Topographic / Ordnance Survey Map

GA SH55-14

GA SH55-14 - Cobar

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This Topographic Map is produced by Geoscience Australia; Australia's national geospatial organisation.
GA topographic maps (many of which are produced in partnership with the Army) are generally older than those maps produced by the State Governments over the same area. This makes GA maps particularly useful for identifying historic features, such as old mines and diggings.
Geoscience Australia maps generally considered to be more pleasing in design and compilation then the more modern State Government productions.

At this scale, 1cm on this map represents 2.5km on the ground (4cm = 10km). A standard map will cover 150km from east to west and 110km from north to south, with a contour interval of 50m. This map contains natural and constructed features including road and rail infrastructure, vegetation, hydrography, contours, localities and some administrative boundaries.

Please note the date of the map, as this will impact the currency of information, particularly regarding infrastructure, roads, etc.

Locations within this Map

Woodlands Double Tanks Killawarra Liskeard Coolabah Tank Colly Burl Darling Downs Fairlight Windera El Trune Coolabah Mulga Okeh Omerah Downs Karingal Tindarey Tanbar Balgillo Poon Boon Carline Einalla Back Boorooma Hut Yambu Thuddi Windella Coronga Downs Kergunyah Argyle Rosedale Mount Drysdale Boorooma Lucknow Berwick Bundella Elmore Avoca Ferndale Glendale Nely Glenormiston Yimkin Bylong Cable Downs Allednub Moquilambo Angle Bar Wongala Thorpville The Glen Strathern Glenhope Keeley Courtlands Wilgadale Anna Vale Booroomagga Gleneden Fairview Maryvale Claremont Westwood Tiverton Fairfield Glenanar Buckwaroon Glen Haven Bonnyview Kurrajong Sussex Narringa Mopone Wilgalong Jersey Wilga Downs Birrimba Olino Omega White Rock Maryantha Glenace Florida Lignum Kooregah Kookabaa Collaroy Munda Wilga Margaret Vale Mema Yanda Banoon Norwood Scrubby Valley Laroo Myall Amphitheatre Coonara Budgery Rocky View Rewa Belmore Thorndale Poraka Geweroo Bungarley Hopetoun Box Flat Cooma Inverness Redlands Wyola Waverley Woodburn Willadah Rosehill Yarrawonga Meryula Hermitage Kuralee Morella Leon Tyrone Langtons Lease Narri Miradong Pine Grove Retreat The Lease Elliston Rest Downes Kallara Wonga Wirrena Bel-Air Hill View Glenelg Lerida Brura Moorilla Mangalore Urunda Auroa Quanda Enmore The Rookery Wylgalea Alkoomie Iowabah Tarawera Strathavon Clareview Nullawarra Kopyje Trowell Creek Karabran The Bluff Koree Gilgai Bulgoo Elmsley Wianui Seaford Isden Geandale Mount Lewis Millyvale Wilgadee Linera Sarona Downes Karinya Rainbow Ridge Yarran Park Woodlong Rosevale Hermitage Plains Osterley Downs The Ranch Creeper Gate Buckambool Mafeesh Honey Bugle Elaine The Pines Babinda Widgelands Darbalare Strathyeene Wanouri Folkestone Hartwood Gilbert Park Nymagee Hillcrest Euroogee Killala Cobar Antares Babego Barellan Post Office Barrow Beanbah Bebri Birrigan Booroomugga Hill Booroomugga Mountain Boree Box Creek The Brothers Canbelego Canbelego State Forest Carnbilly Caro Condon Cookoomah Coolabah Brothers Coolibah Coreen Courebone Crowie Currawong Dead Mans Creek East Pangee Creek Egeria El Capitan Knob Eton Firbank Foster Gap Hill Gidalambone Gilgai Tank Gilgoenbon Girilambone Girilambone Public School Girilambone Railway Station Girilambone State Forest Grayrigg Grayrigg State Forest Grayrigg Tank Hall Hermidale Hermidale Railway Station Hermidale Tank Hermitage Tank Honeybugle Horse Ridges Creek Howgill Ina Keenan Whitbarrow Creek Crowie or Grahway Creek Village of Girilambone Village of Hermidale King Lambrigg Lang Leslie Lincoln Miandetta Railway Station Meeson Miandetta Siding Miandetta Miandetta Public School Miandetta State Forest Monkellan Moxham Mullah Muriel Muriel Tank Muriel Tank Siding Nardoo Neiley Nirranda Officer Orion Pang Creek Pange Creek East Pange Pange Creek Pangee Pangee Creek Panjee Poplins Poplins Gully Poy Quanda Tank Quanda Faunal Reserve Quondong Red Gilgais Regan Robinson Rocky Hill Siburys Creek Spicer Sturt Temple The Gap Thorndale State Forest Thorndale Station Thorndale Tank Tindarey Creek Tooram Tootalally Trig Hill Tritton Village of Muriel Warong Warranbilla Warrego Werner Whitbarrow Wicklow Wilgabone Wilgabone Tank Wilga Tank Siding Winfell Yamma Yanda Creek Yarran Creek Yarrow Yongee Creek Yoongee Bullock Gully Drouin Pangee State Forest Barrow State Forest Boundary Tank Chookys Tank No 4 Tank Jimmys Tank North Brookong Tank Mulga Tank Gibbs Tank Murrays Tank Charlies Tank Tinderra Tank Joes Tank Cashmans Tank Walters Camp Tank No.13 Tank Middle Tank Rocky Tank Brookong Tank New Tank Carls Tank Red Tank Pongs Tank Knights Tank Coogar Tank Back Paddock Tank Telephone Tank Stoney Tank Allens Tank Yarron Tank White Tank Corner Tank Common Tank Nineteen Mile Tank Scotchmans Tank Cooma Tank Mays Tank Cobb and Co Tank Moquilambo Tank Cemealong Tank Yellow Tank Onions Tank Boucher Tank Dry Paddock Tank Seventeen Mile Tank Pages Tank Honeydew Dam Saltbush Tank Lake Tank Fourteen Mile Tank Scummy Tank Rock Tank Gannons Tank Lower Tank German Tank Middle Paddock Tank Cappy Tank Twelve Mile Dam Fireclay Tank Eight Mile Tank Yarren Tank Kiantharillany Cuttagullyaroo Louth Kaloogleguy Chinamans Tank Mookalimbirria Hill The Dam O'Donnels Tank Double Tank Tindayrey Moquilamba Coonumberto Cuttygullyaroo Tank Morgans Tank Nullamutt Tank Amphitheatre Tank Booroomugga Tank Pine Tank Cullenwards Tank Kennedys Tank Victoria Tank Yanboon Tank Fairview Tank Kurrajong Tank Scoop Tank Mount Kalumba Mulga Creek Glenns Tank Conways Tank Blackfellows Tank Princess Tank Long Shanty Tank Mountain Paddock Tank Shed Tank Mountain Tank Warrigal Tank Welties Tank Lease Tank Mallee Tank Slingsby Tank Yarran Tank Belar Tank Conns Tank Emu Tank Welty Tank O'Niells Tank Rotchfords Tank Polos Tank Wire Yard Tank Pony Tank Brura Tank Mervs Tank Lerida Tank Three Mile Tank Watermans Tank Mcquans Tank Ironside Tank Eves Tank Mckinnons Tank Pot Hole Tank Old Pine Tank Bronze Wing Tank New Pine Tank Bobs Yard Tank Geandale Tank Nivens Tank Budds Tank Five Mile Tank Conleys Tank Ghost Tank Careys Tank Roses Tank The Bluff Tank Picnic Tank Jims Tank New Triangle Tank Walls Tank Shearlegs Tank The Mill Tank Mackie Tank Garden Tank Belab Tank Glassons Tank Dusty Tank Richards Tank Strip Tank Georges Tank Old Picnic Tank Buckambool Mountain Bannan Berry Gilgies Goyder Kelley Langtree Mepunga Merri Narrama Quandong Vega Warungo Waveney Yarran Jarara Koorooman Adams Barton Buppe Coree Dunstan Ellis Fisher Flinders Johnston Kangerong Keira Restdown Scott Balah Baroora Bee Billagoe Booroomugga Booroondarra Chesney Cohn Coronga Davies Gidda Grawlin Hillston Hoskins Linton Mullimut Nyngan Toy Weltie Winbar Elutha Meutherra Mookalimbirria Tinderra Woodhouse Wallace Glenariff Narragan Wagra Donaldson Goold Rochford Back Tindayrey Tank Niven Tank Ram Tank Coronga Tank Cables Tank Plug Tank Lucas Tank Camel Tank Nixons Tank Bobs Tank Boulder Tank Heberons Lake Tank Seventy Mile Tank Sawmill Tank The Big Tank Tockinbill Tank Lynchs Tank Hurleys Tank Gundaroo Hills Brookong Crowal Creek Crowal or Whitbarrow Creek Miandetta Station Bulga Gwynne Buckambool Creek Mulga Dam Hut Dam Creek Dam Wiltagoona Tank Cornishtown Whinfell Alley Biddabirra Central Coogar Drysdale Efford Elouera Fair View Garner Gilbert Ives Killen Lean Mooka Myrt Nillera Nurri Oakden Packham Priory Scoot Seary Shearlegs Stubbs Tyncin Brennans Tambat Wilka Tank Yumbu Thuddi Elura Mine Mount Billagoe Kergunyan Grahweed Station Wilgar Downs Cobar Reservoir Meryula Station Wrightville Boppy Mountains Station Boppy Mountain Mount Boppy Buppe Mountain Florida Station Pooraka Siding Birkalla Station Illewong Mount Nurri Rest Downs Homestead Babinda Tank Babinda Hill East Pange Creek Mount Buckambool Killaja