla Railway Station Three Mile Hut Accommodation House Toby Hill Southern Bore Waralillialilliala Hill Mount Coronet Enorama Spring Etina Sub Station Hunters Camp Well Mary Creek Rocks Well First Creek Middle Water Mount Sunderland Tracy Dam Gravel Dam The Bluff Tyrell Well Bararina Bore Toolaby Well Artipena Yard Windowarta Dam Murlambada Wardnu Woolyana Station The Bunkers Old Wirrealpa Mine Erengunda Bore Backwater Bore Roach Bore Mount Michael Well Lower Well Yadnapunda Bore Mount Lyall Corraberra Well Reaphook Kemps Dam Freshwater Gap Wabma Ititi Hill Emu Springs Mount Mantell Panditina Ruins Amorilpina Station Phillips Gap Glen Lyle O'Reillys Dam Flash Camp Truans Hut Etina Creek Moralana Hut Khun Well Sliding Rock Jones Camp Spring Kangaroo Gap Second Spring Warwick Nob Young Bore Horn Camp Ram Springs Price Nob Well Eukaby Bore Windowarta Hut Holowilena Spring Artipena Bore Stone Well Artipena Dam Mallee Bore Breakfast Time Creek Lake Station Old Wirrealpa Spring Winnitinny Spring Owindana Spring Moxams Well Vira Wida Lindo Well Bald Hill Matheson Spring Windowarta Creek Henderson Bore Mathewson Hut Mathewson Spring Artipena Hut Black Tank Whim Well Guano Mine Linns Bore Gunyah Well Nildottie Spring Pantapina Creek Mount Caernarvon The Four Mile Mount Sims Caves John Brown Waterhole Cadby Spring Woolies Bore Snake Bore Bamboo Well The Reaphook Fifteen Mile Creek Tooths Nob Wilson Post Office Akurra Yanmarri Mount Eyre Dam Cazneaux Tree Nantab Hut Arkaba Creek Hundred of Woolyana Fisher Tank Wirrawilka Gap Yack Dam Bunyeroo Valley Kanalla Falls Barkadowie Swamp Mount Karawarra Spring Well Waters Greig Peak Parawilia Water The Pound Wyacca Water Bulls Creek Tracey Bore Baratta Mill Swamp Dams Fourth Spring Yurlunha Vari Angorichina Hostel Hundred of Basedow Willigan Creek Bunyeroo Gorge Cave Scott Hill Glen Warwick Well West Eukaby Mine Wilson Dam Pumpa Bore Back Water Well Mount Carey Tank First Pinery Bore Siphon Springs Marnbi Vambata Cattle Well Edeowie Creek Pine Flat Dicks Folly Dam Echo Peek Hut Freshwater Lagoon Limestone Hut Weaver Well Irvine Lookout Wilson Wallerberdina Homestead Merna Mora Chapmanton Well Three Mile Tank Oratunga Hawker Railway Station Warrakimbo Woolshed Bendieata Water Yaltipena Creek Willigon Creek Yuluna Creek Neuroodla Creek Little Weepowie Heysen Hill Bilpigna Well Mount Barloo Patterton Creek Kangaroo Hut Creek Great Wall of China Mount Elkington South Mount Hayward Drennan Hut Holowilena Well Station Well Oraparinna National Park Blinman Creek Soakage Bore Watkins Well Etina Ruin Ladder Mine Appaberna Water Kirbin Well Yandowie Mines Angorigina Springs Round Hill Hut Mammoth Black Ridge Mine Belcherowie Well Carey Bore Pub Bore South Lake Well Brachina Creek Utanouna Creek Black Oak Well Walter Hill Ten Mile Dam South Martins Bore Murphys Wash Phillip Gap Wilpena Spring Matts Water Mount Waterhole Yourambulla Peak Fred Nob Wonoka Creek South Wilpena Creek Yadlamalka Woolshed Mayo Gorge Eukaby-Extended Mine Erengunda Mine Morilana Creek Berley Bore Parachilna Post Office Varndartunha Erudina Chapmanton Western Plains Hawker CFS Ram Paddock Bore McMahon Bore Bull Corner Bore Patterton Hill Black Well Mount Aleck Pandillinna Hill No 1 Bore Muckhole Creek The Matt Waters Niggly Gap Angiroonoy Bore Aroona Homestead Mount Dab Mount Tyrrel Cadbury Spring Stokes Hill Lookout Upalinna Outstation Maggie Hill Rocky Ranges Woolshed Bore Perseverance Bore Baratta Springs Toolaby Bore Nantab Creek Hideaway Well Winnitinni Spring Cottage Creek Parachilna Railway Station Yudna Well Mount Billy Bore Black Oak Spring Breakfast-Time Creek Hundred of Parachilna Mount Well Hundred of Cotabena South Bob Mooney Bore Hookina Station Wild Dog Glen Yuralypila Vambata Alienna Creek Warru Warldunha Soakage Well Black Spring Black Gap Lookout Yudnapunda Spring Carey Well Gill Dam Black Range Kangaroo Dam Madge Gully Bulls Gap Lucky Bore Walpatina Well Allowina Creek Old Yongala Mail Station Middlesight Water Mount Craig Mannawarra Springs Reggie Nob Lindow Bore Alpana Creek Bunyeroo Oratunga Bore Wilpowie Springs Wongowie Bore Illina Creek South Mount Hayward Linn Hut County of Taunton Murphy Dam The Dog Hut Scrub Dams Castle Rock Yard Tyrell Dams Charlie Bore Kunoth Dam Lynchs Bore Number Two Dam Yudanah Dam Witta Witta Water Tea Tree Creek Old Bunyeroo Station Brachina Prelinna Hut Mount Davidson Vinhartunha Thomas Creek Fossil Creek Gorge Mount Samuel Well Lackeroo Bore New Brachina Well Coffins Spring Well Minnitinni Creek Mount Mantell Well Tooth Knob Tooths Nob Station Black Hill Well North Well Tank Paddock Dam Bobbies Creek Gum Vale Creamery Creek Neuroodla Dam Selton Bores Elatina Accommodation House Hawker Area School Wirrealpa Creek Yurlu Appealinna Spring Aldoona Spring Contentee Hut Walpatina Dam Wirrawilka Creek Baratta Mine Round Hill Well Bannerman Well Dusthole Well Mundotta Creek Worumba Salt Creek Well Youngoona Waterhole The Waterfalls Warangina Pat Well Ulowdna Range Glen View Homestead North Black Oak Bore Oraparinna Barytes Mine Old Nilpena Well Commodore Swamp Edeowie Post Office Nilpena Creek Willow Well Fifteen Mile Well Third Plain Well Mount Josephine Wirrealpa Mine Bathtub Creek Tripod Bore Second Pinery Bore Old Motpena Homestead Yudanah Lagoon Bitter Springs Creek Hundred of Edeowie Morgan Creek Sugar Loaf Mayos Cottage Utanouna Spring Hawker Hospital Mount Elm Range Three Mile Bore Eukaby Block Mime Stone Bore Mallee Well Hut Reedy Creek Heysen Range Mernmerna Railway Station Etowie Bore Panditoupna Creek Prelinna Seven Mile Dam Mount Chambers Mine Wockerawirra Well Rocky Point Hookina Creek Kangaroo Bore Second Creek Glass Hut Willow Hut Wordlawip Well Cobalt Mine Mail Road Bore South End Bore Hunter Dam Pritchard Bore Number Two Wells Artipena Hill Southend Bore Ucalinna Springs Breakfasttime Creek Wirrealpa Hundred of Adams Walter Peak Prelinna Spring Arcoota Creek Cave Mount Simms Willigon Well Mount Rupert Oraparinna Cave Akurra Yardli Range Galophus Creek Bunkers Ranges Bunkers Hill Ikara Captains Head Paraarta Varaarta Wilapa Range Pattatan Hill Mernmerna Hill White Gap Elder Range Aroona Hill Bimbornina Hill Rawnsley Bluff Nilpininha Vira Warldu Wilkalanha Aroona Creek Monela Creek Mount Sinnett Sugar Loaf Hill Six Mile Creek Mount Boreas Aliena Water Single Gum Hill Younginuwirra Creek Hayward Bluff Urdlu-warlpunha Miount Panaroma Ngarri Mudlanha Akurra Ngami Viliwarunha Balpanna Hill Black Hill Artipena Spring Barndioota Mount Samuel Parachellina Hill Mount Ohlssen-Bagge Taylor Mound Willow Creek Ngami Akurra Awi Wilyerpa Hill Hundred of Barndioota Willow Plains Lions Head Varaarta Vambata Taylor Mount Yuralypila Awi Urtu Lagoon Stoney Cone Prelinna Hill Mount Growl Willow Waters Akurra Yardli Wilapa Vambata Spider Hill Yunguruwirra Creek Chase Range Mount Boord George Nob Akurra Ngami Range Wildya Ngulhiindanha Vindi-Urtu Waterhole Anowina Creek Allic Mount Ngami Akurra Spring Yanganna Hill Mount Pollox Wirla Wirlina Creek Mount Bonney Luna Hill Wilpena Turret Glen Warwick Monela Hill Pandittawotty Hill Wanoka Hill St Mary Peak Ngami Adnya Mount Desire Baratta Hill Greenwells Creek Wirrapowie Creek Angorichina Hill Careys Hill Finkes Creek OReillys Dam Red Bank Bore Wyambana Dawsons Hill Commodore Station Aroona Mount Rupbert Flinders Range Edeowie Station Irvines Lookout Saint Mary Peak Saint Marys Peak Maggies Hill Mernmerna Station Rawnsleys Bluff Elders Range Havelock Hill Havelock Mountain Burnetts Hill Chases Range Wallerberdinna Stary Creek Willipa Homestead Wyacca Mountain Lloyds Well Neuroodla Station Middle Toolaby West Toolaby Willow Plain Biblianda Warrakimbo Homestead Yadlamalka Parsons Bore South Flinders Ranges